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Auto-play videos, although they may prove convenient, annoy us, mostly, while we search on the internet. The default Apple Web browser, Safari, gives users an option of either allowing a video to play as soon as it opens the page, or not. Though this is an excellent feature aimed at enhancing a user’s experience, not every person appreciates this The next part of the paper will focus on why one would activate or deactivate auto-playing videos in Safari, as well as how these activities can be carried out.

What is Autoplay?

Autoplay is a website feature that allows video or audio to play without user intervention. The goal was to improve the user experience by making content more engaging and interactive. However as autoplay became more widely adopted by websites, users began reporting problems with the feature. These range from the inability to prevent unwanted sounds through sudden bursts of music, and even playing a video or song that was never intended for public viewing.

The main problem with autoplay is that it becomes a distraction. When you go to a website, for example, your intention may be to get certain information or perhaps do something. Autoplaying media turns your attention away and, even more annoying, it’s hard to stop them manually.

One problem with autoplay is that it can be overwhelming. The variety of audio and video available on media-heavy webpages can be tough. Even more so, if you’re using a mobile phone with limited battery power and data capacity.

Why Disable Autoplay?

You may need to disable autoplay for several different reasons. One problem is that autoplay can be annoying if you’re going to a web site full of videos and sound. Second, autoplay uses data and drains your battery life if you’re using a mobile device. Besides being distracting, it can also be annoying. If you’re trying to work in a quiet environment, this could get really on your nerves.

Disabling autoplay can also help protect your privacy. Some websites even use autoplay media to monitor your behavior and collect information about you. If you disable autoplay, websites can’t hoard too much data about yourself.

As a whole, autoplay can be helpful in some situations and it can also become an irritation. If autoplay is getting in your way, though, you might want to kill the feature at its source-in your browser.

Benefits of Enabling/Disabling the Feature:

Benefits of enabling auto-play:.

  • Seamless Experience: It is a crucial element as well since if one wants to watch such videos seamlessly, auto-play is needed in which the video commences playing upon loading of the page and without pressing on any button.
  • Convenience: Users would rather have automatic playback such as some news sites and social networking pages.

Benefits of Disabling Auto-Play:

  • Data Conservation: For instance, a video that auto-plays as it is being downloaded may not be playable for users with limited bands. So this implies that in order to cut down on data usage one needs to turn off auto-play.
  • Reduced Distractions: Some of the users will see it as an obstruction that hinders them from picking a specified set of videos that are relevant to them.

Steps to Enable Auto-Play Videos in Safari:

Step 1: Open Safari Preferences

Go to safari, select “preferences” on the tiptop menu bar and press it.

Step 2: Navigate to Websites

Go to menu bar and click preferences, after that we go to websites tab.

Step 3: Auto-Play Settings


Go to the Left Side and click on Auto-Play.

Step 4: Enable Auto-Play

For the desired site, you will select the “allow all auto play” option.


Step 5: Confirm Changes

To save your preferences, go to “OK” in the Preferences window.

Steps to Disable Auto-Play Videos in Safari:

From there head towards the menu bar and choose “Safari” then “Preferences”.

Click “webs” in the settings page.

On the list beside select Auto-Play.


Step 4: Disable Auto-Play

Choose “shut off medial with audio” to turn off the automatic playing of video on the website.


Next, close the preferences window and you will have saved your settings.

Disabling Autoplay on Safari for iOS:

  • Accessing Safari Settings on iOS:- Open your iOS device and bring up the “Settings” app from the home screen. Keep scrolling until you see Safari, then tap on it. On the right-hand side of your screen, there should now be a list of Safari settings.
  • Stopping Autoplay in Videos and Audio:- Under the “Settings for Websites” section, tap on “Auto-Play.” You’ll now see three options: Allow All Auto-Play, Stop Media with Sound and Never Auto Play selections. To turn off autoplay completely, choose “Never Auto Play.” With this option selected no video or audio content will start playing automatically on any website.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues:- If you’ve followed the steps above but still experience autoplay, there are a few things you can try:
  • Autoplay Still Active After Disabling:- If you still hear autoplay content after disabling it, clear your cache and cookies. However, these files sometimes interfere with Safari’s settings and cause unwelcome behavior.
  • Reset Safari Autoplay Settings to Default:- If it’s still not working, you can reset Safari’s autoplay settings to defaults by going to “Safari” > Preferences>Web sites-AutoPlay and clicking on the Reset Default button in the lower right hand corner of window.


