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Featured Collection: Outdoor Toys

Cocomelon - outdoor adventures with jj - audio play character.

JJ hopes you share her appreciation of the great outdoors! Is it possible to "guess the animal" or determine the number of "duckies" and "little ch...

My Botanical Press

Dried flowers can add a touch of whimsy and beauty to crafts, scrapbooks, and art projects. Dry your own flowers and plants with this easy to use b...


Beautiful tiny shop decorated with five ice cream cornets made of solid wood, extremely tasty and very pleasant. Have fun matching the characters t...

Down to the Sea with Mr Magee pb

Mr. Magee and his dog Dee travel out to sea with enough food for three. But when a single playful whale decides to say hello, what starts off as a ...

Busy Ideas for Bored Kids Outdoor (Petit Collage)

Have you run out of things to keep bored youngsters engaged? Select a card! With 50 entertaining ideas included in a convenient flip-top tin, this ...

LED Head Lamp

Turn night into day with our LED head lamp! With an amazing 7 LED Lights, this lamp is the perfect camping companion. With an adjustable elastic he...

Suitcase The Explorer - Recreational Activity

In the wide range of Moulin Roty’s garden collection, play at being an explorer and discover the amazing nature. This recreational activity toy off...

Collapsible Gellet Depot

The Gel Blaster® Collapsible Ammo Tub allows you to keep a compact storable ammo tub in small spaces that expands and holds up to 15,000 Gellets! T...

Gellet Ammo Pack (10K)

Our no mess, no clean-up Gellets™ burst on impact and evaporate in no time. Gellets™ are colorful, water-based beads that are an all-natural, non-t...

Starfire XL

Get outside and experience play in a whole new way with our original blaster—the Gel Blaster Surge! Surge uses water-based Gellets®. Rechargeable, ...

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mini zoo safari

The Best Small Zoos In America

mini zoo safari

One place you can visit and expect the same kind of fun but always get a different experience is the zoo. Every park offers different local wildlife and an ecosystem. There is a lot more to zoos than a place where people go to see creatures they won't in an urban environment . They are also often what preserves wildlife and informs people, especially children, of unique life in unpopulated parts of the world.

Buttonwood Park Zoo, Massachusetts

This ten-acre zoo, the 12th oldest in the country, is located in the center of Buttonwood Park. It is home to black bears, mountain lions, river otters , bald eagles, seals, elephants...and a lot of friendly farm animals that the kids will love to meet.

Bearizona Wildlife Park, Arizona

Fancy a safari in Arizona ? This is where you go. The park offers drive-through experience. You can see wolves, bears, bison, mountain goats, to name a few, in their natural habitat from the comfort of your car. Visitors are allowed to enjoy the park at their own pace.

Alaska Zoo in Anchorage

The zoo is located on 25 acres of the Anchorage Hillside. The zoo opened in 1969 (then the Alaska Children's Zoo) as a place to care for orphaned and injured wildlife in Alaska . You'll see brown and black bears, polar bears, wolverines, flying squirrel, Amur tiger, snow leopards, and many more.

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm, Tennessee

The barnyard environment is nestled in a 140 acre foothills setting. You can walk among them and hand-feed these delicate animals. Interact with camels, kangaroos, zebra, goats, reindeer, Rocky Mountain Elk, deer, miniature horses, and more. Horse lovers will also get a chance to ride their own horse .

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Texas

The 400-acre safari park on the northern outskirts of San Antonio is one of Texas' most recognized family attractions . The safari trek covers miles of the scenic Texas Hill Country. Walk-a-bout on the wild side and get up close giraffes. Don't miss the Lemur Island, the habitat of the Ring-tailed lemurs native of Madagascar.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores

You'll get a chance to see about 600 exotic animals including lions, tigers, reptiles, kangaroos...There is also a petting zoo along with seasonal animal encounters and many interactive animal shows . The Mining Sluice is the newest attraction. See fossils, gems and minerals at the station.

Lion Country Safari, Florida

This is Florida's only drive-through safari. The walk-through amusement park is located on over 600 acres in Palm Beach County. Enjoy encounters, animal feeding experiences, 5 rides, and a water sprayground.

Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania

The 42-acre garden takes care of over 1,300 animals, many of them rare and/or endangered . The zoo is introducing the first-ever Wild Nights. On July 17 and July 31 adults can get a beer or seasonal cocktail while journeying through the campus. You will also enjoy animal meet-and-greets, keeper chats, music, and dancing.

Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota

The Roosevelt Park Zoo, established in 1920, is home to more than 200 mammals, birds, and reptiles from all around the globe. The Japanese serow and African penguins are a hit, especially with the kids .

San Diego Zoo Safari, California

Caravan, cheetah, cart, jungle ropes, flightline, behind-the-scenes, roar & snore, ultimate safari...Your options for going on a safari are seemingly endless. The San Diego 3-for-1 Pass is valid for one visit per attraction—three total visits—by the same person on any and all days.

Wagon Trails Animal Park in Ohio

Visit this nice 60-acre park, founded in 2000, to see free-roaming wildlife. There is also a petting zoo and aviary. The park, which was featured in USA TODAY'S "10 Great Places for a North American Safari," takes pride in the fact that animals occupy acres-large enclosures rather than small pens like at traditional zoos.

