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camiguin top tourist destination

20+ Camiguin Tourist Spots (UPDATED): Places to See, Things to Do

Here is your complete travel guide to Camiguin Island tourist spots. We also included not only the most famous attractions but also the laid-back destinations and the most popular things to do in the island.

Camiguin Island is a pear-shaped island in Northern Mindanao. it is now of the leading eco-tourism spots in the Philippines. It’s ridge to reef landscape teems with a variety of eco-cultural wonders.

Among these are cascading waterfalls, mossy forests, thermal hot springs, colorful corals, and powdery, white-sand beaches. Add to that historic churches and sacred sites leased with a lot of interesting stories. It’s a paradise of wonders rolled into one.

If you’re planning to visit, here are the tourist spots in Camiguin Island you should not miss. Take note. Most of these are off-beaten, thus, ideal for people who prefer secluded destinations.

Behold Camiguin Tourist Spots!

1. mt hibok-hibok.

Mt Hibok-Hibok is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Mt Hibok-Hibok is the dominating landscape of Camiguin Island. It is said that the eruption of the mountain gave birth to the island. Today, dense rainforests cover most of the mountain and is a critical ecological sanctuary. Many endangered species including deer, wild pigs, civet cats, and different kinds of birds inhabit its forests.

The mountain rises to more than 1,322 meters above sea level, making it an easily recognizable landmark in the island. While atop, one can see a small lake surrounded by a lush vegetation. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Camiguin for nature lovers and extreme adventurers.

  • Location/Jump-off: Mambajo
  • Trekking Time: 3-4 hours to the summit

2. White Island/Medan Island

Dubbed as the Naked Temptress of Camiguin, the White Island/Medan Island is one of the top Camiguin tourist spots. It’s an elongated island that is entirely composed of powdery, white sands.

Crystal-blue waters add to its enthralling view. It’s best to come here during the early morning to catch sight of a stunning sunrise.

  • Location/Jump-off: Paras Beach Resorts, Brgy Yumgbing, Mambajo
  • Boating Time: 10 minutes
  • Boat Rental: Php 450 in Yumbing Area
  • Entrance Fee: Php 50 per person

3. Katibawasan Falls

Kaitbawasan Falls is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Katibawasan Falls is one of the most frequented Camiguin tourist spots. It cascades like heavenly drizzles for more than 250 feet high. It has a wide pool with icy-cold and crystal-clear waters. Lush forests surround Katibawasan Falls, giving it a rustic view.

  • Location/Jump-off: Barang Upper Pandan
  • Entrance Fee: Php 50

4. Giant Clam Sanctuary

If you wish to have an encounter with the rich marine wildlife of the Philippines, check out the Giant Clam Sanctuary. As the name suggests, you’ll encounter giant clams which are an endangered species.

Thankfully, this sanctuary gives a glimmer of hope for the preservation of the species. Therefore, you’re helping protect giant clams if you come here.

  • Entrance Fee: Php 150 per person

5. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish is a witness to the rich history of Camiguin Island. Built by Spanish missionaries in the 1800s, the church may seem minimalist outside but when you go inside, you’ll be amazed at the extricate design.

  • Location/Jump-off: Mambajao

6. Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Mantigue Island boasts of powdery, white beaches and crystal-clear waters that will surely leave you jaw-dropped in every direction.

The waters abound with a rich diversity of marine life which you can see while riding a boat or swimming. Coral reefs also thrive, making it ideal for snorkeling.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy San Roque near Benoni Ferry Terminal
  • Boating Time: 15 minutes
  • Boating Rental: Php 600 for a maximum of 6 people
  • Environmental Fee: Php 30
  • Snorkeling Fee: Php 50
  • Mask and Snorkel Rental: Php 100

7. Taguines Lagoon

Taguines Lagoon is a man-made destination sitting right next to the blue ocean. The most popular activity here is zip-lining from one end of the lagoon to the other.

Several seafood restaurants also line the lagoon, serving exotic meals to satisfy your cravings.

  • Location/Jump-off: Mahinog
  • Zip Line Fee: Php 400

8. Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hotspring

camiguin top tourist destination

Camiguin is a volcanic island and it’s no wonder why there are hot springs everywhere. One of the most visited is the Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hotspring.

Aside from the lush vegetation, you’ll get to enjoy the thermal waters and experience their healing properties when you come here.

  • Entrance Fee: Php 30
  • Cottage Fee: Php 150

9. Binangawan Falls

Binangawan Falls is one of the least known tourist spots in Camiguin Island. Thus, it is only recommended for ardent adventurers or extreme hikers. Expect to trail on dense forests for hours before finally catching sight of the falls.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sagay town
  • Trekking Time: 5-6 hours

10. Sto. Niño Cold Spring 

Sto Nino Cold Spring is one of the tourist spots in Camiguin Island

While Camiguin is known for its hot springs, it also has numerous cold springs for those wanting to escape the simmering midday heat. One can easily reach Sto. Nino Cold Spring which has crystal-clear waters. Verdant vegetation surrounds the pool.

  • Location/Jump-off: Catarman

11. Saay Cold Spring

If you want a more secluded location where you can have a relaxing dip, check out Saay Cold Spring. Located at the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok, it has a small and one medium pool.

The good thing about it? You can come here for free. You can, however, hand out donations to help in the maintenance of the site.

  • Location/Jump-off: Quipasa, Mambajao

12. Mount Vulucan

Mt Vulcan is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Mount Vulucan is one of the locally-known Camiguin tourist spots. It is a favorite pilgrimage site during the Catholic Holy Week. The Walkway in The Old Volcano is prime attraction and is considered a sacred site.

While atop the mountain, one can also catch a panoramic view of the Sunken Cemetery and the surrounding mountains.

13. Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Sunken Cemetery is one of the popular religious Camiguin tourist spots. A huge cross stands atop a structure that is believed to be a remnant of a chapel.

Upon reaching the site, tourists can dive underneath to explore the remnants of the cemetery. Plus, you’ll glimpse of the colorful and rich marine ecosystem.

  • Boat Rental: Php 150
  • Snorkeling Set Fee: Php 100

14. Mount Mambajao

Standing next to Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Mambajao is the highest mountain in Camiguin Island. It rises to more than 1,713 meters above sea level. It also hosts endemic and endangered flora and fauna species. Mount Hibok Hibok is a biological paradise that warrants protection.

To reach the summit, expect to trek on open grasslands and mossy forests. Numerous waterfalls and hot springs can also be found on the mountain slopes.

15. Tongatoc Cove

camiguin top tourist destination

Tongatoc Cove is one of the least known Camiguin tourist spots. It is a cliff with lush vegetation and a serene-looking cove. It has deep blue waters that will surely entice you for a refreshing swim.

  • Entrance Fee: None

16. Kibila White Beach

Kibila White Beach is one of the emerging Camiguin tourist spots, known for its giant clams. It has a sanctuary dedicated to this endangered species. The locals protect these clams and sometimes, they willingly guide tourists here for them to appreciate conservation.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Cantaan, Guinsiliban

17. Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is one of Camiguin tourist spots.

Tuasan Falls is one of the newly-discovered Camiguin tourist spots. Located two kilometers away from the main Camiguin highway, the falls can easily be reached because of the newly-paved road leading to it. It measures 30 meters high and has carved a small pool with churning waters.

Lush forests also surround the waterfall, adding to the rustic scenery. The waters are crystal-clear that one can’t help but take an invigorating jump upon seeing Tuasan Falls.

18. Gui-ob Church/Old Spanish Church

The Gui-ob Church or the Old Spanish Church was destroyed during a volcanic eruption decades ago.

Today, only remnants of the church remain and these are partly submerged by volcanic debris. It is one of the historical Camiguin tourist spots. It is considered a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines.

  • Location/Jump-off: Bonbon, Catarman
  • Entrance Fee: Php 10

19. Mount Carling

Mount Carling is one of the volcanic peaks of Camiguin Island. Don’t worry. it’s a sleeping volcano and with a credible guide, you can go hiking to explore the sights atop. Experience nature at its finest when you come here.

20. Macau Cold Spring

camiguin top tourist destination

Macau Cold Spring is one of the several idyllic springs in Camiguin Island. Boasting of blue-colored waters, the spring can easily entice you to have a rejuvenating swim. Giant trees and other kinds of plants surround the spring to give you shade.

For more Info about Camiguin Tourist Spots

If you need more information to help in setting up your itinerary to Camiguin tourist spots, do contact the provincial tourism office via the following:

  • Messenger: m.me/Camiguintourismoffice
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.camiguin.gov.ph

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camiguin top tourist destination

Hi there fellow traveler! My name is Daniel although you can call me Kumafor. That's my indigenous name. I grew on a remote village called Lias in Barlig, Mountain Province.

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camiguin top tourist destination

A travel & food blog

Top Camiguin tourist spots + things to do in Camiguin

21 TOP Camiguin Tourist Spots + Things to Do

It’s amazing to think that a small island province can pack so much activities. In Camiguin, you can just relax at a beachfront or mountain resort or explore its many nature attractions! Here are the top Camiguin tourist spots + things to do in Camiguin Island!

P.S. Traveling to Camiguin Island soon? Don’t forget to read about our 3 Days Itinerary in Camiguin Island .

1. White Island

2. mantigue island, 3. giant clam sanctuary, 7. explore the dive spots, 8. sto. nino cold spring, 9. ardent hot springs, 10. tuasan falls, 11. katibawasan falls, 12. binangawan falls, 13. walkway to the old volcano, 14. old church ruins, 15. taguines lagoon, 16. hike to mount hibok-hibok, 17. enjoy a drink at black mountain cafe, 18. have a relaxing resort staycation, 19. sunset viewing, 20. taste the original pastel, 21. join the celebration at lanzones festival, travel tips, what to read next:.

Hali in Camiguin

White Island is one of — if not the most — recognizable Camiguin tourist spots, as it’s often used in tourism campaigns. Hence, one of the best things to do in Camiguin is visit here!

This island is a shoe-shaped sand bar a few minutes away from the coast in Barangay Yumbing in Mambajao. The shape of the island shifts according to the wind directions. This is a popular spot in Camiguin Island for swimming and sunbathing. The island faces the ocean sea so the currents here are strong, although the other side of the island is relatively shallow and calm — perfect for children or idle swimmers.

As there is no shade in the island, make sure to bring sunhats or rent an umbrella from one of the locals. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

Mantigue Island in Camiguin

Mantigue Island is a marine sanctuary where you can see a variety of corals, tropical fishes, sea turtles, and even stingrays. There is also an area where you can see giant clams.

From the shore, you only need to swim several meters to see the surrounding coral garden. Snorkeling gears can be rented from the island operators and a guide is also available to take you to the best underwater spots.

Mantigue Island is one of our favorite Camiguin tourist spots and I can’t recommend it enough! I was amazed with the vibrant marine life we’d seen here. The corals were colorful and healthy. I’d seen some of the biggest table corals in here.

Giant Clam Sanctuary in Camiguin

The Giant Clam Sanctuary is undeniably one of the best attractions in Camiguin, home to over a thousand giant clams.

When you get inside the sanctuary, you can proceed to the clam laboratory where you can view young giant clams in man-made aquariums. Then you can also snorkel in the surrounding shore to see the giant clams, with the biggest species spanning as much as 4 feet in length.

Aside from snorkeling, you can also swim in its white-sand beach and enjoy a seafood lunch in its seaside restaurant.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lingshan Zhao (@maaaaax.03)

There are numerous dive spots in Camiguin , ideal for both beginner and advanced divers. Located in Bohol Sea, you can expect to see beautiful corals and diverse marine life, as well as interesting topography caused by volcano blocks under the sea. Camiguin is also a good choice for muck diving.

For beginners, the best dive spots are Mantigue Island , Sunken Cemetery , and Tangub Springs . Advanced divers can head to Burias Shoal , Jicduf Shoal , Old Volcano , and Black Forest .

Diving can be done all year round. Best conditions can be seen from November to April.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring in Camiguin

There are a handful of natural springs in Camiguin Island. One of the most visited is the Sto. Nino Cold Spring . The water in this spring resort flows down from Mount Mambajao. It’s cool and clear, with schools of small fishes in the water.

Another cold spring you can visit is the Saay Cold Spring .

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ken Hernandez (@kenpossible24)

Ardent Hot Springs is one of the most visited tourist spots in Camiguin. As Camiguin Island is home to seven volcanoes, thermal springs can also be found here. Ardent Hot Springs sits at the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok, and the area was developed into man-made pools which source hot water from the mountain.

The water at Ardent Hot Springs was said to average 40°C. However, it has cooled down over the recent years. Still, you can visit here to take pictures and bathe in the refreshing pools.

Tuasan Falls in Camiguin

There are 3 waterfalls you can visit in Camiguin Island: Tuasan Falls , Katibawasan Falls , and Binangawan Falls .

Tuasan Falls isn’t as popular as Katibawasan Falls, but it’s a favorite of many for a reason. This 25-meter-high waterfall is simply beautiful! It’s located 30 minutes away from the town center, surrounded by vivid-green flora. It has kept its natural charm, as there are no establishments in sight. Despite its small height, the water here is strong and will entice you to take a dip!

Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is a spot that you shouldn’t miss visiting! It’s the tallest waterfall in Camiguin Island, at 70 meters high. Its water comes from the nearby Mount Tipoong. The water flow here is weak, but you can still cool off at the man-made basin below.

Aside from swimming in the falls, you can also enjoy a picnic on the sides. There are stores and souvenir shops where you can purchase food and other goods during your visit.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Francis Boyer (@boyer.franciss)

Binangawan Falls is a lesser-known waterfall, located in the midst of a jungle in Sagay. Currently, it’s not yet developed so you may need a local guide to point you to its exact location or you can just follow the trail if you’re feeling adventurous. From the main road, trekking here takes about 30 minutes. Be careful on the drive to the jump-off point because of steep road conditions.

View from Walkway to the Old Volcano

Walkway to the Old Volcano is a short mountain trail in Catarman, located about 10 minutes from the town of Mambajao. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to trek, and along the way you will pass by 14 Stations of the Cross , which depict the journey of Jesus Christ from crucifixion to his eventual resurrection.

It is usually visited by religious people, but even if you don’t consider yourself one, you’d still want to add it to your itinerary in Camiguin so you can see the views at the end of the trail: the Mount Vulcan Viewpoint , where the Old Volcano meets the ocean, and also the Sunken Cemetery further away.

Make sure to bring a bottled water with you. If you’re not an active hiker, you don’t have to reach the summit. Just trek up to the 9th or 10th station of the cross, where you can already see the Sunken Cemetery.

Old Church Ruins in Camiguin Island

The Old Church Ruins (or Guiob Church) is a historical landmark in Camiguin. Built in the 16th century during the Spanish Colonial Era, this old church stood the volcanic eruptions of Mount Vulcan and Mount Hibok-Hibok. Currently, only three structures that resemble old ruins remain.

Visiting here, you can learn about the history of the Old Church Ruins, take photos at the ruins, and even taste local fruits and snacks sold by vendors outside.

Zipline in Taguines Lagoon, Camiguin

For those looking for more adventure in the island, head over to Taguines Lagoon. This man-made island is built for fish breeding and it is open for tourists who want to try the 700-meter zipline that crosses the lagoon.

To avail this activity, head to J&A Fishpen Resort which is the one that handles the ziplines.

Once you’re done, you can also swim in the lagoon or spend the afternoon in the inflatable floating playground in one of the resorts in the area.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Julius Coluso-Name (@juliuscname)

Mount Hibok-Hibok is the only remaining active volcano in Camiguin Island. Its last eruption was in 1950s. Today, it’s a popular hiking spot in the island.

The usual jump-off point is Ardent Hot Springs. From there, trek for 3-5 hours to reach the summit depending on your pace. The summit offers a view of the Ilihan Crater and White Island, as well as neighboring islands of Siquijor , Bohol, and Surigao.

Due to minimal light pollution in the island, you can also see the Milky Way on a clear sky.

You can do this as a day trip from Mambajao. If you want to see the sunrise at the summit, start your trek at 2AM and you can return back down at 10AM. This is preferable especially if you want to avoid the heat during the day.

Blackmountain Cafe in Camiguin Island

Take a break from your island tour for a mug of hot coffee or sikwate in Black Mountain Cafe , which is located on a mountainside overlooking the summit of Mount Hibok-Hibok.

There are alfresco tables where you can enjoy your visit or you can lay down in a mat on the grass.

On a good day, you can clearly see the mountain from the cafe. On other days, it’s foggy but still worth visiting becaus of the nice, chill ambiance.

There is another nearby cafe you can visit called Nanaw Cafe .

Kat in Bintana sa Paraiso - Binunsaran

There are various resorts you can find in Camiguin.

If you want ocean views, head over to Tongatok Cliff Resort or Bintana sa Paraiso – Naasag. If you want to stay in a mountainside, book a room in Volcano Houses or Bintana sa Paraiso – Binunsaran.

We stayed in Bintana sa Paraiso – Binunsaran for 2 nights and it was a lovely place. On a clear day, you can see the White Island from the resort and for the rest of the time it was foggy that we felt lazy and relaxed, just looking at the surrounding forest and drinking hot coffee.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ian Roger Poral | Going AvGeek (@goingavgeek)

One of the most popular sunset viewing spots in Camiguin Island is the Sunken Cemetery . Most day trippers visit here as the last stop in their itinerary.

Another one is called the Secret Spot , which is a seaside location surrounded by boulders and volcanic rocks. The water here is hot, as locals say there is a natural hot spring sprouting from the underground to the open sea. It’s located beside the Sea and Sun Resort. You can ask the local for directions.


Mindanao’s favorite pastel originated from Camiguin Island.

Pastel is a soft pastry filled with yema (sweet custard). Other fillings include strawberry, ube, macapuno, and even durian. Buy it as your snack or pasalubong from your trip.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lanzones Festival (@lanzonesfestival)

The Lanzones Festival is an annual festival held every 3rd week of October. This month is also the harvest time for lanzones, one of the fruit products of the island.

The festival runs for 3 days. You can attend trade fairs, concerts, pageants and a streetdance competition.

  • You can explore these tourist spots via an island tour in 2 days. You can also rent a motorbike if you want to do it on your own.

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  • There are plenty of Camiguin resorts and hotels you can choose from. The most accessible ones are located in the capital town of Mambajao, while others are located further such as in the mountains in Binunsaran . If you’re in a budget, you might want to stay close to the town where there is public transport available.

That ends our list of the top Camiguin tourist spots + things to do in Camiguin. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Giant Clam Sanctuary
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Mantigue Island in Camiguin

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camiguin top tourist destination

15 BEST Camiguin Island Tourist Spots – Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best Camiguin Tourist Spots?!

Camiguin Island in the Philippines is commonly referred to as the ‘island born of fire’  due to the volcanic eruptions that gave the island its impressive shape.

The island is home to 7 volcanoes and the highest peak is Mount Mambajao at 1,713 meters above sea level.

It’s quite simply a tropical paradise offering a mecca of things to do and see such as epic waterfalls, volcanic hot springs, historical landmarks, island hopping, snorkeling, and hiking!

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast like myself, you’ll be spoiled with fun-fuelled adventures when you arrive on the island.

I have put together this ultimate list of things to do in Camiguin and other useful information including how to get here, where to stay, how to get around the island, and the best time to visit.

white island camiguin, white beach camiguin, white island in camiguin, white island camiguin island, camiguin sandbar, white island camiguin entrance fee, camiguin tourist spots

Table of Contents


Let’s start this guide with all the essential information you should know about Camiguin Island, such as its location, getting there, and more.


Camiguin Island is situated in the Bohol Sea in the Philippines, about 10km off the north coast of Mindanao.

Click here to see the Camiguin tourist spots map on Google maps.

camiguin map


There are two ways how to go to Camiguin, one is by plane and the other by ferry.

There are daily flights to Camiguin connecting domestic travelers coming from Manila or Cebu. The only airport on the island is Camiguin Mambajao Airport (CGM).

Bohol to Camiguin ferry

One of the most common routes to the island is the ferry from Bohol to Camiguin which takes approximately 3-4 hours and the cost is 425 pesos.

There is also an additional municipal service fee of 10 pesos and a terminal fee of 15 pesos.

There is only one ferry per day departing from the Jagna Ferry Terminal in East Bohol at 1 pm and arriving at the Balbagon Ferry Terminal in Camiguin at around 5 pm.

The name of the boat leaving Jagna to Camiguin is ‘Super Shuttle Ferry’.

You can purchase your tickets at the Jagna Ferry Terminal at least one hour before departure.

Balingoan to Camiguin ferry

If you happen to be in Cagayan de Oro and heading over to Camiguin from here, there are daily ferry departures leaving from Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental to Benoni Port in Camiguin.

The ferry from Balingoan to the island takes approximately 1.5 hours and the cost is around 150 pesos.

You can purchase your tickets at the Balingoan Port at least one hour before departure.

ferry 3


Camiguin Island has countless accommodation options to choose from, so I have narrowed it down to a few of the best places to stay to fit the needs of budget backpackers, luxury travelers, and everyone in between.

See the list of accommodations below that I personally recommend:

Luxury:  Bintana Sa Paraiso

I personally stayed at Bintana Sa Paraiso and can’t recommend this place enough!

They have 2 properties, one is on the beachfront in Mambajao and the other is high in the mountains in Binunsarun.

It’s currently one of the best 5-star accommodations in Camiguin featuring a restaurant, swimming pools, sea views, and mountain views!

The rooms are modern and spacious with private bathrooms, air conditioning, flat-screen tv, and a kitchenette.


Mid Range:  Tongatok Cliff Resort

Tongatok Cliff Resort is your second-best pick for accommodation in Camiguin.

Located on the cliffs overlooking Tongatok Bay, the resort features a restaurant, room service, bar, garden, terrace, and free wifi.

The units are fitted with air conditioning, flat-screen tv, a private bathroom, a large patio, and ocean views!

9345367 19090713050080606025

Budget:  Pabua’s Cottages

Pabua’s Cottages is the best budget accommodation in Camiguin, featuring beautiful gardens, a shared kitchen, free wifi, and room service.

The units are basic but perfect for a few nights’ stay, featuring a seating area, flat-screen tv, large bed, air conditioning, and a private bathroom.

Recommended for solo travelers, couples, and friends.

262560 15061715050029780186


How to get around camiguin island.

The best way to get around Camiguin Island is to rent a scooter in Mambajao and make your own way around to all the Camiguin tourist spots.

I always recommend renting a scooter on the islands in the Philippines as you can choose your own route and go at your own pace. I rented my scooter from  Camiguin All In One for 350 pesos per day.

Also, be sure to purchase travel insurance , especially when riding on the roads in the Philippines. Safety first!

Alternatively, there are tricycles and jeepney options available to get around the island. A 20-minute tricycle ride will cost around 100 pesos whereas a jeepney ride is only 40-50 pesos.

camiguin scooter 2

Have you got travel insurance for your trip?!

hey mondo 1

We all know accidents can happen and having Heymondo Insurance will save you thousands of dollars if something goes wrong.

Heymondo offers low-cost Travel Insurance to keep you covered on all your adventures.


The best time to visit Camiguin, weather-wise, is between April and July when temperatures are hot and there is barely any rainfall. This is also the high season so expect to see many tourists during these months.

I recommend visiting on the shoulder months of the high season between November and March which sees a bit of rainfall but usually only lasts for a couple of hours and the rest of the day is sunny.

Try to avoid the typhoon season which is typically between August and October.

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Now that you’ve got all the information on where to stay, where to go in Camiguin Island, the best time to visit, and all the logistics, let’s get to the fun stuff.

So without further ado, here is the ultimate guide to the 15 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots!


Exploring White Island was the highlight of my trip which is why it claims the best tourist spot in Camiguin on this list.

The soft and powdery Camiguin sandbar is located just 2km off the northern shores of Mambajao and it’s one of the best things to do in Camiguin 2023!

To get to White Island you’ll have to ride a pump boat from the White Island Ferry Terminal in Mambajao which is located right next to Paras Beach Resort. The pump boat operating hours are 5:30 am and finish at 5:30 pm, 7 days a week.

The entrance fee is 50 pesos ($1) and the pump boat fee is 550 pesos ($9) which seats a maximum of 6 people.

For those traveling solo, it would be ideal to find a group of people to split the cost of the pump boat between you.

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Stepping off the boat and sinking my toes into the sand on White Beach was an experience in itself! I don’t think I have ever felt sand this soft before.

We walked from one end of the sandbar to the other in a matter of minutes and noticed there was a second sandbar across a shallow water channel. My buddy Jay crossed over to the other side and I sent my drone up to take a few shots. He had the entire sandbar to himself, it was unreal!

I was in complete awe of the vibrant turquoise-colored water that surrounds the sandbar and couldn’t resist taking a dip in the ocean, more than once!

One of my favorite things about White Island is the view facing back towards the mainland where Mt Hibok Hibok and Mt Vulcan can be seen reaching high into the skyline, creating the ultimate backdrop. I have never seen a landscape quite like it in my life!

Full Blog Post → White Island Camiguin

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The best way to visit is to join a Camiguin Island Tour with White Island !

It includes all entrance fees, private transportation, and a fun guide to spend the day with!


Camiguin is home to 7 volcanoes and subsequently, there are a number of  thermal pools that can be found on the island and the Ardent Hot Springs are the most popular.

Set at the foot of Mount Hibok Hibok, the Ardent Hot Spring is one of the best tourist spots in Camiguin.

Ardent Hot Springs is located in Mambajao and it’s approximately a 10-minute drive from the main town to reach the springs.

The Ardent Hot Spring entrance fee is 50 pesos and there are also sheltered tables and chairs which are available for rent for 150 pesos.

Must Read → 3 Weeks Philippines Itinerary

As I mentioned earlier, Ardent Hot Springs sits at the foot of Mt. Hibok Hibok volcano which is where the thermal water is derived from. The water temperature is around 40°C which is slightly cooled on the way down to the lower pools.

Ardent Hot Springs are man-made pools surrounded by lush rainforest and the water is transparent with a tinge of blue. For a man-made structure, they’ve done well to make this place a tranquil experience for visitors.

The water cascades from the top of the valley and is divided into four separate pools. The two larger pools at the bottom are the most inviting and there is an arched footbridge between them.

Ardent Hot Springs is around 1.5 meters deep with plenty of space to hang out in the thermal pools or around the edges on the concrete steps.

A dip in the Ardent Hot Spring Mambajao is the best remedy for muscle pains after a long day exploring the island.

Full Blog Post → Ardent Hot Springs

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Katibawasan Falls is the  tallest waterfall on the island.  At a whopping 70 meters tall, this is one waterfall you definitely want to add to your list of things to do in Camiguin!

Katibawasan Falls is located in Mambajao and it’s approximately a 20-minute drive to reach the falls from the main town. The entrance fee at Katibawasan Falls is 75 pesos.

Katibawasan Falls is fed from the nearby Mt. Timpoong and the falls themselves feature a narrow stream of water that flows effortlessly down a monolithic cliff-face and into a large catch basin below.

The shallow lagoon at the base of Katibawasan is the perfect opportunity to cool off in the fresh, crystalline waters while marveling at the lush jungle surrounds.

Some sections around the catch basin are man-made but they have done their best to preserve the natural ambiance at this popular Camiguin tourist spot.

Apart from swimming in the lagoon and exploring the area around the falls, there isn’t much else to do. I recommend spending 30 minutes to 1 hour at Katibawasan Falls before continuing on to the other places to visit in Camiguin Island.

At the entrance to the falls, there are a few small shops selling souvenirs, snacks, and drinks. If you do have some small change to buy something here, the money goes a long way to support the local communities in the area.

Full Blog Post → Katibawasan Falls

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The Walkway to the Old Volcano (Mt Vulcan) is an easy hike to an awesome viewpoint overlooking the west coast.

The Walkway to the Old Volcano can be found in Catarman, a 10-minute drive from the main town of Mambajao and the entrance fee is only 10 pesos.

It takes approximately 30-minutes from the jump-off point to hike to the Mt Vulcan viewpoint and the trail is made up of concrete steps and a gravel path. The trail is shaded for the most part but it does get very hot and sweaty so bring plenty of drinking water.

Along the way, there are statues depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross. These statues are quite impressive, even if you are not religious, and each one depicts the stages of Jesus Christ from the carrying of the cross, the crucifixion, the burial, and the resurrection.

Once you reach the top, the trail will come to a dead-end and this is where you’ll find the Mt Vulcan viewpoint! From here you can see one whole side of the Old Volcano which meets the ocean and you can even spot the Sunken Cemetery further along the coastline.

For a short 1-hour return journey, this hike is definitely worth adding to your list of things to do in Camiguin.

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The Sunken Cemetery is an adventure not to be missed, and you should definitely include it in your place to go in Camiguin list!

Go snorkeling at the Sunken Cemetery where you’ll discover old tombstones and crosses as well as an abundance of marine life!

Sunken Cemetery is located in Catarman which is a 10-minute drive from the main tourist area of Mambajao.

The entrance fee is 150 pesos and an additional 150 pesos fee for a mandatory guide to take you snorkeling. If you don’t have your own mask and snorkel set you can rent them here for 100 pesos.

What once was a cemetery that resided on land was forced to depths below sea level following a volcanic eruption on Camiguin Island in 1870. The natural disaster brought the city to rubble and caused the cemetery to subside.

A giant cross was later built in remembrance of the deceased that lay in the cemetery that once was. It is truly an iconic landmark displaying the rich history of the island and its people.

From the shoreline, it’s a short 50m swim through shallow waters to reach the giant cross and the underwater tombstone. The tombstone displays a stone sculpted head with a cross attached to the top which was a pretty creepy sight when I first laid eyes on it but unlike anything I have seen before.

We swam out to the outer edges of the reef and our guide showed us some giant clams, sea anemones with clownfish, beautiful sea stars, and the old cross that forms part of the Sunken Cemetery.

There is such an abundance of sea life and colorful corals the further out you go and I highly recommend checking it out as it’s one of the best Camiguin tourist attractions!

Full Blog Post → Sunken Cemetery

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Just around the corner from the Sunken Cemetery is the Old Church Ruins, also known as Old Spanish Church Ruins and Guiob Church. An iconic landmark that has stood the test of time following the volcanic eruptions of Mt Vulcan and Mt Hibok Hibok.

The Old Spanish Church Ruins are located in Catarman which is a 10-minute drive from Mambajao and the entrance fee is 50 pesos.


There are three stone structures that still remain standing following the volcanic eruptions on the island which is why the Old Church Ruins is a historical landmark. From the road, it looks like an old fortress with its high walls and tall columns.

The walls of the ruins, over time, have become covered in vines and moss which clearly gives you an idea of how old this church is. Large trees also surround this historic site which are some of the biggest trees I have seen and they form a dense canopy above the ruins. See the images below for scale!

The Guiob Church was built sometime in the 16th century during the Spanish era before it met its demise during the eruption. Hence the name Old Spanish Church Ruins.

Before you leave the Old Spanish Church Ruins you will find a couple of local vendors selling Lanzones fruit. If you haven’t tried Lanzones yet in the Philippines make sure you try them here.

Full Blog Post → Old Spanish Church Ruins

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Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool is one of the more tourist spots that you can’t miss on your itinerary! The name says it all, and yes, you can actually drink the fresh soda water at this fascinating cold spring.

The Soda Water Swimming Pool can be found in Catarman which is a 25-minute drive from Mambajao and the entrance fee is 150 pesos. It’s actually attached to a resort but also open to the public.

A large swimming pool welcomes you as you arrive at the Bura Soda Water Spring though it is not bubbling as you may have expected. However, the crystalline water is incredibly clean and fresh as the flow of water from the mountains is constant. Set down your belongings in one of the poolside huts and jump on in to cool off!

Do note that you cannot drink from the pool itself but off to the side, you can find an open faucet where you can taste the clean and natural soda water flowing from the taps. It’s safe to drink and it’s completely free! 

Small sari-sari stores can be found out the front selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. There is also a lifeguard on duty at the Soda Water Swimming Pool keeping an eye out for all visitors.

This attraction is the first of its kind in the Philippines and I highly recommend visiting during your stay.

bura soda water swimming pool, soda water pool camiguin

The BEST Hotel in Camiguin

Bintana Sa Paraiso

Need a place to stay? Bintana Sa Paraiso is conveniently located in Camiguin.

Whether you’re here to explore the sights or relax in comfort, Bintana Sa Paraiso offers the best of both worlds.


Mantigue Island is one of the best Camiguin tourist spots, just a short boat trip off the main island’s east coast.

Mantigue Island is a protected marine sanctuary that boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, and a lush nature park.

Mantigue Island is located in Mahinog, 3.5km off the east coast of Camiguin Island. From the main tourist area of Mambajao, it’s approximately a 30-minute drive to the Mantigue Island departure area, and the boat ride to the island is around 20 minutes.

When you arrive at the San Roque port, you’ll find a small tourist office where you can book your Mantigue Island tour. The boat costs 750 pesos for a maximum of 6 people, so ideally if you can find a group of people to head over to Mantigue Island with it will be much cheaper to split the cost.

You’ll also have to pay an environmental fee of 30 pesos, a snorkeling fee of 75 pesos, and a mask and snorkel rental is 100 pesos.

As soon as we arrived on Mantigue Island we set our belongings down on the sand and went for a snorkel along the outer edges of the reef. The water is extremely clear and we saw sea stars and an abundance of fish.

We then decided to go for a walk around the island which took us around 20 minutes, stopping several times for a dip in the ocean to cool off along the way. The water surrounding the island is so inviting it would be rude not to go for a swim!

There are a couple of simple restaurants on Mantigue Island where you can purchase drinks and local food. These local eateries offer fish, seafood, chicken, pork, and rice. They also sell water, soft drinks, and beer to watch it all down.

Other than swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the shoreline around Mantigue Island there’s also a nature walk that takes you across a wooden boardwalk from one end of the island to the other.

For such a small island, there are many things to do to keep you entertained for a couple of hours and I highly recommend including Mantigue Island in your itinerary.

Full Blog Post → Mantigue Island

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Sto Nino Cold Spring is one of the more underrated attractions on the island. Mainly visited by locals, you’ll get to experience the Filipino way of having a good time at these springs!

Sto Nino Cold Spring is located in Catarman, a 30-minute drive from Mambajao and the entrance fee is 50 pesos.

Sto Nino Cold Spring features a large man-made swimming pool that is fed from natural spring water that runs down the valley from the nearby mountains.

There are plenty of sheltered huts and seating areas around the edges of the pool where you can set down your belongings and jump in head first to cool off. The water in the springs is a vibrant turquoise color and irresistibly inviting!

I noticed a few locals floating around the springs in rubber tubes which looked super relaxing so I grabbed a tube myself and joined in.

It was a Sunday when I visited and there were several Filipino families who had set up for the day with a banquet of food and drinks. Not a bad way to spend a weekend if you ask me!

Sto Nino Cold Spring is set beneath Mt Hoibok Hibok, surrounded by a dense coconut palm forest and beautiful gardens, creating the ultimate jungle vibes! It’s a great spot to hang out for an hour or so during your visit.

sto nino cold spring camiguin

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Taguines Lagoon is a beautiful man-made vista right next to the ocean that is most popular for the 700-meter zip line that stretches over the water from one end of the lagoon to the other.

Located in Mahinog, it’s approximately a 45-minute drive from the main tourist area of Mambajao to reach Taguines Lagoon.

The zipline activity can be found at the J & A Fishpen Resort and the cost is 400 pesos. This includes a safety briefing, safety equipment, and an exhilarating zip-lining experience over the top of Taguines Lagoon.

There are a number of seafood restaurants and resorts dotted around the edges of the lagoon, perfect for a lunchtime meal or an overnight stay.

It’s also possible to go swimming in the lagoon which can be accessed from the roadside or through the entrances of most resorts. One resort even features an inflatable floating playground which would be super fun for the kids and adults who refuse to grow up!

taguines lagoon camiguin, taguines lagoon


Tongatok Bay is a stunning cove boasting one of the best coastline views you can experience on Camiguin Island!

Tongatok Bay is located in Mambajao, a short 5-minute drive from the center of town. It’s easy to find Tongatok Bay but at the same time, the viewpoint can be easily missed.

Search for Chan Lookout Point  on Google maps and this is the exact pin location of the viewpoint.

When you arrive at the jump-off point on the side of the main road, you can walk to the edge of the cliffs to find the Tongatok Bay viewpoint which overlooks an awe-inspiring ocean cove lined with coconut palm trees.

Tongatok Cove is unbelievably picturesque and worthy enough to be found on the front of a postcard.

If you want to go all out and have the ultimate experience, you can book an oceanfront room at Tongatok Cliff Resort and enjoy uninterrupted views of this stunning coastline right from your very balcony!

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Tuasan Falls is hands down  my favorite waterfall on Camiguin Island and arguably the best! It’s not quite as popular as Katibawasan Falls but it is without a doubt one of the latest up-and-coming Camiguin tourist spots.

Tuasan Falls is located in Catarman, approximately a 30-minute drive from the main tourist area of Mambajao and the entrance fee is 75 pesos.

A 20-meter-high waterfall and the freshwater stream is the first thing you’ll see as you walk around the bend from the jump-off point. The stream is also incredibly clear with a tinge of turquoise colors!

There are two rock pools at Tuasan Falls, the first pool is filled by the strong flow of water from the falls which then cascades down into the second pool.

The rock pools seem to have been excavated along the edges making them wider to accommodate visitors. Although the swimming holes at Tuasan Falls have been somewhat man-made, they have done well to preserve its natural beauty.