Managing autoplay in Safari for personalizing browsing adventure. They enable people to toggle between two modes – “autopilot” and by-schedule at their convenience. Auto play videos can be enabled or disabled using these simple steps. Safari, travel great and manage it on your own.

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Safari now disables auto-playing videos. here's how to allow them for certain sites.

You're trying to do some reading when you hear it: a video playing somewhere off-screen.

You're trying to do some reading when you hear it: a video playing somewhere off-screen. You curse under your breath, scroll down to find the offending media, then try to find back your place in the article.

It doesn't have to be like this, and Safari 11---one of the new features in High Sierra  that's also available to Sierra and El Capitan users---solves the problem. Safari, which Mac users should be using instead of Chrome anyway , now blocks almost all auto-playing videos with sound by default. You can go a step further and block all auto-playing media on any particular domain.

But what if actually want certain sites to auto-play? Well, by default, YouTube and Facebook do autoplay, so don't worry about those sites. But Vimeo, another prominent video site, does not. To allow auto-playing on other sites, you need to head to that site,then click click Safari > Settings for This Website in the menu bar.

safari video autoplay

This will bring up a window that allows you to toggle site-specific preferences, including autoplaying videos.

safari video autoplay

Click the dropdown next to "Auto-play" and you'll have three choices: Allow All Auto-Play, Stop Media with Sound, and Never Auto-Play.

safari video autoplay

Select the option you want for this particular site, and you're done. Note that you can review all of your configured sites in Safari's preferences, which you'll find by clicking Safari > Preferences in the menu bar. Head to the Websites section, then click Auto-Play in the sidebar.

safari video autoplay

From here, you can change the settings for any site.

Safari User Guide

  • Change your homepage
  • Import bookmarks, history, and passwords
  • Make Safari your default web browser
  • Go to websites
  • Find what you’re looking for
  • Bookmark webpages that you want to revisit
  • See your favorite websites
  • Use tabs for webpages
  • Pin frequently visited websites
  • Play web videos
  • Mute audio in tabs
  • Pay with Apple Pay
  • Autofill credit card info
  • Autofill contact info
  • Keep a Reading List
  • Hide ads when reading articles
  • Translate a webpage
  • Download items from the web
  • Share or post webpages
  • Add passes to Wallet
  • Save part or all of a webpage
  • Print or create a PDF of a webpage
  • Customize a start page
  • Customize the Safari window
  • Customize settings per website
  • Zoom in on webpages
  • Get extensions
  • Manage cookies and website data
  • Block pop-ups
  • Clear your browsing history
  • Browse privately
  • Autofill user name and password info
  • Prevent cross-site tracking
  • View a Privacy Report
  • Change Safari preferences
  • Keyboard and other shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting

safari video autoplay

Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac

Some websites—and others who provide those sites with content, including advertisers—automatically play video when you visit their site. Muting tabs and windows is a quick and temporary solution, but you can permanently block video for an individual website or for all websites.

Open Safari for me

Block video for the currently displayed website

You can also Control-click in the Smart Search field, then choose Settings for This Website.

Hold the pointer to the right of Auto-Play, then click the pop-up menu and choose an option:

Allow All Auto-Play: Lets videos on this website play automatically.

Stop Media with Sound: Blocks autoplay for videos that contain audio, but allows other videos to play.

Never Auto-Play: Blocks autoplay for all videos on this website.

Block video for all websites

Click Auto-Play in the list on the left.

Do any of the following:

Choose settings for a website in the list: Select the website on the right, then choose the option you want for it.

Choose settings for all websites that aren’t currently customized: Click the “When visiting other websites” pop-up menu, then choose an option.

You can see websites you’ve customized under Configured Websites. If you don’t see Configured Websites, either you haven’t customized a website yet, or you’ve cleared the list.

Choose settings for all websites: Make sure no websites are listed under Configured Websites (to clear the list quickly, select the websites, then click Remove). Click the “When visiting other websites” pop-up menu, then choose an option.

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How to Stop Safari from Autoplaying Videos on Mac

safari video autoplay

Most of the time, it isn’t really a big deal when a video automatically starts playing on a website you are visiting. However, if you are in a place where you are expected to be quiet or if you are browsing while on a Zoom call, a video that automatically starts up when you don’t want it can be very disruptive. In this article, we will tell you how you can turn off video autoplay on your Mac.

