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How to Get a CLIA Card: Requirements for KHM Travel Agents

Written by: Guest on April 16, 2017

clia travel certification

Just as travel agents and host agencies use IATA (International Air Transport Association) numbers, for air travel, CLIA provides membership to travel agents who are planning to book cruise travel.

Obtaining a CLIA number will provide vendors with a way to confirm and identify you or your host agency as a seller of travel, and being part of CLIA provides you with opportunities for cruise line training and education

What is a CLIA Card?

Now that you’re familiar with Cruise Lines International Association, you might be wondering how to obtain a CLIA card. As part of working with an established host agency like KHM Travel Group, you do not have to obtain your own CLIA number to obtain the card. Issued by Cruise Lines International Association, the CLIA card is your travel agent identification card showing your membership with CLIA. It allows you to identify yourself to travel suppliers as being a part of CLIA.

A CLIA card is often used as proof that you’re a seller of travel for industry events such as trainings, seminars at sea, or FAM (familiarization trips ).

How Do I Get a CLIA Card?

KHM Travel Group is a Premier Agency Member with CLIA, based on our number of agents and now pays a memberships fee annually to CLIA on behalf of its agents to participate in the program.

As a Premier Agency Member, all KHM Travel Group agents who qualify are eligible to apply for an individual CLIA membership under KHM Travel Group, and can also receive a discount on their annual membership fee.

CLIA recommends that agents generate a minimum of $5,000 in total agency commissions from cruise bookings within the 12 months prior to enrollment. Realizing that it might be difficult for some agents to meet that criteria, KHM Travel Group has been given the ability to waive that requirement in the first year for our agents that meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have completed CLIA’s  State of the Industry Course  located on the CLIA site under the “My Training” tab and click on “Online Learning Courses”
  • Must have completed KHM Travel Group’s Agent Orientation – Destination 1:  Getting Started on Your Journey
  • Be in good standing with KHM Travel Group (Your membership with KHM Travel Group has not been in decline for the past 6 months)

New annual training requirements from CLIA as well as renewals for existing CLIA card agents can be found on their website and are subject to change. Current KHM Travel Group agents can learn more about joining CLIA in the Portal .

KHM Travel Group offers professional support and education for travel agents , and part of that support is devoted to assisting our independent agents in obtaining a CLIA card.

If you want to learn more about becoming a travel agent with KHM Travel Group ? Fill out the form on the right side of the screen or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free Travel Agent Information Guide.

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Travel Agent Certification---What are your Options? [+Comparison Chart]

You’re wondering what type of travel agent certification is out there. That’s funny. I’ve written an article on just that topic! How handy.

Let’s make sure we’re clear about what this article is and what it is not about:

It IS about travel agent certification.

It IS NOT about travel agency numbers/travel agency accreditations ( more on travel agency accreditations ).

It IS NOT about travel agent training ( more on travel agent training and education ).

What’s the difference between travel agency training and certification? Well, it’s a blurry line so we decided to make our own lines in the sandbox. When we say "certification," this is what we mean:

  • Something comes from organizations whose education programs specialize in travel industry exclusively
  • A comprehensive training program, not just a specific destination or vendor
  • Education that is not provided by a vendor, destination, or travel agency

When it comes to certification, we’re also going to be selective. The travel agent certifications we mention aren’t the only certification or training program for travel agents—you can find plenty more. What we want are organizations that are active in the travel agent community at large.

What constitutes an organization that is “active in the agent community?” For our purposes, it means they attend travel agent events, they provide resources and tools beneficial to agents, I know them or have met someone that vouches for them. As a caveat, I'll mention this article isn't an endorsement of any of the programs—think of it more as a vetted list!

I believe that an active organization = having a pulse on things. An out of touch organization is the last thing I want associated with a travel agent certification program! Therefore, organizations that I haven’t seen active in the community got the axe. Sorry. Let's mosey on.

Travel Agent Certification Comparison Chart

If you'd like the info in this article in a bite-sized bundle of certification goodness, download our full certification comparison chart below. Here's a sneak preview of what's to come!

Travel Certification Comparison Chart

Read on because we have LOADs more info on certification programs that will follow the infographic).

The Basics of Travel Agent Certification

Travel Agent Certification

First things first; understand that there is no universal travel agent certification. If you found a site that suggests you need to take their course in order to become a travel agent, run the other direction!  There are no travel agent certifications required by law in the US and most of Canada.

Here’s how it works: In the travel industry (especially for the US), there is no formalized process to become a travel agent. This means there is no national board exam you need to pass, no state certification requirements (although, make sure you’re familiar with the  US and Canadian licensing and seller of travel laws ).

tico Ontario Certification

That can be great—anyone can break into the industry regardless of education, finances, or location. On the other hand, anytime ‘anyone’ is involved, by default you get… how shall we say this? A wide range of capabilities. Translation: you’ll have some really unqualified people calling themselves travel agents. Boo. (But hey, let's be honest! This applies to any industry, including those with rigorous requirements to get through the gates.)

But you take the good with the bad—that’s the upside and the downside of an industry with a low barrier to entry.

