10 Works of Cruise Ship Art That Will Make You Want to Go on Vacation NOW

How long has it been since your last vacation? Too long? It should be no surprise that Park West is a big fan of cruises—we host cruise ship art auctions and exhibitions all over the world.

The problem is, once a cruise vacation is over, it’s impossible to stop thinking about your next one. You’re left at home, mourning the lack of any ocean views, live entertainment, or poolside piña coladas.

Fortunately, there is something that can help you endure those long hard months until your next ocean voyage—cruise ship art.

Why cruise ship art? Because it’s the perfect way for art lovers to bring the experience of an ocean voyage home with them. Photographs can capture moments, but nothing is better at capturing emotions than art.

With a few brushstrokes, an artist can remind you of the smell of the sea air, the thrill of an island excursion, or the excitement of walking on board a cruise ship for the very first time.

These kinds of vivid sense memories can help you endure those dull periods between your vacations—otherwise known as real life—and allow you to keep a little of that vacation spirit all year round.

If you can’t wait to head back out on the high seas, take a look at 10 of our favorite works of cruise ship art and start dreaming of your next vacation.

Duaiv : “Cannes Cruise”

"Cannes Cruise" (2017), Duaiv, cruise ship art

“Cannes Cruise” (2017), Duaiv

Alexander Chen : “Miami Cruising”

"Miami Cruising" (1997), Alexander Chen, cruise ship art

“Miami Cruising” (1997), Alexander Chen

Yuval Mahler: “The Cruise”

"The Cruise" (2015), Yuval Mahler, cruise ship art

“The Cruise” (2015), Yuval Mahler

Zamy Steynovitz : “Midnight Cruise”

"Midnight Cruise" (2005), Zamy Steynovitz, cruise ship art

“Midnight Cruise” (2005), Zamy Steynovitz

James Flood : “Norwegian Norway”

"Norwegian Norway" (2001), James Flood, cruise ship art

“Norwegian Norway” (2001), James Flood

Fanch Ledan : “Cruising in San Diego”

"Cruising in San Diego" (2016), Fanch Ledan, cruise ship art

“Cruising in San Diego” (2016), Fanch Ledan

Peter Max : “Sailboat in Spectrum Ver. VII #63”

"Sailboat in Spectrum Ver. VII #63" (2015), Peter Max, cruise ship art

“Sailboat in Spectrum Ver. VII #63” (2015), Peter Max

Duaiv : “Small Cruise”

"Small Cruise" (2017), Duaiv, cruise ship art

“Small Cruise” (2017), Duaiv

Zamy Steynovitz : “Moonlit Cruise”

"Moonlit Cruise" (2005), Zamy Steynovitz, cruise ship art

“Moonlit Cruise” (2005), Zamy Steynovitz

Marko Mavrovich : “Cruising the Grand Canal”

"Cruising the Grand Canal" (2016), Marko Mavrovich, cruise ship art

“Cruising the Grand Canal” (2016), Marko Mavrovich

If you want to know how you can collect a work of cruise ship art—or learn more about our exciting cruise ship art auctions—contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or [email protected] .


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Watch How Nicholas Yust Brings His Explosive Chemistry to Contemporary Art

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cruise ship art work

Cruise Ship Art: with white cruise in the port

Cruise Ship Art: The Latest Trends in Onboard Art Collections

Imagine yourself strolling along the deck of a luxurious cruise ship, surrounded by captivating artwork that sparks your imagination. Cruise ship art collections have come a long way from generic prints, now offering curated displays that rival galleries.

Pushing boundaries of maritime artwork, these collections showcase a diverse range of styles and mediums. From contemporary installations to immersive art experiences, the impact on your guest experience is undeniable.

Get ready to be inspired and captivated by the latest trends in onboard art collections.

Table of Contents

Evolving From Generic Prints

Upgrade your onboard art collection with unique and original pieces, leaving behind the era of generic prints. Embrace the artistic evolution happening within the cruise ship industry and create personalized collections that reflect your own taste and style.

Gone are the days when every cabin was adorned with the same mass-produced artwork. Now, cruise lines are recognizing the importance of offering a more diverse and curated selection of artwork to their passengers.

Artistic evolution is taking place onboard cruise ships, with a focus on showcasing emerging artists and supporting the local art scenes of the destinations they visit. By incorporating these unique and original pieces into your onboard art collection, you not only enhance your living space but also support the artists themselves, encouraging their growth and success.

Personalized collections allow you to make a statement and express your individuality. Whether you prefer contemporary, abstract, or traditional art, there are countless options available to suit your taste. Cruise lines are partnering with art galleries and curators, ensuring a wide range of styles and mediums are represented, allowing you to curate a collection that truly reflects who you are.

Curated Displays That Rival Galleries

Are you ready to be amazed by the innovative art installations found on cruise ships?

Prepare to be immersed in luxury art onboard, as curated displays rival the experience of visiting a gallery.

These cruise ships offer an opportunity to have an immersive gallery experience like no other, showcasing a diverse range of artwork that will captivate and inspire you.

Innovative Art Installations

You’ll be amazed by the innovative art installations on cruise ships, curated displays that rival galleries. Cruise ships are embracing immersive digital experiences and interactive sculptures, taking art to a whole new level.

Imagine stepping into a world where the boundaries between reality and art blur, as you find yourself surrounded by mesmerizing digital projections that transport you to different dimensions. These immersive digital installations allow you to interact with the artwork, becoming an active participant in the creative process.

Alongside these cutting-edge technologies, you’ll also discover interactive sculptures that invite you to touch, feel, and engage with the artwork in a tactile way. These installations not only stimulate your senses but also give you the freedom to explore and connect with art in a truly unique and personal way.

