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The Ultimate 2, 3 or 4 Days in Lapland Itinerary

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laureamko lapland trip

Planning out the perfect 2, 3 or 4 days in Lapland itinerary can be a magical, if not overwhelming, experience when you consider all there is to see and do in this unique region of far northern Europe.

There are few more quintessential winter destinations and experiences than Finnish Lapland. Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland and is the pinnacle and epitome of a winter fairytale. From snow-covered boreal forests, dancing Northern Lights, energetic huskies and reindeer to the monumental moment of crossing into the Arctic circle, you’ll be hard-pressed not to have the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re interested in sipping hot chocolate during the winter polar night or forest hiking in the midnight sun, Lapland is the perfect destination for any travel seeker. Read this article to help plan your Finnish Lapland itinerary.

Table of Contents

How Many Days in Lapland?

Lapland is a unique destination, and this can make it a bit harder when planning the duration of your trip. This is why many potential visitors wonder how many days to spend in Lapland.

To begin with, Finnish Lapland is far from a budget-friendly destination and the prices in Finland , in general, are high. With the costs of just about everything being higher than elsewhere in Europe, keep this in mind when you plan a trip to this area.

Taking this into consideration, I’d say that the minimum recommended amount of time to spend in Lapland is 2 full days. With 2 days in Lapland, you’ll be able to briefly experience the magic of the Arctic and do a few activities without taking too big of a chunk out of your budget. 

The next best amount of time to spend in Lapland is 3 days, as you’ll experience everything you’d manage in 2 days but feel a lot less rushed, also with the opportunity to head to another part of the region.

Finally, in my opinion, 4 days in Lapland are ideal. If you’re able to spend 4 days in Lapland, you’re in for a real adventure. A trip of 4 days does the Finnish Lapland region justice as you’ll be able to visit multiple places and soak in what extraordinary Arctic life is like in the northernmost part of Finland.

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Getting To & Around Lapland

Getting to lapland.

The most popular, affordable, and convenient option for getting to Finnish Lapland is by taking a flight into the capital city of Rovaniemi. By passenger numbers, Rovaniemi Airport is the third-busiest airport in Finland and is the main airport to fly into for a Lapland trip and Itinerary.

While there are other options for airports in Lapland such as Ivalo Airport in Northern Lapland, this itinerary begins in Rovaniemi so will be the focal point to start your trip. 

Rovaniemi Airport serves direct routes from Helsinki year-round and seasonal winter routes from several European destinations, making it a pretty straightforward trip, especially for a winter getaway. 

Another popular option to reach Rovaniemi is to take a 12-hour overnight train from Helsinki, whisking you away from the busy city, through snow-dusted forests, Finnish towns and straight into the heart of Arctic Lapland.

There is a noticeable difference in price and journey, but it’s completely worth it if you can afford it and have the time to spare for a long train journey. 

Car rental is also another viable transportation option if you’re flying into Helsinki and would like to drive to Lapland. Summer is a great time to embark on a Finnish/Lapland road trip as you don’t need to worry about tough weather conditions and you will save money on transportation with a car rental in comparison to other methods.

If you’d like to rent a car to drive to Lapland in winter , make sure you feel confident in case of difficult weather and road conditions, and have the proper gear fitted to your car. You can browse car rental options here.

Reindeer safari in Finnish Lapland

Getting Around Lapland

As for getting around Finnish Lapland, in my opinion, the best mode of transport is by car. Like any other rural and wild part of the world, renting a car gives you the most flexibility for your trip without having to worry about bus times and time crunches.

Lapland is vast and boundless with many different spots and sites being distant from each other, and although there is a great bus system within the region, you’ll have the utmost freedom this way. For example, one of the prime goals for many people visiting Lapland is to get the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

While seeing the Northern Lights in most parts of Lapland is possible, your chances are higher the further away from light pollution and busy tourist areas. You can take a tour that will take you Northern Light hunting, but they can be expensive and give you just one chance. With your own car, you can search extensively to experience the enchanting Northern Lights. 

If for whatever reason, renting a car isn’t an option for you, it’s still possible to have a thrilling Lapland adventure. With public transportation, you can get around Finland and Finnish Lapland in particular quite easily.

You’ll find a few different bus companies such as ExpressBus and Matkahuolto , both with frequent routes connecting different parts of the Lapland region. Prices differ depending on departure and arrival destinations but are generally quite affordable.

Most destinations on this itinerary have bus transport options available, either by the local bus system or by private bus/shuttle companies. 

Husky sledding in Lapland

2, 3 or 4 Days in Lapland Itinerary

This Finnish Lapland itinerary will take you through Rovaniemi, the heart and capital of Lapland, through the magical timeless world of Santa Claus village, and to the Northern part of Lapland to further enjoy your fairytale – either by hitting the slopes or mingling with furry and friendly locals.

There are countless winter activities to enjoy on a trip to Finnish Lapland from husky safaris to ice fishing to warming up in a Finnish sauna and this is the perfect region to experience these things.

Day 1 – Lapland Capital, Rovaniemi

Explore the city of rovaniemi.

This itinerary for Lapland begins with 2 nights in the capital city of Rovaniemi. While Rovaniemi is a small city in comparison to other larger cities in Finland, there’s still much to do and discover.

Spending your first day in Lapland exploring the city of Rovaniemi is the perfect way to ease into Lappish life as well as arctic Lappish temperatures. This is also the perfect opportunity to find appropriate Arctic clothing for the rest of your trip if you weren’t already prepared.

If you’re visiting outside of the winter months, regular winter or spring/autumn clothing is acceptable but in the winter months you’ll want warm thermal clothing and boots to protect you from the bitter Arctic air.

If you take part in activities through any of the companies in Rovaniemi, you’ll have winter outerwear included for the duration of your stay. Otherwise, you can rent the same clothing from these companies for a pretty decent price.


If you’re looking to explore and learn more about Finland’s Arctic culture, science, and history, the Arktikum Museum is the perfect place to educate yourself on Lapland while also getting a break from the cold.

The museum is located on the northern end of Rovaniemi and is about a 15-minute walk from the center point of the city. Arktikum is open every day except Mondays from 10 AM – 6 PM with an adult admission cost of €18 and reduced ticket options available.

Arktikum Museum

Arctic Sunset & Eat a Traditional Lappish Meal

Whether you’re visiting during the winter or the summer, one of the most beautiful experiences of a Rovaniemi itinerary is to walk by the River Kemijoki during “sunset”. The colours that you’ll witness are truly remarkable, as if they were a painting, and are only just the beginning of a fairytale trip to Finland. 

Afterwards, I suggest heading to Nili Restaurant, in the heart of Rovaniemi city to experience delicious, traditional Lapland cuisine. If you want the full experience, I challenge you to try the reindeer, as it’s harder to try this Lapland classic food once you’ve met the adorable reindeer themselves. 

Where to Stay in Rovaniemi

Arctic Light Hotel – This boutique hotel makes for the perfect base in Rovaniemi. They have a number of lovely rooms available and countless amenities like free parking, an airport shuttle and an on-site restaurant/bar. Click here to see their availability

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle – If you want a unique accommodation option in Rovaniemi then these igloos can be an interesting choice. There are a number of different glass igloos to choose from (some including saunas!) and there are also plenty of other amenities for guests to enjoy. Click here to see their availability

Hostel Cafe Koti – Those trying to save a bit of cash while visiting Rovaniemi will love this hip hostel. There are both dorms and private rooms on offer along with a kitchen, a sauna and breakfast included for guests. Click here to see their availability

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Rovaniemi hotels!

Day 2 – Santa Claus Village or Exploring Rovaniemi Nature 

Day 2 of this Rovaniemi itinerary will either be spent wandering the famous Santa Claus Village or exploring the incredible nature of the region. If you’re visiting in the winter, I’d undoubtedly recommend heading to Santa Claus Village.

More than just Santa and Christmas activities for children, it’s truly a winter wonderland village with plenty of space, nature, log cabins and activities to explore with something for everyone.

In the summer months, it’s still quite fun and unique to visit Santa Claus Village, cross the Arctic Circle Line, and enjoy the area without the winter visitor numbers. Otherwise, there’s plenty to explore in Rovaniemi under the midnight sun. 

Santa Claus Village

If you have a car to drive on your trip to Lapland, Santa Claus Village is just a quick 10-minute drive from Rovaniemi city center. Otherwise, you can catch the Santa Express or local bus 8 from Rovaniemi city center with the journey being about 20 minutes.

It is also possible to take a guided tour that includes a visit to the village as well as a visit to a reindeer and husky farm.

Once you reach Santa Claus Village there’s so much to do and enjoy on a day trip here. There’s no cost to enter the village, with costs only for individual activities.

If you’re keen on doing a husky sled ride or reindeer sleigh ride, prices are less than half the cost of tour companies operating outside of Rovaniemi. The ride is a lot shorter, but it’s a special experience to wander through the snow-covered forests under a warm blanket while led by Lapland’s mascots; huskies and reindeer. 

If you prefer to book tours in advance some options include this husky safari or this reindeer farm visit that includes a sleigh ride.

Visiting Santa’s Post Office and taking a picture with Santa is free, with the post office truly being like something out of a Christmas movie – a dream for both children and adults alike. 

The entirety of the Village is a large area consisting not just of the concrete buildings and “town” part of the village but also a wide expanse of forest. Even just getting lost in the snowy forest, making snow angels, and warming up at one of the village’s many fires throughout the area is truly a special experience. 