Next up? A breakdown of travel agent certification programs—also known as "acronym fun." The travel agent certification programs we’re going to mention—and we've got a few of them—involve acronyms, fun! Stephanie Lee, MCC, CTC, CTIE … awesome! Mmm, I love me some acronyms.

ASTA's VTA Travel Agent Certification Program

ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA), 2020

Launched in 2017, ASTA's (American Society of Travel Advisors) VTA program is the new kid on the block in terms of certifications. However, established back in the days of steamships, ASTA is the largest and longest-standing travel association in the industry. It's a household name among travel industry professionals, and advisors who are VTA certified will get their seal of approval. ASTA's VTA focuses on cultivating a level of professionalism among its certified agents. It focuses on topics such as industry ethics, legal regulation competency, in addition to tried and true topics like marketing and sales.

The other perk of being VTA certified? You pull to the top in the travel advisor search on ASTA's website. Chalking up 700,000 consumer visits annually in 2019, your VTA credentials give you a ton more exposure!

If you're not quite ready for full ASTA certification, check out their Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor course that I created in partnership with ASTA. :) It's $199 and includes a year of ASTA's future travel professional membership, which is honestly quite the deal!


You don't need to be an ASTA member to enroll in their VTA program. However, the only prerequisite for the VTA program is to qualify for their membership. To fulfill this requirement, independent contractors (their base-level membership) is to be based in U.S. and earn less than 1 million in sales annually (if you earn more, you will qualify for a different level of membership). ( Read more details on their member qualifications here .)

Here's the cost breakdown for ASTA's VTA program:

  • $399 for ASTA members
  • $598 for non-member independent contractors (this includes 1 year ASTA IC membership)
  • $729 for non-member Travel Advisor (includes 1 year ASTA agency membership); $179 for recertification.

Time to Complete:

The program can be done at your own pace, but must be completed within 12 months of enrollment.


VTA advisors must re-certify every two years. This involves a $179 recertification fee for two additional courses or one course and participation in ASTA Operational Excellence through Benchmarking program (to be completed within 12 months).

The Travel Institute Travel Agent Certifications

With nearly 50 years under their belt, The Travel Institute holds the prize for the longest-running travel agent certification program. They’ve got a few programs, each focusing on agents at different stages in their career. These certifications are used by travel agents across the industry—cruise, corporate, luxury, leisure. Here's a few of their certifications below:

Certified Travel Associate (CTA)

Travel Institute CTA

  • Description:  Agent must have 12 months experience in the industry and are required to take 8 core classes, 4 electives. (This is a prerequisite for the CTC certification, listed below). At program's end, you must pass the CTA exam with a 70% score, at minimum.
  • Time to Complete:  Most agents can finish within 3-6 months but have up to 12 months
  • Cost: $450 for complete online course (with an added $25 fee if you want to pay in monthly installments). The print course is $550 plus shipping. $250 for test only (must have 12 months experience).
  • Maintenance: To maintain certification, agents must earn 10 continuing education credits (CEUs) a year.

Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC)

Travel Institute CTC

  • Description:  Agents must have 5 years experience in the industry and a CTA designation (testing out is available). The CTC is a management skills program designed for travel agents looking to build or grow their business. Curriculum consists of 10 courses on key topics and the completion of a "white paper," 2000-3000 words in length.
  • Time to Complete:  Most agents can finish within 6-9 months but have up to 12 months
  • Cost: $550 complete course, or $600 for CTC Fast Track (for agents with 5 years of experience, but who don't have a CTA certification)

Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE)

Travel Institute CTIE

  • Description:  This designation is for non-consumer sales roles with 5+ years of experience. It is equivalent to the CTC. Curriculum consists of (100) videos 10-15 minutes in length and the completion of a white paper 2000-3000 words in length.
  • Time to Complete:  18 months
  • Cost: $550 to complete course
  • Maintenance:  To maintain certification, agents must earn 10 continuing education credits (CEUs) a year.

You may be thinking, hey, Travel Institute has a TAP test everyone talks about . . . and you would be correct! Here's the deal on that on the TAP Test : 

This one is a bit confusing, but I want to mention the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) test offered by The Travel Institute (Cost: $95). This is not a travel agent certification—think of it like a final exam for a Travel Agent 101 course. No degree comes with it, but you’re learning. Also important to note, the TAP test is also offered by institutions outside The Travel Institute.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Travel Agent Certifications

CLIA Travel Accreditation Number

CLIA’s travel agent certification program dishes a whopping 5 power-packed acronyms-induced certifications that depend on the agent’s familiarization with ships and agency role. To gain certification, an agent must first be a  member of CLIA . As the CLIA affiliation would suggest, this is a travel agent certification program geared towards agents specializing in cruises (with exception of one travel-management certification). This certification emphasizes hands-on experiences. Their certification attainment is progressive, and are listed in the order you must attain them (again, with exception of the travel agency executive program). For all programs, you must provide a signed letter of verification from your CLIA agency that you’re in good standing. 