Quickly mute a Safari tab (Mac) to mute a video

For some websites, if there is a video on one of their pages, it will automatically play when you open that page in your browser. For many websites, the videos you are most likely to encounter are ads. There are ways to quickly but temporarily mute the video sound. This can be useful if you haven’t disabled autoplay; however, muting a video that has already started playing means that you have probably already created a disruption (to your Zoom meeting).

iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, there is no way to mute a Safari tab on your iPhone or iPad. What you can do instead is:

  • Press and hold your volume down button to quickly dial down the volume.
  • Use the video player’s controls: You may need to tap on the video to bring up controls, then press the sound button on the video controls to mute the video. You may also be able to press an X in the corner of the video to close it.
  • Close your Safari app.

On your Mac, you can mute tabs in Safari . To mute unwanted sounds from a webpage in Safari, click on the Audio button in the Safari search field. It will be near the right side of the search field. To choose a particular tab to mute, click on the Audio button on the tab itself.

Disable video autoplay in Safari on Mac

You have the option to disable autoplay for just one website or for all websites.

To open the Auto-Play preferences:

  • Open Safari on your Mac, then go to the top menu bar and Select Safari > Preferences .

safari preferences

  • Click on the Websites tab near the top of the Preferences window. Select Auto-Play from the list on the left side of the window.

safari websties preferences

Block autoplay for all websites

autoplay options menu

  • Allow All Auto-Play
  • Stop Media with Sound
  • Never Auto-Play
  • Choose “Stop Media with Sound” or “Never Auto-Play” to stop videos (with sound) from autoplaying.

Block autoplay for the current website(s)

You can either block or allow autoplay for any particular website, independent of the preferences you have set for other websites.

  • Your autoplay choice will only affect media on that website.

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safari video autoplay

Dr. Stacey Butler is a tech writer at macReports covering news, how-tos, and user guides. She is a longtime Mac and iPhone user and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She is a former faculty member and a math teacher. Here is her LinkedIn profile , Google Scholar profile and her ResearchGate profile . Email Stacey Butler .

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How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari

safari video autoplay

Lee Stanton Lee Stanton is a versatile writer with a concentration on the software landscape, covering both mobile and desktop applications as well as online technologies. Read more March 2, 2021

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When you’re browsing the web via Safari on your Mac or iOS device and a pop-up video or any other audio/visual content starts playing automatically, it can be quite annoying.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari

Not only can it be jarring and make reading a webpage more difficult, but the content can also play at the wrong moment – during a business meeting, for example. Fortunately for all Mac and iOS device users, you can disable this feature and forget about dealing with this issue.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of turning off the autoplay videos feature in Safari and answer several common questions related to the action.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari on Mac

If you’re a Mac user who has Safari as their primary browser, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple has made it possible to manage the autoplay video feature and set it to your preferences.

There’s a caveat, though. Only users of macOS Mojave 10.14 and more recent operating systems have access to the settings that we’ll be explaining below. Here’s what you need to do to stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac:

safari video autoplay

Keep in mind that these steps will stop autoplay for the opened website only. To stop autoplay on all websites, here’s what you need to do:

Now you know how to disable autoplay for only one website or all of them. However, you can also stop autoplay for specific websites in Safari as well. To do that, open the websites in separate tabs in Safari and set the autoplay video preferences for each.

The list of the websites with disabled autoplay will appear under the “Configured Websites” section in the “Auto-Play” menu. However, if your preferences already prevent autoplay on all websites, you’ll need to disable it first.

Another Way to Stop Autoplay Video in Safari on Mac

There is a shortcut to stop the autoplay video feature on Safari on Mac that can come in handy from time to time. It’s especially useful when you know you’re entering a website that typically has audiovisual content that will start immediately. Here’s how it works:

safari video autoplay

You can also choose to “Stop Media with Sound,” which means Safari will stop automatically playing videos that have sound. However, videos without sound will continue to play.

This option is useful when visiting a website you’ve previously never visited before, and you haven’t disabled autoplay for all websites.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari on the iPhone

Approximately half of all internet searches start on a mobile device. And since Safari is the default iPhone browser, it makes sense that many users rely on it for their browsing activity while on the go.

This also means that if you’ve opened a webpage in Safari on iPhone and the audio portion of a video starts blasting right away (on public transportation, for example), that could be quite embarrassing.

Because you never know what you’ll come across when hopping from a new website to another new website on Safari, you can completely disable the feature.

Follow these steps to stop autoplay in Safari on iPhone:

safari video autoplay

That’s all there is to it. However, it’s important to point out that by disabling this feature, you won’t be able to see video previews for any native iPhone app either.

That means you won’t see previews of videos in your camera roll, for example. It also means that if you’re using a third-party app (such as Chrome) for browsing, this setting won’t apply.

