Photo Tour of the Wellesley College Campus

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Green Hall at Wellesley College

Photo Credit: Allen Grove

The iconic tower at Wellesley College is part of Green Hall, a building situated on the east side of the academic quad. The building houses administrative offices and foreign language programs. The building's red brick collegiate Gothic architecture can be found across the Wellesley campus.

Alumnae Hall at Wellesley College

Completed in 1923, Alumnae Hall houses Wellesley's largest auditorium. In the lower level is a large ballroom.

Beebe Hall at Wellesley College

Beebe Hall is one of the four residential buildings that make up the Hazard Quad. The campus has 21 residence halls, and new students will live among upper-class students.

The Wellesley Chapel

The Houghton Memorial Chapel on Wellesley College's campus features Tiffany stained glass windows. The building is used for church services, meetings, and select concerts. Wellesley's long tradition of "step singing" takes place on the stairs leading into the chapel.

A Gothic Doorway Under Green Hall at Wellesley College

Visitors exploring Wellesley's campus are often delighted to find lots of small paths and passageways such as the narrow stairway that terminates in this Gothic doorway under Green Hall.

The Tower of Green Hall at Wellesley College

Towering 182' over Wellesley College's academic quad, the tower of Green Hall houses a 32-bell carillon. Students frequently play the bells.

Lake Waban Viewed from the Wellesley Campus

Wellesley College is situated on the edge of Lake Waban. A walking path circles the lake, and walkers will find several picturesque seating areas such as these benches on the north shore.

Schneider at Wellesley College

Before the opening of the Wang Campus Center, Schneider was home to a popular dining area. Today the building houses the Wellesley College radio station, several student organizations and administrative offices.

The Science Center at Wellesley College

Wellesley students either love or hate the Science Center, although his controversy may end soon, for the building is undergoing extensive expansion and renovation. Built in 1977, it looks like no other building on campus. The lofty interior of the main building looks like the outdoors—complete with green floors, blue ceiling and the exterior of a brick building. Outside the building features concrete support beams, exposed elevator shafts, and lots of pipes.

The Science Center houses a science library as well as the departments of astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, math, physics and psychology.

Shakespeare House at Wellesley College

Shakespeare House is true to its name. The Tudor-style house is home to Wellesley's oldest continuing society, the Shakespeare Society. Students put on a performance of a Shakespeare play every semester.

Tower Court and Severance Hall at Wellesley College

Tower Court (on the right) and Severance Hall (on the left) are part of the Tower Court Complex, a popular residential complex at Wellesley College . The buildings are close to Lake Waban and Clapp Library. The hill on the left side of the photo is a favorite for sledding during the winter months, and the large oak trees are common across the campus.

The Wang Campus Center at Wellesley College

Wellesley College's recent and ambitious fund-raising campaign resulted in a total rebuilding of the west side of campus. Projects included an architecturally unique parking garage, restoration of wetlands, and the building of the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center. The center is the result of a $25 million gift from Lulu and Anthony Wang. It was the largest gift by an individual ever given to a woman's college.

The Wang Campus Center houses the college bookstore, a large dining area, common spaces, and student mail services. If visiting, be sure to explore the building and try out all the unusual chairs in the lounge areas.

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Saturday, July 15, 2023 Eastern Daylight Time

Wellesley College 106 Central St Wellesley, MA 02481 United States

Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.

wellesley college campus tours

Oh The Places We Go

Before anyone says anything, I promise I really was planning to post my “Why Wellesley?” story this week! I was getting all ready to sit down and write about it this morning, when I started thinking about how important visiting campus was for me when I was choosing a college. How can I expect you to know what it’s really like at Wellesley with a second hand snapshot of my campus tour experience? And that’s when it hit me: if you won’t be able to visit Wellesley, I’ll just have to bring Wellesley to you.

Welcome to your very own Wellesley College campus tour! My name is Andy, and I’ll be your guide on this beautiful Thursday. I’d like to think of this tour as like one you might get from your host during an overnight visit; it’ll definitely hit more of the areas that I’m involved in than others, but with a little help from my blockmates, hopefully I’ll be able to capture enough of life as a first-year at Wellesley to give you a pretty well-rounded picture! Think of this like the written out guide that goes along with a Poptropica walkthrough video- if you want to watch the video portion, make sure to check out the tour video on the Wellesley College Youtube Channel! I also highly recommend the Wellesley Playlist; I used to watch it over and over again while waiting for my decision.

wellesley college campus tours

Our first stop on the tour is the Margaret Clapp Library, where I happen to be sitting right now. This year, Clapp is open by reservation only, and students can reserve two hour time slots to study one one of four floors in the library. There are desks, chairs, couches, tables, and study rooms available for your studying convenience. I’ve tried out several different spots throughout the library so far, and I’ve found that my favorites are the tables and the armchairs in the area to the right of the main entrance; the lighting sort of makes me feel like I’m in The Paper Chase . Like most college libraries, the further you go up, the quieter you have to be. As a first year, I don’t know if my workload is heavy enough yet to warrant going up to the fourth floor, and I like knowing I won’t be disrupting anyone completely in the zone if I drop my water bottle down here on the second floor. 

wellesley college campus tours

Next up this morning is the area of Wellesley you’re probably the most familiar with from your online research and admissions brochures: the Academic Quad! 