Certified Cruise Counselor (CCC)

CLIA CCC Certification

  • Description/ Course requirements:  This certification is for individuals who'd like to explore the cruise industry or are a new travel agent looking to expand their cruise business. Participants must complete/ pass 8 mandatory courses and complete 30 elective credits.
  • Product Knowledge Requirements:  Participants must complete/ pass 8 mandatory courses and complete 30 elective credits. Additionally, they must complete one live or virtual ship inspection; book 5 (CLIA) staterooms; and attend (at least) one personal cruise for 2+ nights.
  • Time to Complete:  18 months from date of enrollment
  • Cost: $59 Cost does not include applicable enrollment/re-enrollment fees, course of conference fees, ship inspections or cost of cruises.
  • Maintenance: In order to maintain certification, agent must be an active IAM member. If there is a membership lapse, agent may need to pay a reinstatement fee.

Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC)

CLIA ACC Certification

  • Description/ Course requirements:  120 credits total—40 from mandatory training and 80 from electives. (Having a CTA designation counts toward 10 elective credits). In addition to credits, agents must also meet product knowledge requirements (see below).
  • Product Knowledge Requirements:  5 ship inspections; 2 personal cruises (at least 2 nights in length); book/deposit at least 20 staterooms (you can count bookings up to 3 months prior to enrollment). All product knowledge requirements must take place on a CLIA cruise line and must be booked through a CLIA-member agency.
  • Time to Complete:  2 years
  • Cost: $89 Cost does not include applicable enrollment/re-enrollment fees, course of conference fees, ship inspections or cost of cruises.

Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC)

CLIA MCC Certification

  • Description/ Course requirements:  Must have ACC certification. Course completion requires 140 credits total—90 from required trainings and 40. Additionally, participants must meet product knowledge requirements. Which brings us to . . .
  • Product Knowledge Requirements:  Take two 7+ day cruises (On lines not utilized for your ACC, must be two different destination itineraries, but can be cruises from year prior to enrollment); complete 3 shipboard inspections not utilized for your ACC; 32 staterooms booked/deposited within 2 years. (must all be on CLIA member lines)

Master Cruise Counsellor Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

  • Description/ Course requirements:  100 credits of live or online courses/seminars. Complete 1 CLIA certificate program, attend 1 CLIA live/virtual training events; attend 1 CLIA Cruise360 conference; attain 3 CLIA training programs; and write one comprehensive 3-5 page paper.
  • Product Knowledge Requirements:  Take four, 7+ night cruises on separate product/ destination and book/deposit 100 staterooms.
  • Cost: $219 Cost does not include applicable enrollment/re-enrollment fees, course of conference fees, ship inspections or cost of cruises.

Elite Cruise Counsellor (ECC)

CLIA ECC Certification

  • Description/ Course Requirements:  Course requirements are 6-fold. 1. Must have MCC certification. 2. Complete any 3 of 5 online courses, live seminars or certificate programs. 3. Complete a CLIA certificate program (not applied toward other requirements). 4. Complete 50 elective training credits, which can be attained by a combo of additional certificate program, attendance at CLIA360, 5 additional courses/seminars, completion of approved industry partner training . 5. Participate in an industry impact activity during completion term (e.g. environment advocacy and/or natural disaster relief). 6. Meet product knowledge requirements (below)
  • Product Knowledge Requirements:  Take one 10+ night cruise on lines not utilized for your ACC or MCC; complete 2 live or CLIA-provided virtual ship inspections on different ships from your ACC or MCC (maybe same member line, but different ships); 60 staterooms booked/deposited within two-year enrollment period. (must all be on CLIA member lines)

travel agency executive (TAE)

CLIA TAE Certification

  • Description/ Course Requirements: Unlike the above certifications, this program is for management-level travel agency professionals with a current CLIA-affiliate agency. Participants must serve as a travel professional in the role of executive, director, accounting manager, marketing manager, e-commerce manager, or someone who works in a leadership capacity . Participants must complete 6 mandatory courses and elective training. Elective training is fulfilled through completing 3 additional courses or designation of CTA or CTIE from the Travel Institute (see above). Elective training is waived for those who can document they have an undergraduate or graduate degree in business or a related field.
  • Personal Cruise Experience:  Take 2 CLIA-cruise line cruises (duration of cruise unspecified).

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Certifications

GBTA Travel Certification

 The GBTA is the front runner in the industry when it comes to corporate (ahem, business) travel. Being corporate-minded, it's also no surprise they also have an independent board whose purpose is to "administer a valid, reliable, defensible, and psychometrically sound examination."

