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Steve-O's Bucket List

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Steve-O's Bucket List

Steve-O in Steve-O's Bucket List (2023)

Steve-O new unrated special, filmed in front of a sold-out crowd, sees him in top form as he brings his comedy tour straight into your living room with his hilarious stand-up and stunts. Steve-O new unrated special, filmed in front of a sold-out crowd, sees him in top form as he brings his comedy tour straight into your living room with his hilarious stand-up and stunts. Steve-O new unrated special, filmed in front of a sold-out crowd, sees him in top form as he brings his comedy tour straight into your living room with his hilarious stand-up and stunts.

  • Eric Abrams
  • Preston Lacy
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  • (as Danger Ehren)

Chuck Liddell

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Steve-O: Guilty as Charged

Did you know

  • Trivia This comedy special features stunts that Steve-O was not allowed to do on Jackass (2000) .

User reviews 5

  • thestevemcinnes
  • Jan 25, 2024
  • November 14, 2023 (United States)
  • United States
  • London, England, UK (live show)
  • 800 Pound Gorilla Pictures
  • Yah!Dude Productions
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  • Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes

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Steve-O in Steve-O's Bucket List (2023)

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Steve-O's Bucket List trailer reveals a 'f---ed up love story' that makes people pass out

Steve-O tells EW that hearing of people passing out at his show is "the most objective metric indicating that I indeed raised the bar for crazy."

Sydney Bucksbaum is a writer at Entertainment Weekly covering all things pop culture – but TV is her one true love. She currently lives in Los Angeles but grew up in Chicago so please don't make fun of her accent when it slips out.

watch steve o bucket list tour online free

For his third comedy special, Steve-O wanted to do everything he was never allowed to do on Jackass — and the result makes people actually pass out.

In an EW exclusive first look, Steve-O's Bucket List trailer features a combination of Jackass -like stunts and standup comedy filmed in July in London during his sold-out Bucket List comedy tour (watch the trailer above). The comic calls the new special "the greatest thing [he's] ever done," evidenced by the fact that it made a ton of people pass out.

"While doing the tour, the record for people passing out was 11 at one show, and we absolutely average at least one person per show," Steve-O tells EW with pride. "Everybody is invited to cover their eyes as needed, and I won't be offended if you do."

While his goal with these new stunts wasn't to make people pass out, Steve-O wanted to "push everything further" than he's ever been able to before "to lash out at all of the community guidelines that I'm forced to deal with on YouTube and on social media."

"I just wanted to go crazy and make something so completely inappropriate for any platform out there," he says. "People passing out, it's not anything that I ever would've wished for, but given that it just happens, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit proud of it."

Steve-O laughs, adding, "I've never heard about people passing out during Jackass movies, and the fact that they pass out so much watching this show I think is the most objective metric indicating that I indeed raised the bar for crazy."

Another thing Steve-O didn't plan for was getting his happily ever after while making this special. His partner Lux Wright serves as the production designer and executive producer on the project, and her involvement turned the special into "the most f---ed up love story ever," according to Steve-O.

Describing how the basis of the show was to perform "higher level" and "forbidden" stunts than he's ever done before, "the reality of taking on that mission was that it was going to have implications on my relationship," Steve-O says. "The theme of the show, the glue that ties it all together, is how my relationship endured me carrying out all of these bucket list stunts."

The first bucket list item, "The S--- Hits the Fan," Steve-O describes as "pretty simple and idiotic" but gave him the epiphany that he "needed to put a ring on it" with Lux, who was "shockingly okay" what he was doing. "When everybody else was running for their lives, Lux was moving forward to get a better shot," he says. "That was the moment when I knew she was the one. I asked her to marry me, at which point you have to have figured out whether you're going to have kids or not. And that brings in the next major bucket list item, which addresses our stance on having children. Aggressively ."

The second stunt, "Vasectomy Olympics," is what Steve-O reveals as the main culprit in making people pass out cold in their seats. Inspired by a joke the comic heard as a kid, "'What's the definition of macho? A man who jogs home from his own vasectomy,'" from the age of 12, Steve-O thought about getting a vasectomy and "doing a lot more than just jog and set a new bar for the definition of macho. Rather than jogging, I went bareback horseback riding, and from there it just got more and more extreme."