Cruise ship art collections are truly pushing the boundaries and offering a liberating experience for art enthusiasts.

Luxury Art Onboard

Immerse yourself in curated displays that rival galleries with the luxury art onboard cruise ships. The onboard art market has seen a rise in the popularity of these exclusive exhibitions, catering to the discerning tastes of art enthusiasts.

Here are three reasons why luxury art onboard is an experience you won’t want to miss:

Unparalleled variety: Cruise ships offer a diverse range of art collections, featuring works from renowned artists around the world. From contemporary masterpieces to classic sculptures, there’s something to captivate every art lover’s imagination.

Expert curation: The onboard art exhibitions are meticulously curated by experts in the field, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and artistic brilliance. You can expect to see thought-provoking installations that push the boundaries of creativity.

Unique setting: The juxtaposition of luxury and art creates a truly enchanting experience. Wander through opulent corridors adorned with exquisite paintings or admire sculptures while basking in the breathtaking views of the ocean. The luxury art onboard cruise ships offers a liberating experience, allowing you to explore the world of art at your own pace.

Immersive Gallery Experiences

As you explore the world of luxury art onboard cruise ships, you’ll find yourself immersed in immersive gallery experiences that rival traditional art galleries. These curated displays go beyond simply hanging paintings on the walls. Instead, they invite you to actively engage with the art through interactive exhibits and virtual reality experiences.

Step into a virtual world where you can walk through famous art museums, interacting with the artworks and learning about their history. Or, try your hand at creating your own masterpiece with interactive installations that allow you to unleash your creativity.

These immersive gallery experiences offer a level of freedom and exploration that traditional galleries can’t match. So, whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just curious about the art world, prepare to be amazed by the captivating and interactive art displays onboard cruise ships.

Pushing Boundaries of Maritime Artwork

Explore the innovative and boundary-pushing world of maritime artwork found on cruise ships. Step aboard and witness a new era of artistic expression that challenges traditional notions of maritime art.

Here are three exciting ways that artists are pushing the boundaries of maritime artwork:

Maritime Art Competitions: Cruise ships are now hosting maritime art competitions, inviting artists from all over the world to showcase their talent. These competitions not only provide a platform for artists to gain recognition but also encourage them to explore unconventional themes and techniques in their artwork. The result is a diverse collection of thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces that redefine the boundaries of maritime art.

Sustainable Art Onboard: As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, cruise ships are embracing sustainable art. Artists are actively incorporating recycled materials, such as plastic, metal, and paper, into their artwork. This not only reduces waste but also raises awareness about the need for sustainable practices. From sculptures made of ocean debris to paintings created with eco-friendly pigments, sustainable art onboard creates a powerful statement about our responsibility to protect the maritime environment.

Experimental Techniques: Artists are pushing the boundaries of maritime artwork by experimenting with new techniques and mediums. From digital art installations that immerse viewers in an interactive experience to mixed-media sculptures that blend traditional and contemporary elements, these experimental artworks captivate the imagination and challenge conventional artistic boundaries. By embracing innovation and embracing new technologies, cruise ships are creating a dynamic and engaging artistic environment for passengers seeking freedom of expression.

Embark on a journey of artistic exploration aboard a cruise ship and experience the breathtaking world of boundary-pushing maritime artwork.

Diverse Range of Styles and Mediums

Get ready to explore a diverse range of styles and mediums in cruise ship art collections. From emerging art forms to traditional techniques, there’s something to captivate every art enthusiast.

Cultural influences on art further enrich the onboard collections, creating a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression.

Emerging Art Forms

Discover the exciting world of emerging art forms on cruise ships, with a diverse range of styles and mediums to captivate your imagination. Cruise ships are embracing the latest trends in art, showcasing innovative sculptures and interactive exhibits that invite you to participate and engage with the artwork.

Here are three examples of these emerging art forms that you can expect to encounter on your next cruise:

Virtual Reality Art: Step into a new dimension with virtual reality art installations that transport you to immersive and interactive worlds. Explore fantastical landscapes, interact with digital characters, and experience art like never before.

Kinetic Art: Watch in awe as kinetic sculptures come to life with movement and sound. These dynamic artworks captivate your senses as they twist, turn, and change shape, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Projection Mapping: Witness the transformation of static surfaces into vibrant canvases through projection mapping. These innovative installations use light and motion to project stunning visuals onto buildings, objects, or even the ship itself, creating a truly immersive and captivating art experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of emerging art forms on cruise ships and let your creativity soar as you encounter these captivating and interactive artworks.

Cultural Influences on Art

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of art styles and mediums influenced by various cultures on cruise ships. Cruise ship art collections showcase global art that reflects the rich and vibrant traditions of different cultures. From traditional paintings and sculptures to contemporary installations and digital art, there’s something for every art enthusiast.

Historical influences play a significant role in shaping the artistic expressions found on board. You can explore ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, intricate Chinese calligraphy, or the bold colors of African tribal art. These diverse influences create an immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the beauty and complexity of art from around the world.

Whether you prefer the classical elegance of European art or the dynamic energy of Latin American art, cruise ship art collections offer a captivating journey into the global art scene.

Contemporary Installations on Cruise Ships

Contemporary installations on cruise ships add a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to your onboard experience. These bold and innovative art pieces embrace evolving concepts and showcase the talent of contemporary artists.

Here are three ways in which these installations can enhance your cruise journey:

Interactive Art: Step into a world where art comes to life. Many contemporary installations on cruise ships encourage active participation, allowing you to engage with the artwork through touch, movement, and even sound. Whether it’s a mesmerizing light installation that reacts to your presence or a sculpture that invites you to become part of its composition, these interactive pieces create a sense of freedom and exploration.