I had to look up the definition of psychometrically. I wanted to make sure I wasn't sending people to a program where they are psychologically tortured. We're good, don't worry! :)

Here is the GBTA accreditation option:

Global Travel Professional (GTP)

Global Travel Professional Certification

  • Description: This is the travel agent certification for those focused on business travel management. It gauges a travel agent’s competency in four different “domains:” Strategic business planning; buyer/supplier relations; travel program administration; and Data/Analytics/Finance. Since it’s a global program, the GTP accreditation is not limited to travel agents in the US/ Canada.
  • Pre-requisites: The official stance is the program is only for agents with "a minimum of three years of business travel related experience." Don't let that dissuade you if you've never had the title "travel manager". If you've been booking travel for your company as an admin assistant for three years, you've got the experience!
  • Cost: $350 GBTA members, $450 for nonmembers. I hate to bombard you with yet more acronyms, but current CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executives), SMMC (Strategic Management Meetings Certification), CGTE (Certified Government Travel Executive), and GLP (Global Leadership Professional) holders can take the exam for free.
  • Time to Complete: Must apply for a exam date/location . Test centers allot 3 hours to take the exam.
  • Maintenance: GTP holders must re-certify every three years by earning 50 re-certification credits. This is done by showing involvement in professional development activities or by passing another GTP exam.

To Certify or Not to Certify? That Is the Question. 

I’m often asked if an agent should go through a travel agent certification course before they start their agency. That’s the million dollar question—to certify or not to certify. First, keep in mind this site specializes in working with agents—many of whom are new to the industry—that are aligned with host agencies.

In travel, training is plentiful but also (very) fragmented. You can get training through your host agency, franchise and/or consortia. Suppliers, destinations, and associations have boatloads of trainings for you; travel schools—both on and offline—have trainings to help you learn the ropes. It’s like the toothpaste aisle at Target, the options can be overwhelming.

Here’s my thought on getting a travel agent certification:  To avoid wasting money and time, get your toes wet first and see if you even like the industry.  Join a host agency, make a few bookings, try your hand at being an entrepreneur and travel agent—it’s not for everyone. If you do like it, I say certification is a great way to network, expand your knowledge base, and get a cute (yet professional) lil’ acronym to put after your name!

Broadcast those Certifications!

Whether it is a certification we mentioned above, a destination or vendor specific training certification or maybe Host Agency Reviews' own 7 Day Setup Accelerator Certificate (hint, hint), make sure you let the world know! It shows you've been busy and are dedicated in furthering your education and network in the travel industry. When you earn a new certification, push out to your various social media channels and definitely add it to the certification section of your LinkedIn profile !

Also don't miss our ultimate travel agent training and education article below!

Travel Agent Training and Education

About the Author

Steph Lee - Host Agency Reviews

Steph grew up in the travel industry. She worked with thousands of agents in her role as a former host agency director before leaving in 2012 to start HAR. She's insatiably curious, loves her pups Fennec and Orion, and -- in case you haven't noticed -- is pretty quirky and free-spirited.

If you’re looking for Steph, she leaves a trace where ever she goes! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as 'iamstephly'. 🙂 She doesn't do TikTok as no one would ever see her again.

Steph Lee - Host Agency Reviews

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Cruising to Success with CLIA Cards

Cruise Ships in Port

What Is A CLIA Card?

CLIA cards verify cruise line expertise of travel agents. The Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) distributes these cards. They are the largest industry trade association for the cruise line industry. CLIA has representation almost everywhere in the world! CLIA cards are physical proof of industry knowledge to potential clients and vendors. As a travel agent, they are also your ticket to a wealth of insight about the cruise line industry. Cruises are a booming, in-demand travel method. Clients want your expertise. CLIA cards demonstrate your expert ability to book what your clients want.

  • Establish yourself as an expert at booking cruises
  • Gain exclusive access to industry insights, professional development, and more
  • Help your travel business grow and succeed

How Can You Get One?

CLIA doesn’t assign CLIA cards to just anyone. You have to prove your industry knowledge before you can gain access. If you are a travel agent working alone, you have to earn a minimum of $5,000 in commissions before you can apply. Once you earn your commissions, you can apply on the CLIA website. However, it is important to know enrollment for your area may vary.

There are fees associated with obtaining a CLIA card. However, the fees are a worthwhile investment in your small business as a travel advisor. These cards require CLIA membership. Once you are a member, you can receive your card. Cards are valid for a full calendar year. It’s important to renew your card to maintain your credentials. CLIA cards contain a unique EMBARC ID number. This is your personal number to provide clients and vendors to certify you sell travel. The card also proves your skills to the industry! With your CLIA card, you have exclusive access to industry training and events.

How TPI Can Help

As you build your small business as a travel advisor, you don’t want to go at it alone. Learning the ins and outs of the travel industry can be daunting. However, with a host agency like Travel Planners International, you’re never alone. You have a built-in support system of travel experts and agents. Our staff obsesses over your success, and we do everything we can to train and prepare you. You have access to a multitude of resources and insights. We set you up for success with the knowledge you need to begin your career as a cruise expert.

TPI helps our Rockstars obtain their CLIA cards. We know everyone has a unique path as a travel agent. That’s why we waive the commission requirement for earning your CLIA card! However, you do need to register on the CLIA website . Make sure to enroll in the Individual Agent Membership program! You can do this by clicking the “Travel Professional” tab and following the link.

This isn’t all we do to help our Rockstars! TPI makes every effort for you to earn the highest commissions. We want you to be successful as you grow your small business. As a Premium CLIA-affiliated host agency, we offer discounts on CLIA cards. In fact, TPI agents save $50 on their CLIA cards. This nearly slashes the price in half! We share our credibility with you because we believe in you. Our Rockstars are the reason we are successful, and you deserve a slice of that success!