His engagement made doing "Vasectomy Olympics" as the next stunt "timely and appropriate," Steve-O adds. "We both have just always felt very strongly that we don't want to have children, and she maintains to this day that my vasectomy is the most wonderful gift she's ever received. The fun thing about it is how gung-ho Lux was for it."

However, audience members of the show felt differently, as they kept passing out in their seats when watching footage of the stunt onscreen. "I was very shocked when I discovered that people were passing out from it because vasectomies are really not terribly invasive or gory on any level," Steve-O says. "I thought the footage of the procedure was totally underwhelming, and I just thought it was great that we did so much funny stuff immediately afterwards, but it turns out there's just a sliver of the population that cannot handle a vasectomy, even as minimally invasive as it is."

Another stunt that caused people to pass out while watching it was "Spinal Tap," in which Steve-O gets an epidural on-camera. "They're doing all these things to me that are horrifying, but I was effectively oblivious to it, and it's just really fascinating and dark. And after that particular stunt, I just started sobbing," he says.

For anyone else, those tears would be a normal reaction to what just happened. But for Steve-O, they were actually happy tears. "The bar for my stunts is just so impossibly high, and it was tears of joy that I was crying for having raised that bar," Steve-O explains.

Steve-O's Bucket List will be available on Nov. 14 at , in partnership with Moment and Patreon (available for pre-sale now).

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‘welcome home, franklin’ peanuts special addresses controversial scene from thanksgiving special, steve-o sets november release for new stand-up special ‘steve-o’s bucket list’.

By Matt Grobar

Matt Grobar

Film Reporter

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EXCLUSIVE : Steve-O has set a November 14th launch for Steve-O’s Bucket List , his new stand-up special, which will be released through his website, in partnership with Moment and Patreon. Pre-sales for the special, filmed at Hackney Empire in the comedian’s hometown of London, begin November 1st.

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Directed by Eric Abrams and Steve-O, the Jackass star born Stephen Glover, the special hails from Yeah, Dude! Productions. Exec producers are Steve-O, Lux Wright, Scott Randolph, Paul Brisske, and Adam Ginivisian. Matt Schuler and 800 Pound Gorilla produced, with Jordan Levy serving as co-executive producer. Lux Wright was the production designer.

Said Steve-O in a statement to Deadline: “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this show and can’t wait to unleash it on the world. Securing the right distribution partner meant finding a company that understood my audience and would embrace the no holds barred nature of what I do. Me and my team have spent the last few years touring this unrated love letter of a show around the world, and thanks to Moment and Patreon, it will be available in your homes through All I can say is ‘Yeah, Dude!'”

“Together,” added Moment Co-Founder & CCO Nigel Egrari, “Patreon and Moment give creators a stage to make art that excites them and to express their creative freedom. We’re thrilled to partner with Steve-O to share his audacious and unapologetic comedy special directly with his fans.”

Steve-O is repped by Levity Entertainment Group.

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watch steve o bucket list tour online free

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Steve-O Bucket List Tour Review: A Finely Tuned Bitchin Night Out

Not once but twice did we spend a little bit of time with Steve-O from Jackass on his recent UK leg of the Bucket List Tour and boy do we have some thoughts to share with you about this touring show! Here’s our Steve-O Bucket List tour review.

Bucket List Tour

Packed full of wild stories to tell and even wilder footage, Steve-O is no stranger to a stage and a stunt.

With Steve’s 50th birthday a mere 10 days away I asked him if the Bucket List tour was created with an idea in mind that this would be the last time these intense stunts would be attempted for a show. Steve replied, “It was, but now I want another tour and THAT will be the last ever intense stunts tour”

So, if you didn’t manage to get tickets for this now mostly sold-out UK tour you can rest assured knowing that there may just be another tour on the horizon one day soon. In addition, if you want to catch this show then Steve is recording the entire London gig for a comedy special release coming soon!

Steve O’s Bucket List Tour has been showcased over the last 2 years and it’s a combination of a comedy show and a highlights reel as Steve puts on this powerhouse PowerPoint display of standup comedy and multimedia. The clips shown on the big screen were too gnarly to even be seen on Jackass.