wellesley college campus tours

Behind Green Hall!

wellesley college campus tours

You might remember Galen Stone Tower from my last post; the tower is actually part of Green Hall, which hosts the foreign language departments and administrative offices!

wellesley college campus tours

Attached to Green Hall is Founders, which I think is the prettiest building on campus; it houses all of the humanities departments. 

wellesley college campus tours

The big long building in the quad is Pendleton, which is divided into Pendleton East and Pendleton West; I haven’t been in there yet, but I know that most of the social sciences are in there, and that it used to be the natural and physical sciences building; you can still see markings for the former departments outside the building! 

wellesley college campus tours

Finally, the academic quad is also home to Jewett, the arts and music building. Jewett has studios, practice rooms, classrooms, performance halls, you name it! This week the tower is under construction, so I’ve been practicing the carillon in a practice room on the first floor of Jewett.

wellesley college campus tours

Our remaining academic building is the Science Center, which is actually all the way over on East Side. Right now, it’s under construction, but there are still a lot of classes in here, and it’s open for students to study in, too! 

wellesley college campus tours

Unfortunately Lulu is very hard to get a decent picture of, but here’s one I found online!

Lulu is our campus center! It houses mail services, the campus bookstore, a convenience store, and a dining hall! Fun fact: Lulu was apparently built to have the least amount of right angles possible. I’m not sure why this is or even if it’s 100% true, but it’s a fun story I heard from an upperclassman!

wellesley college campus tours

My anthropology class is held in a bit more of an unconventional space: Houghton Memorial Chapel! In a normal year, this space would be used for religious services and campus traditions- like Flower Sunday- but this year it’s serving well as a socially distanced lecture hall.

wellesley college campus tours

This picture is from the Wellesley Athletics website! Maybe soon I’ll take a trip down to the KSC to see it for myself.

The Keohane Sports Center is the home of Wellesley Athletics, and it also serves as a free gym for all Wellesley students! I’m very sorry to admit that I actually haven’t been over to see the KSC yet; it’s basically right behind my dorm. I have no excuses, although I will defend myself by saying that I did end up in the athletic fields when I got very lost wandering the lake one day so maybe that counts as visiting. 

wellesley college campus tours

No campus tour is complete without seeing where you might be living! This is the East Side complex, which houses my personal favorite dining hall (and also my friend Abby- shoutout to her if she’s reading this)! The East Side dorms are a lot newer than most of the other dorms on campus, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in history. Future journalists may be excited to learn that Diane Sawyer actually lived in Freeman Hall on East Side when she attended Wellesley!

wellesley college campus tours

Stone Davis (otherwise known as Stone-D) is the other dorm complex on East Side. The Stone Davis dining hall is closed for the year, but my RA says that their buffalo chicken wraps are out of this world. Stone-D also happens to be where a certain presidential nominee and Wellesley’s most famous alum lived during her time on campus back in the ‘60s!

wellesley college campus tours

When I was on my admissions tour, one of our tour guides said that if Wellesley dorms were characters in Mean Girls , Tower Court would be Regina George. With her big beautiful windows and prime view of Lake Waban, Tower is definitely the most popular dorm on campus. The dining hall is pretty nice, too, and Claflin, one of the Tower Court dorms, is home to the campus bakery!

wellesley college campus tours

Of course, though other dorm complexes may have their merits, if you’re looking for the place on campus with the most heart and the strongest community, there’s no better place to find it than in the Quint! I would argue that all of the dorms in the Hazard Quad- Munger, the fifth dorm in the Quint, is offline this year- have their own very distinct personalities, but even just reaching the top of the hill and walking into the quad is enough to make me feel like I’m coming home at the end of a long day. 

wellesley college campus tours

Watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding for my RA’s CE last week!

Finally- and in my opinion, most importantly- is Pomeroy Hall, my home away from home! Before coming to Wellesley, I heard a lot about the Pommunity and how warm and welcoming it was- especially for first years living away from home for the first time- but I didn’t really believe it until I experienced it for myself. There’s definitely no wrong answers when it comes to where you’ll live at Wellesley, but for me no place could be a better fit than Pom is! Whether it’s Friday night movies on the quad, candlelit House Council meetings, or holding dorm-wide talent shows, I feel like the res staff is always finding new ways to keep us bonding and having fun during the pandemic. Pom is definitely the best part of my Wellesley experience so far, and I hope that maybe three years from now I’ll be able to boast “Pom Lifer” status just like so many of the seniors this year! 

This virtual tour really only scratches the surface of what it’s like to walk through campus; really even an in-person tour isn’t enough to give you the full Wellesley experience. Wellesley is the kind of place you have to explore on your own, and often the most beautiful places on campus are the most hidden. Every day is like a little adventure, which is one of my favorite things about going to school here. Even when we’re social distancing and meeting on Zoom, there’s always adventure and exploration and learning. What more could I want from my college experience?

Sending you joy,

P.S. An Honorable Mention:

Normally, Lake Waban wouldn’t be part of a campus tour, but I think it’s a big part of the Wellesley experience and I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite lake photos for your enjoyment. I recommend listening to “The Swan” from Carnival of the Animals or perhaps a little Debussy while perusing- those are my lake time go-tos!

wellesley college campus tours

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Are you applying to wellesley explore the campus using the virtual tour below..