Large-Scale Installations: Prepare to be awestruck as you encounter monumental art installations onboard. From towering sculptures to immersive multimedia displays, these larger-than-life creations captivate your attention and create a visual spectacle. They challenge traditional notions of space and provoke thought, inviting you to contemplate the relationship between art and its surroundings.

Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations: Contemporary installations on cruise ships often bring together artists from different disciplines, such as visual art, music, and performance. These collaborations result in dynamic and multi-sensory experiences that transcend traditional artistic boundaries. Witness a fusion of art forms as you encounter live performances, video projections, and experimental soundscapes that blur the lines between art and entertainment.

Embark on a cruise adventure that embraces the freedom of contemporary art installations. Allow yourself to be inspired, challenged, and entertained by these innovative expressions of creativity.

Immersive Art Experiences for Passengers

As you explore the world of cruise ship art, prepare to be fully immersed in captivating and interactive art experiences that will engage your senses and transport you to new artistic realms. These immersive art experiences are designed to awaken your creativity and provide a unique opportunity to engage with art in a way that goes beyond traditional exhibits.

One popular feature on cruise ships are art workshops, where passengers can participate in hands-on art classes led by experienced artists. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these workshops offer a chance to learn new techniques and explore your own artistic abilities. From painting and drawing to sculpture and ceramics, there’s a workshop for every artistic interest.

In addition to art workshops, cruise ships also offer interactive installations that allow passengers to become part of the artwork itself. These installations often incorporate technology, such as virtual reality or augmented reality, to create an immersive and interactive experience. You can step into a painting, become a character in a digital world, or even create your own artwork that becomes part of the installation.

These immersive art experiences on cruise ships provide a sense of freedom and exploration, allowing you to unleash your creativity and engage with art in a whole new way. So, get ready to dive into the world of immersive art and let your imagination run wild.

Impact on Guest Experience

Prepare to be amazed by the impact that these immersive art experiences will have on your guest experience aboard a cruise ship. The artwork selection and placement play a crucial role in creating an atmosphere that captivates and engages you throughout your journey. Here are three ways in which the art onboard can enhance your cruise experience:

Provocative Artwork Selection: The cruise lines carefully curate their collections to include diverse and thought-provoking pieces that challenge conventional norms. From abstract paintings to contemporary sculptures, you’ll encounter artwork that sparks conversation and ignites your imagination. This selection encourages you to explore new perspectives and embrace the freedom of artistic expression.

Strategic Artwork Placement: The placement of art onboard is intentional, designed to create a seamless integration with the ship’s architecture and enhance your overall experience. As you wander through the ship, you’ll encounter art in unexpected places, whether it’s a striking sculpture in a grand atrium or a mesmerizing mural in a quiet corridor. These artistic surprises add an element of discovery and intrigue to your journey.

Emotional Connection: The artwork onboard is carefully chosen to evoke emotion and create a connection with the viewer. Each piece tells a story, evoking feelings of joy, nostalgia, or contemplation. Whether you find solace in a serene seascape or excitement in a vibrant abstract piece, the art onboard brings a sense of freedom and personal connection to your cruise experience.

As you embark on your next cruise adventure, be prepared to be inspired by the carefully selected and strategically placed artwork that will enhance your guest experience. Immerse yourself in the world of art, let it ignite your imagination, and create unforgettable memories that will stay with you long after you disembark.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cruise ships choose the artwork that is displayed onboard.

When choosing artwork for cruise ships, they consider the art selection process and criteria. They focus on finding pieces that appeal to a wide range of tastes and create a sense of freedom and enjoyment for passengers.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Artwork That Can Be Displayed on a Cruise Ship?

You’re free to explore the art onboard a cruise ship, as there are no restrictions on the types of artwork displayed. The artwork adds an ambiance that evokes emotion and enhances your experience.

How Do Cruise Ship Art Collections Differ From Traditional Art Galleries?

Cruise ship art collections differ from traditional galleries in their artistic curation and aim to engage passengers. Factors like space and theme influence selection. They strive to provide accessible and inspiring experiences for a freedom-seeking audience.

Are the Art Installations on Cruise Ships Permanent or Do They Change Regularly?

On cruise ships, art installations are like waves, constantly changing and evolving. This artistic diversity ensures a range of experiences for passengers, allowing them to see the world through different perspectives as they sail.

Do Passengers Have the Opportunity to Purchase the Artwork Displayed on Cruise Ships?

Yes, passengers have the opportunity to purchase the artwork displayed on cruise ships. This creates opportunities for artists and enhances the overall passenger experience, allowing them to bring home a piece of the journey.

Scott is the passionate voice behind CruisingBuzz.com. With countless voyages under his belt, Scott's love for cruising is as vast as the oceans he's explored. Through CruisingBuzz.com, he aims to share his profound love for sailing with fellow enthusiasts and newcomers alike. When he's not writing or planning his next cruise adventure, Scott can be found gazing at the horizon, dreaming of the next port of call.

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How Cruise Ships Are Building Gallery-Worthy Art Collections

By Sunshine Flint

Silversea Cruise Ship Room

In recent years, cruise lines have done much to reshape the sailing experience: exploring partnerships with star-level chefs to elevate the food , investing heavily in luxury spa and wellness programs , and even revamping entertainment to include live DJs and drag brunches on board . Now, they're investing in another way to change the ships—onboard art collections. 

The sheer number of works on even a small ship can be dizzying. The 600-passenger Seabourn Ovation carries 1,600 works of art from nearly 120 artists, while its sister ship, Seabourn Encore , has a similar number. Seabourn turned to Tal Danai, founder and CEO of art consultancy ArtLink , to source and commission all of the art for both. He and three curators worked closely with noted designer Adam Tihany, who led the design vision for the ships, to create a narrative to guide the project. For Ovation the theme was “revisited memories,” and the team created a mood board, complete with key words and touch points as well as possible artworks and artists, that they could reference when considering works.