My favorite thing about Tuasan Falls is the vivid flora and fauna surrounding the area, adding to the tranquil vibe and peacefulness. We spotted many birds, lizards, and butterflies while hanging out beneath the canopy of the jungle that enveloped the falls.

We were lucky enough to have Tuasan Falls completely to ourselves as we got there quite early in the morning which made our visit even more enjoyable.

If you want to experience this tourist spot in Camiguin without the crowds as we did, definitely try to get here as early as possible.

Full Blog Post → Tuasan Falls

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One Camiguin tourist spot you can’t skip is the almighty Mt Hibok Hibok , standing tall at 1,332 meters above sea level. Hiking to the top of this active volcano is one heck of an adventure to be had on the island!

My friends and I had every intention of hiking Mt Hibok Hibok for sunrise one morning but due to poor weather conditions, our trip was canceled…

We were up and ready to go at 2 o’clock in the morning to meet with our trekking guide but heavy rains persisted. Ah well, I guess I have a valid excuse to go back again one day!

From what our guide had told us, the hike to the summit of Mount Hibok Hibok takes 3 to 4 hours from bottom to top depending on one’s fitness levels and hiking capabilities.

The Mount Hibok Hibok volcano hike can be done as a day trip from Mambajao which begins at 6:00 am and returns around 3:00 pm, though it will be very hot hiking under the blazing sun during these hours.

My recommendation would be to start the hike at 2:00 am to make it to the summit for sunrise and be back down by around 10:00 am.

Panoramic views await at the summit, boasting extensive views of the neighboring islands of Siquijor, Bohol, and Surigao on a clear day! Not to mention you can see right down into the mossy volcanic crater of Mt Hibok Hibok!

To book the Mt Hibok Hibok hike, contact Alex from Camiguin All In One and he will be happy to help you organize this.

If you do end up completing the Mount Hibok Hibok hike, let me know your experience in the comments below!

hibok hibok


Binangawan Falls is one only a hidden gem but also one of the best tourist spots in Camiguin Island!

Imagine a clear stream of water gracefully cascading down more than 70 meters, culminating in a plunge pool that is perfect for a refreshing swim.

You’ll need a motorbike or a tricycle to reach Binangawan Falls, and once there, you’ll have to take the trail to the falls, which is quite steep and sometimes slippery.

Once at the falls, you can indulge in a picnic by the base and relax for as long as you want. While the way to get there is a little challenging, it’s definitely worth it and you’ll likely won’t see anyone!

Last but certainly not least for this tourist destination in Camiguin, there’s no entrance fee!



If you’re looking for an amazing culinary experience (and, for that matter, a Camiguin Island tourist spot), then look no further than La Dolce Vita.

This Italian restaurant is arguably the best on the island, serving up delicious, authentic Italian cuisine that will leave you blown away. No matter what you order, pizza, bruschetta, or pasta, you’ll have a great meal.

Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to watch the pizza being cooked in a brick oven. The service is outstanding, and the price is very reasonable. On top of that, the restaurant is right by the airport, so you can have a meal when landing or before departing!

Can you think of a better meal and tourist spot Camiguin Island offers?



One of the most popular places to eat on the island is  Check Point Camiguin.

It’s a BBQ-style restaurant in the center of town offering a range of local cuisine including pork, stir frys, soups, and western-style dishes such as pizzas, pasta, curries, burgers, etc… There is also a bar offering a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits!

Another decent option for food and drinks is Hagahay Cafe serving up fresh juices and smoothie bowls. Or you can try Alco Lion  for the best burgers and beers on the island.

If you want to enjoy a delicious Spanish-style meal with good wifi, you can check out Peninsular Kape Art, within walking distance from the White Island Ferry Terminal in Mambajao.

My friends and I spent an entire afternoon here using the only decent wifi we could find on the island and I ordered a Spanish paella dish along with a few beers to wash it down.

It’s located right on the oceanfront, which is also a great spot to watch the sunset!

camiguin cafe


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15 BEST CAMIGUIN TOURIST SPOTS (The Island Born of Fire)


When we talk about the most beautiful places to visit in the Visayas and Mindanao region, some of the names that automatically come to mind are Cebu, Bohol, Leyte , Davao, and such. Well, how about I take you to the place known as “The Island Born of Fire”? Yes! Our next destination is no other than the island municipality of Camiguin itself, which is known for countless natural wonders that will surely blow your mind. First off, Camiguin became famous as the “Island Born of Fire” because it is home to seven (7) volcanoes and several volcanic domes.

The island was formed due to the prehistoric eruptions of these volcanoes and earthquakes. These are also the reasons why the island is known to be very rich in natural resources and historical accounts as well.

There are a bunch of amazing reasons why you need to visit Camiguin Island and number one is that it is absolutely a tropical paradise worth exploring. From picturesque islands, enchanting waterfalls, and countless island hopping tours, I’m sure that after your trip to Camiguin, you will leave with unforgettable memories, incredible experiences, and lots of Lanzones! Haha, yup. Camiguin Island is home to the Philippines’ most delicious Lanzones and it also hosts the annual Lanzones Festival. Well, that’s another experience you shouldn’t miss!

So, are you ready? Prepare yourselves because we are in for yet another breathtaking adventure. Here are the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin!

1. White Island

We’ll start our wondrous journey to Camiguin by visiting one of its most iconic natural attractions which is the White Island. From the name itself, this astonishing is indeed made of white sands entirely. Located off the coast of Mambajao , White Island can only be reached by a 10-minute boat ride.

Photo by Camiguin Island Tours

Lots of tourists actually flock to the island just to experience being castaway to a tropical paradise with a 360° scenic view of turquoise waters and breathtaking horizons. Needless to say, White Island is absolutely an Instagrammable place you shouldn’t miss. Just a bit of advice though, try getting to White Island as early as sunrise because it can get overcrowded during the day. BEST RESORTS AND HOTELS IN CAMIGUIN HERE!

2. Mantigue Island

Another pristine island destination near Camiguin is the enchantingly beautiful Mantigue Island. There are several ways to reach the island and all of them require a hefty boat ride but hey, it’ll all be worth it once you reach this awe-inspiring haven! The island features an incredible white-sand beach with crystal clear waters surrounding it.

Mantigue Island

Photo by Mantigue Island FB

It is a perfectly preserved and protected marine sanctuary containing colorful coral reefs and abundant marine ecosystems. So once you reach Mantigue Island, be sure to put on your snorkeling gear right away and witness the beauty of life beneath the waters!

You’ll be able to swim with different species of fish and other aquatic animals like turtles, crabs, starfish, and more. And once you’re done exploring the thriving coral reefs of Mantigue Island, feel free to enjoy a gastronomic meal at local eateries around the island as well!

3. The Sunken Cemetery

Ah, and there it is. I’m sure that when you searched for Camiguin or even just heard about it, one of the most famous destinations you’ll encounter is The Sunken Cemetery. This sensational attraction features hundreds of underwater tombstones and a large cross that was built to commemorate the tragic story behind it. In the year 1871, it is said that a violent volcanic eruption sank this cemetery along with its capital city for eternity. Tourists who visit the Sunken Cemetery have different purposes and beliefs but that’s exactly the reason why it’s a unique tourist destination. For some, it symbolizes the meaning of life and death. That the inevitable time will come when we will all just be below the vast and massive waters of the sea.

The Sunken Cemetery

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The Sunken Cemetery is indeed a very spectacular scenery worth seeing. Its unique and thrilling vibe worthy of both admiration and respect will absolutely be one of the main highlights of your trip to Camiguin Island, indeed.

4. Katibawasan Falls

Next up, we’ll be visiting the astonishing and picturesque gem of Mambajao, Camiguin. The 70-foot sparkling wonder of Katibawasan Falls is the tallest waterfall on the entire Camiguin Island with beautiful rock formations, lush forests, and a wide natural pool where you can swim, dive, and have fun!

Katibawasan Falls

Photo by Manila Daily Photo

A lot of tourists flock to this breathtaking attraction simply to snap some pictures as a highlight of their trip to Camiguin, so I suggest that you pick the best time to visit. The vicinity around Katibawasan Falls is also well-maintained and developed. There are cottages where you can relax and have a picnic with your family and friends as well! Just remember to avoid littering and help preserve our environment, alright?

5. Tuasan Falls

Ah, another spectacular cascade we shouldn’t miss on Camiguin Island is the wondrous Tuasan Falls. This refreshing waterfall attracts a lot of visitors that love to explore nature and take a relaxing swim. Despite not being very tall in height, you’ll be surprised by how powerful the stream of water goes down the natural pool! It’s absolutely a perfect destination in the summer because the water is cold and chilly all year round.

Tuasan Falls

Photo by Tripadvisor

There are two natural pools below Tuasan Falls, the first one is huge enough to fit several tourists while the second is a tiny bit where a handful of people can only fit at a time. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about your safety because there are lifeguards stationed around the area of Tuasan Falls. So, just go have some fun!

6. Mount Hibok-Hibok

After exploring the two spectacular waterfalls of Camiguin Island, it’s now time to conquer the peak of its most famous volcano, the majestic Mount Hibok-Hibok. This peaceful summit is a haven for hiking and trekking enthusiasts because the breathtaking scenery and lush greenery around the volcano are indeed very rewarding.

Mount Hibok-Hibok

Reaching the top requires about 3 to 4 hours of hiking, but once you witness the breathtaking view of the pristine seawater, and several nearby land masses like Bohol, Surigao, and Siquijor , it will all be worth it! You’ll also be amazed when you see its mossy volcanic crater and the sharp rocks and boulders around it. Oh, and you can also take a relaxing dip afterward at Ardent Hot Springs! But we’ll talk more about that later so stay with me, alright?

7. Taguines Lagoon

Taguines Lagoon, for me, is the definition of God’s mind-blowing creativity. It’s a stunning freshwater lagoon located beside the sea that’s also surrounded by lush forests and several perfect vantage points! Yup, you can easily stop by Taguines Lagoon on the highway and take a memorable picture of it. You can also have fun and spend the day at Taguines Lagoon Aqua-Sports and Recreational Facility where countless watersports activities are being offered! From kayaking, boating adventures, and paddle boating, I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by boatloads of fun and an incredible dose of nature’s stunning beauty.

Taguines Lagoon

Photo by Taguines Lagoon

Tourists can also have the chance to view several aquaculture species like milkfish, green mussels, and more. There are also must-try restaurants around the area of Taguines Lagoon where you can eat the delicious specialties of the island.

8. Binangawan Falls

Located in Sagay, Camiguin is another sparkling waterfall that is truly a hidden gem you must visit! But let me warn you, a lot of tourists say that it’s really hard to reach. So expect lots of difficult trekking and hiking, okay? But if you’re in for the adventure and absolutely love challenges, then this is perfect for you! Binangawan Falls is sometimes hailed as the “Rainbow Falls” simply because its spectacular beauty is very hard to find. The crystal clear waters cascading down all the way to the cold pool of water is definitely worth the struggle. All the beautiful rock formations and serene atmosphere of the waterfalls are indeed a wonderful escape to nature we all need and deserve.

Oh, and just a friendly tip! I suggest that you hire a tour guide to help you reach Binangawan Falls safely. The trails are extremely hard to recognize so it will really be dangerous if you go by yourself.

9. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

Of course, your trip to Camiguin certainly wouldn’t be complete without dropping by San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish. This religious landmark was founded in 1916 and is located in the island province’s capital, Mambajao.

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

The Church in itself is simply beautiful with a modern facade and an attractive interior like the stained glass windows and a unique black and white checkered flooring that really stands out! Visiting San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish while you’re in Camiguin Island offers visitors a chance to pay respects and prayers for safe travels and adventure as well.

10. Guiob Church Ruins

Next up, another must-visit historical landmark in Camiguin is the Guiob Church Ruins. Behind this fascinating attraction is a colorful yet tragic history that will make you frightened about nature’s unstoppable power. In the 16th Century, there was a Spanish capital located in Camiguin called the Cotta Bato, and located within it is a beautiful church which is now the Guiob Church Ruins. Due to the violent eruption of Mt. Vulcan, everything surrounding Cotta Bato turned into dust because the intense earthquakes literally brought everything down to the ground. The only structure left standing is no other than the Guiob Church Ruins.

Guiob Church Ruins

Photo by TripAdvisor

Lots of tourists that are visiting Camiguin Island make sure that they visit the Guiob Church Ruins because it seemingly allows us to travel back in time even just for a while. Moreover, the place also has a beautiful, peaceful and serene environment that’s perfect for everyone!

11. Sto Niño Cold Spring

If you’re looking for the best place in Camiguin Island to enjoy a relaxing swim in the summer and breathe in nature’s exotic beauty, then visiting Sto Niño Cold Spring is definitely the perfect choice! Well, the place is called a “Cold Spring” for a reason and it certainly does live up to its name. During the summer season, lots of tourists flock to Sto Niño Cold Spring to simply beat the heat. It’s only located in the town of Sagay which is just a few kilometers away from Catarman, so I’m sure you won’t have problems reaching it. Sto Niño Cold Spring has also been developed throughout the years to accommodate more visitors beautifully.

The spring itself is a natural wonder featuring a huge pool that measures 25 meters by 40 meters with a depth ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet. This is perfect for everyone who loves swimming and spending their day enjoying a cold and relaxing dip. Oh, and the amazing part? The average temperature of the water is about 20°C!

12. Burias Shoal

Another haven worth visiting for diving enthusiasts out there is the mind-blowing beauty of Burias Shoal. There are many scenic dive spots around Camiguin Island but Burias Shoal is definitely one of the most exciting and challenging diving adventures you’ll ever encounter. Before you witness the colorful coral reefs, schools of fishes, barracudas, and tuna swarming underneath, you first have to overcome a series of strong currents, deep slopes, and walls. But hey, once you’re able to reach the beautiful world below Burias Shoal, every struggle will be worth it!

Burias Shoal

Photo by Visit Philippines

Scuba divers from different parts of the world visit Burias Shoal because of the beauty and adrenaline it offers to everyone, moreover, it’s also just a mere 30-minute speedboat ride away, so make sure not to miss out!

13. Ardent Hot Springs

Ah, and here it is! One of the most popular attractions on Camiguin Island is the Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Springs Resort located below another famous landmark, the majestic Mount Hibok-Hibok. Well, we all know that Camiguin is blessed with countless cold and hot springs that all offer amazing experiences to everyone, but Ardent Hot Springs is absolutely the number one choice for many locals and tourists. The resort has several pools of varying sizes so I’m sure that everyone can pick what they like. The hot springs usually have a temperature of 40°C which is perfect for a relaxing and soothing bath. Well, if 40°C is too much to handle for you, there are still a lot of other choices so don’t worry!

Aside from the pools and hot springs, the resort also has designated cottages where you can leave your things, rest for a bit, or have your lunch. There’s also a Family Hut available for large groups and even a Twin Room and Family Room if you wish to spend the night.

14. Camiguin Aviation

If you’re an absolute fan of adrenaline-pumping activities and sightseeing adventures, then I recommend that you check out Camiguin Aviation. They offer exciting tour packages that let you witness the breathtaking beauty of Camiguin Island from up above! Their Sightseeing Tours will definitely become the major highlight of your trip as you’ll get the chance to fly by some of Camiguin Island’s most iconic attractions from a unique point of view.

Camiguin Aviation

Photo by Camiguin Aviation

You can avail either the Standard Island Flight or the Couple’s Flight if you want to have a romantic and memorable experience with your sweetheart. Oh, and if you’re into aviation or simply a fan of flying, Camiguin Aviation also offers Aerobatic Courses. So if you’re really interested, make sure not to miss out!

15. Bura Soda Water Park

Finally, our last destination for our amazing Camiguin Island escapade is the Bura Soda Water Park. It’s another one of the famous spring resorts in Camiguin but what makes it unique and stand out from the rest is that locals claim that the water here actually tastes like soda! Can you believe it? Well, you’ll be surprised to see that lots of visitors are really drinking the water from open faucets. Everyone who’s been to Bura Soda Water Park proves the claim that the water indeed tastes like soda. And nobody ever complained about having stomach problems afterward. Moreover, just the fact that people are drinking the water from this resort says a lot about its safety and cleanliness. And for us tourists, that’s already a massive advantage.

Bura Soda Water Park

Photo by Must See Spots

So, if you’re looking for the best place to beat the summer heat in Camiguin Island where you’ll be able to swim all you want, chill all you want, and hydrate all you want, then Bura Soda Water Park is absolutely the perfect choice!

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18 Camiguin Tourist Spots You Shouldn’t Miss (Sunken Cemetery, White Island, Katibawasan Falls, and MORE!)


Author Image

by  Manoling Martinez

January 27, 2023

Camiguin Tourist Spots Cover Photo

Note: This post may include affiliate links. Read more about this here .  

You may have heard that Camiguin has more volcanoes than towns. 

But… say… did you know that Camiguin has the highest tourist spots per square kilometer ratio? 

For such a small island, Camiguin is BURSTING with so much beauty all around, you’ll be shocked. 

From white sand beaches to magical cold springs, to powerful waterfalls, and even a mysterious underwater cemetery, Camiguin has it all. 

After exploring the island for a week, I’m going to share with you my favorite spots – from the super popular, to the not-so-well-known! 

These are the best Camiguin tourist spots you can check out! 

(I made up the square-kilometer-ratio thing, but it certainly feels right!) . 

The Best Camiguin Tourist Spots (18 Spots You Should Check Out!)

Map showing all the tourist spots in Camiguin

For this list, I’m not going to list the spots in random order.

Instead, it’s a strange combination of my personal favorites / what I believe everyone should see / the ones that aren’t too difficult to visit / trying to diversify the list so it’s not all the same type of attraction kind of thing. 

So without further adieu, here they are! 

  • Sto. Nino Cold Spring
  • Mantigue Island
  • Katibawasan Falls
  • White Island
  • Sunken Cemetery
  • The Old Volcano
  • Mt. Hibok Hibok
  • Guiob Old Church Ruins
  • Tuasan Falls
  • Bura Soda Water Park
  • Katunggan Park
  • Tongatok Viewdeck
  • Giant Clam Sanctuary
  • Parola Mambajao + 1914 Monument
  • Ardent Hot Spring
  • Taguines Lagoon
  • Sto. Rosario Church
  • Moro Moro Watchtower

If you’re familiar with some of these, you might be surprised that they’re so low down. 

I’ll get to that, but first, let’s start with:

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #1: Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Person sitting underwater in sto nino cold spring

Probably my personal favorite! 

There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of cold springs all over the Philippines. But few of them are as good as Sto. Nino cold spring in Catarman. 

It has the perfect balance of being developed enough that casuals can enjoy it, but not overdeveloped that it loses its natural beauty (a theme you’ll find throughout Camiguin) . 

Sto Nino cold spring and sheds from entrance

There are a few tables around the spring where you can chill. They have comfort rooms to change in. And there’s even a “kiddie pool”, a shallow area separated from the main swimming area (kiddie spring, if you will) . 

But the real star is, of course, the spring itself. 

When you get in, you’ll immediately find two things:

  • They’re not lying when they say COLD spring (seriously, the water IS cold), and
  • The water is a magical blue

From above, the water reflects the nature around it, so it appears green. But once you’re in, you’ll realize just how blue it really is! 

Rocks underneath Sto nino cold spring

The swimming area is so large, you can call it a lake if you want. 

And it’s pretty deep. Deep enough you can duck dive down, but not too deep that you can’t get some cool photos with the rocks underneath. 

Me duck diving in sto nino cold spring

Once you’re finished swimming, you can lounge around the spring. Right outside the entrance, you can also buy souvenirs, or try Camiguin’s famous snack, kiping! 

Facts About Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Fees: Entrance is php75/head ($1.5). You can also rent the tables there for php150 ($3). 

Opening/Closing Time: Sto. Nino cold spring is open from 11am-5pm on Monday and Thursday, and 8am-5pm every other day of the week. 

How to Get There: Sto. Nino Cold Spring is found in Catarman, a few minutes uphill from the highway. Most Camiguin tours will include this in the itinerary. 

If not, the easiest way to get there is to rent a motorbike and use Google Maps. You can also hail a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) and ask them to take you here. Don’t forget to ask them to wait for you outside since public transportation in Camiguin is very limited. 

Planning Notes: Tuasan Falls and the Bura Soda Water Spring are just nearby Sto. Nino cold spring. If you want to make the most out of your trip, try to include these in your plans while you’re in the area! 

I highly prefer Sto. Nino over Bura Soda Water Park. So I recommend spending more time here than over there!

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #2: Mantigue Island

Approaching Mantigue Island from boat

Camiguin is a volcanic island. 

This means you’ll hardly find any good white-sand beaches in Camiguin island itself. 

But off the coast, you’ll find 2 FANTASTIC white sand islands: White Island and Mantigue Island. 

Girl sitting in swing in Mantigue Island

Both are must-sees, but if you could only see one, I’d say go for Mantigue. 

Because aside from having a white sand beach, the waters that surround the island are also teeming with life! 

And I’m not talking about tiny fish scattered here and there. If you swim a little way off to the floating raft, you’ll find one of the best coral reefs in the country. 

You’ll see school upon school of colorful fish – both small and BIG. And to top it all off, you’ll find SEA TURTLES here too! 

Schools of Fish in Mantigue Marine Sanctuary

Whether you’re snorkeling, freediving, or scuba diving, you’re very likely to come across one of these friendly creatures here! 

Outside the water, you’ll find tables and cottages where you can chill. There’s no food on the island, so make sure you bring some along.

Unlike White Island, there are plenty of trees to give you shade when the sun gets hot. And if you want a little adventure, you can walk around the whole island. 

On your little trip, you’ll see the other, crowdless side of the island.

Yellow boat in isolated beach in Mantigue

You’ll find a hidden tire swing. 

Me in a tire swing in Mantigue beach

An abandoned house. And a tower that – if you’re like me and have nothing better to do – you can climb to get a nice bird’s eye view. 

View from the tower in Mantigue beach

Facts About Mantigue Island

Fees: The boat fee to get to Mantigue is php750 ($15), good for four people for 3 hours on the island. There’s also an entrance fee of php75/head ($1.5). Both of these are paid before departure. 

You can ask your boatman to circle around the island and get pictures of you too. We paid php200 ($4) for this, although I’m not sure it’s a standardized rate! 

Me standing in front of the pumpboat circling Mantigue

Finally, on the island, you can rent a shed for php150 ($3), or a plastic table and chair set for php100 ($2). 

If you want to snorkel in the reef (which you should!) , you’ll also have to pay a snorkeling fee of php50/head ($1). Snorkels are also available on the island for rent! 

Opening/Closing Time: The island opens at 6am, and closes at 5 pm, with the last trip leaving at 3 pm. Take note that after 3pm, there won’t be any boats going to the island anymore, so plan accordingly!

How to Get There: The port to get to Mantigue is found in Mahinog, just a few minutes away from Benoni Port. From the port to the island takes around 15 minutes. 

As always, Mantigue is usually included in tours. It’s also very easy to hail a habal-habal from Benoni Port to the Mantigue jump-off area. 

If you’re driving a scooter or a car, you can search “Mantigue Island Departure Area” on Google maps! 

Planning Notes: Your boat isn’t going to wait for you on the island. If possible, they’ll try to get back to the mainland to drive more passengers. 

Your boatman will be back 3 hours later, but if you aren’t planning to stay that long, you should plan with your boatman.

Secondly, bring food! 

Or at least snacks. 

We were warned that there were no stores on the island, but we didn’t really think about it too much. 3 hours later, we couldn’t wait for our boat to come back because we were hungry! 

You can split your 3 hours in Mantigue into sections. 

In the first hour, you can go snorkeling. 

On the second, you can explore the whole island. 

And on the third, you can just relax and chill on the beach, or eat lunch/snacks (if you’re smarter than us and actually brought food) . 

Of course, your itinerary on the island can look completely different. But for me, that’s the best way to get the full Mantigue experience! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #3: Katibawasan Falls 

Katibawasan Falls from below

Like waterfalls?

Then you’ll love Katibawasan! 

Dropping 250 feet from above, this waterfall is the tallest in Camiguin. It’s also the most accessible.

Full length of Kattibawasan Falls

Getting here is a breeze since it’s found right on the outskirts of Mambajao. You won’t have to hike through any forest either, although you will have to go down about 100-200 steps. 

The waterfall drops into a little pool where you can dip your feet or swim. When you get closer, you’ll notice a cool phenomenon where some water spills out of the steep rock wall – sort of like mini waterfalls beside the giant majestic one. 

Katibawasan Falls swimming area

But don’t get too close to the falls! 

Since it’s so high, you can seriously hurt yourself if you get underneath – not to mention falling rocks. 

Like a lot of Camiguin’s tourist spots, there are also plenty of tables and chairs that you can rent here. There’s also a store right outside the entrance where you can buy snacks – such as Kiping! 

Facts About Katibawasan Falls

Fees: Entrance fee is at php75 ($1.5), with sheds and tables for rent at php150 ($3) and php100 ($2) respectively. 

How to Get There: As always, the easiest way to get here is by renting a motorbike and using Google Maps! 

Since Katibawasan is close to Mambajao, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a motorbike taxi here though. 

Planning Notes: Katibawasan Falls is the closest attraction to Mambajao (only 13 minutes away from the airport) . However, there aren’t many other tourist spots nearby. 

That’s why when planning your trip, you can always keep Katibawasan as a “last minute” spot before hopping on your plane home. Just stay off the pool if you don’t wanna be bringing wet clothes on your flight! 

Katibawasan is also one of the best places to enjoy Kiping – a local snack made from casava drizzled with molasses. 

Kiping, flat casava with molasses

Outside the entrance, there’s a small store where you can buy this snack and take it with you inside! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #4: White Island

White Island during sunrise

One of the most popular tourist spots in Camiguin has to be White Island. 

In fact, it’s one of the main reasons people come to Camiguin in the first place! 

There isn’t much marine life to explore here, nor is there any shade to hide from the sun, but who can resist such a beautiful sandbar out in the middle of the sea? 

The water is clearer than you’ve ever seen, and the sand is so fine and white, that it can rival all the top beaches in the country (even Boracay !). 

White Island's white sand

People come here as early as 5:30 am for a chill swim or to bask in the eternal sunshine of the island. 

From White Island, you’ll also get a majestic view of Camiguin island and its peaks – most notably, Mount Hibok-Hibok. 

View of Camiguin from White Island

And if you’re not the type to go sunbathing, you can easily rent a beach umbrella set from the boat operators. 

Umbrella for rent in White Island

Facts About White Island

Fees: The boat fee to get to White Island is php550 ($11), good for four people. There’s also an entrance fee of php50/head ($1). 

When you’re on the island, you can rent a beach umbrella set for php150 ($3). This set includes an umbrella and some mats so you can relax on the sand. 

Opening/Closing Time: Trips to White Island start at 5:30am and end at 4pm. At 5pm, the island closes and guests are asked to return to the mainland. 

How to Get There: The port to get to White Island is found on the outskirts of Mambajao – about halfway from the town to the tourist zone of Catarman. 

From Mambajao, you can ride an orange west-bound tricycle to take you here. 

Or, you can search for “White Island Ferry Terminal” on Google maps! 

Planning Notes: Go early! 

Remember, White Island is a bare sandbar. There’s no cover from the sun unless you rent an umbrella. 

That’s why getting there before sunrise is probably the best time to enjoy White Island. 

If you go really early like 5:30am, you can also avoid the queue for boats. White Island gets a lot of visitors, so if you come at around 6-7am, you may have to wait a few minutes before getting a boat (like us!) . 

Since White Island right in the middle of Mambajao and Catarman, you can start the day here, then move on to Catarman spots like Sto. Nino Cold spring, Tuasan Falls, etc. 

Or, you can do what we did. We started the day at White Island. Then, when the sun got too hot, we made our way over to Mantigue. Our own little “island hopping” if you will. 

You can also go at sunset, but keep in mind that all boats leave White Island at 5pm. 

Also, fun fact: There was also a man selling fresh sea-urchin when we were there.

Sea urchin and vendor in white island

If you’re brave enough, give it a try! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #5: Sunken Cemetery

Side view of the sunken cemetery monument

Sunken Cemetery is Camiguin’s most recognizable landmark. 

And it’s a REALLY intriguing one too. 

The story goes that when Mt. Vulcan (the “Old Volcano”) erupted in the 1870s, the earthquake was so strong that an entire portion of Camiguin island collapsed into the sea. In that portion was an old Spanish cemetery, hence the name “Sunken Cemetery”. 

While it certainly is a very unique and interesting place, don’t expect to see rows of gravestones or skeletons here! 

After over a hundred years, most of the cemetery remains are now gone, and replaced with a sprawling coral reef! 

Coral reef beside sunken cemetery

Aside from the reef, you’ll also see some majestic purple giant clams here. 

Giant clams beside the sunken cemetery monument

A giant cross and view deck were also built a stone’s throw away from the shore. You can swim or ride a boat here, and enjoy the glorious Camiguin sunset. 

Sunset from the sunken cemettery monument

However, not everything from the old cemetery disappeared. 

If you swim around the view deck, you’ll find an old gravestone and bust from the cemetery. 

Old gravestone and bust in sunken cemetery

And if you swim even further away, you’ll find the old cross –  a big, cement cross that was actually part of the original cemetery. 

Old cross underwater in Sunken Cemetery

Aside from that though, don’t expect too much! 

I came here expecting much more, so I was slightly disappointed – even though the giant cross and view deck in and of themselves make the trip well worth it already! 

Facts About Sunken Cemetery

Fees: Entrance is free, but there are several fees on Sunken Cemetery depending on what you plan to do. 

For a boat ride to the cross, that’ll cost you php100 ($2). 

If you wanna swim, there’s a swimming fee of php100 ($2). 

Then, if you want a guide (which you should get if you want to see the giant clams and the sunken cross) , that’ll cost you php150 ($3). 

You can also rent lifevest, masks, and snorkels if need be. 

Keep in mind that these fees are paid in the green building ACROSS the road from the Sunken Cemetery gate. It’s a good idea to head over there before entering, so you won’t have to walk all the way back like we did. 

Opening/Closing Time: Sunken Cemetery does not have an official opening and closing time. 

However, most of the guides (and I believe the boatmen too) go home at around 5pm, so it’s a good idea to be a bit earlier than that. 

How to Get There: The entrance to Sunken Cemetery is a little bit difficult to find. The jump-off point doesn’t show up in Google Maps, just the monument itself. 

You can go to that general area and ask locals for help like we did. 

Or, you can search for “Bask 45 Bistro” instead. Directly across that restaurant is a faded white gate – that’s the entrance to Sunken Cemetery. 

Planning Notes: Sunken Cemetery is very close by to the Guiob Old Church Ruins and the Walkway to the Old Volcano. 

Planning to visit all these 3 in one go is a great idea! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #6: Walkway to the Old Volcano

Steps leading up the old volcano

If you’re in for a quick workout, then you should make some time to climb the Old Volcano! 

Mount Vulcan, the volcano that sent the cemetery under the water, has a walkway to a nice clearing where you can get views of the Sunken Cemetery from above.

It’s a mix of stairs, cemented walkways, and some rugged-but-clear paths to the clearing. You won’t get to the top of Mount Vulcan, but you’ll get high enough to get a really nice view. 

Me on top the old volcano

Along the path, you’ll also encounter the stations of the cross – a visual story of the crucifixion of Christ. Some people bring candles and pray at each of these stations. 

One of the stations to the cross in old volcano

The “hike” isn’t too difficult, especially at the first six stations. At some point, the path gets a little steep, but nothing healthy people can’t handle. 

Most people can reach the top in about 30 – 40 minutes, making it a nice quick workout with rewarding views! 

Me walking down the walkway to the old volcano

Facts About the Walkway to the Old Volcano

Fees: The only fee here is the entrance fee, which is php75 ($1.5)!

Opening/Closing Time: The Old Volcano opens at 7:30 am, and closes at 5pm. 

Since there’s no gate and no need for guides, you can actually go up anytime. However, to support the maintenance of the trail, it’s best to go during their open hours. 

How to Get There: The Walkway to the Old Volcano can easily be found in Google Maps. It’s also very obvious from the highway – just look for big stairs leading up the mountain! 

Planning Notes: Again, this spot is very near the Sunken Cemetery and the Guiob Church Ruins. 

However, climbing to the top does take some time, so make sure you plan to stay at least 1 hour (maybe even 1:30) here. 

Some people don’t go all the way to the top and just take some pictures in the trail. 

But for me, that makes the whole thing not worth it since the best part of this spot is the view of the Sunken Cemetery below! 

Sunken cemetery as seen from the old volcano

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #7: Mt. Hibok Hibok

Hibok hibok mossy forest

Mt. Hibok-Hibok is a popular attraction, but I have to give you a BIG warning:

This spot is ONLY for the physically fit!

Unlike the Old Volcano, which almost anyone can climb, Mount Hibok-Hibok is a challenging hike. 

Climbing Hibok-Hibok means 3-5 hours of walking up steep inclines. In some areas, you’ll have to scramble and use your hands to climb up and up. 

Sister trekking through the hibok hibok forest

There’s even one section where you’ll need to climb a rope!

You’ll be surrounded by nature all around. I’m talking ALL around. When the trail gets narrow, you’ll have to push aside bushes and shrubs, and there are thorns and leeches lurking around here too.

Thorns in the hibok hibok forest

But I don’t mean to scare you away!

Oh no, no. 

I just HAVE to give you a warning since Mt. Hibok-Hibok is often listed (a little pre-maturely) as a “tourist spot” of Camiguin, leading people to think it’s an easy hike. 

When in reality, our guide told us that MANY people quit when they realize that it isn’t just a casual stroll. We were even told that plenty of people break down in tears. 

But if you’re up for the challenge you’ll be GREATLY rewarded! 

Higher up, unique flora and fauna will surround you wherever you look – including mossy forests and endemic bird species! 

Me and my sister in the hibok hibok mossy forest

And after about 2-3 hours of hiking, you’ll get to the crater of Mount Hibok-Hibok. Is a nice, flat, grassy area, with a little lake where you can take a dip if you want.

me and sister in the hibok hibok volcano crater

The crater area is also where you can set camp if you’re staying overnight. 

From there, it’s about another hour heading up to the peak. This is where you’ll get a breathtaking view of Camiguin from above. 

me in the hibok hibok summit with the summit signage

Unfortunately, there was heavy fog when we got there. So all we could do was sit and watch the mysterious fog float by.

Me looking below from the hibok hibok summit

But on our way down, we could see White Island allllll the way down there like a little speck. You can also see Bohol to the north and Surigao to the east! 

White island as seen from mount hibok hibok

Facts About Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Fees: To climb Mt. HIbok-Hibok, you’ll need to pay an environmental fee of php200/head. You’ll also need to hire a guide for php1,200 for up to 3 people (although the 3 people limit doesn’t seem to be strictly followed) . 

You can pay these to your guide before starting your hike. 

Opening/Closing Time: Hibok-Hibok doesn’t have an opening or closing time (of course not, it’s a mountain!) . Guides recommend starting your climb at 5am, and have brunch at either the crater area or the summit. 

However, you can really choose anytime to go. You can even stay overnight if you want to! Just be sure to coordinate with your guide.

How to Get There: To climb Mt. Hibok-Hibok, the best thing to do is to contact a local guide beforehand. 

You can message the Hibok-Hibok environmental office on Facebook for help, or you can refer to this list they sent me below! 

camiguin top tourist destination

We contacted Jerald Rabile, which turned out to be a pretty good choice. Apparently, the Rabile family has some strong roots on the mountain – his grandpa was literally the guy that trailblazed it! 

Other than that, there are two trails to the summit of Hibok-hibok. One starts at Ardent Hot Spring (this trail was closed when we were there) , and the other starts near the Yumbing Market (this is where we met our guide) . 

We jumped off at 5am, reached the summit at around 10am, started our descent at 11am, and were back in Yumbing at around 2pm. 

Planning Notes: REMEMBER to bring food and enough water! 

If you’re used to hiking, you should already know how much water to bring. For us, we brought 5 liters each, which turned out to be just right. 

If you’re a first-timer, keep in mind that more water = more weight. More weight which you’re definitely going to feel at the start of the climb. 

Being a first-time climber, I actually dumped 1 liter at the start of the climb. It made things lighter, but I regretted it when we were going down as I now had to ration my water (There’s only one water source in Hibok-Hibok, and it’s found right at the start of the trail). 

As for food, it’s proper etiquette (if you can call it that) to bring some for your guide as well. 

You can bring any kind of food or snacks you want. We bought Jollibee burgers from Mambajao the night before and ate those at the crater. 

As for the time, I fully believe that the guide’s recommendation to jump off at 5am is best. 

Starting this early allows you to take your time going up. And when you’re done your hike, you still have time to go and visit another spot. Yumbing Market is just across the road from the White Island dock, so maybe you could go check that out? 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #8: Guiob Church Ruins (The Old Church Ruins)

Old church ruins sign

But okay… let’s take a step back to something everyone (not just the physically fit) can enjoy:

The Old Guiob Church Ruins! 

Unlike the sunken cemetery, the Guiob church survived Mt. Vulcan’s eruption in the 1870s. It lost its roof, but today it still stands tall, covered in moss and other plant life. 

Inside the old church ruins

From the road, you might miss these old, moss-covered ruins. But once you’re in, you’ll find that it’s actually quite big inside! You could even call it a park. 

On the inside, you’ll also find trees lined up perfectly alongside the ruins. 

Trees lining up the old church ruins park

You’ll find the ruins of this tower. 

Tower in the old church ruins park

And you’ll also see a giant, GIANT tree. 

Giant tree in the old church ruins park

With some benches around, the Guiob church ruins are a great place to relax after a day of exploring. 

