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Financial Support

The University of Hull has a range of funds to support students experiencing financial hardship and difficulty.  

Money struggles and unexpected additional costs can detract you from focusing on your studies. Often, managing your money, planning and seeking support with any financial concerns you have may ease the burden.  

The Financial Support Team are here to provide advice and support with any concerns or difficulties you may have with your finances.  

If you think you are eligible for one of our specialist support funds or are in financial difficulty and unsure what financial support to apply for, please contact the Financial Support Team using the  myHull Portal .

Please tell us as much as you can about the problems you face and detail all other means of financial support you have accessed already. Using this information, we will advise you which fund would be the most appropriate for you.

If you are an enrolled student, you can find detailed guidance, including full eligibility criteria, on our Grants and Funds module in MyJourney.

How to apply

To apply for one of the funds below or get more information on which fund is most suitable, please contact the Financial Support Team using the  myHull Portal , giving as much detail as possible about your current financial situation.

Students should make adequate provisions for their tuition fees and living costs before the start of their course. We expect you to have explored all income sources, such as student/government funding, student overdrafts, parental support, or part-time work before applying.

Please be aware that being advised to apply for a particular fund does not guarantee an award, and we use internal and external guidelines to assess all applications fairly.

If you require benefit advice, please contact the  HUSU Advice Centre.

Hardship Funds

Hardship support fund.

Our Hardship Support Fund is a means-tested fund for students experiencing financial difficulties and is based on your eligible income and expenditure over the academic year. If there is a deficit or shortfall, usually an award will be made.

If you are an international student, we can offer support from our funds to cover any unexpected, short-term difficulties. Any support we offer will be compliant with the terms of your student visa, if applicable.

We can also support students facing difficult or unforeseen financial circumstances, for example, homelessness, relationship breakdown, or family bereavement.

Please note: Some hardship payments are made from funds donated to the University. If you receive payment from donated funds, we will ask you to complete an additional form and write a ‘Thank You’ letter to the trustees.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support for the following:

  • Students who need support to repay their tuition fees.
  • Students enrolled as ‘exam only’, or in the writing-up phase of a postgraduate course.
  • Students on validated courses.
  • Students who are studying PGCE via SCITT gateway.
  • Students who are studying the University Certificate in Health and Social Care Practice. This course is a level 4 University standalone award (60 credits) that is not attached to a degree.
  • Students who are studying a part-time course of less than 25% (30 credits) of a full-time equivalent course.
  • Students studying on a paid apprenticeship.

Contact the team through the myHull portal   for further information regarding your eligibility, how to apply, and the evidence needed.

Short term support

The University offers short-term loans for students experiencing a delay in receiving their funding. You can apply for a short-term loan once you are enrolled. The loans can be used as a bridge to cover expenses, such as rent and living costs until you receive your funding. All loans are paid via BACS (we do not use cash).

International students must ensure they have opened a UK bank account before applying for a short-term loan.

We also offer bus cards, food vouchers and hardship packages for students in immediate financial difficulty.

Specialist funds

Humber grant.

If you are a  Young Adult Carer, Care Leaver,  or  Estranged  from your family, the University of Hull offers a range of support to ensure you have the best possible student experience.

Our Humber Grant is a financial assistance package and is awarded in addition to any financial support you may receive from your local authority or Student Finance England (SFE). The grant does not need to be paid back. To qualify for the grant, you need to:

  • Be a Home student.
  • Have a permanent residence in the UK.
  • Be aged under 25 on the first day of the academic year.
  • And be able to provide evidence of your Estrangement, Care Leaver status, or that you are a Young Adult Carer.

Child Grant

£200 per child is available to undergraduate UK students with an annual residual household income of £25,000 or less and who have children aged 16 or under (or up to 19 years if in full-time education), and are receiving Child Benefit.

The grant is not available to NHS funded students, students studying less than 25% full-time equivalent or students whose fees are paid or part-paid through a sponsorship agreement, and students must be paying £9,000 or £9,250 tuition fees.

Applications for the Child Grant open in trimester two, and any eligible student will be contacted and invited to make an application.

Sports Excellence Representation Programme

To nurture and develop student sport at the University, this programme offers financial support to compete in local, regional, national, and international sporting competitions.

Funding is available to any student or staff member preparing to compete in a notable or elite-level sporting event. To find out more, email  [email protected]  with details of the competition and what steps you’ve taken to get there.

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) Reimbursement

Student Finance England (SFE) offers Disabled Students’ Allowances for those with additional costs incurred whilst studying at University due to a disability or long-term health condition. If eligible, you may receive help with specialist equipment, travel or a support worker. If your Study Needs Assessment recommends you require a computer or laptop, you will need to contribute £200 towards this. However, The University of Hull will reimburse this £200 to students. 


The University of Hull has partnered with Blackbullion, a free-to-use service helping young people and students develop financial skills and access guidance and tips on money matters.

You can sign up using this link . 

Enrolled students will be able to access a wider range of information and advice by linking their Blackbullion account to their University of Hull student email. If you are an applicant, you will find it a useful tool to plan budgeting and access some relevant modules, and your account can be verified when you enrol. 

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Humber Place Narrative 'ThinkTank' - Principal and Major Partner event

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Effective decision making, holding productive meetings and the role of the Chair

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Bondholders Breakfast - Humber Place Narrative Workshop

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hull uni travel grant

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Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE)

Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE) provides reimbursement of excess travel or accommodation costs incurred due to undertaking practical training on a clinical placement.

How to claim TDAE

You must apply for an NHS Bursary and be assessed as eligible for at least the £1,000 non-means tested grant. Then you can:

  • Download a TDAE claim form (PDF: 828MB)
  • Send your completed form and any relevant invoices or receipts to your university.

You can submit your claim up to 9 months from the last day of the placement period you’re claiming for.

For Academic year 2023 to 2024 - New Rates have been introduced for excess Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses

You could claim:

  • bicycle - 30p per mile
  • motor vehicles - 42p per mile
  • passenger miles - 7.5p per mile

Travel costs can also include:

  • car parking
  • permit charges
  • congestion charges
  • tunnel or bridge tolls
  • community travel

Temporary accommodation

If you’re eligible, you could claim back up to:

  • £82.50 per night for commercial accommodation (for example, hotel, bed and breakfast)
  • £37.50 per night for non-commercial accommodation (for example, with a friend or relative, but not parents)

Overseas placements

If you attend a placement outside the UK, Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, you could claim money back for:

  • accommodation
  • medical tests
  • vaccinations

Find out more in our TDAE Guidance Booklet (PDF: 2.36MB)

You can watch a short (YouTube) video with information about TDAE .

Placements that commenced in the 2022 to 2023 academic year will be reimbursed at the old rates 

Excess travel costs.

The cost to and from your placement must be more than your normal daily travel cost to and from your university.