Once your appetite has opened and you’re ready for some warming food, there are plenty of options at the village; whether you’re looking for more cafeteria-style food or classic Lappish food in a traditional Arctic-style hut.

Santa Claus Village in Lapland

Rovaniemi Nature 

If you’re in Rovaniemi during the warmer months and prefer to skip Santa Claus Village, there’s still plenty to do and explore and I recommend taking advantage of the extraordinary nature of Rovaniemi Lapland. 

Rovaniemi is a dream world for nature lovers and my suggestion is to spend a day on the trails, hiking throughout the Arctic Circle while experiencing the ethereal midnight sun. If you don’t want to walk, you can organise a snowmobile adventure through the forest as an alternative.

A great place to start to plan your time in Rovaniemi nature is at the Finnish National Park authority, where you’ll find ideal hiking trails and paths to take in Finnish Lapland.

There’s no better way to watch the midnight sun than in the lush Finnish forest, with a picnic and a cold drink either by yourself or with close friends/family.

Day 3 – Northern Lapland, Levi  & Samiland Exhibition

In this itinerary, with a 3-day trip to Lapland or 4 days in Lapland, you’ll head out of Rovaniemi and Southern Lapland to Northern Lapland. While Rovaniemi is all about Santa and Christmas joy, Levi , the main resort city in Northern Lapland is all about nature, the Northern Lights, and indigenous Sami culture.

If you’re driving during your Lapland itinerary, the drive from Rovaniemi to Levi is just over 2 hours and is an exquisitely stunning drive. Much of the drive is through Lapland nature and it’s hard to regret making the journey north.

If you don’t have a car, there are a few bus companies with direct transport from Rovaniemi to Levi. OmniBus is a great option as services are frequent, the buses are comfortable and can be pretty affordable for Finland prices. 

Levi is the ski resort in the area and is the biggest ski resort town in Finland. The village that Levi is located in is Sirkka , and there aren’t a lack of things to do, places to stay, things to see, or food to eat.

If you like to be in the center of the action on your travels, I suggest staying in the center of Sirkka. Otherwise, it’s worth spending a little more to stay outside of the town to sleep amongst the magical Lapland wilderness.

Sunrise in Levi

Samiland Exhibition 

If you want to learn more about Sami, the local indigenous culture then make sure to visit the Samiland Exhibition.

The Sami are the descendants of the nomadic people of Northern Scandinavia traced back thousands of years ago and Sami culture is rich in history, mythology, and folklore. The perfect place to learn more about this integral part of Lapland and Finnish culture is to head to the Samiland Exhibition in Levi.

The exhibition does a wonderful and interesting job educating on Sami culture, with both indoor and outdoor exhibits in both winter and summer seasons. Samiland is open every day of the winter from 10 AM – 8 PM, most days of the summer (check hours in advance), and admission tickets for adults cost €13 with reduced ticket options available. 

Northern Light Safari

Other than slope seekers and ski aficionados, the main pull for visitors coming to Levi is easily the famous conquest for the Northern Lights. During the Aurora season, you’re almost guaranteed to see the Northern Lights if you’re visiting Levi.

If you have a car, you’ll have a lot more freedom to follow more remote and forecasted Aurora areas with less light pollution, although it is possible and common to see the dancing Northern Lights in the town itself. With your own transportation, you can come and go as you choose and watch from your car to stay warm! 

The best spots to seek the Northern Lights in/outside of Levi are at the top of Kätkä Fell, Tonttula (Elves Village), and quite honestly, anywhere further from town lights with large areas of open land.

If you don’t have a car, I suggest taking part in a Northern Light safari tour out of Levi. Costs for these are cheaper than in Rovaniemi, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see the Aurora if you’re visiting during the Aurora season.

These tours typically pick you up from your hotel/accommodation and bring you to Aurora hot spots either by snowmobile or bus/car transportation. You’ll spend time learning about the area and Lapland with a local guide, while drinking hot chocolate or grilling sausages, and keeping warm by a hot, open fire.

Hopefully, before you know it, you’ll soon witness the out-of-this-world experience and natural phenomenon of the colorful, elegant Northern Lights dancing above your eyes. 

Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Where to Stay in Levi

Break Sokos Hotel Levi – This hotel is an excellent base for exploring Levi and the surrounding area. They have a range of bright, clean and comfortable rooms to choose from, they’re pet-friendly and there is even a restaurant and cafe/bar on site for guests to enjoy. Click here to see their availability

Northern Lights Village Levi – For those after a unique and unforgettable stay in Levi, this hotel is a great option. They have a number of rooms on offer – all with windows over the bed for some cosy Aurora viewings. Rooms are also equipped with fireplaces, breakfast is available and there is an on-site bar. Click here to see their availability

Levi Suites Levi Gold – If you want your own space while exploring Lapland, then these suites in Levi are a good option. They have a number of flats available, all fully furnished with everything you may need. Click here to see their availability

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Levi hotels!

Day 4 – Skiing or Winter Activities

On the 4th and last day of your time in Lapland, you’ll have two different options for enjoying the last day of your Finnish Lapland adventure; skiing the slopes of Levi or taking the time to enjoy more winter activities that you may not have already done in Rovaniemi. Some options include this husky sled ride or a snowmobile safari.

Skiing in Levi

Being the biggest ski resort in Finland, Levi is a great spot to either practice and enjoy as a novice skier or try your hand on the slopes for the first time – under the arctic sky.

Levi has mostly intermediate slopes, with 28 lifts and 48 slopes as well as just about 4 hours of sunshine during the winter. Luckily, the slopes are kept open late giving you enough time to enjoy either an old or newfound activity.

Skiing under the beautifully pink pastel polar night sky is something you’ll likely never experience out of Finnish Lapland, and it truly deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

Snowmobile parked in Levi

Apres-Ski/Dinner at Tuikku

There’s no better way to end your trip to Lapland and day on the slopes than at Tuikku, Levi’s oldest restaurant as well as where you’ll find the most extraordinary slope side and Lapland views. In the winter, there’s live music and DJ, offering the perfect closing to a magical trip.

Prices are pretty affordable, whether you’re interested in having a cocktail, hot chocolate, or a long day of skiing and adventuring that has left you hungry for their delicious buffet meals. 

It’s safe to say that Lapland is one of the most magical destinations in the world. Whether you’re an adult or a child, this enchanting Finnish region is undoubtedly going to touch your heart and sprinkle fairy-tale magic into your trip to make it one of the most unforgettable adventures of a lifetime.

Are you planning to visit Finnish Lapland? Have any questions about this itinerary? Let us know in the comments!

laureamko lapland trip

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Lapland travel blog — the ultimate lapland travel guide: how to travel & what to do in lapland finland.

laureamko lapland trip

Located in the north of Finland, Lapland is very close to the North Pole, so there are 200 days of cold winter a year. Any visitor, whether a child or an adult, wishes to have a trip to this place to meet Santa Claus , along with the reindeers. Moreover, this place is also an extremely attractive destination with a lot of interesting experiences. Lapland Finland (Finnish Lapland) is world famous as “the Official Hometown of Santa Claus”. In addition to the above nickname, is there anything else that attracts tourists from all over the world? Let’s experience Finnish Lapland through the sharing below. So, what country is Lapland in, what to do in Lapland, how to travel to Lapland Finland and how to plan a perfect budget trip to Lapland for the first-time? Let’s check out our Lapland travel blog (Lapland blog) with the fullest Lapland travel guide (Lapland guide) from how to get to Lapland Finland, best time to come, where to stay, what to see in Lapland Finland, things to do in Lapland Finland as well as what to do in Rovaniemi to find out the answer!

  • Lapland Finland hotels review — 10 best place to stay in Lapland Finland
  • What to buy in Finland? — 21+ Top things to buy in Finland & best souvenirs from Finland
  • Helsinki travel blog — The ultimate Helsinki travel guide for first-timers
  • Trip review to the fairy tale Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, Lapland – Finland

The complete Eurail pass guide: What is eurail pass, how to use & what countries does Eurail pass cover

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland travel blog: Where is Lapland Finland and what country is Lapland in?

laureamko lapland trip

Finnish Lapland is a very large region with an area of ​​about 100,367 square kilometers of which 92,667 square kilometers is land, 6,316 square kilometers is freshwater and 1,383 square kilometers is sea. Lapland stretching through 4 countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia’s Kola Peninsula with an area equivalent to 3 countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland combined.

In which the Lapland region in Finland (Finnish Lapland, Lapland Finland) occupies one third of the country’s area and the capital of the entire Lapland – the city of Rovaniemi is also located here. This is the official hometown of Santa Claus, so it is often said that Finnish Lapland (or Rovaniemi Finland) is the hometown of Santa Claus .

laureamko lapland trip

Some interesting things about Finnish Lapland:

laureamko lapland trip

  • Although this entire Lapland region spans 4 countries, the official name is widely known in 2 countries Sweden and Finland. Therefore, when it comes to the place of Lapland, you should often add the country name, so that people can clearly distinguish which region you are talking about.
  • The population of Finnish Lapland is over 180,000 people, mainly concentrated in 4 big cities (Rovaniemi, Tornio, Kemi and Kemijärvi), the population density is about 1.98 people/km2 – the lowest in Europe and less than number of reindeer here (200,000).
  • Reindeer here are popularly raised as a meat producing animal in other countries. Near the village of Santa Claus, there is an Artic Circle – marking the arctic circle of the earth. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of 2 months in the summer when the sun never sets (lighting all day and night).
  • Lapland Finland is also a very large region rather than a specific city or place. So when someone talks about Finnish Lapland tourism, you should understand that they mention to traveling to Rovaniemi city – the capital of the whole Lapland Finland region, where the village of Santa Claus and some remote surrounding areas is upper it, where you can hunting aurora (the Northern Lights) and other winter activities.
  • Rovaniemi was almost destroyed 90% in World War II, but then the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto redesigned the whole city as it have the appearance as we see today. There is currently a top 2 Finnish university named after his name, Aalto University – the top 7th school in the world in art and design section.