Once the direction was set, the curators’ job was to work with artists to either purchase existing works or commission original pieces. Danai and his team wanted to make the corridors—the main arteries of the ship—places of interest. They put together hundreds of drawings, postcards, and books—and gave one each to the artists they worked with, asking them to imagine they bought it years ago or as if the postcard fell out of a book. “We told them to make a manifestation of what they felt, and we got beautiful works of art,” Danai said. “One artist embroidered a classic botanical drawing, one cut out the images from a book and left only text. Now, passengers walk by and look, and relate to a piece of art.”

Danai and his team also commissioned a number of craft pieces, including vases from Korean artist Yoo Eui Jeong, whose work is in museum collections in Korea and Norway. They commissioned artist Valeria Nascimento to create a black porcelain work for the wall of the ship's Japanese restaurant; they had her son, Lucas, create a white porcelain piece that hangs opposite, separated by a window.

Tea time at the Arts Caf Silver Muse.

The works in the Art Cafe on Silversea's Silver Muse was sourced primarily from emerging Italian artists.

Commissioning and purchasing pieces from living artists makes a lot of sense for luxury cruise ships on many levels, says Italian art curator Monica Cembrola , founder of Monica Cembrola for Art. For Silversea , she and her team of three curators gathered 600 works of contemporary art, most sourced directly from Italian artists, to create a collection themed “the lightness of travel” for the line's new 600-passenger Silver Muse . “We had a very conservative budget, so instead of going to galleries, we gave younger artists a chance and bought directly from them,” Cembrola says. “The artworks are imposing and intriguing, and the passengers notice—they post photos on Instagram.” 

Artists like Donato Pompa are featured in the ship’s Art Cafe. While the artwork on board isn’t for sale, so many passengers inquired about purchasing works that Cembrola asked the artists to remake certain pieces to sell to them. Her team also curated the collection on the soon-to-launch Silver Moon, which is based around chromatic and figurative pop art, mixed media, and collage.

At Windstar , where speed is of the essence as they quickly grow their fleet of ships, most art in the new public spaces will be prints and lithographs from contemporary artists and photographers. “It’s cost-effective and faster,” says Ray Chung, director of design at the Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry. “We have three ships being fitted out in one year.” But the aim is always to keep passengers delighted with unexpected beauty and detail. 

Cuadro 44 restaurant Windstar Cruises

Windstar's new Cuadro 44 restaurant features Spanish-themed art and tableware.

That's not uncommon for cruise lines that know they have some advantages in how they display these works. When Ponant was building the 184-passenger Le Jacques Cartier explorer ship, they commissioned Paris-based graffiti artist Shuck One to create an ocean-and-nature themed piece on the raw steel of the ship. Then they covered it up—except for a secret porthole where passengers can catch a glimpse of the hidden work. “It’s a surprise and delight moment for passengers when they discover the piece,” says Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, president and CEO of the line.

It's a lesser-known aspect of cruising, but these lines are giving young and contemporary artists visibility and more paths to earn a living through their art. They're also surrounding passengers with original artwork, sculpture, tapestries, photography, and ceramics—enriching the cruise experience and creating moments of enchantment along the way. 

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Art Gallery and Art Auction Program

An ever-changing collection of fine art and limited-edition prints adorns our ships’ corridors. These works aren’t just pleasing to the eye — many are available to buy during our art auctions. Sip some champagne, browse the gallery, and bid on a piece to take home as a trip memento. These auctions feature works from the masters of the Renaissance to contemporary luminaries. A series of enrichment lectures and cocktail viewing parties, led by the art auction staff, typically precedes the auction, usually held at the end of the sailing.

The collections include oil and acrylics paintings, water colors, drawings, hand-signed limited edition etchings, Lithographs, serigraphs and hand-embellished graphic works as well as a wide selection of autographed sports Memorabilia and a unique collection of rare animation art.

The Art Auction Program is featured on alll Carnival ships.

Park West Gallery conducts the Art Auction Program.

For post cruise inquiries, please contact Park West Gallery at www.parkwestgallery.com  or 305 817-6400.


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10 Reasons to Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

If you’re like most cruisers, the highlight of your year is stepping aboard a cruise ship for a week of fun in the sun. Everyone has a favorite part about a cruise. Some love the unique dining options, others the onboard amenities like pools, movie theaters, mini-golf courses and tons more. If you’re new to cruising, you might not know about one of the most fun, interesting and informative events that take place at sea: a cruise ship art auction. 

Art is a big deal on board today’s cruise ships and companies like Park West Gallery curate incredible galleries full of works from well-known painters and sculptors. Millions of people have already started their art collections with the help of Park West curators and auctioneers and they’re ready to help you next! 

There are tons of reasons why you should check out the art auction on board your next cruise, here are 10 of our favorite! 

Experience Something New

How many art auctions have you attended? For most people, the answer is not many. An art auction is a great way to experience something new while on vacation. Curious passengers can learn more about how auctions work and what kinds of art are available. Speaking with a gallery attendant is a great way to dip your toes into the art auction world and open yourself up to a whole new hobby you didn’t know you loved! 

Mingle with Other Guests

Meeting new people is a staple of any cruise. Whether it’s sitting by the pool or taking the tender to shore, cruisers are a social bunch who love to mingle with their fellow passengers. Art auctions curated by Park West Gallery on board a cruise ship are a wonderful place to chat with other cruisers about art or anything! Who knows, the people you meet could become great cruising friends in the future! 