Watch as you see Steve jumping out of a plane (with a sick twist) all the way up to my personal favourite segment, the Vasectomy Olympics which saw one person in the audience pass out at the show in Stoke.

Steve-O Bucket List Tour

Multiple people have been passing out at the shows due to the rather graphic content Steve has been showing on the big screen, but fear not, if you’re prone to passing out, there will be a cameraman on hand to film you out cold and you’ll be added into a show compilation of others like you who have passed out at a show!

The funniest thing was making sure the guy who passed out (Steve said it’s mostly guys) was okay before asking him if he could now use the footage in his recorded comedy show home entertainment release. The fan was all too happy to oblige.

With stand-up shows and the audience knowing full well the kind of person Steve-O is I expected a lot of drunken idiots to be showing up and heckling the poor guy. There’s a time and place for that and it’s certainly not during the show. Thankfully, heckling was condensed down to one idiot at Manchester and two idiots at Stoke but Steve had some choice words for them whilst keeping it lighthearted and funny.

Recording of any kind is also not allowed yet people still got their phones out at times to the point where Steve had to advise a few people to turn the phones off and put them away.

This issue could have easily been sorted if pouches were given out to people to lock their phones in just like they did with Kevin Hart at Manchester Arena . That worked perfectly and not one person had a phone out all night, if they did, instantly ejection from the venue.

Steve-O Bucket List VIP Tickets

Steve-O Manchester Academy

On Saturday night in Manchester, we had VIP tickets and wanted to see what the experience was like from a VIP standpoint.

The answer to that question was very little.

We started with a giant queue outside before entering the venue (no dedicated VIP line), we were given an unreserved choice of the first 4 rows of seats at the Manchester Academy and a signed poster (you could pick one up for £15-£20 at the merch stall). That was it.

For just over £100 the tickets were priced individually for around £52 so you’re paying £48 for a better seat and a £15-£20 poster with no meet and greet included in the package.

Throw in a meet and greet and it’s worth every penny but every seat in the house is a good seat with the show being mainly focused on a big screen.

On other overseas legs of the Bucket List Tour meet and greets were included. You’d stay in your seat after the show and Steve-O would come back out and have photos with you. I’m not sure why that wasn’t included on the UK tour but people thought (myself included) that meet and greets were part of the UK tour.

Steve was all too happy to not only take pictures with folks outside before the show but also after a crowd-diving stunt outside of Manchester Academy he spent time and met everyone there too. For free.

For me, the VIP package didn’t feel worth it unless the private meet and greet was included. The tickets have sold out now (to my knowledge) but I’d have just gotten a normal ticket and then tried my luck meeting him before or after the show. It might not be the same at every gig but you’d save a good £50 ish all the same.

This entire tour Steve has been known to stay behind after gigs and make sure that every single person has a photo with him. That’s not only tiring but rare for ANYONE to do that. Y

ou didn’t need a VIP experience when someone is clearly going out of their way and taking large chunks of time out of their evening, tired after a show, to make sure everyone who came to see him felt special and got that opportunity to meet him.

That’s rare nowadays and it does not go unnoticed or underappreciated.

Bucket List Tour Review

Steve-O Tour Bus

Get ready to see some stuff. That’s all I’m going to say! Me and my friends Lauren and Jake had a blast both days!

Assuring the audience it’s a love story Steve went into detail about his fiancé Lux who embraces him for who he is and not only that, gets involved in some of the crazy stunts he’s a part of.

Get ready to see a lot more of Lux than I think anyone was expecting to see on a big screen in front of a 1000+ seater audience.

From holding his breath in a paddling pool of pee to pooping on a fan there are some quite visual clips to feast your eyes on before Steve comes out and comments on them before delivering his finely tuned script as segway into the next gnarly stunt.

Jake and Steve

I enjoyed the format of the show going from a stand-up comedy sketch to showing some footage but quite a lot of folks were expecting stunts on stage.

I’m not sure where this came from or if it was just high expectations from a crowd going to see a man famously known for his on-stage antics but this is definitely not a physical show and is much more of that laid back set-up with comedic delivery and finesse. 