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland travel blog: When should you visit Lapland Finland?

laureamko lapland trip

Tourists often come to Finnish Lapland with the desire to experience aurora borealis hunting and take part in some winter activities. That’s why I think the most suitable time and best time to travel to Finnish Lapland is in the period from November to March. Because this is the time when you have the highest opportunity to seeing the Northern Lights along with this place is completely covered with white snow creating a magical scene comes along with a special and vibrant Christmas atmosphere.

laureamko lapland trip

Personally, I would recommend going from the beginning of November to mid-December because at this time there will be also a Christmas atmosphere here and it is not as crowded as December. Meanwhile, January and February are the peak winter months, the temperature is usually in the range of -20 to -40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, for those who are not used to extreme cold temperatures, coming here in this season is no different from being tortured :). In addition, the aurora often appears when it is cold and clear. If there is too much snow, the opportunity of seeing it is also lower than other times. There are times from September to November when it is very cold but without snow, it is easy to see the aurora borealis.

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland travel guide: How to get and how to travel to Lapland Finland (How to get to Rovaniemi)?

How to travel to lapland finland from other finland’s cities.

laureamko lapland trip

To get to Rovaniemi Lapland, you usually need to get to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Then from here, you can take the train, onnibus or plane to getting here. The distance from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is about 700-800km.

  • Onnibus: Usually you will need to transfer in Oulu city. Total travel time is about 12 hours (8 hours to Oulu and 3 hours to 4 hours from Oulu to Rovaniemi). Ticket price is around €18-35.
  • VR train (the Finland’s national railway company) often runs 2 trips a day from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Travel time: 8 to 12 hours. Ticket price: €40-90/way. The fare of €40 usually only appears in the summer, when the travel demand to Lapland is less than other seasons.
  • Airplane: Finnair (the Finland’s flag carrier and largest airline) often has quite a few direct flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Ticket price is about €70-100/way.

If you depart from some countries with lot of demands for travel to Finnish Lapland such as the UK, the Netherlands, there are also direct flights from these countries to Rovaniemi. As far as I know, there are currently 7 airlines flying directly to Rovaniemi from 5 European countries which are the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine in which the UK is the country with the largest number of tourists to Lapland Finland.

Lapland guide: Getting around Finnish Lapland

laureamko lapland trip

If you simply visit Rovaniemi, I think the most suitable means of transport is the public bus. Ticket price is €3.2/way and you can catch a bus from Rovaniemi center to Santa Claus village in 15 minutes.

laureamko lapland trip

However, if you want to participate in more winter activities, perhaps renting a self-drive car will be more appropriate. Because Lapland is a very large and extremely sparsely populated region, it will be quite difficult for you to participate in winter activities such as aurora hunting in the north, ice lake fishing, etc. without active means of transport.

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland travel blog: Where to stay in Lapland Finland?

Because Lapland is very large and the attractions are not gather in a single cluster like in other cities, finding a room here is not simple at all. Not only that, Lapland is also famous for various types of accommodation that are rarely found anywhere in the world. So, I will write a detailed article to guide you how to choose a hotel in Lapland later.

laureamko lapland trip

In general, in my travel experience, you should find a room and book it as soon as possible. Quality rooms in Lapland often sell out very quickly because here are few people, the hotel is not too abundant, but the number visitors flocking here from China, Japan, Germany, and Britain is quite a lot… Last time my friend searched for a room 4 months in advance but she still couldn’t find a good place to stay.

However, if you want to stay in upscale hotels, close to Santa Village, you can book hotels right in Santa Claus Village ( or ).

laureamko lapland trip

You can also refer to the two other luxury hotels: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel ( or ) built in a high hill, offer panoramic windows with beautiful nothern lights view.

laureamko lapland trip

Or Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort ( or ). This is a hotel that is extremely suitable for visitors to see and admire the Northern Lights.

At first glance, the Kaklauttanen looks like it just step out of a sci-fi movie. The hotel consists of many rooms like turtles located next to each other. “Tortoise shell” is made of glass, does not absorb water vapor no matter how cold it is, guaranteed, guests can see the Northern Lights anytime it appears. Each room has a comfortable bed and a comfortable bathroom.

laureamko lapland trip

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

  • Santa Claus Holiday Village ( or )
  • Arctic Light Hotel ( or )
  • Scandic Rovaniemi City ( or )
  • Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets ( or )
  • Arctic City Hotel ( or )
  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi ( or )

laureamko lapland trip

Check out more top and best hotels in Rovaniemi on or .

Lapland travel guide: Things to do in Lapland Finland, what to see and what to do in Lapland Finland

What to do in rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland which is considered the official hometown of Santa Claus . This place is famous for its Santa’s village and many other interesting winter activities such as reindeer riding, husky sledding, skiing, visiting museums…

Some indispensable places, things to do in Rovaniemi Lapland:

Santa Claus Village

Located about 8 km from the center of Rovaniemi city, Santa Claus Village is open all year round regardless of winter or summer. Here you will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, visit the post office where Santa works, send letters to people all over the world…

There are 3 most attractive places in this village are Santa Claus Office, Santa Claus Main Post Office and Arctic Circle. Ticket price: free. However, there are some other activities that still cost money. There is also a service to stamp your passport to certify that you have gone through the Arctic Circle for €1, and a service to take pictures with Santa Claus for €20-40. So, fun and interesting!

laureamko lapland trip

Arktikum Museum

laureamko lapland trip

The museum displays artifacts, provides information about people, animals and plants that have lived in the Arctic Circle of the earth during typical historical periods, such as during the World War II and the period that Finland was invaded and took part of the territory by Russia (1939-1940).

Address: Pohjoisranta 4, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland Hours: 10AM–5PM/Monday: Closed Ticket price: €9

SantaPark – the Home Cavern of Santa Claus

laureamko lapland trip

As an amusement park built in an underground cave with many recreational activities, especially suitable for families with young children.

Address: Tarvantie 1, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland Ticket price: €34.

Visit Raitola Reindeer & Husky Farm, experience reindeer riding and husky sledding

laureamko lapland trip

Near Santa’s village there is Raitola Reindeer & Husky Farm (Address: Välttikankaantie 11, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland) that offers tours of reindeer sleigh riding sleds or husky safari sledding with various tour packages. Ride a reindeer-drawn sleigh like a horse-drawn carriage, while exprience a husky sledding like a thrilling game.

laureamko lapland trip

Driving in Lapland Finland needs to be careful because the reindeer often roam on the roads. Sometimes if you’re driving and see a couple of them suddenly crossing the road, don’t be surprised. Because the number of reindeers much more than residents living here.

Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus Ski Resort

laureamko lapland trip

You can come here to ski or hire a guide if you still don’t know how to ski. Ticket price €20 for 1 hour or day ticket of €40. Hire a guide costs about €30-50.

In addition, if you have children, you can go to the Science Centre Pilke museum (Address: Ounasjoentie 6, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland) and the Angry Birds Playground (Address: Valtakatu 4, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland).

laureamko lapland trip

Some other activities when traveling to Finnish Lapland

Explore the beautiful lakes and ice fishing.

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland is a place full of beautiful lakes. In which, the most beautiful and famous lake is Inari. This is also the largest lake in Lapland with an area of over 1,000 square kilometers. If you come to Lapland on cold winter days, you will see that the surface of Lake Inari is completely frozen to form a giant mirror. You can experience ice fishing.

laureamko lapland trip

In winter when the lake freezes, locals often have a hobby of walking on the ice, skating on the lake or punching holes in the ice for fishing. This is probably an experience that requires extremely high patience for tourists.

Hunting Aurora (Northern Lights)

laureamko lapland trip

According to an old legend, an arctic fox whipped its tail and sent twinkling lights into the sky, creating the aurora borealis. Lapland is located in the Arctic region, so you will have a higher chance of seeing this natural phenomenon than anywhere else. However, Rovaniemi is a city with a dense population and is “polluted” by lights, so it’s best to go to the very remote hills, the darker and less inhabited the better.

In fact, hunting the aurora is a very bad luck. You will have a hard time guessing exactly whether that time will have the aurora or not. Usually the forecast is only accurate within 1 week. If you wait until that date to book tickets for travel and accommodation, I guarantee that the possibility of staying in a “thousand-star hotel” is very high or else the cost will be sky-high.

laureamko lapland trip

In fact, hotel rooms in resorts and convenient locations in Lapland usually need to be booked at least 6 months in advance. So, when traveling to Lapland Finland, if you see the aurora borealis, you are lucky, if not, just unlucky :).

