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Niagara Cave

Niagara Cave

Guided cave tours in harmony, minnesota, your underground adventure awaits, we invite you to visit our family-owned-and-operated cave to witness nature’s power and beauty underground..

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Guided Cave Tour

Travel far beneath the surface through stream-sculpted passages to experience the wonders of Niagara Cave. Within lies an underground waterfall, 450 million-year-old fossils, and formations both delicate and massive. Your underground adventure awaits!

  • Hour Glass 1 hour
  • User All Ages

midwest caves tour

For the 2024 season, we are open weekends in April and 7-days-a-week from May 1st through October 27th. We may temporarily close due to extreme weather. Please call 507-886-6606 with any questions!

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Explore Minnesota's 'Bucket List' Destination!


We just loved the cave and our guide. Totally fascinating. The number of steps they highlight is not too bad, as they are spread out. Guide was informative and patient- allowing us enough time to take in this amazing place. Also loved the selection of stone artifacts and items in the gift shop.

There were a lot of interesting features in this cave (fossils, echo chamber, waterfall, spring, etc) ! It had a little bit of everything. I think my favorite was the purple phosphorus deposits and how it absorbed the UV light & glowed. It was fine for our 8 year old and I carried the 4 almost 5 year old down a couple of the staircases just so we were not going too slow but the 4 year old did a lot of it herself also.

We had such a fun time and would do it again. Our guide was very nice and patient with our four year old. He even offered him a flashlight which was the highlight for him. The stairs make for a nice little workout at the end.

Really interesting activity that I high recommend. Our tour guide was excellent. As mentioned, there are a number of stairs to climb, especially when leaving the cave at the end of the tour.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Our tour guys definitely knew her stuff and very personable! The cave was great, great walking paths! If we go again, we'll make more of a day with mini golf and gem panning! Definitely a must see!!!

If you’re within driving distance, don’t miss it! Such a treasure! The guide was fun and very knowledgeable. Save some energy for the climb at the end.😉

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Adventures Above and Below

midwest caves tour

Above and Below

Cave Tours · Mini Golf · Gem Panning · Nature Trails · and More!

Fun family-friendly activities for all, crystal cave adventure park.

midwest caves tour

Discover the wonders of Crystal Cave on our one-hour tour. This guided walking tour is great for all ages. Explore the passages more than 7 stories below ground. Learn about the history and geology of Wisconsin’s longest cave!

midwest caves tour

Gem Panning

Uncover gems, crystals, minerals, and fossils from all around the world at our mining sluice at Prospector’s Creek

midwest caves tour

Tee-Rex Mini Golf

Learn about different dinosaurs, what they ate, and other fun facts along the way on our 18 hole course!

midwest caves tour

We are one of the largest rock shops in the upper Midwest. We also showcase jewelry, clothing, and educational children’s items.

Join Our Cave Team

Working at Crystal Cave is the experience of a lifetime. We hire individuals from all over the country who share our passion for geology, biology, and conservation. We also have internship opportunities. Join our Crystal Cave team today!

midwest caves tour

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5 Amazing Midwest Caves You Have To Explore In 2022!

Onondaga Cave State Park

midwest caves tour

Cave tours descend deep into the depths of Onondaga Cave State Park and drop into a world of wonder: towering stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active flowstones help make the cave a National Natural Landmark and illustrate why Missouri is often called “The Cave State.”  Tours depart hourly from the visitor center about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cave has a year round temperature of 57ºF year-round. A light jacket and comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Onondaga Cave State Park is located at 7556 Hwy H, Leasburg, MO 65535, for more information or to make a reservation click  here .

Crystal Lake Cave

midwest caves tour

The beautiful rock formations found inside Crystal Lake Cave are literally two million years in the making. The cave system has been described as an underground labyrinth of wondrous mineral formations. The cave tour is a 45 minute guided tour, on flat paved walk ways. This tour takes you past some amazing formations, including; the Swiss Cottage Roof, the Lop-Eared Dog, The Cliff Dwellers, and the gorgeous Lost Gardens! The tour is well lit, and is ran by friendly, expert guides. Crystal Lake Cave Is located at 6684 Crystal Lake Cave Rd Dubuque, IA. For more information, click here .

Meramec Cavern

midwest caves tour

This amazing cave system draws more than 100,000 visitors a year from all corners of the Earth.  The cave dates back 100’s of millions of years and has quite an interesting history.  Meramec Caverns has been featured on the Flinstones, and has also been linked to the legendary Jesse James. Cave tours take place year round, and are led by expert rangers.  The tour covers a 1.25 mile path and takes you past some of the most beautiful rock formations you will ever see! Cave tours lasts about an hour and a half, and take place on a lighted walkway. Meramec Cavern is located at 1135 MO-W Sullivan, MO 63080. For more information, click  here .

Cave Of The Mounds

midwest caves tour

Cave of the Mounds, was discovered in 1939, in Blue Mound Wisconsin, and has been open for cave tours for over 75 years. Since then Cave of the Mounds has become recognized as the premier cave in the upper Midwest, often referred to as the jewel box of America’s show caves.  A trip to Cave of the Mounds is an opportunity to create memories which will last a lifetime. Guided tours of this underground wonderland follow paved, lighted walkways everyday of the year.  Cave of the Mounds is located at 2975 Cave of the Mounds Road Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

Ohio Caverns

midwest caves tour

Ohio Caverns is a rare gem with a long rich history in the area, dating back to 1897! The caverns are the largest in the state, with over 2 miles of surveyed passageways ranging in depth from 30 feet to 103 feet. In the Summer, two different tours take guests through different parts of the caverns. During the Winter, months, only one tour is available. This incredible show cave is located just 30 miles from Dayton Ohio, and is one of the most beautiful sites in the state! This is an all-weather attraction and is open year round. Each tour is guided and is a comfortable walk through the cavern.  The temperature remains a constant 54 degrees throughout the year. For more information, click  here .


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World of Caves

UnderGround Cave Adventures Await

Ultimate Guide to Indiana Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Ultimate Guide to Indiana Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

We may have been compensated for this post. Please keep in mind that it affects you in no way financially. If an item is being reviewed, we are not obligated to give a positive review and always use our own words. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you would like a review done contact Dannelle at [email protected]

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In Indiana, caves and caverns are affordable for summer day trips. But, if you put aside the cost factor, you will understand that caves offer an experience that will remain in your memory for a long time. Most of the caves in Indiana have tours designed for the families, and they are safe too! But it would help if you packed in a jacket as caves like Indiana Caverns have a history of being chilly. 

Ultimate Guide to Indiana Caverns, Indiana (Tours, Pricing, History, Map)

Indiana Caverns, Indiana

Indiana Caverns is the longest cave in the Midwest. Families can learn about the history of the cave during a walking tour, or you may opt for a more in-depth adventure tour. There are many activities that the kids and other family members can enjoy. So, if you are in Indiana, you must come and visit Indiana Caverns with your family. 