Virtual tours are a great way to refresh your memory or to preview an on-site tour of Wellesley College.

Do I Really Need to Take a Tour?

At the beginning of your college search, a virtual tour can be a beneficial tool to explore the campus before your visit. When you do visit the campus, be sure to talk to current students about their experiences. A student perspective is a helpful way to gauge your future experience when attending Wellesley. Already took an on-campus tour? It's inevitable. All of your college tours will blend, and you might forget the appearance of Wellesley College's library, dorms, or cafeteria. Use the virtual tour to jog your memory! With the interactive mapping tool below you can even explore the area surrounding the campus.

Use the resources below to start your virtual tour.

Using the Map

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Panoramic View

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wellesley college campus tours

Wellesley College Transfers: 2023 Requirements, Dates, GPAs & More

How long do wellesley college tours last.

CampusReel hosts a total of about 27 tour videos for Wellesley College, so you can expect to spend between 81 to 135 minutes total watching content. Of course, we are constantly adding new content. Come back to CampusReel often to see new videos and campus tours of Wellesley College and stay informed on campus life.

Where do Wellesley College tours start?

On CampusReel, you can start your Wellesley College tour wherever you’d like. If you’re touring Wellesley College in person with a traditional walking tour you’ll likely start at the admissions office. The school’s address is listed as Wellesley, MA so we recommend plugging that into your GPS. Before beginning a tour at Wellesley College, make sure you check the weather and plan out your itinerary and accommodations appropriately. Wellesley weather can be unpredictable, so bring comfortable shoes in case it rains. Also, check what stops the tour includes to make sure you’ll see everything you’re interested in! The Wellesley College website likely outlines important information for tour visitors.

When do Wellesley College tours start?

Needless to say, a CampusReel virtual tour of Wellesley College starts whenever you want. However, most schools provide 2-3 different start times for group tours in-person: in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. We recommend choosing the second available timeslot because Wellesley College students will likely be up and about by then. You can explore Wellesley if you wake up early and want to gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding community. Check the Wellesley College admissions site or student services to confirm tour times.

What are the best landmarks and locations at Wellesley College?

Below is a list of every Wellesley College building that has a tour on CampusReel.

  • Wellesley College at Wellesley College
  • Lake Waban at Wellesley College
  • Founders Hall at Wellesley College
  • Pendleton Hall at Wellesley College
  • Stone-Davis Hall at Wellesley College
  • Wellsley College Science Center at Wellesley College
  • Clapp Library at Wellesley College
  • Houghton Memorial Chapel at Wellesley College

What will I see on a Wellesley College tour?

All CampusReel tours for Wellesley College include everything from dorms to dining halls to student interviews and gameday videos. Most importantly, you will see Wellesley College students!

What is city Wellesley, MA like?

Wellesley is listed as New England. You need to evaluate the area carefully to make sure this is an environment you want to go to college in. Some people love a town this size, and others don’t. Either way, it will affect your time at Wellesley College.

Who are the tour guides for Wellesley College on CampusReel?

Scroll up to the top of the page to select from a number of tour guides available at Wellesley College. Keep in mind anyone can upload content to CampusReel, so the available tour guides are constantly increasing.

Summary and Overview of Wellesley College tours:

Wellesley College, like all colleges and universities, has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, your goal with these tour videos is to try to decide if Wellesley College is the right school for you. After you’ve taken the time learn about the campus, Wellesley and overall experience, then you can consider taking your search one step further and visiting Wellesley College in person.

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wellesley college campus tours

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wellesley college campus tours

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wellesley college campus tours

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The Kit Kat Girls and their Emcee from the musical Cabaret

  • 2022 Stories
  • Spotlight on Wellesley

Wellesley Says “Willkommen” to Two Courses on “Cabaret”

This week, Wellesley’s Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre has been reshaped into the Kit Kat Club, the alluring and atmospheric setting of the musical Cabaret that operates in a sphere of smoke and conversation. Audience members are invited to sit at tables in the cabaret space, creating an immersive environment that begins before the falsely cheery opening number welcomes them. The hope is that when they enter the theatre to see the show, they feel they are entering the world of Weimar Berlin.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of director and choreographer Bob Fosse’s film adaptation of Cabaret . To celebrate the milestone, Octavio González , associate professor of English, and Marta Rainer ’98, director of theatre and theatre studies and senior lecturer in the department, collaborated to stage Cabaret at Wellesley. 

The production is the culmination of two courses offered this semester, ENG 283: The History of Cabaret and THST 345: Practicum–Theatre Production, that are based on the incarnations of the story of Cabaret . ENG 283 focuses on the literary and historical aspects of Cabaret’s source material, and THST 345 brings the musical version to life on stage. 

Cabaret is based on two sources. The first is Anglo-American writer Christopher Isherwood’s 1939 novella Goodbye to Berlin , a fictionalized account of his time in Berlin during the early 1930s. The intricate material inspired English playwright John Van Druten’s 1951 play I Am a Camera , the second source.

wellesley college campus tours

González got the idea for a course on the history of Cabaret in fall 2020. He had taught Isherwood’s novella in his course on the modern British novel and showed his students the number “Mein Herr” from the film adaptation. “My mind was on fire contrasting Liza Minelli’s star turn as Sally Bowles with Isherwood’s inept chanteuse in Goodbye to Berlin ,” he said. 