The more you traveling to the north, the clearer the visibility and the higher the chance, so many visitors flocking here because of that. However, there are also many days when the aurora is very visible, so you can see it right in the city of Rovaniemi or even in the southern provinces of Finland. Well, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights right in Rovaniemi, you should go to the Artikum Science Museum. This is the best spot to see the aurora borealis in the city. You download the “Aurora” app to monitor the possibility of aurora in specific locations.

laureamko lapland trip

Personally, I would not recommend you booking aurora hunting tour, the aurora appears or not depends mainly on the weather, not on people. If you book a tour but there is no aurora on that day, that’s okay. Instead, always monitor the weather and go up as close to the north as possible, especially in forests with less light pollution, the chances of seeing it will be high. Remember to prepare warm clothes, sleeping bags, food and water. It takes a lot of effort to hunt this “super picky girl”.

laureamko lapland trip

Camping in the forest

laureamko lapland trip

This activity is quite popular with nature lovers like Finnish. You should camp in national parks where firewood is available, free kitchens for grilling food, and tents near the lake. Camping in the winter is also quite interesting, but it is necessary to carefully prepare warm clothes, fully equipment as well as find out the places where camping and fire are allowed first.

laureamko lapland trip

As I mentioned in previous posts, sauna is a Finnish initiative and sauna bathing has become an indispensable part of their lives. Winter is probably the best time to try this experience. If possible, you should rent a hotel room with a sauna room, so that after every day of going out to explore the experience, when you return, you will be able to enjoy a body sauna for comfort and relief.

In fact, when bathing in a sauna, Finns often go nude and after each interval they will jump into the icy lakes outside or take a cold shower. You should try this feeling :D. An indispensable experience when traveling to Finland.

laureamko lapland trip

Besides activities such as skiing, husky sledding, reindeer riding… You can try the feeling of snowmobile in the forest or surrounding areas. Usually, tourists will go on a tour, but if you have experience driving this and are not afraid of getting lost, you can rent it. The price is around €150/basic package and €25 extra per hour you rent. You can refer at this progearmoto website . Regarding tours you can refer to Arctic Circle Snowmobile for €55 per person for 30 minutes — 1 hour with a driver. This is one of the experiences that many thrill-seeking travelers enjoy when traveling to Finnish Lapland on their own.

If you are interested in learning about Sámi culture, you should drive 4 hours from Rovaniemi to Inari. The winter nature here is also very impressive with many interesting sites such as The Sámi Cultural Center Sajos (Address: Menesjärventie 2A, 99870 Inari, Finland), Karhu souvenir shop. The Sámi is an ethnic minority of Finland and residents live in Lapland mainly are Sámi people.

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland travel tips

If you go with a few people but still want to experience all kinds of winter activities without spending too much, join the tour group of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organized by the Finnish schools. Most of the people going are exchange students coming to study in Finland, so you will have the opportunity to meet many people, participate in many recreational activities at a very affordable price. The tour package usually includes accommodation with sauna, transportation, activities such as husky ride, snowmobile… are all included. You can choose to go with ESN with any school in Helsinki . In Helsinki, there are a number of schools such as Laurea, Haaga-Helia, Aalto, University of Helsinki, Arcada, Metropolia… Tour prices are around €340 for 7 days. The referal link at Timetravels .

What to do in Lapland: Shopping

Coming to Lapland, visitors will be fascinated to see very high quality products that are famous throughout the Nordic region and throughout Europe. All brands are manufactured according to Nordic standards for safety, accuracy, durability over the years, high applicability and smart and traditional designs such as Finnish Knives (Puukkos), Wooden handmade Kuksa Cups, Taigakoru jewelry, Marimekko fashion, Arabia porcelain,…

laureamko lapland trip

How to travel to Lapland Finland: Suggested Lapland itinerary 5 days 4 nights

  • Day 1: Go to Rovaniemi and walk around the city
  • Day 2: Visit Santa’s village, visit husky dog ​​farm, experience reindeer riding, husky safari…
  • Day 3: Visit Santa park, Arkitum museum, aurora hunting
  • Day 4: Snowmobile, ski resort
  • Day 5: Bonfire camping, ice fishing, aurora hunting

Lapland travel blog: What to eat?

laureamko lapland trip

  • Reindeer meat: The most popular livestock in Lapland. People in Lapland will often raise a lot of reindeer for fur and meat. Therefore, reindeer meat is a specialty that you must try!
  • Smoked salmon
  • Muikku fish

These are famous local dishes in Lapland. In addition, you should combine going to the supermarket in Rovaniemi if you want to have a cheap self-sufficient trip.

Lapland blog: Traveling cost

laureamko lapland trip

The cost of a self-sufficient travel, I think it largely depends on each individual. There are many factors that affect the trip costs such as where to stay, whether you rent a car, whether you participate in activities such as husky sledding, reindeer riding… I give a few basic costs below:

  • Meals: €12/meal. If you buy food from the supermarket to cook, you can comfortably spend about €20 a day.
  • Hotel: The lowest price is about €30 per person. The highest is about €300-400.
  • Traveling: €12/day. If you rent a car, it will increase to €40-50/person/day. Participate in other activities: Each activity costs about €30-40.

I think for comfort, the traveling cost is about €150 a day, all inclusive. Of course, this cost is higher than in the capital Helsinki or other European countries but still lower than Norway, Switzerland…

Lapland travel guide: Some tips before you go

  • The most commonly spoken languages ​​in Finnish Lapland are Swedish and Finnish. However, most people living in the city will speak English fluently. So, you can rest assured!
  • You should exchange money at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It is best to exchange at legitimate counters for the best and safe exchange rates.

laureamko lapland trip

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Lapland you can refer to

  • Lapland 2 Day Tour from Rovaniemi
  • Highlights of Rovaniemi Day Tour
  • The Frozen Waterfalls of Korouoma Day Tour from Rovaniemi
  • [DISCONTINUED] Lapland Wellness and Relaxation Tour
  • Aurora Borealis Small Group Tour with Free Photos from Rovaniemi
  • Rovaniemi: Lapland Northern Lights Tour with BBQ
  • Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Village and Arctic Circle
  • Rovaniemi: Snowman World Entrance Ticket
  • Lapland: Husky Carriage Ride Under the Northern Lights
  • Rovaniemi: Apukka Husky Adventure

laureamko lapland trip

Read more Trip review to the fairy tale Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, Lapland – Finland , Where to stay in Lapland Findland and Finland travel guide here .

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A Solo Traveller's Guide to Finnish Lapland

laureamko lapland trip

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, home to some of Europe’s dreamiest scenery. It’s blanketed in snow for half the year, providing ideal conditions for husky sledding, ski trekking and snowmobiling. Despite its remote location, excellent transport links make it a highly accessible destination for an exhilarating solo trip. Without further ado, here’s our solo traveller’s guide to Lapland. Enjoy.

What’s the vibe.

Think vast swathes of coniferous forests, lakes and tundra-like plains in rural Lapland – while a vibrant bar and restaurant scene thrives in the capital of Rovaniemi. Lapland is illuminated by 24-hour sunlight during summer, while the Northern Lights are visible between late August and early April.

laureamko lapland trip

Safety in Lapland

The most important things to consider in Lapland are packing suitable clothing to stay warm in bitterly cold temperatures and taking extra care when driving on icy roads if you hire your own vehicle – especially during the dark winter months. Although you’re highly unlikely to encounter any problems, it’s worth sticking to well-lit areas when walking outside in Rovaniemi late at night.

Where to stay in Lapland

1. fell centre kiilopää, hotel niilanpää, saariselkä.

Budget Hotel

A double room at Fell Centre Kiilopää, Hotel Niilanpää features cosy furnishings and a modern wall headboard

If you’re looking to visit Finnish Lapland on a budget, this cosy wilderness retreat is a fabulous option – 15 minutes’ drive from Saariselkä, Europe’s northernmost ski resort. Dormitory beds, hotel rooms, fully furnished apartments and private log cabins are all available here. There are also two restaurants, steam and electric saunas and a library lounge area with an open fire.

2. Hotel Vartiosaari, Rovaniemi

Serviced Apartment, Cottages

Enjoy hearty Finnish cuisine by an open fire in a traditional Lapp hut at this tranquil private island retreat, accessible via a wooden suspension bridge over the Kemijoki River. All rooms feature Scandi-chic decor, underfloor heating, complimentary toiletries and idyllic river and forest views. At the sauna, treat yourself to a soothing wild herb therapy session.

You’ll spend three nights at Hotel Vartiosaari on Culture Trip’s specially curated five-day Finnish Lapland trip .

3. Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi

A chalet at the Apukka Resort is covered in snow at sunrise

Fancy watching the Northern Lights from the comfort of a luxury glass igloo? Do so at Apukka, a 15 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi. Self-catered Lappish suites and cabins made entirely from ice are also available. The restaurant specialises in modern Nordic cuisine using seasonal ingredients from the region – while husky sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing can be arranged on-site.

Where to eat and drink in Lapland

4. ravintola roka, rovaniemi.

Bistro, Finnish

This laid-back, industrial-style bistro serves up an eclectic combination of reasonably priced street food plates and traditional Finnish dishes with an international twist. Highlights include the grilled halloumi sandwich, vegetable rosti and salmon soup with rye bread – if you can’t decide between them, opt for the “Flavours from the North” tasting platter, which features reindeer sausages with dijon-lingonberry mayo.

5. Nili Restaurant, Rovaniemi

Restaurant, Finnish

People near traditional restaurant in Rovaniemi, Finland

6. Cafe & Bar 21, Rovaniemi

Bar, Cafe, Finnish

In the daytime, Cafe & Bar 21 is the go-to place for sweet and savoury waffles, artisan ice cream and milkshakes, freshly baked cakes and pastries and generously-sized salad bowls. Come nightfall, it morphs into a trendy cocktail and wine bar serving all the classics – plus a range of experimental specials including dangerously moreish cloudberry syrup mojitos.