History of Indiana Caverns

In 1918, Arvel H. Miles purchased an 81.5-acre farm just a mile south of Corydon. A sinkhole entrance to Binkley Cave was opened on the farm before the explorations of the 1930s. Harvey Binkley purchased the farm in 1944, after whom the cave is now named. Most of the explorations of the cave have been done by the Indiana Speleological Society. 

In 2010, Shane Myles and Tim Pride discovered an area called Blowing Hole Boulevard. The west end of Blowing Hole Boulevard is an 85 ft tall room known as the Big Bone Mountain. The room was so named as many sets of animal bones were found in this room. Excavations by the Indiana State Museum revealed that the bones originated from the Pleistocene Ice Age animals. 

In 2012 the Indian Speleological Survey started investigating a possible connection between Binkley Cave and the Blowing Hole Cave. Rocks partially blocked a passageway connecting the two caves. However, dye testing and smoke bombs revealed an exchange of air and water between the two caves.

Digging started on both sides, allowing the cavers in both the caves to shake hands with each other through the rocks. This proved that the two caves were one and not separate from each other. This made the Brinkley cave system 35 miles long, making it the longest cave in Indiana. 

In June 2012, developmental work began on the Indiana Caverns, and it was opened to the public in June 2013. The Indiana Speleological Survey continues its exploration of the Binkley Cave. With the help of color dye, it has been possible to identify two local springs as the final destination of the two unexplored cave passageways.

Exploration of the waterways would add several miles to the already existing length of the cave. At the end of 2015, the surveyed cave length was 42.57 miles, and there is a potential of adding 10 miles which would be discovered in the future. 

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Geological Cave Formations in Indiana Caverns

Binkley Cave is a solutional cave wherein the dripping water carries calcium bicarbonate into the cave. The calcium carbonite crystallizes into the bottoms and sides of the existing helictites, stalactites, stalagmites, and limestone sheets that grow over time. The flowing water brings other minerals into the cave to create gray, white, red, and tan colors on the formations and walls. 

Wildlife in Indiana Caverns

The vast extent of the cave is host to various living species in the underground stream. Salamanders are pretty commonly seen in the caverns and the waters; one would be able to spot the blind crayfish and lots of other cave critters. The Indiana Caverns is a biological hotspot as there are 21 known species of troglobites. 

Is Indiana Caverns Haunted?

Indiana Caverns is a family adventure park and is not haunted. 

How Big is Indiana Caverns?

The Indiana Caverns is more than 43.9 miles long. 

map of indiana caverns

Indiana Caverns Tours

We all know that Indiana is home to a huge system of fascinating caves. The Indiana Caverns is the longest cave in the state, and it offers beautiful walking tours so that the visitors get to know more about the history and features of this cave.

It is a unique blend of walking/boat tours, and it is only for 80 odd minutes, but the actual duration depends on how fast or slow the group is walking. The cave tour at Indiana Caverns is truly unique, and you will get to learn a lot of things that you never had the chance to know.

The sad part is that the tour is not wheelchair accessible, and anyone who can walk for long periods can complete this tour successfully. The visitors can view various wildlife species like salamanders, blind crayfish, and other cave-dwelling critters. As you wander through the different passageways and walk down the stairs, you will be amazed by the spectacle on offer and find Indiana Caverns as nothing short of paradise.

Around halfway into the tour, you will get a chance to rest your leg on the super cool boat ride as you explore the caverns on the underground river. The guide will tell you about the geological formations that have taken place here, and he will also explain the process by which they are formed!

You will also get to know about the general history of the cave system. You may also spot a few human bones from as far back as the Stone Age if you are lucky. The best part of the walking cave tour is that the tour takes place 363 days of the year, irrespective of the weather. The locals say that the rain only makes the cave beautiful.  

Indiana Caverns Tour Prices and Discounts

There are four packages for the Cavern Tours, and you can choose anyone as per your budget and convenience. 

SILVER – includes Cave Tour and Gemstone Mining 

  • Adults – USD 33 
  • Children (4 to 11 years) – USD 23 

GOLD – includes Cave Tour and Bat Chaser

  • Adults – USD 37
  • Children (4 to 11 years) – USD 26

BRONZE – includes Cave Tour and Escape Room

  • Adults – USD 41
  • Children (7 to 11 years) – USD 21
  • Children (4 to 6 years) – USD 14

PLATINUM – includes Cave Tour, Bat Chaser & Gemstone Mining

  • Adults – USD 46
  • Children (4 to 11 years) – USD 37

One may also opt for Cave Tour only, wherein the tickets are priced at USD 25 (Adults) and USD 14 (Ages 4 to 11 years).

Is Indiana Caverns Cold?

The temperature of the cave is 56 degrees throughout the year. 

What to Wear?

One might need a jacket or long sleeves during the underground boat ride. Since the cave tour involves a lot of walking, proper walking shoes are highly recommended, although any shoes without high heels should be fine on the cave tour. However, flip-flops and sandals are a strict no-no.  

Indiana Caverns Hours

The Indiana Caverns open daily at 9 am EST. 

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What to Do at Indiana Caverns (Beside Tours)

Indiana Caverns is a family adventure park, and the fun does not end with the cave tours only. There are loads of fun-filled activities in the park, and we are sure that you will enjoy each one of them. 

The Bat Chaser is a unique combo of zip lining and steel rail coaster in a family-friendly environment. The suspended, single rail zip moves through the treetops and over the rolling surface of southern Indiana’s cave. It is a thrilling experience, and the Bat Chaser is one of its kind in the US. 

The Plunge is a new attraction at Indiana Caverns, a 50 ft quick drop experience that will set your adrenaline pumping. Here you will plummet five stories before you come to rest on your feet. The Plunge is a safe activity that gives you the thrill of free fall but with a controlled descent. 

Escape Room

It is a challenging activity where you form a part of the Rescue team to pull out the Adventure Mine crew trapped more than 1000 ft below due to a mineshaft collapse. The rescue operation needs to be completed before the clock runs out. 

Pygmy Playground

This is where you get to meet the baby pygmy goats. There are five of them, and you meet and feed them. 

Gemstone Mining

Ever tried your hand at gemstone mining? Here you get an opportunity to sift through the sand to uncover gemstones and fossils. Get to the Gift Shop, pick out a bag, and head to the Peccary Mining Sluice. You can enjoy identifying the fossils and rocks when you get the treasures. 

Deep Darkness

The Deep Darkness is a 4-hour underground challenge when you will descend into utter darkness and climb and splash your way through the underground stream. You can continue the upstream journey on a kayak. 

It is a fun activity for the kids wherein they experience caving without getting muddy. You will get the sturdy carver’s helmet, light, and gloves. One has to crawl 400 ft underground on hands and knees to taste what real cave exploring is all about. 

The Gift Shop is the favorite haunt for all visitors, and why not? They have goodies for all age groups and adults. The price of the items ranges from USD 0.50 to USD 300. The kids love the huge collection of children’s books here. 