Benefits You Get From a CLIA Card

Working with a host agency like us gives you a partner in running your successful travel business. CLIA cards take this to the next level! When you obtain your card, you let your clients and travel partners alike know that you know your stuff. CLIA cards reinforce your specialty knowledge of the cruise industry specifically. Cruises are one of the most popular types of travel, and the industry keeps growing! Set yourself apart from the rest with a CLIA card to show off your skills. Benefits of CLIA cards include:

  • Ability to earn bonus commissions
  • Ability to expand your cruise line knowledge
  • Access to exclusive areas of the CLIA website
  • Access to marketing and sales tools
  • Cruise line training and education resources
  • Inside updates on any potential legislative updates that impact travel
  • Membership to the world’s largest cruise industry trade association
  • Priority access to FAM trip invites
  • Professional development courses
  • Proof you sell travel to attend industry events
  • Special product training

Scenic view of a cruise ship.

Rockstar Success Stories

I've worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today, and it's nice to know I have a company like TPI supporting me as I continue to make my place in the travel industry.

Theresa Chu-Bermudez Get Out Custom Travels

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get a clia card.

You must be a member of the Cruise Line International Association to get a CLIA card. With TPI as your host agency, we simplify this process.

How do you book a cruise with a CLIA card?

CLIA cards open up a world of cruise opportunities for you. When you book a cruise with your card, provide the vendor with your CLIA identification number. They can verify your credentials.

How long does it take to receive a CLIA card?

Most groups require you to earn a minimum of $5,000 in commissions before travel agents receive CLIA cards. However, at TPI, we waive this! Once you apply with CLIA, the average turnaround time to receive your card is four to six weeks.

What is the CLIA card used for?

CLIA cards have many uses! For travel partners, a card verifies your expertise. For you, as a travel advisor, they grant you access to industry training, marketing and sales materials, special pricing, and more!

What is a CLIA card?

A CLIA card is from the Cruise Line International Association. It is a physical verification of your travel credentials and expertise.

How much does a CLIA card cost?

The annual cost is $115. However, TPI gives its agents a $50 discount! We bring your cost down of cards to just $65.

Travel Agency Accreditation, Explained: IATA, IATAN, ARC, CLIA, and TRUE

  • 15 min read
  • Published: 29 May, 2023
  • No comments Share

What is travel agency accreditation? Why do you need it?

  • IATA accreditation for selling air travel worldwide
  • ARC accreditation for selling air travel in the US
  • CLIA accreditation for cruise booking
  • TRUE accreditation for cruise and tours booking

IATA accreditation for air travel: IATA vs IATAN vs TIDS

  • full IATA accreditation – a standard approach for international businesses that want to support ticketing and
  • a TIDS (travel industry designator services) code – a non-ticketing IATA accreditation. A TIDS code is simply an identification that helps your supplier network grow. It’s also used to grant commissions.
  • IATAN accreditation – the same as the full IATA accreditation but for US businesses only and
  • IATAN non-ticketing accreditation that provides the same opportunities a TIDS code does.

iata accreditation

Overview of IATA accreditation options

Full IATA accreditation

  • proof of general business operations,
  • proof of your qualifications,
  • confirmation of travel agent experience,
  • proof of financial viability.
  • Register at the Customer Portal .
  • Submit the application form with required documents.
  • Pay the registration fee.

TIDS accreditation

  • confirmation of business ownership,
  • copy of business registration,
  • bank statement,
  • one letter of recommendation from an IATA Airline, GDS, or other major industry supplier,
  • travel agency license,
  • signed copy of the TIDS Terms and Conditions .
  • Select TIDS.
  • Submit your application for review.

Full IATAN accreditation

  • IATAN is used only for US-based travel businesses with over 2 years of experience and
  • in the US, all payment transactions are processed not in BSP, but via the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) .
  • ARC approval,
  • business license,
  • proof of ownership,
  • proof of Seller of Travel Registration for states of California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, and Washington,
  • proof of two years of experience.
  • Fill out the required forms ( click to download .zip file ).
  • Submit the documents and forms at [email protected].
  • Pay registration fees.

Non-ticketing IATAN accreditation

Arc accreditation for airline booking in the us.

  • ARC-Accredited Agency – the most complete option that enables ticketing for you.
  • Verified Travel Consultant (VLC) – the same but without ticketing capabilities.
  • Corporate Travel Department (CTD) – option for businesses not in the travel industry.

Comparing ARC accreditation options

ARC-Accredited Agency for issuing flight tickets

  • confirmation of an established bank account with ARC,
  • a bond or a bank statement for $20,000.
  • Designate an ARC Specialist in your office who must pass the certification.
  • Complete the application form .
  • Pay the fee and submit your application form with required documents.
  • Pass an interview.

Verified Travel Consultant for non-ticketing agents

  • Review the VTC Agreement and Handbook .
  • Fill the application form .
  • Pay an application fee.