What to do in Lapland

Go snowmobiling or husky sledging through the wilderness.

Snowmobiling across frozen lakes, icy fells and through taiga forests is the most thrilling way to experience Finnish Lapland’s pristine wilderness. It allows you to discover remote areas that would be impossible to access by other modes of transport. For a slower-paced, more traditional alternative, let a pack of Siberian huskies lead the way on a sled ride.

laureamko lapland trip

Try your hand at ice fishing

Ice fishing has long been an essential part of Finnish culture – particularly in Lapland where lakes are typically frozen from late November until May. Drilling a hole and patiently waiting for a catch is not only a popular competitive sport and social pastime – but it’s also a form of meditation. Join a local and allow them to show you the ropes.

Hunt for the Northern Lights

If seeing the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, Finnish Lapland is one of your best bets. In these northerly latitudes, the phenomenon is visible on roughly 200 nights per year, painting the sky with luminous green swirls. A specialist aurora tour to an area with minimal light pollution will maximise your chances of success.

laureamko lapland trip

Getting around Lapland

For maximum freedom and flexibility in Finnish Lapland, you’re best off hiring a car while you’re here. The road networks are extensive and well-tarmacked – although you’ll need to be wary of icy conditions between late autumn and spring. Public buses are cheap and reliable in Rovaniemi, while OnniBus and Matkhahuolto operate regular bus services between the main towns and villages. Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Kemi and Kolari are accessible by train, too.

Enrich your solo travel experience by sharing it with a small group of culturally curious travellers on Culture Trip’s five-day Finnish Lapland adventure . Accompanied by our Local Insider, you’ll gain an authentic insight into the region’s culture, cuisine and nature.

Since you are here, we would like to share our vision for the future of travel - and the direction Culture Trip is moving in.

Culture Trip launched in 2011 with a simple yet passionate mission: to inspire people to go beyond their boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people and its culture special and meaningful — and this is still in our DNA today. We are proud that, for more than a decade, millions like you have trusted our award-winning recommendations by people who deeply understand what makes certain places and communities so special.

Increasingly we believe the world needs more meaningful, real-life connections between curious travellers keen to explore the world in a more responsible way. That is why we have intensively curated a collection of premium small-group trips as an invitation to meet and connect with new, like-minded people for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in three categories: Culture Trips, Rail Trips and Private Trips. Our Trips are suitable for both solo travelers, couples and friends who want to explore the world together.

Culture Trips are deeply immersive 5 to 16 days itineraries, that combine authentic local experiences, exciting activities and 4-5* accommodation to look forward to at the end of each day. Our Rail Trips are our most planet-friendly itineraries that invite you to take the scenic route, relax whilst getting under the skin of a destination. Our Private Trips are fully tailored itineraries, curated by our Travel Experts specifically for you, your friends or your family.

We know that many of you worry about the environmental impact of travel and are looking for ways of expanding horizons in ways that do minimal harm - and may even bring benefits. We are committed to go as far as possible in curating our trips with care for the planet. That is why all of our trips are flightless in destination, fully carbon offset - and we have ambitious plans to be net zero in the very near future.

laureamko lapland trip


Snøhetta's amazing new treetop cabin is the place to see the northern lights this year.

laureamko lapland trip

Places to Stay

The best hotels in lapland, finland, for every traveller, culture trip spring sale, save up to $1,100 on our unique small-group trips limited spots..

laureamko lapland trip

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laureamko lapland trip

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Lapland? A snowy land, Santa Claus, reindeers? Well, Lapland is way beyond all this. It’s a winter wonderland with wild adventures and magical tales, it’s the land of the midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis, home to the Sami tribe and some really exotic experiences.

Of all the places I’ve travelled to – the buzzing cities, the secluded islands, the quaint Europeans towns and the Arabian deserts, I can definitely say that Finland has stolen my heart. Located in Northern Europe and bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia, this country is the ultimate Arctic paradise. In case you’re wondering about Lapland then that is Finland’s northernmost region and also the official address of the real Santa Claus.

There’s something so enticing about this intangible and frozen paradise. From the quiet wilderness of Saariselka to the hustling town of Rovaniemi, Lapland has something for every traveller. The crunch of the snow beneath the feet, the sight of the frozen lakes and snow clad trees, the clenching of the teeth in -15 degrees, the first Northern Lights sighting, dressing up in a snow-gear every single day and unleashing my inner child on seeing Santa, are just some of the moments that will be a part of me forever! I can give you a hundred reasons to ditch the ordinary and opt for this North Pole experience. Since this is not so easy to plan I’ve put down a detailed itinerary of Lapland including tips, suggestions and all my personal experiences.

Day 1- Fly to Helsinki We flew in from Dubai to Helsinki with Finnair. It is the only direct flight from the Middle East to Finland. Upon landing, we took the free shuttle and checked in to Holiday Inn which was 5 mins away from the airport. Since we landed in the evening and our flight to Rovaniemi was next morning we had to spend a night in Helsinki. Alternatively, you can stay in this city for a day or two before heading to Lapland

Note: – Helsinki is the capital of Finland and Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region. -If you are in transit then stay close the airport as it is very convenient. There are free airport shuttles to most of the hotels nearby. – All the flights to Lapland are via Helsinki, so you can either fly into Rovaniemi or Ivalo. – Dubai to Helsinki with Finnair is a 6 hour direct flight. They do not have an entertainment system but since the flying hours are less it is totally worth it!

laureamko lapland trip

Day 2- Fly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi We were so excited because we were finally flying into Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and home to the real Santa Claus. Landing there was like setting foot on a vast spread of clouds; that moment was enough to gear up our anticipation further. We didn’t waste any more time to begin our mystical endeavour in the city and hailed a cab to our hotel. Can you believe we stayed in Hotel Santa Claus!?! If the bliss of being in his birth land wasn’t satisfactory; staying in an accommodation named after him totally guaranteed it.

The room was decently spacious and welcoming with a huge balcony overlooking the town. For miles I could spot only tiny colourful houses, stunning mountains and a frozen lake. We spent the rest of the evening strolling around the local market where we also bagged in my new snow boots.

Since we had to book our activities we headed straight to the Lapland Safari office which was a minute away from the hotel. The night ended with a beautiful and romantic dinner at Restaurant Nili which is very famous for Finnish food and a must try on every travellers list. Luckily our hotel concierge had reserved a table for us. The food was just like the restaurant interiors, warm and pleasing. While I stuck to my basic salmon, Manish experimented with the Reindeer meat which he actually liked. After a wholesome and hearty meal we went for a nice walk along the lake.

Note: – We flew Norwegian Air from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (1 hour 20 mins) – In Rovaniemi, there are two popular locations to stay: Downtown Rovaniemi or Santa Claus Village. We chose to stay in the city as it is very convenient to move around, try activities and new restaurants. If you have kids or a huge family you can opt for a cottage in the Santa Claus Village but for a couple I would recommend Downtown Rovaniemi. – Try and shop for boots and winter clothes from the local markets there, the stuff is fantastic and so cheap. There was a mall just two min away from our hotel, opposite McDonalds. – You can book the activities online or visit the office in person. But incase of peak season it’s best to book it in advance. We were just lucky to find a spot! – Late night walks around the lake are the best, it’s peaceful, cold and so romantic. – Book your meal at Nili in advance as it is always running full. Website – Rovaniemi is a good base in Lapland but I would also recommend you to visit the North and spend a few nights there as there are more chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

laureamko lapland trip

Day 3- Husky Safari & The Arctic Snow Hotel After a delicious breakfast in the hotel we headed to the Lapland Safari office for our much awaited husky ride. On reaching we were escorted to their warehouse behind where they handed us warm overalls and thicker boots for a joyous experience. Once we wore those outfits, we literally couldn’t wait to experience the adventure. Along with a group of 10 other people were taken a little far away from the city in a mini bus. On arriving the Husky farm they gave us a little brief on the ride and commenced with the tour. The 30 minute ride was so exhilarating and left us wanting for more. It’s also the best way to see the real Arctic Forest and the super friendly huskies were the highlight. Once we finished the ride we were taken in a little hut where they briefed us about the life of the huskies while we sipped on some hot lingonberry tea.

After coming back to the city, we headed for lunch to Koti Pizza, a small joint in the city centre. A good meal and a hot coffee helped us recharge for our next adventure- A tour of the Arctic Snow Hotel. The team picked us up in a van and we were driven to the location, 20 mins away from the city. Upon reaching, we were amazed at the beautiful Ice structure, imagine an entire hotel that is made up of Ice, can you even believe it?! If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie then spending a night here should definitely be on your list. We were so fascinated looking at the different ice bedrooms, ice restaurant, a chapel and even an ice bar where the glass is made up of Ice. A tour of this place should definitely be on your list. Once we reached the city, we indulged in an amazing Italian meal and a glass of wine at Monte Rosa.

Note: – For all the activity details read this- – The husky safari prices start from 100 Euros per person approx. – When you book any activity with Lapland Safari, it includes the transfer and the overalls. – If you can tolerate the cold then do try and stay a night at the Ice Hotel, if not then just take a tour. You also have an option to dine there. We booked everything from

laureamko lapland trip

Koti Pizza and Salmon at Monte Rosa

laureamko lapland trip

Day 4- Santa Claus Village My childhood fantasy was about to come true. Our first stop for the day was the famous Santa Claus Village. Post breakfast we hopped on to bus no. 8 from the city centre which dropped us right outside the location.