While watching the film, González said, he realized how the deep roots of Cabaret grew. “So, I decided to propose a course focused on the intertextual mesh that comprises the Cabaret archive,” he said. 

González mentioned his idea to Megan Ruppel ’20, who was taking an independent study with him her senior year. She suggested he reach out to Rainer to discuss it further. 

Rainer, who has taught a course on the performance art of cabaret, was enthusiastic about his proposed course, and at his suggestion decided to produce the musical with the students in her theatre production class. “When I select productions, I select through the lens of an educator,” she said. “I think about the opportunities that this particular script offers to our performers, and I really honor the students who took this on. It’s been an exciting challenge.”

This past summer, González and Rainer went to Berlin to prepare for their courses. They met with Brendan Nash, an author and urban historian, who “gives a fantastic tour of Berlin keyed to the events and characters of the Weimar era,” González said. “It was Brendan who showed us the Stolpersteine, or ‘stumbling stones,’ scattered throughout Berlin and all of Europe as concrete markers of the Nazi political party’s continent-wide genocide.”

Nash joined both classes by Zoom to provide insight into the vibrant neighborhood in the district of Schöneberg, where Isherwood lived. Phil Ordoñez, a multidisciplinary dancer and certified fitness professional, gave a guest lecture to González’s English class on the directorial choices Fosse made in his film adaptation to complement his choreography. 

Though the courses are separate, González said they operate on parallel tracks. In both, students learn about the history of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazism to contextualize the world of Cabaret . They examine the intertextual connections between the various adaptations and revivals of Isherwood’s stories to consider how each one was conceptualized to reflect a distinct cultural moment.

“We use the journalism from and about this era to do our research,” Rainer said. “My intention is to try to get everyone on the same page to make sure that we’re all telling the same story. I do that by encouraging questions and through advertising collaboration. It’s been invaluable to have these parallel conversations with the English class.” 

wellesley college campus tours

Sophia Nachmanoff ’25, assistant director and dramaturg of Wellesley’s production, first saw C abaret when she was very young and fell in love with the score. “When I was a little bit older, I worked as a Sunday school teacher doing Holocaust education. A lot of the work focused on educating people about how fascism rises,” Nachmanoff said. “Throughout that process, I found myself rediscovering Cabaret because I think it brilliantly tells the story of how fascism as an institution works.” 

She is enrolled in both classes this semester, and her role in the production process involves running lines with performers as well as answering questions about the musical’s historical and cultural background. 

Kristal Maimo ’26, a student in González’s English course, said learning about the nuance and historical significance of Cabaret has been valuable. “I remember watching Cabaret when I was younger and not really knowing what to make of it,” she said. “I really enjoy the musical, and I wanted to explore it through an academic lens to understand its purpose.”

Though González and Rainer are focused on the history of Cabaret , they also encourage students to recognize the similarities between the past and present.

“The unfortunate parallels to our current political climate make it worthy of bringing the production to campus to have that conversation,” Rainer said. 

“Just as Cabaret as a concept musical reflected the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, today’s revivals reflect similar political turmoil,” González said. “We’re facing a storm of neofascist legal and political disenfranchisement, turning back the clock to the pre-Roe v. Wade era.” 

As a creative assignment, González asked his students to revise a scene from the stage production and set it in contemporary America post-9/11. Marty Martinage ’24 and Phaedra Plank ’24 rewrote the song “Two Ladies” and created a satire called “Two Cowboys.” Their version traces the shift in the culture of country music and highlights the influence of queer communities and communities of color in country music that have often been erased from popular culture. 

Though the semester is almost over, the conversations and creative projects Isherwood’s novella and Cabaret inspire continue outside of the classroom. “There’s a vibrancy there because Cabaret was captured in a way that ignites our imagination, in addition to the bigger message about self-reflection,” Rainer said. “It’s why we’re going to be able to keep doing this musical going forward.” 

Wellesley’s production of Cabaret will take place December 8 to 11; performances are sold out.

Suggested Stories

wellesley college campus tours

Strelka Tours

City Tour of Moscow

City Tour of Moscow


wellesley college campus tours

The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin and Red Square. Red Square used to be a lively marketplace. Krasnaya (Red) is the Old Russian word for beautiful. Pause in Red Square to review its dark and glorious moments in Russian history.

View famous landmarks including the Savior Tower, the Kremlin walls, GUM department store, the State Historical museum, Lenin’s mausoleum, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. He chose two architects, Barma and Postnik, to create this now famous Russian Orthodox church. According to legend, Ivan blinded both of them so they couldn’t create a similar masterpiece anywhere else. During Joseph Stalin’s rule, Saint Basil’s was in danger of being destroyed to make room for larger demonstrations and marches on Red Square.

Then view the Christ the Savior cathedral, a church with a controversial history. It was torn down by the Bolsheviks in favor of a massive monument to socialism known as the Palace of the Soviets. A giant statue of Lenin was slated to be mounted on the roof. In a twist of fate, the construction of the Palace was halted due to the lack of funds. Later, it was transformed into the world’s largest open-air swimming pool.