Corporate Travel Department for non-travel businesses

  • an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Assign an ARC Specialist Qualifier and a Manager Qualifier (they can be the same person).
  • Meet the ticketing security standards.
  • Submit the form, payment, and the required documents.

CLIA credentials for cruise booking

CLIA accreditation overview

Travel Agency Membership (TAM)

  • Special commissions and discounts – in your membership welcome package, you get a coupon booklet for special commissions, and the program itself provides bonus commissions, special discounts, as well as discounts on office supplies and technology.
  • Members-only information – access to special webinars, news digests, and other latest information on the cruise industry.
  • Promotion – a listing on CLIA’s Agent Finder platform, where vacationers can find your agency by postal code, promoting you as a credible professional.
  • Ability to join CLIA as Individual Agent Members – Only agents affiliated with CLIA’s TAM can get an Individual Agent Membership, which comes with its own set of benefits. We will cover this option below.

Individual Agent Membership (IAM)

Ccra true accreditation for niche travel booking.

TRUE accreditation overview

  • proof that you’re a sole proprietor,
  • proof that you’re meeting your state’s requirements as a seller of travel,
  • proof that you have at least 6 months of travel selling experience,
  • 3 business references,
  • proof of an active bank account in good standing.
  • Submit a form and payment.

Accreditation overview: IATA vs ARC vs CLIA vs TRUE

  • full IATA accreditation (if you’re outside of the US),
  • full IATAN accreditation (if you’re in the US),
  • ARC Accredited Agency (if you’re in the US).
  • TIDS (if you’re outside of the US),
  • IATAN non-ticketing (if you’re in the US),
  • ARC Verified Travel Consultant (if you’re in the US).
  • IATAN non-ticketing,
  • ARC Corporate Travel Department.

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clia travel certification

Supplier Agent Portal

Supplier contact info for agents.

Tel. (202) 759-9370 [email protected] Before you email us, please  click here  for commonly asked membership questions. We hope this helps you find the answers you need. 

How to Register

Clia individual agent membership.

Now, more than ever, Individual Agent Membership provides you with valuable benefits, tools, and resources to navigate the cruise industry, attract more clients, and increase your income. Individual Agent Membership also opens the door for you to pursue and achieve CLIA Certification. $50 Discount on CLIA membership through Archer Travel Right Now. Register as an Independent Agent

CLIA offers a variety of resources and benefits to help you grow your business and increase your income

Supplier commissions, commissions, travel perks & exclusive members-only discounts, supplier resources.

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Evolution Travel Logo (White) - Transparent

clia travel certification


A reflection of your clia professional development, how can i earn clia points, clia learning academy (20 points/course*), cruise line training (2-20 points), executive partner training (5 points), clia masters (50-100 points), clia virtual & live events (3-40 points), cruise experience (20 points*), ship inspection (10 points*), life-cycle of points, frequently asked questions, where do i load the points i have earned, i have completed a course that was in the members hub. what do i need to do to get my points, why is my ship inspection or cruise experience not loading.

  • The date of the inspection or cruise experience is greater than 3 years of the time of activity.
  • You are entering the same ship in the same 12 month period. We only accept one cruise per 12 months per cruise ship. IF a ship returns from drydock after a refurbuishment within the same 12 months, please contact [email protected] as we monitor this as a case by case basis.

What is an Endorsed Course?

I have just attended a luncheon hosted by a cruise line. how do i get my points.

clia travel certification

Did you know?

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clia travel certification

Travefy Certification

CLIA Certification: Travefy

Welcome to the Travefy CLIA Certification course!

We’re excited for you to become CLIA certified in the Travefy platform! In this course, you will take five lessons by first watching a video (15-20 minutes each in length) and completing the lesson with a five question quiz at the end. Once you watch all five videos and pass each quiz, you will earn a certificate for completion! 

Before starting the course you will need to register for a course account through Travefy’s course website (certification.travefy.com). With this login, you will be able to log in and out at anytime and your completed courses will be saved. Please note that your CLIA or Travefy login credentials are separate from this course registration. 

You won’t need access to a Travefy account but we do recommend using it along with your lessons to better understand how to use the software. If you don’t already have a Travefy account, you can start a free 10-day trial at Travefy.com . (Please note that you will need to purchase a Travefy subscription after the trial ends to continue using the platform)

Once you have completed the course, share your certificate with CLIA and they will assign your 3 elective credits to use towards your CLIA Certification Program.

If you have any questions while taking this course, please email our support team at  [email protected].

Course Content

Important: You must create a new account for Travefy's Certification Program. You cannot use your Travefy email and password to sign in.

Username or Email Address

Remember Me

clia travel certification

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

clia travel certification

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clia travel certification

2024 CLIA Cruise360

April 16 – april 21, 2024, greater fort lauderdale / broward county convention center fort lauderdale, fl.

Our biggest professional development event of the year, Cruise360 features a week's worth of professional development, ship inspections, networking and the latest industry trends. As the largest and only official conference of the cruise industry, Cruise360 brings together travel professionals, cruise line representatives, ports & destinations, industry suppliers and CLIA preferred partners for a truly panoramic view of the cruise industry.