Another way to disable autoplay on iPhone is to go to iTunes & App Store, then “Settings,” and turn off the “Video Autoplay” option. Unfortunately, this will in no way affect the autoplay feature in Safari.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari on iPad

For some users, browsing on Safari is much more convenient on an iPad. But those videos that start playing automatically can bother you, nonetheless.

To stop the autoplay in Safari on iPad, you’ll also need to go to “Accessibility” settings, the same as with iPhone. So, let’s guide you through the steps one more time:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.
  • Select “Accessibility” and then “Motions.”
  • There, make sure to turn off the “Auto-Play Video Previews” option.

Additional FAQs

1. will this stop auto-playing videos on espn, facebook, and the daily mail.

If you disable the “Auto-Play Video Previews” on your iPhone or iPad, it will stop all videos from auto-playing on any website, as long as you’re using Safari.

On mobile devices, however, you can’t pick and choose which website you want to block from using the autoplay feature. But if you’re using a Mac laptop or desktop, you can prevent specific websites from forcing videos to start automatically playing.

So, if you want to stop ESPN, Facebook, and Daily Mail videos from automatically playing, you must open each of the websites in separate tabs and follow these steps to stop them from auto-playing:

• Go to “Safari>Preferences” and then switch to the “Websites” tab.

• Under “Currently Open Websites” for each website listed, select “Never Auto-Play.”

Alternatively, right-click on each of the website’s address bar and choose “Never Auto-Play” next to the “Auto-Play” option.

2. Does Auto-Play Slow Down Your Apple Device?

The speed at which a page loads depends on many things: your internet connection, whether the site is mobile-optimized, how old your device is, etc.

However, the embedded video that plays automatically on a webpage can also impact how fast the page loads. It might be an insignificant difference in some instances.

It’s relevant to point out that if you need to spend time muting the video or pausing it while you’re trying to read the page, the autoplay option slows down the browsing experience.

Watching Only the Videos You Want

The autoplay video feature is a somewhat divisive issue among users. It has its benefits as it can quickly lead you through content and introduce something that you might be interested in learning more about.

However, it can also seem quite intrusive at times, and plenty of people would rather not be startled by a video playing immediately as they open a website. News websites, in particular, use this tactic to keep page visitors engaged. Fortunately, iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have a way of preventing that while they browse with Safari.

Do you prefer the autoplay feature on or off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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safari video autoplay

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David Nield

How to Turn Off Autoplay in Your Browser

Play Pause Skip and Stop buttons made from paper cutouts on red background

At some point, you've probably had your web browsing rudely interrupted by an unexpected burst of music or other audio—usually accompanying some kind of video content on the page that you're viewing.

Sometimes these videos are adverts, sometimes they're content posted by users, but the clip and the accompanying sounds that go along with it are often not what you want to focus on. They can also start up at the most inconvenient times: You don't want an ad blaring through your laptop speakers when you're studying in a coffee shop, for example.

It doesn't have to be this way, because there are settings in all the popular browsers that can stop this behavior. It's also worth checking the settings for the sites you use to see if there are options you can tweak.

In the case of YouTube, for example, click your profile avatar (top right), then Settings . Under Playback and performance , turn off the Inline playback toggle switch so videos don't start running as you hover the cursor over them. On Netflix, click your profile avatar (top right), then Account . Click your account name, then Change next to Playback settings , and uncheck the Autoplay previews whilst browsing on all devices box.

Other sites have similar settings, but if you can't find what you're after, you can make some changes at the browser level as well.

Screenshot of AutoplayStopper app settings on Google Chrome

AutoplayStopper will block media as it attempts to play.

While there was, once upon a time, a setting inside Chrome to stop video and audio from autoplaying as soon as a page was loaded, it's now been excised from the browser. To get the same end results you need to turn to a third-party browser extension, and one of the best is AutoplayStopper .

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It's free, it's simple to use, and it does the job effectively. Videos still show up onscreen, but you're only shown a static thumbnail—they're not allowed to start playing without your approval. If you decide that you do want to see a video, just click on it.

The AutoplayStopper icon in the Chrome toolbar keeps track of how many videos have been blocked. If you right-click on it and choose Options , you can add particular websites that you want to be exempt from the AutoplayStopper restrictions.

There is one setting built into Chrome that you can take advantage of: If there's one particular website that's always interrupting your browsing with audio that starts up automatically, right-click on the browser tab at the top and pick Mute site —you won't hear a peep from any more pages on that particular site.

Screenshot of Safari autoplay settings on MacOS

Setting autoplay options in Safari on macOS.