If you’re eligible, you could claim:

  • bicycle - 20p per mile
  • motor vehicles - 28p per mile
  • passenger miles - 5p per mile
  • £55 per night for commercial accommodation (for example, hotel, bed and breakfast)
  • £25 per night for non-commercial accommodation (for example, with a friend or relative, but not parents)

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Money Advice for Students

Student loan not arrived.

If your Student Loan has not arrived yet, there may be a simple explanation. To help get your loan as quickly as possible, try the following:

Contact by telephone

Telephone the Student Finance England Customer Services and ask why there has been a delay – 0300 100 0607 , Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 4pm. 

  • Have your email address or Customer reference number ready
  • Ask for the name of the person you are speaking to
  • Write down the reasons that are given and ask when you can expect your loan. 
  • Check that the details the Student Finance England (SFE) have for you are correct

Sign into your online account to:

  • Check what stage your application is at – it can take 6 to 8 weeks to process
  • Check how much and when you’ll be paid 
  • Change your personal or course details
  • Reset your password

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm you can chat to an advisor via  your online account . You will only see the webchat option if there is an advisor available.

If your maintenance loan has been delayed, contact us and we will help you explore your options for short-term financial assistance. The University may be able to help you with a short-term loan. Contact the Financial Support team via MyHull Portal .

Student Budgeting Guide

Most students have to manage on a low income, so planning a budget early should help you avoid getting into financial difficulty.

Here are some tips to point you in the right direction but you can always speak to us too . 

Maximising Your Income

The first thing to do is to make sure you are getting the funding that you are entitled to: 

Undergraduate Student Support

Most ‘home students’ should be entitled to some ‘statutory support’ from the Government. You can apply for a tuition fee loan paid directly to the University; you may be eligible for a maintenance loan depending on your household income. 

If you have children, you may also be eligible to apply for a grant called Parents' learning Allowance . 

On some courses such as Nursing and Social Work you may have travel costs paid.  

EU students are eligible to apply for the tuition fee loan. 

Postgraduate Funding

You can apply for a loan to cover your tuition fee and there is a small amount left over to go towards your living costs 

If you are studying Teaching or Social Work, there is extensive statutory funding and Student Finance England postgraduate loans available. 

Part-Time Funding

If you study part-time at least 60 credits per year (for example, the equivalent of half a full-time course), you may be entitled to a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan depending on your household income. 

International Students

There is no statutory funding for International Students, apart from tuition fee loan for EU undergraduates.

Bank Accounts

Depending on your credit rating you may be entitled to a student bank account with an overdraft, especially if you are an Undergraduate Home Student. Shop around to find the best offer, considering the overdraft limit, cheque guarantee card limit, special offers, interest rates (especially if you go over your limit) and accessibility of branches.

Part-time Employment

Most students can supplement their income through part-time employment .

Hardship Support Funds

If you are struggling financially, you may be entitled to hardship support funds , this is provided by the Government for Home Students with a shortage of funding and is administered by the University Financial Support team. In certain circumstances, our Advice Centre can offer Spar spend cards for students to use in our Spar shop on the ground floor of Student Central .

Educational Trusts

There are many educational trusts all over the country. You may well be entitled to apply for assistance if, for example, you are from a certain area or country, or you are studying a particular course.

Students and Welfare Benefits

Many people think that students cannot apply for Benefits. In a lot of cases this is true, but some students can receive means tested, these may include: 

  • Lone parents
  • Single people looking after foster children
  • Students with a disability or illness and in receipt of a disability benefit (DLA or PIP) 
  • Some refugees
  • Part-time students
  • Pensioners dependent on income
  • Couples who are both students with children
  • Some suspending students when waiting to return to their studies after taking time out because of illness or caring responsibilities that have now finished.

If you have a partner who is not a student and on a low income, they can apply. The important thing is for people to apply if there is any doubt. 

We can inform you about entitlement and investigate further if you are refused benefits or are not receiving the entitlement we think you should be. 

Apply for means tested benefits

Most students on a low income can also apply for help towards their medical costs via the HC1 form.

International Students Facing Financial Difficulties

Financially preparing for study abroad should be a focus for international students. For students requiring a visa or residence permit to study in the UK, this will be a condition of your visa/residence permit. Unfortunately, because of this, if the financial difficulties could have been avoided, it is unlikely that there is anything the university can do for you. If you find yourself in a position of long-term financial difficulty and face a return home, the Global Engagement Office will be able to advise you if you find yourself in this position.

Sometimes, however, you can find yourself in short-term financial difficulty because of unforeseen emergency costs or because of unexpected reduction in your funding. In these situations, there may be a range of options open to you.

If you find yourself in this situation here are a few things you should do:

  • Contact the Financial Support team
  • Speak to your Personal Supervisor about your situation, as your worries may be affecting your academic performance

We are experienced in dealing with students with financial problems, although if you require a visa or residence permit to study, we advise you to contact the University of Hull Immigration Advisers .

We can help you go through all your options to reduce your financial difficulties. 

Student Services

Financial assistance funds.

Funds are made up of 6 Sub-Funds. Details of each Fund can be found on this page.

Student Services - A closeup of a calculator and three piles of British money.

I'm thinking about suicide

Service information, self help external link -->, the university of lincoln financial assistance funds are made up of 6 sub-funds. details of each fund can be found below..

Applications to the  Term Time Fund  and  Summer Fund are assessed in accordance with the guidance produced and approved by the National Union of Students and the National Association of Student Money Advisors. Capped/set figures are used in some areas of the assessment and are agreed each year in advance of the funds opening.

Term Time Fund 2023/24

For undergraduate and postgraduate students who are eligible for maintenance support from the Student Loans Company.  This Fund is to help with living and course-related costs (not tuition fees) for students who are experiencing financial hardship.

You can apply to the fund online by clicking the link below or by using one of the downloadable .pdf forms.

Student Services - A closeup of a calculator and three piles of British money.

Apply to the fund online

Hesslewood Children’s Trust aims to provide a number of second year undergraduate students from schools in Kingston upon Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Gainsborough, and Caistor with a financial needs bursary. Students must be under the age of 25 years at the time of receiving the award.

Students applying for this Fund must first make an application to the University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Funds Term Time Fund in order for eligibility to be established. They should also provide evidence that they attended school in one of the areas listed above.

Upon receipt, your application will be assessed for the Term Time Fund and if successful an award will be made at that time. After term 1, your application will then be re-considered for the Hesslewood Children’s Trust.

Awards will be made to those eligible students who are considered to be in the greatest financial need. Further information can be found here .

Notice - Application forms

We are unable to accept paper applications. Forms can be scanned and sent to [email protected] . Alternatively, you can apply to the fund online.

A random image to demonstrate a PDF document

ULFAF Term Time UG Single - 2023/24

Ulfaf term time ug dependents - 2023/24, ulfaf term time pg - 2023/24.