Bayou Pierre Alligator Park in Natchitoches, Louisiana

You are invited to explore the world of the American Alligator. The 8-acre park is an authentic Cajun countryside . Enjoy Cajun music, cuisine, the world-famous Louisiana "Joie de Vivre" and gators! You can feed, touch, and even take picture with them.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo in Big Bear Lake, California

This is one of two Alpine zoos in the country. It's known for its rehab and release of local Alpine species, offering injured, orphaned and imprinted wild animals a safe home. The zoo has a grizzly bear exhibit. The zoo is located in the San Bernardino National Forest at an elevation of 7,140 feet.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is the highest zoo in the country located at an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level. It's also America's only mountain zoo. There are more than 30 species of endangered animals . The most popular animals are probably the giraffes. You can hand-feed them!

The Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka

The zoo, established in 1980, is located on 17 acres, bordering the Tongass National Forest and the Indian River. It provides medical treatment to 100- 200 injured bald eagles and other birds. The other goal is to teach people about the state's birds and environmental conservation.

Bear Country USA in South Dakota

This is a seasonal drive-through wildlife park when you can drive and see wolves, black bears, mountain lions , elk, to name a few. The 20 species of North American mammals roam in large natural exhibits. Larger species live freely throughout 250 acres park.

National Zoological Park, Washington, D.C.

Not that small, but it's worth a mention. The Smithsonian's National Zoo, which is often simply referred to as the National Zoo, is one of the capitals' most popular tourist attractions . It is always free of charge and open 364 days a year. This is one of the oldest zoos in the entire country.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Nebraska

Not so small, but it's certainly among the very best. Enjoy 160 acres of exhibits and gardens including seven acres of indoor exhibits. Thousands of animals from around the world await. The zoo is home to the world's largest indoor desert, the Desert Dome. It is located under the world's largest glazed geodesic dome, and has become a landmark for Omaha .

Opening Times

mini zoo safari

Mini-keeper experience

Animals & Experiences > Animal Experiences > Mini-keeper experience

Inspire your little ones with our mini-keeper experience

Our mini-keeper experience is designed to give families with younger children an interactive hands-on experience with some of our animals at Pet’s Farm. You’ll get to cuddle our guinea pigs, brush our friendly Cameroon sheep and feed the cheeky pygmy goats – fun for all ages.

  • 30-minute experience
  • Family experience for ages 3+
  • Maximum of five people (at least one adult per group)
  • Guided tour of Pet’s Farm

On this half-hour experience at Pet’s Farm, you’ll get to meet a selection of our domesticated animals, learning about their care and what they eat, and getting a chance to pet and feed them. This is also a great option for those with learning difficulties or disabilities as it’s a very sensory experience.

We only offer one mini-keeper experience a day for up to five people. This is to ensure our animals stay nice and relaxed and aren’t overwhelmed by too many visitors. Although our Cameroon sheep are so friendly, we’re sure they wouldn’t mind being groomed all day!

Mini-keeper experience: what to expect

You’ll be hands on with a number of different animals, including guinea pigs, sheep and pygmy goats, so please remember to wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. Here’s a sample of what you might be doing:

mini zoo safari

Cuddling the guinea pigs

You’ll spend 10 minutes petting our family of friendly guinea pigs. Listen out for their chirruping sounds – that means they’re enjoying themselves!

mini zoo safari

Grooming the Cameroon sheep

Your chance to get to know our charming Cameroon sheep. With hair instead of fleece, these characters are really friendly and will stand all day and let you brush them. It’s very therapeutic too!

mini zoo safari

Feeding the pygmy goats

Our cheeky pygmy goats are always a bit hit. You’ll help to feed them in their enclosure and there’s usually some baby ones to play with too. They’re always up to mischief.

Pet’s Farm – the main characters

Meet the Pets’ Farm family – it’s quite a mix of characters, so there’s never a dull moment down on the farm!

mini zoo safari

Goatzilla, Leonardo di CapriGoat, Ryan Goatling and Vincent Van Goat

As well as having excellent names, our Anglo-Nubian goats are skilled escape artists and always planning their next mission.

mini zoo safari

Thelma and Louise

These two Kunekune pigs like nothing better than a scratch behind the ears. And who said pigs smell? Take a sniff, these ladies smell like maple syrup and celery!

mini zoo safari

Our beautiful donkey. She loves the alpacas and is always trying to join their gang.

mini zoo safari

She may be small but, at 25 years old, this pocket-rocket Shetland pony rules Pets’ Farm with a rod of iron.

mini zoo safari

Despite being a responsible mum, this pygmy goat likes to break the rules. You’ll often spot her climbing on her hayrack to reach her food.

mini zoo safari

Steveo and Pippa

Altogether now… ‘awwww’! These baby alpacas were born last year and with all that fluff they really are the cutest duo.

Why are Cameroon Sheep so hairy?

Cameroon sheep have a thick, hairy coat instead of a curly fleece. The thick undercoat helps to keep them warm in the winter months and they shed this in the spring. So when you groom them, you’ll be helping them to get rid of their unwanted winter hair. They really love this and will sometimes fall asleep whilst you’re brushing them!

Why do guinea pigs sing?

Like us, guinea pigs are very sociable animals and communicate with each other in their own language – a combination of chirps, chattering and whistles. Some of their calls even  sound like they’re singing. They tend to get very excited and vocal around feeding time!

Our animal education team

All mini-keeper experiences will be hosted by a member of our education team. They’ll be able to give you lots of fun facts about our animals, and help everyone in your group to enjoy close-contact with some of our friendliest animals in this safe environment.