Park West Gallery staff offer more details about each piece | Photo: Park West Gallery

Learn More About Yourself

Viewing and appreciating art can also be a great way to learn more about yourself. What pieces stand out to you? Is it the colors? The shapes? The medium? Does the art evoke an emotional reaction? How do your thoughts compare to those around you? The best part about art is there is no wrong answer. What art you find beautiful is unique to you and it says something about who you are as a person. 

Learn More About the Art World 

What is it about art that makes it so popular? Why are some paintings worth more than others. Why do some painters use a certain technique and others don’t? These are all questions that art novices might have when they attend a cruise ship art auction for the first time. Learn more about how paintings come to be auctioned and discover how and why curators build their collections the way that they do. The art industry is massive, global and constantly.

A Park West auctioneer takes bids | Photo: Park West Gallery

Find Something You Like  

Whether you’re an experienced collector or simply looking for something to brighten up a room in your home, attending an art auction on a cruise makes it easy to view and bid on pieces that YOU like! You can find pieces from household names like Peter Max or Romero Britto or something from an artist you aren’t familiar with. All that matters is you love looking at the piece you bid on and want it to be a part of your life moving forward! 

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Jumpstart Your Home Collection 

Having a personal art collection is a wonderful hobby that many enjoy. Cruise ship art auctions are an opportunity to grow your own collection, no matter your taste in art. Park West curates works made from a variety of mediums and across various artistic styles. You can choose to accent your collection with unique pieces or follow a common theme throughout your personal gallery, it’s entirely up to you! 

Cruise ship art galleries have a variety of works | Photo: Park West Gallery

It’s an Exclusive Opportunity 

The art sold on board cruise ships by galleries like Park West comes with a certificate of authenticity and they provide a complete description of each work sold. In many cases, the works have been archived by the gallery for many years prior to putting them up for auction so it’s fair to say the art is exclusive and challenging to find outside of a cruise art program. If you see something you like, chances are, you’ll never have the chance to bid on it again! 

They’re Fun!  

If you’ve never been to an auction before, art or otherwise, you might not realize how much fun and excitement there can be. Watching the speedy auctioneers take bids and command the room is entertainment in itself, but just wait until a bidding war breaks out over a Picasso sketch or a Rembrandt etching. You can feel the drama in the room! This isn’t a stuffy, monotone art lecture…it’s an interactive event with more action than most realize! 

A Park West Gallery curator speaks with a guest | Photo: Park West Gallery

Free Champagne 

Even if you aren’t looking to buy art on a cruise ship, those who attend the event are privileged to a free glass of bubbly when they arrive. Why not take a quick break from all the fun in the sun to enjoy a cold glass of sparkling wine and check out pieces by famous artists from all over the world! 

You Can Pre-Register For Buying Credits

If you’re cruising soon, Park West is offering a $50 buying credit and a free gift to those who pre-register for their ship’s auction. Park West Gallery curates galleries on the following cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Anyone sailing on those cruise lines can pre-register quickly and easily on the Park West Gallery website.

Do you like to buy art on a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Princess ® Fine Arts

A souvenir that lasts a lifetime.

Princess® Fine Arts offers extraordinary art auctions and exhibitions featuring word-class artists from around the world, along with enriching lectures and special events.

Find art that speaks to you

Art is personal. The pieces you display express who you are, where you’ve been and what matters to you. The gallery team at Princess Fine Arts can help you find the ideal artwork for any situation, whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, redecorating your home or office or in need of a memento from your voyage. Special financing is available, so you never have to leave the perfect piece behind.

Artists as unique and varied as you are

Our onboard galleries feature works from a variety of artists, from Baroque geniuses like Rembrandt to modern masters of light and mood like Thomas Kinkade. Plus, with our exclusive E-Gallery, guests can easily browse our full collection of over 10,000 works of art.

Join in on the auction — or just enjoy the show

Our live auctions — complete with sparkling wine — are invigorating events with prizes, unique works of art and the buzz of conversation of fellow art lovers. If you’re looking to deepen your experience, drop by one of our art seminars or artist exhibitions and delve deeper into the world of fine art.

Create your collection with confidence

Princess Fine Arts is operated by Park West Gallery, with over 50 years of service excellence. Your satisfaction is what matters most, which is why we offer the Princess Fine Arts 50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee. When you purchase a work of art through Princess Fine Arts, you can exchange that artwork at any time within 50 months. It’s that easy.

We ship worldwide

Princess Fine Arts offers worldwide shipping and custom framing options. No matter where you live, we will make sure your artwork arrives at its new home just the way you want it.

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Relaxing days & enriching experiences


Movies, music, magic, comedy and more

What's New On Board

Take a peek at our latest offerings

Art Auctions Abroad

Living and working aboard a cruise ship is an experience for anyone with a sense of adventure. Begin yours today!

Park West Gallery has introduced over 3 million cruise ship guests to the wonders of art collecting. Our onboard art galleries and programs are currently found on Carnival , Celebrity Cruises ,  Norwegian Cruise Line , Princess Cruises , Holland America Line , and Royal Caribbean International .

In 1995, Park West Gallery began hosting art auctions aboard international luxury cruise lines alongside Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International. Today, Park West can be found on cruise ships around the globe.

Our auctioneers and brand ambassadors work tirelessly to create an entertaining, educational, and welcoming atmosphere that ignites a passion for the arts. Park West’s mission is to make the art world accessible, helping our clients build lasting memories through our collecting events, educational seminars, and art exhibitions. More than anything, we strive to live by our tagline: “Art for EVERYONE.”

cruise ship art work

A cruise ship job is just as multi-faceted as our candidates. As a result, Park West’s Talent Management Team is committed to providing guidance and support to new candidates moving through the application, interview, and hiring process, as well as to current Independent Contractors seeking career advice.