Best Time to Visit Indiana Caverns

The best time to come to Indiana Caverns is weekdays, especially between Monday and Thursday. The cavern tours leave throughout the day at different times, starting from 9 am. 

How to Get to Indiana Caverns

The Indiana Caverns is located two miles south of the small town of Corydon. The family adventure park is easily accessible from I-64. 

Provide a safe bat habitat

Hotels near Indiana Caverns

There are no camping facilities at Indiana Caverns, but you can always come down to Buffalo Trace Park Campgrounds, with 14 primitive sites and more than 50 modern campground sites. There are some excellent hotels in the vicinity of Indiana Caverns, such as Holiday Inn Express & Hampton Inn by Hilton.

Places To Stay Nearby

Indiana caverns fun facts.

  • Indiana Caverns is part of the Binkley Cave System, the longest cave in Indiana. 
  • The Indiana Caverns offers boat/walking tours 363 days a year. 
  • The underground boat tour is unique as visitors get an opportunity to see ice age fossils and a variety of other experiences. 

USA Cave list

Indiana Caverns Details 

  • Length: More than 43.9 miles long
  • Time Recommended: 3 to 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Kid-friendly: Yes
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Fees: USD 25 onwards
  • Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Download our Indiana Caverns Guide (Unofficial) 

Visiting indiana caverns.

Do you need more information before visiting Indiana Caverns? Call (812) 734-1200 for an information packet. 

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The 10 Most Stunning Natural Wonders in the American Midwest

Apostle Islands sea caves

In the heart of the Midwest , there is no shortage of amazing cities – from Chicago to Indianapolis to Milwaukee. But what many don’t know, is that the natural wonders of this region are utterly divine, and must be visited! There are trails to hike and caves to explore, so get going on these.

Garden of the gods, shawnee national park – harrisburg, illinois.

As part of the Shawnee National Forest, The Garden of the Gods rivals the western Rocky Mountains for its sprawling views and breathtaking hikes. The dramatic rock formations are unlike anything else in the Midwest. The park is open year round, but for the best views take the famous Observation Trail mid-summer or early fall.

Shawnee National Forest

Mammoth Cave- Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave

Cave-in-Rock – Cave-in-Rock, Illinois

While the name lacks some majesty, the landmark does not. Cave-in-Rock is one of the coolest natural landmarks in Illinois , mainly known for it’s 55ft cave, which was carved out of water thousands of years ago. The state park that Cave-in-Rock lives in also overlooks the Ohio River, providing guests with spectacular views from any angle. Once you’re done exploring the cave, there is always the famous Cave-in-Rock Restaurant and Lodge to visit for some traditional southern fare.

20030726 12 Cave in Rock State Park

Wildcat Canyon – Oglesby, Illinois

Mainly Illinois is recognized as a fairly flat state with gorgeous bodies of water. However, many don’t realize the phenomenal hiking and trailblazing that can be experienced there. Perhaps one of the most gorgeous places to explore is Starved Rock State Park , with such natural wonders as Wildcat Canyon , where a gorgeous Midwestern waterfall sits just waiting to be photographed.


Apostle Islands – Near Bayfield, Wisconsin

Lake Superior may look and feel like a freshwater ocean, so it should be no surprise that it comes with its own islands too! The Apostle Islands , just off the coast of Bayfield, Wisconsin, are quaint spits of land atop some of the most gorgeous ‘sea caves’ in the world. While the trees are pine instead of palm, this is a total Midwesterner’s paradise.


Cave of the Mounds – Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

The Cave of the Mounds is simply a treasure trove of brilliance. The tour through these ancient rock formations is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and leaves little left to be desired. Perhaps one of the greatest selling points of this cave is the pathways lined by crystal formations. The caves also have activities where guests can unearth fossils and even crack their own geode !


Eagle River Chain of Lakes – Eagle River, and Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Perhaps the best fishing lakes in Wisconsin also hold an awesome secret – the Eagle River/ Three Lakes Chain of Lakes is actually the largest inland chain of lakes on the entire planet . The 28 different lakes are all connected by small channels, most big enough for a canoe or kayak to pass through. Standing alone, these lakes are all gorgeous in their own right, but knowing they’re all connected truly shows how great this planet is.

The Other Place

Maquoketa Caves – Maquoketa, Iowa

Formed by a glacier thousands of years ago, this cave looks like it belongs in the rain forest, not in Iowa. The Maquoketa Caves State Park actually contains more caves than any other state park in Iowa. The large cave for which it’s known for, was recognized for it’s unique stalagmite and stalactite formations, however those were stolen by souvenir hunters. People have been known to find pottery and other historical articles in the caves.

Field Trip

Crystal Lake Cave – Dubuque, Iowa

Discovered in the late 1800s, this cave mind boggles all who visit. Perhaps one of the most gorgeous caves in the United States, Crystal Lake Cave is known countrywide for it’s bright white mineral stalagmites and stalactites. Beyond just these formations, the cave also sports some photo-worthy Helectites and Anthodites. The real-life tours are fantastic, but you can also take a virtual tour online at their website.


Seven Pillars – Peru, Indiana

Sometimes just referred to as “The Cliffs,” the Seven Pillars rock formation is an exceptional spectacle of wind and water erosion, located right on the shore of the Mississinewa River. There is little known about this formation, and it is one of Indiana’s best kept natural secrets. The tribes of the Miami Nation of Indians in the area often use the spaces behind the pillars as meeting places, and there was even a trading post there at one time!


Since you are here, we would like to share our vision for the future of travel - and the direction Culture Trip is moving in.

Culture Trip launched in 2011 with a simple yet passionate mission: to inspire people to go beyond their boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people and its culture special and meaningful — and this is still in our DNA today. We are proud that, for more than a decade, millions like you have trusted our award-winning recommendations by people who deeply understand what makes certain places and communities so special.

Increasingly we believe the world needs more meaningful, real-life connections between curious travellers keen to explore the world in a more responsible way. That is why we have intensively curated a collection of premium small-group trips as an invitation to meet and connect with new, like-minded people for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in three categories: Culture Trips, Rail Trips and Private Trips. Our Trips are suitable for both solo travelers, couples and friends who want to explore the world together.

Culture Trips are deeply immersive 5 to 16 days itineraries, that combine authentic local experiences, exciting activities and 4-5* accommodation to look forward to at the end of each day. Our Rail Trips are our most planet-friendly itineraries that invite you to take the scenic route, relax whilst getting under the skin of a destination. Our Private Trips are fully tailored itineraries, curated by our Travel Experts specifically for you, your friends or your family.

We know that many of you worry about the environmental impact of travel and are looking for ways of expanding horizons in ways that do minimal harm - and may even bring benefits. We are committed to go as far as possible in curating our trips with care for the planet. That is why all of our trips are flightless in destination, fully carbon offset - and we have ambitious plans to be net zero in the very near future.