Our animals: Let’s learn

Listen to our keeper talks, visit our animal-cams, view all animal experiences, buy a gift voucher, plan your visit, newsletter signup.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with latest park news, updates on the animals and events.

mini zoo safari


What can you do at cebu safari & adventure park.

Come and experience the thrill and excitement of the WILD. From tigers to the species of the African Savanna, to meerkats and apes, and from the vast orchid collection in Michel’s Garden to the Gardens of the world, connect with animals and nature and learn how you can help conserve the planet.

The Park also caters to adventure seekers! Dare to conquer one of the longest and highest Ziplines in the country at 1.3 kms. long and 671 m. above sea level, ride on the Giant Swing, and cycle your way in the sky with our Sky Bike. Get your gear on and ride mountainous terrain with our ATV, too.

African Savanna Experience

White lion safari, safari camp.

mini zoo safari


Get ready for CBM 2022’s GO Race Cebu: The Great Safari Experience on July 30!

Get ready for CBM 2022’s GO Race Cebu: The Great Safari Experience on July 30!

by Cebu Safari | Jul 21, 2022 | What's New

You are probably aware that going on safari is not like any other holiday you may have taken…it’s really more! This is possibly what every delegate is thinking right now before the big day – July 30!  Organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry...

Run in the company of wild animals in Go Race Cebu: The Great Safari Experience on July 30

Run in the company of wild animals in Go Race Cebu: The Great Safari Experience on July 30

CEBU CITY, Philippines — How does running in the wild while being watched by elephants, tigers, impalas, and other exotic animals feel? Running enthusiasts will get the rare chance to answer this question in the unique and fun-filled Go Race Cebu: The Great Safari...

Running Wild: Go Race at Cebu Cebu Safari

Running Wild: Go Race at Cebu Cebu Safari

Get ready to run, carry, and crawl through the lush hills of Carmen at the Go Race Cebu happening on July 30, 2022. Have you ever wanted to run through the jungle with the wind in your hair and the sand at your feet, as Savage Garden did? You can on July 30, 2022 at...

Park Schedule:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Open Everyday and Holidays (last entry/selling of tickets at 1:30 PM)

Expanded African Savanna

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM Open Everyday

Open Everyday 1:45 PM

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Open Everyday

mini zoo safari


Don’t get lost, get your own copy of our safari map.

mini zoo safari


Bring the whole gang or family and enjoy, gardens of the world, atv driving trails, thrill rides, food and restaurants.

mini zoo safari


Want to take a quick peek.

mini zoo safari


mini zoo safari


Hear what everyone has to say.

Review ★★★★★

“It’s really a good spot to bring your family for a day. My kids loved it. The spacing is good enough that you can walk around, but there are shuttles. Beware you can’t bring food in, even snacks for your kids. I guess they think you might feed the food to the animals. They have a food restaurants strategically along the pathway. So be sure to bring some cash with you incase you get hungry or thirsty, which you will.”

– Tony Stanyer

“Money well spent! The place is well-maintained, staff are nice and there are lots of cool animals to see! Everyone should consider this as part of the itinerary when they visit Cebu.”

– Keith Laganao

“The park may be far from the city, but the experience is worth it. It is designed beautifully, very organized, and clean. The landscape is so awesome. There are so many restaurants placed in strategic locations. The staffs are professional and very friendly. Experiencing the place will be an experience of a lifetime.”

– Mark & Maolyn Diongco

“We had great experience with nature here. Seeing the animal’s habitat and had some facts along the ways is a good way of knowing them. Had witnessed the birdshow and its fantastic. I wanna go back here next year.”

– Christian Philip

“To enjoy and appreciate this park fully get a tour guide. You won’t regret it”

– Edwin Grajo

“I was really amazed by the enormity of the venue. The animals are well maintained and the variety is amazing. Even though, it is lacking some animal shows, like in Singapore or Hong Kong, but I was assured that it is coming. The orchids garden is also attractive with so many species.”

– James Rockwell

“Want a safari adventure? Then this is the place to go. With so many animals to view, lions, zebras, orangutans and many more. They also have a flower garden, orchid garden, bird show and many more. Don’t worry about the food, they have plenty of restaurants. Now, they have new adventure rides, like the zipline, sky bicycle and the ATV trail ride.”

– Joel Borga

This is one of the best zoos in the world! I’m amazed and impressed by the quality of the place and the health of the animals. Such a rare jewel in the Philippines. I’d say this is a must see if you’re visiting Cebu and have had your fill of beach days.

– Marcy Babor

“Truly worth the travel and worth the pay! Everything was in proper order and I so love the place and the animals of course I love how me and my family enjoyed our trip here! “

– Ebeb Gen

As a Canadian who has been to many zoos in the world (Toronto metro zoo, Canada, Artis in the Netherlands, Berlin zoo, Germany to name a few ) Cebu Safari & Adventure Park ranks up there with the best of them. I’ve been there twice and will be going back again. Beautiful zoo and gardens. Do yourself a favor and just GO!!!

Just want to commend the management. It was a beautiful experience for the entire family. To start with, you have courteous employees in the field, and they seem to love their job. The animals are healthy and looks well fed. It was indeed beyond our expectation. Looking forward to more animals and more activities and events ahead. Happy New Year!

In fairness, the safety and hygiene protocols as well as the service at the Cebu Safari were impressive.

Even if it’s not my first time, the park always offers a unique experience bcoz I never know what the “residents” will be doing…Sometimes they show up, other times not; some put on a show, others sit still like statues (haha)..I don’t get tired of looking at the giraffes feeding… or the birds preening… I wonder where the camels are at, and why the snakes have taken a back stage. I just wish there were more educational talks, even recorded ones…Oh well, but I do love the place so much! Thanks!