After you learn about the history of the rebuilt Christ the Savior cathedral, reach the Novodevichy (New Maiden) Convent. The convent, founded in 1524, is one of Moscow’s most beautiful monasteries. It’s also known as the “Convent of the Broken Hearts.” It was the residence that out-of-favor wives of aristocrats were banished to when their spouse decided to marry another woman.

Next on your tour, visit Poklonnaya Hill (Bow Hill). Your introduction to Russian History will be expanded here where you will learn about the events of World War II from a Russian perspective.

Then take a short drive to visit Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) where a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and Moscow University awaits you.

Additional information

Price for the private tour:

  • 1 person – $300  
  • group of 2 – $150 per person
  • group of 3 – $105 per person
  • group of 4 – $90 per person
  • group of 5 and more – $70 per person

Operating days:

Tour includes:

  • 4 hours of guide service including pick up and drop off at the hotel (within the 3rd Ring Road of Moscow)
  • 4 hours of transportation on modern air-conditioned car or van

Additional info:

  • Please indicate preferred pick up time and place
  • This tour is a private tour with the use of car or van
  • Please dress in accordance with the weather conditions

Booking and cancellation policy:

  • We recommend to make the booking 7-45 days in advance during the peak season from May to September
  • Booking of the tour can be made not less than 3 days prior to the date of the tour
  • After the tour is booked the cancellation charge of 10% of the total amount will be applied
  • There will be no refund for the cancellation of the tour made less than 48 hours prior to the booked tour
  • Change of the date of the tour can be done within 48 hours prior to the tour date without any charge
  • All cancellations or change of dates can be done by phone or email

wellesley college campus tours

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wellesley college campus tours

Central Area Segway Ride

wellesley college campus tours

Rivers and Canals cruise

wellesley college campus tours

Fabergé Museum

What we know about the 4 Idaho college students found dead in an off-campus home

MOSCOW, Idaho — The killings of four University of Idaho students Sunday elicited shock and sadness on campus, in the college city of Moscow, Idaho, and beyond.

The victims were Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, who became fast friends in the 6th grade; Ethan Chapin, a triplet from Washington state known for his love of sports and his sense of humor; and Xana Kernodle, a marketing major whose family recalled her positive and light-hearted personality. 

The four were found slain at a home off-campus. A suspect has not been arrested. Moscow police said they don't believe there is an ongoing threat, and that “evidence indicates that this was a targeted attack.”

Goncalves, Mogen and Kernodle lived together at the home, according to Ellie McKnight, their neighbor and a friend of Chapin's at the University of Idaho.

Here is what we know about the victims:

Kaylee Goncalves, 21

Kaylee Goncalves, of Rathdrum, a city close to Coeur d’Alene, was “the ultimate go-getter,” her sister, Alivea Goncalves, told NBC’s “TODAY” in an interview.

Kaylee Goncalves.

She was a senior majoring in general studies in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, and was in the Alpha Phi sorority, the university has said.

Goncalves and Mogen had been friends since middle school, and members of both families treated them as one of their own. The Goncalves’ took Mogen with them on cruises, and vice versa.

“We’re all sisters — and Kaylee and Maddie were, especially,” Alivea Goncalves said.

“They did everything together,” Alivea Goncalves, said. “They fought like sisters, they loved like sisters, they shared clothes and fought over the clothes they shared like sisters.”

Kaylee Goncalves had recently bought a 2016 Range Rover, she planned a trip to Europe for next year, and planned to move, probably to Texas, also next year, her sister said.

“She had everything going for her, absolutely everything,” her sister said. “She had her job lined up. She had worked really hard for it, she just bought a new car, she had trips planned.”

Madison Mogen, 21

Mogen, of Coeur d’Alene, was a senior majoring in marketing and was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, the university said.

Madison Mogen.

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be the main character in all my childhood stories,” Kaylee Goncalves wrote on Instagram in May to wish her Maddie a happy 21st birthday. A slideshow showed them grow up from young girls to the college students they were.

"I love you more than life! My best friend forever and more," Mogen replied, with a heart emoji.

Mogen planned to move to Boise after graduating this spring, family friend Jessie Frost told the Idaho Statesman newspaper .

Mogen also worked with Kernodle at a restaurant, and Mogen helped run the business’ social media pages, the newspaper reported. The restaurant, the Mad Greek, posted on Facebook that the two women "brought so much joy to our restaurant and all of those they encountered."

Ethan Chapin, 20

Chapin was a freshman from Mount Vernon, Washington, a city in Skagit County north of Seattle.

Ethan Chapin.

He majored in recreation, sport and tourism management, and was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, according to the University of Idaho.

Chapin had just turned 20, and was a triplet, his parents, Stacy and Jim Chapin, told NBC affiliate KING of Seattle .

“Everything we do, is all of us, together,” Stacy Chapin told the station. “We’re a pretty tight family.”

Chapin and his siblings were athletic, and among the sports he played was club soccer for years, his parents said. He was funny and loved country music, they said. "He literally lit up every room," his mother told KING.

He also was in a relationship with Kernodle, and the two had been dating since the spring, McKnight said.

In an Oct. 29 Instagram post, Kernodle wished Chapin a happy birthday and said life was "so much better with you in it."

Xana Kernodle, 20

Kernodle, of Post Falls, Idaho, was a junior majoring in marketing, and she was also in Pi Beta Phi sorority, the university said.

Xana Kernodle.