Facts About Guiob Old Church Ruins

Fees: To get inside, you’ll have to pay a php75 ($1.5) entrance fee. 

Opening/Closing Time: The Old Church Ruins opens at 8am and closes at 5:30pm. 

How to Get There: From Sunken Cemetery, all you have to do is drive west for about a minute and you’ll spot the Old Church Ruins from the road. 

If you miss it, you can always Google “Old Spanish Church Ruins” to find it! 

Planning Notes: Make sure to plan some time here! 

This isn’t a typical old church, where all you do is take pictures and go. 

Nope, this place has a park on it, and many old ruins to admire. I highly recommend going the “Camiguin way” and taking it slow here and taking the time to admire all the beautiful ruins (and that giant tree) . 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #9: Tuasan Falls

Tuasan falls from entrance

No, Tuasan isn’t as tall or powerful as Katibawan falls. But if Katibawasan Falls felt a little too “developed” for your taste, then you might prefer these falls instead. 

Yes, there are also tables and chairs where you can hang out here. And there are restrooms where you can change.  

But because Tusans falls is found high up in the mountains ( rather than just a few minutes away from the town) , it gets a lot fewer visitors. 

You’ll absolutely love this falls if you want to avoid the crowds! 

Side view of Tuasan falls

There also aren’t any vendors waiting outside the entrance. At times, you might even feel like you’re all alone in some hidden waterfall in the jungle!

Of course, again, Tuasan is far from a secret spot. 

You’ll even find a little “Hollywood Sign” as you drive towards it. 

Tuasan Falls hollywood sign

Facts About Tuasan Falls

Fees: Entrance to Tuasan costs the standard php75 ($1.5), while renting a shed is php150 ($3), and a table and chair set php100 ($2).

Are you beginning to notice a pattern here? 

Opening/Closing Time: Tuasan Falls opens at 8am and closes at 5pm! 

How to Get There: Tuasan is quite a way away from the highway. If you’re riding a habal-habal, make SURE you ask him to wait for you because you’ll be stranded if you don’t! 

But if you have your own ride, finding Tuasan is as easy as Googling “Tuasan Falls”. The drive up to Tuasan is quite a scenic one as well, with the road flowing along with the river at times. 

There’s also plenty of signages around leading you the way. 

Planning Notes: As mentioned before, Tuasan is in the vicinity of Bura Soda Water, so visiting those two back-to-back makes a lot of sense. 

Sto. Nino Cold Spring is also close by! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #10: Bura Soda Water Park

Walkway through the pools in Bura Soda Water Park

Another unique spot to check out is the Bura Soda Water Spring. 

No, the water here does NOT bubble and fizz like I was led to believe. 

And no, this isn’t a hot spring. 

Instead, it’s unique because you can actually DRINK the water. 

That’s right. The whole concept behind this place is that the water is supposed to taste like soda. 

Well… Does it?

No, not really. 😂

Underwater in Bura Soda Water Park

Instead, it tastes pretty much the same as any fresh-from-the-rock spring water does. Definitely tastes a little different from bottled water, but it’s not a bad taste at all! 

Now before you go and drink the water that people are swimming in, stop! That’s not the one you can drink! 

Instead, over at the side, there’s a little station with pipes bringing the fresh spring water non-stop. This is where you can have a drink. 

Aside from the “soda water”, the park is also a chill place to swim or just unwind. 

Swimming area in Bura Soda Water Park

The water here is in a shade of green, unlike the bursting blue of Sto. Nino Cold Spring!

Facts About Bura Soda Water Park

Fees: Can you guess? 

That’s right. 

Php75 ($1.5) for entrance. 

Php150 ($3) for a shed. 

And php100 ($2) for a table and chairs set. 

Who would’ve thought? 

Opening/Closing Time: Bura Soda Water Park opens at 8am and closes at 5pm. It’s almost important to note that this park is CLOSED on Mondays! 

Entrance to Bura Soda Water Park

How to Get There: Like Tuasan, there’s plenty of signs that’ll point you the way to the Soda Water. 

Or, you know, just Google it. 

If you don’t have a car or bike, you’ll be happy to know that this place isn’t as isolated as Tuasan. There’s actually some people living nearby. However, I still recommend asking your driver to wait for you if ever. 

Planning Notes: Here’s a little secret:

This place was a little underwhelming for me. 

I mean sure, it’s a nice place that’s worth visiting. Plus, their whole “drink the soda water” thing is quite fun. 

But if you compare it side-by-side with the nearby Sto. Nino cold spring, it pales a bit. 

Just my thoughts though! 

I still highly recommend you visit this place. But if I had to give you some planning advice, it’d be to give more time for Sto. Nino than this one! 

Also, there was a guy selling Bibingka outside when we visited. It was REALLY good. The guy seems to travel from spot to spot though, so you may or may not catch him here. 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #11: Katunggan Mangrove Park

Wooden walkway through the mangrove forest

By now, you might get the impression that Camiguin is pretty action-packed. 

While that’s true, there are also pretty places here that are ALL about chilling. 

Case in point?

The Katunggan Mangrove Park! 

This is probably the most laid-back spot on this list. All it is is a wooden walkway that takes you into the mangrove forest. 

I found the mangroves here interesting because instead of thin trunks, these mangroves had thick trunks.

The big mangrove trees growing in Katunggan Park

Plus, on the low tide, there were plenty of young mangroves peeping out of the mud. It looked quite otherworldly. 

Mangrove shoots peeping out of the water

There are several benches where you can sit down and relax. Or, you can rent a small hut if you’re staying for a while. 

Benches along the walkway through the mangrove forest

There’s also a little store outside where you can buy some snacks like chips and coke. 

All in all, if you’re short on time, this is one spot that you can skip. But if you’ve got time – or if you’re riding a motorbike around the whole island – this is a great place to stop over!  

Facts About Katunggan Mangrove Park

Fees: Surprisingly, the entrance to this park is only php20 ($0.40). You can also rent a shed for php150 ($3) which is good for 3 hours. 

Opening/Closing Time: Katunggan Park opens at 8am and closes at 5pm. 

How to Get There: Katunggan Park is just a few minutes south of Benoni Port. Right after the Taguines Lagoon, you’ll find it. 

Because it’s along the highway, you might be able to catch a tricycle or jeepney heading this way. I can’t say for certain though. If you’re gonna use public transportation, make sure to ask the locals! 

Of course, the best way is just to rent a bike and use Google Maps. 

Planning Notes: As said before, this is really a spot that you can leave out if you’re short on time. It seems to be more of a place for locals to chill, or for team-building activities. 

But since it’s so close to Benoni Port, you can actually relax here while waiting for your boat. 

Or, if you’re already doing a trip around the whole Camiguin, this is definitely a great place to stopover. 

Finally, if you have too much time like we did, then why not check it out? 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #12: Tongatok Cliff and Viewdeck (Chan Lookout Point)

The old volcano as seen from Tongatok Cliff

Picture this:

It’s sunset. You’re sitting on the grassy edge of a cliff, with a breathtaking view of Camiguin’s rocky shore. Below you, the waves crash endlessly on the rocks, and above you, the sky goes on and on and on into the horizon. 

Waves crashing into rocks beneath the Tongatok cliff

Welp, that’s exactly what you’ll get in the Tongatok cliff! 

While it’s true that you can get an amazing sunset view in a lot of places around Camiguin, Tongatok cliff is one of the more popular spots – and for good reasons! 

First, of course, the view from here is amazing. 

But other than that, it’s also at a very convenient location. 

Tongatok cliff is just a few minutes away from the Guiob Ruins and the Sunken Cemetery. Given that both of those spots close at 5pm, Tongatok cliff is a nice place to stopover on your way back to Mambajao. 

And finally, third, there’s a resort right beside the cliff. 

Inside the resort is the Tongatok Viewdeck – a nice little fenced area that’s great for pictures! There’s also a restaurant in the resort, which – if you’re already hungry from the day’s activities – is a convenient place to enjoy dinner! 

Fact About Tongatok Cliff and View Deck

Fees: FREE. 

It’s literally a cliff by the side of the road. Whose gonna charge you for that? 

Opening/Closing Time: None! 

How to Get There: On the way from Mambajao to Catarman, it’s hard to miss this cliff! You’ll also see the big white Tongatok resort. 

If you need the help of Google, you can always search for “Tongatok Cliff Resort” or “Chan Lookout Point”. 

Planning Notes: The BEST time to come here is during sunset. 

This is the type of place where you take things slow and ponder life – all while watching the waves crash on the rocks and the sun go down over the Land Born of Fire. 

Here’s a GIF I put together to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: 

Chilling here is also a great way to end your day of exploring. 

If you’re staying in Mambajao, and took a day exploring the Catarman spots (Sunken Cemetery, Sto. Nino Spring. etc.) , then this’ll be right on your way home. 

It’s so perfect! Most spots close at 5pm, so you can get here right on sunset. 

Then, you can drive back to Mambajao just in time for dinner. Or, you could even have dinner in the resort. 

Other Camiguin Tourist Spots

Those were the 12 BEST tourist spots in Camiguin that I personally recommend. 

There’s more! 

When I visited in June 2022, some of Camiguin’s most famous spots were closed for various reasons. 

Plus, I also found that some of the “tourist spots” listed by Camiguin’s tourism office weren’t that amazing. 

But hey, you’re reading this in the future! Maybe by the time you visit, these spots will be opened to the public already – or maybe they’ll be significantly better than they are today. 

So without further adieu, here are MORE Camiguin tourist spots! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #13: Giant Clam Sanctuary

One of the very BEST things to see in Camiguin is the Giant Clam Sanctuary. 

I saw images online of rows of beautiful giant clams all lined up perfectly. 

Sadly, when I visited in June 2022, the sanctuary was closed for political reasons! 

Sign saying Giant Clam Sanctuary is closed due to political intervention

The image above was taken from the Sunken Cemetery reef, where you can also find some giant clams. 

However, we were told that the clams in the sanctuary itself were much bigger and much more impressive. 

Hopefully, this site is opened by the time you’re reading this! 

Why Did Camiguin’s Giant Clam Sanctuary Close? 

Note: this is what I heard and deducted about the closing. This is NOT an official report! 

One thing you’ll notice in Camiguin is that most of the tourist spots seem to be regulated by the Camiguin Tourism Office. 

That’s why the prices are almost identical, as are the opening times. You’ll also see these “Clean Camiguin” signs everywhere. 

However, someone told us that the owner of the Giant Clam Sanctuary didn’t cooperate with this centralization, and therefore, his business was shut down by the government. 

Again, I have to stress this: 

This is NOT an official report, just what I heard! 

Hopefully, the Clam Sanctuary will reopen soon and we can visit it! 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #14: Parola Mambajao + The 1914 Monument

Calm evening at the Parola Mambajao park

One spot I “discovered” on Google Maps is the Parola Mambajao – a tiny little park in the center of Mambajao. 

While it isn’t the most impressive, I found it to be a lovely little place to unwind, and maybe watch the sunset. 

Sunset view from Parola Mambajao

Of course, if you’re short on time, this is one of the spots I’d definitely leave out since there’s nothing particularly special about it. It’s just a place where you can watch the locals, since this seems to be a favorite place for them. 

There’s also a giant “I Love Mambajao” sign here where you can take pictures. 

I Love Mambajao sign in Parola Mambajao

And a little further down the road is the 1914 Monument – an old water fountain that’s in the middle of a roundabout. 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #15: Ardent Hot Springs

Another spot that was closed when I visited was the Ardent Hot Spring. 

It was such a bummer since I’ve heard nothing but wonderful stories about this spring. 

The hot water comes from Mt. Hibok-Hibok (a volcano). On the way down to the man-made pools, it is cooled enough that you can enjoy swimming in the water. 

Sadly, the hot spring was closed on my visit due to there being “no water in the spring nowadays.” 

At least, that’s what my Hibok-Hibok guide told me. So I’m not sure when they’re going to reopen! 

Update: August 18, 2022 – Ardent Hot Springs has Reopened!

Camiguin’s tourism office just announced on their Facebook page that Ardent Hot Springs is officially reopened for tourists! 

They are still undergoing a renovation project, but you can now visit from 6am to 10pm. 

They didn’t announce the prices, but I’m assuming it’s the regular php75 ($1.5). 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #16: Taguines Lagoon

Another spot that used to be popular pre-covid days is the Taguines Lagoon. 

Taguines Lagoon is a manmade lagoon found right beside the Benoni Port. 

It used to be a place for recreational activities like kayaking. There’s even a zipline that’ll take you across the whole lagoon. 

Nowadays, it’s still a nice landmark if you’re driving around the whole Camiguin. Some of the locals also like swimming here.

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #17: Sto. Rosario Church

Sto Rosario church during midday

One activity I highly, HIGHLY recommend while in Camiguin is renting a motorbike and driving around the entire island (that’s why I mention it all the time!) . 

While you’re at it, you might want to stopover by the Sto. Rosario church in Sagay. 

As far as old churches go, Sto. Rosario isn’t one of the most spectacular in the country (trust me, we have AMAZING old churches around here) . 

It’s a very simple church, built in the 1880s using coral stones. 

Close-up shot of Sto Rosario church

However, it’s still a great place to stop and get a picture or two! Especially if you’re already in the area. 

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #18: Moro-Moro Watchtower

Last but not least is the Moro-Moro Watchtower in Guinsiliban. 

If you grab a tourist map of Camiguin, this is a spot that usually shows up. 

It’s an important piece of history, since these watchtowers were built to warn of Moro pirate attacks on the island. 

However, Camiguin’s Moro tower really isn’t all that popular. And it’s actually quite difficult to find! 

I was driving a motorbike and was looking for it in Google Maps – but all it was leading me to was an elementary school. 

Apparently, the tower is found within the school’s premises. 

In hindsight, I probably should’ve asked the locals where the tower was. 

But I guess all I can do now is warn you where to find it – so you won’t feel lost like I was! 

Which Camiguin Tourist Spot Are YOU Most Excited About?

And there you have it!

Those are the 18 best tourist spots in Camiguin to check out! 

So which one are YOU most looking forward to?

Are you excited to bask in the sunshine of White Island?

Maybe to go freediving or scuba diving in Mantigue?

Or maybe you’re the type of person who can’t wait to dip in Sto. Nino cold springs, or chase waterfalls like Katibawasan and Tuasan. 

Or… maybe you’re ready for a real adventure, and wanna hike Mt. Hibok-Hibok?

Whatever the case, I hope this blog got you excited for your Camiguin trip. 

And if you don’t know what to expect from the island yet, go and check out my complete Camiguin travel guide here ! 


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Manoling Martinez

Hi! I'm Manoling, a 24-year-old backpacker from Cebu City. I'm on a mission to visit ALL 82 provinces of the Philippines. You can follow my adventures on my Instagram, or plan your trips here on my website!

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Hi dude. I truly appreciate your posts, specially on Camiguin. I'm from the same region as Camiguin is, and from CDO at that. But you're more informative than what I have in my memorry about Camiguin. Seriously, your posts are really helpful to travelers, tourists, etc. especially the updates on the places you went to. But please integrate the uodates on the same article piece and not at the bottom. Keep us up with your travel posts. So love them.

Escape Manila

19 Tourist Spots in Camiguin [And How To Get There]

You are currently viewing 19 Tourist Spots in Camiguin [And How To Get There]

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  • Post last modified: July 22, 2023

This is our list of the best tourist spots in Camiguin, a must-visit province in Mindanao, Philippines.

The Island Born of Fire, or most commonly known as Camiguin Island, will be the next destination you would want to go to in Mindanao. It offers a complete package of cultural and natural heritage.

As the province establishes itself as the forefront must-go-to destination in Northern Mindanao, the tourist spots in Camiguin become more and more tourist-friendly without losing its identity. As you plan your trip here, make sure to include these places on your schedule:

Looking for a place to stay in Camiguin? Check out our list of the 10 best beach resorts in Camiguin you should visit on your next trip to the island.

7 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin

White island.

Who knew that even a long patch of sand can be so beautiful? Only a few minutes away from Mambajao, Camiguin, is White Island; a bare island that provides such a scenic sight of the sea, the sky while having the backdrop of Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Hibok. The blue water that surrounds it glistens as the sunlight hits the waves. [Check out our list of 5 Best Beach Resorts in Camiguin ]

White Island - one of the best tourist spots in Camiguin

Mantigue Island

Like White Island, Mantigue Island is also breathtaking. But the difference is that it has a lot of mangroves on it. It adds color to the seemingly non-ending view of the sea and its turquoise colored waters. Snorkeling and scuba diving is a great activity to do here because of the various species of fish present.

Mantigue Island - one of the top tourist attractions in Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls

Towering at a height of 250 feet, Katibawasan falls has clear water that drops to a beautiful and cool pool of water that is very inviting for a swim. The cool water is perfect for counteracting the hot weather. Around the pool are thriving lush ferns, orchids, and trees. The boulders around it also have a unique formation.

Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin

Tuasan Falls

Another treasured tourist spot in Camiguin is the Tuasan Falls. It is also similar to Katibawasan, a good place to go to if you haven’t had your fill of seeing majestic waterfalls. The vegetation is also very rich, you’ll hear birds chirping here and the waters are gleaming coral which is why many say that Tuasan falls seems fairylike.

Tuasan Falls in Camiguin

Mt. Hibok Hibok

If you feel like going on a hike, Mt. Hibok-Hibok has a spectacular summit. You get the view of White Island and even other provinces like Bohol. You will also see the crater of the volcano which has been surrounded by moss. It is quite a challenging climb; however, the sight isn’t one you should miss out on.

Mt. Hibok Hibok, Camiguin

Sunken Cemetery

Would you believe that one of the best diving spots you can go to in Mindanao is actually a cemetery, a sunken cemetery to be exact. By its name, this was a graveyard but due to the Mt. Vulcan eruption, the graveyard was wrecked and the remains of it ended up at sea. Underwater, you will see thriving corals and colorful fishes.

Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin

Gui-ob Church Ruins

Just because something is old does not mean it can’t be astonishing. The Gui-ob Church Ruins, a very famous tourist spot in Camiguin, brings a whole new meaning and look to medieval. The walls, structure, and buildings look old fashioned but it does have a certain charm to it. This is a great place for taking photos!

Gui-ob Church Ruins in Camiguin

12 Notable Camiguin Tourist Spots

Giant Clams Sanctuary Cantaan White Beach, Guinsiliban, Camiguin

Balai sa Baybay Agoho, Mambajao, Camiguin

Walkway to the Old Volcano  and  Stations of the Cross Panaad Walkway, Catarman, Camiguin

Tongatoc Cove Catibac, Camiguin

Ardent Hotspring Esperanza, Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin

Sto. Niño Coldspring Catarman, Camiguin

Binangawan Falls Sagay, Camiguin

Soda Water Pool Compol-NIA-Mainit Road, Catarman, Camiguin

Taguines Lagoon and Zipline Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin

Sagay Ricefields Sagay, Camiguin

Macao Cold Spring Mahinog, Camiguin

PHILVOCS Station Mambajao, Camiguin

Festivals in Camiguin

  • Panaad Festival
  • Lanzones Festival in Mambajao, Camiguin
  • San Juan sa Hibok Hibok Festival

Must-Try Food in Camiguin

  • Surol at Bahay Bakasyunan Restaurant in Mambajao, Camiguin
  • Bulalo at La Isla Cocina in Agoho, Mambajao
  • Lanzones Ice Cream
  • Pastel of Vjandep
  • Pad Thai at Guerrera Restaurant

Where to Stay in Camiguin

Depending on where you plan to go in Camiguin, the province has many hotels and resorts to accommodate every guest. The majority of the accommodations are located in Mambajao, Camiguin. Check out these hotels and resorts in Camiguin or you may also consider staying at these Airbnb units in Camiguin .

How to get to Camiguin?

Going to Camiguin is quite easy. The most convenient way to go to Camiguin Island is via Cebu as there is a direct daily via Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. The travel time is less than 30 minutes. 

If you want to travel by land from Cagayan de Oro City, you can take a Surigao-bound bus from CdO’s Agora Bus Terminal. The travel time from Agora Bus Terminal to Balingoan Port is around 2.5 to 3 hours. 

From Balingoan Port, you will need to take a ferry to Camiguin’s Benoni port. Travel time is only an hour.

Alternatively, you can also take a boat from Jagna, Bohol to Camiguin.




Relaxing in paradise at #DiscoverySamal, one of my favorite resorts in Mindanao! #travel #escapemanila

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Wander Era

Camiguin Tourist Spots: 15 Can’t Miss Places to Visit

Of all the tourist spots in the Philippines, Camiguin is definitely one of the most underrated. With its stunning landscapes and multitude of activities to do, Camiguin is definitely a destination not to be missed. If you’re looking for an adventure, then this is the place for you!

From its white sand beaches to its volcanoes, Camiguin has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an escape, be sure to put Camiguin on your list!

White Island

White Island

White island is one of the most popular tourist spots in Camiguin. As its name suggests, the island is covered in white sand which makes for a stunning contrast against the blue waters. The best part about White Island is that it’s completely uninhabited. From here, you can see Mt Hibok Hibok and Old Vulcan in all their glory.

If you’re looking to relax, this is the perfect spot for you. There are no buildings or people, so you can truly feel at peace. The only things on the island are the sand, the sea, and the sky. But this means that it can get hot during the day, so make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

To get to White Island, you can take a boat from Mambajao. The ride takes about 10 minutes.

Guiob Church Ruins

Guiob Church Ruins

The Guiob Church Ruins are one of the most popular tourist spots in Camiguin. The church was built during the Spanish Era but was destroyed when Mt. Vulcan erupted in 1871. Today, all that remains are the ruins of the church’s upper walls. The church is twice as big as it is today. The ruins are a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit.

It’s surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees all around. There’s even a century-old tree beside the church. You’ll also see the ruins of a bell tower and a convent beside the church.

Sunken Cemetery

sunken cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery is a cemetery that was sunken when Mt. Vulcan erupted in 1871. It’s a haunting yet beautiful sight. A big cross marks the spot where the cemetery used to be. You can rent a boat and a guide to take you to the cross. If you’re up for it, you can snorkel around the area.

Ryk was interested in snorkeling around the area but the thought of it didn’t sit quite well with me. The history behind it just felt too eerie. Snorkeling above gravestones just didn’t feel right.

Mantigue Island Nature Park

Mantigue Island Nature Park

This is our favorite tourist spot during our week-long trip. Mantigue Island is a small island off the coast of Camiguin. It’s a nature lover’s paradise. Unlike White Island, this island is covered in lush vegetation.

From the white sand to the turquoise waters, the island is absolutely stunning. You can rent a table by the beach and enjoy the view of Camiguin’s mountains. We highly recommend you snorkel around the island. There’s an abundance of marine life and the corals are beautiful. We even saw two sea turtles!

Mt Hibok-Hibok

Mt Hibok-Hibok

A lot of hikers and nature lovers come to Camiguin to climb Mt Hibok-Hibok . It’s an active volcano with an elevation of 1,332 meters. The last time it erupted was in 1953.

The hike to the summit is quite challenging but the view is definitely worth it. The hike will take you about 6 to 9 hours. From the summit, you’ll be able to see a panoramic view of the ocean. Sounds exciting?

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. . The falls are about 70 meters high and has a plunge pool where you can swim. The water is crystal clear and refreshing. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery. There are several cottages where you can take a break and enjoy the view.

We arrived in the afternoon and there weren’t a lot of people around. The falls looked majestic.

Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is another one of Camiguin’s beautiful waterfalls. It’s about 20 meters high and has a small pool at the bottom. It’s a great spot to take a dip and cool off after a long day of exploring Camiguin. There are also several cottages where you can relax.

There’s a signage near the waterfall that says “beware of falling rocks”. There’s a rope that marks where it’s safe to swim so make sure you don’t go past that.

Binangawan Falls

Binangawan Falls is the shortest waterfall in Camiguin. It’s only about 15 meters high but it’s still a beautiful sight. The water is crystal clear and refreshing. Its name comes from the Bisayan word “Bangaw” which means “rainbow” since rainbows form at the base of the waterfall when the sun hits the water.

You’ll need to hike to reach the waterfall so pack some hiking shoes if you plan on visiting.

Taguines Lagoon

Taguines Lagoon is a beautiful man-made lagoon surrounded by mountains. You can find here J&A Fishpen and Restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with a view. It’s a great spot to eat lunch in after a trip to Mantigue island.

We went there on a high tide and the water came up to our knees. From the cottage, we saw several fishes swimming around the restaurant.

We ordered several dishes and especially loved the “panga”. It was pricier than the rest but it was delicious!

camiguin top tourist destination

The Walkway in Mount Vulcan

The Walkway in Mount Vulcan is a pilgrimage site for religious Catholics on Lenten season. There are 14 stations of the cross on the way up. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The views along the way are absolutely stunning. You get a view of the western side of Camiguin.

Giant Clams Ocean Nursery

The Giant Clams Ocean Nursery is a great spot for snorkeling. It’s located in Mambajao. You can find here several giant clams. Unfortunately, they are closed as of July 2022. For the past two years, they have been closed due to political intervention. Stay updated, check here from time to time to see if it’s open.

As an island filled with volcanoes, Camiguin has several springs that are open to the public. However, when we visited, each place only looked like any other resort which was a bit disappointing. If you don’t plan on swimming, you can skip these.

Bura Soda Water Park

Bura Soda Water Park

Bura Soda Water Park is a man-made pool with natural spring water. The water is crystal clear and refreshing. It’s well-known for its soda taste.

There’s an area where you can drink soda water. It tasted a little bit like carbonated water but not that strong. We had to try it twice to get the tingling sensation you get when drinking soda.

Other than satisfying your curiosity, the place isn’t worth visiting if you don’t plan on swimming.

Ardent Hot Springs

We didn’t visit Ardent Hot Springs. Unfortunately, according to locals, the water isn’t hot anymore. Apparently, it’s either temporarily or permanently closed.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Aside from the cool water, there’s nothing much to see here. It’s just a pool with cold water.

Macao Spring

Unlike the other famous springs on the island, Macao spring is free and open to the public. The spring water is blue and surrounded by lush greenery. It’s a hidden gem that not a lot of tourists know about.

Burias Shoal

Burias Shoal is a small island off the coast of Camiguin. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists as a diving spot.

Tongatok Viewdeck

Tongatok Viewdeck

The Tongatok Viewdeck is a great spot to see the ocean and the mountain. Stop by on your way to the Sunken Cemetery.

Katunggan Park

Katunggan Park

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot when we were traveling to Katunggan Park so I was surprised when we toured around the place. The park looked pretty cool. You can rent a shed for 3 hours and swim in the waters.

Katunggan Park

There were a lot of families having a blast in each of the sheds we passed. It’s like renting your own treehouse but with the sea water below. There are also a few benches around so you can stop for a few minutes and take in the forest. As someone who loves trees, the place looked like paradise to me. Definitely a must-visit!

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9 Places to Visit in Camiguin + Things To Do

9 Places to Visit in Camiguin + Things To Do

Found midway between Cagayan de Oro and Butuan, Camiguin is an island province located 10 kilometers off the coast of Northern Mindanao.

This island is known for White Island, a scenic sandbar that gets swallowed by the sea during high tide, a peculiar sunken cemetery, and a thriving giant clam sanctuary. Mantigue Beach on tiny Magsaysay Island also offers fine sandy shores and beautiful snorkeling/diving sites.

To help with your trip planning, I’ve added links to the locations on Google Maps. Feel free to click/tap on the links posted below. Then, use the “save” feature on the Google Maps app for easy reference. But before you start ticking goals off your bucketlist, here are travel essentials & discounts you’ll need to check. Pre-book online for a hassle-free trip!

Camiguin travel essentials

Click below to compare rates & read reviews:

Camiguin Hotels Flights

View all travel tips on: Camiguin .

1. White Island

White Island, Camiguin

Location : Mambajao, Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

For more travel inspiration,  follow Detourista on :

Instagram Facebook tiktok Pinterest

2. The Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin

Location : Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

3. Katibawasan Falls

camiguin top tourist destination

4. Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls, Camiguin

Location : Catarman, Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

5. Giant Clams Sanctuary

Giant Clams Sanctuary, Camiguin

Location : Cantaan white beach, Guinsiliban, 9102 Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

6. Ardent Hot Spring

Ardent Hot Springs Resort, Camiguin

7. The Walkway To The Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

Way to the Old Volcano, Camiguin

Location : Panaad Walkway, Catarman, Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

8. Guiob Old Spanish Church Ruins

Guiob Old Spanish Church Ruins, Camiguin

Location : National Highway, Catarman, Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

9. Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island, Camiguin

Location : Mahinog, Camiguin . Save on Google Maps .

Where to go near Camiguin & beyond

Cagayan de Oro


Location : Misamis Oriental province, Northern Mindanao region, southern Philippines . Save on Google Maps .

Cagayan de Oro Travel Essentials

Where to stay Tours + discounts Tours + discounts

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12 Things to do in Cagayan de Oro + Northern Mindanao Tourist Spots

Location : Northern Mindanao region, southern Philippines . Save on Google Maps .

Bukidnon Travel Essentials

Where to stay Tours + discounts

Top discounts

Dahilayan Adventure Park Admission Ticket

Philippines Unlimited Data eSIM (QR Email Delivery)

Philippines 4G Data eSIM (QR Email Delivery)

See more : Bukidnon travel tips

10 Places To Visit in Bukidnon

What places have you added to your bucketlist? Have you been to beautiful places in Camiguin that should be on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Places to visit in Camiguin

Camiguin tourist spots, things to do in Camiguin, where to go in Camiguin & more.

Note: Destinations featured above are not listed by rank.

Where to Stay in Camiguin

Click below & search recommended Camiguin hotels/hostels/home rentals within your budget. Remember to set your  min/max price , travel dates, and  sort by review ratings . I often book online with these trusted booking sites below for rock-bottom prices & convenient bookings.

Agoda Booking.com

Book sooner rather than later if you already have your dates set. Cheaper-priced rooms and hotels with high reviews tend to get fully booked faster, especially during busy days like weekends, holidays & peak tourist seasons.

Don’t Stop Here

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Philippines Beaches

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Top 15 of the Best CAMIGUIN Tourist Spots + Things to do

What are the top tourist attractions in camiguin.

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Camiguin Tourist Spots: Top Things to Do on the Island

Table of Contents

Camiguin, a small island province located in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines, is a hidden gem that offers a wide range of tourist spots and activities for visitors to enjoy. The island is known for its majestic waterfalls, pristine beaches, and stunning natural attractions that are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

Camiguin Island Budget Guide photo by FaithMariii

The Island is host to an active volcano named Mout Hibok-Hibok. Camiguin has five municipalities — Mambajao (capital), Catarman, Sagay, Guinsiliban, and Mahinog — and measures approximately 29,000 hectares with a circumferential road measuring 64 km.

Tourists can start their Camiguin adventure by exploring the island’s natural wonders, such as the Katibawasan Falls, Tuasan Falls, and Binangawan Falls. These waterfalls are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also provide a refreshing escape from the heat of the day. Visitors can also take a dip in the Sto. Nino Cold Spring or the Ardent Hot Springs, both of which are natural hot and cold springs that are believed to have therapeutic benefits.

For those who want to experience the island’s rich history and culture, Camiguin also offers a number of historical and cultural sites to visit. The Bonbon Church Ruins and the Sunken Cemetery are two of the island’s most popular attractions, both of which offer a glimpse into the island’s past. Visitors can also explore the island’s local markets and try out some of the local delicacies, such as the famous Vjandep Pastel. With so many things to see and do in Camiguin, it’s no wonder that it has become one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations.

Exploring Camiguin

Camiguin is a small island province in the Philippines that boasts of natural beauty and rich history. The island is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush forests. Exploring Camiguin is a must for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable vacation experience.

Getting There

Camiguin is a beautiful island located in the southern part of the Philippines. If you are planning a trip to this enchanting destination, here are several ways to get there:

The quickest way to reach Camiguin is by air. You can book a flight to Camiguin Airport (CGM) from various airports in the Philippines. The most common route is from Cebu City. Major airlines like Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines operate regular flights to Camiguin. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour.

If you prefer a more scenic route, you can travel by sea. Several ferry companies operate routes to Camiguin from Cagayan de Oro and Bohol. The ferry ride usually takes around 2-4 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the type of vessel.

From Cagayan de Oro

From Cagayan de Oro, you can take a 2-hour drive to Balingoan, the jump-off point for ferries heading to Camiguin. Once in Balingoan, you can board a ferry to take you to the island. The ferry ride usually lasts for about 1 hour.

If you are coming from Bohol, you can take a fast craft from the port of Jagna or a regular ferry from Balbagon. The travel time from Bohol to Camiguin is around 1.5-2 hours, depending on the type of vessel.

Local Transportation

Upon arriving in Camiguin, various modes of transportation are available for exploring the island. You can rent a motorbike or bicycle to explore at your own pace. Tricycles, which are motorized rickshaws, are also a popular mode of transport for short distances. There are also vans and multi cabs that offer group tours around the island.

Getting to Camiguin is worth the journey as this island paradise offers stunning beaches, majestic waterfalls, and the famous Mount Hibok-Hibok for adventurous hikers. Plan your trip accordingly and enjoy your time in this hidden gem of the Philippines!

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Camiguin is during the dry season, which runs from March to May. During this time, visitors can enjoy the island’s beaches and other outdoor activities without worrying about the rain. However, visiting Camiguin during the rainy season, which runs from June to February, is also possible. The island’s lush forests and waterfalls are most beautiful during this time, and the rain can add to the island’s already enchanting atmosphere.

Accommodation Options

Camiguin offers a range of accommodation options for visitors, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts. Some of the best places to stay in Camiguin include the Paras Beach Resort, Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin, and Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club. Visitors can also opt to stay in Mambajao town, the island’s main commercial center, with various accommodation options.

The island is enriched with geothermal energy, sulfur deposits, fishing grounds, and agricultural lands. The people of Camiguin have a mixed culture of Boholano and Cebuano and are known for their unmatched hospitality. Despite its small size, it is home to many natural wonders and historical sites. Here are some of the top tourist spots in Camiguin:

Natural Attractions

Camiguin is a small island province in the Philippines that is home to a variety of natural attractions. Visitors to the island can explore its many waterfalls, hot and cold springs, and stunning beaches. One of the most popular natural attractions on the island is Mount Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

View from White Island on Mt. Hibok-Hibok on the left, and the smaller Camiguin volcano on the right side by Wolfgang Hagele via Wikimedia cc

Climbing Mt Hibok-hibok

For thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, Mount Hibok-Hibok is the ultimate destination. The mountain is known for its challenging trails, and hikers can expect to encounter steep inclines and rugged terrain. From its summit, you can take in the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a novice, there’s a trail for you, ranging from moderate to challenging.

For the most daring adventurers, there’s the Mount Hibok-Hibok active volcano with a slope of 1250 meters, providing a challenging climb even for professional mountaineers. At the peak, you can bask in the beauty of the crater lake with its steam outlets.

Tuasan Falls by Wolfgang Hagele via Wikimedia cc

Visit Tuasan Falls

Another popular attraction in Camiguin is the Tuasan Falls. This waterfall is located in the town of Catarman and is known for its clear, refreshing water. Visitors can swim in the pool at the base of the falls or hike to the top for a stunning view of the surrounding area.

This waterfall is about 25 meters high and very strong. The Quaint Barrio Mainit hike pass must be covered by travelers before reaching the falls, allowing for exploring this place’s scenic beauty.

Visit Katibawasan Falls

In addition to the Tuasan Falls, Camiguin is home to several other waterfalls, including the Katibawasan Falls and the Binangawan Falls. These waterfalls are popular destinations for tourists and locals alike and offer a refreshing break from the island’s tropical heat.

The  Katibawasan falls has a rock pool surrounded by trees, boulders, wild ferns, and ground orchids. All facilities for relaxation and comfort are provided here for tourists. The waterfalls measure a height of 250 feet. The Camiguin Island province cannot be explored in one or two days.

Visit Binangawan Falls

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not traverse the 9km uphill road to the 15m-tall falls, the shortest waterfalls on the island? Be sure to arrange a guide through your accommodation, and avoid the trail during or after rain, as the road and path can become dangerously slippery. The path starts opposite a small concrete building with several steps hacked out of the sand, and after about 50m, there’s a clearly visible trail on the right side.

When you reach a water installation, the trail to the left will lead you to the lower falls and the right gradually to the upper falls (which can take a strong hiker over 1¼ hours to reach). Here, you’ll be greeted by several miniature and gigantic waterfalls, gushing through majestic granite stones that converge in one main pool, covered with luscious unspoiled vegetation. And as the sunlight penetrates through the mist of the falls, you’ll be in awe of the mystical rainbow that it forms.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring by Jaya via Flickr cc

Relax in the cold waters of Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Sto Nino Cold Spring is the perfect destination for those looking for a refreshing escape from the heat. Located in the town of Catarman, just a 30-minute drive from Mambajao, this hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys swimming. The clear, cool water of the spring is a vibrant turquoise color, and the surrounding grassy area is the perfect spot to relax.

Not to mention the large man-made swimming pool that is fed from natural spring water running down from the nearby mountains. With plenty of sheltered huts and seating areas, you can jump in head first and cool off in the inviting waters. For just 50 pesos, you can experience this underrated Camiguin tourist spot and enjoy a truly rejuvenating experience.

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Spring Resort by Dahon via Flickr cc

Visit Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort

Ardent Hot Spring is a natural mineral water pool. The water is naturally heated to around 40 degrees centigrade. The Mambajao municipality developed and provided facilities like cottages, restaurants, dormitories, picnic huts, restrooms, and changing rooms for visitors.