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‘Many Love’ by Sophie Lucido Johnson, an Intimate Introduction to Polyamory

midwest caves tour

See & Do

Chicago ideas week is changing the world, one mind at a time.

midwest caves tour

An Illustrated Timeline of Hip-Hop in Chicago

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Film & TV

Everything you need to know about chicago’s black harvest film festival.

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Places to Stay

The best vacation rentals to book in illinois.

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With a Map and a Camera, a Photographer Tackles Chicago’s Segregation

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The Best Resorts to Book in Illinois

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Bars & Cafes

A look inside chicago’s historic green mill lounge.

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Meet Jessica Campbell, the Chicago Artist Whose Textile Collages Are Fighting Sexism

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Free and Cheap Festivals To Attend in Chicago in the Fall

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The Best Hotels in Illinois

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The Best Hotels to Book Near Six Flags Great America, Illinois

Culture trip spring sale, save up to $1,100 on our unique small-group trips limited spots..

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Red River Gorge Vacations

Real estate, red river gorge underground: cave kayaking & boat tours, classic tours.

midwest caves tour

Classic Boat Tour

Your journey begins as you descend into the darkness in a custom-built cave boat. With an expert guide at the helm, you'll wind your way through the 100-year-old flooded limestone mine and discover the rich history and hidden secrets of The Gorge Underground.

Adult (Ages 13+) Youth (Ages 3-12)

$50 Mon-Thur, $60 Fri-Sun $25 Mon-Thur, $35 Fri-Sun

  • 20 People Max Group Size

Minimum age for children on this tour is 3. For safety, children under 3 years of age are not able to participate.

midwest caves tour

Classic Kayak Tour

Feeling adventurous? Paddle your way through the mine in a kayak on this unforgettable one-hour tour. Make your way through the darkness as our expert guides lead the way illuminating the unique features of the Gorge Underground.

Adult (Ages 13+) Youth (Ages 5-12)

$55 Mon-Thur, $65 Fri-Sun $55 Mon-Thur, $65 Fri-Sun

  • 12 People Max Group Size

Minimum age for children on this tour is 5. For safety, children under 5 years of age are not able to participate.

Deluxe Tours

midwest caves tour

Crystal Kayak Tour

Prepare to have your mind blown as you explore the Undergound in a deluxe crystal clear kayak! Underwater led lights coupled with these see-through kayaks provide a stunning view of our rainbow trout and the mine's otherwise hidden underwater details.

Adult (Ages 13+) Youth  (Ages 5-12)

$75 Mon-Thur, $85 Fri-Sun $75 Mon-Thur, $85 Fri-Sun

  • 8 People; Can accommodate larger groups on request

midwest caves tour

Crystal Clear Sup Tour

Upgrade to our deluxe 1.5-hour SUP tour and experience the wonders of the cavern in a new (colorful) light. As you navigate the mine surrounded by the glow of your Crystal Clear LED board, our expert guides will reveal the best-kept secrets of the underground.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Adventure!

Gorge Underground cave tours offer a thrilling opportunity to experience a historic mine system near the Red River Gorge. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world as you move through the cool, damp air, listening to the sounds of water dripping and marveling at the stunning rock formations.

Our local guides are experts in the geology and history of the mine system, and they’ll share fascinating stories about the area and the creatures that call it home. You’ll also learn about the delicate balance of the underground ecosystem and the efforts being made to preserve it.

Tours are suitable for all levels of fitness. So whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a first-time explorer, come join us for an adventure you’ll never forget!

midwest caves tour

Got a Group?

Gather up your friends, family, even uncle Gary, or some co-workers and we’re here to show you how adventure is done. Give us a call for special pricing and package offers.

midwest caves tour

Additional Things To Do With Us

midwest caves tour

Red River Gorge Ziplines

midwest caves tour

Out The Top Adventures

midwest caves tour

Thrillsville Mini-golf

Stay With Us

midwest caves tour

Small to Large Cabins

Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

midwest caves tour

Lodge Rooms & Group Events

Cliffview Resort

midwest caves tour

Quick Stays

Red River Gorge Inn

midwest caves tour

Tent, RV, Cabins

Natural Bridge Campground

We’re Right in the Heart of Red River Gorge

Convenient for groups coming from: Lexington, KY: 1 hr Louisville, KY: 1 hr 59 mins Ashland, NC: 2 hrs 4 mins Cincinatti, OH: 2 hrs 2 mins Nashville, TN: 4 hrs 3 mins


2478 Glen Cairn Road, Rogers, Kentucky 41365

Get Directions


Visit  RedRiverGorgeVacations.com

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Meramec Caverns lit up with colored lights showing stalactites and water

14 Amazing Caves In Missouri For You To Explore

September 23, 2021 by //  by  Midwest Explored Leave a Comment

Are you planning a visit to MO and wondering what caves in Missouri you would like to visit? Well, look no further, in this article I am going to share everything you need to know about Missouri caves.

From caverns in Missouri to caving in Missouri I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Everything you need to know about caves in MO is right here.

Missouri is known as the Cave State with approximately 7,500 recorded caves and 6000 explored caves it definitely tops the most amount of caves charts. The largest majority of the caves are located in the Ozark region.

Caves tend to be identified as either commercial or show caves and wild caves. Commerical caves are ones that are easily accessible to the public and most offer guided tours, wild caves are in their natural state and should only be explored by experienced cavers.

All the caves featured here are commercial or show caves and most are popular tourist attractions. Some are even popular event spaces holding weddings, events, and even concerts.

Most of the caves will need to be explored on foot except Fantastic Caverns so please make sure you have on appropriate footwear. Also, remember that caves are cool inside which might be a welcome break from the summer heat, but pack a cover-up or cardigan just in case because some of the tours are over 90 mins long and it can get cold.

So are you ready to see which Missouri caverns and MO caves I have chosen for you? Grab some sturdy shoes and a cover-up and let’s go.

Meramec Caverns lit up with colored lights showing stalactites and water

Bluff Dweller’s Cave

Named after the Paleo-Indian Bluff Dwellers this is one of the caves in Missouri that is archeologically significant. Located in the Ozark mountains, it was created in the Paleozoic Era and was opened to the public in 1927.

It is believed this cave was inhabited some 12,000 years ago and to date, 4000 feet of its passages have been explored. It’s a bit of a hidden gem with visitors describing it as dramatic, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

This cave has some unusual and impressive structures within it including the Musical Chimes, a curtain of hollow stalactites, the 10-ton balanced rock, and the Rimstone Dam.

The cave is also decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, saw tooth drapes, flowstone, cave popcorn, cave coral, and cave sponge. It’s also home to albino cave crayfish, the grotto salamander, and the eastern pipistrelle bat.

Opening times differ depending on the season and entry at the time of writing is $20 for over 12’s. Tours take about an hour and the groups are small in size and some of the passageways are a tight squeeze.

A room of cave formations stalagmites and stalactites

Bridal Cave

Under Thunder Mountain, just outside Camdenton this cave is near the Lake of the Ozarks and is magnificent. And yes you can get married in it.