“I am lucky to have had her as a sister,” her sister, Jazzmin Kernodle, said in a statement.

Jazzmin Kernodle recalled her sister as someone who was so positive and light-hearted she "always lifted up a room." The family is at a loss for words, and are waiting to find out more from the investigation.

“Our hearts go out to Kaylee, Maddie and Ethan and all their families as well. They were all amazing people, and were loved so much,” she said. “My sister was so lucky to have them in her life.”

Tim Stelloh reported from Moscow, and Phil Helsel from Los Angeles.

wellesley college campus tours

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

Tim Stelloh is a breaking news reporter for NBC News Digital.

Moscow Voyager

Moscow’s best free city tour

wellesley college campus tours

I love Moscow – this charming metropolis, its people, its history and its unique cityscape. I would like to share my passion for this city with you. It is my job to show you the most exciting corners of this fascinating metropolis. That’s why, as a travel specialist and your private tour guide Moscow in Russia, I organize a guided free city tour Moscow – so that everyone, regardless of their budget, would be able to enjoy the insider’s view of Moscow.

You get to see what only Moscow residents know and what other tourist guides keep from you. I am a licensed travel specialist in Russia and would like you to enjoy all facets of the capital of the largest country in the world, without demanding any money from you. I’ll show you the city on my free Moscow walking tour for 1.5-hours on foot.

Everything you need to know:

  • My tours take place daily by arrangement, I am the only English-speaking licensed tourist guide Moscow, who offers a free city tour.
  • My 1.5-hour free tours Moscow do not cost you a cent, I also offer other great paid tours as well.
  • I am an experienced local, I make the tours informative, but at the same time relaxed and not off the plane.

wellesley college campus tours

Free Tours Moscow – Daily

My free tours Moscow city starts on Slavonic Square (Kitay-Gorod Metro Station), passes the world-famous St. Basil’s Cathedral, which was built by Ivan the Terrible on the south side of Red Square in the 16th century and where the tsars were once crowned. Then it goes across the Red Square at the Lenin Mausoleum, the luxury department store GUM and with a view of the Kremlin towards the historical museum. Of course, you will also learn more about the stories that once happened behind the thick walls of the Kremlin – from the Tsars and Napoleon to Stalin. Then we continue through the idyllic Alexander Garden.

wellesley college campus tours

An advance booking is required!

Practical information:

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 1.5 hours Price: Free Language: English

«First acquaintance with Moscow» – a 2.5-hour city tour in the center of Moscow

This Moscow city tour starts on the Theater Square, past Lubyanka Square and the KGB-building, then through Kitay Gorod district and Varvarka Street, past the world-famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. Then it goes across Zarjadje Park, over Red Square at the Lenin Mausoleum, the GUM-department store and towards the Historical Museum. We walk through the Alexander Garden.

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 2.5 hours Price: 17 $ Students and children: 6 $ Language: English

A 3.5-hour car/bus tour of Moscow.

This is the best tour of Moscow city as all the important sights are visited. I am your Moscow city guide who will walk you through the city explaining the charming history of the city. This tour begins with picking you up from the hotel. 3 breaks are offered for photographing.

First, we will visit the most famous riverside streets and bridges in the center of the city with the most beautiful views of the Kremlin and the Moskva River (e.g. the Kremlin embankment and the Great Stone Bridge).

The first photo break is made at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We then pass by the district with numerous museums, Prechistinka Street and the district with numerous medical areas.

We again stop at the Novodevichy Convent, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the other bank of the Moskva River to click pictures.

Then we visit “Sparrow Hills” where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city of Moscow from the observation deck. Then there are the skyscrapers of Moscow-City, the Kutuzov avenue, the New Arbat, Tverskaya Street, the world-famous Bolshoi Theater, the KGB building and Varvarka Street. Here there are ample spots to click pictures.

We then drive past the Kremlin again and finally reach Red Square. We take a short tour of Red Square and say goodbye in the Alexander Garden.

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 3.5 hours Price for a group: 170-200 $ (depending on the number of travelers) Language: English

Metro tour – daily

Palaces for ordinary people – that was what Stalin promised to the people when the construction of the Moscow Metro began between the World Wars. The communist dictator hadn’t promised too much. No other underground system in the world can boast such spectacular architecture – chandeliers, decorations, stucco, paintings on the walls – each station is individually designed. No wonder that Moscow residents love their metro. I will guide you through the bustle of one of the busiest subways in the world and show you the most beautiful stations Moscow city has.

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 2 hours Price: 21 $ Students and children: 17 $ Language: English Included in the price: Metro tickets / the guided tour

Tour of Communist Moscow – every day

After the Communist October Revolution in 1918, Moscow became the capital of the Soviet Empire and was the center of socialist orbit for more than 70 years. This left its mark on Moscow, even if the USSR disintegrated more than a quarter of a century ago. The city streets are full of remnants of the communist regime and the Cold War. This is a walking tour where I will show you the most exciting places in Soviet Moscow: from the notorious KGB headquarters, also known as Lubyanka to the Karl Marx Monument to small hidden remains from the time of hammer and sickle. You will also learn about Stalin’s Great Terror political campaign and the system of the GULAG and how the USSR, the communist Russian republic, became modern Russia.