A landscaped garden, hot spring, and mountain air will give a therapeutic effect to the tourists. Another famous destination is the Sto. Nino cold spring with a sandy-bottomed water pool.

White Island - Camiguin DIY Budget Travel Guide photo by Nico Alumbro via Unsplash

Visit the White Island

Finally, no visit to Camiguin would be complete without a trip to White Island. This stunning sandbar is located off the coast of Mambajao and is known for its crystal-clear water and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can swim, snorkel, or simply relax on the beach and take in the beauty of this natural wonder.

Explore the breathtaking beauty of White Island, just a few minutes off the coast of Agoho in Mambajao. This uninhabited sandbar is a paradise of fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and stunning views of the island’s volcanoes.

Kabila White Beach by Tuan Nguyen via Flickr cc

Kabila White Beach

Aside from White Island and Mantigue Island, another beautiful white beach can also be found in Guinsiliban called the Kabila White Beach. The beach is also famous for diving activities and a specially protected area where giant clams are being cultured.

Water Activities

Camiguin is surrounded by turquoise waters that offer a variety of water activities. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, diving, and boat tours to explore the island’s marine life.

Mantigue Island by Allan Ascano via Flickr cc

Dive and Snorkel on Mantigue Island

One of the popular spots for snorkeling is Mantigue Island, which is home to a marine sanctuary. Here, visitors can see a variety of fish species and giant clams. The island is also known for its white sandy beaches and boulders.

Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin photo via Skyjet Airlines

Visit the Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery is a mysterious and captivating attraction in Camiguin. It was born from the fiery eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871, causing a section of the cemetery to be consumed by the depths of the ocean. Visitors can take a boat to the site and explore the eerie tombstones beneath the waves, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

The volcanic activity of Mt. Vulcan from 1871 to 1875 caused the town of Bonbon to sink below sea level, taking its cemetery with it. The area is commemorated by a colossal cross erected in 1982, a lasting reminder of the remarkable power of nature.

Land Activities

Camiguin offers a variety of land activities for tourists to enjoy. One of the most popular activities is a simple walking tour of the old town and a pilgrimage walk to the islands’ version of the Stations of the Cross.

The walkway to the Old volcano and Stations of the Cross are laid out in a stairway ascending all the way up to the top where old volcano is located by Wilborne Ian Lustre via Wikimedia cc

Visit the Stations of the Cross

Another popular land activity is visiting the Stations of the Cross. This is a religious site where visitors can hike up a hill and see the 14 stations representing Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. The hike is not as steep as the one to Mount Hibok-Hibok, but visitors should still wear comfortable shoes.

Culinary Experiences

Camiguin offers a variety of culinary experiences that are sure to delight food lovers. The island is known for its fresh seafood, including tuna, squid, and shrimp. Visitors can enjoy these delicacies at local restaurants, which serve them grilled, fried, or in soups and stews.

Lanzones from Camiguin

Eat Lanzones

One of the island’s most famous culinary offerings is the lanzones fruit. This sweet and juicy fruit is abundant in Camiguin, and visitors can enjoy it fresh or in various dishes. The Lanzones Festival, held annually in October, celebrates this fruit with parades, street dances, and other festivities.

Lanzones from Camiguin are probably the sweetest Philippine variety of Lansium domesticum (scientific name).  Trivia:  The lanzones fruit can serve as a febrifuge, lowering your body temperature.

The island celebrates Lanzones Festival every third week of October. The grand festival showcases a grand parade of street dancers wearing lanzones-inspired costumes.

Kiping in Camiguin

Unlike Kiping in Lucban Quezon, which is made from ground rice, Kiping in Camiguin is made from Ground Casava. Kiping is fried till it becomes crispy, and once cooked, it’s served with coconut jam on top. If you want to try this delicacy, you would typically see this in souvenir shops near Katibawasan Falls.

Yema Pastel Bun from Camiguin

Buy Pastel for Pasalubong

The most popular pasalubong product from Camiguin is a soft bun filled with Yema and other flavors. Popularly known as Pastel, you can buy freshly baked in a box of 6 or 12 in their original bakery near the public market in Mambajao.

Fresh Sea Urchins

Eat Sea Urchin 

If you are adventurous enough with food, you should try eating Sea Urchin meat at White Island. Vendors are roaming around the island who are selling live sea urchins. The vendor will crack its shell in the middle, remove some non-edible parts before pouring vinegar, and hand it to anyone who dares to eat it.

Cultural, Historical, and Religious Sites

Camiguin is not only famous for its natural wonders but also its cultural and historical sites. These sites offer a glimpse into the island’s rich history and heritage.

Old Catarman Church Ruins

Visit the Old Church Ruins

Located in Bonbon Camiguin, this church, made initially from Coral Stones, is one of the remnants of the Vulcan eruption in 1871. The church was originally called Guiob Church; this property is maintained by the local government.

These are just a few of the best tourist spots in Camiguin. The island offers a plethora of natural wonders and unique attractions that are sure to captivate visitors. Camiguin is a beautiful place with so much to offer to tourists. Like Batanes, this small island province is also known as one of the few provinces with a low crime rate, and the locals are generally hospitable and honest.

Travel Tips

When planning a trip to Camiguin, there are a few travel tips that visitors should keep in mind. These tips can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation experience.

Tourist Spots

Camiguin has many natural wonders, including waterfalls, hot springs, and islands. Visitors should plan their itinerary in advance to ensure they can visit all the tourist spots they want to see. Some popular tourist spots in Camiguin include White Island, Mantigue Island, Katibawasan Falls, and Ardent Hot Springs.

Visitors should be prepared to pay entrance fees and environmental fees when visiting certain tourist spots on the island. It is important to bring enough cash to cover these fees. Some tourist spots may also charge additional fees for activities such as snorkeling or diving.

Camiguin has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. Visitors should bring light and comfortable clothing and sun protection such as hats and sunscreen. Visiting tourist spots in the morning or late afternoon is also recommended to avoid the midday heat.

Visitors should be respectful of the environment and follow local rules and regulations. Some tourist spots may require visitors to wear proper attire, such as swimwear or hiking shoes. It is also recommended to bring a reusable water bottle and avoid using single-use plastics. Finally, visitors should be cautious when walking on uneven terrain or slippery stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-visit volcanic tourist spots in camiguin island.

Camiguin Island is known for its volcanic landscapes and has several must-visit volcanic tourist spots. One of the most popular ones is Mount Hibok-Hibok, a stratovolcano that offers a challenging but rewarding hike with stunning views of the island. Other volcanic tourist spots include the Sunken Cemetery, Ardent Hot Spring, and the Old Volcano Trail.

Where are the best places to stay in Camiguin?

Camiguin has a range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences. For those who want to be close to the beach, there are several beachfront resorts such as Paras Beach Resort and Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin. There are mountain resorts such as Secret Cove Beach Resort and Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort for those who prefer a more secluded and serene environment.

What is White Island in Camiguin and why is it worth visiting?

White Island is a popular sandbar located off the coast of Camiguin Island. It is called White Island because of its powdery white sand that stretches for about 1.4 kilometers. Visitors can take a boat ride to the sandbar and enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. The island offers stunning views of Mount Hibok-Hibok and the surrounding turquoise waters.

What are some recommended itineraries for exploring Camiguin?

Camiguin Island is relatively small, but there are plenty of things to do and see. A popular itinerary is to spend a day exploring the volcanic tourist spots such as Mount Hibok-Hibok, the Sunken Cemetery, and Ardent Hot Spring. Another day can be spent visiting the island’s beaches such as White Island, Mantigue Island, and Agohay Beach. For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the Bonbon Church Ruins and the Guiob Church Ruins is recommended.

What are some of the famous delicacies of Camiguin?

Camiguin is known for its delicious seafood such as grilled squid, kinilaw (ceviche), and sinuglaw (a combination of grilled pork and kinilaw). Another must-try delicacy is the pastel, a soft bread filled with sweet yema (custard) or ube (purple yam). Camiguin is also famous for its lanzones, a sweet and juicy fruit that is harvested from September to October.

What is Camiguin Island best known for?

Camiguin Island is best known for its natural beauty, volcanic landscapes, and laid-back atmosphere. It is often referred to as the “Island Born of Fire” because of its seven volcanoes. Camiguin is also known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich marine life, making it a popular destination for snorkeling and diving.

Exploring Camiguin is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty and rich history. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain, taking a tour of the island, or simply enjoying the view, there’s something for everyone on Camiguin Island.

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  • Camiguin Habal-Habal Tour First Stop: Ardent Hibok-Hibok Springs Resort
  • Giant Clam Sanctuary: Camiguin Island’s Hidden Pearl
  • Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort in Camiguin

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Best Things To Do in Camiguin

13 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots & Things To Do

Are you planning a trip to Camiguin Island? Or are you debating adding this island to your Philippines itinerary?

This post will detail the top 13 best things to do in Camiguin, updated for 2024.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you purchase through a link on my site. Don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you .

Camiguin is known as the Island Born of Fire, for its majestic volcanos that dominate the landscape.

The second-smallest island in the country, Camiguin is slowly becoming a must-visit destination on many Philippines itineraries .

Visitors are left in awe of its steaming hot springs, pristine waterfalls , black-sand beaches, and abundant marine life . There are many natural wonders totally unparalleled in the Philippines .

Perhaps you only have a couple of days and want to visit the main Camiguin tourist spots?

Or maybe you’re looking for some more unique off-the-beaten-path things to do in Camiguin?

This post will detail the 13 best things to do in Camiguin, for an action-packed adventure on this volcanic slice of paradise.

Camiguin Tourist Spots Map

Camiguin is a very small island. This means that the main tourist spots can all be visited very easily.

If you benefit from a few days in Camiguin, I would recommend checking out a different area each day.

My full Camiguin Travel Guide includes a handy itinerary to help you plan your trip.

13 Best things to do in Camiguin

Whether you’re a beach bum, a history fanatic, or a nature lover, Camiguin is one of the most unique places to visit in the Philippines .

The seven volcanos have not only contributed to the island’s rich and turbulent history but have led to the creation of many natural wonders.

For environmental enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors, this tiny island is absolutely jam-packed with adventure activities and fascinating Camiguin tourist spots.

Explore Camiguin The Philippines

Katibawasan Falls

Hiding in the mountainous landscape and lush vegetation you will find Camiguin’s tallest waterfall, Katibawasan Falls .

Conveniently located in the tourist hub Mambajao, visiting this breathtaking natural beauty is one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

Katibawasan Falls Camiguin Tourist Spots

Not just the tallest and most impressive of the Camiguin waterfalls, this is also one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in the Philippines.

The water effortlessly flows from the nearby Mount Timpoong, before plunging 250 ft into a shallow basin of water. Surrounded by dense green jungle, the tall but narrow cascade is a real sight to behold.

Spend some time marveling at Nature’s fine creation, take a refreshing dip in the swimming hole, or bring some snacks to enjoy a picnic in a stunning setting.

For further details on how to get there, the entrance fee, and what to expect, you can read my full post here .

Katibawasan Falls Things To Do in Camiguin

Full Post : Katibawasan Falls Camiguin: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Walkway to the Old Volcano

The walkway to the Old Volcano is an 8-kilometer path to the summit of Mt. Vulcan.

This is a relatively easy hike and it takes about an hour to reach the top following the concrete steps upwards.

Interestingly, when hiking to the summit you will come across 14 human-sized Stations of the Cross. These different stations show Jesus Christ’s journey to crucifixion.

The Walkway to the Old Volcano therefore serves as a religious pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics.

We happened to visit Camiguin during Holy Week, where it is tradition for Filipinos to hike Mt. Vulcan for repentance.

Not just a popular Camiguin tourist spot for religious devotees, the stunning view from the summit makes this one of the best things to do in Camiguin for all travelers.

Offering panoramic views of the western side of Camiguin, you can even catch a glimpse of the iconic cross signaling the Sunken Cemetery in the sea from the top.

If you’re wondering what to see in Camiguin, its iconic volcanos are something you cannot miss.

Need somewhere to stay?

The best area to stay in Camiguin is the tourist hub Mambajao. Check out the best accommodation here for every budget –

BORBON’S TREEHOUSE – best low-budget accommodation. Rustic bungalows located on a private black-sand beach.

TONGATOK CLIFF RESORT – medium-budget Camiguin accommodation overlooking the ocean and mountains.

BINTANA SA PARAISO – best luxury accommodation. Private balconies with infinity pool and seaview. Private butler service.

Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island is a stunning Maldives-esque tropical paradise located just 20 minutes off the eastern coast of Camiguin.

The powdery white sand, vibrant green mini forest in its center, and crystal-clear turquoise waters make this one of the most beautiful places to visit in Camiguin.

As if that wasn’t enough, Camiguin Island and its imposing volcanos provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Mantigue Island Things To Do in Camiguin

However, the real beauty lies beneath the surface, with some of the most vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life I have ever seen.

Mantigue Island is also a protected marine sanctuary and precious eco-tourism site. This is therefore one of the best spots for diving or snorkeling in Camiguin.

Under the water, you will find heaps of colorful and diverse fish species, including barracuda, jackfish, starfish, frogfish, eels, giant clams, and even sea turtles.

Have you packed your Reef Safe 98% Organic Sunscreen?

Mantigue Island is a real hidden gem and does not attract as many people as other popular Camiguin tourist spots. Its unspoiled natural beauty makes this one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

For full details on how to get there, the entrance fee, and information on snorkeling, you can check out my full guide here .

Mantigue Island Nature Park Complete Guide

Full Post: Mantigue Island Nature Park Camiguin: The COMPLETE Guide

Tongatok Cliff Viewpoint

Tongatok Cliff Viewpoint is another one of the best places to visit in Camiguin if you’re hoping to catch a breathtaking sunset.

This unobstructed viewpoint is located on the side of the road not far from Mambajao.

Searching ‘Chan Lookout’ on Google Maps will bring you to the right location, as it can be easily missed.

Tongatok Cliff Viewpoint Camiguin Tourist Spots

When you arrive, you will be left in awe at the coconut-lined Tongatok Cove, crashing waves, and picturesque mountains dominating the backdrop.

The Tongatok Cliff Resort next door is one of the best places to stay in Camiguin for jaw-dropping views on your doorstep. You can also simply swing by for a drink and some food whilst you watch the sun go down.

If you’re a lover of sunsets and post-card views, this is one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

Tongatok Cliff Resort

Check Prices: Tongatok Cliff Resort

Sunken Cemetery

Probably one of the most iconic Camiguin tourist spots, you cannot miss a trip to the Sunken Cemetery off of Camiguin’s western coast.

In 1871, Mount Hibok Hibok, one of Camiguin’s most active volcanos, started to erupt. The eruption lasted for 4 years, totally destroying the old Spanish capital known as Cotta Bato.

As a result, the part of the town that contained the cemetery subsided into the water and was pushed deep under the waves. Camiguin’s Sunken Cemetery was born.

Later Filipino governments erected the cross in memory of the lives lost during this tragic chapter in history. The Sunken Cemetery now stands as a poignant testament to the island’s rich history and rocky past.

The Sunken Cemetery is therefore one of the best Camiguin activities for history fanatics.

As well as eery tombstones and underwater crosses, the area is home to abundant marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

Whether you’re interested in snorkeling in Camiguin or simply prefer to admire the cross against the tangerine sky as the sun sets, this is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Camiguin.

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  • Universal Travel Adapter
  • Lightweight Waterproof Packable Rain Jacket
  • Reef Safe 98% Organic Sunscree n
  • High-Speed Charging Battery Pack

White Island

White Island is a powdery-white sandbar located off the northern coast of Mambajao.

With a phenomenal picturesque view of mountainous Camiguin in the background and crystal-clear waters, visiting White Island is one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

White Island Camiguin Tourist spots

Full Post: White Island Camiguin: The ULTIMATE Guide

The main Camiguin activities here are snorkeling in the turquoise waters, basking in the sunlight, and catching a tan.

As this is one of the more popular Camiguin tourist spots, it tends to get quite busy. Furthermore, being a sandbar, you are also totally exposed to the elements, with little shade.

I would therefore highly recommend visiting in the morning or late afternoon.


Tuasan Falls

Located in the mountains of Catamaran, Tuasan Falls is another one of the best places to visit in Camiguin.

Although not as tall as the popular Katibawasan Falls, this pristine waterfall has a raw natural beauty and is surrounded by wild vegetation and lush greenery.

There are two swimming holes. A larger one where the thundering waters plunge into, and a smaller one which cascades down.

Although not as vibrant as some of the Siquijor waterfalls , the waters have an inviting tinge of blue.

The area is not very developed and the natural beauty of the waterfall has been perfectly preserved. If you’re a nature lover, this is the perfect Camiguin tourist spot for a refreshing dip.

Ardent Hot Spring

Relaxing in the Ardent Hot Springs is another one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

Located at the foot of and supplied by Mt. Hibok Hibok, the crystal-clear waters of Ardent Hot Spring reach about 40 degrees.

Appreciating this natural phenomenon is one of the coolest things to do when visiting a volcanic island.

These natural hot springs therefore provide the perfect relaxation after an action-packed day of sightseeing and exploring Camiguin.

Ardent Hot Springs Camiguin Tourist Spots

Whilst the thermal waters are natural, the infrastructure has been man-made to provide a spa-like experience. The 4 different pools are surrounded by lush vegetation and picnic benches.

Furthermore, the sulfur in the water is said to have medicinal properties, great for muscle aches and body pain.

As it can get quite hot, I would recommend visiting this Camiguin tourist spot to unwind in the evening.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Visiting the Santo Nino Cold Spring is another of the top Camiguin activities.

This man-made swimming pool is located in Catamaran. The pool is fed by natural spring water that runs down the valley from the nearby Mt. Mambajao.

With fresh turquoise waters, this is the perfect Camiguin tourist spot to cool down and rejuvenate after an action-packed schedule.

Furthermore, this spring boasts a depth of 8 feet. This therefore makes it perfect for swimming and diving to the bottom to check out the interesting rocks.

There is also a kid’s mini spring, as well as many benches, sheltered areas, and a restaurant. This makes it one of the best things to do in Camiguin for families.

As with most destinations in the Philippines, the WiFi in Camiguin can be a little patchy and unreliable. For a stress-free trip, I would suggest getting a data plan with an Airalo eSIM .

Agohay Beach

Agohay Beach is a black-sand fisherman’s beach located off the northern coast of Mambajao.

With the black sand as tangible proof that you are standing on a volcanic island, this natural wonder is therefore a fascinating Camiguin tourist spot.

Agohay Beach Things To Do in Camiguin

The beach isn’t designed for tourists, it is mainly a fisherman’s beach dotted with colorful boats.

Furthermore, compared to the powdery white sands of the nearby islets, I would not recommend it for sunbathing. The sand is covered in seaweed in places.

However, with unobstructed views of the nearby White Island and a local vibe, this Camiguin beach has charm.

The water is deep enough for a paddle if you were hoping for a dip. This is one of the best places to visit in Camiguin for sunset too.

Tip: we drove around the whole island and this is the only sandy Camiguin beach we found.

Old Spanish Church Ruins

Also known as Guiob Church, the Old Spanish Church Ruins is another one of the last remnants from the volcanic destruction of 1871.

When the town of Catamaran was submerged under volcanic ash, the sturdy coral walls of the 16th-century church miraculously survived. Talk about divine intervention!

Interestingly, these are the oldest ruins in the country. They act as a powerful testament to the country’s colonial past and demonstrate the endurance of religion throughout time.

This iconic landmark is one of the top Camiguin tourist spots for those interested in the Philippines’ rich historical background.

Conquer Mount Hibok Hibok

If you are an adventure lover and a fan of hiking, then climbing and conquering Mt. Hibok Hibok is one of the most exhilarating Camiguin activities.

Mt Hibok Hibok Camiguin Tourist Spots

This is one of the most active volcanos in the Philippines and last erupted in 1951. The difficult terrain makes this an exciting challenge for the thrill-seekers and mountaineers among us.

Due to the volcano’s status as active, you will need to get a hiking permit and a local guide from the DENR Office in Mambajao. You can find the office location here .

The hike to the summit takes about 5 hours through dense jungle. Before reaching the summit, there is a shallow mossy lake created in the crater from the previous eruption.

If you are lucky with the weather, the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking and you can see many of the popular Camiguin tourist spots from a birds-eye perspective.

Bike around the island

Biking around the island is another one of the best things to do in Camiguin.

As the second smallest island in the Philippines, you can bike around the island in about 2 hours. This is a great way to get off the beaten track and get a real feel for the island and its people.

As the center of the island is mainly dominated by mountains and volcanos, you can explore most of Camiguin’s main tourist spots by following the circumferential road around the island.

This road is mainly coastal meaning that you will be rewarded with stunning views of the turquoise ocean as you cruise around.

It is great to get away from the main tourist hub and the locals will be sure to welcome you with a smile and a wave.

Camiguin Tourist Spots & Things To Do

The Giant Clam Sanctuary does not appear on this list, despite being a popular Camiguin tourist spot. When we visited in April 2023, it was closed to visitors and seemed like it had been for a while.

Where to stay in Camiguin

When visiting Camiguin, the majority of travelers tend to stay in the tourist hub Mambajao.

From here, you will be perfectly located near all of the main Camiguin tourist spots and restaurants.

Borbon’s Treehouse By The Sea

Our favourite accommodation in the Philippines and a great option for travellers on a budget.

These cozy bamboo beachfront cottages are located in the heart of the tourist hub Mambajao but feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

With its own black sand private beach, you are just steps away from the ocean. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset each day in this slice of tropical paradise.

Where To Stay In Camiguin

These beautiful private cottages have a rustic feel and each is equipped with a spacious room and a private balcony area.

The owners are digital nomads, so all of the cottages boast super-fast wifi. There is also a fully-equipped shared kitchen.

Prices start at about $27.00 per night.

Tongatok Cliff Resort

A great Camiguin accommodation for couples or groups with a medium budget.

Tongatok Cliff Resort Camiguin Island

Nestled perfectly on the cliff’s edge, this Camiguin accommodation offers breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and nearby mountains. It is one of the best spots to catch sunset.

Each room has a private terrace, some with hammocks. The resort also boasts its own private beach area, a locally sourced restaurant, and a bar.

Prices start from about $60 per night.

Bintana Sa Paraiso

The best place to stay in Camiguin for luxury travelers.

Bintana Sa Paraiso Camiguin

Located in Mambajao at the foot of Mt. Hibok Hibok, this accommodation offers one of the most jaw-dropping views in Camiguin.

Each room has a balcony area and a private infinity pool overlooking the sea. The modern and spacious rooms also come with a 24-hour personal butler service.

This resort also offers meditation, yoga, and massage services, as well as a delicious restaurant elevated above the beach.

Prices start from about $100 per night.

How to go to Camiguin

There are 3 main entry points to Camiguin Island –

  • Camiguin Airport
  • Balbagon Port in Mambajao (coming from Cebu/Bohol)
  • Benoni Port on the eastern coast (coming from Mindanao)

Your best option would be to fly. Either fly direct from Manila with Sunlight Air or change in Cebu.

There are no direct ferries from Cebu to Camiguin.

You will first have to take a ferry from Cebu to Bohol ( book here ) and then a ferry from Bohol to Camiguin (book at port).

If you’re coming from Cagayan de Oro or Davao, the bus and ferry schedule is super regular and does not need to be booked in advance.

For my full post from Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, or Davao, check out my full How To Get To Camiguin Guide here.

Is Camiguin Island worth visiting?

A small but mighty island, Camiguin is most definitely worth visiting and deserves a spot on your Philippines itinerary .

Camiguin is a unique island and boasts many natural wonders unparalleled in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a change of scenery and a true topical island feel, then Camiguin is the place for you.

The island hasn’t been overwhelmed with tourism, so the island still has a rustic laidback charm.

Whether you’re interested in hiking volcanos, relaxing in hot springs, marveling at waterfalls, or exploring vibrant coral reefs and marine life, there are so many amazing things to do in Camiguin.

Must Read: ULTIMATE CAMIGUIN TRAVEL GUIDE 2024: Budget & Itinerary

How many days do you need in Camiguin?

Camiguin is a very small island and you can visit most of the main tourist spots in a couple of days.

I would recommend 3 days in Camiguin to visit all of the highlights. You cannot miss White Island , Ardent Hot Springs, Katibawasan Falls , and the Sunken Cemetery.

However, if you are hoping to take advantage of this laid-back island to relax and unwind, then 5 – 7 days would be ideal.

You can read my Camiguin Travel Guide with a recommended 3-day itinerary here .

Camiguin tour packages

If you’re short on time or simply prefer to have things booked in advance, below are the most popular Camiguin tour packages –

CAMIGUIN: 3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS ( hassle-free ) – includes all main Camiguin highlights, as well as two nights’ accommodation, breakfast, and lunch.

FULL-DAY CAMIGUIN TOUR WITH WHITE ISLAND – includes all main Camiguin highlights, plus White Island.

CAMIGUIN DAY TOUR ( best value ) – main Camiguin highlights.

ISLAND HOPPING CAMIGUIN – White Island & Mantigue Island.

When is the best time to visit Camiguin?

The best time to visit Camiguin coincides with the best time to visit the Philippines in general.

This would be in the dry season, from March – October. However, in general, Camiguin boasts a tropical climate and is generally hot all year round. We visited in March and had great weather.

I would recommend visiting for the annual Lazones Festival in October, a sweet tropical fruit Camiguin is famed for.

Need travel insurance? Small Girl Big Backpack readers get 5% off Heymondo Insurance when booking through this link. With 24/7 worldwide assistance, this is the best insurance for travelers.

What is Camiguin known for?

Camiguin is known as Isla del Fuego, for its seven volcanos that dominate the surface.

The seven volcanos create a unique landscape of  towering waterfalls , black-sand beaches, and steaming hot springs.

These volcanos are totally omnipresent and many of the most popular tourist spots act as a testament to the island’s volcanic past.

Well, that’s it! The very best Camiguin tourist spots and things to do, for an action-packed adventure on this volcanic island.

If you’re spending some time in Camiguin, feel free to check out my other handy guides –

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Camiguin Tourist Spots – 15 Places to Love Camiguin Island

  • by Hungry Traveller
  • May 4, 2021 March 7, 2022

Beautiful White island in Camiguin overlooking Mount Hibok Hibok

Find out the best Camiguin tourist spots so you can carefully plan your next memorable adventure on the tropical island of Camiguin.

Camiguin is second to Batanes as the smallest island province in the Philippines. However, small packages always come with big surprises, as they say. True to that, Camiguin Island is one of the dream island destinations of northern Mindanao.

With a circumferential road of about 64 kilometers, you can explore most of its tourist attractions for a couple of days. We can compare the distance from NLEX (Balintawak) to San Fernando in Pampanga or NLEX (Balintawak) going to Calamba in Laguna with that road length.

Camiguin Island is rich in water resources and some pristine beaches. While its numerous volcanoes help shape what Camiguin is today, waterfalls, hot springs, and cold springs are some natural Camiguin tourist spots worth checking.

camiguin top tourist destination

If you are looking for ideas for your next travel to Camiguin, go over the list below so you can carefully draft your Camiguin itinerary.

Let’s explore Camiguin tourist spots!

Table of Contents

1. White Island

The White Island often comes first to every travelers' camiguin tourist spots itinerary.

The island’s true gem that amasses thousands of visitors yearly is the White Island off the northern territory of Camiguin.

As one of the must-visit Camiguin tourist spots, visitors can experience exciting things even just for a couple of hours of stay.

Surprisingly, the White Island is technically not an island but is a sandbar. Thanks to changing ocean currents, the island or the sandbar take different shapes throughout the year.

Experience walking along the runway-like sandbars while overlooking the Camiguin Island and the vast deep blue sea. You can also soak yourself to the shallow shores, or you can just lay by the powdery-white sand as well. When you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try snorkeling on the deeper coast.

Aside from these fun activities, White Island is also a great place to take scenic photographs or dramatic aerial shots.

When planning to visit White Island, make sure to check the tide forecast or ask your local guide first.

You can find boat rentals in the ferry terminal beside Paras Beach Resort.

2. Mantigue Island

Enjoy a fun-filled stay at Mantigue Island. Broad sandy shorelines are perfect for beach activities all day

While Camiguin itself is an island worth discovering, visiting some secluded more petite paradise is often exciting.

Hopping to another tourist destination in Camiguin, you can also visit the Mantigue Island off its eastern coast.

Unlike the sandbar of White Island, Mantigue Island is a tiny land where trees dominate, providing shade to its visitors.

The white sandy beach surrounding the islet allows travelers to play around while enjoying the crystal-clear waters. In addition, you get a perfect viewpoint of the active volcanoes on the main island as well. Moreover, such Camiguin tourist spots are under the protection of the local government as a marine sanctuary.

Meaning, commercial fishing is prohibited, and you can witness the bounty of its marine biodiversity through snorkeling and diving.

When wanting to cool down from the scorching sun, you can rent cottages at reasonable rates too.

Don’t also miss trying their new kinds of seafood to cap off your day tour on Mantigue Island.

3. Sunken Cemetery

Include the Sunken Cemetery to your Camiguin tourist spots itinerary for a piece of history and water activity at the same time.

Out of all the best Camiguin tourist spots to visit, one of the unique ones is the Sunken Cemetery in Catarman.

According to recorded history, the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871 has caused the coast of Catarman to sink deep into the sea, including the former location of the cemetery.

Later in 1982, a giant concrete cross was erected as a marker of the old cemetery.

Fear not when you visit the Sunken Cemetery. Aside from its historical side, this place is also known as one of the best diving spots in Camiguin.

The rubbles of the old cemetery have become a beneficial home of marine creatures, which flourished thru time.

There are still few visible tombstones underwater, though. But the highlight of the underwater experience here is the colorful corals and abundant marine life every diver shouldn’t miss.

Getting to Sunken Cemetery is a 10-minute drive from Mambajao. Note that a local guide is mandatory, and you can ask your boatman to bring you to the best diving spot in the area.

4. Guiob Church Ruins

The base of the bell tower of the old Guiob Church in Catarman.

Stop by at the Guiob Church Ruins during your tour to Catarman, Camiguin tourist spots.

Have a slice of history and learn about the remnants of the old Spanish church, which stood the test of time. But, unfortunately, the Guiob Church was among the victim of the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871.

The only remaining structures are the base of the bell tower and walls of the Spanish Church, which is categorically claimed as a historical landmark in Camiguin.

Large, towering trees surround the remains of the walls creating canopies of shade. The location also is an excellent spot to overlook the nearby sea while relaxing under the high trees.

Indeed, the Guiob Church Ruins makes an excellent stop for some learning, especially when traveling with kids.

5. Katibawasan Falls

The towering Katibawasan Falls as seen upfront. Camiguin tourist spots like the Katibawasan Falls are not to miss when having a trip to Camiguin Island.

When wanting to take a break from the sea, you might want to consider visiting the Katibawasan Falls in Mambajao.

Its towering 70-meter drop makes it the tallest waterfall in the province and a must-see to every traveler’s Camiguin itinerary.

The water flowing in Katibawasan Falls comes from Mount Timpoong, flowing gracefully from a narrow cliff. Afterward, the flowing water feeds into the rock basin on the mountain’s foot, where tourists can take a quick dip.

Taking a glimpse of Katibawasan Falls from a distance is also lovely when reaching down the basin. The vibrant flora surrounding this Camiguin tourist spot altogether adds to its natural and refreshing charm.

There are also shops right next to the entrance to buy some souvenirs or have some quick bites.

6. Mount Hibok Hibok

Mount Hibok Hibok is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines, and it belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Travelers who want to spice up their Camiguin tourist spots itinerary can hike Mount Hibok Hibok with an elevation of 1,332 meters.

As you may have known, there are more volcanoes than the towns themselves in Camiguin.

Beginners and the pros alike can hike the trails of Mount Hibok Hibok. With its accessible to moderate trails, you can reach the summit from 3 to 5 hours, depending on your phase, ideal for day hikes.

The drop-off point usually starts at Ardent Hot Springs. As you ascend and reach the higher elevations, you will pass by brimming shrubs and towering trees, where mosses flourish. There are some pitcher plants and wild floras as well.

Finally, when reaching the peak, hikers are rewarded with an immense view of Camiguin Island. Furthermore, the southern parts of Bohol and northern Mindanao landscapes are very much visible too.

Ensure a hiking permit first at the DENR local office to assign a local guide to your group.

Is Mount Hibok Hibok an active volcano?

With a record of five eruptions starting in 1827, Mount Hibok Hibok also forms part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is, and it is also known as the youngest and only active volcano in Camiguin. That being said, this Camiguin tourist spot is duly monitored by the local authorities such as PHIVOLCS.

7. Ardent Hot Springs

Of all other fascinating things, Mount Hibok Hibok and other volcanoes have caused the emergence of hot springs in its base. One of these is the more popular Ardent Hot Springs.

Visiting Ardent Hot Springs otherwise is an ultimate reward after a challenging hike from Mount Hibok Hibok. Besides being not a fan of hiking, you can enjoy lounging in the pools as well.

Ardent Hot Springs has six large pools with varying temperatures. With the top-most being the hottest at 40 degrees, the water cascades down to the other basins, eventually decreasing its temperature.

Have a relaxing dip in your choice of pools. Make sure not to stay for an extended time to avoid skin irritation. It is best to cool down on the least temperate pool after lounging on the hotter banks.

8. Tuasan Falls

The Tuasan Falls is the second-most popular waterfalls in Camiguin.

With numerous natural Camiguin tourist spots to fit in your itinerary, the Tuasan Falls is another destination not to miss.

The Tuasan Falls may not be as tall as Katibawasan Falls, but it is also equally lovely just by staring at it. Standing at 25 meters of a cascade, the Tuasan Falls lies in the middle of the forest near Barrio Mainit.

Visiting Tuasan Falls requires trekking before reaching it, making it ideal for hungry tourists for off-the-beaten paths. As an option, you can also ride a 10-minute habal habal ride from the drop-off point.

Given its more remote location, Tuasan Falls gets less crowd. Thus the ambiance is more peaceful and mystic at the same time.

Enjoy a tranquil moment as you swim in the clear waters of the basin. Filled with rich vegetation and the harmonious sound of the waterfall, you’ll be in awe of nature’s greatness while in Tuasan Falls.

9. Sto. Niño Cold Springs

The Sto. Niño Cold Springs is one of the perfect Camiguin tourist spots to cool down from the summer heat next to the lovely beaches.

Aside from the hot springs near volcanoes, there are also cold springs that everyone can visit to chill down from the scorching sun.

The Sto. Niño Cold Springs also lies in Catarman, just seven minutes away from the circumferential road.

This Camiguin tourist spot highlights its vast human-made pool with fresh, cold waters flowing from Mount Mambajao. As water flows downstream, the Earth’s layer naturally filters the stream, turning into an all-natural spring.

The main pool has a depth of four to eight feet, ideal for a freshwater swimming escapade.

The resort has manicured landscapes pleasing to gaze at, while the soaring palm trees complement its resort-feel vibe.

Locals usually spend their weekends here, especially during the summer season.

You can visit the Sto. Niño Cold Springs after a sightseeing tour from nearby Camiguin tourist spots, or visit before lunchtime. They do also offer a variety of seafood to refill your energy on your next excursion.

10. Binangawan Falls

Exploring down south of Camiguin Island, the town of Sagay has the Binangawan Falls right in the middle of its rainforest.

Compared to its counterparts Tuasan and Katibawasan, this has to be the hardest one to reach.

However, if you are adventurous enough and off for some challenges, you can try visiting the Binangawan Falls.

To save you some time from hiking, you can rent habal habal from the Sagay Central School to the near end of the concrete road. With steep roads along the way, tourists must practice utmost caution, especially during the wet season or after some downpours. Nevertheless, you also have the chance to gaze at amazing views uphill.

After reaching the drop-off point, you’ll need to trek up to 1 hour into the middle of the forest. Remember to wear your proper gears as you may eventually end wet and soiled before reaching Binangawan Falls.

Afterward, the scenic views of Binangawan Falls reward every visitor. The running water could be cold most of the time, though. So if you want to have some quick dip, make sure you have some extra wearables.

11. Taguines Lagoon

You won’t run out of water-related activities when you’re on Camiguin Island. Among other Camiguin tourist spots, the Taguiness Lagoon is both a leisure and agricultural travel destination.

Built as an on-site aqua facility, the local government decided to maximize its potential as a tourist spot.

The Taguines Lagoon Aquasports and Recreational Facility offer exciting water activities like single and tandem kayaking, paddleboat, and pedalboat riding.

The Ajis Aquapark, on the other hand, has a fantastic inflatable playground where kids and kids at heart are sure to enjoy. So slide down to fun and swim all you want.

When you’re feeling extra pumped, you can also try conquering the zipline at J&A Fishpen Resort. The 400-meter overhead line passes over the Taguiness Lagoon from the resort to the other side.

When you’re feeling hungry, many restaurants are lining the circumferential road, which has a distinct view of the lagoon and the sea as well.

The Taguines Lagoon is only a few minutes away from Benoni Port.

12. Giant Clams at Kibila White Beach

The giant clams in Cantaan is a great camiguin tourist spot which is both fun and educational at the same time

Moving down to the southernmost town of Guinsiliban, there goes a dedicated sanctuary for giant clams on a white beach.

A non-government organization called Kibila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery maintains and oversees this conservation project. With the help of locals from the small village of Cantaan, tourism in this rural area has emerged.

When visiting the Giant Clams Sanctuary, your tour starts with the mini introduction of clams and their life cycle from their incubating tanks. Interestingly, the youth are often tour guides and are well-versed in the know-hows of giant clams.