After a quick stop at the information counter, we got a map of the place, took a stroll around the market area, bought a few things and then finally headed inside Santa’s home. Although there was a long queue ahead of us the wait was absolutely worth it. It was a dream come true, I felt like a little child when Santa spoke to me 🙂

A trip to Santa’s home is incomplete without riding his reindeer sleigh. All we had to do was settle in a carriage which slowly drifted around a snowy forest with the soft hum of Christmas music in the background. This entire experience seemed to materialize right out of a fairy tale.

After frolicking in the snow and exploring every bit of the village we tucked ourselves into the cozy hut like restaurant- Kotahovi. Imagine indulging in a warm cheese soup, grilled salmon and poached pear with cheese while it continued to snow outside. After the meal we even crossed the Arctic Circle officially and got a certificate for it. Honestly there’s so much to do in the Santa Village. Just before sunset we took the same bus and headed back to the city. We spent our last night in the buzzing centre of the town and of course took a walk around the lake.

Note: -The local bus is the easiest, most convenient and cheapest way to reach the Santa village, especially when you are not driving! – Go early to the Santa Village so you can spend an entire day there. The place has too many activities, the Santa House, a shopping section and some cozy restaurants. – The reindeer ride at the Santa Village is much better as compared to the ones offered by Lapland Safari. Since this is in the Santa Village it seems so surreal and also its way cheaper than the other tours. Book from- We had paid 25 Euros approx. – The entry to the Village and meeting Santa is free. – I loved the food at Kotahovi, it is the best local meal I have tried in Finland. Just make sure to check the restaurant timings before you reach. Also do try Santa’s Salmon Hut. – I would recommend staying for atleast 3 nights and 3 full days in Rovaniemi as there is so much to do. – For more pictures and details read

Hotel Breakfast and our Bus Stop

laureamko lapland trip

Restaurant Kotahovi

laureamko lapland trip

Rovaniemi Lake

laureamko lapland trip

Day 5- Spend a night in an Igloo I woke up with a huge smile on my face because I was finally going to tick something off my list. We were going to spend a night in an Igloo.. Omg! From Rovaniemi we opted for a bus journey to Saariselka. It was super comfortable as the seats were pre assigned and it was very punctual. The three hour ride was a visual treat as we crossed the arctic wilderness, a zillion pine trees covered with snow and cozy little cottages. We were dropped right outside the main gate of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The property is divided into two sections, east and west, both very similar to each other and with the same number of igloos, a restaurant and a reception. We stayed in the East village and we loved it! When I walked towards my igloo my eyes gleamed with joy. I couldn’t believe that I was literally about to sleep in one, that bucketlist moment had finally come true.

The space was heated and just sufficiently spacious. Under the glass igloo was a recliner bed, an area to keep your luggage a washroom and a snowy landscape outside, well isn’t that all you need! The bed inclined perfectly well to ensure that you enjoy the Northern Lights with full comfort. The igloo was way more comfortable than I thought, it was temperature controlled so you never have to worry about freezing inside.

We spent our day taking long walks in the snow laden landscape, exploring the other side of the village, sliding down slopes, dancing around the igloo and playing in the snow. At dusk we headed for a cozy dinner in the restaurant after which we sat outside our igloo talking and chatting all night while we waited for the lights to appear.

Note: – Check out my entire review of Kakslauttanen here: The article has all the details about the room price, the experience, the food, locations, tips and suggestions etc. It is definitely worth spending a night in a glass igloo. – We booked the bus tickets from Take the bus which goes to Ivalo, Saariselka is a stop right before that. The bus was on time, extremely convenient, economical and comfortable. You can also rent a car and drive down to Saariselka. – Kakslauttanen has a half board package which includes breakfast and dinner. The meal options are very limited here so if you’re a fussy eater/vegetarian make prior arrangements. – The Northern Lights are quite unpredictable. Unfortunately we couldn’t spot them in Saariselka (we saw them the next day, keep reading ) But here is a detailed guide on how to track them-

Left- Bus stop in Rovaniemi; Right- One of the tiny bus stops along the way

laureamko lapland trip

The Igloo Bar

laureamko lapland trip

Day 6- Hello Ivalo! Imagine waking up right in the middle of the Arctic wilderness in a transparent glass room, how exotic right! I was smiling ear to ear because it was undoubtedly the best bedroom I’ve ever lived in! After soaking it all in, we rushed and checked out as it was time for the last leg of the trip – Ivalo.

A 45 min cab ride later we reached Hotel Ivalo, a boutique 4 star property sitting right on the frozen lake. The rooms were extremely spacious, clean and had the lake view. We spent the day exploring the property, chilling in the hot tub and walking around the town followed by an amazing buffet dinner in their restaurant. Later that evening, we were scheduled to meet Mr Juoni from Ivalo Trek Lapland for a Northern Lights Tour. That night he drove us close to the Russian Border and we had the chance to witness a faint green light. It wasn’t the best since the activity level was low but I was extremely happy to even see a glimpse of it. We ended the night listening to Mr Juoni’s Aurora tales and sipping on hot chocolate in a little cafe in Inari, a moment to remember!

Note: – Highly recommend Hotel Ivalo. The staff, rooms and location is fabulous. – The buffet dinner in Hotel Ivalo was so good and affordable (12 Euros per person approx) – Check out my detailed guide on Northern Lights here-

laureamko lapland trip

Hotel Ivalo

laureamko lapland trip

The frozen lake outside Hotel Ivalo

laureamko lapland trip

Day 7- Ride a Snowmobile on Lake Inari Our second day in Ivalo was spent playing in the snow, sliding down slopes, snow shoeing and skiing on the frozen lake. The activity centre of the hotel- Club Nord, allows you to rent equipment, shoes, skis etc for free. Later in the day we took a private snowmobile tour in the arctic forest and the experience was so thrilling that it can’t be described in mere words. Our instructor Juoko, took us riding all along the lake and in the Arctic forest. Adding to the joy, that evening we had taken a Northern Lights tour from the hotel and we got super lucky. At around 10pm, my fingers started to get numb but the patience was rewarding. There she was, the Aurora Borealis in full form, playful and enchanting, bright and dancing just like I had imagined. While she took over the entire sky, we clicked and watched. It was a perfect night that ended with tons of glasses of warm Lingonberry Juice and a fun chat with everyone on the tour.

Note: – You must experience a snowmobile tour while in Finland and there was no better place than a frozen lake. (Price: 100 euros per person approx) – On this day, we had joined the Northern Lights tour organized by Club Nord in our hotel (100 euros per person). Incase you don’t want to opt for one then you can drive down near Lake Inari or the Fox bridge, basically look for a spot with zero cloud cover and track the activity level. – I have shared my Northern Lights pictures and experience here-

laureamko lapland trip

Day 8- Ice Fishing & Northern Lights Since we loved our snowmobile tour with Club Nord, we booked ourselves for an Ice Fishing tour on the last day. We started this ride on our snowmobile from Lake Ivalo to Inari along with other tourists. Once we reached there, our instructor explained the basics of fishing and that of the fishing gear. By the end, we were all game for this adventure. We had to drill a hole in the ice until there was finally some water, then tie the bait to the rod and catch a fish. It sounds quite easy but it was not, yet it was a really exhilarating experience. Well it was too freezing to wait for some fish, I gave up in literally 10 mins. We were then treated to a warm Lingonberry tea in the forest and once again we mounted on the snow mobile for a ride back to our hotel. That night again, we saw the best Northern Lights with Mr Juoni! The sky was blazing green and the Mother Earth displayed her colours in it’s best form, almost like a painting.

Note: – Northern lights can be very tricky to spot so don’t give up in a single day. Make sure you try to head out every single night especially when the activity level is very high. – The frozen lake is great for all kinds of activities- – Do try Ice Fishing on Lake Inari, it is definitely worth experiencing. – My detailed Northern Lights Guide-

laureamko lapland trip

Day 9- Ivalo to Helsinki With a heavy heart, it was time to bid goodbye. We rushed to Ivalo airport to catch our flight to Helsinki. On landing, we immediately went to the luggage lockers, stored our bags safely and took a local bus to the city centre since we had six hours to spare before our flight to Dubai. We walked around, shopped a little bit and then came back to the airport. At that moment we were so grateful to experience all the wonderful moments and beautiful memories in Finland and promised each other that we would definitely come back to this part of the world.

Note: -If you want to step out then luggage lockers available at the airport are your best option.

laureamko lapland trip

Ideal length of the trip: I would recommend spending atleast 9 nights or more in the Finnish Lapland. You might spend a day or two in transit so make sure you have enough time in Lapland. Spend minimum 3 nights in Rovaniemi, 3 nights in Ivalo, minimum 1 to 2 nights in the Igloo Hotel, 2 nights in Helsinki and if you have a few more days in hand then do visit Kemi and try the Ice Breaker Sampo (next on my list).

Best time to visit: If Northern Lights is on your agenda then pick a time between September to April. I would really recommend going in February or March as the snow starts to fall only around November. Without the snow its impossible to do the fun activities like husky safari, ice fishing, snowmobiling etc. In Feb/March its not as cold as Dec/Jan, the snowfall reduces yet the snow is still abundant and the weather is bearable, also I think its the best time for Northern Lights. We went in the first week of March and the saw the lights three nights in a row.

Food: Honestly, I’ve had the best food experiences in every Scandinavian country, Finland included. Expect to see a lot of beef, salmon, lamb, reindeer, warm soups, roasted potatoes, salads and local trout on the menu (barely saw chicken). There are vegetarian options available too but if you are very picky about the food make prior arrangements. Pizzas and sandwiches are available almost everywhere. Also there are tons of small supermarkets from where you can stock up munching items.