Why Attend? Hear from Past Attendees

Cruise360 is an absolute must for SERIOUS travel professionals.
Very good. The seminars were informative and the excursions were great to know what to pass on to my clients.
I walked away from the beautiful city of Vancouver with more knowledge, training and insights along with tons of motivation and new industry contacts.
It was our first and it was awesome. So many classes and events to attend. I wanted to go to them all. We learned so much and are truly grateful we were able to attend.

1/18/2024 - 2024 Pre-Conference Certificate Programs Are NOW OPEN!

Choose between  Cruise Groups Certificate Program  OR  Family Cruise Travel Certificate Program   on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. REGISTER TODAY!

10/18/2023 - CLIA Seminars are Now Open!

CLICK HERE to build your schedule 

9/29/2023 - Book Your "Official" Cruise360 Hotel

CLICK HERE to learn more

7/12/2023 - 2024 Cruise360 NOW OPEN

REGISTER NOW to join us in Fort Lauderdale

While CLIA strives to adhere to the advice of local, national, and international health authorities, any interaction with the public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed while in attendance at the event. We encourage you to practice the best personal mitigation strategies that are available, like getting vaccinated, wearing masks while indoors with others, and washing your hands often. If you need more direction, please consult your national and local health authority websites for up-to-date recommendations. Our own member cruise line websites also provide a great source for rigorous, layered protective measures.

Special Needs Group

SNG CATA® Certification

Become an sng certified accessible travel advocate®, the sng travel advisor/agent certification program is free; the information and knowledge provided are priceless, special needs group of the over 7,000 professional travel advisors who are sng certified accessible travel advocates.

Already registered with SNG?

  Please click the CATA Logo, and you’ll be directed to the Travel Advisor Login Page.  Enter your login credentials in the SNG Agent Portal.  Once logged-in, please scroll down, you’ll see to rows of blue buttons, click the “Certification” button, and you’ll be directed to the program.  Whereas the Certification Program lies on a separate platform, you may be asked to re-enter your credentials the first time accessing the program.

Special Needs Group Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Logo

You Must Be Registered to Complete the SNG CATA Program.

Please complete our  Online Travel Advisor/Agent Registration Form  to access the SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Program and get started today!

CATA training is as easy as 1,2,3!

The program is composed of three easy, informative, education courses., what is the sng certified accessible travel advocate training program.

The program is a three module, 65-minute, online course designed for Professional Travel Advisors/Agents to increase their knowledge and earning opportunities in the accessible travel/mature, mobility-challenged, special needs market segments.

Why get certified as an SNG CATA?

  • The accessible travel/special needs market spends 13.6 billion dollars a year  on vacations.
  • Travelers with special needs take 32 million vacations a year.
  • Over 24 million  Americans with disabilities would travel more frequently if their special needs were better met.
  • Gain access to marketing resources to help you grow your business with the fastest growing segment of travelers.
  • Achieve access to a unique logo to market yourself as an SNG CATA “Certified Accessible Travel Advocate”.

  Who can get certified as an SNG CATA?

Travel Professionals wishing to become SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocates must meet, at a minimum our below.

Professional Standards for SNG CATA Eligibility

Professional travel advisors wishing to acquire the sng certified accessible travel advocate designation must meet, at a minimum, the following standards and qualifications:.

  • Must demonstrate subject matter proficiency
  • Must pass each of the three (3) certification module proficiency exams in the travel agent course
  • Must be affiliated with a Travel Agency registered with Special Needs Group at the time of certification
  • Must provide documentation verifying affiliation with ARC, CLIA, IATA (or IATAN)
  • Must not have been convicted of any felonious business conduct within last five (5) years
  • Must exhibit a willingness to service the needs of customers/clients identified as having a disability or other hardship creating a “special need” at the time of the travel
  • Must agree to exhibit, promote or otherwise refer to the SNG CATA Certification Mark in printed and electronic media
  • Must agree to abide by all terms and conditions for use of SNG CATA logos and the SNG website available at:  Travel Advisor/Agent Registration Form
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact SNG


  1. Certificate Programs

    clia travel certification

  2. Certification Programs

    clia travel certification

  3. CLIA Accredited Agent

    clia travel certification

  4. Fillable Online CLIA Adds Travel Agency Executive Certification Fax

    clia travel certification

  5. Certificate Programs

    clia travel certification

  6. What is CLIA Certification and How do I get CLIA certification?

    clia travel certification


  1. Certification Programs

    CLIA Certification Programs are the cruise and travel industry's premier training program with over 27,000 CLIA Certifications awarded in North America alone! CLIA's Certification Programs are designed to make you the consumer's most knowledgeable cruise resource and increase your cruise sales and commissions.

  2. 8 Travel Agent Certifications (And How To Earn One)

    A travel agent certification is a document certifying that a travel agent has taken a specific course of training. Travel agents can obtain certification after passing an exam or completing a training program that prepares them for jobs with cruise lines, airlines, travel agencies, corporate travel departments and tour companies.