The temporary habitat of young giant clams is usually in their concrete tanks before transferring to the reefs down the shore.

After a deliberate introduction from your tour guide, they will then assist you and bring you to the shore itself when wanting to do so. Note that full gears are available for rent at an affordable rate, so you won’t have to worry.

Visiting the giant clams is the main activity from this Camiguin tourist spot, so you better go, explore, and have fun.

There you can observe varying sizes and colors of giant clams by snorkeling. When we say giant, they do span from one to two meters at adult sizes. In addition, there are also beautiful corals and abundant marine fish.

It is also noteworthy that seven out of nine species of giant clams in the world are here.

For a detailed blog, you may read Kath’s experience about Giant Clam Sanctuary .

13. Camiguin Aviation

Take your adrenaline rush to another level at Camiguin Aviation Sightseeing and Acro-Adventure Flights. The Camiguin Aviation offers both pilot courses and sightseeing flights.

Talking about fulfilling or creating an extreme bucket list, the tourist package at Camiguin Aviation could be the answer.

Their standard island flight allows eager tourists to experience a once-in-a-lifetime exhilarating ride up above the ground for an hour.

You’ll get to have an unobstructed view of the whole island and some Camiguin tourist spots like Mantigue Island, White Island, the peak of Mount Hibok Hibok, and others more.

Worry not when it comes to safety because you’ll be brief of safety and scientific guidelines before flying. The only thing to worry about is how you’ll be in so much awe after your incredible experience. Taking pictures and videos may document riding above the grounds of Camiguin, but the lasting experience may worth unmeasurable.

When interested, you may want to visit the CamiguinAviation official website and contact page. They also have detailed FAQs that may be of great help.

14. Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

The Walkway to the Old Volcano is both a pilgrimage site and an ecological tourist destination in Camiguin.

Christian tourists may likely want to have an easy trek uphill thru a not-so-steep concrete pavement. There are 14 Stations of the Cross to pass by as you ascend. The place makes a great place to commune with nature with flowering plants, tall trees, and flourishing wild plants.

The positioning of each station allows visitors to meditate and pray, allowing for a quick rest in between.

This Camiguin tourist spot opens to different walks of life and leads to a sizeable viewing deck overlooking the western portion of Camiguin Island and the Sunken Cemetery.

You may visit this tourist destination to sweat off some steam in the morning or when you want to kickstart your day before engaging in more thrilling adventures in Camiguin.

15. Bura Soda Swimming Pool

Have you ever thought of soaking yourself in a pool of Soda? Well, your curiosity may lead you to a quick visit to Bura Soda Swimming Pool.

Thanks to the volcanic springs of Bura, the water flows to the two swimming pools in Soda Swimming Pool.

It was named Soda because of its likelihood to a soda beverage where tiny bubbles emerge from the bottom of the pool. However, when it comes to taste, the spring water does taste like plain soda as well.

There are tap faucets where tourists can try drinking the water.

The swimming pool is open to the public at a minimal entrance fee. You can also rent cottages when you want to stay for an extended time.

🔗 Interesting Island Destinations | Siquijor |

Related questions when traveling to camiguin.

camiguin top tourist destination

What do tourists like in Camiguin?

Tourists visit Camiguin on a day tour like to visit the White Island or Mantigue Island to enjoy the beach vibes. Likewise, tourists who spend two days or more on the island can substantially visit most Camiguin attractions otherwise.

What is Camiguin known for?

Camiguin Island is known for its active volcanoes; hence its often called “Island Born of Fire.” Aside from its active volcanoes, Camiguin is also famous for its rich and diverse marine habitats, which attracts both local and international divers. Make sure to pay a visit to their hot springs as well.

Is Camiguin worth visiting?

Camiguin Island is worth visiting for those who want to experience an island life away from the busy civilization. You may not find any luxurious hotels, restaurants, and boutiques here, but its natural wonders keep its avid guests from coming back to the island of Camiguin.

Traveling to Camiguin

From manila to camiguin.

There are currently no direct flights from Manila to Camiguin Island. The nearest hub instead is in Laguindingan International Airport near Cagayan de Oro City.

Tourists will then travel by land, going to Balingoan Port, which takes around three hours. After that, you need to board a ferry boat bound to Benoni Port of Camiguin, which usually takes another hour.

From Cebu to Camiguin

Tourists coming from Cebu can conveniently book domestic flights bound to Camiguin. Therefore, traveling from Cebu has the most convenient as it takes only less than an hour.

🔗 Nearby Tourist Destinations | Cagayan de Oro | Bukidnon |

Conquer camiguin tourist spots now.

camiguin top tourist destination

You may have known now that Camiguin is an island born of fire. Traveling to the island to witness these Camiguin tourist spots is among the bucket list of travel fanatics and adventure seekers.

Whether you’re longing for challenging hikes to summit points and waterfalls, seeking new diving spots in the Philippines, or wanting to have some laidback beach bumming, Camiguin Island is second to none.

When planning to visit the island soon enough, tourists peak at the island during April and May. In addition, the weather in Camiguin is relatively humid, with some scattered rain showers.

Camiguin may have clustered tourists visiting now and then. But the island itself maintains its rural ambiance, hence adding a unique charm to the jungle island.

Book your accommodations in Camiguin so you won’t have to struggle in deciding where to stay on your first day. With this, you’ll have enough time and space to dedicate the much-needed vacation from your busy schedules.

Did you find this Camiguin tourist spots guide helpful? Share with your circle now!

Safe travels!

Remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. For your guidance about the changes in health protocols, you may visit the guidelines from the Department of Tourism or the Camiguin Facebook page . Stay safe.

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Camiguin itinerary: 10 best camiguin tourist spots and things to do (travel guide blog 2024 for first-timers).

Best Things to Do in Camiguin, Tourist Spots & Itinerary

Planning a trip to Camiguin this 2024? Here are my top 10 things to do in Camiguin, tourist spots and best places to visit for your Camiguin itinerary!

Are you ready to explore camiguin let's get started, 2024 camiguin travel guide blog for first-timers (updated) - things to do in camiguin, tourist spots & places to visit.

camiguin top tourist destination


1. visit the giant clams ocean nursery in cantaan.


2. Climb the Old Volcano Trail


3. Visit the Old Catarman (Gui-ob) Church Ruins in Bonbon


4. Swim at the Springs

View this post on Instagram A post shared by AinoHuntPrmtLanto (@ainohunt)

5. Marvel at the beauty of the Cross Marker and Sunken Cemetery


6. See the Ancestral Houses


7. Beach bumming at White Island or Sandbar


8. Spend a day at Mantigue Island


9. Swim at Katibawasan Falls


10. Bring home some boxes of Pastel de Camiguin and Lanzones

View this post on Instagram A post shared by DIANE GUTIERREZ🌷Dhada|Yan|Dee (@dhadayanyan)


  • Join the festivities on the annual Lanzones Festival
  • Hike Mt. Hinok hibok
  • Enjoy Tuasan Falls
  • Dive and see Burias Shoal
  • Enjoy the view at Tungatok Viewdeck
  • Chill at Bura Soda Pool
  • Enjoy a day of adventure at Taguines Lagoon
  • Go on an Eco-Adventure at Mount Mambajao
  • Enjoy a Day at Binangawan Falls

camiguin top tourist destination

WHERE TO STAY? Hotels and Beach Resorts in Camiguin

camiguin top tourist destination

Other Hotels and Beach Resorts in Camiguin

  • Balai sa Baibai Resort √ See room rates and availability
  • Bintana Sa Paraiso √ See room rates and availability
  • Havendwell Beach Resort √ See room rates and availability
  • Marianita's Cottages √ See room rates and availability
  • Villa Corrales √ See room rates and availability
  • Taylor’s Country Home √ See room rates and availability
  • Lanzones Cabana √ See room rates and availability
  • Nouveau Resort Camiguin √ See room rates and availability
  • Paras Beach Resort √ See room rates and availability
  • Kinghorn Garden House √ See room rates and availability


Camiguin day tour itinerary, camiguin itinerary (2 days & 1 night).

  • Arrival in Camiguin
  • Meet-up with your tour guide
  • Proceed to your booked resort or hotel √ Click here to see available hotels & resorts in Camiguin!
  • Early check-in or just leave your bags
  • Enjoy White Island and Sandbar
  • Visit Cantaan Giant Clams, Old Volcano Trail and Old Catarman Church Ruins
  • Go to the Sunken Cemetery and enjoy the sunset
  • Go back to your hotel or resort
  • Visit Katibawasan Falls
  • Go to Mantigue Island
  • Go back to your hotel/resort to freshen up
  • Pasalubong and souvenir shopping
  • Proceed to the port or airport


Tour Guide in Camiguin & Transportation

Contact details:.

  • Mobile Number: 0905-956-6288
  • Facebook: Joewanie Ocular


  • How to get to Camiguin? √ CLICK HERE
  • Camiguin Day Tour √ PART 1 | PART 2
  • Camiguin Travel Guide √ CLICK HERE

Camiguin Travel Requirements and Entry Protocols

I hope this camguin travel guide helps certainly, camiguin is blessed with natural wonders and historical landmarks. there are just so many things that you can do and experience in camiguin that will surely make your trip enjoyable it will make you say "i will come again, camiguin".

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Gusto ko bumalik dyan para lang sa hot and cold springs! :D

Nice and helpful post

Looking for Budget Travel Guide Blogs, Hotel Reviews, and Sample DIY Itineraries? Welcome to Pinoy Adventurista, "Your Next Ultimate Adventure Starts Here!" Pinoy Adventurista is one of the Top Travel Blogs in the Philippines and the World. In 2013, he visited all the 81 provinces in the Philippines.


Camiguin Tourist Spots – Complete Travel Guide

The land of Camiguin and tropical jungle meets the sea.

Camiguin tourist spots and the island’s laid back vibe are gaining popularity among travelers and tourists seeking a corner of the Philippines away from the crowds, making it an increasingly favored destination.

Despite being close to Cebu and Siquijor and just a short ferry ride from Bohol and its famous chocolate hills , not so many tourists make it to Camiguin.

White island near Camiguin. A sandbar with a backdrop of volcanic mountains covered in jungle

One of the main factors why Camiguin is worth visiting is because you’ll find a number of tourist spots and unique things to do all clustered on a small island. And everything is so easy to find because the only main road is just a loop around the entire island.

Overview – Camiguin Tourist Spots

Where is camiguin island located, how to get to camiguin, where to stay in camiguin, getting around, 9 best camiguin tourist spots, places to eat, other places to consider.

Peaking at a waterfall through the trees. Katibawasan Falls.


Camiguin island is home to some really unusual tourist spots.

This relatively small island just off the coast of Mindanao is commonly known as the ‘Island Born of Fire’ due to volcanic activity that continues to reshape the island.

With 7 volcanoes, Camiguin has the largest concentration per square km in the world. This unique landscape has created some unique tourist spots: like enormous cascades, hot springs, mountain trails and you can also enjoy historical landmarks, boat trips, snorkeling and good restaurants.

A street on a tropical island with palm trees on either side

If you want an adventure, love the outdoors and island vibe but can’t stand overcrowded tourist spots, then Camiguin will spoil you with loads of amazing things to do.


Reaching Camiguin involves some planning. This is one reason it doesn’t get so many tourists.

A ferry with distant view of mountains

So before getting into all the tourist spots in Camiguin, let’s cover the essentials like where is Camiguin and the best ways to get there. Further down there is a list of recommended places to stay and places to eat that you can add to your Camiguin Itinerary.


Camiguin Island is located in the Bohol Sea in the Philippines, approximately 10 km off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is also approximately 60 km South of Jagna Port in Bohol, which serves as a departure point for ferries connecting the islands on a bi-daily schedule.

Click here to view Camiguin Island and all the tourist spots on a map.

A map of Camiguin island

If you’re in Bohol or Cebu, getting to Camiguin is pretty straightforward. From Siargao it’s a bit more interesting.

Cebu to Camiguin (By Air)

There are daily flights from Cebu to Camiguin and usually start at around ₱3600 (€60) but can go to ₱6100 (€100) depending on seasonality. Flight duration is around 1 hour. For the best price, it’s best to book in advance if you already know your travel dates.


Bohol to Camiguin (By Sea)

If you’re in Bohol the most sensible option is by ferry since the only flights are from Cebu. The only downside is that the ferry only operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ferries depart at 1:00pm from Jagna port in Bohol and arrive in Camiguin at around 5:00pm. It’s best to arrive at Jagna port in advance in order to find available tickets. Or you can pre-book your tickets online.


Siargao to Camiguin (Land+Sea)

Getting from Siargao to Camiguin is an adventure in itself. But it is quite tiring and takes at least 12 hours.

From Siargao take a ferry at 4:30am to Surigao (Mindanao). You’ll arrive at around 9:00am and there will be loads of tricycle drivers. Ask a driver to take you to the bus terminal.

At the bus terminal ask for the bus to Butuan terminal. From Butuan Terminal take another bus to Balingoan. Ask the driver or dispatcher to stop you near the Camiguin ferry port. The ferry to Camiguin departs at 5:00pm. If everything goes well, you should just about manage to make it in time. We did this trip and arrived at the port about 30 minutes early.

Just in case you miss the ferry and need a place to stay for the night, there are many places to stay in Cagayan De Oro City near the ferry port. Click here to view.



The tourist area of Camiguin is the main town of Mambajao. Here you’ll find various accommodation options and a number of great restaurants all just a few minutes walk from the shoreline.

There are lots of places to stay in Camiguin to suit any budget and taste. From affordable hip and hut-style lodging to luxury beachfront accommodation at a reasonable price, there is something for everyone.

This list narrows down to the very best options to fit the needs of any budget.

A woman standing looking at the ocean overlooking a pool

Budget: Bintan Sa Paraiso Binusaran – Cool minimalist rooms close to restaurants and beachfront bars in Mambajao.

Our TOP pick: Balai sa Baibai Resort – Hip huts with a central pool area located in Mambajao (best area to stay).

Luxury: Nouveau Resort – Loved by couples upscale resort literally on the beach with fancy rooms, massive pool area and own restaurant/bar.


There are a few options to get around Camiguin like local transport, renting a scooter, or hiring a driver.

Since it’s generally just the 2 of us, we always end up renting a scooter. This allows us to visit the tourist spots at our own pace. And also scooters are the cheapest option in our case.

You’ll find a couple of scooter rentals in Mambajao which is the main tourist area in Camiguin. Or you can ask at your accommodation.

a poster for scooter rentals on Camiguin island in the Philippines

Scooters generally cost between ₱250 (€4.10) to ₱400 (€6.60). The price will depend on type of scooter, duration, and also your negotiation skills.

Tricycle or Motorbike with driver

If you’re not comfortable riding your own scooter but still want to enjoy the trill of it, why not hire a scooter with driver? Yes, you can hire someone to take you around the island and visit all the tourist spots in Camiguin at your own pace.

Another option is to hire a tricycle also with driver. This is a great option if you’re traveling with a small group of friends (maybe 4 the most) and you can share the cost.

Tricycle, a motorbike with 4 seats in a sidecar

A scooter with driver will cost ₱1000 (€16.50) while a tricycle will cost ₱2000 (€33) for the day. There are no fixed prices for these transport options so you should always settle the price in advance.


If you want to explore the best tourist spots in Camiguin without having to deal with all the logistics, then booking a tour is a great option.

Because everything is included in the price, tours remove all the guesswork related to transport prices, entrance and ticket availability.

The tours listed here are both private so they cost slightly more than a joined group of 20 other tourists. But if you’re a group of more than 2 the price will be significantly lower.

Philippines outrigger boat on the sand

Island Hopping Tour: Discover the nearby islands, swim in crystal clear water with colorful underwater life and ride through a mangrove forest.

Camiguin Full Day Tour: Swim in the pool below a huge waterfall, snorkel above a sunken cemetery and visit a cliff viewpoint.

We’ve listed 9 of the very best tourist spots in Camiguin.

If you only have a short 3 day itinerary for Camiguin, don’t worry, most of the activities on this list require little effort and you can easily cross a few off each day.

1. Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan is the most picturesque tourist spot in Camiguin.

It’s quite simply a huge cascade that shoots out from the jungle above and daunting 70 meter cliffs wrap half way around. Katibawasan truly is a fascinating tourist spot in Camiguin.

There’s a pool below and you can swim in it and get closer to the crashing cascade. But make sure not to cross the rope tied across the pool. That rope is sort of the extreme limit and going beyond will be dangerous as the strong currents may suck you under.

A waterfall surrounded in lush jungle. Katibawasan Falls Camiguin

And if you come here with kids, make sure to keep a watchful eye and keep them well behind the limit point.

There’s a nice well maintained area surrounding the pool with a few sheds and tables that guests can rent. Keep in mind that many locals will come here on the weekend and festive days so it does get busy at certain times.

Getting to Katibawasan Falls is straightforward. If you’re in the main tourist area of Mambajao, it takes around 25 minutes to drive to the entrance gate of Katibawasan.

Jacqueline standing in front of a 70 meter waterfall in Camiguin

This is the most popular tourist spot in Camiguin so there is a parking area. From the entry gate, you’ll only need to walk about 3 minutes along paved steps until you’re facing the waterfall.

Opening Times: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Entrance Fee: ₱75 (€1.25)

Rent a shed: ₱150 (€2.50)

Rent a table: ₱100 (€1.65)

2. Tuasan Falls

Waterfalls always tend to have a mesmerizing effect on us so we just had to start off with them.

Tuasan Falls is by no means as enormous as Katibawasan falls but nonetheless it should be on your list of things to do in Camiguin because what it doesn’t have in size, it tends to make up for with something else. A powerful flow.

A powerful cascade dropping out the jungle above

A pool below the cascade flows down a tiered stream and each section is like a mini pool with crystal clear water making it perfect to hang out in and literally chill out escaping the hot scorching sun.

Basically Tuasan Falls is just on the side of the road. I’m not sure if you can see the cascade by simply driving by, but it’s like 1 minute walk from the parking area.

Jacqueline standing in a pool surrounded with jungle and a powerful cascade dropping off a ledge in the jungle behind her

Tuasan entrance fee is ₱75 (€1.25) and opening time is from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

3. White Island

The name of this tourist attraction gives it away. It’s just a tiny sandbar cut off from Camiguin mainland with literally nothing on it.

The journey starts with a noisy pump boat taking you out into the ocean. It’s a strange feeling knowing you’re going to an island but not actually seeing anything because the Camiguin sandbar barely makes it above sea level.

An outrigger boat resting on a sandbar with mountains in the background

We were the first group to lay foot on the island that day. And with the day just starting to show some light, the mountainous landscape of Camiguin island was forming.

Honestly, there isn’t anything to do here, so just relax and dip your toes in the glittery fine sand and enjoy the scenery. If you come in the morning enjoy the sunrise. Buy some fresh (actually alive) sea urchins and experience a seafood flavor like no other. Bring a mask, snorkel around the island. There’s some colorful corals there. But watch out because underwater currents tend to be strong.

Holding a cracked open sea urchin on a sandy beach

It’s one of the most unique things to add to your Camiguin itinerary. And because it’s a top attraction my suggestion would be to come here early. Being on this little sandbar almost alone delivers a kind of experience we never felt before.

Small outrigger boats depart from the main town in Mambajao. A return boat ticket costs ₱550 (€9.00) and can seat up to 4 or 6 people. If you’re traveling solo or as a couple don’t worry about paying the total fee, the boat operators tend to group people to fill the seats. You can always ask for a private boat though if you want.

Jacqueline posing

You’ll also need to pay an entrance fee of ₱50 (€0.82) per person. Operating hours are between 5:30am and 5:30pm.

4. Walkway to the Old Volcano

The walkway to the old volcano is an uphill trail with 14 stations along the way. With each station having statues depicting the story leading up to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

statues depicting Jesus and Mary on Camiguin island

The trail is relatively easy. There’s paved steps in uphill sections and some dirt trails. And most of the trail is shaded by trees. But it’s still pretty hot, humid and sticky so make sure to pack some cool water to stay hydrated because there aren’t any vendors along the trail.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to make it all the way till the top and reach an unobstructed viewpoint. From here you have a perfect view of the land meeting the sea. And this spot looks directly over the sunken cemetery.

James looking over the jungle leading to ocean views

This activity shouldn’t take more 2 hours. So if you plan to come here early you should be on your way down before the day becomes unbearably hot.

Entrance fee is ₱75 (€1.22)

Opening times: 7:30am – 5:00pm. 

5. Old Church Ruins

The Old Church Ruins or Gui-ob Church Ruins is one of the oldest ruins in the Philippines. It’s one of the only buildings that still stands in the Philippines from its day.

The outer walls of an old church with no roof

If you’re a history lover you’ll love learning the history of this attraction. During the day you can find guides and for a fee they’ll take you around the church ruins and explain the history and story about this place.

The building here were constructed using coral stones, this was very common during those times. And was a meeting place for weddings, batisms, funerals and masses.

6. Sunken Cemetery Camiguin

The sunken cemetery in Camiguin is probably one of the most interesting tourist spots on the island.

Located about 100 meters off the coast in Catarman there is a big Christian Cross in the middle of the ocean. Take a snorkeling mask with you or rent one from the beach vendors.

A big cross structure in the sea

Apart from a colorful and vibrant underwater marine life, you can also see what was once a cemetery. Tombstones and crosses are all resting a few meters beneath the ocean.

In 1870 a nearby volcano erupted and caused the cemetery along with a surrounding town to sink to the bottom of the ocean. The cross is there to commemorate this place.

There are few fees in place here. To swim and snorkel there is ₱100 (€1.63) fee and if you want a guide (which is advisable since they’ll show you spots you may miss) will cost ₱150 (€2.45). You can even rent a mask for ₱100 (€1.63).

7. Ardent Hot Spring

The Ardent Hot Springs is a popular spot with both locals and foreign tourists visiting Camiguin.

Located within 10 minutes drive from the main tourist area in Mambajao, most visitors enjoy coming here to soak in the thermal water that helps melt away any aches and pains.

These thermal baths or hot springs sit at the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok which is the source of the hot water. There are various baths tiered up a small slope with water temperatures reaching around 40℃ in the top spring. This is cooled down significantly though by the time it reaches the lower baths.

I would suggest coming here in the evening because during the day the heat would be unbearable, let alone enjoying a hot bath. There is an entrance fee of ₱50 and opening hours are between 6:00am to 10:00pm.

The final 2 Camiguin tourist attractions on this are what many wouldn’t consider as an attraction. Anyway the last 2 are restaurants.

But as someone who would book a flight primarily to taste the food, I would argue that a good restaurant does deserve a place on this list.

8. La Dolce Vita

At some point during your trip to Camiguin you’ll pass by the airport. In that case, and if you have even the slightest appetite. Park somewhere, head towards a restaurant named ‘La Dolce Vita’ and order pretty much anything on their menu.

This place serves the best pizzas and pasta and cold cuts platters and anything else uniquely Italian. You won’t be disappointed.

James looking really happy with a cold cut platter and enjoying a beer

9. J & A Fishpen

J & A is a cross between a restaurant and a tourist attraction. If that is even a thing? Well this place does attract a lot of tourists. And locals.

J & A Fishpen is a famous seafood restaurant in Camiguin. The place also has a pretty unique setting as it sits right inside a lagoon in the South East corner of Camiguin.

If you want to try anything related to seafood make sure you come here. Most of the fish is as fresh as it can be because it is kept in a section of the lagoon. Like we ordered a fish and they went to catch it in front of us.

If you want you can even catch your own fish and they’ll cook it at a cost. And also the Philippines is really good at frying things and keeping whatever is inside nice and tender. If you want something crunchy outside and soft inside try their fried calamari.

A plate of crispy fried Calamari

And cross the lagoon on a zip-line .

There is a zip line here. It stretches the entire length of the lagoon. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to try it out while you’re there.

We have spent several months in the Philippines so if you’re planning your island hopping trip to the country that has over 7 thousand islands or even need some inspiration for the best things to do, check our island guides here. You’ll find entire pages dedicated to several islands (some popular and some less popular) in the Philippines .

These tourist spots in Camiguin in this list are things we did during our stay on the island. We did all the things to do in Camiguin that we were interested in. But you may want to look into a few other activities that aren’t included in this list and that may interest you. Below are a handful of activities we considered but didn’t do because of either bad weather or simply because they weren’t the kind of things that interested us.

Bura Water Swimming Pool

Binangawan Falls

Sto Nino Cold Springs

Giant Clams Snorkeling


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The Discoveries Of

Things to do on Camiguin Island: A Local’s Guide to One of the Philippines’ Best-Kept Secrets

Discover the island of Camiguin with this handy travel guide, jam-packed with tips from a local.

For the first 24 years of my life, I thought I had Camiguin all to myself.

Known as the “island born of fire,” Camiguin is where my grandmother lives and is a place I’ve visited several times over the course of my life. The island is full of some of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines – towering waterfalls, crystal-clear water, historic ruins, you name it.

But I never thought the day would come when tourists –  INTERNATIONAL TOURISTS!!! – would be making their way to its shores.

It wasn’t until some friends asked me about my local suggestions for things to do in Camiguin that I realized this little beauty is finally starting to gain some traction in the Filipino international tourism scene.

So, who better to write a guide about Camiguin than someone whose blood and heritage runs deep there? [Insert raising hand emoji here…]

camiguin top tourist destination

You see, my family has been living on Camiguin island for generations. When my grandparents retired, they moved back to a house in Mambajao, the main village on the island.

Between 6 trips to the Philippines, I’ve been lucky enough to spend several months of my life in Camiguin, visiting its beautiful landmarks and secret local gems several times.

Now, it feels like a second home. I have friends there. It’s always my hideaway when I get the chance to go to the Philippines, and I’ve always felt a little reluctant to share my secret garden with the world.

But, as they say, secrets, secrets are no fun unless you tell another one , so I’ve decided to share my insider knowledge with you about Camiguin, the most gorgeous little gem of an island in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Camiguin Island, Philippines

Why visit camiguin island.

There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, many of which have their own beautiful attractions and unique stories to tell. Camiguin is but one of them.

However, some of the islands in the Philippines, like Boracay, have experienced serious overtourism problems that have had terrible implications for the environment. Since Camiguin has flown relatively under the radar for decades, it has been somewhat protected from the harrowing effects of mass tourism.

That’s a good thing.

Local (Filipino) tourists have flocked here for years, to celebrate the annual Lanzones Festival or to lay out on the beach at White Island. Because of this, you can find good tourism infrastructure at a fraction of the price of more well-known destinations in the Philippines.

I could go on all day about the things I love about Camiguin, but, in the words of my grandmother, “Camiguin is like a giant playground.”

We’ve got waterfalls. Volcanoes. Historic sites and ruins. Amazing fresh fruits and seafood. Hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving. Black sand beaches and white sand beaches, and the friendliest locals in the world.

If you think that sounds too good to be true, it probably is and you can go hang out in El Nido instead…

(Just kidding! I truly do want you and yours to come hang out on my family’s beautiful island home!)

Highlights & Hidden Gems: Top Things to Do in Camiguin

So what exactly is there to do here, then? Umm, well the short answer is A LOT.

Again, I could probably go on forever telling you about my favorite things, but I’ve managed to wrangle it down to a short list of 15 amazing things to do in Camiguin. Take a look!

Visit Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls

Towering 70 meters above a crystal clear spring in the middle of the rainforest, I have memories of the picturesque Katibawasan Falls from when I was very young.

Fast forward to my last trip to the Philippines, and I STILL went back there to enjoy the cool water and marvel at the magnificence of this waterfall. Katibawasan Falls is pure magic and it’s a place I’ll always hold close to my heart.

Because it’s in the middle of the woods, don’t expect any amenities there. There’s a bare bones changing room and that’s about it. While there, you can rent a  salvavida , or inflatable inner tube, to lounge around in the cold water.

There are also several boulders around where you can enjoy a picnic or watch the water as it plummets into the spring below.

Chill Out at Ardent Hot Springs

If you’re tired from hiking and swimming and traveling, you might want to take some time to decompress.

Located at the foot of Mount Hibok-Hibok ( yeah, that volcano you’ll climb below ) is a large set of geothermal swimming pools called Ardent Hot Springs. Here, not only can you swim around in the warm water pools, but there are also massages available at a good price and picnic tables you can rent for a small charge.

Because the volcanic activity has shifted substantially and continues to change every day, the springs are slightly cooler than they used to be, so don’t expect a scorching hot sauna environment.

However, it is a beautiful little oasis in the rainforest that is a great place to relax in the evenings.

Cost: 20 PHP per person + any additional purchases (massages, table rental, etc.) Address:  Esperanza, Tagdo, Bayan ng Mambajao, Camiguin, Philippines Contact:  By phone at +63 88 387 0948

Take a Refreshing Dip in the Santo Niño Cold Spring

Just when you thought that Camiguin had exhausted the number of swimming holes you can visit, Santo Niño surprises you. As the name suggests, it’s a spring with deliciously cold water, which might sound a bit painful but it’s actually really nice, given that Camiguin and the Philippines in general are located in a tropical environment. Locals like my grandmother believe that the cold water is good for the skin as well.

The cold spring is a sizable swimming pool with depths from 4 to 8 feet. Here, you can rent a  salvavida and float around in the pools. Or, alternatively, you can just rent a tent and hang out under the shade with snacks. Either way, it’s a fun way to spend a “day at the pool” and enjoy a refreshing dip in some of the island’s coldest fresh spring water.

Cost: 30 PHP Location:  GPS Coordinates – (9.150103, 124.673706)

Swim and Sunbathe on White Island

White Island Camiguin

If there was anything truly “touristy” to do in Camiguin, this would be it. White Island isn’t in fact an island at all – it’s a sandbar located somewhat far from shore.

This little sandbar boasts incredible views of Camiguin’s volcanoes, including Mount Hibok-Hibok, and treats its guests to the sparkling blue, warm waters of the Southern Philippines.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about White Island is it’s elusive: you can only go there when the tide is low. During high tide, this beautiful little paradise disappears into the water, as if it never existed in the first place.

You need to hire a boat and a driver in order to get to White Island. Boats (with a driver) run from 150 PHP upwards, depending on the number of people onboard. There’s no shade on the Island, so it’s best to hire a boat with a cover, especially if you’re prone to sunburn.

As one of the only places in Camiguin where you can experience white sand beaches, White Island often gets very crowded during the day. If you want to avoid the crowds, arrange your boat the night before so you can leave early and get there (hopefully) first.

Cost: 150-500+ PHP per person for a boat ride Location:  GPS coordinates – (9.259482, 124.654891) How to get there: Take a motorela or walk to Barangay Yumbing, where you can hire a boat to White Island

Hike Up a Volcano

Mount Hibok

While the Philippines has several volcanoes dotting its thousands of islands, Camiguin is one of the few places where you can hike up (more than) one of them. Here are a few of the ones I’d recommend:

  • Mount Hibok-Hibok: My personal favorite volcano hike, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Mount Hibok-Hibok is the largest volcano on the island. Summiting it requires a long hike that will take you the better part of a day, and it’s best to go with an experienced guide as the paths are full of fallen leaves and can be difficult to navigate. However, this hike leads to beautiful views of the ocean and White Island, through a verdant rainforest, and up to a gorgeous and peaceful crater and overlook. IMO, it’s worth it simply for the bragging rights.
  • The Stations of the Cross: This hike is more of a Catholic pilgrimage than it is a classic hike, but it’s a very critical cultural landmark for the island. Filipino pilgrims come to Camiguin each year to climb up the volcano staircase through all of the different stations of the story of Jesus’ death. It’s okay if you’re not religious – all are welcome to climb through the paths and appreciate the serene environment.

Find the Camiguin Hanging Parrot at Tuasan Falls

Another popular waterfall in Camiguin is called Tuasan Falls. They’ve recently built a dirt road to the falls, making it much easier for visitors to access the beautiful swimming holes below.

At the falls, you can swim in the cool water or hang out at the picnic tables nearby and listen to the beautiful sound of the water falling from the rainforest above.

One of the most unique things you can see at Tuasan Falls, in my opinion, is the rare Camiguin hanging parrot . Bright green and beautiful, the Camiguin hanging parrot is an extremely rare sight despite getting its name from the island. My grandmother has lived here for decades and never saw one, until the last time we went to Tuasan Falls.

Here, we were sitting at a picnic table when we saw a flick of bright green swoop in the trees in front of us. Amazing! My grandmother was so happy that she finally got to see the Camiguin hanging parrot.

And you can too, if you just keep your eyes open!

Cost: 50 PHP Location: GPS Coordinates – (9.1768, 124.6812)

View a Real-Life Underwater Graveyard at the Sunken Cemetery

sunken cemetery camiguin

In 1871, a huge volcanic eruption rocked Camiguin Island and sent much of the land area tumbling into the sea. One of these things was a large cemetery, which now lies deep under the water.

The only icon that marks the presence of the Sunken Cemetery is a floating cross, which has been there for several years and is now one of the most well-known symbols of the entire island.

While swimming at the Sunken Cemetery is forbidden now, I’ve been there in a boat before and the currents are SUPER strong. It’s as if the spirits there are infusing the water with their energy.

Even just admiring the Sunken Cemetery from the shore, it definitely has a certain feeling of solitude and a certain energy about it that I can’t really explain here. You’ll just have to visit and see for yourself.

Location: GPS Coordinates – (9.2066, 124.6326)

Wander Through the Old Spanish Church Ruins

Camiguin Church

That same 1871 volcanic eruption that sent the Sunken Cemetery underwater also destroyed a Spanish church, located right on the coast.

However, parts of the structure survived the eruption and are free for visitors to explore today. History buffs will especially enjoy this symbol of both natural disaster and Spanish colonization on the west side of Camiguin.

Upon visiting this sacred site, you can still see the brick foundations of the church, which are now surrounded by towering trees. There’s also a small chapel there on the inside of the grounds to honor the victims of this terrible natural disaster.

Cost: Free to enter, donations encouraged Address:  National Highway, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines

Bask In the Bubbly at the Soda Springs

As you’ll see, one of the big draws of Camiguin is its swimming holes, and some of them offer quite a surprising and unique variety. The Bura Water Swimming Pool is one of them.

Located in an area that has naturally carbonated spring water, you can literally go for a (non-soap) bubble bath at this large swimming pool area.

Here, you can enjoy a day at the pool, renting out a picnic table or simply going for a fizzy swim in the pool itself. Either way, you can now say you’ve gone swimming in soda – something not a lot of other travelers get to do!

Cost: 50 PHP Address:  Compol-NIA-Mainit Road, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines

Lay Out on a Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach Camiguin

For all the white sand beaches in the Philippines, there are also a surprising number of black sand ones. Camiguin, being a volcanic landmass, has plenty of these unique black beaches on its mainland where you can go for a swim or lay back in the sand.

There are a bunch of resorts that are located on the shores of the island where you can rent a villa and enjoy the unique look of the black, volcanic sand, knowing that you are frolicking in an important part of Camiguin’s history.

Go Scuba Diving

Camiguin offers divers some spectacular opportunities to see very unique underwater ecospheres. From rocky areas formed by volcanic eruptions to amazing marine reefs and wildlife, you can see tons in the underwater world on the island.

Because diving is great here, there are a handful of dive schools and resorts where you can go for one dive or many. I’ve been diving with Camiguin Action Gecko before, and it was a wonderful experience to see a place I’d visited so many times before from a completely different point of view – underwater!

While I didn’t get dive certified on Camiguin island, there are many resorts that offer open water certifications as well. Camiguin Soul Divers comes highly recommended for dive courses, if you’re interested in staying on the island to learn for a few extra days.

Cost:  1,100 to 1,500 PHP, depending on the dive resort

See Giant Clams at the Clam Sanctuary

Clam Sanctuary Camiguin

Unless you’re some kind of biologist, you probably don’t know much about giant clams. I didn’t either, until I was old enough to realize that the one white sand beach in Camiguin my parents were always fascinated about is actually a Clam Sanctuary, devoted to helping regenerate compromised giant clam populations in the area.

At the sanctuary, you can see several large tanks with baby clams and ask really smart teenagers (and other workers) questions about the species. It’s important to learn about these overlooked beings because their species is actually experiencing a drastic decrease in numbers due to a variety of external factors.

Arguably the best part of a trip to the clam sanctuary is getting to snorkel with the biggest of the bunch: the giant, giant clams. These things live in the shallow areas of the beach, so they’re easy to spot.

The clams are massive and come in all kinds of bright colors. If you’re looking for a really unique and eye-opening experience about some gentle and surprisingly beautiful animals, a trip to the Clam Sanctuary won’t leave you disappointed.

If you’re curious to hear more, my friend Richard from Travel Tramp wrote a wonderful post about his eye-opening experience at the Camiguin Clam Sanctuary . Check it out!

Sample Treats From the Sea (& Other Local Foods)

One of the  best things about Camiguin (OK, let’s be real, all of these are the best things) is the food.

Of course, there are typical Filipino fares available, like pancit and adobo . There’s also the freshest seafood ever, available every single day from the determined fishermen on the island.

This means you can sample local fish varieties, shrimp, shellfish, and – for real – sea urchin . Yes, I’ve tried it and it tastes weirdly floral (but try it at your own risk.)

There are also some dishes that are unique to Camiguin. My favorite is a fern salad. Yep, you heard that right, during certain seasons you can sample a salad made of ferns! They also have a marinated fish dish similar to ceviche called  kilawin , but it’s made with a local plant called  tabon tabon . Cool, huh?

For dessert, you can try the locally made ice creams ( in flavors like coconut, avocado, and ube ) or the famous peanut  turones sold by local vendors.