A random image to demonstrate a PDF document

ULFAF Term Time Part-Time - 2023/24

Ulfaf additional assessing notes 2023/24, ulfaf providing bank statements, gender expression fund 2023/24.

Many people experience feelings of stress and anxiety at the disconnect they feel between their gender identity and appearance. We have created the Gender Expression Fund to provide financial assistance for students to purchase items that will make them more comfortable with their gender presentation and, we hope, improve their wellbeing.

Gender Expression Fund - 2023/24

Course-related travelling grant 2023/24.

The Course-related Travelling Grant is to help with travel, within the UK or abroad, for course-related activities. The travel could be for a work placement, to attend a conference or to study abroad.

Students must have UK or EU status, be enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate course and have the support of their academic tutor to be considered. Applications from overseas status students may also be considered on the recommendation of a Specialist Adviser.

Course-related Travelling Grant - 2023/24

Commuting travel grant 2023/24.

This Fund has been created in recognition of the rural nature of Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire. It’s intended as a contribution to the travel costs incurred by eligible undergraduate students who attend University from their permanent home address.

Applicants should be:

  • An enrolled University of Lincoln Undergraduate student
  • Eligible for the maintenance element of Student Finance*
  • Have to pay to travel to attend the University from your permanent home address and live in Lincolnshire or North Lincolnshire (outside the area covered by the standard Megarider bus ticket)

*According to the 2023/24 Student Finance application assessment.

ULFAF Commuting Travel Grant - 2023/24

Foyer/supported housing bursary 2023/24.

For students who enrol at University having come directly from living in a Foyer or other supported housing* (*where they lived between the ages of 16 to 18). Each year the Foyer Federation  inform the University of students who intend to enrol directly from living in a Foyer. These Bursaries are funded through the University of Lincoln Hardship Fund.

Evidence of period in supported housing and any benefits received should be supplied. The total award per year is £1,000 which is paid in 3 termly instalments (subject to attendance checks). Students should apply each year.

You cannot get both the Foyer/Supported Housing Bursary and the Blackburn Bursary .

Foyer/Supported Housing Bursary - 2023/24

Independent students' summer accommodation grant 2022/23 - closed.

To help continuing University of Lincoln students who are studying at undergraduate level, aged under 25 at the start of the academic year, considered independent * according to their Student Finance application assessment and have to pay commercial rent throughout the entire duration of the summer vacation period.

Students in receipt of Student Finance Maintenance Loan funding throughout the entire academic year i.e. 52 weeks, are not eligible to apply.

This is a targeted Fund and eligible students will be contacted towards the end of the Academic Year.

* You receive maximum funding but did not have to supply evidence of household income from a spouse/partner/parent, etc.

Independent students' summer accommodation grant form 2022/23 - closed, welfare benefits.

If your course has finished, you are not eligible for these funds but may be able to apply for welfare benefits – if you want to speak to an Adviser, please email [email protected]  for a telephone appointment.

If you are not sure of your eligibility for these funds, please speak to an Adviser.

University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Funds

In addition to the above if you are an enrolled, full-time UK home student who is eligible for a Maintenance Loan but whose funding is delayed at the start of the academic year and who have no other means of support, you may apply for a University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Funds – Short-term Loan.

Eligibility for this loan will be discussed with a Specialist Adviser and only taken forward on their recommendation. Each applicant is expected to set up a consent to share arrangement with their funding authority before an application can be processed.

The University of Lincoln has authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority to give debt advice and issue short term loans.

Our Firm Reference Number (FRN) is 673570.

Summer Fund 2022/23 - CLOSED

It is intended to offer financial support to continuing University of Lincoln undergraduate students who are unable to work over the summer vacation period and who are experiencing financial hardship.

Please note: Final year students are not eligible to apply to the Summer Fund.

Applications may be made via downloadable pdf or online.

ULFAF Summer UG Single - 2022/23 - CLOSED

Ulfaf summer ug dependants - 2022/23 - closed, summer fund eligibility criteria, related topics.

Student Services - Group of four students talking.

Life At University

University life can be a fantastic experience, but it also comes with its own challenges, see what support is available here.

Student Services - SU 025 Oct27th2016 by E Egg

Respecting others is a big part of University and staff and students are expected to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Student Services - A man reading a book next to a pile of books.

Academic support

We can help you clarify the University's rules and regulations and what options are available to you.

Student Services - Group of students sitting in shared flat kitchen.

Health and Wellbeing

Advice on ways to look after yourself, health advice, specific disability advice, and self-help resources.

We use cookies to understand how visitors use our website and to improve the user experience. To find out more, see our Cookies Policy .

Online booking coming soon!

To book onto a class or reserve a pitch / court please call us on

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  • Outdoor Sports
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  • Active Wellbeing
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Hull Sport Participation Grant

hull uni travel grant

Fitness Classes & Squash Courts

Use this link to book a fitness class or one of our squash courts.

hull uni travel grant

Sports Arena, Outdoor Pitches & Courts

Use this link to book our indoor and outdoor courts as well as our 3G and grass facilities.

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Monthly Memberships

Use this link to sign up to a Direct Debit monthly membership.

hull uni travel grant

Fixed Term Memberships

Use this link to sign up to a fixed term pay-up-front membership.

At Hull Sport, we believe that all students should be able to participate in sport. The Hull Sport Participation Grant helps students participate in extra curricula activities, for example sports, societies or Give it a Go sessions led by Hull University Students’ Union as well as Hull Sport led sessions.

Individual Grant 

The funding can be used to:

  • Purchase a Play Pass to participate in the social sport sessions with Hull Sport
  • Join a sports club through Hull University Student Union
  • Join a society through Hull University Student Union
  • Take part in Give it a go sessions

The Grant is available to undergraduate students who are:

  • A student with a residual household income of less than £25,000 as assessed by Student Finance England
  • An international or EU student
  • A mature student (aged 25 or over on the first day of the current academic year)
  • A student who has declared a disability
  • Students eligible for our Humber Grant as a care leaver, young adult carer or those assessed as estranged by Student Finance England
  • A student with dependents

Post graduate students are not eligible for this funding grant.

To apply for the Hull Sport Participation Grant, please click here

Please note that all must applications must be clear for example, if you are applying to join a sports club or society, please highlight which sports club or society you would like to join and why. This also applies to Give it a Go sessions. Please clearly state which sessions you would like to participate in and why. If this isn’t included in applications, they may be rejected.

Sports Club Application

Are you aware that the Hull Sport Participation Grant is available to student clubs to support with recruitment? To be eligible for the funding, your application must clearly state how to use funding to help recruitment and retention in to your club, for example;

  • To deliver taster or give it a go sessions which is new activity away from club training sessions
  • Link with Give it a go programme

Examples of what can’t be included: socials, physiotherapy, travel

Examples of what can be included: facility costs to cover taster sessions, equipment for the taster sessions or to pay for coaching fees for your taster sessions

To apply, please click here

If you are successful in the application, Hull Sport requires an evaluation of how funding was spent, successes and how many members your club engaged in the new activity funded by the grant.