The options built into Safari cover the bases pretty well when it comes to controlling autoplay behavior—which is just as well, as Apple's browser isn't as well provided with third-party extensions as some of its competitors.

To stop media from automatically playing on a specific site in the browser, open the Safari menu and choose Settings for ... (the site name will be listed here). Next to Auto-Play you'll see that there are three options: Allow All Auto-Play , Stop Media with Sound (videos with audio are blocked), and Never Auto-Play (all videos are blocked).

To control autoplay in Safari more generally, open the Safari menu and pick Preferences . Open the Auto-Play tab, and you'll see you can set the options for the site you're currently on. Any sites that you've previously customized are listed here too.

At the bottom, there's another drop-down menu that lets you configure any websites that haven't yet been customized individually. To remove a website's individual setting, click on its entry in the list and then choose Remove .

Screenshot of autoplay settings on the Firefox browser

Firefox enables you to block audio on its own, or both audio and video.

Firefox comes with a specific setting for media autoplay, so you don't necessarily have to rely on an extension. To find it, open the browser menu (the three horizontal lines, top right), then choose Settings , Privacy & security , and Settings next to Autoplay .

You've got three options, which are fairly self-explanatory: Allow Audio and Video , Block Audio , and Block Audio and Video . That middle option gives you an alternative between the two extremes of all or nothing—you can use it if you're happy for videos to play silently as soon as they're loaded on a particular page.

To make an exception, click the icon next to a website URL (it'll usually be a padlock), then click the connection link, More Information and Permissions : You can make changes under Autoplay . There's also the option to quickly mute a site by right-clicking on its tab and choosing Mute Tab from the menu that pops up.

With everything handled by the browser, there's less demand for autoplay add-ons, but you can still find ones that apply to specific sites: Autoplay No More , for example, will stop videos from automatically playing on YouTube, Vimeo, and several other sites.

Screenshot of autoplay settings on Microsoft Edge

You can block media from autoplaying in the Edge settings.

Microsoft Edge is based on the same Chromium code as Google Chrome these days, and so you can use the same browser extensions with it. Rather than just recommend the same add-on a second time though, we'll give you an alternative to try: Video Autoplay Blocker .

It does exactly what its name might suggest, stopping videos from playing without your express permission. That permission can be granted by simply clicking on the video you want to watch—and until that happens you'll just see a static thumbnail.

Unlike Chrome, Edge does still have a built-in setting for controlling autoplaying media. Open the "edge://flags" page, search for Show block option in autoplay settings , and change it to Enabled . You can then click the three dots (top right), Settings , Cookies and site permissions, and Media autoplay , and change the Control if audio and video play automatically on sites option to Block (or Limit to be less restrictive).

Finally, you can quickly silence a site in particular by right-clicking on the header of the tab that it's open in and choosing Mute tab . At the moment you can't mute sites in their entirety using the integrated options in Edge, as you can with Chrome.

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Stop web videos autoplaying in Safari iPados

Since upgrading my iPad to iPados my usual news site autoplays videos on every page, when it never used to autoplay before the update. I cannot find anywhere to turn it off. Can anyone help please?

Posted on Sep 27, 2019 3:01 AM

present tense

Posted on Oct 2, 2019 7:51 PM

I'm having the same issue -- installed iPadOS and now videos autoplay in Safari (muted, mercifully). They did not before the upgrade. How do I make it stop?

I do not see an appropriate setting for Safari, only an "autoplay" option for Photos (which has no effect on Safari). Also no impact for Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Autoplay Video Previews.

Where is the relevant setting buried?

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  • Stopping Autoplay Videos on Safari!!! On Jun 11, 2021, someone posted the question: “Is there a way on ios 14.8.1 to stop videos in Safari that plays automatically?” Apple support suggested going to: “Settings > Accessibility > Motion > disable the option Auto-Play Video Previews.” However, someone else noted: “…disabling the option Auto-Play Video Previews does not help at all. Every single website under my safari app will still happily play their videos even though I have this “Auto-Play Video Previews” disabled. It has always been disabled and it does nothing. It is eating up my cellular data. Can you advise something that works please?” This is my problem as well. Apple Support has STILL NOT RESOLVED THIS ISSUE.  But if it continues, I will be forced to DELETE the Safari browser from my phone and use an alternative, because in addition to eating up data limits, IT IS ANNOYING!!! [Edited by Moderator] 6430 2
  • Is there any way to stop videos from automatically playing? I have limited data and really don't want to watch most of the videos out there. Is there a way to stop them from automatically playing in Safari? 418 4
  • Autoplay videos I am running IOS 12.2 on my Ipad pro and would like to know how to disable autoplay videos in the Safari browser. Any help would be very much appreciated as this is very annoying. If I wanted to watch a video I would simply hit the play button. Sometimes these videos can not be paused, forcing me to watch a one minute commercial leading into a 30 second video, wasting my data, and my time... 1943 1

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Oct 2, 2019 7:51 PM in response to FatCol


Oct 2, 2019 10:35 PM in response to FatCol

Besides turning off Auto-Play Video Previews in Motion, you also need to turn off Video Autoplay in iTunes & App Store, pls watch this YouTube tutorial video (starting from 1:00): https://youtu.be/a2saDSACxxY

Hope this resolves your issue.