If you’re not as lucky as I am and don’t have an amazing grandmother who can cook (and teach you to cook) the best Camiguin dishes, it’s totally fine. Restaurants on the island are abundant and you can often find these local dishes and more there. Some of the best restaurants on Camiguin Island include:

  • J&A Fishpen – Sample some of the freshest fish and shellfish dishes in all of Camiguin at this fish farm-turned-restaurant located on the southeast side of the island.
  • Guerrera Restaurant   – Offers amazing traditional Filipino food with ingredients from their own garden. I actually haven’t been here yet but I’ve heard it is amazing.
  • Viola’s Snack Bar – Hands down, the best halo-halo on the island. If you don’t know what halo-halo is…you HAVE to find out. It’s the best Filipino dessert ever.

Visit the Camiguin BeeHive

One of the most charming spots on the island to grab a bite to eat is the Camiguin Bee Farm, endearingly known as the BeeHive. It’s a living, working bee farm on the shores that opened its doors to serve customers fresh, honey-infused foods and goods.

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed to the farm by a cute driftwood facade and bright displays. You can explore the grounds, order their specialty foods and desserts, buy some honey items to take home with you, and sit by the shore enjoying your sweets.

Take a Boat to Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island

Mantigue is a very pristine small island off the coast of Camiguin. It’s a paradise for divers and snorkelers because of its beautiful marine life and coral reefs.

In contrast with the black sand volcanic beaches that dot most of the island, Mantigue has beautiful, sparkling white sands with the iconic turquoise clear waters that the Philippines is famed for. The island is only accessible by boat from the larger shoes of Camiguin.

Here, you can take a walk around the island and explore the tiny fishing village, or you can rent snorkeling or diving equipment to admire the beautiful underwater world.

Cost:  550+ PHP for shared boat ride (4 hours) + 20 PHP per person for environmental fee Location: Boats depart from the port in Barangay San Roque, Mahinog for Mantigue during daylight hours

Go Zip Lining

Camiguin is home to a superhero-style zip line that takes you over the green, rainforest treetops and lands right near the island’s fish pen. It’s a short but incredibly fun experience, and it’s unique because you’re lying flat instead of sitting up straight.

It’s a bit intimidating at first, but it really feels like flying. And, of course, you can attach a Go Pro to your helmet to capture it all.

Cost: 250 PHP per person Location: Registration at Tanguines Lagoon, where they will drive you to the top of the zip line.

Watch the Sunrise or the Sunset

Camiguin Sunset

If you love beautiful, colorful views over the ocean during sunrise and sunset, this is the best place to be. Camiguin is small enough that you can see BOTH the sunrise and the sunset just by driving a short while to different sides of the island (about 30-45 minutes end to end or an hour and a half all the way around).

Some of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen have been from my grandmother’s beach house on the east side of the island. While there’s so much to do in Camiguin, watching a quiet sunrise or sunset is a great way to reflect on your travel experiences here.

Camiguin Travel Tips

When to visit camiguin.

Like most of the Philippines, Camiguin is a year-round destination, but it’s best to avoid the late summer when typhoons are more common.

The best time to visit Camiguin, in my opinion, is from October to March, when the weather is more stable.

Also, the annual Lanzones Festival usually takes place towards the end of October, and it’s a BIG DEAL (full of sweet treats), which gives you all the more reason to come towards the end of the year.

How to Get to Camiguin

The easiest way to get to Camiguin is to fly from Cebu airport. There are a handful of flights that arrive at Camiguin’s tiny local landing strip each day, serviced by three airlines: Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and CebGo.

Typically, if you book in advance, flights can cost as low as $30 USD one way, depending on the time of year and how far in advance you book.

There are also ferries that stop in Camiguin from Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Bohol.

The Cebu ferries only leave once a week, are usually VERY slow (departing 8 PM and arriving in the early morning), so I don’t recommend doing this unless you absolutely have to.

The ferries from Cagayan de Oro are fairly easy to use. They only take ~2 hours from Opol port to Camiguin (Balbagon port). Often you can find cheap flights into the regional airport there and then travel to Camiguin by boat. Fares range from 630-730+ PHP per person depending on the class.

Ferries from Bohol are also fairly straightforward to use. They take 2 hours and 45 minutes to arrive in Camiguin (Balbagon port) and leave from the Jagna port in Bohol. Fares range from 630-730+ PHP per person depending on the class.

What to Pack for Camiguin

Packing for Camiguin is much like packing for any tropical beach location: you’ll want warm weather clothes and swimming gear for sure. However, there are a couple things you should be sure to bring for your trip to Camiguin specifically:

  • Travel insurance – As Camiguin (and the Philippines in general) is a hotspot for adventure tourism, travel insurance is a must. I always use and recommend World Nomads for travel insurance around the world.
  • Reef safe sunscreen – Sunscreen often has harmful chemicals that can kill marine species and coral reefs. If you’re going to the Philippines, be sure to only bring and wear reef safe sunscreen to protect the pristine underwater environment.
  • Bug spray – With all the water bodies in the island, there are always bound to be mosquitos hanging around. Bring your own travel sized bug spray as it can be challenging to find it on the island.
  • A good pair of water shoes – You’ll likely be swimming in waterfalls and rocky beaches during your time in Camiguin, so be sure to protect your feet. I recommend these .
  • Quick dry towel – Camiguin is humid and it can leave your wet towels a little damp. For beach and swimming activities, I’d recommend bringing a large stink-resistant quick dry towel .
  • Water bottle and filter – To help reduce the plastic waste on this biologically rich island, be sure to bring a reusable water bottle for your trip there.
  • Personally? I’d also bring a GoPro , hiking shoes/equipment , and my own snorkeling set.

Where to Stay in Camiguin

Every time I go back to Camiguin, it feels like there are more and more hotels, hostels, and guest houses popping up everywhere. While I usually (always) stay at my grandmother’s house in Camiguin, I did some research on places that many other travelers to the island recommend. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Budget:  While there aren’t many traditional hostel-style accommodations in Camiguin, the low-budget options are very cheap, so it’s worth simply getting a private room. You can get a budget double room at Pabua’s Cottages for just a few dollars per night.
  • Mid-Range:  For travelers who want comfort and a central location, the Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat  offers beautiful, comfortable accommodations at a very reasonable price. The resort features its own private beach and dive resort.
  • Luxury:  For the most luxurious option on the island, head to Balai sa Babai  for gorgeous wooden beachside cabanas, private pools, and a sparkling private beach all to yourself. It looks really amazing and the cabanas are super spacious. Again, because it’s Camiguin, it’s high-end luxury for a very affordable price.
  • Airbnb: I’ve been dying to get back to Camiguin so I can stay at this gorgeous little Airbnb located on the side of the volcano.

Camiguin Travel Guide: The Bottom Line

Despite growing tourism numbers, Camiguin is still one of the best-kept secrets in the Philippines. Considerably far off the tourist trail, it has become more and more popular with domestic and international tourists over the last few years.

If you love adventure travel, nature, or simply being in a pristine and tranquil environment, Camiguin’s incredible beauty will fill your heart with joy and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Things to do on Camiguin Island

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But those early years spent outside gave me a real problem: I’m now an adventure addict. Basically, if I’m not at my computer banging out articles or photos, I’m probably out hiking, biking, or camping somewhere beautiful.

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Kay! No wonder this place was a “secret” for so long! It’s paradise! It’s amazing that you have such a special connection with this island.

I love this! We are hoping to go to the Philippines next year and I will be saving this to reference for sure. Thanks for all the details!

Im heading to the Philippines in a few weeks so this is very informative! Im going to try to check it out

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camiguin top tourist destination

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26 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots and Things to do in Camiguin

By: Author Ruben Arribas

Posted on November 11, 2023

Categories Philippines

In Camiguin you’ll be awed by the views, enjoy, relax and explore. We will give you more information about our top picked and best Camiguin tourist spots and things to do in Camiguin in this full travel guide with daily travel budget in Camiguin for your next trip!

There are a lot of famous tourist spots in the Philippines, and Camiguin is one of them. If hiking and visiting waterfalls are your most favorite activities as a traveler, you better get on your feet and start booking a flight to Camiguin!

Read here where to stay in Camiguin , beaches in Camiguin and 3 Days Camiguin Itinerary !

Table of Contents


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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagine if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.



You can read  Heymondo Vs Safetwing cheapest travel Insurance . You can get for  $135 USD  your  Heymondo   Travel Insurance  with Heymondo discount code  valid for 90 days. Read our full  Heymondo Travel Insurance Review

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How to Get to Camiguin

Camiguin is an Island Province in the Philippines, located in the Bohol Sea . It is 10 kilometers off of the Northern coast of Mindanao. There are a lot of ways for you to get on board and explore the Island. Read here from Bohol to Camiguin .

Here are some suggestions on the best ways on how to get to Camiguin and Cebu to Camiguin !

Daily travel budget in Camiguin

There are local carinderias where food can cost $1-3 USD depending on your order. Also, more options of restaurants for local or foreign food start from $3-5 USD in Camiguin where you can find pizzas, burguers, pasta and more foreigner food.

Transportation budget travel in Camiguin

For transportation, if you move around Camiguin with motorela, it can go as cheap as PHP 10-20 per person for short distances. Of course, it will go higher if you go for long distances and private service. You can expect to pay $20 USD for a day trip around the island from 8 am to 7 pm with a private driver by motorela or multicab.

Another option is to go by Multi-cab . It is a type of jeepney which is smaller and the sides are open so it can accommodate up to six passengers. For private rides in multicab and motorela prices are higher and you have to negotiate them depending on the distance.

From Benoni port to Mambajao a private motorela can cost 300 PHP , a multicab can cost 400 PHP . For a day private tour around the island with a motorela can cost 1200 PHP and 1500 PHP if you do with a multicab . 

We chose this driver +639368498257 he was really nice and giving us the best rates and so professional. Just contact him and he will help you in your trip Camiguin. For a day trip expect to pay 1200 PHP and he will drive you around the whole day to different places.

You can rent a motorbike to go around the island for 400 PHP and distances aren’t really big so expect to add 100 PHP extra for petrol. 

Click here if you want to get your discount booking activities in the Philippines with Klook !

Island hopping tour fees in Camiguin

This budget will always depend on how you want to spend your vacation. There are both cheap and expensive choices that are offered for tourists. 

Places like White Island will charge 450 PHP for the boat ride (you can split between 6 people maximum ) plus 50 PHP for entrance ticket to White Island. The island closes at 5 pm.

Mantigue Island boat costs 600 PHP (same you can split with 6 people maximum ) and the entrance to the island costs 10 PHP plus 50 PHP for snorkeling around Mantigue island. If you overstay 4 hours in Mantigue Island you have to pay 50 PHP extra per hour. You can’t miss it these things to do in Camiguin.

Camiguin Tourist Spots And Things to do in Camiguin

1. white island.

The Naked Temptress of Camiguin . The stunning White Island or Medan Island is 10 minutes away from the northern coast of Camiguin . There are boat rentals available for only PHP 450 in Yumbing area near the check point. Some resorts also offer their own day tours to visit this pristine, powdery paradise. You have to pay 50 PHP extra for the entrance.

It’s the most popular of the things to do in Camiguin. You can visit from the sunrise. Our choice was visiting at lunch time and we were alone in the island for a couple of hours. You can rent umbrellas in White Island for 150 PHP . You can stay until 5 pm when White Island closes until next day in the sunrise.

2. Giant Clam Sanctuary And Kabila White Beach

Kabila White Beach is located in Cantaan 40 minutes driving from Mambajao. Kabila White Beach with clear water has an entrance fee 25 PHP .

If you are a person who love to dive and see the wonders of the sea , this is the best place for you! You’ll be able to experience diving to see giant clams and their colorful seaworld. The snorkeling fee is 200 PHP included a guide .

3. Mantigue Island

The Island of Mantigue is mesmerizing when you get off of the boat. The Island is beyond beauty with its crystal clear waters , where you can also have a close encounter with corals and fish even while riding a boat. There’s a wide variety of fish species that lives in the crystal clear water surrounding the Island. 

Read here the best places for diving in the Philippines !

For visiting Mantigue you have to ride a boat from San Roque close to Benoni Ferry terminal that will cost you 600 PHP maximum 6 people and it will take 15 minutes to get to Mantigue Island. There is an enviromental fee 10 PHP and 50 PHP entrance fee for snorkeling. You can also rent snorkeling gear in case you aren’t bringing your own. 

4. Hibok Hibok Ardent Hotspring

Hibok Hibok Ardent Hotspring was one of our favorite Camiguin tourist spots. Nights in Camiguin can sometimes be cold and one way to chase it off is by having a quick dip in warm running water . This place is usually the best place to meet locals and other tourists.

  It’s only 3 kilometers far from the highway on the way to Yumbing and the entrance fee is 50 PHP . It’s a perfect place for relaxing and we recommend as last stop during the day as we did.

5. Sto. Niño Cold Spring

In Camiguin, not only hot springs are available but cold springs too! Sto. Niño Cold Spring is a place where you can swim for hours and enjoy the cool running water. The entrance fee is 50 PHP .

More Camiguin tourist spots And Things to do in Camiguin

6. stations of the cross and the walkway to the old volcano.

Image Source

If you want to experience Station of the Cross in a brand new way or you simply want to trek up the mountain, visit here! The trek is approximately 1 hour long before you can reach the top where the last station can be found.

7. Saay Cold Spring

Image from Flickr

Saay is a beautiful and well-maintained cold spring . It is located at the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok in Quipasa Mambajao, Camiguin . The cold spring has one small and one medium pool. You can enjoy the spring without paying because entrance fee is free. But, they accept donation for the improvement and maintenance of the place.

8. Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery is one of the most popular Camiguin tourist spots. The sunken cemetery is represented by a huge cross of what had been an old chapel. There, tourists can dive and explore what’s beneath it. The boat costs 150 PHP .

9. Tongatoc Cove

You’ll be able to stop by this place while on the way to Sunken Cemetery . It is a cliff with a stunning secluded cove . It is worth a visit where you’ll be able to notice its deep blue waters, inviting you to swim. You can also take pictures while standing on the cliff. There is no entrance fee for visiting Tongatoc Cove.

10. Tuasan Falls

It was once a hidden gem of the Island . It is about 2km from the main Camiguin highway and now accessible to most travelers because of the newly built cement road. The entrance fee costs 50 PHP.  

11. Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, Barang Upper Pandan, approximately five kilometers southeast of the Municipality of Mambajao. The waterfall measures 250 ft high .

There are a lot of souvenir shops around the area and you will be welcomed with a big smile by the locals once you enter the premises. The entrance fee is 50 PHP . You can’t skip it in the list of Camiguin tourist spots.

12. Binangawan Falls

Binangawan Falls are located in Sagay. You will have to go to Sagay and once there you can get a habal habal or a guide since access is difficult. It will take 1 hour and 30 minutes trekking to get there since is far from the main road. The water is so cold!

13. Gui-ob Church ( Old Spanish Church)

The Old Spanish Church is located in Bonbon Catarman in Camiguin Island. The church also known as Gui-ob Church , and it was destroyed and partly submerged by volcanic debris . Upon arriving at the location, you will find vendors selling religious stuff . You’ll be able to see the remains of once beautifully structured Spanish-era building.

The entrance Gui-ob Church  is 10 PHP you can also visit Moro Watchtower around the area and this one is free of charge.

14. San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish

Image from Mapio.net

San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish was built in 17th century and it’s part of Camiguin island’s history. It’s one of the historical landmark in the island located at Mambajao.

15. Soda Water Pool

The Soda Swimming Pool in Camiguin is the first of its kind in the entire Philippines. It is located in the town of Camiguin and the name is inspired by old folks who used to taste the water and according to them, it tastes like soda. The place is surrounded by lush greenery of plants, bushes and trees. The entrance fee costs 30 PHP.

16. Taguines Lagoon And Zipline At Mahinog

The first zipline in the Island. The Zipline’s distance is more than 700m from Station 1 to Station 2. A fee of the Zipline would be PHP400 or $8 USD.

You can also rent a kayak in Taguines Lagoon in Mahinog where you can also take the zip line. It’s located very close to Benoni Port. If you like adventure this is your place in this list of Camiguin tourist spots.

17. Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is located in Lawigan 40 minutes driving from Mambajao. You can do snorkeling and it’s great you can even see turtles. Blue Lagoon entrance fee is 100 PHP and you can also hire a guide if you want to.

18. Sagay Rice Fields

Image from Jens.kr

Sagay Rice Fields in Camiguin will be around 1 hour driving from Mambajao. If you want to have nice views with the volcanos check them out. As you can see there are many Camiguin tourist spots and things to do in Camiguin.

19. Lovers Secret Bridge (Katunggan Park)

Image from The Backpack Adventures

Lovers secret bridge is also known as Katunggan Park is located t Benoni Port. You can walk around the mangroves and having relax in this quiet place. 

20. Macao Cold Spring

Image from Tripadvisor

Macao Cold Spring is located in Mahinog 10 kilometers far from Mambajao and close to Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin. You can enjoy the blue water and refreshing yourself.

21. Secret Spot in Camiguin

If you love watching sunsets, you’ll love most of the Camiguin tourist spots that are worth-visiting because of the view of the sunset. One is what the locals call the Secret Spot . However, you can watch the sunset everywhere in the island it would still be stunning .

Also for beautiful sunsets you can go to Beehive in Camiguin Island. You can see that there are many things to do in Camiguin from the morning until the sunset.

22. Conquer Mt. Hibok Hibok

Image from Wikimedia

If you are up for an adventure, Mt. Hibok Hibok is the island’s most prominent feature . You can trek the mountain while getting to see its spectacular views and be blown away by the view of the crater lake. 

Check the weather in advance make sure you wake up early because the whole way can take until 7 hours. Bring water and proper shoes. If you can contact local guides will make things easier for you.


The festival is held  every third week of October . Lanzones Festival is  a four-day grand festival,  where the product of the island is exhibited. It is a grand celebration of the fruit  Lanzones . A lot of tourists go here to witness the joyous celebration of the Island.

The festival is celebrated with  street dancing competitions and parties,   cultural shows, pageant  and many more.

24. Fly around Camiguin

Flying around Camiguin could be an amazing experience if you have the budget for this. There are flights for one hour around the island for 16000 PHP or two separate flights 30 minutes each for 25000 PHP to watch Camiguin tourist spots.

Camiguin Tourist Spots And Things to do in Camiguin Food 

25. try surol in carinderias.

Image from Gramho.com

It is available in  carenderias  around the area. It is a  local chicken soup made with coconut milk.  It’s so delicious and prices are so affordable for half a dollar. Rachel’s favorite apart from mango!


The typical merienda in the island which looks like  a crepe that is crunchy . It is made of  ground cassava , quickly fried and drizzled with  latik.  They sell kiping in the most touristic areas like waterfalls and hot springs.

Where to stay in Camiguin

Ysla beach camp and eco resort.

With pool views, YSLA Beach Camp and Eco Resort is located in Mambajao and has a restaurant, a tour desk, bar and garden. Free WiFi is offered. Some units feature a seating area and/or a patio. A continental breakfast is served each morning at the property. The campground has an outdoor pool. A grill is available for guests to use at YSLA Beach Camp and Eco Resort. Room starts at $80 a night.

There is a beach area with black sand very beautiful where you can see the sunset and sunrise with views to White Island. 

Click here to check their rates and availability!

Bintana Sa Paraiso

This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Located in Mambajao, Bintana Sa Paraiso has an outdoor swimming pool. Offering a restaurant, the property also features a terrace. A tour desk can provide information on the area. 

At the resort, each room comes with a balcony. Complete with a private bathroom, guest rooms at Bintana Sa Paraiso come with air conditioning, and some rooms here will provide you with a seating area. The area is popular for cycling and hiking, and bike rental is available at this 5-star resort. Room rate starts at $110 a night.

There is a new brand open in the mountain Binunsaran where you can get amazing views to White Island. The cottages are so beautiful and the place is so peaceful. It’s located 6 kilometers far from Mambajao in the mountains.

There are palm trees, small gardens and a pool to enjoy your staying! Click here to check their rates and availability!


Set in Mambajao, Mabini Lodge offers accommodations with free WiFi and access to a fitness room and an indoor swimming pool. Complimentary private parking is available on site. 

The accommodations comes with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower while the kitchen features a fridge. A balcony with garden views is offered in all units. The hotel offers a terrace. Guests can also relax in the garden.  Room rate starts at $32 a night.


KURMA Freedive Camiguin is located just across White Island sandbar. The friendly staff can assist with luggage storage, airport shuttle and massage services. Free-dove and yoga courses are also available. 

Cooled with air conditioning or a fan, rooms come with tiled flooring and a terrace. The private bathroom offers toiletries. The in-house restaurant and bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  Room rate starts at $36 a night.

Food to Try in Camiguin

It’s the most popular fruit in Camiguin. The color is yellow and you have to peel to taste. Prices are around 40 PHP per kilo and you can find them everywhere when it’s the season.

One of the popular local treats in the Island. It’s like a Spanish dessert which is a custard bun. There are many available fillings such as pineapple, strawberry, cheese and ube.

Turrones De Mani

It is an authentic and original delicacy of Camiguin , which is handed down from generation to generation.

Peanuts roasted syrups and honey called Piniato is a tasty dessert to be taken after having a heavy meal.

Festivals In Camiguin

San juan hibok hibokan.

It is held to honor St. John the Baptist every June 24 . Venues of the celebration are usually near the sea . Water sports like boat racing, and the coronation of Miss Hibok Hibokan is conducted. Most of the locals celebrate the festival by going to beaches while having the time to relax and enjoy.

It falls on the month of May where Holy week is celebrated. It is a yearly trek for local and visitors for the observance of the Lenten Season.

May Festival

It is a month-long festive celebration of the barangays and town of Camiguin. Santa Cruzan is the main highlight of the Celebration.

Have you ever been to Camiguin? What are your favorite Camiguin tourist spots of this beautiful island? And are we missing things to do in Camiguin? 

Share us your experiences and don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends too!

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Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything.

Thanks for the love guys 

Ruben Arribas

About the Author : Ruben , co-founder of Gamintraveler.com since 2014, is a seasoned traveler from Spain who has explored over 100 countries since 2009. Known for his extensive travel adventures across South America, Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa, Ruben combines his passion for adventurous yet sustainable living with his love for cycling, highlighted by his remarkable 5-month bicycle journey from Spain to Norway. He currently resides in Spain, where he continues sharing his travel experiences with his partner, Rachel, and their son, Han.

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11 Amazing Tourist Spots in Camiguin on a P1000 Budget

I must admit that Camiguin, a wonderful island so beautiful which filled my dreams for weeks, was not initially part of my itinerary for my Mindanao tour. My reasons? All of them were stupid and I rather keep them to myself. But anyway, after days of thorough thinking, I finally decided to spare a day for this island. It was so I could finally get rid of that constant voice in my head screaming, “Go to the island!” It has been bugging me for years. Also, so I could take it off my bucket list. Never have I imagined that I would fall in love with it over and over. If you’re on a budget and would like to explore the southern part of the Philippines, please do spend a day on this island. I promise it wouldn’t eat up much of your travel money and it will be worth it. Let these 11 tourist spots in Camiguin prove to you why.

1. Camiguin White Island

I know many people would have told you this famed white island in Camiguin is just so overrated. In fact this is not even an island. It is a sandbar of white powdery sands surrounded by clear turquoise water which is just one of the many sandbars in the entire 7,107 islands of the country. So what makes it special other than patches of white powdery sands? I don’t know but I love it. Be the judge! See it for yourself!

Tips and How to’s: From the Benoni port, please ask to be taken to Rocky Village in Yumbing, Mambajao where outrigger boats taking tourists to the white island are found. The fee is P450 but you can share it with 5 other people. So you know the drill.

2. Giant Clams Sanctuary

If you wanna experience something different then you would love diving to see giant clams and their colorful world. You would absolutely love the experience as it will broaden up your perspective about other creatures under the sea.

Tips and How to’s:  From Benoni port, hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) driver to take you to the Giant Clams Sanctuary. Going there is not usually part of the tour offered by the guides on the island (as it is far and time-consuming) so you may have to pay for it separately. It’s up to you. If you have super excellent haggling skills then you might get it a bit cheaper than usual.

3. Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island is so intriguing that you wouldn’t help but want to find out what it is made of. If you are someone who’s fond of making love with the sea and its amazing creatures, then nothing will make you happier but to dive into the richness of this island and its surrounding waters.

Tips and How to’s:  From Benoni port, ask some locals where you can find a tourist boat willing to take you to the island or might as well ask your hotel accommodation for tour packages including Mantigue Island. If you haven’t prepared any reservations, tour to the island would cost P500 but of course, you can always look for people to whom you can share the boat fee.

4. Mt. Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hotspring

What’s the perfect way to cap off the night in Camiguin? It’s having a very relaxing bath in Ardent Hotspring. Nights in Camiguin can sometimes be so cold and one way to chase it off is to have a quick dip in warm running water. This is usually the best place to meet and converse with other tourists, local and foreign alike.

Tips and How to’s:  Going to the hot spring is normally part of the tour package offered by local guides and/or hotels in Camiguin but if you only intend to go to the hot spring, you can always hire a motorcycle (habal-habal) for P80 – P100. The entrance fee is P30.

5. Sto. Niño Coldspring

Camiguin Island always has the answer to your needs. There’s the hot spring to help you relax and wash away that cold lonely nights but if you prefer something more refreshing then there’s Sto. Niño Coldspring where you can swim for hours and enjoy the cool running waters under the sunny skies.

Tips and How to’s:  This is situated in Barangay Sto. Nino, hence the name. You can hire a motorcycle to take you there or better yet ask to include this to your tour package. The entrance fee is P30. If you need floaters, just add another P20.

6. Stations of the cross and the walkway to the old volcano

If you are a devout Christian who wants to experience the stations of the cross in a brand new light or someone who simply wants to trek up the mountain but doesn’t want the arduous task it requires then you would love to see the stations of the cross. This is just an approximately 1-hour trek up the top of the hill where the last station could be found. It is so rewarding that you would want to do it again.

Tips and How to’s:  Bring extra clothes and towels because surely you’ll be sweating your ass off making you look like you’ve taken a bath in the rain.

7. Sunken Cemetery

This also made Camiguin famous. The sunken cemetery is a remnant of that havoc that had once plagued the island and almost swept it out of existence. It is represented by a huge cross of what has been an old chapel. An adventurous heart won’t be content with seeing what is on the surface and would love to dive and explore the world beneath it. If you are that kind of person then this is the perfect place for you.

Tips and How to’s:  If you want to explore this little piece of history but you hate getting wet then you can always ask fishermen to take you on a boat ride around the sunken cemetery for P100.

8. Tuasan Falls

If you are a nature lover and a big fan of waterfalls then you will be happy to visit Tuasan Falls. As of November last year, the area near the waterfalls is under construction but that should not discourage you from visiting the place as it hasn’t taken away it’s beauty one bit.

Tips and How to’s:  Be careful with huge boulders if you would go swimming in Tuasan Falls.

9. Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls reminds me of a princess from ancient times – graceful, soft and delicate – because of its waters. Unlike Tuasan Falls where the waters come falling down with power hitting the ground with so much might, Katibawasan’s is like pouring a tea in a cup.

Tips and How to’s:  Entry to Katibawasan Falls and its vicinity requires P35 entrance fee.

10. The Old Spanish Church

If you are a history buff and you love seeing ruins or you appreciate classic architecture then you should visit the Old Spanish Church. Actually, there’s not much to see but gazing at what was left of this once magnificent structure will give you a glimpse of how glorious it has been before it was shattered into pieces by the powerful Mt. Volcan.

Tips and How to’s:  This is not obligatory but if you happen to see that vendor selling bread in front of the Old Spanish Church when you get to visit this place, please buy at least one bag of bread. That’s just P20 and enough to see her smile as she and her family already has something to get through the day.

11. Soda Water Pool

When I was younger, I used to think of this as a waterfall or a stream where the water tastes like Sprite or Mountain Dew. In fact, this is the very reason why I got so hooked up of Camiguin Island when I was still a child that almost every summer I would ask my dad to come to take me to the island so I could drink it all up. But that was not the case, unfortunately. Although, yeah, the water is sweet and taste like sprite but not quite.

Tips and How to’s:  Before you could get your unlimited fill of soda spring water, an entrance fee of P30 is required.


Motorbike rental  – P500 without guide (you will drive yourself around the island) or P1000 with driver who will also serve as your tour guide. You may contact Kuya Nato at 09051161485 for more information.

Boat rental fee (White Island) – P450/6 = P75

Boat Rental fee (Mantigue Island)  – P500/6 = P100

Entrance Fees – P200

  • Katibawasan Falls – P35
  • Soda Water Pool – P30
  • Sto. Niño Coldspring – P30
  • Ardent Hotspring – P30
  • Stations Of the Cross – P25
  • Giant Clams Sanctuary – P50 (If you wanna go clams viewing then you will need to shell out another P500 more or less for diving gears and tour guide)

There you go folks! These are the 11 Tourist Spots in Camiguin that you might want to visit on less than a P1000 budget. You can even do away with just P1500 budget and that would cover everything from food to transportation expenses and even souvenirs. Remember when you travel, it’s all about priorities and making the most out of every moment no matter how little your time or your money is. What’s important is it makes you happy.

If you need other information other than what’s stated in this article, feel free to shoot me a message or visit TRAVEL GUIDE: Camiguin Island . Please follow my blog to keep up with me. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook . Please don’t forget to share! Share! Share! 🙂

To travel is bittersweet. Perhaps as painful as breaking up whenever it’s time to say “Goodbye”

Travel or career: the dilemma of giving up one or keeping both, related posts, my favorite co-working spaces on siargao island, jml beach house: travel guide + why it’s my favorite workation spot, camp eleaga: budget travel guide + everything you need to know, 22 comments.

Hi Keza, did you have a tour guide on your travel ? Thanks.

Hi Jillai. Yes. Our habal-habal driver served as our tour guide. He took us to each of those spots. Last time I was there, day tour was P1000/motorcycle.

Hi! Is there a tourist guide who can accompany me throughout the whole camiguin trip (I mean all your aforementioned tourist destinations)? Do you have any idea ( or just price range) that would cost me if I’ll avail one?

Hi Ryan. Your motorcycle driver can be your tour guide. Hiring one should cost you P1000/day

Thanks for this Ms. Keza. Tomorrow i will be going to Cagayan de Oro City for a seminar. I will visit Camiguin for a day. Looking forward to watch the sunset in sunken cemetery.

Hi Fairydel. Have fun on your visit.

Hi ! May i ask, if you do have a travel and tour package? I plan to go camiguin this june

Hi Fe. I dont have tour package. But you can easily tour Camiguin on your own. It’s such a small island and there various options available once you get there.

Hello Keza, Are there any snorkeling site in Camiguin?

White island, mantigue island and giant clam sanctuary are good snorkeling spots.

How long did you stay in Camiguin to get to all of these spots?

Hi Al-Jan. We did it for 1 and a half day in Camiguin.

I’ve been in Camiguin for almost a week, and could stay easily more 🙂 I love this place.

I’m going here next week but only for a day haha may I know your itinerary?

Hi Abby! This was our itinerary. ❤️

0700 Breakfast 0800 Stairway to old volcano 0900 Free public spring pool 1000 Stunning Viewdeck 1100 Tuasan Falls 1200 Lunch 1300 Coldspring 1400 Old Spanish Church 1500 Sunken Cemetery 1600 Ardent Hostspring 1800 Dinner

0500 Wake Up 0600 White Island 0700 Breakfast 0800 Giant Clams 0900 Katibawasan Falls 1000 Mt. Hibok Hibok HQ 1200 Lunch 1300 Head out

Wow! This is very informative. Thank you very much Ms. Keza Marie.

Thanks for this. Will definitely try the giant clam sanctuary

Hi Konzen. No worries. Have fun on your trip. Btw. You just reminded me of my fave anime character in Gensomaden Saiyuki. Haha. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

thanks for the information! how about the board and lodging how much is the cost and also per meal?

Hi Elizabeth thanks for dropping by.. Lodging cost starts at P1000 good for 2-4 people on non peak season.. The affordable inns are located in Rocky Village Yumbing. For meals, checkpoint resto is also located in rocky village and meals good for 2-3 people starts at P270 (unlimited rice and drinks with 2 viands and a side dish)

Hi Ms. KezaMarie, amh,, when is the best time to visit in Camiguin?

Hi. The best time is during the months of November to Feb since there’s less chance of rain and less tourists go to the island

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26 Best White Sand Beaches in the Philippines: Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, Siargao

26 Best White Sand Beaches in the Philippines: Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, Siargao

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Malcapuya Island and Banul Beach

With over 7,641 islands, the Philippines is one of the most frequented beach destinations in the world. Apart from Boracay Island ’s famous White Beach , you can find other powdery soft beautiful white  beaches in the Philippines  dotting the main island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Aside from pristine white sand, most of these beach destinations offer great panoramic sea views, calm waters, sunset views, while some have less-crowded shorelines for the best relaxing vacation. From secluded beaches to the most popular ones, you will never run out of choices when traveling around the islands and beaches in the Philippines. 

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Luzon, the main island group in the country, where you can find the Philippines’ capital city, Manila , is the major gateway to the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao. The beaches in Luzon are among the country’s most notable ones, including those nestled in the world-famous islands of Palawan .

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Aerial view of Nacpan Beach, El Nido

Sprawling 4.2KM-long cream-colored sand, Nacpan Beach is one of the twin beaches of El Nido , Palawan. Beside Nacpan Beach is a smaller yet equally captivating beach, the Calitang Beach. Both beaches in El Nido are lined with tall coconut trees, small cottages, and huts for overnight accommodation.

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Aside from featuring white sand and crystal blue waters, Nacpan Beach is lined with a few restaurants and bars. You can grab a snack and take a sip of your favorite booze while enjoying the breathtaking sunset. The water is great for swimming, but it is not advisable to go too far from the shore because of strong currents. You can visit Nacpan Beach as part of El Nido tours .

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Private el nido lio airport transfer to/from any hotel in el nido town palawan, palawan el nido shared island hopping tour a with lunch & transfers | secret lagoon, shimizu island, private puerto princesa airport to or from el nido town transfer service.

Aerial shot of Malcapuya Island

One of the most pristine beaches in Palawan is nestled on Malcapuya Island, which sits in the beautiful seascape of Coron off the southwestern coast of Culion. Comparable to Boracay’s White Beach , it has a long shoreline with powdery fine white sand and sparkling clear waters beneath breathtaking coastal cliffs, making it one of the popular Coron Palawan tourist spots

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You can swim to your heart’s content since the water at Malcapuya Island remains shallow for several meters. But, you still have to wear aqua shoes because some parts of the beach can be rocky. Coron is one of the best diving spots in the Philippines and in Malcapuya Island, you may snorkel and dive up to 100 meters to see giant clams and clownfishes. You can visit Malcapuya Island as part of Coron Palawan island hopping tours .

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White-sand beach of the Calaguas Islands

If you’re traveling to the southernmost part of Luzon, make sure to add Calaguas Islands to your bucket list. This remote group of islands is nestled in the Bicol region, particularly in the coastal municipality of Vinzons, Camarines Norte. On top of its quiet beach scene, there are cottages and resorts on the island available for overnight stays.

One of its main attractions is the Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach), featuring a long stretch of powdery white sand that rivals Boracay and other top island destinations in the Philippines . This immaculately pure white beach has calm blue waters, making it ideal for swimming. 

Woman standing on Bonbon Beach

Romblon is geographically located at the heart of the Sibuyan Sea, which separates Luzon from the Visayas region. This quaint coastal province boasts crystal blue waters, powdery white sandbars, and breathtaking sunsets. Among the best Romblon beaches is Bonbon Beach, situated 3KM from the main town of Poblacion. 

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During low tide, the sandbar emerges and connects Romblon Island to Bang-og Island. You can cross the sandbar, but be careful not to be stuck there during high tide because the water rises rapidly. 

Calatagan is a coastal municipality in Batangas province that is widely known for its idyllic Batangas beaches and resorts. It occupies an entire peninsula that extends into the Verde Island Passage towards the center of the Coral Triangle, home to over 500 marine species. Burot Beach is among Calatagan’s few unspoiled white sand beaches near Manila, located 138.4KM away. 

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It features cream-colored sand with giant rocks on the coastline. For those planning to stay overnight, you can set up tents under the trees. Before swimming, you should wear aqua shoes because the bottom can be a bit rocky and some parts are covered with seaweed. 

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White sand shore on Palaui Island

Situated off the northeastern tip of mainland Luzon, Palaui Island is a protected marine landscape located in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Because of its idyllic white-sand beaches and beautiful sunsets, it was internationally recognized as one of the world’s best beaches and got chosen as the filming location of the hit reality American TV show Survivor in 2013.

One of its main attractions is Cape Engaño, a hilltop lighthouse built during the Spanish era. As the island faces the Pacific Ocean, the sea currents are strong, and the waves can get huge, especially during the typhoon season from July to October.

Boat docked on Alibijaban Island

Photo by @kristynaperri on Instagram

Quezon province, part of the Calabarzon region in Southern Luzon, is famous for its coconut plantations and secluded beaches. One of the must-see attractions here is the Alibijaban Island, a small land edged within the Bondoc Peninsula in San Andres, Quezon.

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Home to abundant flora and fauna, the white-sand beach is within a 140-hectare mangrove forest. There are some huts available for accommodation, but you can also bring your own tent. The beach is ideal for swimming, as the sea is calm and the water is crystal clear. You can also capture breathtaking sunsets on the island.