Budget: Because of its remote location, Finland is definitely not cheap, it’s a little pricey and not recommended for backpacking. All the activities cost around 100 Euros per person approx. Food and other expenses would be between 50 to 100 euros (flights and hotel not included).

What to Wear: I’ve written a detailed article on the entire packing list. Read it  here

Don’t leave without: – Meeting Santa Claus – Trying the husky and reindeer safari, snowmobile, ice fishing – Tasting the Lingonberry juice/tea – Trying the Finnish Sauna – Indulging in the local food – Attempting to see the Northern Lights – Spending a night in an Igloo

Tips & Suggestions – Start your journey from South to North. (Helsinki- Rovaniemi- Ivalo- Helsinki). Since all these destinations have an airport it is very easy to plan everything. We flew in from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and then back from Ivalo to Helsinki. – If you plan to roam around in other towns or see the Northern Lights without a guide then you can hire a car as it is more convenient. – I suggest hiring a Northern Lights Hunter especially if it is your first time. I tried Ivalo Trek Lapland and the tour from Club Nord at Hotel Ivalo, highly recommend both of them. – Spend atleast 3 nights in the North as the chances of seeing the lights are higher in the Inari region as compared to Rovaniemi – Don’t just plan a trip for the Northern Lights, plan it for the entire Finnish experience.

Language: The locals speak Finish but English is widely spoken and understood.

Currency: Euro ( Check conversion here )

Visa: Schengen

Lapland’s untouched and chaste beauty will stay with you even long after you’ve left the magical land. With insane experiences at every breathing step, the Finnish Lapland is a doorway to heaven!

laureamko lapland trip

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laureamko lapland trip

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Thank you very much for your detailed information with pictures .This will surely help to our up coming trip to the Lapland. We are doing almost the same trip and hope the weather is kind. Our trip starts from the 20th feb 2019,

Glad you liked the post 🙂 February is a great time too.. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip!

You have explained your stay in Lapland in great detail. The sledge ride looks very tantalizing. The food also looks amazing. Your post has ignited in me a sudden urge to visit Finland. Your article is very informative and I learnt a lot from it! It is definitely an experience to cherish!

This is great! Thanks much for detailed information. I am visiting Finland in Feb 2020. This is helping me plan out my trip.

Glad you liked the post 🙂 Have a great trip

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laureamko lapland trip

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laureamko lapland trip

Kemi is located in Sea Lapland with excellent flight and rail connections. The town has good services for tourists and plenty of sights, such as Sampo Icebreaker and Kemi SnowCastle. Kemi is located on Europe’s largest ice field, the frozen Bothnian Bay.

Inari - Saariselkä

Despite Inari is located in a remote far north setting, it is easy to reach by plane and with the transfer service from Rovaniemi provided by Lapland Welcome. Inari boasts the best services in Northern Lapland, not to mention having numerous tourist sights truly worth experiencing, such as the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lake Inarijärvi and the expansive surrounding wilderness. Lapland Welcome office is situated in Ivalo city in address Ivalontie 12, Ivalo and in Saariselka in address Kelotie 1, Saariselka.

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Top Winter Tours in Rovaniemi

Watching Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi

Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with Camera

4 hours | 129€ / adult, september – april.

Our Northern Lights Wilderness Tour starts in Rovaniemi and takes you straight into the Taiga forest in the Arctic Circle, where you can watch the Northern Lights from beside a fire or while standing on a frozen lake!

Your guide will provide full explanations of the magical Northern Lights, nature and folklore, teach you about Lapland and show you the best ways to enjoy the delights of this beautiful wintery landscape.

Snowmobile Adventure in Lapland

Snowmobile Adventure in Lapland

4 hours | 165 € / adult, december – march.

This snowmobile journey is designed only for adults and takes us through the beautiful frozen forests of Lapland. On route we make several stops to enjoy the peaceful nature and landscapes.

Approximately halfway through your journey, your guide will serve warm drinks and share his knowledge. This tour is limited to a maximum of 8 people in one group to provide you with the best experience possible.

Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit with Reindeer Safari

Visit an Authentic Reindeer Farm with Safari

3 hours | from 105€ / adult.

Visit one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland, located just a few kilometres from Rovaniemi. This tour offers the best experience possible if you wish to meet the iconic animal of Lapland – the reindeer.

You will have a unique opportunity to learn from the herders about their work and explore the beautiful Arctic nature on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer through the magical Taiga forest. A true Lappish experience!

Snowshoeing and Ice Fishing Lapland Rovaniemi

Snowshoeing and Ice Fishing Tour

4 hours | 115€ / adult.

This must-do trip combines two great local activities – snowshoeing through the Taiga forest and ice fishing on a frozen lake. This adventure will give you a great insight into Lapland’s nature and life in the Arctic!

Snowshoeing is a very beginner-friendly way to explore areas covered by deep snow and enables you to explore Lapland off the beaten path. You can easily create your path far away from other groups or tourists.

Korouoma Canyon Frozen Waterfalls

Korouoma Canyon Frozen Waterfalls

7 hours | 145€ / adult.

Explore the Korouoma Canyon and its majestic frozen waterfalls with this all-day guided excursion. Your guide will take you through the forest to the best spots where you can admire all the spectacular ice formations.

Our professional guides always try to adapt the tour to your needs and preferences. Walking through the Taiga forest in the nature reserve allows us to show you the uniqueness of nature beyond the Arctic Circle.

Northern Lights Hunting Adventure in Lapland

Northern Lights Hunting Adventure in Lapland

7 hours | 265€ / adult, september – march.

This tour is designed to maximise your chances to see the magical Northern Lights during your stay in Rovaniemi and experience a true night expedition with experienced Aurora guide.

If the forecasts are not promising around the Rovaniemi area, your guide may take you up to 400 kilometres away to get a better sky. During the tour you will get the chance to visit several different locations.

Magical Frozen Forests of Riisitunturi

Magical Frozen Forests of Riisitunturi

9 hours | 245€ / adult, january – march.

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Riisitunturi National Park with a professional Arctic guide who will show you the most spectacular winter sceneries in Lapland and magical snowy trees.

Thick blankets of snow and ice turn spruce trees into big puffy marshmallows that attract tourists and photography enthusiasts. Your guide will teach you more about nature and wildlife beyond the Arctic Circle.

Ski Trekking

Ski Trekking Safari in Lapland

4 hours | 109€ / adult.

Your guide will take you away from Rovaniemi, straight into the Taiga forest, and you will explore breathtaking sceneries of Lapland using backcountry skis. Leave your track in the snow where no one has been before you!

Unlike alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing allows you a more adventurous trip through hilly terrains and forests. This tour is a very beginner-friendly way to explore the wilderness.

Husky Safari Rovaniemi

Husky Farm Visit with 10 km Husky Safari

3 hours and 45 minutes | 195€ / adult.

Lead your own husky team like a real musher and explore the Arctic wilderness with your sleigh on private tracks. This tour guarantees the best husky experience in Rovaniemi with a 10-kilometre-long sleigh ride.

You will also get the chance to visit the lovely husky farm and learn more about the life of the mushers. We cooperate with a small husky kennel to provide our guests with the most authentic experience of Lapland!

Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour

Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour

4 hours | 185 € / adult.

Experience the magic of Arctic nature during the night time, following the trails far away from the city lights with just the snowmobiles headlights and moon illuminating the way ahead.

The snowmobile trails will lead us through snowy white Taiga forests. On route we will make several stops to enjoy the frozen Arctic nature, beautiful landscapes and hopefully observe the magical Northern Lights.

Night Snowshoeing Adventure under the Northern Lights

Night Snowshoeing Adventure under the Northern Lights

3 hours and 30 minutes | 105€ / adult.

Put on your snowshoes and get ready for an unforgettable night walk into the wilderness! This tour will allow you to head into the Arctic nature and discover the magical places of Lapland.

The tour is designed to get a good chance to observe the Northern Lights. Your guide will take you up a hill or through the forest, looking for nice viewpoints toward the north, where the Auroras originate from.

Ice Fishing in Rovaniemi

Ice Fishing Trip

3 hours | 89€ / adult.

This Ice Fishing trip will offer you a great chance to catch your breath in the silent immensity of Lapland nature while experiencing a traditional activity that many locals like to practice.

Your guide will drive you away from Rovaniemi to find the perfect peaceful place. Once you have found a promising spot, your guide will show you how to drill your hole in the ice and teach you the basic techniques of how to ice fish.

Top Summer Tours in Rovaniemi

Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit with Canoe Trip in the Nature

Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit with Canoe Trip in the Nature

June – the middle of october.

Your guide will drive you to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland. The family of reindeer herders are based just outside of Rovaniemi on the shores of a peaceful lake.

Taking in the beautiful surroundings at the farm, you will learn about the reindeer from the herders. Afterwards, you will paddle around the lake and feel the complete harmony of Lapland nature surrounding you.

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

3 hours | 109€ / adult, june – the beginning of august.

Paddle on the peaceful waters of Finnish Lapland and enjoy the beauty of the Midnight Sun! This guided activity will offer you a unique summer Arctic experience you will long remember!

The land, vegetation and animals finally have an opportunity to replenish their energy levels after long winter. Paddling across the lake, you will have the chance to be a part of this unique summer harmony.

Arctic Animals Immersion

Arctic Animals Immersion

2 days | from 439 € / adult, june – september.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Arctic animals! This tour is the only one in Finnish Lapland that allows you to see and learn about the main animals that reside in the Arctic.