Legend has it that a native couple got married here centuries ago and hence the name. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful of all the caves in Missouri which is also what could have afforded it its name.

Named by Glamour Magazine as one of the Top 10 Unique Wedding Venues in America over 3000 weddings take place here each year.

You will find giant columns, stalactites, stalagmites, a Mystery Lake, delicate soda straws, and massive draperies. Tours leave every few minutes and take approx one hour.  

This gorgeous Missouri cave is open from 9 am most days and closing at 4 pm or 5 pm depending on the season. It costs $22 for over 13 and Lantern Tours are available on certain days.

Rock formations in Bridal Cave one of the caves in Missouri

Meramec Caverns

If you are short on time then perhaps this is the cave in Missouri to visit simply because it holds one of the world’s largest cave formations. Located near St Louis in the Ozark Mountains the caverns have a long local history and are very impressive.

The caverns are believed to have provided shelter for Native Americans and the caves deposits were used during the Civil War to manufacture gunpowder. Jesse James also hid his men here in the 1870s.

The cave complex stretches upwards past the height of a 7 story building and has some very unique formations. You will learn about how the ancient Wine Table (the world’s rarest cave structure) was formed completely underwater and see some impressive underground structures.

And there is also a state-of-the-art light show in the caves. The cost to enter is $23.99 and is open from 9 most days closing at different times depending on the season.

Stalactites and stalagmites inside Meramec Cave in Missouri

Devils Well

Devils Well is a sinkhole cave with a karst window that allows you to look deep below. It almost looks like you are looking into the bowels of the earth perhaps what gave it its ominous name.

It was created when the roof of an underground cavern collapsed leaving a window looking down below. You can see the large, in fact, the largest in the state, underground lake through this window.

Just off Route KK near Akers, the road is steep and rough and the is a spiral staircase to make viewing easier. It’s free to enter just don’t expect tourist amenities. This one is a bit off the beaten track.

There is a great hiking trail just over 4 and a half miles that take you from Devils Well to Cave Spring that is well worth it if you love hiking.

Fantastic Caverns In Missouri Is Very Accessible

This is one of the caves in Missouri that really is accessible to all. The tours are conducted in jeep-drawn trams making it a ride through a cave.

Located near Springfield this really is a huge system of caves. Discovered in 1862 by a local farmer and explored five years later by a group of female explorers the caves are now a popular tourist attraction.

The cavern was also a speakeasy during prohibitions and was used for concerts in the ’50s and ’60s.

The jeep tours help protect the fragile environment and you will be driven along what was the old riverbed. You really get to see the enormity of the caves on this tour and of course, you will see all the unusual cave structures.

Expect stalactites, stalagmites, “soda straws,” cave “pearls,” flowstones, and massive columns. The tour takes 55 minutes and entry is $28 for anyone over twelve years of age.

Inside of Fantastic Caverns on of the caves in Missouri showing the inside structure with stalagmites and stalactites

Mark Twain Cave

More than a simple cave this is a complex and here you get to see America’s oldest and newest show cave. About one mile south of Hannibal this cave has a history.

Mark Twain Cave is the oldest cave in Missouri with the first guided tour being in 1886. The tour lasts about 60 minutes and you will be shown a seven-minute video before the tour.

The walkways are smooth and there are no steps. The cave can get cold so a sweater or light jacket is recommended.

The cave was discovered in 1819 and was made famous by Mark Twain who spend his childhood exploring the caves. His exploration of these caves inspired many of his later writing.

Another notable thing is that a previous owner Joseph Nash McDowell put the body of his dead daughter in a copper cylinder at the back of the cave. He later removed her after the local people begged him to give her a proper burial.

Jessie James has also signed the walls of this cave although this is not visible on the tour.

Located here is also Cameron Cave the third largest maze cave in the Northern Hemisphere. You can explore this one with a flashlight or lantern if you wish and see what it was like when first discovered in 1925.

Marvel Cave

Part of the Silver Dollar City theme park in Branson this cave is said to have the largest cave entrance in the world. The entrance known as the Cathedral Room is 204 feet high, 225 feet wide, and 411 feet long. It’s also the deepest cave at 505 feet.

You enter the cave through an overhead opening and follow a winding staircase to the bottom. There are two tours a well-lit tour with 600 stairs taking you 500 feet below with a cable ride journey back. Or for more adventures a lantern tour through the less visited areas.

Early Osage Indians believed it contained the Devil. Spanish explorers believed it contained gold and the fountain of youth. And early explorers searched for marble. The only thing it actually contained was bat guano which was mined and used as fertilizer.

Entrance is included with your Silver Dollar City entrance . Tours leave every 30 minutes and take approx 60 minutes.

Brown rock formations inside Marvel Caves in Missouri

Meramec State Park and Fisher Cave

Near Sullivan Meramec Park is a little oasis on the Meramec River. The river is beautifully lined with bluffs, forests, and of course caves, more than 40 caves to be exact.

There is lots of hiking to be had here with over 13 miles of trails and if you want to stay over there is a campground, cabins , and a motel. There is so much to do here other than caving but we are here for the caves.

The most spectacular cave in the park is Fisher Cave. It’s a mix of low narrow passageways and huge rooms. These massive underground rooms are filled with calcite deposits such as helictites and 30-feet tall columns.

The cave also houses some interesting wildlife and you can even see bear claw marks on the walls.

Admission is $10 and tour times vary so please check before you go.

Onondaga Cave State Park

Located also on the Meramec River about five miles from Leasburg. The park is a national natural landmark and this is one of the caves in Missouri that is well worth a visit.

Onondaga Cave is one of America’s most spectacular parks because it has such an abundance of speleothems or deposits. Stalactites, stalagmites, rimstone dams, flowstones, draperies, soda straws, and cave coral extensively decorate the cave.

A river also flows through the cave and on a tour you will see geological features such as the Twins, the King’s Canopy as well as the abundance of other interesting deposits.

There is also plenty to do on the surface such as the Vilander Bluff Natural Area which has a wonderful view of the Meramec River.

The cave tour costs $15 and times vary so check before you go.

Lilly Pad rock formations in a cavern with stalagmites and stalactites on of the caves in Missouri

Ozark Caverns

Located in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park this cave exploring is a little more adventurous. There is no electricity here so you will be lead by torchlight or lanterns.

Fascinating features here include Angel Showers,” a perpetual water shower dripping from the rock high above and a wall of clay containing bear claw marks.

The cave is home to a lot of wildlife including salamanders, four species of bats, and 16 species of invertebrates.

Another interesting thing to note is a wall towards the end of the tour where visitors since the 1800s have left their signatures.

Tours operate daily and times change so check before you go. The cost is $10.

This is truly one of the best things to do in Missouri!

A curtain cave formation in a cave in Missouri displaying brownish vertical rock formations.

