AppSync Unified

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AppSync Unified

is a tweak that allows users to freely install ad-hoc signed, falsesigned, or unsigned IPA app packages on their iOS devices that iOS would otherwise consider invalid.


"AppSync Unified"

There Are 2 Method To Install AppSync From Cydia:
1- Copy

To The Cydia.

To Be Add AppSync Repo To Cydia.
Tutrial : How To Install AppSync Unified For IOS To Whatch Video:


What Is AppSync Unified ?

AppSync Unified is a prisonbreak tweak that allows users to install fakesigned, ad-hoc signed, and also unsigned IPA files on all supported iOS devices. This amazing tweak is mostly used to install freely-distributed apps that are not available in the AppStore. There is no need to re-sign the applications every 7 days (if the user does not have a paid Apple Developer Program). What's more, you can clone already-installed applications. AppSync Unified dynamic library is compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 14. Since release 104 with support for iOS 14.8.1! AppSync Unified patches installd Daemon allowing the system to install unsigned IPA files on iPhone or iPad. Unlike Cydia Impactor or Sideloadly there is no 3 app limit per device or need to use the 7-day certification. AppSync will install the unsigned IPA on iOS, also the latest iOS 14. This Cydia jailbreak tweak can also be used to downgrade installed applications. AppSync library makes use of the dynamic hooking function MSHookFunction() in Cydia Substrate to bypass installd's signature checks. This means the tweak does not amend system files. Everything works in the background so you can use install IPA files on iOS with your preferred tool. Install apps directly from the terminal, or use tools like Filza, Reprovison Reborn, or AppCake. AppSync doesn't come with any type of interface or settings for configuration. Please do not use AppSync Unified to pirate iOS apps. This is a development tool designed for app developers. Don't use cracked versions of applications.


1-The first step : You must jailbreak your device on the iOS version.

2-The second step : Open the cydia app Then follow these steps Manage > Sources > Edit > Add Then add this source Then Add.

3-The third step: Find AppSync IOS in cydia.

4-The fourth step : Reboot the device, and the tool will be installed successfully.

5-Done Now You Can Install Any Apps And Games You Want Without REVOKE Or Crash.

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You Can Download APK & IPA File From and SpotTech IPA For Iphone or Samsung.