This 2-day experience combines a bear-watching safari with overnight in a wilderness hut, a reindeer experience in a traditional farm and an option to visit the Ranua Wildlife Park to see other Arctic animals.

Summer canoeing tour in Rovaniemi

All Day Canoe Adventure to Rovaniemi

6 hours | 150€ / adult.

Challenge yourself and embark on an all-day canoe adventure to Rovaniemi! Canoeing is the perfect and relaxing way to discover Lapland in summer while respecting untouched local nature.

You will get the chance to enjoy the peacefulness of nature, appreciate the Arctic fauna and flora from a different perspective, and end the day with a great feeling of achievement after this mini-adventure!

Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi

Wilderness Survival Tour

3 hours | from 79€ / adult, all year round.

Experience the Taiga forest and what the Lapland wilderness has the best to offer. You will feel the peace of Arctic nature, learn about your surroundings and some basic survival skills.

The tour operates all year round, with specific features attached to each season. In summer, the wild forest is full of delicious berries such as blueberries or lingonberries you can pick freely and taste!

Canoe Trip in Lapland

Canoe Trip in Lapland

3 hours | 99€ / adult, the middle of may – september.

Discover the peaceful summer scenery of Lapland with this guided canoeing tour. The activity level is adapted to your skills to let you fully enjoy Arctic nature in the most relaxing way!

While paddling, you feel the peacefulness of Arctic nature and enjoy a completely different perspective of Lapland! Once back onshore, you will be welcomed by an open fire and typical Finnish campfire snacks.

Traditional Reindeer Farm Visit with Feeding the Reindeer

Traditional Reindeer Farm Visit with Feeding the Reindeer

2 hours | 89€ / adult, may – october.

Come and meet the most iconic animal of Lapland! Your guide will drive you in a small group to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland providing the best experience possible.

Herders will show you around the reindeer farm, and you will have a chance to feed them their favourite food – lichen, which to reindeer is like chocolate! The visit will end with discussion around the fire.

Midnight Sun Delight

Midnight Sun Delight

June – august.

Come and experience the beauty of the Midnight Sun with Wild About Lapland! The pure and untouched landscapes of the Arctic are highlighted by fantastic natural phenomena all year round.

Depending on your physical ability, your guide will take you into the surrounding nature enjoy the spectacular warm light of the never-setting sun, with typical Finnish barbecue snacks cooked on a campfire.

Trip to Ranua Wildlife Park

Trip to Ranua Wildlife Park

6 hours | 120€ / adult.

This guided trip to the Ranua Wildlife Park will give you great insight and the opportunity to see and learn about all the Arctic animals, from the Polar bear to wolves and wild boars.

Spacious enclosures for animals are located in the middle of the beautiful forest, so the tour is suitable for families with children. Don’t miss out the chance to meet the only Polar bear living in Finland!

Wild About Lapland team

We are Wild About Lapland – a lead company that provides Arctic tours and experiences to travellers and small groups in Rovaniemi , the capital town of Finnish Lapland . We are passionate about sharing our lifestyle, and that’s what we do best.

Our guides not only have years of experience , but they are passionate about sharing it with others. They also have a strong understanding of our impact on this wonderful world and love to share some ways of how we can help and be kinder to our environment.

All our Northern Lights tours and Arctic tours have been designed not only to provide you with a great Arctic experience but also to teach you more about Lapland and our surroundings.

“After serving in the Royal Marine Commando’s for 5 years and working as a professional Sailing & Outdoor Instructor, I was looking for a place to fulfil my vision and dreams. I found it here in the Finnish Lapland, where I can share the natural phenomena, opportunities, and beauty this amazing place has to offer.”

Theo Turner, founder of Wild About Lapland

Read more…

laureamko lapland trip

Our Philosophy

The smaller the group, the bigger the experience! 

Our goal in Wild About Lapland is to provide responsible small-group tours that allow all individuals to experience more than what they first came for.

We organise high-quality Rovaniemi excursions and safaris, accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable guides, to offer you an authentic experience of the Arctic!

Our business operations are in accordance with our sustainable tourism commitment. We refuse mass tourism. It allows us to have a closer relationship with our guests and experience the silence of real Lapland nature.

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The smaller the group, the bigger the experience!

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Midnight Sun – 7 Days in Lapland Tour

  • Northern Lights

Midnight Sun – 7 Days in Lapland

Lorenzo was a fountain of knowledge when it came to the nature (which was 99% of the tour). Super interesting listening to his facts about everything in sight. He was super friendly and accommodating throughout the whole tour.

Grand Lapland Tour, Finland, Sweden and Norway Tour

  • Coach / Bus
  • Christmas & New Year

Grand Lapland Tour, Finland, Sweden and Norway

This trip was wonderful and empowering. The scenery was magical. The activities were fun and memorable. Elo and our drivers were excellent. I met some wonderful people. Christmas in Lapland was truly an experience I will cherish for a lifetime.

Finnish Lapland in Winter Tour

Finnish Lapland in Winter

Great trip. Unique experiences

Rovaniemi (Apukka area): The northern lights -  7 days Tour

Rovaniemi (Apukka area): The northern lights - 7 days

Tailor-Made Finland Adventure to Lapland Tour

Tailor-Made Finland Adventure to Lapland

Tolle und eindrückliche Reise
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Finland - Northern Light Adventure Tour

Finland - Northern Light Adventure

Rovaniemi Winter Experience Tour

  • Ski, Snowboard & Snow

Rovaniemi Winter Experience

The activities are nice and our guide Alain was very helpful. Nice tour, I recommend

Swedish Lapland: The Northern Lights Tour

Swedish Lapland: The Northern Lights

Northern Lights trip with Yes-Trips, what an amazing adventure! Perfectly crafted itinerary, breathtaking views and ultimate activities with the best guides and company ever to the end of the world. Thank you guys for this unreal experience, hope for more of these moments together :)

Lapland Winter Adventure Tour

Lapland Winter Adventure

I had a wonderful time on my Lapland Winter Adventure, as arranged by Arif, out of Carisa Travel. He was organized, and made things very clear to me, which I appreciated because I was traveling alone.,

Finnish Lapland Winter Family Holiday Tour

Finnish Lapland Winter Family Holiday

Tailor-Made Finland Northern Lights Private Tour Tour

Tailor-Made Finland Northern Lights Private Tour

3 Countries Wilderness Hike Tour

  • Hiking & Trekking

3 Countries Wilderness Hike

Gold Prospecting Hike In Finnish Lapland Tour

Gold Prospecting Hike In Finnish Lapland

Aurora & Glass Igloo Explorer - 5 Days Tour

Aurora & Glass Igloo Explorer - 5 Days

The tours and hotel stay were excelent. The staff and tour guides were very friendly, caring and bent over backwards to help. All the tours and transfers were timed to perfection, no one was late.

Christmas Magic in Santa\'s Hometown Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Christmas Magic in Santa's Hometown

What people love about lapland tours.

Our experience with Nordic Unique was great. As a little older group some tours did not appeal to us and they were great about rearranging the itinerary. There could have been a little more communication prior to the trip. I would also suggest some kayaks at the lake. Our guide Matthias (Niales) was awesome!! He was patient, kind, knowledgeable and a great cook.
Excellent trip in the wonderful outdoors!

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laureamko lapland trip


Since 1982, we have provided tourists visiting Lapland with exciting nature activities and memorable travel experiences.

laureamko lapland trip


The summer in Rovaniemi smells of smoke and BBQ delicacies!


Travelers' choice 2023.

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laureamko lapland trip

Sami Jussinmäki - 21.10.2016

Exploring Lapland

I did our first International Club trip to Lapland february, and it was so much fun and breathtaking in there. Six days in that magical Lapland give me such peace in my mind. First stop was legendary Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi exactly on the Arctic Circle, and absolutely we see Santa in there, and I make little wish to next Christmas. After few hours at Santa Claus village we continued our journey to Saariselkä, Lapland. Saariselkä is small village, but you can find there shops, pharmacy, rental shops (where you can rent your overalls) and restaurants.


This is picture from top of Saariselkä, where we went to seek Northern lights at night. I was top of Saariselkä with my snowboard, so you can try downhill ski too. 🙂


This is picture from reindeer safari, this was so much fun.


And here is picture from Husky-safari. We were so lucky that the weather was sunny that day, but it was cold, 15 degrees below zero.


This picture is from one day trip to Bugøynes, Norway.


The Arctic Ocean, it was so beautiful in there and we went to swim in the ocean. 🙂 Water was three degrees, but now I can say that i have swim at Arctic Ocean. There was a little sauna where we went after swimming, so we won’t get too cold. After the swimming we went to eat one of the best soup I have ever eaten, fish was catch from the ocean that same day, so it was so fresh.


This picture is from the last day, when we started the journey back home. It was so amazing trip, I think we all remember that six days forever. 🙂 Traveling will expand your mind and horizon a lot, this was the trip that you have to experience with yourself, pictures can’t tell enough that beauty of Lapland.

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    Located in the north of Finland, Lapland is very close to the North Pole, so there are 200 days of cold winter a year. Any visitor, whether a child or an adult, wishes to have a trip to this place to meet Santa Claus, along with the reindeers.Moreover, this place is also an extremely attractive destination with a lot of interesting experiences.

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    A small prize will be drawn among those who answered the survey and left their email! The answers... Laureamko protects the interests of all students. It makes sure the quality of education & student wellbeing is secured and offer services for the students.

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