We really enjoy touring the whole Cebu Safari…Despite the Pandemic we had given the chance to visit the most amazing place in our neighboring town…All the staff are very accommodating…All of us had enjoy especially the kids…I would definitely recommend this place as one of the best place to visit…???

Service was impeccable. Kudos to their staffs especially at the camp area and reception. The place was also amazingly clean. Old and young can come together and enjoy mother nature at its fullest.

Staff – 10/10 customer service Place – 10/10 Stuff to learn – 10/10 The fauna – well managed and well treated The flora – superb! Salute to the landscape work Experience – awesome

We are definitely coming back and will tag along more people with us


mini zoo safari


Terms & Conditions

Return & Refund Policy

Get Tickets! Book An Accomodation

A happy couple holding a white flowers in the garden

Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World is a beautiful tunnel garden featuring different kinds of plants from all over the world. You can see flora, landscapes, and representations of the seven continents, that’s why it’s called Gardens of the World! For North America flora representation, there are cacti and succulents. There is also a replica of the famous Iguazu falls for South America. Appreciating European culture, there are statues of Roman Gods and Goddesses you can see inside the garden. To represent the flora of Africa, there are cape leadwort and asparagus ferns, among others. There is also a Japanese Garden featuring bonsai trees and pagodas, representing Asia. Lastly, Antarctic flora consists of mosses and ferns which are also featured in the Gardens of the World.

Violet orchids with other kinds on its back

Michel's Garden

Michel’s Garden is a flora walking trail showcasing a vast orchid garden and featuring Senyorito’s 40-year-old orchid collection. Phalaenopsis, vanda strap-leaf, debdrobium, and oncidium are just a few types of the one million orchids you can see at the garden. For plantsmen, different types of plants and orchids are also available for purchase at Michel’s Garden.

mini zoo safari

African Savanna

Experience the thrill of an African safari ride! For the first time in the country, get up close and personal with zebras and African antelopes in this unique safari ride. Take the vehicle tour inside the African Savanna, and witness these animals in their habitat.

Operating hours: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Beautiful birds being feed by the keeper in the stainless pan

See Cebu Safari birds in action!

You can see various birds on the stage: from the friendly macaws, chattering lories, and African crowned crane to raptures like Philippine sea eagle, Philippine owl, and Philippine hawk. See their tricks and talents, and know more about our aviary friends at the Bird Show.

1:45 PM Daily.

mini zoo safari

Meet the king of the wild!

Meet our white lions all the way from France and Germany. Take the enclosed safari truck and enjoy the 15-minute ride in the white lion’s habitat.

Cut-off for tickets: 1:30 PM Operating Hours:  09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Pick-up Points: Basecamp and Orangutown

mini zoo safari

Petting Zoo

Kids, have a chance to pet our baby farm animals! Meet and greet with our baby goats and cows, ducks, rabbits, and more.

Operating hours: 09:00 AM - 12:00 NN; 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

mini zoo safari

Animal Feeding

Check out how our keepers feed the safari animals. Currently, we have feeding schedules for our giraffes, white Bengal tigers, and orange Bengal tigers.

Orange Bengal tiger feeding is at 10:30 AM White Bengal tiger feeding is at 2:30 PM Giraffe feeding is at 3:00 PM

mini zoo safari

  • Essex County
  • Zoological Society of New Jersey

Turtle Back Zoo


Mini Golf Safari

Open weekends only, no advanced ticket sales. tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. tickets can be purchased at the hut. cash and credit accepted., please note safari mini golf is not part of zoo admission., saturdays & sundays | 10am – 7pm.


*Course may close due to inclement weather Dates update in June.

Located on the corner of Cherry Lane and Northfield Ave in West Orange, NJ, the Essex County Safari MiniGolf is an award-winning 19-hole course. Experience a taste of Africa as you putt around a life size gorilla, hippo and many other African creatures.

Vending machines are located around the hut to the right of the Ticketing Windows. Restrooms are available.

mini zoo safari

Award winning 19-hole course

Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 7pm

Adults: $14 Children: $12 Seniors: $12

For MiniGolf birthday parties or for more information, please call #973-731-5800 x221 during zoo operating hours.

9 Cherry Lane West Orange, NJ 07052

Turtle Back Zoo

Safari Mini-Camps

Members: $49 per child per camp

Non-Members: $53 per child per camp

  • Early Care: $10 per child per camp
  • Late Care: $10 per child per camp
  • Cancellation Fee: $10 per child per camp
  • Transfer Fee: $10 per child per camp

* All cancellations and transfers must be made via e-mail to Denver Zoo’s Guest Care Center at [email protected] at least 5 business days before the date of the camp. Within 4 business days, all sales are final.

Dates and times.

Each camp runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Early Care and/or Late Care can be added to extend a camper’s day.

Early Care - 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Late Care - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Registration - will open in early october 2019!

  • Parents/Guardians must register their own child(ren), using their own account, to participate in Safari Camp.
  • Members must log-in as members to receive the discount. If you are a member and have never logged in before, use MEMBER LOOK UP to set your password and contact information.
  • If you are not a member, you must SET UP AN ACCOUNT .

Important Information

Download the 2020-2021 Mini-Camp Important Information PDF to ensure you are ready for camp.


Scholarships are available through Denver Zoo’s Access to Awe Scholarship Fund. Please apply for financial assistance when registering online.