Aerial view of Banol Beach

Your island-hopping tours in Coron , Palawan will not be complete without visiting Banul Beach, a powdery white-sand beach that rivals the famous island paradise of Maldives. Tucked behind the shore is a huge limestone formation, which is a sight to behold.

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This 160-meter long beach is where boats usually dock so tourists can have lunch in the beach cottages. Banul Beach is also a notable snorkeling spot in Coron, featuring vibrant underwater scenery. Not only is it ideal for swimming, but it is also a great spot to catch great sunset views.

Visayas, the island group in between Luzon and Mindanao, is home not only to White Beach Boracay and Bantayan Island beaches but also to the picturesque beaches in Negros. Visayans are known for their sweet delicacies like dried mangoes and colorful Philippine festivals  including Ati-Atihan Festival, Dinagyang Festival, and Sinulog Festival.

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Aerial shot of White Beach, Boracay

Famous for its long stretch of white sand, Boracay Island’s White Beach in Malay, Aklan is among the most sought-after Philippine destinations. It is undeniably blessed with azure waters, making it one of the best islands in the Philippines and the world. Boracay’s world-famous sunset also never fails to amuse tourists every time.

When it comes to looking for the best  resorts in Boracay , you'll have plenty of options along White Beach. At Station 1, you will find some of the top honeymoon resorts and best luxury resorts in the Philippines , while most of the budget-friendly accommodations are in Station 2 alongside restaurants and Boracay bars .

Station 3 is much quieter than Station 2 but is also home to some of the budget hostels. For a more private experience, consider accommodations at Station 0, like Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay .

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The best time to visit Boracay, book Boracay tour packages , and enjoy Boracay tours  including Boracay island hopping package is during the dry and summer season, from December to May when you can enjoy many things to do in Boracay . There are designated swimming areas in each station. However, be mindful and watch out for red flags at certain points where swimming is strictly prohibited.

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Aerial view of Sumilon Island

Oslob is a small coastal town located at the southwestern tip of Cebu province. Oslob is known as the home of Butandings or whale sharks. But, aside from whale shark watching, island-hopping is also a popular activity among tourists.

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After seeing whale sharks in Oslob, drop by Sumilon Island to set foot on its powdery white sandbar. It boasts crystal clear waters and fine white sand, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Moreover, it is also considered the best spot in Oslob to watch the sunset. Book a vacation package to Bluewater Sumilon Resort with airfare from Manila for a hassle-free getaway. 

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Cabugao Gamay on Islas de Gigantes

The Gigantes Islands or the Islas de Gigantes is a group of islands situated off the coast of Carles town in the northeastern part of Iloilo province. They are a popular stop in many Iloilo tours .  Islas de Gigantes island-hopping tours usually start at Cabugao Gamay or Selfie Island, a small islet covered with lush greenery. It has a sandbar that boasts fine white sand and crystalline waters. 

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The next stop is at Bantigue Islet where you can swim and sink your toes into the soft white sand. Lastly, Antonia White Sand Beach boasts a stunning rock formation and a pristine white sandbar shaped like a small cape.

Aerial shot of Kalanggaman Island

Named after the word Langgam which means bird in Cebuano, Kalanggaman Island is one of the best Southern Leyte beaches and one of the top Leyte tourist spots . It is located in the coastal municipality of Palompon, which geographically fac es the Pacific Ocean. Aside from Kalanggaman Island tours , other beaches in Leyte that are worth visiting include Cuatro Islas and Canigao Island, are also worth a visit.

  • Book a  Kalanggaman Island tour from Cebu  or a  Kalanggaman Island tour package from Leyte

The jump-off point to the island is at Palompon Port, which is 12KM away from the provincial capital, Tacloban City. Extending on both sides of the island are long white sandbars with turquoise waters. You can swim to your heart’s content, dive, and snorkel to see its abundant marine biodiversity.

A white-sand shore on Caluya Island

Photo by   Caluya Gibuangan Beach Resort

Antique, a province where the mountains meet the sea, is situated in the western section of Panay Island in the Visayas. Despite being an underrated and off-beaten destination, Antique is undeniably home to beautiful beaches. One of its hidden jewels is the Caluya group of islands which consist of Sibato, Sibolo, Liwagao, and Nagubat Islands. 

Caluya is abundant with coconut crabs since it is within vast coconut plantations. Some of its noteworthy beaches that are ideal for swimming include Caluya Beach and Imba White Sand Beach, notable for panoramic sunset views.

Kota Beach on Bantayan Island

Several white-sand beaches in Cebu are nestled in the municipality of Santa Fe, the gateway to Bantayan Island . Approximately 6.4KM away from Bantayan is the Virgin Island, a privately owned property dotted with cottages and hammocks for rent.

Other attractions in Bantayan that you can add to your Cebu itinerary include the scenic sandbar of Kota Beach and the white-sand beaches of Hilantagaan and Kinatarkan Islands. At Kota Park, you can witness breathtaking sunset views. Bantayan Island also has its own fishing community that is abundant with fresh seafood and Danggit or dried fish.

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Alona Beach on Panglao Island

Located in the municipality of Panglao, Alona Beach is among the most frequented beaches in Bohol , home to the famous Chocolate Hills and one of the smallest primates called tarsiers. Alona Beach is considered the most commercialized beach in Panglao, where most resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars are located.

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With its azure waters and pure white sand, it serves as a perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, and dolphin watching. Alona House Reef is a popular dive site featuring a rich marine ecosystem

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Shoreline of Higatangan Island

Photo by Higatangan Island Seaside Resort

Blessed with picturesque rock formations and rugged cliffs, Higatangan Island is a tranquil beach spot in the province of Biliran, located next to the northern part of Leyte. To get there, you have to take a 45-minute boat ride from the municipality of Naval, which is 14.1KM away.

It is an underrated destination but is now gaining popularity because of its immaculate beaches and coral gardens. The island features a giant white sandbar shaped like a snake that stretches 200 meters into the sea. Swimming is allowed, but don’t get too far because reef sharks might be lurking in the vicinity.

Mindanao, the second-largest island in the Philippines after Luzon, is home to the country’s surfing capital, Siargao , and the Philippines’ highest mountain, Mount Apo. It also showcases white-sand beaches with the most luxurious beachfront resorts on Samal Island , the largest resort city in the Philippines.

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Aerial shot of Kaputian Beach

Photo by Hof Gorei Beach Resort

Samal Island or the Island Garden City of Samal is a must-visit spot because of its pristine beaches alongside luxury hotels and budget resorts. Apart from being the largest resort city in the Philippines, it is becoming popular among locals and tourists because of its white-sand shores.

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For those seeking a laid-back beach setting, Kaputian Beach offers the perfect spot to set up tents if you’re going to stay for the night. It stands out among the rest of the beaches on Samal Island because of its powdery soft sand. Thanks to its calm azure waters, Kaputian Beach is a favored spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Closeup shot of Dahican Beach's shore

Popular with surfers and skimboarders, Dahican Beach is a stunning slice of paradise in Mati, Davao Oriental. Its white sand beach is 7 kilometers long and lined with towering coconut trees.

Dahican Beach serves as a sanctuary for sea turtles, and its name is derived from the word dahik which means the act of coming in from the sea to the nest. 

Mati beach resorts and camp resorts cater to backpackers who want to stay overnight. Tourists can take a dip into the clear waters, ride the waves, or fly high on an ultralight plane soaring over Dahican Beach. Meanwhile, along the beach are restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes.

Another white-sand beach that draws the attention of local and international crowds is the Santa Cruz Beach in San Jose, Dinagat Islands, located in the Caraga region, northeast of Mindanao. Known for its breathtaking lagoons and caves, Dinagat Islands is a promising eco-tourism destination in the country.

The most accessible beach near San Jose Port is Santa Cruz Beach, which is only 3.5KM away. It is a favored destination among locals because of its panoramic sunset views and soft white sand. Other than lounging on the sand, you can also take a dip into its azure waters.

Camiguin's White Island

At the heart of the Bohol sea lies the small and peaceful island province of Camiguin , also known as the Island Born of Fire. It is the smallest island in Mindanao that only measures 92 square miles. Camiguin may be small, but it showcases several awe-inspiring tourist spots.

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One of its top attractions is Mambajao’s White Island, a white sandbar with a peculiar form that changes throughout the year depending on the shifting tides. You can visit the island via a Camiguin White Island & countryside tour . Mount Hibok Hibok is visible from afar when lounging by the shore. You can also snorkel and swim in the shallow waters. 

For most travelers, Siargao is the place to be if you’re into surfing. But, aside from hitting the waves, surfing enthusiasts and non-surfers alike may also opt to explore the laid-back beaches in Siargao. One of which is Doot Beach, a palm-fringed white sand beach next to a verdant mangrove forest. 

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It is only 5.7KM away from General Luna, home to one of the top Siargao tourist spots , Cloud 9. Doot Beach is best visited during high tide and is also a great spot for capturing panoramic sunset views. 

Shoreline of Cagwait White Beach

Photo by Provincial Government of Cagwait

Known as the “Boracay of Caraga'', Cagwait White Beach is tucked in the quaint town of Cagwait in Surigao del Sur, which is located 31.4KM away from the provincial capital, Tandag City. During the summer months, tourists love to bask in the sun, laze on the fine and white-sand beach, and swim into its azure waters. 

This scenic beach is located in a far-flung area, making it less crowded and peaceful. Cagwait White Beach only gets busy every 24th day of June for the annual celebration of the Kaliguan Festival, where locals pay tribute to their patron saint, St. John the Baptist. 

Malamawi Beach in Basilan

Basilan is the largest and northernmost island in the Sulu archipelago situated off the southern tip of the Zamboanga peninsula in Mindanao. Its provincial capital is Isabela City, the gateway to the hidden paradise of Malamawi Beach. To get there, you only have to take a habal-habal/motorcycle and boat from Isabela Port, only less than 5KM away.

  • Browse our list of Zamboanga tours

This small inhabited island attracts locals and tourists with its raw beauty and serene vibe. Secluded away from the crowds, Malamawi Beach is a quiet spot to chill for couples and solo travelers. You may even strike a pose with the postcard-worthy beach as your backdrop. 

Shoreline of Mantigue Island

Photo by Department of Tourism

Less than 25KM away from Camiguin’s famous White Island, Mantigue Island is a protected marine sanctuary that showcases beautiful coral gardens. This 4-acre islet features an evergreen forest surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

To get there, you have to take a short boat ride from Brgy. San Roque in Mahinog town, which is only 3.5km away. There is a fishing village on the northern side of the island and a powdery coral sand beach on the opposite side. After swimming, you can rent standup paddleboards or go scuba diving across the island’s marine sanctuary.

Aerial view of Alegria Beach

Secluded from the busy crowd of General Luna, Alegria Beach is a serene and untouched white-sand beach in Siargao. It is accessible 59.8KM away from the main tourist road. Adding to its postcard-worthy view are towering coconut trees lined on the beach. 

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It has clear waters ideal for swimming, but be careful not to step on the sharp rocks in the nearby reefs. You should wear aqua shoes and go to the side where it is deep enough for you to swim.

Aerial view of  Panampangan Island

Photo by @bryehero on Instagram

Tawi-Tawi is the most secluded province in the southernmost part of Mindanao, and is located southwest of the Sulu archipelago between the Celebes Sea and the Sulu Sea. Despite being one of the farthest destinations in the Philippines, it is home to some of the most breathtaking tourist spots in the country.

  • Check out this  Tawi-tawi tour to Bud Bongao, Boloboc Cave, and Badjao Village

Many tourists are drawn to the beauty of the 3KM-long white sandbar at Panampangan Island, the longest sandbar in the Philippines. The sandbar stretches further to the neighboring Basibuli islet during low tide. Its shallow and crystal clear waters are also ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Escape to the Best White Sand Beaches in the Philippines

Aerial view of Boracay's White Beach

Being home to world-class islands and secluded beaches, the Philippines never fails to amuse first-time travelers. Many local and international tourists keep coming back to witness breathtaking sunsets, capture postcard-worthy sceneries, and visit some of the most romantic places in the Philippines . 

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While there are Philippine beaches that have gained popularity around the world, there are more unspoiled white sand beaches in the country that are yet to be discovered. Bookmark this article and start looking for the best Philippines tour packages  including vacation packages for couples  in 5 star hotels in the Philippines  and the best beach resorts in the Philippines that you can book with a Philippines travel agency for your much-awaited tropical escape.

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Philippine Information Agency

Mambajao to enhance tourist experience with accreditation, e-Map initiatives

camiguin top tourist destination

MAMBAJAO, Camiguin (PIA) — The tourism office here announced a new ordinance to accredit tourism establishments and accommodations, aligning local businesses with Department of Tourism (DOT) standards, as well as the launch of an e-map for Mambajao, which serves as a comprehensive guide for tourists and emergency assistance.

“Atong gi-project nga aduna kita’y 40 percent nga increase of tourists compared to last year nga nisulod sa atong tourist spots. Karon lang, sa atong first quarter 2024, aduna na kita’y natala nga 43,000 nga visitors,” said John Mark Aguiman, the designate tourism officer of Mambajao, during an interview on the radio program “Come Again sa Camiguin.”

(We project that we have a 40 percent increase in tourists compared to last year who entered our tourist spots. Just now, in our first quarter of 2024, we have recorded 43,000 visitors.)

Ensuring that these tourists will enjoy their stay in town, one of the key initiatives of the local government is the newly established ordinance by Sangguniang Bayan through Councilor Zita Abellare to accredit tourism establishments and accommodations. Aguiman highlighted the necessity of this move, emphasizing that accreditation aligns local businesses with regional and national standards set by the DOT.

“Sauna pa aduna na kita’y local tourism code apan didto wala gyud nataltal og ayo kung dapat ba i-accredit or dili, depende sa tag-iya. Apan karon nakita nato nga na’y need nga ipa-accredit na sila,” Aguiman added.

(Previously, we had the local tourism code, but the accreditation of tourism establishments was optional and dependent on the owner’s discretion. Now, we recognize the need for mandatory accreditation to ensure quality service.)

He clarified that DOT websites would feature accredited establishments, thereby enhancing their visibility and credibility, saying this step guarantees better service for our tourists and provides businesses with an opportunity to advertise on a broader platform.

To further boost the tourism sector, Aguiman also unveiled an innovative project initiated by Mayor Yñigo Jesus Romualdo—the creation of an e-map for Mambajao. This e-map serves dual purposes: it acts as a comprehensive guide for tourists and a critical tool during emergencies.

He said visitors can simply click on the e-map to find information on restaurants, hotels, and tourist spots in any barangay. Additionally, during emergencies, the e-map serves as a municipal disaster risk reduction and management map, offering quick access to hospital locations, clinic details, and contact numbers for ambulances and responders.

“Mao na ang gi-envision ni Mayor Yggy nga aside nga nag-smart tourism ta, naa pud atong e-tourism (That’s what Mayor Yggy envisioned; aside from doing smart tourism, we also have e-tourism),” Aguiman said.

Hearing such an initiative from the local government, Gabriel Andres, a local traveler, said, “This is a very nice plan because I think it can help tourists and visitors strategically plan their trip to the island. For tourists who want to go on a ‘back-pack’ style trip, the app is going to be helpful in navigating their way on the island, providing insights and helping them make informed decisions on where to stay, dine, and what experiences to try.”

Lawyer Abdul Pangader, a traveler, believes the e-map is a great idea that will help tourists plan their trip and navigate within the town. He added that it is helpful to know that the numbers of agencies that one will call in case of an emergency are accessible.

“It would be best if they could include other towns, not just Mambajao. To best make use of this, they should also use data intelligence to allow them to analyze tourist behavior, identify trends, and make strategic decisions based on concrete data. But for this to work as well, they need to improve cellular coverage since there are areas where the signal is very poor,” he added. 

Discussing tourism statistics, Aguiman reported that in 2022, Mambajao recorded around 31,500 visitors from various establishments. By 2023, this number had increased by 10,000, bringing the total to approximately 49,000 guests. This marks a substantial recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which had drastically reduced tourist numbers to around 5,000.

White Island saw 57,787 visitors in 2023; Ardent attracted 104,000; and Mt. Hibok-Hibok had 568 climbers, totaling 162,000 visitors to the town’s tourist spots.

Aguiman said these developments indicate a robust and growing tourism industry in Mambajao, promising a bright future for the local economy and community. (RTP/PIA-10/Camiguin)

camiguin top tourist destination

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camiguin top tourist destination

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DENR urges Abrenians to plant more trees

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430 health care workers in San Jose get emergency allowance

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National ID is now more seamless, secure, and convenient to access

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Pres. Marcos mandates ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ hymn after flag ceremonies

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Marbella - European Best Destinations 2024

1. Marbella, Spain

Marbella is the most beautiful, sunniest, and exclusive of European destinations but also part of the best Golf Destinations in Europe and one of the best destinations for gourmets or shopping addicts.  Marbella is the preferred 5-star destination for travellers in 2024 .

Wherever golfers choose to play, they will enjoy top-class golf courses, many of them with panoramic views of mountains and the Mediterranean, in addition to being able to savour post-round drinks or a meal in well-appointed clubhouses.

Take a gastronomic tour of this food-loving Andalusian city that can cater to any craving – and delivers views and vibes to boot.

With three Michelin-starred restaurants serving excellent cuisine, plus hundreds of smaller eateries dishing up everything from Mediterranean and Thai to paella and succulent local tapas, luscious food is a major part of Marbella’s allure. Moreover, with more than 300 guaranteed days of sunshine per year, al fresco dining by the beach or beneath the stars is practically guaranteed.

Marbella has everything it needs to please any most demanding traveller. Once you get a taste of the gentle way of life in Marbella, you already know that you will come back.

Don't waste time and book your flights to Malaga Airport (30 min by car), your transfer , your accommodation in Marbella as well as your activities and tours such as a " Sunset Sail in Marbella with Drinks & Snacks ".

  Best for:  5 star holidays, Golf, Wellness, Beach, Farniente, Shopping, Foodies, Outdoor Activities, Nature, Romantic Getaway, Families.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Malaga Airport and your transfer (30 min).

  Where to stay:   " Boho Club Marbella " this is our favourite 5 star hotel in Marbella, a dream place.

Monaco European Best Destinations 2024

Staying in Monaco means choosing an exceptional destination where everyone can enjoy unique and memorable experiences .

This country on a human scale reflects the perfect marriage between glamour, culture and relaxation. Renowned for its security, it will surprise you with its multiple facets and the richness of its history.

Gastronomic delights, cultural and sporting events, exceptional nightlife, shopping experiences, pampering spas… The most eclectic dreams come true are on these two square kilometres. Small in size, the possible inspirations in this territory are no less numerous.

For a romantic stay, a family trip or a getaway with friends , the diversity of the hotel offering will meet all your expectations combining comfort, refinement and excellence of service.

Explore Monaco-Ville, where the green of the gardens blends wonderfully with the blue of the Mediterranean . With its breathtaking panoramas, its Oceanographic Museum and its Prince's Palace, this district dominates Port Hercule where it is pleasant to stroll among the fishing boats and prestigious yachts, in the heart of the Principality.

Head to Place d’Armes: Riviera colours and flavours are guaranteed! Take time and taste local specialties such as barbagiuàn, socca or pissaladière.

Enter the legend and discover the legendary Place du Casino where the Café de Paris, a true institution of the Principality, and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, an iconic palace with world renown, are located. Like in a dream…

A few steps away, the Larvotto seaside complex reveals its beach , its shaded promenade, its shops and its restaurants where to relax in summer and winter with your feet in the sand.

To gain a little height, the Tête de Chien promontory stands on a terrace above the Big Blue. From there the silhouettes of the French and Italian coasts are revealed: three countries in one look . It is also the ideal place to have the Principality at your feet. A place where we give nature hope for a carbon-free future , a place where we reconcile with the sea and its species by offering them unique development conditions in the world.

Enjoy the enchanting Monegasque setting in all circumstances. Monaco makes any experience unique. So unique that no one can claim to have experienced it anywhere else. The Principality of Monaco is undoubtedly like nowhere else .

  Best for:  Safety, Foodies, Culture, Shopping, Nightlife, Wellness, Sports events, Sustainable tourism, Romantic getaway, Family.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights    to Nice  and your transfer.

  Where to stay:  The “ Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo ” palace features an American-style piano bar and 2 Michelin star restaurants with views of the famous Place du Casino.

The “ Columbus Monte-Carlo ” boutique hotel features a bar, a restaurant with terrace, a fitness room and access to an outdoor swimming pool.

Malta European Best Destinations 2024

This year explore more   wonders . Malta, Gozo and Comino offer stretches of countryside and stunning coastlines that are

just waiting to be explored!

Explore more beauties ! Wherever you go in Malta , the scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. The colours a striking honey-coloured stone facing the deepest of Mediterranean blues.

Explore more flavours ! From cuisine and fine wines to architecture and adventure, you’ll find the best of the Mediterranean here in Malta.

Explore more calm . With such a fantastically favourable climate and an astonishing array of underwater sites, it’s easy to see why Malta is consistently voted one of the best diving destinations in the World! Malta has also wellness and spa facilities at the luxury hotels and club resorts. 

Explore more possibilities , Malta is holidaying as the mood takes you. And with near year-round sun, you can indulge in outdoor living at its best. 

Explore more stories . Malta’s culture is a unique blend of influences from various civilizations that have inhabited the islands over thousands of years, from the prehistoric megalithic people, to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Knights of St. John.

Explore more freedom, Malta is your European Best LGBTQ+ destination and #1 on the Rainbow Europe Map For 7 years running. And, if this were not enough, there are the other two islands - Gozo and Comino - which can be a pleasant change of scene during your stay on the mainland or alternative destinations in themselves.

Book your flights to Malta as well as your accommodation in Malta and your activities and tours in Malta , such  as a “ Malta: Gozo & Comino Islands, Blue Lagoon & Seacaves Tour " and stay in one of the  Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2024 ! 

  Best for:    Nature Lovers, Families, Wellness, Calm, Freedom, Wine lovers, Culture, Romantic Getaway, History Buffs, Foodies, Beach lovers,  LGBTQ+. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to  Malta and  your transfer .

  Where to stay:      " Hyatt Regency Malta " located in St Julian's, 1km from Balluta Beach.

European Best Destinations 2024 - Geneva

4. Geneva, Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Geneva offers an array of unforgettable experiences amid its unique setting. Surrounded by awe-inspiring nature, the city hugs the tip of the largest alpine lake in Western Europe, with the majestic Alps and the Jura mountains in the backdrop. Rolling vineyards and countryside envelop the city, dotted with picturesque villages, where nature is everywhere.

As the second-largest city in Switzerland, Geneva boasts a captivating mix of historical charm and a vibrant cultural scene. Les Nations proudly hosts the European Headquarters of the United Nations , while Les Eaux-Vives invites visitors to witness the iconic Jet d’eau and enjoy a lively beach ambiance .

Beyond its diplomatic significance, Geneva is steeped in rich heritage, celebrated through its world-renowned watchmaking and a delectable chocolate tradition. Discovering Geneva is a journey through the biggest Old Town in Switzerland, dining in top-notch restaurants, and indulging in a plethora of outdoor activities . The city consistently exceeds expectations, offering a magical experience in every season. Recent additions to its attractions include the family-friendly Science Getaway, the inviting Eaux-Vives public beach, and the indulgent Choco Pass a selfguided chocolate tour. Geneva is truly a vibrant city that seamlessly blends tradition with modern delights, ensuring every visit is a remarkable and dynamic experience.

Book your flights , your accommodation in Geneva as well as your tours & activities in Geneva and stay in one of the  Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2024.

  Best for:  Green City Break, Wine Lovers, Shopping,  All-Year Round Events, Exclusive Destination, Outdoor Sport, Star-Awarded Cuisine, Chocolate lovers.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to  Geneva and your transfer .

  Where to stay:  " CitizenM Geneva ". This hotel has an excellent location score.

Batumi - European Best Destinations 2024

5. Batumi, Adjara Region, Georgia

Batumi is amongst the trendiest destination of 2024 . Forget Barcelona and Berlin , Batumi is so much more surprising, more exciting, more affordable and more exotic.

History rubs shoulders with modernity, the cosmopolitan city rubs shoulders with untouched nature in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, the Adjara Region.  For lazy days on the beach , for an exciting nightlife , for a romantic stay , with friends, with family, for wellness or the culinary riches of this region rich in flavours, Batumi is a real sensory journey, a unique and unforgettable destination in the world.

Adjara Region is an extraordinary destination for a stay off the beaten track and it offers the best of Europe with affordable prices and well-preserved authenticity. Due to its all-year-round subtropical and mild climate , Batumi is distinguished by its remarkably green natural environment. Batumi has a 19th-century Botanical Garden rich in rare species and the city is surrounded by three National Parks recently recognized by UNESCO as World’s Natural Heritage sites.

The architecture of the city was shaped and designed by European architects in the 19th century when Batumi became a port city called “Porto Franco” (freeport). Batumi is home to diverse cultures and religions , where Christian Orthodox, Catholic, or Armenian churches, mosques, and synagogues have lived in harmony throughout the centuries, a way of life we would do well to emulate today.

Batumi has a splendid mix of beautiful scenery of sea and high mountains , ancient cultural monuments, monasteries, mediaeval arch bridges, beautiful lakes, and authentic villages to travel back in time.

Nowadays, Batumi with its cutting-edge architecture, European-style squares and streets, world-class brand hotels and old city cafes has turned into a cultural hub which often hosts major regional events, international artists, art exhibitions and world sports championships. In addition to a legendary hospitality, Batumi’s offers excellent wines and mostly undiscovered cuisine.

Indeed, for a sensory journey , Batumi is the destination to put at the top of your travel wish list in 2024 .

  Best for:  Foodies, Wine lovers,  History Buffs, Architecture, Beaches, Nature, Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Biking, Water sport, Shopping.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Batumi.

  Where to stay:  " Sheraton Batumi ". This 5-star hotel is located in Batumi City Center. It has a spa area with indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Riga European Best Destinations 2023

6. Riga, Latvia

In 2024 visit the most cosmopolitan of the Baltic capitals, Riga , the capital of Latvia, is a modern city with a historical heart that offers a spectacular variety of natural, culinary and cultural charms.

Exploring the best places in Riga will give you a definitive answer to the question of why Riga is worth visiting. Riga Old town has UNESCO World Heritage status. The historical center holds many winding paths and well-hidden streets to rediscover the Old Town Riga upon every visit. It is surrounded by Romanticism, Gothic and Baroque testimonials that refresh the views of the modern city. 

Pedantic luxury of the rich building facades can be admired for a long time at Art Nouveau district because about a third of the houses in the city center are genuine pearls of this style.  Architecture, theaters, art galleries , outdoor events are only a small part of the whole cultural pie that can be tasted in Riga. The luxurious Opera House, various music halls, independent cinemas, and contemporary art scene are among the brightest cultural offerings.  

At the end of 2023 Latvia and Riga joined exclusive Michelin guide family, earing it's first star. In Riga you can find cozy cafes or fancy restaurants on every corner in the city center. Food menus there consist of combinations of local and world cuisine flavors, emphasizing seasonal and locally available products. Whether it is a restaurant with white tablecloths or a place to grab a coffee and some vegan bread, it is evident that Riga likes to eat and enjoy food. And let's not forget about the drinks! Riga is home to the best coffee roasters in the Baltics , thus finding a decent cup of Joe in the city is not a problem. The same applies for a glass of beer, as there are a quite a few of home-grown breweries that take their IPA’ s and lagers very seriously.

Despite the remarkable age of 822, Riga is far from feeling old. The city's youthful spirit is best enjoyed at one of the street food festivals or other creative and urban events held throughout the year. But if you want to get more adventurous and closer to the nature, you just have to spend only thirty minutes from the city center to the beach , districts surrounded by forests and fresh sea air, walking along the pier - unique proximity to nature with breathtaking landscapes that you can enjoy here in Riga. Almost everything nature has to offer is just a short drive away.

  Best for:  Foodies, Art Nouveau Lovers, Art Scene, Nature & Culture City Break, Romantic Getaway, Outdoor sport. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Riga. 

  Where to stay:   " Hilton Garden Inn ". This hotel has an excellent score location.

Madeira european-best-destinations-2024

7. Madeira, Portugal

You don’t have to travel a long way to find the ideal holiday destination. There are endless reasons for visiting Madeira , one of your Best Destinations to Visit in 2024 .

In addition to its stunning scenery and luxuriant mountains, this archipelago offers a mild climate all year round, a warm welcome, peace, safety and security . 

To really get to know Madeira, climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy fantastic, breathtaking views or follow the trails and paths in the Laurissilva Forest along more than 1,400 km of Levadas (irrigation channels or aqueducts) in a unique encounter with the island’s soul.

Feel the energy flowing from the cosmopolitan ambiance of Funchal’s streets and purchase some of the famous Madeira embroidery, wine or wickerwork.

Take a tour around the island, stopping off on the way to admire the landscape or to enjoy a traditional gastronomic delicacy. For more energetic visitors there is scuba-diving, surfing, windsurfing or jet-skiing, whereas romantics may prefer a wonderful sailboat trip along the coast to enjoy the sunset.

But to make this your dream holiday, you really must spend some time on the paradisiacal island of Porto Santo 40 km from Madeira, only 15 minutes by plane or 2h30 on ferry. Known as the “golden island”, Porto Santo is blessed with a 9 km long fine, unpolluted sandy beach washed by a clear, calm sea - all you need for a perfect stay.

Discover these enchanted islands… happiness is so near!

Book your flights to Funchal Airport, your transfer , your accommodation as well as your activities and tours in Madeira , such as a " Madeira: Food and Wine Walking Tour ".

  Best for:  Nature Lovers, Foodies, Surf, Instragrammers, Outdoor Sport,  Safety.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to  Funchal Airport and  your transfer .

  Where to stay:    the luxurious " Belmond Reid's Palace " with 3 swimming pools and direct access to oceanic waters.

European Best Destinations 2024  - Florence

8. Florence, Italy

Like Rome , Venice or Paris , Florence is an open-air museum; it is in Florence that you will encounter Michelangelo’s sublime David at the Uffizi Gallery and even Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus" .

In one of your European Best Destinations 2024 you can also admire the facades of the awe-inspiring basilicas and cathedrals that form its unmistakable skyline, and see the lavish palaces that tell the story of the different periods of the city's history: from the birthplace of the Renaissance to the capital of Italy , all the way through to the first half of the twentieth century when Florence became a hub for the avant-garde.

When you visit Florence's museums and see the works housed in them, you are not just delving into the history of a city and its treasures. Rather, you are recognizing the cultural imaginary that has contributed to the creation of Western civilization as we know it, laying the foundations for the aesthetic, educational, scientific, culinary, political and artistic principles that surround us today.

Florence is also a romantic, gourmet, astonishing city , which can be discovered on foot, with no other plans than to wander around and be able to marvel. Florence is much more than a historic centre, it is also excursions into the surrounding nature and the Tuscan villages where great vineyards such as Rufina, Pontassieve and Pelago await you.

This year discover Florence, one of the European Best Destinations 2024, the art and history capital of the world.

Book your flights to Florence, your transfer , your accommodation in Florence as well as your activities and tours , such as a " Florence: Uffizi Gallery, David & Accademia Small Group Tour ".

  Where to stay:  the “ Portrait Firenze ” is 30m from the famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge.”

European Best Destinations 2024 - London

9. London, United Kingdom

With the Paris Olympic Games due to be held in 2024, you will head for the capital of love only if what you like are crowds and sport, otherwise London is a far better choice.

London offers a multitude of different atmospheres and neighbourhoods like Carnaby for shopping , Notting Hill for a romantic stroll, Portobello for the flea market, Camden for the punk and libertarian spirit, the West End Theatre District and its legendary musicals or even the gay and sparkling district of Soho, Chinatown, emblematic places like Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Shard, Kew Gardens and great parks such as Greenwich Park and Hyde Park:  all of them excellent reasons to visit London in 2024 .

During your stay, don't miss out on the Best Hidden Gems in England as well as the Best Castles in England and Best Beaches in England for a total English experience and a thoroughly unforgettable stay.

Book your flights to London, your transfer , your accommodation in London as well as your tours & activities in London as a " London: The London Eye Entry Ticket ".  

This year, more than ever, the crown for best offbeat city break goes to London , the capital of abundance.

  Best for:  City Break, Shopping, LGBTQ+, Musicals, Culture, Families, Lovers, Foodies. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to London and your transfer . 

  Where to stay:    " Shangri-La The Shard, London " offers 5-star luxury and breathtaking views of the capital and beyond.

Reykjavik european-best-destinations-2024

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

Capital of Iceland, land of the Vikings, Reykjavik  is one of your Best Destinations to visit in Europe in 2024 . Itis renowned for the exceptional environment which surrounds it such as its volcanoes, hills, blue lagoon or even for its sublime church "Hallgrimskirkja" from which each year one is taken of the most beautiful fireworks in Europe.

With some 130,000 inhabitants, Reykjavik is the most human-sized European capital, which does not prevent it from having an incredible cultural life, a vibrant nightlife, a large associative and sporting fabric and an exceptional music scene. A city to restart, recharge, refuel, Reykjavik offers experiences only to be lived in Reykjavik.

If you like good food, Reykjavik has an incredible range of local and international cuisine. During a food walk you can discover the country's specialties (notably seafood and lamb or fermented shark). 

Come in August to celebrate Gay Pride, Reykjavik is proud to raise the LGTBQ+ colours every year since 1999, showing the whole world that even the most virile vikings know how to have fun and are open-minded.

For vegetarians and vegans, have no fear, Reykjavik offers more than 40 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, some of which are even cat bars.

For a marginal city break combining nature, gastronomy, wellness, Reykjavik the perfect destination for open-minded travellers who love wide open spaces and non-standardized destinations.

Book your flights to Reykjavik as well as your accommodation and your activities & tours in Reykjavik and visit one of the Best Destinations in Europe 2024 . .

  Best for:  Nature Lovers, LGBTQ+, Instragrammers, Outdoor Sport,  Foodies, Nightlife.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to Reykjavik  and  your transfer .

  Where to stay:    " Tower Suites Reykjavik ". Stylish Suites Located in Central Reykjavik.

Cap Ferret  European Best Destinations 2024

11. Lège-Cap-Ferret, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

Lège-Cap-Ferret is like a Proust madeleine reminiscent of real holidays. Simplicity, sharing, an open-air market, an impromptu concert, new friends met during a bike ride, an aperitif on the beach , this is the South-West and its legendary conviviality .

Leave your tourist rental or hotel and take a walk or bike ride. Join the nearby café, visit the lighthouse and admire the Pilat dune, the largest dune in Europe. Taste oysters in the neighbouring oyster village or take a short sea trip with an oyster farmer.

Here everything has the great taste of summer holidays , from the freshness of fish to mouth-watering ice cream or the white wine accompanying your seafood. Here there are no shopping centres, just a small boulevard lined with fashion boutiques with their pretty dresses and linen shirts to bring home as souvenirs of an unforgettable holiday in the South-West of France.

The Arcachon Bay is a jewel of European tourism once prized by the nobility for the quality of its pure air (sea air and pine air combined). The Arcachon basin offers an incredible architectural heritage and beautiful villas in different architectural styles. The most recent constructions truly embrace nature and give this magical place the appearance of a Robinson Crusoe island , with added comfort and conviviality.

Cap-Ferret, a destination which the French would prefer to keep to themselves, is not yet well known to the international traveller; you can only be seduced by this lifestyle combining simplicity, good food and conviviality.

For holidays with family, couples or friends, where true luxury is time, nature and horizons, book your flights to Bordeaux (1h by car), your accommodation in Cap Ferret or Arcachon , as well as your activities and tours , such as a " Cap-Ferret with Oysters Tasting ".

  Best for:  Robinson Crusoe Holidays, Beach Lovers, Families, Food Lovers, Sunny Holidays, Digital Detox.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Bordeaux (1h by car).

  Where to stay:  " La Cabane du Ferret ". Featuring a sun terrace and a swimming pool.

Siena European Best Destinations 2024

12. Siena, Italy

This year get off the beaten track and travel through time. Stay in the heart of Tuscany, probably one of the most beautiful regions of Italy . In addition to Siena, it is an area rich in medieval villages, breathtaking landscapes, historic buildings with much to offer: walks in nature, wine tasting, enjoying olive oils and delicious local products.

Surrounded by nature, Siena is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy :  its historic centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. One could come to Siena for the beauty of the "Piazza del Campo" alone when it hosts a spectacular horse race in July and August.

Climb to the top of the "Torre del Mangia" one of the symbols of Siena and admire the Piazza and the whole city from above. If you are an art enthusiast, be sure to visit the Palazzo Pubblico. It houses masterpieces of Siena's art golden age. Not far from Siena, you can discover Buonconvento, the most beautiful village in Italy , Monticiano and its natural reserves or Rapolano Terme with the best spas in Italy.

Much more than a trip, it is an experience. Stroll through Siena, a city that will please everyone, a romantic destination made for lovers of art, theatre, nature, foodies and families. Siena is a perfect choice for a holiday combining city break and nature getaway, far from the tourist crowds of Florence, Rome or Milan.

Book your flights to Florence (1h by car), your accommodation in Tuscany as well as your activities and tours in Tuscany , such as a " From Florence: Tuscany Day Trip with Lunch at Chianti Winery ".

  Best for:  History Buffs, Romantic Getaway, Short Breaks, Foodies, Instagrammers, Families, Art Lovers, Nature. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to  Florence (1h by car). and  your transfer .

  Where to stay:     " Il Giardino di Pantaneto Residenza d'Epoca ". This property has a garden and city views. 