The show is nothing short of unforgettable but with us seeing it twice we got to see the slight script tweaks here and there but the show stayed mainly the same. If you’re watching the tour on more than one date you’re going to get pretty much the same thing but I was still laughing in the same parts and that speaks volumes.

It’s like watching a movie for the 100th time and you still laugh at the same jokes, that’s when you know you’ve got something special. 

Bucket List Tour Banner

For the amount of times Steve has had to deliver this show to an audience even he was laughing at his own craziness and basking in the reception from the crowd.

From relationships to hitting 50 and even his ambition to open up an animal sanctuary, it’s a very honest Steve-O show. A man who is now clean and sober who thankfully hasn’t lost his crazy streak and ability to shock and entertain. 

Going into the show I was expecting a much different Steve-O. I was expecting some sort of ego and take no shit attitude but instead, I found a kind, generous and outgoing man who did nothing but appreciate every single person who came out to see him.

My Interview with Steve-O (Click the link below)

Walking past Manchester Academy we clocked Steve-O coming out of the tour bus with no one around him, suddenly a few groups spotted him and ran at him like a stampede of fanboy craziness.

I hate nothing more than people who do that when respect for someone’s time goes out the window all for the sake of a photo or signature.

He took photos with them but said he had to go inside and would be out after the show, the fans didn’t listen and more flocked towards him. We were standing our distance away from him and leaving him be before he then called us over himself and asked us to join him for a photo not taking ‘are you sure’ for an answer.

Lauren and Steve

That showed me the kind of person Steve was and even the next day, we managed to get onto Steve’s tour bus (huge thanks to Skinny Vinny ) and he spent easily a good 15-20 minutes just chatting away. So humble, and so kind and nothing was too much despite being inside a tour bus which was essentially his home for the entire tour.

Inviting someone into your home, your personal space, that’s a special thing for anyone to be a part of and that bus… damn! I loved it! Who needs a hotel?! 

Steve O’s Bucket List Tour was well worth the trip and you just know something crazy will happen eventually. During the Manchester show, Steve asked everyone to meet him outside the tour bus as he proceeded to jump off a ledge into the crowd and surfed his way around a Manchester car park.

The Stoke show was much more laid back as he just spent time with people outside of his bus without any crazy stunts and before that at the end of the show asks people to get their phones out to take a photo of him on stage and then he takes a photo with everyone else.

If you tag Steve on Instagram he said he would like everyone’s photos, I put that to the test over 2 days with 5 photos and he liked, every.Single.One.

Skinny Vinny Steve-O Bucket List Tour

Merchandise ranged from books to hats and hot sauce and even signed skateboards including the Johnny-O board which was also signed by Jackass Co-Star Johnny Knoxville. 

Merchandise ranged from pins for £5 to the Johnny-O board for £125 so there is a range of merchandise for all budgets.

It’s a show well worth watching, a mix of watching Jackass on the big screen which is always a show that feeds off audience reaction and a comedy show combined. Steve-O thank you for your kindness and for being an absolute legend on and off stage.

A show not to be missed but a show with a difference. A finely tuned show-and-tell machine with Steve-O charm that hit home not once, but twice for us!

Want to stock up on more merchandise?

Head on over to Steve-O’s official website at

Show some love to Skinny Vinny at

Steve-O Bucket List Tour review by Sean Evans

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Owner of Back to the Movies and Born in Stoke on Trent Sean Evans set up this website to talk about films the way you'd talk to your friends about them. No critics, just fans.

' src=

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watch steve o bucket list tour online free

Steve-O's Bucket List (2023)

About steve-o's bucket list.

Steve-O new unrated special, filmed in front of a sold-out crowd, sees him in top form as he brings his comedy tour straight into your living room with his hilarious stand-up and stunts.