Talking Rocks Cave 

Originally called Fairy Cave Talking Rocks is a cavern system located in Stone County near Reeds Spring in Branson. It’s privately owned and operated as a show cave.

This is a great cave in Missouri to bring children. They are well catered for with many activities outside the cave a lot of them free. It’s considered a living cave because there is water inside and the formations are still growing. It’s also bat free which is a bonus.

The cave is open year-round and it’s $21.95 for people over 13. Check before you go as during extreme weather the area can get flooded and the cave is then closed.

Inside a cave in Missouri showing white deposits and brown rock formations

Smallin Civil War Cave

Listed as a Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places, Smallin Civil War Cave is located in Ozark. The cave is rich in human history and contains some interesting wildlife.

The humans who have all added to the history are of many origins from Native Americans, pioneers, Civil War soldiers, and notorious Baldknobbers. And animals have left their mark too with fossils of starfish, shark teeth, sea snails, and more.

The one-hour guided tours have no stairs and you cover about half a mile so nothing strenuous for most people. Wild cave tours are also offered. Tour costs start at $23.50 for people over 12.

Inside Smallin Creek showing water running from a pool into a pool below

Stark Caverns 

Stark Caverns also known as Fantasy World Caverns is a mix of Native American artifacts, geological formations, and ancient bear beds. It also contains areas with such great names as Moonshiner’s Dam, the Wishing Well, and Grand Canyon.

The one-hour tour costs $22 for adults over 12 and you will learn about stalagmites, stalactites, and fluorescent minerals while discovering an entirely new world underground.

This Missouri cave also offers atmospheric Lantern tours that are a little more expensive but well worth it.

Brown limestone formations in one of the caves on Missouri with some areas illuminated with lights.

Jacobs Cave 

The first commercialized cave in the Ozarks area, Jacobs Cave was first opened in 1932. It is famous for its reflective pool, ceiling sponges, and depth illusion.

The cave is also home to mastodon, bear, and peccary prehistoric boines. There is also what is believed to be the world’s largest geode here.

On the one-mile-long tour, you will also see cave usuals such as stalactites, columns, and soda straws.

It is located between Versailles and Gravois Milles and is one of the caves in Missouri that is accessible to everyone including those with strollers and wheelchairs.

Entry is $20 for those over 12.

Bones found in a cave floor in one of the caves in Missouri lying in hardened brown soil.

Packing List For A Trip To Expreience The Caves in Missouri

If you will be traveling, either by plane or by car to the midwest, here are some  tips on how to pack lightly.

A  concealed travel pouch  may be one of the most important items you bring along when visiting Missouri caves. It is always important to protect your personal information. Identity thieves are everywhere.

This  unisex RFID blocking concealed travel pouch is  lightweight and comes in several colors. It has lots of organization to give you peace of mind.

You can place it under your hiking clothes next to your body to carry your ID safely.

If you have a pouch already that does not come with the RFID protection, as I do, these  RFID  sleeves are  the perfect solution.

This configuration comes with enough credit card sleeves that the entire family would be protected. They are slim too, so they will easily fit into your pouch or wallet.

If you are planning on taking a lot of pictures with your phone you will definitely want to consider an  external charging battery . This  Anker high-speed phone charging battery  is  the exact one  I carry with me on all of my trips.

It can be used on a variety of phones, not just an iPhone like I have. And wow is it fast!

I like that it holds its charging capabilities for several uses so I do not have to worry about it while out and about, and if I forget to recharge it at night, it will still be good to go the next day.

My daughter gifted me with this  FugeTek selfie stick and tripod   setup for my birthday. I absolutely love it! It is made of lightweight aluminum and is so easy to use.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and is a breeze to use for taking selfies when staying in one of the best Airbnbs in Illinois.

Hydration is so important when traveling. You want to remain hydrated throughout your travels to support your immune system which in turn will be stronger to fight off any germs you will encounter during your travels.

You will want to bring your own  refillable water bottle  with you.

I never leave home on a trip without my  Bobble filtration bottle .  The 18.5-ounce size is perfect for hiking and it fits nicely in the pocket of a backpack.

When filled with water, it is not too heavy to carry. And the charcoal filter ensures fresh clean water whenever you fill the Bobble.

Perhaps you are traveling a long distance and packing space is a premium in your suitcase, or in your car.

Then this  set of collapsible silicone foldable water bottles  would work well for you. Would not take up much space at all.

You will want a  backpack or daypack  with you to store snacks, your water bottle, phone, extra clothes, etc.. when hiking This   foldable water-resistant backpack   would be great.

It is very affordable and is available in many color options for you to choose from. The fact that it folds down into a zippered pouch will make it easy to pack!

As you can see when it comes to caves in Missouri, there are many to choose from. Whichever of these MO caves you choose I know you will have an amazing time.

Whether you visit one of the caverns in Missouri or go caving in Missouri please make sure you come back and tell me all about it.

A view of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, one of the coolest things to do in Cincinnati. It is twilight and the bridge is lit up. You can also see a city lit up on the other side of the bridge.

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Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park 

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Indiana Caverns

Family Adventure Park: 




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Indiana Caverns includes more thrills outside of the cave

Come fly on the Bat Chaser, a zip-lining coaster. Immerse yourself in adventure with our Escape Rooms. Find the perfect gem with our Gemstone Mining. Or even conquer the Cavern of the Sabertooth! 

There are many activities and adventures for your family to enjoy at Indiana Caverns. We are more than a Cave Tour!


Deep darkness.



Take a walking tour or explore the Deep Darkness, our guides are ready to help you experience the world underground! With an underground boat ride and Ice Age bones, Indiana Caverns is a different cave experience than anywhere else! Learn about cave formations, cave creatures, the waterfall, and more!

Brother and sister enjoy the Sabertooth at Indiana Caverns


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Incredible! Must see cave! Beautiful and pristine.

It was an excellent tour...

My boys (10 and 7) had never been in a cave before and this was the perfect first experience for them. They also did the gemstone sluicing which was really fun for them as well. All in all, a great day trip destination!

Great cave tour with excellent tour guides! Loved the underground river and boat ride! Would definitely recommend!

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Mark Twain Cave Complex

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Witness the History

200 years of Visitors

National Natural Landmark

Electrically Lit

Gentle walking!

Just 1 hour

midwest caves tour

Historic Hannibal Tour!

Scenic Views

Iconic Sights

Locations not seen on any other tour!

1 Hour Tour

Departs from Cave & Downtown

midwest caves tour

Delve the Depths

One of Missouri’s newest show caves

Unlit Cave!-(Flashlights provided)

midwest caves tour

See Mark Twain in Person!

Starts at 2:00pm

Just under an hour

Feel free to take pictures

midwest caves tour



Right by the river!

midwest caves tour

Sit Back and Relax

10 exclusive wines

Missouri grown grapes

Beautiful Scenery

midwest caves tour

Largest in Hannibal

Gemstone Sluicing

Geode Cracking

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Discount on Attractions!