  3. Hear more about CLIA's enhanced certification programs:

    CLIA's certification programs elevate your personal and professional brand and are an important consideration for vacationers when selecting a travel agent. CLIA offers a range of certification programs for travel professionals at every stage of their career - from new to experienced. Brand new for 2018, CLIA has added the Travel Agency ...

  4. How to Apply for a CLIA Certificate, Including International

    Complete the Application for Certification Form (CMS-116), unless you're: A New York state non-physician office laboratory applicant. Email or call the New York State Department of Health at (518) 485-5378 for guidance. A Washington state applicant. Email or call the Washington State Agency at 253-395-6746 for guidance.

  5. How to Get a CLIA Card: Requirements for KHM Travel Agents

    Issued by Cruise Lines International Association, the CLIA card is your travel agent identification card showing your membership with CLIA. It allows you to identify yourself to travel suppliers as being a part of CLIA.

  6. Travel Agent Certification

    Super good news. We talk about all forms of travel agent training and education here. The Basics of Travel Agent Certification First things first; understand that there is no universal travel agent certification. If you found a site that suggests you need to take their course in order to become a travel agent, run the other direction!

  7. PDF How to obtain a CLIA Certificate

    Follow the instructions on the fee coupon for payment. After your payment is received, your certificate will be mailed to you. You generally may begin testing once you have received your CLIA certificate, but you need to check with your State Agency since some states have additional state-based requirements.

  8. Travel Agent Certification: What You Need to Know

    Like ASTA, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) offers various types of travel agent certifications. New travel agents start by obtaining the Certified Cruise Counselor certification and can then progress to Accredited Cruise Counselor, Master Cruise Counselor, Elite Cruise Counselor or Travel Agent Executive.

  9. Cruising to Success with CLIA Cards

    How Can You Get One? CLIA doesn't assign CLIA cards to just anyone. You have to prove your industry knowledge before you can gain access. If you are a travel agent working alone, you have to earn a minimum of $5,000 in commissions before you can apply. Once you earn your commissions, you can apply on the CLIA website.

  10. Jumpstart Your Path to Certification at Cruise360

    JUMPSTART YOUR PATH TO CERTIFICATION AT CRUISE360. Elevate your personal and professional brand with CLIA's certification programs, the official certification of the cruise industry. Designed to complement agency and cruise line educational programs, we offer a variety of certifications to meet your level of experience and interests.

  11. Travel Agency Accreditation: IATA, IATAN, ARC, CLIA, and TRU

    Published: 29 May, 2023 No comments Share As if the world of travel distribution wasn't complicated enough, the topic of the travel agency accreditation is another maze to navigate. Organizations like IATA, ARC, CLIA, or CCRA issue special codes to travel agencies that grant access to special capabilities and perks.

  12. CLIA

    Now, more than ever, Individual Agent Membership provides you with valuable benefits, tools, and resources to navigate the cruise industry, attract more clients, and increase your income. Individual Agent Membership also opens the door for you to pursue and achieve CLIA Certification. $50 Discount on CLIA membership through Archer Travel Right Now.

  13. Learning Academy Points

    CLIA requires a blended mix of cruise industry training, product training, destination training, and cruise onboard experience in order to be a certified cruise agent. CLIA rewards travel agents who undertake these elements of training and experiences with "CLIA Points".

  14. Travefy Certification

    Travefy's new certification course helps you get expert training on Travefy's all-in-one platform for travel advisors. Get started today. Get Started. Quick Courses Simple, straightforward certification courses. ... Complete Travefy's 5-lesson course for CLIA certification. Access Course. Free Travefy Certification. Become Travefy certified by ...

  15. CLIA Certification: Travefy

    Welcome to the Travefy CLIA Certification course! We're excited for you to become CLIA certified in the Travefy platform! In this course, you will take five lessons by first watching a video (15-20 minutes each in length) and completing the lesson with a five question quiz at the end. Once you watch all five videos and pass each quiz, you ...

  16. cruise360

    The CLIA community includes the world's most prestigious ocean, river, and specialty cruise lines; a widespread network of shareholders, including ports and destinations, ship development, suppliers, and business services; and highly trained and certified travel agent members that represent the largest network of travel professionals specializin...

  17. Professional Development

    CLIA Certification Programs are the cruise and travel industry's premier training program with over 27,000 CLIA Certifications awarded in North America alone. Whether you are a new travel agent who wants to learn about selling cruises, or an expert travel agent looking to grow their business, CLIA has a certification that's right for you.

  18. Accessible Travel Agents

    Must demonstrate subject matter proficiency. Must pass each of the three (3) certification module proficiency exams in the travel agent course. Must be affiliated with a Travel Agency registered with Special Needs Group at the time of certification. Must provide documentation verifying affiliation with ARC, CLIA, IATA (or IATAN)

  19. 2024 Cruise360 PreCon: Family Cruise Travel Certificate Program

    This certificate is worth 50 credits toward CLIA certification. Pre-conference certificate courses are not included in the Cruise360 registration fee. Registering for this certificate course allows you admittance only into this certificate course training on Tuesday, April 16th. If you would like to attend Cruise360, you must register ...