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watch steve o bucket list tour online free


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Steve-O: The Bucket List Tour

Steve-O: The Bucket List Tour

  • Date Jan 21 , 2022
  • Event Starts 7:00 PM
  • Doors Open 6:00 PM
  • Ticket Prices $35.00
  • On Sale On Sale Now
  • Ages 21 & Over

Steve-O (a.k.a. Stephen Glover) has become a household name and it all started when he snatched a video camera from his father’s closet when he was fifteen years old. From there he started producing homemade skateboarding videos featuring dangerous stunts mixed with comical behavior. He was born in London and by the age of twelve, had lived in five countries and communicated fluently in three different languages. He holds citizenship in three countries - the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. After finishing high school in London, and completing a year at the University of Miami, Steve-O realized that college wasn’t for him. He enrolled in Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College to help further his goal of becoming a professional stuntman. After graduating Clown College, and determined to make it in Hollywood, he began to pitch his home videos to producers. Eventually, Steve-O’s videos made it into the hands of Jeff Tremaine (Jackass Creator/Director/Producer) who was working with Johnny Knoxville to create a stunt based reality show. The rest is history. MTV aired the first season of JACKASS in 2000. In 2001, Steve-O launched his own “Steve-O Don’t Try This At Home Tour”, establishing himself as an accomplished stage performer, at venues throughout the U.S. and in a dozen countries. When the JACKASS TV series ended in 2002, the team moved on to JACKASS: THE MOVIE, released by Paramount in October of that year. Shortly thereafter, Steve-O and fellow JACKASS alum, Chris Pontius, were given a spin-off show entitled WILDBOYZ, which aired on MTV and MTV2 and lasted four seasons. In 2006, Paramount released JACKASS: NUMBER 2 in theaters and Steve-O continued to thrill audiences with his outrageous stunts. In 2009 he competed on ABC’s hit show, DANCING WITH THE STARS, and lasted six weeks, despite an injury and having virtually no dancing ability whatsoever. In 2010, Paramount released JACKASS: 3D. Since then, Steve-O has become a New York Times Bestselling Author with the release of his memoir, ‘Professional Idiot,’ and has established himself as a force in the world of stand-up comedy. Thus far (and still counting), his career as a performer has brought him to a total of 38 countries, and his first hour-long comedy special, GUILTY AS CHARGED, recently premiered on Showtime and performed in the top one percent of all Showtime comedy specials. Most importantly, however, Steve-O has been clean and sober since March of 2008 and lives a healthy, vegan lifestyle in the Los Angeles area...but he still has no problem stapling his balls to his leg.

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'Jackass' star Steve-O brings craziest stunts in The Bucket List Tour to Canada, teases 'uncomfortable' new memoir

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Steve-O may be approaching the end of his 40s but the Jackass star shows us the craziest, more stocking stunts of his career in The Bucket List Tour, coming to Canada in August and September .

“It's my way of kind of acknowledging that my time for doing idiotic stuff is likely limited,” he told Yahoo Canada . “I feel like I'm running out of time to do the Jackass stuff and kind of racing against the clock to get it all out, to do the craziest things I've ever done,... before it becomes creepy to watch me do it.”

If you happened to snag a ticket to Steve-O’s 2019 show in Toronto you saw a more preliminary version of The Bucket List. Having seen the 2019 version, we can certainly tell you that if you’re slightly questioning the concept of a Steve-O comedy show, push that aside because even that version was one of the most entertaining, legitimately hysterical shows you’ll see.

The Bucket List is a multimedia experience, meaning, Steve-O talks about each “bucket list” stunt and then you get to see video footage of exactly what happened.

“We have full grown men passing out in the audience, which is a phenomenon I still don't understand, but that's due to footage of me getting a vasectomy,” he revealed.

“Now there's footage of what's called an epidural, where a doctor in disguise puts a four-inch needle into my spine and injects a drug into my spinal cavity to paralyze me from the waist down, while I'm in a full sprint.”

One stunt was a 'serious problem' for Steve-O's fiancée Lux Wright

The backdrop of everything on this Bucket List for Steve-O is his relationship with fiancée Lux Wright.

“For me to have carried out all of these ridiculous things on my bucket list, it would have been impossible for there not to be implications on my relationship with my fiancée,” he said. “In some cases she's perfectly OK with it and even encourages it,...and other cases she's super not OK with it.”

The one bucket list item Lux had a “serious problem” with initially was, as Steve-O describes it, the “crown jewel” of the show dubbed “sky jacking.”