Short walk to caves and Winery

30 & 50 amp service

Firewood and Ice available

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Become a deep earth explorer at Bonne Terre Mine

Enjoy the eclipse and visit an underground wonder the very same day. bonne terre is in the zone of totality, so you'll get the best view of the eclipse and the unique experience of the billion gallon underground lake of bonne terre mine. click on the button above to make your reservation.

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"Unearth Adventure Beneath the Surface: Explore Bonne Terre

Welcome to a world.....

Welcome to a world unlike any other—where history meets adventure in the depths of Bonne Terre Mine. Nestled in the heart of Missouri, this hidden gem offers a scuba diving experience unlike anything you've ever imagined.

Underground Passages

Descend into the darkness and discover a labyrinth of underground passages, illuminated only by the Illumination of the above lighting. Explore forgotten caverns adorned with intricate stalactites and stalagmites, remnants of a time long past. Marvel at the crystal-clear waters, which reveal a stunning array of geological formations and ancient artifacts.

A Journey Back In Time

But Bonne Terre Mine isn't just a dive—it's a journey back in time. Dive alongside remnants of the mine's industrial past, from abandoned mining equipment to rusted railway tracks frozen in time. Feel the weight of history as you navigate through chambers once bustling with activity, now silent and serene beneath the earth's surface.

Educational As It Is Exhilarating.

Whether you're an experienced diver seeking a new challenge or a novice looking to embark on an unforgettable adventure, Bonne Terre Mine has something for everyone. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you safely through the depths, ensuring an experience that's as educational as it is exhilarating.

Equipment Gift Certificates

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Bonne Terre Mine

Deep earth explorer at bonne terre mine.

Visit the home of the billion-gallon underground lake - one of the Midwest 's most unique attractions.

It's a haven for scuba divers and non-divers alike.

You can experience this 150-year-old mine, which is also a National Historic Site on our walking and boat tours.

And, you can even stay in a historic train depot, a caboose or box car while you visit Bonne Terre.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Bonne Terre Mine and unlock the mysteries of the underground world. Your next great diving adventure starts here—book your dive today!

Bonne Terre Mine Boat & Walking Tour

Take a combined boat and walking tour through the Bonne Terre Mine - a five level underground world created by St. Joe Lead Company from 1862 to 1963. It is now the home to the world's largest subterranean lake! The guided tour will descend to 200 feet below the earth where you will learn about the history of mining in Southern Missouri - once the largest deposit of lead on the planet. See the equipment and learn about mining life. 

The walking portion of the tour covers about one third mile to the dock of the Billion Gallon Lake where our scuba divers start their descents into the crystal clear water. You will board the pontoon boat for a 10-minute excursion around the limestone pillars in the largest rooms of the mine. Features of the tour are the No. 1 elevator, submerged ore carts, wrapped pillars, and ancient abandoned overhead wooden catwalks suspended 50-100 feet above the lake. 

While we do accept walk-up guests, we get very busy in the summer months, so prepaid reservations are recommended, particularly if your group is larger than four people. And, we do require reservations for groups of six or more.

The tour is 45-55 minutes depending on the group size and includes a 1/3 mile walk and a staircase with 65 steps in and out.

Bonne Terre Mine VIDEOS

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Jewel Cave National Monument

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Metal walkway and stairs going through a cave room.

NPS Photo / Eric Dodd

Scenic Tour

This tour is moderately strenuous and lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. The tour enters and leaves the cave by elevator in the visitor center. The tour route involves walking up and down 734 stair steps along a 1/2 mile paved trail with uneven ground and minor slopes. This tour provides an opportunity to visit chambers decorated with calcite crystals and other speleothems with electric lighting. Scenic Tours are limited to 30 people per tour. It is recommended to take children five and under on the Discovery Tour. Parents may not carry a child of any age on the Scenic Tour, except in a front carrier. Children must stay in the carrier at all times. All tour participants must be able to navigate the 734 stair steps along the tour route unassisted and keep pase with the group.

Ranger talking to three people on rock platform

Discovery Tour

This 20-minute program is a brief introduction to Jewel Cave's natural and cultural histories within one large cave room. This easy cave visit enters and exits by elevator. The Discovery Tour is limited to 20 people. We recommend this talk for families with young children, and visitors with limited time or health concerns. This program takes place in the cave's Target Room, which is accessible by wheelchair.

People with lanterns lean over a stair rail in a cave

Lantern Tour

The Historic Lantern Tour (summer only) is a 1930's style adventure. Visitors, carrying lanterns provided by the Monument, enter and exit the cave through the historic entrance. This tour is considered strenuous and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. The tour route is ~ 1/2 mile and includes steep, narrow steps (about 600). Visitors must be in good health and physical condition. The tour requires bending, stooping, duck walking, and navigation of steep wooden ladders. The Historic Lantern Tour is limited to 15 people per tour. Children ages seven and under will not be allowed to participate on the Lantern Tour. Parents may not carry a child of any age. All tour participants must be 8 years old or older , and all participants must be able to navigate the tour route unassisted. Tennis shoes or hiking boots are required for this tour.

Caver in a tight squeeze in cave

Wild Caving Tour

This 3 to 4-hour strenuous tour is designed for visitors who want the thrill of experiencing the cave in its natural state. Participants scramble over cave "breakdown," chimney between walls, climb semi-vertical rocks (rope-assisted), and belly crawl through tight passages along a 2/3 mile route. Participants must be in good health and physical condition. Participants are required to fit through a passage 8 1/2 inches high by 24 inches wide.

Participants must provide and wear specific caving clothes and boots. Tours may be cancelled due to a lack of required participants; proper caving equipment;or unforeseen incidents. Tour size is limited to a minimum of 2 visitors and a maximum of 5 visitors. Reservations are required for this tour, and have not been yet been scheduled for the 2024 season. Call the visitor center at (605) 673-8300 and speak to park staff for more questions.

Last updated: April 9, 2024

Going Into These 8 Caves In Idaho Is Like Entering Another World

midwest caves tour

Super-rad musician, scholar, photographer, and traveler. The Mountain West and larger PNW = home, but can be found wherever there's adventure.

More by this Author

The same incredible geologic processes that formed Idaho’s awe-inspiring mountains and carved our breathtaking rivers also formed yet another Idaho wonder: caves of every size, shape, and color — some impossibly located, others utilized by Native Americans as shelters long ago.

There are 3 basic types of caves in the Gem State: corrosion, solution, and lava, all of which make phenomenal exploring grounds for the daring and non-claustrophobic. Some of these caves may take some extra hiking to get to, but if adventuring in underground tunnels or historic hideaways is your thing, Idaho is definitely the place to be. So grab a flashlight, don a jacket (it’ll be chilly in there!), and check out these 8 Idaho caverns:

midwest caves tour

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It’s safe to say that Idaho’s underground network is an adventurer’s paradise, but there are dozens more caverns that we haven’t listed and/or need photos of. If you’ve ever explored an underground paradise or lava tube in Idaho, please share your stories and pictures below!