The participation grant has enhanced my experience at the university as it allowed me to make new connections and friends in a sport I have never previously played before. It gave me the ability to keep fit while studying and to improve my mood and concentration through the exercise. I would highly recommend that more students to join a sports club at university as it really is enjoyable, you make great new friends and get to get healthy whilst studying

The participation grant has allowed me to carry on the sport I’ve grown to love at university without the added stress of an added expense. The fear of the finances often worried me but with the participation grant, that worry has disappeared and I'm back to my best with the best people around me again

The funding from the Hull Sport Participation Grant has done a great deal to help our current and new members in our club. The funding has allowed the club to deliver taster sessions to recruit and engage new participants and without this, our club membership wouldn’t have been as high as it was. Thank you again

Hull Sport Logo

The Allam Sport Centre University of Hull Inglemire Lane Hull HU6 7TS

01482 466234

Quick Links

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Performance
  • News & Events
  • Code of Conduct

Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 22:00 Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 – 19:00

These hours are subject to change during out of term times.

  • Accessibility
  • Freedom of information
  • Privacy and cookies
  • Terms and conditions

hull uni travel grant

  • Scholarships

Fund Your Experience Abroad

  • Johns Hopkins University Global Education Office

Hopkins Scholarships

Global education office scholarships, application.

Students who fill out the general Hopkins Study Abroad Scholarships Application will be considered for all study abroad scholarship applications administered by the Global Education Office at Johns Hopkins University for which they qualify. Please note that awards are partial, usually ranging in amount from up to $5,000 for intersession/summer and up to $8,000 for the semester, and are competitive. Students must apply to external scholarship opportunities separately.


Applications are reviewed and evaluated on the basis of the student’s written essays, academic merit, and financial need. Students must have a term GPA of 3.0 the semester of application in order to be eligible, with the exception of first year students applying for scholarships for Intersession.

  • Intersession: October 2
  • Spring: November 2
  • Summer: March 2
  • Summer Early Deadline: February 11
  • Fall/Year: April 2

Awards and Descriptions:

Semester study abroad scholarships for fli students terms: fall, spring, academic year.

Through a generous donation, this scholarship will allow FLI undergraduates to participate on a study abroad program for a semester or academic year with no additional out of pocket expenses compared to a semester or academic year at JHU in Baltimore. The scholarship will bridge the gap between the cost of attendance on the study abroad program and the cost of attendance at JHU up to $8,000.

Bass Family International Scholarships Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year, or Summer

Amanda Bass, Class of 2014 JHU Arts & Sciences alumnus, studied abroad in Rome the fall of her junior year at JHU. The Bass Family has established an endowed fund to ensure undergraduates with demonstrated financial need have opportunities to gain a global perspective.  These scholarships provide funding to academically-qualified undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences majoring in the Social Sciences or Humanities with demonstrated financial need in order to conduct international research, engage in an international internship, or participate in an international study abroad program that is at least six weeks or more. Awards range up to $5,000.

Global Education Office Scholarships Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Intersession, Summer

The Global Education Office provides scholarship funds for students participating in international experiences for all terms; including study, internships, research, and volunteering abroad. Awards typically range up to $5,000 (up to $8,000 for FLI students for semester/year programs only).

Aronson International Experience Grants

The International Studies Program administers the Aronson International Experience Grants for students in the major (including pre-majors). These awards have been made possible through a generous gift from Jeffrey and Shari Aronson as part of the Aronson Center for International Studies. They are designed to make educational opportunities abroad more accessible to International Studies students.

The Aronson International Experience Grants (AIEG) offer students majoring in International Studies up to $2,500* to cover travel costs associated with the following activities:

  • Independent research projects (*students in this category may request up to $4,500 in funding)
  • Intersession and summer courses abroad
  • International conferences
  • Unpaid internships abroad (except for summer)
  • Study abroad during the academic year (some exclusions may apply)

More Information

Behavioral Biology Scholarship for Ecuador Intersession

Deadline: October 2

The Behavioral Biology department at Johns Hopkins has scholarship opportunities for Behavioral Biology majors and minors to participate on the Ecuador & the Galapagos Intersession program focusing on Tropical Biology and Evolution. Students need to have a declared major or minor in Behavioral Biology in order to be eligible. Awards range from $500 to $2,500. Students must submit the online scholarship application, including an unofficial transcript and personal statement. Students only need to complete the application once to be considered for any scholarship applications for intersession and may not receive more than one award.

CLE Scholarships

Deadlines: Fall/Year: late January Spring: mid-November Summer: early April

The Center for Language Education (CLE) at JHU is pleased to announce the Study Abroad Scholarship program available to students studying a language offered in CLEdu overseas. Each scholarship is $1,000 and will be awarded to individuals excelling in acquisition of the target language and demonstrating outstanding potential to maximize their language skills by studying abroad. Languages include Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Applications, including a personal statement and letter of reference from a language instructor, are due to [email protected]

More information

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

FLAS Fellowships assist students in acquiring competence in foreign languages as well as a fuller understanding of the regions and countries in which those languages are commonly used. The International Studies Program is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to award FLAS fellowships to eligible Hopkins graduate and undergraduate students studying the following languages: Arabic, Burmese, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Yiddish. Fellowships may also be awarded to students studying other languages on a case-by-case basis.

Graduate and undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements for FLAS can apply online .

Ho Family Summer Study Abroad Scholarship

Deadline: Friday, March 18

The East Asian Studies Program invites applications from JHU undergraduate and graduate students for the Ho Family Summer Study Abroad program. This new scholarship, made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Peter Ho, has been established to support language-immersive educational experiences in East Asia. Preference will be given to applications for language training, but we will also consider unpaid internships and professional development opportunities. An award of up to $7,600 can be used to cover tuition and associated costs, including air travel and housing. Applications from students with demonstrated financial need and from students studying East Asian history will be given priority. You may apply for both the Ho Family Summer Study Abroad program and the East Asian Studies Research/Training Grant, but you may only accept funding from one or the other.

Hull Family Study Abroad Fund: Bologna, Italy

Deadline: Rolling

The Hull Family Study Abroad Fund was created with the generosity of Carl and Nanci Hull with the purpose of providing Johns Hopkins undergraduates with an opportunity to study abroad at the University’s SAIS Bologna Center. Students applying to a Hopkins Departmentally-Sponsored study abroad program in Bologna are eligible for this award of up to $5,000 per semester ($10,000 for a year abroad).

Max Kade Center Summer Travel Grant to Germany

Deadline: April 15

The German Program, with the support of the Max Kade Center for Modern German Thought, is pleased to announce 10 Travel Grants in the amount of $1,200 to support summer study abroad (German language courses, seminars in other disciplines, internships) in Germany.

Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University.  Prior knowledge of German is not required to apply for the grant and students from across the university are encouraged to apply.  Preference is given to students who are German majors, German minors or students enrolled in courses in the German program.

Application Process: Please create one PDF of all documents and send to Deborah Mifflin ( [email protected] ).  Applications are due by April 15 and must include:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Transcript
  • Name of Academic Advisor (as reference)
  • 1/2 to 1 page Statement of Purpose (reasons for studying German and studying in Germany)
  • Information about the program to which you have applied

For more information about the grant and/or eligible programs, contact Professor Katrin Pahl [email protected] or Deborah Mifflin [email protected] , the German Language Program Director.

Russell-Wood Award for Study or Research in the Portuguese-Speaking World

The Anthony J. R. Russell-Wood Undergraduate Award was established in 2013 in honor of Professor Russell-Wood, an internationally distinguished expert on Brazil and the Portuguese speaking world. He joined the history department at JHU in 1971, and at his death in 2010 was the Herbert Baxter Adams Professor of History.

Any student enrolled in the Portuguese Language Program, who has an intermediate level of competence or above, in the fields of Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Business, Public Health, German & Romance Languages and Literatures will be eligible to apply for the $2,000 award to study in a Portuguese speaking country.

Vredenburg Travel Fund: Summer Engineering Research Abroad

Deadline: February 24

The Vredenburg Travel Fund allows outstanding engineering students at Johns Hopkins the opportunity to apply their engineering, technology, and applied science skills and training in an international setting. The Travel Fund encourages students to broaden their engineering experience by giving them the chance to participate in international experiential activities through collaboration, investigation, and application.

External Scholarships

Many study abroad providers offer need and/or merit-based scholarship opportunities. Please check with your individual program provider to see if any funding opportunities are available to you.

Check Scholarship provider websites for up to date deadlines and information.

For additional national scholarship opportunities not included on this website, check out the following search engines.

IIE Institute of International Education

IEFA International Education Financial Aid

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide. Scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded to students for study abroad. Award amounts vary depending on the length of study and student need with the average award being approximately $4,000. Students studying a critical need language while abroad are eligible for an additional $3,000 of funding.

Boren Scholarships

National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships are designed to provide students with the resources and encouragement they need to acquire skills and experience in countries and areas of the world critical to the future security of our nation. They focus on geographic areas, languages, and fields of study that are critical to U.S. national security, broadly defined, and underrepresented in study abroad. In exchange for Boren Award funding, students commit to seek work in the federal government for a specified period of time.

Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan

The Bridging Project offers scholarships to American undergraduate students participating in study-abroad programs in Japan. Funding from private foundations and major U.S. corportations, through donations to the nonprofit US-Japan Bridging Foundation, makes it possible to award about 100 scholarships each year to assist students with the travel and living expenses they wil incur while studying abroad in Japan for a semester or an academic year. Applications are accepted twice a year for Bridging Scholarships. Bridging Scholarship recipients receive a stipend of $2,500 (for students on semester-long programs) or $4,000 (for students on academic year programs). Students studying in Japan on summer programs are not eligible to apply.

Butex Scholarships for Study in the UK

The British Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) offers £500 scholarships to undergraduate students studying abroad in the United Kingdom at participating UK universities.

Critical Language Scholarships

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is a fully funded summer overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and building relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning.

Cyril Taylor Charitable Foundation to study in the UK

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) received a gift from The Cyril Taylor Charitable Foundation (CTCF) to fund scholarships for American students to study in the United Kingdom. Named the Cyril Taylor Memorial Scholarship and available for programs in the summer of 2020, the 2020 fall semester and the 2020-2021 academic year, the gift will fund multiple scholarships this year and be administered by FEA.

The named scholarship will fund both academic-year scholarships of up to $10,000, full semester scholarships of $5,000, and summer scholarships of up to $3,750 for deserving American undergraduates to study in the United Kingdom on programs that best meet their educational objectives. Students interested in applying for programs in 2020-2021 can submit applications beginning November 11, 2019.

Diverse International Women of Color Scholarship

DIWC’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and promote opportunities for women of color to travel abroad, experience different cultures, and broaden their horizons beyond the United States. DIWC is awarding scholarships for both online and overseas study abroad programs.

Education Ireland and Go Overseas Scholarship to study in Ireland

Go Overseas and Education in Ireland are offering 15 undergraduate full-tuition scholarships for students studying abroad in Ireland. The scholarship does not include accommodation, food, books, or additional provider fees. Two lucky students will also receive free round-trip airfare to Ireland, courtesy of Aer Lingus.

Freeman-ASIA Scholarships

Freeman-ASIA (Freeman Awards for Study in Asia) is designed to support U.S.-based undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are planning to study overseas in East or Southeast Asia. The program’s goal is to increase the number of U.S. citizens and permanent residents with first-hand exposure to and understanding of Asia and its peoples and cultures.

First Trip Scholarship

First Trip strives to increase diversity in study abroad and international affairs by alleviating inequitable barriers for underrepresented college students to travel abroad for the first time and pursue global careers. First Trip provides scholarships for prospective students seeking to study in countries ranked lower than Very High on the United Nations’ annual Human Development Index.

Fulbright Summer Institutes in the UK

The US-UK Fulbright Commission offers special Summer Institutes for US citizens to come to the UK. These summer programmes provide the opportunity for US rising sophomores and juniors, to come to the UK on a three, four, five or six week academic and cultural summer programme. The Summer Institutes will cover the majority of participant costs. This includes round-trip airfare from the US to the UK, tuition and fees at the host university/institution, accommodation and meals and in some cases a small daily allowance.

Fund for Education Abroad

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2010 to address the need for an independent study abroad scholarship provider. FEA is expanding access to study abroad by raising awareness of its benefits to the individual and value to the collective, and by granting scholarships of up to $10,000.

Applicants from groups underrepresented in study abroad and those destined for non-traditional locations are given preference, in an effort to make the demographics of U.S. undergraduates studying abroad reflect the rich diversity of the U.S. population.

Since 2010, FEA has awarded almost 100 scholarships, helping students from all over the United States follow their dreams abroad.

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce the new John McCain International Scholarship for the Children of Military Families (Gilman-McCain Scholarship), developed under the framework of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. It will provide $5,000 for child dependents of active duty service members who receive any type of Title IV federal financial aid to study or intern abroad on credit-bearing programs.

Go Overseas Study or Intern Abroad Scholarships

Any student currently enrolled in an American institution who wants to study or intern abroad can apply to the scholarship. Winners will be selected based on their creativity, enthusiasm, and social media posts. One winner will receive a Go Overseas swag bag and $500 to participate in whichever study or intern abroad program they choose.

HI USA Explore the World Travel Scholarships

Recipients receive $2,000 to help finance their international trip that includes an educational or service component. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents with demonstrated financial need.