“That involves me being completely naked in an airplane with another man strapped to my back, and furiously servicing myself, such that on completion, I was simultaneously falling out of an airplane ejaculating everywhere,” Steve-O describes. “[Lux] has never been very happy about me getting naked, showing my private parts to the world, and this took [that] a considerable step further.”

“I'd be lying if I said it did not absolutely create a problem in our relationship and the one thing that really saved the day was that after I went ahead and went through it, when she heard me tell the story of it from a stage as I worked out the material in a comedy club in Los Angeles,… she said ‘that's hilarious and I'm actually really proud of you.’”

'Uncomfortable details' revealed in new memoir

But a tour is far from the only thing Steve-O has going on right now. He also has the popular podcast “ Steve-O's Wild Ride! ” and a new memoir “A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions,” set to be released in September.

As we wait for the release of his newest memoir , Steve-O himself can’t believe he’s actually sharing so many “uncomfortable details.”

“Particularly the uncomfortable detail I go into regarding my descent into sexual addiction is really, I mean, it made me uncomfortable,” he revealed. “Even the business of the Jackass franchise,...I just really peeled back the covers in a pretty reckless way.”

“There's no shortage of shockingly juicy material in the book and I think if there’s a saving grace about having been so reckless it’s that there's just really been a great deal of growth. I've worked on myself a lot over the last decade. I'm sharing all of this personal and sensitive stuff in a way that I think really does reflect that I’ve done a lot of work on myself. I think that kind of makes it permissible, makes it OK to enjoy the book when you’re reading it, and maybe you’ll come away with a sense of understanding about it all."

'I could not imagine how we could be allowed on television'

Looking back at the massive success of Jackass in particular, Steve-O expected the concept to work, based on the popularity of the original skateboarding videos, but he did doubt that it would ever be able to have mainstream success.

“Quite simply, I could not imagine how we could be allowed on television and that concern was majorly reinforced early on when they asked me to send in all of my best video footage so that they could sift through it and license certain clips straight onto the show,” Steve-O revealed.

“When I did that, they told me that not one clip I sent was allowed on television and I became really nervous at that point thinking,...we're going to have a TV show that we're not allowed to do anything on, it's going to be some super lame, watered down, boring thing that sucks.”

As time went on, the Jackass team figured out what the rules were, pushing them to a limit where the show didn’t feel too “watered down,” but then kids ended up in the hospital, wanting to replicate, and film, the stunts they saw on Jackass .

“That's when [MTV] forced us to water it down and [Johnny] Knoxville abruptly quit, and that's what started the conversation about making a movie, which would be R rated and allow us to do what we wanted to do,” Steve-O said.

Of course, Johnny Knoxville, in particular, would go on to claim every Jackass movie would be the last, but here we are, six movies later, with the most recent Jackass Forever film released this year.

“I think the secret to the longevity of Jackass has been leaving you wanting more,” Steve-O said.

While Steve-O is now venturing out on his own, The Bucket List tour is an example of this perfect mixing pot of getting more of the star’s own comedic and entertaining personality, but not completely abandoning what we know, and love, about Jackass.

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Steve-O’s stand-up comedy Bucket List Tour is a hard kick in the nuts. Again.

steve o

From its first dates in Philadelphia (Nov 29, Keswick Theatre), Baltimore (Nov 30, The Lyric) and Manhattan (Dec 1, Town Hall) to its final gig in Santa Rosa, Cali (Jan 29, Luther Burbank Center), the “Bucket List Tour” does not sound like any kind-of last gasp; certainly not Steve-O, our favorite Jackass-turned-stand-up comic, despite its doomy tour’s title.

Instead, with his new, just-published second memoir, A Hard Kick In The Nuts: What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime Of Terrible Decisions, his current Wild Ride podcast with its millions of views, and his co-starring role in 2022’s in-theater hit, Jackass Forever, Steve-O – real name Stephen Glover – looks as if he’s gearing up, cat-like or in Doctor Who fashion, for an entirely new life. With that, Steve-O’s multi-mediated stand-up comedy “Bucket List” excursion is but one more rung on a ladder that proves his lust for life to be full and forward moving.Before the start of his “Bucket List” stand-up comedy tour, Steve-O spoke to Paradise Media’s A.D. Amorosi about the ins-and-outs of his long, still-growing career.

watch steve o bucket list tour online free

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A.D. Amorosi: You have certainly moved on and moved up from how we first got to know you – a la all-things Jackass – and yet, you were apt to return to the well when performing in the likes of Jackass Forever? How does that return make you feel? Like Springsteen playing the hits when he has new music to sell? Like a return to old friends and thrills?