The Onboard Collection

With access to an extensive collection of contemporary and master artworks, Park West is proud to offer artwork for every taste and budget. Our cruise ship art galleries typically have around 700 artworks onboard, with access to thousands more through our e-Gallery, which makes our full archive of art available to our guests. As a Park West brand ambassador, you would represent a variety of world-class artists, ranging from classic to contemporary greats, including:

cruise ship art work

Park West Gallery is the exclusive art dealer for a number of world-class artists and oftentimes acquires works directly from the artists’ studios or estates.

  • Cruise Ship Jobs
  • Job Training
  • Life at Sea
  • Testimonials

cruise ship art work

Press Releases

Calling up-and-coming artists, royal caribbean launches art program to debut on icon of the seas  .

First Up in the “Artist Discovery Program” Will be a Spotlight on Local Caribbean Artists

MIAMI, March 10, 2023 – Royal Caribbean International has launched a search for iconic artistry to bring the Caribbean spirit to life on the iconic canvas that is the world’s best family vacation, Icon of the Seas . In the new “ Artist Discovery Program ,” up-and-coming artists from destinations the cruise line visits can vie to put their work on display for millions of vacationers who will set sail for years to come. The program’s purpose is to infuse every region’s spirit and culture into the curated art collections on board ships, in order to highlight and celebrate the very destinations and their people at the heart of Royal Caribbean’s memorable vacations. Beginning in the Caribbean , local artists can send their submissions starting today and through April 4 here .

“The Artist Discovery Program is a project close to our hearts at Royal Caribbean International because the destinations we visit are family. And it’s only fitting that we begin our search for up-and-coming artists who are in the Caribbean; it’s where we got our start more than 50 years ago,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “Vacationers want to immerse themselves in the places they visit. This is a way to spotlight the beauty of the local cultures and people in the places they see and enjoy every day on their cruise, beginning with large-scale canvases on a first-of-its-kind adventure – Icon of the Seas .”

The first group of budding artists, making up the Artist Discovery Program: Caribbean Edition , will be commissioned to paint nine large-scale murals in three highly visible locations: the Royal Promenade neighborhood , the heartbeat of the new ship; among the first sights guests see at Icon’s main entrance; and within the Suite Neighborhood . Each piece will invoke the vibrancy of the Caribbean , joining the collection on board that will include an array of pieces created by Caribbean artists or inspired by the region.

Every artist will receive a grant from the cruise line, ranging from $20,000 to more than $100,000, to see their vision through. Later this year, as artists in residence, the winners will work closely with the Newbuilding team behind Royal Caribbean’s renowned ships to bring their concepts to life in Turku, Finland, where Icon is under construction.

To vie for a spot in the first edition of Artist Discovery Program, artists must submit the following:

  • Five samples of conceptual work: The work must be original and may not currently be published or on display.
  • A brief artist statement that helps explain their work, inspiration and other details regarding the pieces submitted.
  • A copy of their resume.

Icon  is the  first-of-its-kind combination of the best of every vacation . From the  beach retreat  to the  resort escape  and the  theme park adventure , the brand-new getaway  delivers  every kind of family and vacationers their version of the ultimate family adventure. In store is an all-encompassing lineup of firsts and next-level favorites across  eight neighborhoods . Between the adrenaline-pumping thrills at the new  Thrill Island  neighborhood and unrivaled ways to chill at neighborhoods like the new  Chill Island  and the luxurious four-level  Suite Neighborhood , adventurers bonding with their families or getting away with friends will have all the ways to stay and play their way.

The first Icon Class ship  will sail year-round,  7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean vacations  from  Miami . Every cruise will visit Royal Caribbean’s top-rated private island destination,  Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas, and a mix of destinations  like Cozumel, Mexico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and Basseterre, St. Kitts.  More details about  Icon  are available at  www.RoyalCaribbean.com/Icon .

Future editions of the Artist Discovery Program will be announced at a future date. Additional information on the program can be found here.

About Royal Caribbean International Royal Caribbean International , owned by Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE: RCL), has been delivering innovation at sea for more than 50 years. Each successive class of ships is an architectural marvel that features the latest technology and guest experiences for today’s adventurous traveler. The cruise line continues to revolutionize vacations with itineraries to 240 destinations in 61 countries on six continents, including Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The Bahamas, Perfect Day at CocoCay , the first in the Perfect Day Island Collection. Royal Caribbean has also been voted “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 20 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards.

Media can stay up to date by following @RoyalCaribPR on Twitter and visiting RoyalCaribbeanPressCenter.com . For additional information or to make reservations, vacationers can call their travel advisor; visit RoyalCaribbean.com; or call (800) ROYAL-CARIBBEAN.

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cruise ship art work

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March 2023 – Royal Caribbean International launches the new “Artist Discovery Program,” beginning with a Caribbean edition that will debut on Icon of the Seas in January 2024. Up-and-coming artists in the destinations the cruise line visits can vie to spotlight their region’s culture and people with the opportunity to put their work on display for millions of vacationers on board Royal Caribbean ships.

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Art for Cruises

Art consultant for cruise ships

Curating Art for Cruise Ships

As international art consultants, Artelier delivers expert art curation for cruises, including custom art and complete cruise art collections. With our extensive expertise in providing art for superyachts and hotels, we understand how to meet the expectations of luxury cruise guests. Our art consultants source and  commission artists to create bespoke art for cruise spaces, such as cruise lobby art, restaurants and art for spas.

Services for Cruise Art

Art Consultancy for Cruises

Understand the Project Vision

Each cruise art project has a unique context, interior design scheme and brand principles. Artelier consults with project teams to establish a deep understanding of the vision for the cruise ship art, and how this can be communicated through accessories and art for the cruise.