Masa Israel Grants and Scholarships

Masa Israel offers grants and/or scholarships to help make the experience of going to Israel more affordable, and collect information about other grants and scholarships available for long-term Israel programs from third party organizations.  Masa Israel participants on study abroad programs and participants between the ages of 21-30 are eligible to apply for universal grants toward the cost of your program. All Masa Israel participants, ages 18-30 are eligible to apply for additional needs-based scholarships.

New Zealand Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship

Apply for a chance to receive a full scholarship to study abroad a semester in New Zealand! Scholarships worth up to $15,000 will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship does not include costs for housing accommodations, food, and spending money.

To apply, students must submit their personal information, program/university preferences, and a creative photo and essay.

Tanaka and Green Scholarship to Study in Japan

The Tanaka and Green Academic Scholarship was established to support short-term academic study (one semester or one academic year) at colleges and universities in Japan. JASWDC intends to award scholarships of up to $4,000 (one semester) or $5,000 (one academic year) for the academic year. The scholarship may be used for any combination of tuition and other academic fees, room and board, travel and transportation (including internal Japan travel), and other approved expenses.

Toshizo Watanabe Scholarship for study in Japan

The Toshizo Watanabe Endowed Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to undergraduates/graduate students for a semester or year-long study abroad program in either the United States or Japan. A generous endowment gift of $10 million from Mr. Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe to the U.S.-Japan Council makes it possible to award scholarships to students for whom study abroad would not be possible without financial support.

The scholarship will support up to the full cost of attendance to the study abroad program of the applicant’s choice. The scholarship program grants awards to recipients in amounts determined by financial need and other qualifications.

Scholarships for International Research or Internships

Amgen scholars program.

The Amgen Scholars Program provides hundreds of selected undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on research experience at many of the world’s leading educational institutions. The Program seeks to increase learning and networking opportunities for students committed to pursuing science or engineering careers and to spark the interest and broaden the perspective of students considering scientific careers. Ultimately, the Program aims to increase the number of students pursuing advanced training and careers in the sciences.

Opportunities are available to U.S. students at 4 different universities in Asia.


The Dean’s ASPIRE Grants (Arts and Sciences Projects, Investigations, and Research Endeavors) are designed to promote independent research projects among our exceptional undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS). These awards, which range from $500 to $4,500, enable undergraduates in KSAS to pursue original research, work closely with a Hopkins faculty mentor, and advance knowledge for the world. Awardees have an entire year to use the funding.

KSAS undergraduates in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences are all eligible for these awards. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply. (Seniors are not eligible to apply for these awards.)

Funding may be used for any research-related expenses, such as travel, equipment, supplies, printing costs, and data collection. Funds may be also be used for a student stipend, if the applicant can demonstrate that a stipend is essential to completion of the project.

If your project is funded, a final product must be turned in to the Office of the Dean at the end of the funding period. This product will be the culmination of your research and may take the form of a thesis, paper, documentary, etc. It will be posted on the ASPIRE website.

Bander Family Fund Award

The Bander Family Fund Award is intended to encourage students to think creatively in defining work that can only be done outside of the classroom. The Bander Fund will award $4,000 to one or two undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) who wish to pursue such an independent project over the summer. The work may be independent research, a creative venture, or an internship directly related to a field of study.

Brown Family Travel Fund

The Brown Family Travel Fund is for seniors or rising seniors majoring in International Studies to fund travel-related expenses. It is awarded based on submitted proposals for projects (research projects, international conferences, etc.) that students wish to complete during their senior year or the summer preceding it.

Charles S. Singleton Center Undergraduate Research Awards for the Study of Premodern Europe

Fellowships are available to support undergraduate research projects involving any aspect of premodern Europe. Premodern is understood to refer to the period between Classical Antiquity and the end of the 18th century. Topics may fall within the disciplines of History, History of Science and Technology, History of Medicine, History of Art, German and Romance Languages and Literature, English, Philosophy, or Classics.

East Asian Studies Grants for Research/Training or Conferences

Undergraduate students who will conduct research or receive training (special workshops) related to East Asian studies are welcome to submit proposals. These grants are not intended to fund study abroad or language training alone, although applicants may include language classes as part of a research/training proposal. Grants also exist for East Asian Studies majors who participate in a conference related to East Asian Studies.

Research/Training Grants

Conference Grants

Fulbright Canada - Mitacs Globalink Program

This program will provide high performing U.S. students with the opportunity to be part of a 10 to 12-week research internship under the supervision of Canadian university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences and a grant in the amount of CAD$7800.

Mitacs, our partner in this new initiative, is a federally funded, national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for some 20 years. Working with 70 universities, 6,000 companies, and both federal and provincial governments, they support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

The application deadline is Oct 31 st .

International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

The IRES program, run through INBT (the Institute for NanoBioTechnology), provides support for students to work with researchers at the Inter-University Mircro Electronics Centre (IMEC) in Leuven, Belgium.

LACLxS Summer Research Grants

The Program in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies (LACLxS) offers small grants to support summer research and travel in Latin America and the Caribbean. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and the competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of Johns Hopkins University.

LACLxS supports projects from all disciplines. The primary purpose of the travel grant scheme is to enable students to pursue research on a topic of consuming interest to them. Applications are judged based on the quality of the proposal submitted, the student’s academic standing, and the relationship of the proposed travel and summer research to the student’s long-term academic and professional goals.

Life Design Lab Summer Internship Grants

Opportunities to apply for funding to participate in unpaid internships.

Phares Family Grant

The Phares Family Grant for International Engagement is a $7,000 award administered by the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity. Preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors who are unable to study abroad during the academic year, and who plan to travel abroad for a period of a minimum of two weeks for an independent research study that will enhance their overall undergraduate experience.

RISE Germany

RISE Germany offers summer research internships in science and engineering in Germany for undergraduate students from North America, Great Britain and Ireland. In their internships, students are carefully matched with doctoral students- whom they assist and who serve as their mentors.

Robins Internship Grant

Through the generosity of alumnus Charles Robins, Johns Hopkins University offers funding for selected students to gain business-related or economic development-related experience through intersession or summer internships in East, Southeast, or South Asia. The experience can be in private industry, or it can be in a government or nonprofit setting as long as the position is focused on business/economic development, finance, accounting, marketing, or management. Search Handshake Jobs for Robins Internship  

Second Decade Society Internship Grants

These Summer Internship Grants are available to undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences who take summer unpaid or non-profit sponsored internships (8 week minimum).

Steinberg Family Internship Grant

Grants of up to $4,000 to support any internship.