Ponza Italy European Best Destinations 2024

13. Ponza Island - Italy

This small Italian island of a few thousand inhabitants will be your favourite destination this year 2024 .

This Eden, with an area of only 7km2, is located off the coasts of Rome and Naples and was until recently a well- kept secret by the richest Italian families.

Ponza, for the oldest among us, will remind us of Saint Tropez in the 60s and 70s with its festive atmosphere, simplicity, colour, meetings, cocktails, designer boutiques, coves and beaches.

The best way to enjoy the island is to rent a boat or take a water taxi and discover the most beautiful coves and beaches of Ponza but also its caves and natural pools such as the natural pool of Cala Feola to the West of Ponza. Do you like the views? You will enjoy superb panoramas from the top of the cliffs of Ponza such as the Maria Rosa Cliffs.

Come and taste the fish of the day at “Da Enzo al Frontone” also nicknamed “Solo a Vela” because this restaurant is only accessible by boat from the port. Finally, don't forget that you are in Italy, it would be sacrilege not to end your meal with an Italian ice cream . The Bar Gelateria Panoramica is located in the port of Ponza and it is one of the best ice cream parlours on the island:  its strawberry sorbet is a delight!

Ponza is magical at any time of the year but if you can take your holiday in September (until mid-October) it is certainly the best time of the year to discover Ponza.

Book your flights to Rome, your accommodation in Ponza as well as your activities & tours , such as a " From Rome: Ponza Island Day Trip with Boat Excursion ".

  Best for:  Secluded Island Holidays, Beach Lovers, Instagrammers, Ice Cream Lovers, Families, Sun Seekers.

  Nearest airport:   B ook your flights to  Rome, take the ferry at Anzio Porto direction Ponza (1h30 car + ferry from Rome, 2h50 if you land in Naples Airport).

  Where to stay:  " Hotel Chiaia Di Luna " set on the cliffs of Ponza.

European Best Destinations 2024 - Porto-Vecchio

14. Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France

This year, more than ever, you want destinations of rare beauty but also exclusive destinations far from the crowds . Porto-Vecchio is the perfect choice for this. Imagine a destination with a 16th century Genoese citadel, a great marina, a few yachts and fishing boats, shops, bars, restaurants…  You will find some of the most beautiful beaches in France like Santa Giulia and its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand, or even Palombaggia and its umbrella pines to rest in the shade under their sweet scent. 

In Porto-Vecchio you have the charm of an old Croatian or Montenegrin town with the beauty of a Tahitian lagoon a few kilometres away. You will discover the Corsican identity, which is neither France, nor Italy, nor a mixture of the two, but a uniquely Corsican feel to be appreciated with humility and respect just as the Corsicans do.

Porto-Vecchio is the promise of an unforgettable gastronomic, cultural and visual experience . Are you stiff from too much lazing at the beach? Meet the winegrowers, the women and men who cultivate the land to give you wines of character. Too much sun? Immerse yourself in the heart of the maquis and be transported by the smell of Mediterranean plants, unless it is the beautiful heritage of Porto-Vecchio that thrills you, its Genoese citadels, Romanesque chapels or prehistoric villages. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing, sporting, gastronomic, oenological, cultural holiday, with family, friends or as a couple, Porto-Vecchio is the guarantee of an unforgettable vacation. It is for this reason that Porto-Vecchio is truly one of the best European destinations 2024 .

Book your flights to Figari Airport (30 min by car), your transfer, your accommodation in Porto-Vecchio as well as your activities and tours in Porto-Vecchio , such as a " Porto Vecchio: South Corsica Cruise and Snorkelling Day Trip ".

  Best for:  Nature Lovers, Outdoor Sport, Sustainable Tourism, Beach Lovers, Water Sport,  Gastronomy, Hiking, Families, History Buffs. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to  Figari Airport (30 min by car). 

  Where to stay:   " Domaine Santa Giulia Palace ". The modern apartments are part of a domain situated in a 10-hectare park. They are between 400 and 800 metres from Santa Giulia Beach.

Champagne Wine Region European Best Destinations 2024

15. Champagne Wine Region, France

For many years, the Champagne Wine Region has become a popular destination for travellers looking for unique experiences combining gastronomy, wellness, outdoor activities, heritage , and… champagne! The landscapes of the Champagne vineyards are magnificent at any time of the year with their colour variations ranging from light green to fiery red in autumn. Here, nature rolls as far as the eye can see and unveils for you the secret of the wine of kings: Champagne !

From Epernay to Dormans, villages located along the meanders of the Marne, you will visit a unique land in the world where more than 200 million bottles of champagne rest, nestled in more than 100 km of galleries dug in the chalk. 

During your stay, don't forget to board the tethered balloon to enjoy a glass of champagne and a 360-degree view of the Champagne vineyards. Other villages in Champagne are also worth discovering, such as Hautvillers, the cradle of Champagne and known worldwide for the famous "Dom Pérignon" champagne. Also, don't miss Reims, the capital of Champagne wines, its famous Champagne houses such as "Demoiselle", "Taittinger"and "Veuve-Cliquot" and also its spectacular cathedral. 

This year, just 1.5 hours from Paris, take off for new emotions by discovering the Marne Valley and the Champagne wine region one of the Best Destinations in Europe for lovers .

Book your flights to Paris (1h30 from Reims) your accommodation in Champagne , as well as your activities and tours , such as a " Champagne and Family-Run Wineries Tour ".

  Best for:  Foodies, Wellness, Heritage, Champagne Lovers, Romantic Getaway.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights   to Paris (1h30 by car or train). and  your transfer .

  Where to stay:   “ Domaine les Crayères ”: this 5-star hotel has a garden, a terrace and a restaurant.

European Best Destinations 2024 - Faroe Islands

16. Faroe Islands

An autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroes are an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean to put at the top of your travel wish-list in 2024 .

Formerly the private turf of a few travellers passionate about ornithology or hiking, the Faroes today attract travellers looking for authenticity, preserved nature , spectacular landscapes, sometimes dramatic, steep cliffs populated by thousands of sea birds or from which spring fountains flow into the sea.

Today very well connected by road tunnel, ferry, bridge and roads, you will not miss anything of the Faroes during your stay in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Still having trouble figuring out where this archipelago is located? Let's say between the tip of Scotland and Iceland to keep it simple. This gives you an idea of the climate. If you like extreme conditions, come in winter, otherwise come in spring or summer. The Faroes can be summed up in a slogan "Discover the islands, discover yourself".

Discovering the Faroes is discovering a destination which has experienced isolation for centuries and has therefore preserved its traditions, authenticity and natural habitat. Eighteen mountainous islands are waiting for you, are you ready?

Book your flights to Vagar Airport (1h20 by car), your accommodation in the Faroes and your tours and activities in Faroe Islands  such as a " Guided boat tour ".

  Best for:  Nature Lovers, Hiking, Birdwatching, Foodies, Instragrammers.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Vagar Airport.

  Where to stay:   " The View " is a sustainable holiday home in Bour.

European Best Destinations 2024 - Sirmione

17. Sirmione, Lombardy, Italy

  Best for:  Romantic Getaway, Family Holidays, Active Holidays, Nature Lovers. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Milan Bergamo Airport (2h by car).

  Where to stay:   " Olivi Hotel & Natural Spa ". Surrounded by olive groves on the Sirmione Peninsula.

Piran European Best Destinations 2024

18. Piran, Slovenia

Piran is probably the most beautiful little town in Europe and in any case the most photogenic destination in Europe. Piran is located in Istria, a region renowned for its vineyards, its gastronomy close to Italian gastronomy (oh these truffles!) and also for the beauty of its crystal-clear waters and nature.

Piran is, along with Portoroz and Koper, one of the few seaside resorts in Slovenia and probably the most beautiful one. City of love , Piran will seduce you with its narrow town streets, the beauty of its facades and the picture sights of the Slovenian Mediterranean.

Discover the Venetian architecture, the ancient city walls, the Monastery of St Francis and participate in the harvest of the famous Piran fleur de sel. This medieval city has it all:  dive into the underwater world with your family or discover that the stars are also visible in broad daylight at the wonderful Pira aquarium.

Take an E-Bike to discover the Slovenian Coast on a tour that combines local cuisine and beautiful beaches or try homemade premium extra virgin olive oil in the small village of Marezige. You can even take a "Mediterranean Fish Cooking Workshop with Irena Fonda" (not Jane Fonda's sister) in her magnificent garden. She will turn you in no time into an expert in preparing fish and other seafood.

Piran is the perfect destination for unforgettable gastronomic, oenological, cultural and sensory experiences .

During your stay, don't forget the other towns in Istria such as Motovun and Rovinj in Croatia or, of course, the amazing Slovenian capital Ljubljana (1h by car); you can also treat yourself to a day trip to Venice facing the beautiful town of Piran.

Book your flights to Ljubljana (1h), Rijeka (2h) or Venice (2h) as well as your accommodation in Piran and your activities and tours , such as a " Piran: E-Bike rental ".

  Best for:  Foodies, Instagrammers, Nature Lovers, Wine Lovers, Water Sport, Biking, Hiking, Families. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to  Ljubljana (1h), Rijeka (2h) or Venice (2h)

  Where to stay:   " Hotel Piran ". That property has a restaurant and a terrace.

Newquay - European Best Destinations 2024

19. Newquay, Cornwall

In 2024, discover Newquay, one of the best destinations to visit in Europe and one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the UK. Also awarded the title of Best family Holiday Destination in England , Newquay is often compared to Biarritz in the South-West of France , or to a city in Australia, with its feet in the ocean.

This city is a real invitation to surfing , relaxation and conviviality around a shared meal or an impromptu concert.

Newquay is also a perfect destination for a romantic getaway in Cornwall. With its many spa hotels and à la carte restaurants , Newquay is an ideal destination for a stay with your loved one.

You can also treat yourself to a getaway to the countryside in a cosy lodge with hot tub and log burner.  An introduction to surfing is one of the many activities to be experienced: Newquay is the surfing capital of England . There are many surf schools if you want to learn or simply rent equipment. Newquay also offers other activities like golf, bike riding, go-karts and many more. If you are travelling with family, don't miss a visit to the "Trenance Valley": there is a free play park with slides, the Newquay Zoo, a miniature railway, a swimming pool and the star of the moment, a trampoline park.

For families, long-term friends looking for a place to get together or for lovers, there is everything you dream of for a holiday that suits you in Newquay.

Book your flights to Plymouth (1h by car), your accommodation in Newquay as well as your tours and activities in Cornwall such as a " Newquay: Introduction to Surfing Lesson ".

  Best for:   Surfing, Friends, Romantic Getaway, Outdour Sport, Families. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Plymouth.

  Where to stay:   " Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa ". This adults- only hotel and spa boasts a bar and a restaurant.

Thassos Greece European Best Destinations 2024

20. Thassos, North Aegean Sea, Greece

We all want to go to Greece but where exactly? Athens or Santorini ? These two destinations are often classified as overtourism destinations where you are more likely to come across another tourist than a local.

Imagine an island with deserted beaches, a little corner of lost paradise that the Greeks prefer to keep for themselves and where you can enjoy delicious mezze for a few euros in typical cafés. Add to that a natural lagoon, Marble Beach which contrasts with the turquoise blue of the water, and a warm welcome from the locals.

There are only very, very good reasons to visit Thassos, one of your best European destinations in 2024 .

Have a few lazy days at the beach, then climb the mountains to meet the inhabitants of Panagia or Kazavati. They will welcome you with open arms.

Thassos is an adventure, don't hesitate to rent a 4x4 to wander through its wild and untouched nature and do not miss anything of this earthly paradise.

Take your flights to Athens, then a domestic flight to Kavala and the ferry to the island. Alternate lazy days with days of discovery in the mountains, restaurants, trendy bars, visits to authentic villages, meeting people and sharing unforgettable moments.

  Best for:  Nature lovers, Hikers, Foodies, Families, Beach Lovers, Instagrammers, Sun Seekers.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights   to  Athens + a domestic flight to Kavala and take the Ferry to Keramoti (30 min).

  Where to stay:   " Hotel Sirines ".  Featuring a swimming pool with hot tub and pool snack bar, it is situated just 250 metres from the beach. 

camiguin top tourist destination

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camiguin top tourist destination

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An aerial view of Karpathos and the surrounding sea


25 breathtaking places and experiences for 2023

Looking for your next adventure? You’ll find it on our annual list of the world’s best destinations for travelers.

Travel inspiration is everywhere you look. The question is where to go next. Here’s our annual list of superlative destinations for the year ahead—places filled with wonder, rewarding to travelers of all ages, and supportive of local communities and ecosystems. Reported by our global editors and framed by five categories ( Community , Nature , Culture , Family , and Adventure ), these 25 destinations for 2023 are under the radar, ahead of the curve, and ready for you to start exploring.

Community: Where conservation benefits everyone

A man visits and leans on the Profitis Ilias chapel overlooking the sea

Discover Karpathos, Greece, a surprising and sublime spot in the Dodecanese Islands , where women-led ventures are leading the charge in sustainable tourism. Spend a long weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin , a vibrant Great Lakes city that celebrates its cultural community as much as its breweries. Experience how long-held traditions and contemporary perspectives intersect, with Indigenous tourism outfitters in Alberta, Canada . Board a new high-speed train that makes lesser known regions of Laos accessible to tourists and brings economic opportunities to locals. Head to Ghana to explore Black heritage and hang out with a fashion-forward crowd in the capital, Accra. ( Learn more about how these Best of the World destinations support their communities. )

Nature: Escapes to wild, beautiful places

A zebra herd exits a deep spillway on the Selinda Reserve

Marvel at the biodiversity of Botswana —as well as the programs to rehabilitate endangered species, create wildlife corridors, and develop community-owned tourism projects. Linger in the   Scottish Highlands , where a rewilding movement is aiming to restore the original landscape and native flora and fauna. In Slovenia , a longtime leader in sustainable tourism, set off on new gastrotourism biking routes that visit farms, vineyards, cheesemakers, and other food producers. Big Bend National Park   brings to life the frontier legend of Texas—but the landscape will also surprise you. In the Azores ,   applaud   award-winning sustainability programs that conserve the natural wonders of this volcanic archipelago known for whale watching and thermal springs.   ( Delve into our best destinations for nature lovers. )

Culture: Places where history and heritage rule

Portrait of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Megahed, Egyptian Archaeologist, inside the tomb of Khoi in Djedkare Cemetery at the Archaeological Area in Saqqara

Visit King Tut’s new home in Egypt at Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum and see Luxor’s Avenue of the Sphinxes. Tap into the creative energy of Asia’s top film festival and sip craft beer in Busan, South Korea , the nation’s second largest city. Make a pilgrimage through history along Italy’s Appian Way , Europe’s ancient “superhighway.” Explore culture and history—with a side of Low Country cuisine—at the International African American Museum in Charleston, South Caroli na . See one of the world’s largest assemblages of stone statues at Longmen Grottoes , a UNESCO World Heritage site in Henan Province, China.   ( Here’s how to visit these Best of the World destinations .)

Family: Inspiring journeys for all ages

A train in Switzerland runs on the track along the coast through the wine country

In Switzerland , ride the rails to quaint Alpine towns for chocolate, hiking, and skiing. Help save the turtles in Trinidad & Tobago , one of the most important leatherback turtle rookeries in the world. In San Francisco, California ,   gather around a campfire with Golden Gate views at Presidio Tunnel Tops and hike the urban Crosstown Trail.   Go birdwatching in the avian paradise that is Colombia , the enchanted land of Disney’s Encanto.   Visit the playing grounds of a storied soccer team in Manchester, England —and be inspired by the city’s art scene as well.   ( Explore more of these family-friendly destinations .)

Adventure: Adrenaline-pumping outdoor excursions  

Aerial view of the Hanan zone (high) and the hurin zone (low) of the Choquequirao arqueological center

Trek to Choquequirao, Peru ,   an isolated Inca site that’s under the radar—but soon to be more accessible. In New Zealand , the country that invented bungee jumping, rekindle your sense of adventure post-pandemic. Get your adrenaline rush in less visited areas of the popular adventure state of Utah . In Austria , hike the cross-country Bergsteigerdörfer network of mountaineering villages to sample local culture. Finally, add Revillagigedo National Park, Mexico , to your itinerary. Its protected waters, supported by National Geographic’s Pristine Seas initiative, hold one of the largest aggregations of sharks and manta rays in the world.   ( Dive deeper into these adventure trips. )

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The best places to visit in Canada from cosmopolitan cities to the Rockies

Bianca Bujan

Apr 11, 2024 • 10 min read

camiguin top tourist destination

Experience the best of Canada with these top places to visit © Hero Images / Getty Images

Visitors to Canada are equally as wowed by the wildlife and wilderness as they are by the cultural and culinary offerings in the cities that speckle this sprawling nation.

Look for polar bears on the arctic tundra of Churchill or cruise Vancouver’s curvy coastline in a canoe while gawking at the city skyline. Feast on five-star fusion cuisine in Toronto, or take in a street-side jam session in Montréal. 

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning to experience something new, these are the best places to go in Canada. But you'll have to plan your trip ahead because this is the world’s second-largest country – you can’t see it all in just one go.

Best for diversity

A vibrant jumble of cultures and neighborhoods , Toronto strikes you with sheer urban awe. Will you have dinner in Chinatown or Greektown? Five-star fusion or a peameal bacon sandwich? In Ontario ’s coolest city, designer shoes from Bloor-Yorkville are accessorized with tattoos in Queen West, while modern art galleries, theater par excellence, rocking band rooms, and hockey mania round out the megalopolis.

This is far and away Canada’s most diverse city, as well as its largest – about half of Toronto’s residents were born in another country.

Local tip : Snap a photo of the CN Tower  (one of the top spots to visit in Toronto ). For an added thrill: check out Edgewalk, where you can shuffle around the tower’s perimeter while taking in unparalleled city views.

A couple ride bikes with fat tires over a snowy track by a lake in a moutainous area

2. The Canadian Rockies 

Best for mountain views

The sawtooth, snow-topped mountains straddling the British Columbia — Alberta border inspire both awe and action. Five national parks – Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Waterton Lakes and Jasper – offer countless opportunities to delve into the lush wilderness with ribbons of hiking trails , rushing whitewater and powdery ski slopes to satisfy travelers looking for mountain thrills. 

This is one of the best places to visit in Canada in winter , but there is outdoor adventure aplenty during the summer months, too.

Planning tip: For a different perspective, take the train and experience the grandeur from the comfort of your seat: luminous lakes, jumbles of wildflowers and glistening glaciers glide by as the steel cars chug up mountain passes and down river valleys en route to points east or west.

Wondering where locals go in Canada? Check out some of our writers' favorite spots .

3. Manitoulin Island

Best for Canada’s First Nations culture

The largest freshwater island in the world, floating right in Lake Huron’s midst, Manitoulin is a slowpoke place of beaches and summery cottages. Jagged expanses of white quartzite and granite outcroppings edge the shoreline and lead to shimmering vistas. First Nations culture pervades, and the island’s eight communities collaborate to offer local foods (wild rice, corn soup) and eco-adventures (canoeing, horseback riding, hiking). Powwows add drumming, dancing and storytelling to the mix for immersive experiences that connect you with the people and the land of the country that we now know as Canada.

A crossing at Downtown Vancouver where cars wait at the traffic lights and people cross the road during the day with snow-capped mountains across the strait in the background.

4. Vancouver 

Best for urban life with access to nature

Sea-to-sky beauty surrounds the laid-back, cocktail-loving metropolis of Vancouver . There are skiable mountains on the outskirts, beaches fringing the coast and Stanley Park ’s thick rainforest just steps from downtown’s gleaming skyscrapers.

For the best of both worlds, pick up provisions and a cold beer and picnic at one of the amazing city parks (it’s legal to drink alcohol at most of them during the summer). 

Shop and stroll through the diverse and charming neighborhoods – you may even spot a celebrity along the way. Known as “Hollywood North,” Vancouver is the filming location for many TV and film productions shot throughout the year.

Planning tip: With its mild climate and beautiful beaches , Vancouver is definitely one of the best places in Canada to visit in summer.

5. Baffin Island

Best for Inuit art and incredible landscapes

The rugged landscape of Baffin Island is home to cloud-scraping mountains and a third of Nunavut’s human population. It’s Canada’s largest island (the fifth biggest in the world) and the ideal place for an arctic safari where you can spot narwhals, belugas and bears in their natural habitat. The island’s crown jewel is Auyuittuq National Park – its name means “the land that never melts,” and indeed glaciers, fjords and vertiginous cliffs fill the eastern expanse. The park is a siren call for hardcore hikers and climbers – and more than a few polar bears.

Local tip: Baffin Island is also a center for Inuit art; studios for high-quality carving, printmaking and weaving can be found in many of the small towns.

Young women roasting marshmallows on a campfire on a remote beach

6. Vancouver Island 

Best for nature, surf beaches and boutique food ventures

Picture-postcard Victoria is the heart of Vancouver Island , beating with bohemian shops, wood-floored coffee bars and a past steeped in English tea culture since the 1840s.  British Columbia ’s capital city is full of charm, but it’s only the kick-off point to an island that has a bounty of natural wonders to explore.

Brooding Pacific Rim National Park Reserve includes the West Coast Trail, where the wind-bashed ocean meets a mist-shrouded wilderness, and surfers line up for Tofino’s waves. With so many outdoor adventures to try, this is one of the best places in Canada for nature lovers.

Detour: Wandering foodies will want to head to the Cowichan Valley, which is studded with welcoming small farms and boutique wineries.

Find out how to see Canada by train.

7. Whistler 

Best for skiing, mountain biking or summer paddle-boarding

This 2010 Winter Olympics venue is one of the world’s largest, best-equipped and most popular ski resorts, and it’s only a 90-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Featuring over 200 marked runs winding down two towering mountains – Whistler and Blackcomb – this alpine village is paradise for skiers of all levels.

Skiing may be Whistler ’s raison d’être, but summer visitors with their downhill mountain bikes and stand-up paddle-boards outnumber their ski-season equivalents, making the resort a year-round hot spot for locals and visitors alike. Adding more diversity, Whistler has recently developed a thriving arts and culture scene, with highlights like the Audain Art Museum and Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre taking the stage as equally appealing attractions to the famed slopes.

8. Old Québec City

Best place to visit in Canada for romantics

Québec’s capital is more than 400 years old, and its stone walls, spired cathedrals and jazz-filled cafes suffuse it with atmosphere, romance, melancholy, eccentricity and intrigue on par with any European city. The best way to soak it all up is to walk the old town’s labyrinth of lanes and get lost amid the street performers and cozy inns, stopping every so often for a café au lait and flaky pastry.

The city is also home to Québec’s scenic highway, Rte 132. Circling the Gaspé Peninsula , this road winds past the sea and the mountains, as well as charming towns. More than 700,000 people drive it each summer. Of course, it has yet to approach the romantic popularity of Canada’s “honeymoon capital,” Niagara Falls, a region that draws more than 14 million annual visitors. But head for La Gaspésie instead, young lovers. Because if you’re on your honeymoon, you don’t need 14 million other people hanging around.

People dancing and enjoying an outdoor concert at Place des Arts in Montreal.

9. Montréal

Best for music lovers 

As Canada’s second-largest city and the country’s cultural heart,  Montréal  is a marvel for music lovers. From June to August, Montréalers get high on sunshine in parks, beaches, mountaintop forests and endless festivals. The steamy outdoors is more alive than ever with arts-loving visitors filling the streets (and the cool of performance spaces), while rooftop bars turn into parties. The best jazz-influenced musicians in the world play to equally jazzed spectators at the annual  Montréal International Jazz Festival , where there are over 500 performances and shows to enjoy (and countless are free). Nature is also never far away in Montréal where a network of cycling paths, waterways and islands crisscross the city. No wonder Montréalers grow up jogging, paddling canals and skating in the fresh air.

Planning tip:  Check out  Tourisme Montréal  for the latest live music events, big and small, throughout the city. 

Two people on a frozen canal holding hands; one is on ice-skates, the other is in a wheelchair

10. Rideau Canal

Best for ice skating

Opened in 1832, this 200km-long (124 miles) waterway – consisting of canals, rivers and lakes – connects Ottawa and Kingston via 47 locks. The Rideau Canal is at its finest in wintry Ottawa, where a stretch of it becomes the Rideau Canal Skateway – the world's largest skating rink.

People swoosh by on the 7.8km (4.8 miles) of groomed ice, pausing for hot chocolate and scrumptious slabs of fried dough called beavertails (a quintessentially Canadian treat). February’s Winterlude festival kicks it up a notch when townsfolk build massive ice sculptures.

Local tip: Once the canal thaws, it becomes a boater’s paradise, meaning you can appreciate it whatever time of year you visit.

11. The Prairies

Best for big-sky road trips

Solitude reigns in Canada’s middle ground. Driving through the flatlands of Manitoba and Saskatchewan turns up uninterrupted fields of golden wheat that stretch to the horizon, eventually melting into the sunshine. When the wind blows, the wheat sways like waves on the ocean, punctuated by the occasional grain elevator rising up like a tall ship.

Big skies mean big storms that drop like an anvil, visible on the skyline for miles. Far-flung towns include arty Winnipeg , boozy Moose Jaw and Mountie-filled Regina, interspersed with Ukrainian and Scandinavian villages.

Two zipliners head down a wire towards a vast cascading waterfall

12. Niagara Falls

Best for an iconic travel experience

Niagara Falls may be relatively short (it doesn’t even crack the top 500 worldwide for height), but when those great muscular bands of water arc over the precipice like liquid glass, roaring into the void below – and you sail toward it in a mist-shrouded boat – the falls never fail to impress.

While you’re there, extend your stay and head beyond the falls on a two-wheel biking adventure along the Greater Niagara Circle Route, or take a go at the Wildplay Zipline to the Falls , a pulse-pounding rush of a ride that offers unparalleled views of the falls below as you zoom through the sky.

Read on for the best experiences to be had in Canada.

13. Bay of Fundy

Best place to spot whales

It has lighthouses, boats and trawlers, fishing villages and other maritime scenery, yet Fundy is not your average Canadian bay. That’s because its unique geography results in the world’s most extreme tides, capable of reaching 16m (56ft) – about the height of a five-story building.

The tides stir up serious whale food, with krill and other plankton attracting fin, humpback and blue whales to feast, as well as endangered North Atlantic right whales, making a whale watch here an extraordinary must-do.

Canadian Polar Bear walking in the colorful arctic tundra of the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba in summer.

14. Churchill

Best for polar bear encounters

The first polar bear you see up close will take your breath away, and there’s no better place for an encounter than Churchill , Manitoba, which happens to be right on the bears’ migration path. From late September to early November, tundra vehicles head out in search of the razor-clawed beasts, sometimes getting you close enough to lock eyes with the beautiful bears. Summer lets you kayak or stand-up paddleboard with beluga whales.

15. Drumheller

Best for dinosaur enthusiasts

Dinosaur lovers get weak-kneed in dust-blown Drumheller , where paleontological civic pride runs high thanks to the Royal Tyrrell Museum , home to one of the planet's pre-eminent fossil collections. The world’s largest “dinosaur” is here, too – a giant fiberglass T-rex that visitors can climb and peer out of (through its mouth). Beyond the dino-hoopla, the area offers classic Badlands scenery and eerie, mushroom-like rock columns called hoodoos.

Planning tip: Follow the scenic driving loops; these take you past all the good stuff.

This article was first published Jul 11, 2021 and updated Apr 11, 2024.

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Destination of the Year 2024: Costa Rica


  • Central & South America
  • Destination of the Year 2024


Picture yourself on a white-sand beach, surrounded by palm trees. In the distance, surfers ride the breaking waves. Behind you rises a dense rainforest, where white-faced capuchin monkeys jump from branch to branch. Welcome to Costa Rica . 

I grew up in Costa Rica, and while I’ve lived all over the U.S., I'm always drawn back home. In the northwest, a dry tropical forest stretches down the Nicoya Peninsula. The laid-back beach towns that dot this part of the Pacific coast include Nosara, a mecca for surfing and yoga, and my favorite, the lesser-known San Juanillo, which still has the charm of a small fishing village. Farther south, Santa Teresa has an intriguing mix of cultures and superb international cuisine.

Venture inland and you’ll reach the Guanacaste pampas, with its sabaneros — Costa Rican cowboys — and rich pre-Columbian and colonial history. I love to walk through the town of Nicoya, one of the first Spanish settlements in the country and the home of the Chorotega people.

On the Caribbean side of the country, you’ll find the freshwater canals and serene rivers that meander through the rainforest of Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge and Tortuguero National Park. In Limón, the vibrant Afro-Caribbean culture includes the sounds of calypso and an aromatic cuisine built around strong spices and coconut milk.

If hiking is your passion, try the Camino de Costa Rica, a 174-mile trail that cuts across the country: starting in Barra del Pacuare on the Atlantic coast and eventually winding into the Dota Mountains — the place where I grew up. 

Off the Osa Peninsula, in southern Costa Rica, is the Golfo Dulce, a sanctuary for Pacific humpback whales. The region is defined by mangrove swamps and Corcovado National Park, which protects one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world — and where it is possible to see a jaguar strolling along a white-sand beach.

I could go on and on. There is no single recipe for enjoying Costa Rica. Any road you take will likely bring the same result: a sense of wonder and a desire to return. We Costa Ricans are relatively few — the population barely exceeds 5 million. But we’re proud of our shared idea that things will always turn out fine and that life is, above all, beautiful.

— Ronny Rojas

Cover shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Cover Story

If 2024 is your year for retirement, then one, congratulations, and two, we've got a destination for you to consider moving to in your golden years. 

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  1. Top Camiguin Island Tourist Spots: Famous for White Island Sandbar

    Find the best tourist spots in here and discover the unique travel experiences the island has to offer. Pack your bags and take note of this list of things you should add in your itinerary. "Island Born of Fire" is a perfect title for one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines — Camiguin Island .

  2. 20+ Camiguin Tourist Spots (UPDATED): Places to See, Things to Do

    It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Camiguin for nature lovers and extreme adventurers. Location/Jump-off: Mambajo. Trekking Time: 3-4 hours to the summit. 2. White Island/Medan Island. Dubbed as the Naked Temptress of Camiguin, the White Island/Medan Island is one of the top Camiguin tourist spots.

  3. 21 TOP Camiguin Tourist Spots + Things to Do

    Camiguin is also a good choice for muck diving. For beginners, the best dive spots are Mantigue Island, Sunken Cemetery, and Tangub Springs. Advanced divers can head to Burias Shoal, Jicduf Shoal, Old Volcano, and Black Forest. Diving can be done all year round. Best conditions can be seen from November to April.

  4. 12 Best Things to Do in Camiguin Island: Volcanoes, Waterfalls, and

    The White Island Sandbar stands out as the best destination in Camiguin with its clear blue waters and pure white sand. 6. Discover the Katibawasan Falls. Discovering Katibawasan Falls is like uncovering a hidden gem tucked away in Camiguin Island's lush landscape.

  5. 15 BEST Camiguin Island Tourist Spots

    Mantigue Island is one of the best Camiguin tourist spots, just a short boat trip off the main island's east coast. Mantigue Island is a protected marine sanctuary that boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, and a lush nature park. Mantigue Island is located in Mahinog, 3.5km off the east coast of Camiguin Island.

  6. 15 BEST CAMIGUIN TOURIST SPOTS (The Island Born of Fire)

    Here are the 15 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin! ... One of the most popular attractions on Camiguin Island is the Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Springs Resort located below another famous landmark, the majestic Mount Hibok-Hibok. Well, we all know that Camiguin is blessed with countless cold and hot springs that all offer amazing experiences to ...

  7. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Camiguin

    151. Bodies of Water. Up in the hills past the town of Catarman, which is about 23km from Camiguin's capital Mambajao. See ways to experience (3) 8. Sunken Cemetery. 271. Cemeteries. The old capital of Camiguin, with its cemetery, sunk under the sea.

  8. 18 of the BEST Camiguin Tourist Spots

    Best Camiguin Tourist Spots #5: Sunken Cemetery. Sunken Cemetery is Camiguin's most recognizable landmark. And it's a REALLY intriguing one too. The story goes that when Mt. Vulcan (the "Old Volcano") erupted in the 1870s, the earthquake was so strong that an entire portion of Camiguin island collapsed into the sea.

  9. 19 Tourist Spots in Camiguin [And How To Get There]

    This is our list of the best tourist spots in Camiguin, a must-visit province in Mindanao, Philippines. The Island Born of Fire, or most commonly known as Camiguin Island, will be the next destination you would want to go to in Mindanao. It offers a complete package of cultural and natural heritage.

  10. Camiguin Tourist Spots: 15 Can't Miss Places to Visit

    The Guiob Church Ruins are one of the most popular tourist spots in Camiguin. The church was built during the Spanish Era but was destroyed when Mt. Vulcan erupted in 1871. Today, all that remains are the ruins of the church's upper walls. The church is twice as big as it is today. The ruins are a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit.

  11. 13 BEST PLACES to visit in Camiguin + THINGS TO DO

    Location: Cantaan white beach, Guinsiliban, 9102 Camiguin. Save on Google Maps. 6. Ardent Hot Spring. Ardent Hot Springs Resort in Camiguin, Philippines. Location: Mambajao, Camiguin. Save on Google Maps. 7. The Walkway To The Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross.

  12. Top 15 of the Best CAMIGUIN Tourist Spots + Things to do

    Visit the Old Church Ruins. Located in Bonbon Camiguin, this church, made initially from Coral Stones, is one of the remnants of the Vulcan eruption in 1871. The church was originally called Guiob Church; this property is maintained by the local government. These are just a few of the best tourist spots in Camiguin.

  13. 10 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots for Your Next Trip to Northern Mindanao

    During the Lenten season, the site becomes one of the most sought-after Camiguin tourist spots, especially among devout Christians. But no matter what time of year, it remains a wonderful destination for those who want a worthwhile encounter in nature. Also read: 10 Lenten Food in the Philippines to Eat During the Holy Week. 7. Mount Hibok-Hibok

  14. 13 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots & Things To Do

    The second-smallest island in the country, Camiguin is slowly becoming a must-visit destination on many Philippines itineraries. Visitors are left in awe of its steaming hot springs, pristine waterfalls, ... This iconic landmark is one of the top Camiguin tourist spots for those interested in the Philippines' rich historical background.

  15. Camiguin Tourist Spots

    3. Sunken Cemetery. Out of all the best Camiguin tourist spots to visit, one of the unique ones is the Sunken Cemetery in Catarman. According to recorded history, the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan in 1871 has caused the coast of Catarman to sink deep into the sea, including the former location of the cemetery.

  16. 10 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin

    Mount Hibok-Hibok is situated in Catarman, Camiguin. 9. Ardent Hot Spring. Photo courtesy of Sheena Daal. Ardent Hot Spring is one of the known tourist spots in Camiguin frequented by the locals and favored side-trip destination by mountain trekkers after conquering the peak of Mount Hibok-Hibok.


    Planning a trip to Camiguin this 2024? Here are my top 10 things to do in Camiguin, tourist spots and best places to visit for your Camiguin itinerary! Dubbed as the "Island Born of Fire", Camiguin is a pear-shaped island province known to have several volcanoes and volcanic domes. It is said that volcanic eruptions and land movements have ...

  18. Camiguin Tourist Spots

    6. Sunken Cemetery Camiguin. The sunken cemetery in Camiguin is probably one of the most interesting tourist spots on the island. Located about 100 meters off the coast in Catarman there is a big Christian Cross in the middle of the ocean. Take a snorkeling mask with you or rent one from the beach vendors.

  19. Camiguin Island Travel Guide

    Camiguin Travel Tips When to Visit Camiguin. Like most of the Philippines, Camiguin is a year-round destination, but it's best to avoid the late summer when typhoons are more common. The best time to visit Camiguin, in my opinion, is from October to March, when the weather is more stable.

  20. 26 Best Camiguin Tourist Spots and Things to do in Camiguin

    Camiguin Tourist Spots And Things to do in Camiguin. 1. White Island. The Naked Temptress of Camiguin. The stunning White Island or Medan Island is 10 minutes away from the northern coast of Camiguin. There are boat rentals available for only PHP 450 in Yumbing area near the check point.

  21. 11 Must See Tourist Spots in Camiguin On A Budget

    Entrance Fees - P200. Sto. Niño Coldspring - P30. There you go folks! These are the 11 Tourist Spots in Camiguin that you might want to visit on less than a P1000 budget. You can even do away with just P1500 budget and that would cover everything from food to transportation expenses and even souvenirs.

  22. 26 Best White Sand Beaches in the Philippines: Palawan, Cebu, Boracay

    One of its top attractions is Mambajao's White Island, a white sandbar with a peculiar form that changes throughout the year depending on the shifting tides. ... Photo by Department of Tourism. Less than 25KM away from Camiguin's famous White Island, Mantigue Island is a protected marine sanctuary that showcases beautiful coral gardens. ...

  23. Mambajao to enhance tourist experience with accreditation, e-Map

    White Island saw 57,787 visitors in 2023; Ardent attracted 104,000; and Mt. Hibok-Hibok had 568 climbers, totaling 162,000 visitors to the town's tourist spots. Aguiman said these developments indicate a robust and growing tourism industry in Mambajao, promising a bright future for the local economy and community. (RTP/PIA-10/Camiguin)

  24. THE 10 BEST Tourist Spots in Camiguin 2024: Things to Do ...

    151. Bodies of Water. Up in the hills past the town of Catarman, which is about 23km from Camiguin's capital Mambajao. See ways to experience (3) 8. Sunken Cemetery. 271. Cemeteries. The old capital of Camiguin, with its cemetery, sunk under the sea.

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