Cruise lobby art

Contextual Art Research

Through in-depth research, Artelier unearths thematic ideas for the cruise art project, incorporating them in the cruise ship's paintings, sculpture commissions, and feature walls.  This thematic approach offers a rich basis for a coherent cruise ship art collection. 

Concept Development & Curation

Artelier identifies key locations for art in the cruise – including art for the cruise lobby, art for the leisure and spa areas, and cabin wall art. We decide on how to display art in the cruise, and specially curate the onboard art so that it creates maximum impact in each room. 

Art consultants for cruises

Art Specifications & Detail Design

We review each artwork location in the cruise ship to establish sizes for artworks, and finalise the design of custom art commissions. As art consultants for cruises, we provide creative direction and technical expertise like art framing, art installation and fire safety.

Art Procurement & Commissions

Our consultants oversee sourcing accessories and art for the cruise and manage the art commissioning process, providing specialist art market insight and art fabrication expertise in order to ensure the highest standards of quality across the cruise art project. 

Cruise spa artwork

Project Management

Providing turnkey project management for cruise art projects, Artelier coordinates and supervises each stage of producing custom art for cruise ships.  As art consultants for cruise projects, we monitor time-scales and ensure all safety regulations are adhered to.

Logistics & Installation

Artelier's art consultants manage team liaison and offer full support in organising logistics for delivering art for luxury cruise ships, including: labelling, packing, shipping, import and export documentation for hotel art, delivery and specialist fine art installation services on site.

Custom art for cruise ship

Our Scope of Services are tailored to each project

Discover Case Studies

Art for hotel middle east

Contemporary Paintings

Marble & Bronze Sculptures

Custom Art Installations

Bespoke Wall Murals

Sculptural Vases & Accessories

Wall Art Commissions

Multimedia Art

Feature Walls and Finishes


Locations for Art in Cruises

Art for Cruise Lobby

Art for Master Suite

Art for Cruise Spa

Art for Stairwell

Art for Cabins

Art for Restaurant & Bar

Art for Bathrooms

Art for Cruise Deck

Key Types of Artwork for Cruises

Further information.


Whichever stage your hotel project is at, Artelier can advise on creative direction and artwork concepts. We can provide a turnkey art service, overseeing the project from initial ideas to installation – contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to you. 

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Norwegian Escape

A Closer Look at the Hull Art on Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

Have you ever noticed how vibrant the hulls are on Norwegian Cruise Line ships ? These incredible works of art have been showcased in photos taken by cruise passengers around the world. And rightfully so, as they really are significant works of art. But do you know who the artists are? Let's take a closer look at the hull art on Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Cruise Line first started its hull artwork concept with Norwegian Dawn when she entered service back in 2002. Dawn's hull art was created by the London firm SMC Design and soon after all ships have come to feature unique, colorful designs and artists. All Norwegian Cruise Line ships that entered service prior to 2008 were also retrofit with hull artwork.

Norwegian Epic

Next, Norwegian Epic got the royal design treatment from the in-house creative service team at Norwegian Cruise Line. And to this day, its the only ship in their fleet whose hull art was designed in-house. Such a talented group of people!

Norwegian Breakaway

In 2013, Norwegian Cruise Line decided to take its hull art program to the next level by commissioning world-renowned artists to create signature artwork for their new ships. Norwegian Breakaway received a New York City skyline courtesy of Peter Max, a popular artist known for his colorful, pop icon-style paintings. For her sister ship, Norwegian Getaway , Norwegian Cruise Line reached out to Miami artist, David "Lebo" Le Batard, who created a whimsical mural featuring a mermaid, tropical palm trees, and pelicans.

Norwegian Getaway

The next ship to receive the artist treatment was Norwegian Escape , the first ship in the Breakaway Plus class. This time, Jamaican ocean conservationist and marine wildlife artist, Guy Harvey, was chosen to create a glimpse into the underwater world which includes a huge cresting marlin! And besides the artwork itself, Norwegian Cruise Line has partnered with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation in support of their mutual commitment to the environment and ocean conservation efforts.

The work of Chinese artist Tan Ping is featured on the hull of another Breakaway-Plus class vessel, Norwegian Joy . Purpose-built to home port in Shanghai and Beijing, the distinctive artwork on Norwegian Joy hull focuses on a mythical red phoenix, which has been found in Chinese art for centuries. The hull sports an almost magical quality including vivid ocean waves. The hull art designs for both of these Breakaway-Plus ships are meant to serve as a beacon for conservation, showcasing the beauty of our oceans and all of the marine life that lay within them.

What's coming up? Norwegian Cruise Line continues to advocate for ocean conservation through their latest partnership with another renowned marine artist, Wyland, whose artwork will be featured on the hull of the new ship, Norwegian Bliss , set to start sailing to Alaska beginning in June of 2018. Fittingly, his piece entitled Cruising with the Whales will include a prominent mother humpback whale and her calf, along with other marine life. How cool is that?

Norwegian Bliss

If you'd like to channel these exquisite works of art at home, why not attend a live art auction while on board your Norwegian Cruise Line ship? Park West Gallery represents several of the talented hull artists mentioned above, so you can grab a great deal while bringing home a little piece of the sea with you. Or a skyline. But not a mermaid.

Read more: 9 Things You Didn't Know About Your Next Cruise !

cunard queen anne

Cunard’s New Queen Anne Ship Has the Largest Collection of Artwork at Sea

This well-appointed ship is made for design lovers.