With support from the Hopkins Parents Fund, The Steinberg Family Internship Grant program offers living and travel stipends to Homewood undergraduate applicants who secure unpaid summer internships. Formerly known as the Homewood Parent Grant, the Hopkins Parents Council is honoring the memory of Hopkins Parents Council members Bruce and Irene Steinberg P’20, sons Zach ’20, William and Matthew who perished in a 2017 plane crash, by renaming this merit internship grant program through the summer of 2023.

Search Handshake Jobs for Steinberg Family Internship Grant

Stulman Award

The Stulman Award is granted on a competitive basis to JHU undergraduate students proposing a worthy plan of study or research in Jewish Studies that requires material support.

UROP International in Aachen, Germany

UROP International is designed for students from North American universities who wish to gain research experience by conducting research projects at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. It takes place during a ten-week research summer school between the middle of May and the end of July.

RWTH Aachen University offers a wide range of research internships in all subject areas.

Weisman Family Internship Grant

The Weisman Family Internship Grant Program is funding designated for students in the International Studies Program participating in summer internship experiences.

WGS Research Grants

The Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS) offers summer and winter-term research grants of up to $1,000 for qualified undergraduate students.

Additional resources, considerations, fundraising strategies, and budgeting tips:

ILAS Travel Grant Info Session

  • Calendar / Outlook

Explore Latin America with an ILAS Travel Grant!

Join us for an informative session on the Institute of Latin American Studies' Research and Internship Travel Grants for 2024! Whether you are a CC or GS undergraduate in the LCRS program or a graduate student at Columbia, these grantes could be your ticket to an enriching experience in Latin America. 

Don't miss this chance to turn your summer into an unforgettable experience!

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SparkFund is an innovation support and grants programme that will help you to improve or develop exciting new products, services or processes, delivered by the University of Hull and funded by the European Union.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business in the Humber, York, North Yorkshire region with aspirations to move forward, you can apply for one our three innovation and support funding options:

Innovation vouchers

Can help you make a critical change to the way you work, how you operate your business or how you create new products.

R&D grants

Provide support towards the revenue costs of your business carrying out research and development which will move your business forward.

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12 Things To Do In Moscow: Complete Guide To A Unique Idaho City

Learn about Moscow, Idaho's history, and all the things to do in this picturesque city.

Read update

There Are More Things To Do While In Moscow, Idaho!

Moscow, Idaho, is a small city with plenty to offer lovers of the outdoors and culture aficionados. Moscow is the county seat of Latah County in the panhandle region of Idaho. It’s known as the home of the University of Idaho, which is a great campus with galleries and gardens for visitors to explore.

Moscow’s landscape is particularly unique as it is set in the Palouse region , an area between Idaho, southeastern Washington, and even Oregon, known for its peculiar rolling green hills, which make it one of the most beautiful vistas in the state . d.

UPDATE: 2023/08/22 16:57 EST BY NOAH STAATS

This article has been refreshed with new stops in Moscow, Idaho, as well as tips, tricks, and things to experience in town. From fun waterslides to nature preserves to beer, here are all the reasons Moscow should be on the itinerary this fall and beyond!

Things To Do

Here is everything travelers need to know about planning a great trip to Moscow, Idaho, including the best time of year to visit, where to eat and drink, and the best activities.

1 Check Out The Historic McConnell Mansion

One thing to do while in Moscow, Idaho, is to go see the McConnel Mansion , located in Moscow's historic neighborhood. Here is where a home built by the former governor sits, now working as a place to learn more about Moscow, as well as see how life and architecture looked back then.

Constructed in 1886, this museum also features period rooms and decor, so it's certainly worth seeing for people in the area.

  • Address: 110 S Adams St, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Dependent on season/tour

2 Soak Up The Sun At Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center

The next thing to do in Moscow, Idaho, is to check out the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center . Here is where families or groups can enjoy the outdoor seasonal water park with a lazy river, large pool, waterslides & interactive play area.

This aquatic center boasts a great summer itinerary, making it perfect for travelers with children.

  • Address: 830 N Mountain View Rd, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Open daily from 12 PM to 7:30 PM (Open at 11 AM on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Tickets: Children 3 and under FREE, Children 4-17 $5.75 including tax, Adults 18-64 $7.75 including tax, Seniors 65+ $5.75 including tax

3 Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Another idea while in town would be to visit the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute. Here is where people visiting Moscow can explore a 26.2-acre nature preserve in the city, as well as walk around and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Address: 1040 Rodeo Dr, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Open Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

4 See A Show At The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre

The next idea for a Moscow, Idaho, visitor is to catch a performance at the city's Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre . Here lies a restored historic theater that offers classic films, community events, and a variety of stage performances.

  • Address: 508 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843

5 Cycle Some Of The Palouse Bike Trails

A very popular tourist activity in Moscow is to rent a bike and cycle through some of the Palouse bike trails. A popular trail is the 7-mile Bill Chipman Palouse Trail between Pullman in Washington and Moscow.

  • Admission: Bike rental costs will vary; check out Paradise Bike Rentals
  • Address: The trail end points are SE Bishop Blvd. (Pullman, WA) and Farm Rd. (Moscow, ID)

6 View The University Of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Spend an afternoon checking out the countless plants from across the world in the University’s Arboretum & Botanical Garden . The garden is open every day, from dawn to dusk.

  • Admission: Free
  • Address: 875 Perimeter Drive MS 2281, Moscow, Idaho

7 Head To The Moscow Farmer’s Market

Visiting the Farmer’s Market is the big thing to do in Moscow and is incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s held from May to October from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Check out the fresh produce and enjoy some local performers entertaining the crowds.

  • Address: 101-155 W 4th St, Moscow, ID 83843

8 Camp Out In Robinson County Park

This campsite is great for those who would like to immerse themselves in nature but also want to be close to town, and the campsite in Robinson is just a ten-minute drive from downtown Moscow. This park has plenty of trails and picnic spots to enjoy.

  • Admission: $20 a night to camp
  • Address: 5168 Robinson Park Rd, Moscow ID 83843

Related: 8 Idaho State Parks To Add To Your Scenic Bucket List

9 Check Out The Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center

For those wanting to learn about the history of the beautiful Appaloosa horse breed, native to the Palouse region, the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center is a perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Here is where guests can tour the Davis-Gillman Activity Center, Gift Shop, and Picnic Area, all while learning more about this area's rich culture.

  • Address: 2720 Pullman Rd, Moscow, ID 83843, USA
  • 1912 Center: Check out some local art and learn about cultural initiatives in Moscow
  • Address: 412 E. Third St. Moscow, ID 83843

10 Tour The Third Street Gallery

Next up, guests of the city of Moscow, Idaho, can check out the Third Street Gallery. The Third Street Gallery is located on the second and third floors of Moscow's beautifully renovated and historic City Hall, making that another nice thing to see while here.

  • Address: 206 W 3rd St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA
  • Hours: Seasonally/dependent on art and creators

11 Skate At The Palouse Ice Rink

Another fun stop in the Moscow area is the Palouse Ice Rink , a fun place to visit for all the family for some ice skating and hockey in the winter and rollerblading during the summer.