Questions or concerns? Contact our Guest Care Center at 720-337-1400 or e-mail  [email protected] .

Program Information


All 2019-2020 camps will allow campers to build solutions to challenges based on Denver Zoo animals, their exhibits, and their native habitats!

November 25: Creature Challenges

Zoo animals need enrichment, toys, and games just like children! Can your camper come up with ways to help animals learn, grow, and play?

Focus: Pre-K - otters; K-1st - snakes; 2nd-3rd - elephants

Daily Schedules: Coming soon!

Register: Coming Soon!

November 26: Creature Comforts

Sometimes, to keep an animal healthy, all it needs is a bit of TLC. Help the Zoo provide that Tender Loving Care and keep all its creatures comfortable and happy!

Focus: Pre-K - primates; K-1st - birds; 2nd-3rd - birds

Register: Coming soon!

November 27: Creature Construction

Denver Zoo has some pretty amazing enclosures, but even animals can sometimes use a little home improvement! Can your camper become an exhibit designer by constructing some unique solutions to help our residents?

Focus: Pre-K - cape buffalo; K-1st - elephants; 2nd-3rd - elephants and tigers

December 26: Play Date at Denver Zoo

Animals at the Zoo have fun in many ways! We take play seriously, and need your camper to help create new forms of engagement for animals and humans alike!

Focus: Pre-K - elephants; K-1st - primates; 2nd-3rd - primates

December 27: Training - How to Train Your (Zoo) Animal

Positive reinforcement is the perfect training method for primates, pachyderms, and parrots! Training animals can be challenging and requires a lot of patience and problem solving. Are you up for the challenge?

Focus: Pre-K - primates; K-1st - Rudy the Rhino; 2nd-3rd - Animal Ambassadors

December 30, 31 and January 2, 3: Happy, Healthy Zoo (Day 1, 2, 3, 4)

With more than 3,000 creatures at Denver Zoo, there's a lot that goes into keeping our animals happy and healthy. Campers join in on the fun and complete challenges that make any animal's day better! This is a unique opportunity for campers to do what our keepers and vets do - innovate to provide care at the highest level. Each camp day brings a new challenge and new animals. Join us for a single day to 'scratch the surface' or join us for all four days to become an animal care expert!

Dec. 30 Focus: Pre-K - snakes; K-1st - king cobra; 2nd-3rd - orangutans

Dec. 31 Focus: Pre-K - birds; K-1st - elephants; 2nd-3rd - giraffes

Jan. 2 Focus: Pre-K - llamas; K-1st - penguins; 2nd-3rd - tropical fish

Jan. 3 Focus: Pre-K -  rhinos and guinea pigs; K-1st - cape buffalo; 2nd-3rd - tigers

March 24, 25, 26 - Call of the Wild (Day 1, 2, 3)

March 31, april 1, 2 (classes repeat) - call of the wild (day 1, 2, 3).

Communication is just as important for Denver Zoo's smallest residents as it is for our largest! Campers explore exactly what animals can tell each other (and us!). How do sights, scents, and sounds call attention to predators or their prey? And how can animals use this to avoid becoming lunch?

Join us for a single day or all three as we 'talk' with the animals!

Mar. 24 (& Mar. 31) Focus: Pre-K - amphibians; K-1st - monkeys; 2nd-3rd - macaws and monkeys

Mar. 25 (& Apr. 1) Focus: Pre-K - elephants and primates; K-1st - cheetahs and clouded leopards; 2nd-3rd - scorpions and raptors

Mar. 26 (& Apr. 2) Focus: Pre-K - reptiles; K-1st - crocodiles and okapis; 2nd-3rd - nature play

Daily Schedules: Coming Soon!

Image Gallery

mini zoo safari

Looking for Summer Safari?

Click below to learn all about the Denver Zoo Summer Safari!


What is the educational focus for safari mini-camps.

Our top priorities are safety, education, and fun. While zoo exploration/tours and animal encounters/demos are still the core of our programs, the camps staff are taking a different look at how the campers learn, explore, and engage while at Denver Zoo. The instructors will be utilizing inquiry-based, camper-driven approaches to learning in Mini-Camps.

Why do camps require campers work with and attempt to resolve actual challenges faced by Denver Zoo keepers and animals?

We want to provide children real and meaningful challenges -- and what better challenges than ones we actually face? This helps provide some insider information to the children as they discover how much goes into providing the incredible level of care Denver Zoo commits to. Additionally, the campers get to experience science in action and do the same types of things that keepers, vets, and Denver Zoo staff do. This method helps your children build critical thinking and problem solving skills in the real world. More importantly, this approach gives campers the chance to really get to know animals personally and build empathy for Denver Zoo's residents in a way that is not yet possible through a typical zoo visit.

Why did Denver Zoo decide to move to an inquiry-based model for its Mini-Camps?

In the Denver Zoo Learning Experiences Department, we place great value on designing and implementing programs that reflect best practices in teaching and learning. This means a reflective approach to assessing our existing programs as well, where we consistently seek opportunities to revise and move the bar that much higher. We are deeply influenced by research into inquiry, constructivist learning, and the power of learner-driven experiences. We knew our campers loved attending our Mini-Camps, and we're confident they walked away with some real inspiration. But we saw Mini-Camps as a perfect opportunity to open up the learning even more to students -- to provide genuine experiences for children to let their curiosity drive their learning. A supportive camp setting can be an ideal space for genuine inquiry. And so we are super excited to see what our Mini-Camp's young learners come up with this season.