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 2 hours Price: 21 $ Students and children: 17 $ Language: English Included in the price: the guided tour

Alternative Moscow Tour – daily

Explore the unseen Moscow with your Moscow private guide and discover a range of sights during this alternative walking tour.  Away from the main tourist spots (in the central district of Kitay-Gorod), just a short walk from Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, you suddenly find yourself in one of the trendiest districts of Moscow. This place not only has trendy cafes and green squares, but here you can see the most beautiful spray works (according to Albrecht Dürer), hangout-places of the youth and hipsters, as well as learn what Moscow looked like in the 19th century. Here you will also learn exciting and even bloody stories about famous gangsters, eccentric business people and legends like the wandering preacher Rasputin, who is known in Russia either as the “holy devil” or the mad monk. To learn a little more about Moscow’s culture, this is the tour for you. On my alternative tour, you will get to know Moscow away from the tourist hotspots. This tour is of 2 hours duration and you will experience the following on the tour:

  • St. John’s Hill, a quiet oasis right in the center, where time has stopped as it did in pre-Communist times
  • Khokhlovka Art Center, where Russian hipsters and street artists hang out
  • Samoskvorechye District where you can see beautiful streets and hear stories from old Moscow
Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 2 hours Price: 21 $ Students and children: 17 $ Language: English Included in the price: the guided tour / tram ticket

Kremlin tour – daily (closed on Thursday)

With its 20 towers and high walls, the Kremlin rises imposingly over Red Square. This world-famous fortress with its area of ​​28 hectares is home to over 800 years of Russian history. Described as the eighth wonder of the world, this historic fortress complex is the principal symbol of Russia that sits on the banks of the Moscow River. Today the Kremlin still harbors numerous secrets and has palaces and cathedrals, surrounded by Kremlin Wall. The current wall was constructed between the 15 th  and 16 th  centuries, but the original wall was made of wood around the year 1147. The Kremlin Wall became an important symbol of Moscow’s importance in the Russian Empire. This top tourist destination attracts millions of people every year and there are various sights to see. With my Kremlin tour, you will see the oldest square in the city in the heart of the Kremlin, the once largest cannon in the world and the scene of numerous dramas – from Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon to Stalin. You cannot miss this unique experience.

An advance booking and prepayment for tickets are required.

Time: by arrangement, daily (closed on Thursday) Duration: 2 hours Price on request Students and children: on request Language: English Included in the price: Kremlin tickets / the guided tour

Moscow pub crawl – Friday / Saturday

Experience the real nightlife of Moscow with my Moscow Pub Crawl and enjoy 4 pubs/bars plus 4 welcome shot drinks. Move from one bar to another and get to know travelers from around the world as well as the locals. Play fun adventure games and contests in addition to getting perks in the bars. Between the bars, move from one place to another on foot. The routes are organized as such that you will walk no more than 10 minutes between the bars. Visit the most exciting events, parties, concerts, and dance in the bars. Moscow Pub Crawl is a tour that you will never forget.

This tour runs every Friday and Saturday evening at 8 PM and you need to bring along your passport or an ID card, comfortable shoes, and wear smart casual clothes.

An advance booking and a small prepayment are required!

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 4 hours Price on request Language: English Included in the price: the guided tour, 4 shot drinks

1.5-hour boat trip on the Moskva River.

Taking a boat tour in Moscow on the Moskva River is a very pleasant experience. It allows you to know the city from a totally different perspective and admire the beautiful bridges. In this 1.5-hour river trip, you will sail past many beautiful sites in Moscow, so you can take the best photos to commemorate this day. The ship makes several stops on the way. The trip starts from the Ustinskiy Bridge near Sarjadje Park and ends at the Kiev train station.

On this Boat Trip, you can see sights such as: the former Imperial Education House, Sarjadje Park, the “flowing”, “floating” bridge, the most beautiful view of the Kremlin, the Great Stone Bridge, the legendary House on the Quay, the Christ the Savior Cathedral , the monument to Peter the Great on the ship, the central sports arena Luzhniki, the Sparrow Hills, 240 meters high Lomonosov University, the numerous architecturally spectacular skyscrapers of Moscow-City, the Novodevichy Convent, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.

Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 1.5 hours Price on request Language: English

A military tour – riding on tanks in Stupino (Moscow region)

Russian Military is one of the largest military forces in the world formed in 1992. With my Military Tour experience what it likes to be in the Russian military, shooting guns, ride the Tank T-34 and various models of German tanks from the Second World War, as well as armored personnel carriers and vehicles. You will also shoot from the AK-47 and another combat weapon.

The tour will begin with your private tour guide Moscow in a Soviet army van accompanied with some tasty snacks and tea for a tasty start. Upon arriving, you will have to put on the army safety clothing and climb the Russian armored vehicles. The tour will take you on the noisy, smoky tank, driving through mud roads. All participants will get the chance to drive the tank which is coordinated by the Russian military.

Time: by arrangement, daily Price on request Language: English

' src=

Alexander Popov

Welcome to Russia! My name is Alexander, I was born in Moscow and I'm a passionate tour guide. I want to share my passion for Russia and my hometown with you. On my website you will find useful information to make your individual trip to Russia as interesting as possible.