This could be a nice location to bring the family, especially for people with young kids.

  • Admission: Adults - $10, Children 6-17 - $8.00, 5 and under free
  • Family Admission (up to 5 members) - $35.00
  • Address: 1021 Harold St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA

12 Taste Local Moscow Craft Beers

Moscow has a pretty extensive craft beer culture, and it's well worth making a day of visiting some of the local breweries. Here are several great breweries to check out.

Moscow Brewing Company : Be sure to visit Moscow’s first brewhouse for some great history and even better beer

  • Address: 630 N Almon St #130, Moscow, ID

Hunga Dunga Brewing Company - Offering unique IPAs, Stouts, and so much more.

  • Address: 333 N Jackson St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA

Rants & Rave Brewery - A brewery and a grill, what’s not to love?

  • Address: 308 N Jackson St, Moscow, ID, USA

13 Best Time To Go To Moscow, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, has a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. During the summer months, the temperature can reach into the 90s and can be quite dry. The winters are cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing and the area receiving some snowfall. Spring and fall are mild, with temperatures ranging from the 40s to 60s.

The best time of year depends on what visitors have planned for the trip. The months of June, July, and August are great for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

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However, in the winter months, there are local mountains and resorts suitable for snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing for those interested in winter sports. The Palouse Ice Rink is a popular spot for locals and visitors during the winter, too, and also offers some family-friendly activities the whole year round. Even a scenic road trip can be enjoyable during Idaho's winter .

The city tends to be a bustling hub of activity during its festivals, like the Rendezvous in the Park music festival, which usually takes place on the third weekend in July, or the Moscow Winter Carnival, which takes place in early December.

14 Best Ways To Get Around Moscow Idaho

Moscow is a very walkable city, and most of the main destinations for tourists can be accessed on foot, especially during the summer. Getting around on a bike is a great option; Moscow has 36 miles of paved trails, so renting a bicycle in town could be a good choice for visitors.

  • Paradise Bike Rentals is a convenient bike rental shop on Main Street.

Moscow also has a public bus system called the Sustainable Moscow Area Regional Transportation or SMART transit that covers two loops, one in the west and one in the east of the town, and the fixed routes are free.

There are multiple taxi and rideshare companies in Moscow, and Uber and Lyft are also available. Here are some local Taxi company options:

  • Moscow Taxi
  • Pegasus Taxi

It’s possible to rent a car coming from the regional Pullman Moscow airport from companies Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget.

15 Where To Eat In Moscow, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, has some great spots for food, drinks, and coffee if visitors know where to look. The food options in Idaho tend to pleasantly surprise visitors. As it's a student town, there are more than a few fun bars too.

Best Breakfast in Moscow, Idaho

One World Café, Breakfast Club, Varsity Diner

Delicious Lunches in Moscow, Idaho:

Shari’s Café and Pies, Einstein Bros Bagels, Stax

Fantastic Dinners in Moscow, Idaho:

Nectar, Tapped - Taphouse & Kitchen, Lodgepole

Great Coffee Shops in Moscow, Idaho:

Café Artista, Bucer's Coffee House Pub, Steam Coffee

Fun Bars in Moscow, Idaho:

John’s Alley Tavern, Mingles Bar & Grill, Neat Whiskey Bar

16 Where To Stay In Moscow, Idaho

There are a number of hotels and rentals in the city, although some travelers also opt to stay in the nearby Washington state town of Pullman. Here are a few options in Moscow itself:

Highly rated hotels in Moscow Idaho

Best Western Plus University Inn : Room rates at the Best Western Plus University Inn start from $120 per night

  • Amenities: Swimming pool, fitness center, on-site restaurant, and bar
  • Address: 1516 Pullman Road, Moscow, Idaho 83843

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moscow : Room rates at the Fairfield Inn & Suites start from $140 per night

  • Amenities: Free breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness center
  • Address: 1000 West Pullman Road, Moscow, Idaho 83843, United States

Mid-Tier hotels in Moscow

The Monarch Motel Room rates at the Monarch Hotel start from $100 per night

  • Amenities: garden/chill-out area
  • Address: 120 W 6th St, Moscow, ID 83843, United States

Hotel Mccoy Pullman Room rates at this property start from $140 per night

  • Amenities: Fitness center, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wi-Fi, Free parking
  • Address: 455 Southeast Paradise Street, Pullman, WA 99163

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Budget hotels in Moscow Idaho

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Moscow Pullman : Room rates at La Quinta Inn & Suites start from $130 per night

  • Amenities: Free breakfast, airport shuttle, shuttle to local attractions
  • Address: 185 Warbonnet Dr, Moscow, ID 83843, United States

Super 8 by Wyndham Moscow / Pullman: Room rates at Super 8 by Wyndham Moscow start from $80 per night

  • Amenities: Mobile check-in, Wi-Fi, free coffee & breakfast Item
  • Address: 175 Peterson Drive Pullman Hwy and 175 Peterson Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

17 Tips For Visiting Moscow, Idaho

Moscow is a University city in north central Idaho and has a population of just over 25,000. It’s about 8 miles east of the Washington State border. It’s been home to the University of Idaho since 1889.

Moscow is served by a regional airport, The Pullman Moscow Airport is four miles west of the city, and the closest major airport is Spokane International Airport in Washington, located within 90 miles east of the city.

From here, visitors can rent a car or arrange a shuffle to get to Moscow; it will take about an hour and 40 minutes.

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Moscow is located along Highway 95, which runs north and south through the city. It’s also possible to travel to Moscow by bus from Spokane and Seattle. It’s good to know a little bit about the unique landscape travelers will get to explore when visiting Moscow. It’s part of the Palouse region, which encompasses parts of north central Idaho, southeastern Washington, and a little bit of Oregon.

Its distinctive and peculiar rolling green hills are made of a material called loess, which is mainly dust and silt blown in over thousands of years from the southwest.

After periods of deposition and erosion in harsh weather, unique dune-like shapes formed in the landscape. The Palouse region is a major agriculture zone, mainly for grain production, and it's also a stunning place to experience as a tourist.

18 How To Spend The Perfect Day In Moscow, Idaho

A perfect day in Moscow will start with a great breakfast, so head to the popular One World Café for a delicious bite to eat and then get ready to take on some of the incredible Palouse biking trails. Rent a bike for the afternoon and take the Bill Chipman Palouse trail nearby by Pullman and back.

Don’t forget to bring a camera. Head for lunch at Stax for some soup and sandwiches, and then visit the University of Idaho campus for a stroll through the arboretum and Botanical Garden. While on campus, check out some of the famous landmarks, like the Kibbie Dome or the Prichard Art Gallery.

In the evening, enjoy a fancy dinner at Lodgepole and polish the evening off with a drink at John’s Alley Tavern.


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