What are the benefits of this type of education?

We know from the research that student-driven learning is the most impactful for genuine learning, for long-term knowledge and skill retention and growth. When we utilize inquiry in our programming, students have the opportunity to experience an authentic scientific process -- from observation and questioning to making predictions and constructing means to seek answers. This is real science, and much more powerful for students than memorizing a simplistic scientific method, the way old-fashioned classrooms used to have them do.

Why does Denver Zoo focus on education instead of just animal welfare?

At Denver Zoo, our mission is inspiring communities to save wildlife for future generations. And while we pride ourselves on our world-class animal care and husbandry, we also recognize the enormous task in impacting human understanding about animals, the environment and our relationship to both. Denver Zoo's education programs are a terrific opportunity for us to inform and inspire new generations of environmental stewards and scientifically literate citizens.

What does all of this mean?

Inquiry-based means the campers will be investigating, searching, and solving problems. They will seek answers or information and use their critical thinking skills to gather data, use their senses to make observations, problem-solve, engineer solutions, and build a deeper understanding. Student-driven means that while staff will still be facilitating the programs, the direction in which the learning goes really depends on the campers – they will be using their own interests and passion to drive their experiences. This allows campers to construct a better grasp a broader understanding of the zoo, animals, the environment, and their connections to the larger world.

So what would my child do in a Mini-Camp?

It will be different for each group, based on the specific challenge being explored, age of the group, interests of the campers, and more. Instead of instructors sharing facts or telling the campers information, the instructor will ask questions and guide campers to discover the answers. When out in the zoo, campers will make observations and gather information to help them solve their challenge and engage in scientific arguments from evidence. Campers will have more time to more fully examine and explore their challenge, the zoo, experience animals up-close, and synthesize their learning through nature play and engineering solutions.

How is this different than Mini-Camps from years past?

Campers will be learning through doing and have more of say in how and what they learn. A typical day would see campers use everything they do that day, from zoo exploration and animal experiences to design blocks and group time, to solve their daily challenge. If something is constructed and sent home, it will be something the camper felt he or she needed to build in order to solve their given challenge. If your camper brings something home, ask them to tell you about it!

Animal Academy

Safari camps.

mini zoo safari

View Experiences

Click to view park map, view admission.

mini zoo safari

Home to over 1,700 Animals

Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari is home to over 1,700 animals and 229 species! A visit to the Giraffe Serengeti brings you close enough to one of the tallest mammals in the world. When the giraffe leans down to nibble out of your hand, they might steal a kiss from you instead! 

Open Date: 

Open for the season on April 27th at 9am

mini zoo safari

What’s happening at the zoo:

mini zoo safari

Explorers (half days)

Ages: 4-5 year old’s

June 10th- 13th, 2024

mini zoo safari

Trail Blazers ( full days )

Group is full.

Ages: 6-8 year old’s

June 17th-20th, 2024

mini zoo safari

Rangers (full days)

Ages: 9-10 year old’s

June 24th-27th, 2024

mini zoo safari

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mini zoo safari

The 10 Best Zoos in America to Visit This Summer

Planning a family vacation this summer? Add on a pitstop at a zoo to create a fun immersive itinerary for the whole family.

Dorian Smith-Garcia • May 14, 2024

mini zoo safari

For many Americans, one of the earliest memories people have of childhood family outings is a trip to the local zoo. There’s something nostalgic about spending time marveling at exotic animals and in some cases, getting up close and personal with them. While most people have probably visited the local zoo in their city, these world-famous venues also make for great attractions when traveling to new places. If you’re staying on America’s shores, here are 10 iconic zoos to add to your itinerary. 

San Diego Zoo (San Diego, CA)

mini zoo safari

Sunny California is a popular destination, but the San Diego Zoo is world-renowned for good reason. The San Diego Zoo is best known for its open-air cageless exhibits. Most importantly, this zoo is one of the few located outside of China that is home to Giant Pandas. For a real thrill, guests can also visit their sister site, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for their popular 2-hour safari park rides. This excursion offers a closer look at African and Asian big animals while riding in a covered open-air truck. 

Indianapolis Zoo (Indianapolis, IN)

mini zoo safari

Most people only talk about Indy (as it’s called by locals) when discussing the Indianapolis 500 — one of the biggest racing events of the year. But this city is also home to the Indianapolis Zoo. While not as large as other zoos across the US, this one offers a chance to swim up close and personal with the dolphins. For more adventurous visitors, opt for the Indianapolis Zoo’s animal artist excursion that allows people to paint works of art with select animals like elephants, dolphins, rhinos, penguins and seals and the help of zookeepers.

Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle, WA)

mini zoo safari

For a zoo that’s swimming in accolades, don’t miss Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. This is the second most awarded zoo in North America. Especially for travelers that prefer authenticity in their excursions, the Woodland Park Zoo should be at the top of the list. This particular zoo focuses on recreating the natural habitats for the animals that call Woodland Park home. Check out the African Savannah where zebras and other native animals roam freely. And older travelers can enjoy Brew at the Zoo , an immersive craft beer tasting event.

The Bronx Zoo (Bronx, NY)

mini zoo safari

The Bronx is known as a cultural zeitgeist that gave society Hip Hop and the Yankees. But the Boogie Down Bronx is actually where the largest metropolitan zoo in the world is located. Set on 265 acres of land in the northernmost borough in New York City, The Bronx Zoo is home to over 6,000 animals that enjoy painstakingly recreated natural habitats. Get up in the air with the Nature Trek exhibit which is a safe climbing activity that allows visitors to get an aerial view of the grounds. Little ones will enjoy the daily penguin and seal interactive feedings. The Bronx Zoo is located across Pelham Parkway from the New York Botanical Gardens, making this a great all-day activity. 