Sep 29, 2019 12:56 AM in response to QuickPost

I've already looked in Settings>Safari but I cannot see any option to stop videos from autoplaying.

Do you know of any way to prevent autoplaying of videos?

Oct 4, 2019 10:49 PM in response to present tense

Hi present tense,

Pls refer to the attached photos. Pls switch Video Autoplay off.

Hope this helps.

safari video autoplay

Oct 6, 2019 10:38 AM in response to GOldAPPle78

Hi GOldAPPle78, thanks -- but there is NO Video Autoplay option in my Settings (see below). Perhaps this is different in iPadOS versus whatever version of iOS you're using?

safari video autoplay

Sep 27, 2019 10:27 AM in response to FatCol

You can manage Safari website settings in Settings > Safari.


Oct 2, 2019 9:55 PM in response to present tense

Safari on iPadOS identifies itself to websites as a desktop browser by default. Perhaps your favorite new site thinks autoplaying to a desktop computer is OK but not to mobile devices.

Oct 4, 2019 1:57 PM in response to GOldAPPle78

GOldAPPle78, I do not see a video option in iTunes & App Store


Oct 6, 2019 12:03 PM in response to present tense

I find if I tap the AA symbol next to the web address and request the mobile site it tends to stop the auto playback of video.

Oct 7, 2019 5:45 AM in response to present tense

Mine has Video Autoplay, I just upgraded my iOS, now is 13.1.2


How to Disable Safari Autoplay Videos on iPhone in iOS 17

When you are into serious browsing, the last thing you want to encounter is auto-playing videos. They tend to not just slow down the browsing but also gobble up plenty of data unnecessarily. If you are on limited bandwidth, the unsolicited videos may cause havoc.

Fortunately, the modern versions of iOS have come up with a more effective way to fix it. So, if you no longer want your browsing to suffer, here is how you can disable Safari autoplay videos on iPhone.

Stop Safari Autoplay Videos on iPhone

Surprisingly, Apple has buried the option to turn off Safari’s auto-playing videos deep into the Accessibility setting. That’s the reason why not many folks are aware of it. Frankly speaking, I also had to dig a bit deeper to find the method.

1. First off, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now, tap on Accessibility .

3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Per-App Settings .

tap on Per-App Settings

4. Tap on Add App .

5. Scroll down to find Safari and select it.

6. Tap on Safari .

tap on Per-App Settings

7. Next, scroll down to the bottom and choose Auto-Play Video Previews and choose Off to stop Safari’s auto-playing videos on your iPhone.

Turn Off Safari Autoplay Videos in iOS 16 on iPhone and iPad

That’s done! From now onwards, videos won’t play automatically in Safari. Hence, you can browse the web with complete peace of mind.

Speed Up Safari By Preventing Unwanted Videos From Playing Automatically

There you have it! So, that’s how you can prevent unwanted videos from playing automatically in Safari on your iOS device. Aside from speeding up the browsing experience, it can also play a vital role in boosting the battery life on your device.

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Ratnesh Kumar is an experienced tech writer with over six years of experience. All this years he has written at TechYorker, BrowserToUse, Fossbytes, MakeTechEasier, SysProbs and several other publications. When not writing, he likes to listen Punjabi music or watch Cricket match.

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That does not work, CNN website still auto plays videos even with this setting done. Did you even try this or did you just regurgitate the info from other websites and previous iOS fixes.

' src=

this is bullshit. it doesn’t work on any website

' src=

As the other folks said, this is bullshit; it doesn’t work

' src=

You just copied other websites that put the same bullshit steps that do not work and never have worked. Shit of an article. Feel so dumb that I gave you a visit.

' src=

Waste of time , did diddly squat.

' src=

That setting regards only “previews” not the videos us all usually see everywhere on the web!

' src=

It dosnt work. Still ugly moving ad Is playing annoying

' src=

Awesome!Finally an up to date answer!