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Ice Cave - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

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    Consistently rated as one of the top 10 show caves in North America, people travel from all 50 states and over 100 different countries to take the hour long guided tour through the cave. The tour has been described as an educational adventure in nature that you won't want to miss! Niagara Cave is located at 29842 Co Rd 30, in Harmony, Minnesota.

  3. Cave Tours at Indiana Caverns

    Indiana Caverns is home to one of the Midwest's largest deposits of Ice Age bones. View Ice Age bones and fossils, travel through Big Bone Mountain, and see beautiful formations and a 40-foot waterfall. The whole tour lasts an hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes). Walk on grated steel walkways with sections of stairs scattered throughout as you ...

  4. Coolest Caves in the Midwest for Chicago Families to Visit

    Location: Dubuque, Iowa. Phone: 563-556-6451. Hours: By appointment only. Discovered by lead miners in 1868, Crystal Lake Cave was opened to visitors in 1932. The 30- to 45-minute tour includes a trek through 3,000-plus feet of lit passageways, led by a guide who explains the history of the cave.

  5. Niagara Cave

    Niagara Cave. For the 2024 season, we are open weekends in April and 7-days-a-week from May 1st through October 27th. We may temporarily close due to extreme weather. Please call 507-886-6606 with any questions!

  6. Crystal Cave

    Tour Wisconsin's longest cave and enjoy family-fun activities such as gem panning, mini golf, nature trails, and more! ... We are one of the largest rock shops in the upper Midwest. We also showcase jewelry, clothing, and educational children's items. Learn More. Join Our Cave Team. Working at Crystal Cave is the experience of a lifetime. We ...

  7. Stark Caverns

    Located near Lake of the Ozarks, Stark Caverns takes you on a journey through the ages as you explore amazing geological formations, Native American artifacts, & ancient bear beds. See Moonshiner's Dam, the Wishing Well, and our own Grand Canyon. Learn all about stalagmites, stalactites, and fluorescent minerals, while discovering a whole new ...

  8. Coolest Caves in the Midwest for Michigan Families to Visit

    Hours: Twin Caves boat tour hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily from May 30-mid July; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday mid August to mid October. Additional hours are posted at the park. Twin Caves is just one of several attractions located within the Spring Mill State Park.

  9. 5 Amazing Midwest Caves You Have To Explore In 2022!

    The cave tour is a 45 minute guided tour, on flat paved walk ways. This tour takes you past some amazing formations, including; the Swiss Cottage Roof, the Lop-Eared Dog, The Cliff Dwellers, and the gorgeous Lost Gardens! The tour is well lit, and is ran by friendly, expert guides. Crystal Lake Cave Is located at 6684 Crystal Lake Cave Rd ...

  10. Ultimate Guide to Indiana Caverns, Indiana (Tours ...

    Indiana Caverns is the longest cave in the Midwest. Families can learn about the history of the cave during a walking tour, or you may opt for a more in-depth adventure tour. There are many activities that the kids and other family members can enjoy. ... The best part of the walking cave tour is that the tour takes place 363 days of the year ...

  11. The 10 Most Stunning Natural Wonders in the American Midwest

    The tour through these ancient rock formations is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and leaves little left to be desired. Perhaps one of the greatest selling points of this cave is the pathways lined by crystal formations. The caves also have activities where guests can unearth fossils and even crack their own geode!

  12. Red River Gorge Underground: Cave Kayaking & Boat Tours

    Your journey begins as you descend into the darkness in a custom-built cave boat. With an expert guide at the helm, you'll wind your way through the 100-year-old flooded limestone mine and discover the rich history and hidden secrets of The Gorge Underground. Adult (Ages 13+) Youth (Ages 3-12) $50 Mon-Thur, $60 Fri-Sun. $25 Mon-Thur, $35 Fri-Sun.

  13. 5 Cool Midwest Cave Tours

    All aboard the boat—or Jeep, or zipline—for these cool cave tours.

  14. 14 Amazing Caves In Missouri For You To Explore

    Mark Twain Cave is the oldest cave in Missouri with the first guided tour being in 1886. The tour lasts about 60 minutes and you will be shown a seven-minute video before the tour. The walkways are smooth and there are no steps. The cave can get cold so a sweater or light jacket is recommended.

  15. More Than A Cave Tour

    Take a walking tour or explore the Deep Darkness, our guides are ready to help you experience the world underground! With an underground boat ride and Ice Age bones, Indiana Caverns is a different cave experience than anywhere else! Learn about cave formations, cave creatures, the waterfall, and more! contact us.

  16. Cave Tours

    Missouri, long known as the "Cave State," has almost 6,400 caves, and Missouri State Parks showcases four of the best for public tours. The four are Onondaga Cave and Cathedral Cave at Onondaga Cave State Park, Fisher Cave at Meramec State Park, and Ozark Caverns at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. Many of the wild caves used by bats in the state park system are temporarily

  17. Mark Twain Cave Complex

    We highly recommend the cave tour to all. And we hope you're lucky enough to get David for your guide. Dan Peterson . July 1, 2023. Lake was an awesome cave tour guide!! Best "dad jokes" ever!! Kacie McCaughey . July 1, 2023. Lakyn was amazing!! she answered our questions and told us some amazing stories about the caves!! Her jokes were top ...

  18. Bonne Terre Mine

    Take a combined boat and walking tour through the Bonne Terre Mine - a five level underground world created by St. Joe Lead Company from 1862 to 1963. It is now the home to the world's largest subterranean lake! The guided tour will descend to 200 feet below the earth where you will learn about the history of mining in Southern Missouri - once ...

  19. Guided Cave Tours

    The Historic Lantern Tour (summer only) is a 1930's style adventure. Visitors, carrying lanterns provided by the Monument, enter and exit the cave through the historic entrance. This tour is considered strenuous and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. The tour route is ~ 1/2 mile and includes steep, narrow steps (about 600).

  20. 8 Fascinating Caves In Idaho

    Craters of the Moon is an unearthly, apocalyptic reserve in Central Idaho roughly the size of Rhode Island. Formed from ancient lava flows, there are over 400 documented caves in the area, ranging from lava tubes and fissure caverns, to rare weathering caves, some of which require more equipment to traverse than others. although only 5 are open to the public without a permit as boulders, ice ...

  21. Prohibition Cave Tours

    Adventure: Wanderlust Tours is the premier destination for cave tours in Bend, Oregon! Join us on this epic subterranean tour on Bend's ponderosa pine-studded high desert. Our renowned naturalist guides will highlight sweet bits of these cool caverns that might not initially meet the eye. Naturalist Guided Experience: In 1916, Oregon ...

  22. Ice Cave

    Read our transparency report to learn more. This 'cave' is basically what has formed when condensation has frozen along cables forming a cave shape. The floor is black rubber matting, so your feet dont get cold. Our tickets said we could be inside for 20 minutes, but the guide wanted us to leave after 15 minutes.