Steve-O : I think I was more shocked than anyone to learn that Jackass Forever was going to happen after ten years had passed since the last movie. I was thrilled about the news, had a blast shooting the movie, and have found that it has helped me in the other avenues I have pursued over the last ten years. It has been awesome.

A.D. Amorosi: What was inherently humorous about, as you so eloquently put it – getting a hard kick in the nuts? Why do we laugh at other people’s unutterable pain? Why do you laugh? 

Steve-O:  I have a theory that we often laugh at guys being in pain because of genetics and hormones– it is built into the male DNA to be providers and protectors and, as such, guys are inherently expected to be tough and “macho”. Given that biological dynamic, it is permissible, even natural, to enjoy seeing men failing and in pain. I believe that what made Jackass so successful is our willingness to fail, and look “uncool” doing it. There is something endearing about being able to not take yourself too seriously.

A.D. Amorosi: Is it fair to say that the more you began NOT to laugh at that constant level of self-torture is how you became a stand-up comedian? To channel what you were processing physically into something vocal and with equal emotion?

Steve-O:  The reason I became a stand-up comedian is simple– I’m an attention whore. In the beginning, I recognized that, if I was able to establish myself in that space, there was major potential in being able to do stand-up for far longer than the more high-impact physical comedy I first became known for. Over the course of the last twelve years since I began touring on the comedy circuit, I gradually developed a multi-media approach to my live show, which resulted in all my worlds converging. Now, when you come to a live Steve-O show, you are going to see even crazier stunts than Jackass would ever be allowed to show – really, the show is not even allowed at any theaters in Philadelphia, for example, which is which it’s just outside the city – and it’s all presented in a format of live comedy which I’ve spent the last twelve years developing. The amount of work I have put into this show is evident, and I’m unbelievably thrilled about it.

A.D. Amorosi: Does the vibe of your comedy now – smart as it can be – come at all from the fact that you are not from here, but Great Britain? Do you feel any distant affinity for the Brits’ sense of humor over that of the Colonies?

Steve-O:  I don’t know that I consider myself “from” anywhere. I grew up in five different countries, am a citizen of three of them, and have traveled the entire world for much of my life. Because of its creativity, I think Jackass is arguably as “smart” as it is “dumb”, and it certainly has had global appeal. Having personally performed live comedy in more than a dozen countries, I cannot say I find the sensibility of my audience to be very different from region to region. While Jackass and Steve-O is not for everyone, there are people who enjoy it all over the world.

steve o

A.D. Amorosi: Is there anything that you wish to add about how being sober for 14 years opens your head and expands your senses beyond being able to make comedy solely in the physical-harming sense? I know, for example that you have stated in the past that you cannot watch (the documentary) Steve-O: Demise and Rise due to its copious self-use of drink and drugs.

Steve-O : Alcoholism/addiction is the only disease which, when treated, makes people into better versions of themselves than they ever were before they became sick with it. Those of us who achieve long term sobriety are really the luckiest people, in my view. Aside from all of the incomprehensible demoralization and tragic wreckage my active addiction brought about, I was creatively crippled by the end of my run with drugs and alcohol. Of course, it took me more than a couple years to become comfortable in my own skin and really find my voice in sobriety, but, once I did that and began to produce my own content for YouTube and all the other major social media platforms, my potential genuinely skyrocketed. I am far more creative today than I ever was before I got clean and sober, and I’ve been able to build a massive audience for the ridiculous ideas I come up with.

A.D. Amorosi: Do you feel as if, regarding your stand-up, that much of what you’re doing on Wild Ride, even though the interviews, is working out your routines – the conversation, intimate aspects of stand-up – or is it all another bag completely?