' src=

Does not work. @Brad McNeal must be the exception!

' src=

CNN home page’s videos still play. 🙁

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Enabling video autoplay on Safari Low Power mode


In today’s digital landscape, delivering a flawless video playback experience is crucial for engaging website visitors. However, Apple’s Safari browser presents a unique challenge with its default behavior of disabling autoplay in Low Power Mode. Fear not, as we explore a smart and effective solution to optimize video playback on Apple devices, ensuring autoplay functionality even in Safari’s energy-saving mode.

safari video autoplay

The Challenge of Safari’s Low Power Mode:

When users activate Low Power Mode on their Apple devices, Safari’s default behavior restricts autoplay functionality for videos. While this feature enhances battery life, it can disrupt the intended user experience and hinder the impact of video content.

The Smart Solution: Leveraging <img> Tag for Video Playback:

To overcome Safari’s autoplay limitations, a clever workaround involves leveraging the <img> tag for video playback. By embedding the video source within the <img> tag, we can trigger autoplay functionality specifically for Apple devices running Safari, even in Low Power Mode.

Explanation of the Solution:

The JavaScript code snippet above checks if the user is using Safari and, if so, hides the <video> element while displaying the <img> element. This effectively enables autoplay for videos on Apple devices using Safari, even in Low Power Mode. For other browsers, the <img> element is hidden, and the <video> element is displayed normally.

Benefits and Impact:

Implementing this smart method allows website owners and developers to provide a consistent and engaging video playback experience across all devices, including Apple devices running Safari. By ensuring autoplay functionality in Low Power Mode, users can enjoy seamless video content without any interruptions, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


Optimizing video playback on Apple devices, particularly in Safari’s Low Power Mode, is crucial for delivering an exceptional user experience. By leveraging the <img> tag and the JavaScript code snippet provided, web developers can enable autoplay functionality specifically for Safari, ensuring a seamless video playback experience for all users.

Greetings, tech enthusiasts and developers! Today, I want to share an exciting development that will be of particular interest to Apple device users and web developers. I’ve discovered a new method that enables autoplay functionality for videos on Apple devices, even when they are in low power mode. This is a significant breakthrough, as Safari, Apple’s default browser, traditionally disabled autoplay in low power mode.

The key to this method lies in leveraging a JavaScript script that dynamically controls the visibility of video elements on webpages, based on the user’s browser. Here’s the script:

This script detects whether the user is accessing the webpage through Safari. If Safari is detected, it hides the video element (identified by the „video” id) by manipulating its CSS display property to „none”. This ensures that videos won’t play on Apple devices in low power mode, aligning with energy-saving principles. For other browsers, the image element (with the „img” id) is hidden to maintain a consistent video display across different platforms.

Now, let’s explore the video elements used in this method. Here’s the code:

The <video> element is configured with several attributes to control its behavior. These attributes include „controls”, „preload”, „autoplay”, „playsinline”, „muted”, and „loop”. By using these attributes, we ensure that the video is displayed with controls, only metadata is preloaded, autoplay is enabled, the video plays inline, it is muted, and it loops continuously.

In the event that a browser doesn’t support video within the <img> tag, we include the <img> element as a fallback option. It shares similar attributes with the <video> element but serves as a placeholder image.

This new method unlocks the full potential of video playback on Apple devices, even when they are operating in low power mode. It empowers developers to deliver seamless video experiences to Apple users, while also prioritizing energy efficiency.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in web technologies and enjoy uninterrupted video playback on your Apple devices!

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  1. How to disable or enable auto-play videos in Apple Safari Browser

    Steps to Enable Auto-Play Videos in Safari: Step 1: Open Safari Preferences Go to safari, select "preferences" on the tiptop menu bar and press it.

  2. Delivering Video Content for Safari

    Enable Video Autoplay Video elements that include <video autoplay> play automatically when the video loads in Safari on macOS and iOS, only if those elements also include the playsinline attribute. For more information on inline playback, see Enable Inline Video Playback.

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    How to disable video auto-play on Safari iOS 15.4.1 Hi I need help please people, I already tried these two solutions: "Settings -> Accessibilty -> Per-App settings and set video preview to OFF to safari and Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Auto-Play Video Previews - set to OFF" and these solutions doesn't work and if don't believe me try the...

  4. Safari Now Disables Auto-Playing Videos. Here's How to ...

    Click the dropdown next to "Auto-play" and you'll have three choices: Allow All Auto-Play, Stop Media with Sound, and Never Auto-Play. Select the option you want for this particular site, and you're done.