Gorky Park and Sparrow Hills: Green Lungs, place to relax and meet

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

@2019-2020 - Moscow Voyager. Alexander Popov

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    The Davis Museum at Wellesley College offers guided tours to public groups during open hours, Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our specially-trained Student Guides engage visitors with the Davis's distinctive permanent collections and special temporary exhibitions through dialogue-based, interactive experiences.

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    of 12 The Wellesley Chapel The Wellesley Chapel. Photo Credit: Allen Grove The Houghton Memorial Chapel on Wellesley College's campus features Tiffany stained glass windows. The building is used for church services, meetings, and select concerts. Wellesley's long tradition of "step singing" takes place on the stairs leading into the chapel. 05

  9. Register to Visit Campus

    Wellesley College requires that all visitors be fully vaccinated in order to participate in a student-led tour. Wellesley considers individuals fully vaccinated only after receiving a booster, if eligible. ... Saturday, July 15 - Self-Guided Tour of Campus Full. How many guests will be with you? Do not include yourself in this count.

  10. Oh The Places We Go

    Welcome to your very own Wellesley College campus tour! My name is Andy, and I'll be your guide on this beautiful Thursday.

  11. Wellesley College: A Day in My Life

    Check out the full campus tour Wellesley College at: https://www.campusreel.orgEver wonder what it's like to spend a day in my life at Wellesley College? Wel...

  12. Campus Tours in Full Swing

    Wellesley's Admission Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (plus some Saturdays in the fall and spring), all year long. Summer is obviously convenient for visiting when folks are on vacation or traveling in the area, and visitors are likely to meet other prospective students then.

  13. CampusTours

    CampusTours provides virtual tours of 1,700+ colleges and universities and builds virtual tours and interactive maps for schools and organizations worldwide.

  14. Take the Wellesley College Campus Virtual Tour

    Already took an on-campus tour? It's inevitable. All of your college tours will blend, and you might forget the appearance of Wellesley College's library, dorms, or cafeteria. Use the virtual tour to jog your memory! With the interactive mapping tool below you can even explore the area surrounding the campus.

  15. Tour from Your Couch

    Watch 17,000+ videos on CampusReel How long do Wellesley College tours last? CampusReel hosts a total of about 27 tour videos for Wellesley College, so you can expect to spend between 81 to 135 minutes total watching content. Of course, we are constantly adding new content.

  16. CampusTours

    CampusTours provides virtual tours of 1,700+ colleges and universities and builds virtual tours and interactive maps for schools and organizations worldwide. ... Wellesley College Wellesley, Massachusetts Total Enrollment: 2,461: View Details: College Search. More than 7 Million students have used CampusTours to find virtual campus tours and maps.

  17. Visit Babson

    Miami Virtual Tour Undergraduate (Wellesley Main Campus) Graduate (All Locations) Executive Conference Center (Wellesley Main Campus) Visit all Babson College campuses--Wellesley, Boston, and Miami--virtually and in person.

  18. Wellesley Says "Willkommen" to Two Courses on "Cabaret"

    This week, Wellesley's Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre has been reshaped into the Kit Kat Club, the alluring and atmospheric setting of the musical Cabaret that operates in a sphere of smoke and conversation. Audience members are invited to sit at tables in the cabaret space, creating an immersive environment that begins before the falsely cheery opening number welcomes them. The hope is that when ...

  19. A Spooky Syllabus—History 114: American Hauntings

    October 30, 2023. subscribe. Ghost stories are a spooky-season staple, but in the first-year seminar HIST 114: American Hauntings, taught by Kate Grandjean, associate professor of history, they are the focus of the entire semester. Grandjean talked with us about her course and, as a Halloween treat, shared her favorite Wellesley ghost story.

  20. City Tour of Moscow

    Our city tour combines the old with the new. We offer you insight into the rich history of Moscow and show you fun opportunities to explore and enjoy life in today's Russia. The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin and Red Square. Red Square used to be a lively marketplace. Krasnaya (Red) is the Old Russian word for beautiful.

  21. THE 10 BEST Moscow City Tours (Updated 2023)

    5. Bridge to Moscow. 453. City Tours • Cultural Tours. District Central (TsAO) By Charito1967. Our tour guide was the best, very knowledgeable and lots of patience and caring to explain and to help us in all we r... 6. Go Russia Travel Company.

  22. What we know about the 4 Idaho college students found dead in an off

    New details emerge in deaths of 4 University of Idaho students. MOSCOW, Idaho — The killings of four University of Idaho students Sunday elicited shock and sadness on campus, in the college city ...

  23. Moscow's best free city tour

    Free Tours Moscow - Daily. Practical information: «First acquaintance with Moscow» - a 2.5-hour city tour in the center of Moscow. Practical information: A 3.5-hour car/bus tour of Moscow. Practical information: Metro tour - daily. Practical information: Tour of Communist Moscow - every day.

  24. Schedule a Visit

    Campus Tours Complete a self-guided or student-led tour of Wellesley's campus. Bring your walking shoes—the campus is 500 acres and you're hitting all the hotspots. Ft. dorms, academic buildings, the student center, and lots of gorgeous views. REGISTER FOR A CAMPUS TOUR Explore more from Wellesley Let's stick together.

  25. Virtual Tour

    Course Catalog WellesleyX Faculty Academic Centers Academic Institutes Academic Advising & Support Registrar Academic Summer Programs Campus Life Housing Dining Our Community Health and Wellness Getting to Boston