St. Louis Zoo (St. Louis, MO)

mini zoo safari

Most people would never guess that the star of the St. Louis Zoo is a polar bear. Of all the animals from the 600 species housed here, Kali the polar bear is a fan favorite. His home, a 40,000-square-foot habitat, is one of the most popular exhibits in the zoo. Beyond the exhibits, the St. Louis Zoo is well known for its efforts in animal conservation, management, research, and education. 

Living Desert Zoo (Palm Desert, CA)

mini zoo safari

Can a desert be exciting? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by visiting the Living Desert Zoo . Fans of niche zoos will find this one particularly ideal as it is a grassy oasis that focuses exclusively on plant and animal life that’s native to desert regions. Plant lovers will appreciate the 50 gardens situated throughout the park dedicated to desert specific flora. 

Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha, NE)

mini zoo safari

Omaha might seem like an unlikely place for a popular zoo but don’t sleep on the plains states. The Henry Doorly Zoo is prepared to blow visitors’ minds with its unique exhibits.. This zoo has recreated the American southwestern Sonoran Desert, Africa’s Namib Desert and Australia’s Red Center Desert to serve as a habitat for animals indigenous to those regions. When you’re tired of the desert, visit Kingdoms of the Night which is the world’s largest nocturnal animal exhibit. 

Cincinnati Zoo (Cincinnati, OH)

mini zoo safari

Some people prefer zoos with a historical angle. For this type of visitor, the Cincinnati Zoo is ideal as it’s one of the oldest running zoos in the U.S. Opened in 1894, this zoo is best known as being home to some of the world’s most endangered species such as the Malayan tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros, and Masai giraffes to name a few. 

Pittsburgh Zoo (Pittsburgh, PA)

mini zoo safari

Fans of a two-for-one deal will love the Pittsburgh Zoo. It is a must-see because it’s a rare combination with a zoo and an aquarium. This zoo is organized by thematic exhibits. Set on 77 acres of land, the Pittsburgh Zoo is perfect for children because it emphasizes interactive activities. Adults will appreciate the numerous sip & learn events on the zoo’s calendar. 

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

mini zoo safari

If Washington, D.C. is on the travel lineup, try to carve out time to check out the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Also known simply as the National Zoo , animal preservation is a key tenet and the organization has been caring for protected species for over 100 years. Beyond caring for animals on the endangered or vulnerable lists, the zoo also works to treat animal diseases which can also threaten animal populations. Highlights here include the Elephant Community Center and the Kid’s Farm Exhibit which is essentially a petting zoo where tots can feed farm animals. 

Honorable Mention Zoos 

With a country as large as the United States, it’s impossible to limit the best zoos to a top 10 list. However, it’s also unrealistic to create an article that’s impossibly long to read. The zoos listed above are known for their biodiversity and usually center conservation or create an immersive environment for people to learn about the animals in their care. However, here’s a quick list of zoos that should be considered because of their unique location or niche focus. 

  • The Alaska Zoo
  • Fort Worth Zoo
  • The Houston Zoo
  • Busch Gardens Tampa
  • The Columbus Zoo
  • Audubon Zoo New Orleans
  • Brevard Zoo

Get Up Close and Personal with the Animals

Zoos are fun for all ages and a great way to create an immersive learning experience for everyone. Whether they’re the anchor excursion or an add-on to round out an itinerary, it’s a great way to spend time in a laid back environment while also learning a thing or two about the animals that roam this planet. 

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Open today: 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Buy tickets ›

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Safari Shuttle

Safari Shuttle takes visitors around the zoo.

Daily 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Last trip departs at 3:30 p.m.)

Hop aboard Safari Shuttle for a quick trip from one end of the park to the other. The Safari Shuttle picks up passengers, circles the Zoo, and returns to the main flamingo exhibit near the front entrance. You can get on and off the tram as often as you like at six different stops.

Senior –  $2.00 Handicapped –  $2.00 Child under 2 years old –  Free Child –  $5.00 Adult –  $9.00

  • Date : 05/16/2024 - 12/24/2024
  • Time : 10:00 am - 3:45 pm (America/Los_Angeles)

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Going to the zoo? An area resident has created a way to help families enjoy their visit

For many families, a trip to the zoo is a classic summer activity. An area resident has come up with an app, free through early June, for another way for families to enjoy their trip.

Ron Borkowicz of Appleton, who has worked in health and wellness for most of his career, has a penchant for coming up with new inventions. He's created exercise and physical therapy equipment as well as wellness training courses for businesses and schools.

The Photo Fun Safaris app, a scavenger hunt app for zoos, is his retirement project, Borkowicz said. He came up with the idea of making the app partly to get kids and their families "outside doing something physical" and partly because apps for zoos was a gap he saw in the market.

To make the app, Borkowicz said he spent several years interviewing zoo directors and marketers and app developers. He then designed the app and hired a developer to help bring the app to life.

With this developer, he's made several versions of the app: one for any medium to large U.S. zoo and others for major zoos in El Paso, Staten Island and Milwaukee. One version, however, is tailored to the NEW Zoo, 4378 Reforestation Road, Suamico.