  5. Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac

    Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac Some websites—and others who provide those sites with content, including advertisers—automatically play video when you visit their site. Muting tabs and windows is a quick and temporary solution, but you can permanently block video for an individual website or for all websites.

  6. Safari doesn't auto play videos

    1ssmith Community Specialist Posted on Oct 16, 2022 7:26 AM ferreirex, It's possible the specific website you're attempting to view has settings that stop the video from automatically loading. You can reach out to the web developer to find out for sure. You can customize settings for specific websites in Preferences in Safari.

  7. Video autoplay on Safari 11

    1 Answer Sorted by: 13 The below autoplays for me on Safari 11.1.2 on OSX 10.12.6 <video width="100%" poster="poster_url.png" autoplay muted playsinline> <source src="http://download.blender.org/peach/trailer/trailer_480p.mov" type="video/mp4"> </video>

  8. How to stop autoplay video in Safari & Chrome on Mac

    When on a website that has autoplayed videos (it doesn't need to be autoplaying one right this second), click Safari in the top menu bar, and then select 'Settings for This Website'....

  9. How to Stop Safari from Autoplaying Videos on Mac

    You have the option to disable autoplay for just one website or for all websites. To open the Auto-Play preferences: Open Safari on your Mac, then go to the top menu bar and Select Safari > Preferences. Click on the Websites tab near the top of the Preferences window. Select Auto-Play from the list on the left side of the window.

  10. How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari

    Open any website in the browser, then select "Safari" in the main toolbar at the top of the screen. Select "Preferences," then switch to the "Websites" tab in the new window. On the panel on the...

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    To control autoplay in Safari more generally, open the Safari menu and pick Preferences. Open the Auto-Play tab, and you'll see you can set the options for the site you're currently on. Any...

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    Apple support suggested going to: "Settings > Accessibility > Motion > disable the option Auto-Play Video Previews." However, someone else noted: "…disabling the option Auto-Play Video Previews does not help at all.

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    Force Safari to enable autoplay. Since last update (Ventura 13.1), my Safari does not seem to autoplay videos anymore. I already tried to "allow all autoplay" or to disable all content blockers, but I still can't enable autoplay. Since other users on the same version told me that they don't have this problem, does any of you know where that ...

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    Watch this video to learn how to turn off auto-playing videos in Safari... Are you looking for a way to stop auto-playing videos in Safari on iOS 16/ iPadOS 16?

  15. How to Disable Safari Autoplay Videos on iPhone in iOS 17

    2. Now, tap on Accessibility. 3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Per-App Settings. 4. Tap on Add App. 5. Scroll down to find Safari and select it. 6. Tap on Safari. 7. Next, scroll down to the bottom and choose Auto-Play Video Previews and choose Off to stop Safari's auto-playing videos on your iPhone. That's done!

  16. Apple Devices: Enabling Autoplay in Safari's

    Fear not, as we explore a smart and effective solution to optimize video playback on Apple devices, ensuring autoplay functionality even in Safari's energy-saving mode. The Challenge of Safari's Low Power Mode: When users activate Low Power Mode on their Apple devices, Safari's default behavior restricts autoplay functionality for videos.

  17. How to Disable Safari Autoplay Videos in iOS 16

    Head over to Settings > Accessibility > Per-App Settings. Then tap on Add App > Safari > Auto-Play Video Previews. Now go to Accessibility > Motion > Turn off Auto-Play Video Previews. That's it. These were the two different workarounds that should help you disable Safari Autoplay videos in iOS 16. If you have any queries concerning the ...

  18. javascript

    Aug 1, 2013 at 12:56 On some pages it is not working at all - Adam Bubela Aug 1, 2013 at 13:01 Facing the same issue, worked fine a week ago and without any change it just stopped working. Maybe it's a browser update, very annoying to have to manually play all the video tags via javascript - bingeScripter May 4, 2018 at 8:21

  19. 2020: iOS Safari Video Autoplay Options?

    4. I believe the following is still the current picture for iOS: elements will now honor the autoplay attribute, for elements which meet the following conditions: elements will be allowed to autoplay without a user gesture if their source media contains no audio tracks. elements will also be allowed to autoplay without a user gesture.

  20. autoplay video not playing on iOS (Safari) in production

    5 i want to add a loop video on my react-app. I did it like this <video ref= {videoRef} playsInline autoPlay muted loop> <source src= {Video} type='video/mp4' /> </video> it's working fine on Chrome/Firefox on mobile and on desktop. But it's not playing on iPhone (Safari). It is playing locally but when i deploy it. it's not playing : ( html