Steve-O:  There have certainly been ideas/premises and jokes for my stand-up which were born during podcasts, but not often. I don’t view my Wild Ride podcast as an exercise in working out routines, but I definitely see it as a process of evolving my ability to communicate with others. Candidly, I still have a lot of work to do in that department, but meaningful progress has been made.

A.D. Amorosi: How and why did the podcast process evolve from wanting to do SOMETHING into what it has become?

Steve-O : I was very conflicted about the idea of starting my podcast, because so many people have one, and I viscerally dreaded the idea of asking celebrities to make guest appearances. On the other hand, I expected that it would help me to continue to build my online audience (and sell tickets on my tour), so I came up with an approach I considered a worthy compromise: a mobile studio in a conversion van. When I reach out to book guests, I make it clear that I can bring the studio to them “wherever and wherever is most convenient” for them, and that makes it much easier for me to ask. My media team just uploaded episode #134, meaning that we are creeping up on three straight years of consistent, weekly episodes and I honestly never imagined it could have been anywhere near as successful and well-received as it has been.

A.D. Amorosi: I don’t know that I would consider you to be a socially conscious comic or a political comic despite your activism when it comes to animal rights (double bravo). How has the last few years of whatever mess that we have been in affected what you’ll say on stage during the Bucket List Tour? What is on your mind beyond the currency of our civic horror?

Steve-O:  I don’t mind admitting that this is one area where I will approach my comedy slightly differently in different countries. One thing that will always be a part of my show is my love for animals. My touring team has begun a practice of advancing our show with animal shelters in cities we are headed to, and arranging to promote them by bringing an adoptable dog on stage with me during my show. On our recent run in Canada, we helped to find permanent homes for fourteen dogs, and that makes me incredibly happy.

steve o

A.D. Amorosi: So, what is interactive and multi-media about the Bucket List Tour? And it sounds so final – why that title?

Steve-O : For my first comedy special, “Guilty As Charged”, I did stand-up and performed a number of stunts live onstage. Then, as I put together the show to follow that up, it occurred to me that enough of the stories I was basing the act on had unfolded on camera, that I could add the footage in post-production to illustrate the comedy as I performed it. That’s how my second comedy special, “Gnarly”, became a multi-media project. For my follow up to Gnarly, I really wanted to bring the multi-media component on tour with me, rather than add it in after the fact. I also wanted to stop “living in the past” by telling old stories, so I decided to film new stuff that was genuinely crazier than ever and make a new live show out of that. I knew right away that I had a bunch of ideas which precisely fit the bill, but they were ideas that were so ridiculous, they were never actually intended to happen. I could have just as easily called it “The Bottom Of The Barrel” list, but “The Bucket List” had a better ring to it. The reason for calling it that isn’t a morbid one– it’s not that I expect to die anytime soon, it’s that I recognize I’m running out of time to be doing these kinds of high-impact stunts. I thought this was going to be my “last licks at raising the bar for crazy”.

A.D. Amorosi: After having audiences kinda-sorta getting to know you throughout the last several decades, what is the Steve-O motto/mission statement for this current moment, and why that?

Steve-O : I have always been an attention-whore, and I really like to fancy myself a “world class” one, at that. All I ever used to care about is being noticed, remembered, and notable enough to have video footage of me matter after I was dead. I always used to look at the video camera with a sort of religious reverence– I saw it as my way to “live forever”. Since then, I can’t say I’m any less of an attention whore, but I can say I’m less concerned with what opinions are of me after I’m gone than I am with having a tangible legacy that actually does some good. My fiancée and I have a vision of creating an animal sanctuary which has its own revenue streams to make it self-sufficient. I want to become successful enough to employ hundreds of people to take care of thousands of animals, and I really love the idea of that being something that outlives me, along with all that silly video footage.

A.D. Amarosi's Headshot

A.D. Amorosi

  • Twitter --> @adamorosi

A.D. Amorosi is an award-winning journalist who, along with working for the Philadelphia Weekly, writes regularly for Variety, Jazz Times, Flood and Wax Poetics, and hosts and co-produces his own SoundCloud-charting radio show, Theater in the Round for Pacifica National Public Radio station WPPM 106.5 FM and

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