Borkowicz said he has a special love for northeastern Wisconsin, which partially inspired him to make an app just for the NEW Zoo. Many of his family members live in the area, he said, and he tested a prototype of the app at the NEW Zoo. For its part, the NEW Zoo features his app on its website .

How does the Photo Fun Safari app work?

The NEW Zoo scavenger hunt has eight levels suited for young children all the way up to older teens and adults. The easiest levels ask players to find animals in any position, while higher levels ask players to find animals in specific positions or doing specific activities. For example, while the Level 1 safari asks players to take a photo of an alligator, the Level 6 safari asks players to take a photo of an alligator with its mouth open.

Scoring is based on the honor system; the app automatically awards points for any photos taken or uploaded to the gallery. The app also features "animal fun facts" that come from the zoo itself.

The idea, Borkowicz said, is to help keep kids of all ages interested in their trip to a zoo.

"We've gone to the zoos with kids and grandkids," he said. When younger children get to the zoo, he said, they are "really excited, but they lose interest quickly." Older kids, on the other hand, might think they've seen everything before — but Borkowicz said encouraging them to look more closely, plus a little friendly competition, is more likely to hold their interest.

All levels in the NEW Zoo app are free until June 10. Afterward, Borkowicz plans to take a look at the app's data, see "if it's a good product and people like it," and possibly fine-tune its features before making the levels paid. Still, he hopes to keep the app free during springtime to benefit schools.

You can download the NEW Zoo Photo Fun Safari app through Google Play or the iPhone App Store . To find out more about the apps and resources for schools, go to photofunsafaris.com .

Rebecca Loroff is a K-12 education reporter for the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. She welcomes story tips and feedback. Contact her at 920-907-7801 or [email protected]. Follow her on X (formerly Twitter) at @RebeccaLoroff.

Statue of Lenin

mini zoo safari

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Statue of Lenin - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)


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  7. The Best Small Zoos In America

    Visit this nice 60-acre park, founded in 2000, to see free-roaming wildlife. There is also a petting zoo and aviary. The park, which was featured in USA TODAY'S "10 Great Places for a North American Safari," takes pride in the fact that animals occupy acres-large enclosures rather than small pens like at traditional zoos.

  8. Mini Zoo Keeper Experience

    30-minute experience. Family experience for ages 3+. Maximum of five people (at least one adult per group) Guided tour of Pet's Farm. Book a mini-keeper experience. On this half-hour experience at Pet's Farm, you'll get to meet a selection of our domesticated animals, learning about their care and what they eat, and getting a chance to ...

  9. VIGAN TRAVEL: An Interactive Wildlife Adventure at Baluarte Resort and

    Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo is a must-visit spot in the province due to the exciting activities that people of all ages will surely enjoy. Baluarte Zoo, an animal sanctuary in Vigan for an interactive wildlife experience. This hundred-hectare zoological park and resort complex is owned by the former Ilocos governor Luis "Chavit" Singson.

  10. Home

    The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is the premier Safari park in the Philippines located in Northern Cebu. It is over 170-hectare property that features more than a thousand animals from 120 different species, but worry not because you will get yourself a handy-dandy map before the start of your tour. Download Your Map.

  11. Mini Golf Safari

    Mini Golf Safari. OPEN WEEKENDS ONLY. No advanced ticket sales. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. Tickets can be purchased at the Hut. ... please call #973-731-5800 x221 during zoo operating hours. Location. 9 Cherry Lane West Orange, NJ 07052. 560 Northfield Ave. West Orange, NJ 07052 Phone: 973-731-5800 E-Mail: info ...

  12. Safari Mini Camps

    Safari Mini-Camps provide the perfect adventure for campers to discover an affection for animals. Camps feature animal experiences, zoo expeditions, engineering authentic solutions to real-world challenges, and hands-on, camper-driven exploration. All 2017-18 camps will allow campers to work with and resolve actual challenges faced by Denver ...

  13. Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari

    Home to over 1,700 Animals. Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari is home to over 1,700 animals and 229 species! A visit to the Giraffe Serengeti brings you close enough to one of the tallest mammals in the world. When the giraffe leans down to nibble out of your hand, they might steal a kiss from you instead!

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    The best animal figurine store in Australia for Schleich & CollectA. Toy animal figurines, dinosaur models, wooden animals, animal plush toys, animal puppets, small world play accessories plus much more. Family owned since 2009.

  15. The 10 Best Zoos in America to Visit This Summer

    The Bronx Zoo (Bronx, NY) The Bronx is known as a cultural zeitgeist that gave society Hip Hop and the Yankees. But the Boogie Down Bronx is actually where the largest metropolitan zoo in the world is located. Set on 265 acres of land in the northernmost borough in New York City, The Bronx Zoo is home to over 6,000 animals that enjoy ...

  16. Safari Shuttle

    Safari Shuttle. Daily 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Last trip departs at 3:30 p.m.) Hop aboard Safari Shuttle for a quick trip from one end of the park to the other. The Safari Shuttle picks up passengers, circles the Zoo, and returns to the main flamingo exhibit near the front entrance. You can get on and off the tram as often as you like at six ...

  17. Photo Fun Safaris app tailored to the NEW Zoo free through early June

    Contact her at 920-907-7801 or [email protected]. Follow her on X (formerly Twitter) at @RebeccaLoroff. The Photo Fun Safaris app is free to use at the NEW Zoo through June 10.

  18. All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

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    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

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    Elektrostal , lit: Electric and Сталь , lit: Steel) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Population: 155,196 ; 146,294 ...

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