As guests of Cunard, our group of journalists, travel execs, and selfie-taking influencers were invited to sample the ship’s many diversions, from fourteen dining venues and “clubs,” to various musical acts and theatrical revues, to games ranging from pub quizzes to party bingo. It was dizzying to the uninitiated like me, but fun, with a prevailing and communal sense of curiosity and adventure that I imagine to be part of most cruises.

queen anne cunard

Other activities would include spin classes, open-air yoga, archery, pickleball, dance, and swimming in the stunning blue-and-white Pavilion with retractable roof. The spa offers everything from cryotherapy to micro-needling to pain management, complete with on-staff physician. There is even a sauna encased in Himalayan salt. By the look of it, no extravagance is spared.

cunard queen anne

Not to mention, the ship looks wonderful. Designers Adam Tihany , Sybille de Margerie , and David Collins Studio’s Simon Rawlings have created sleek, sophisticated and colorful spaces punctuated by more than 4,300 specially commissioned artworks, the largest collection at sea.

With de Margerie and David Collins collaborating under the direction of Tihany, the staterooms, like the ship’s public spaces, are inspired by Cunard history and rich with archival references deploying a streamlined Deco vibe to feel modern but timeless, in honey-toned wood, gleaming brass, and tactile, multi-textured fabrics in strong, classic colors.

cunard queen anne

All three firms were new to maritime design. Britannia cabins were steered by de Margerie and are dressed in deep blues and yellows, with the windowless Britannia Inside cabins being the most budget-friendly. De Margerie also did the Princess Grill suites, where I stayed. Each has a private balcony and is schemed in warm ambers, bronzes, and autumn reds, with sleeping and seating areas divided by a dressing table/desk and bar/bookcase.

When I went to adjust the position of the decorative objets (as one does), I giggled to discover that they are firmly epoxied to the shelves (duh). Collins Studio helmed the top level Queens Grill suites, which have palettes in emerald, blush, gold and champagne, some embellished with marble floors and furnishings, pendant lights, and bespoke drinks cabinets with starburst veneer fronts and interior gold leaf mirrors.

The Queens Grill Master and Grand Suites have an extra room that may be made into a private dining room or guest bedroom. The trick, says Rawlings, was to avoid the predictable while warding off what might become dated by keeping things “fresh, unique, and bold.”

With thoughtful design, sumptuous materials, and a massive art collection, the public spaces, restaurants, and lounges feel less like you're on a cruise ship and more like you're hanging out in someone's well-appointed living room.

queen anne cunard

Fun facts: Not only is the ship captained by a woman, Inger Klein Thorhauge, but the uniforms were designed Kathryn Sargent, the world’s first female master tailor.

To book, go to cunard.com or call 1-800-728-6273. On June 23, an 11-day cruise through the Norwegian fjords embarks from Southampton (about $4,700 for a balcony suite) As a cruise ship and not an ocean liner, per se , the Queen Anne primarily covers environs of Europe, though she will make a maiden global voyage for 111 days early next year, embarking Southampton January 9.

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Two Luxury Journeys That Immerse You in Nature

Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm EST Sat-Sun 9am - 6pm EST



MSC Euribia is named after the ancient goddess Eurybia who harnessed the winds, weather and constellations to master the seas, furthering the vision of the ship to master the deployment of state-of-the-art technology to minimise its impact on the precious marine ecosystem. The ship is also empowered with striking new features. Not only do the decks boast numerous original works of art, for the first time the hull itself is a visual masterpiece. On this unique ship where art meets innovation.





Environmental stewardship.

Advanced onboard wastewater treatment system • All wastewater on board is directed to the water treatment system, so no water is allowed to leave the ship without specific treatment that cleans the water to very high standards. • Ballast water is carefully managed, which avoids alien ocean organisms from being transported from one ocean area to other, which could threaten local ecosystems

Waste Management • Majority of waste materials collected are sorted to segregate items for recycling

Energy efficiency • A range of energy-saving equipment to maximise efficiency, such as smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

LNG-powered ship

• The significant reduction of SOx from the fuel means EGCS (scrubbers) will not be required • Liquified Natural Gas will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 20% • The hull of the ship (the part below the water) is coated with special paint to reduce the growth of organisms, reducing drag and maintaining efficiency through the water

The iconic design of MSC Euribia

In October 2021, we launched a worldwide competition in search of an artist to design an artwork for MSC Euribia hull, to symbolize MSC Cruises commitment to the sea. The unique and iconic design by artist Alex Flämig has been chosen to represent our message of dedication to the marine ecosystem: his artwork #SaveTheSea will be permanently featured on the ship’s hull. Moreover, the five finalists will have their designs displayed on board the ship in a new gallery.

MSC Euribia Pools

MSC Euribia offers its guests 5 outstanding and unique pools, including one of the biggest and most intricate waterparks at sea. The pools are capable of accommodating over 1,000+ guests with comfort. The Main Pool, 1.700 m2 with about 10 m2 of public space per guest, is one of the most plentiful to be found at sea.

Galleria Euribia

The longest and more spectacular LED Dome at Sea. The indoor promenade features both Main and Speciality Restaurants along with numerous shops. The promenade is destined to become the ultimate destination for socializing and entertainment possibilities for guests.

Family & Kids

The new amenities offer families innovative and diverse entertainment. MSC Euribia boasts seven rooms fully dedicated to children and teenagers of different age groups with endless entertainment. More than 100 hours of live entertainment per cruise for kids and teenagers organized in MSC Cruises’ clubs. In addition, MSC Euribia featuring the first MSC Foundation Youth Centre with activities based on sustainable future, extra space for teenagers and nine live originals family game shows per cruise, organised by MSC Cruises’ youth staff. 

Discover all activities, services and technologies for children, teens and their parents  here.

Shopping On Board

Anchored by TimeVallée, hosting a variety of luxury watch maisons, the shopping experience on board is second to none. Find the perfect memento to commemorate your cruise, and any items you may have forgotten at home. Discover more

Spa & Wellness

The MSC Aurea Spa on MSC Euribia is a world of relaxation, wellbeing and beauty and boasts an exclu-sive Thermal Area with sauna, steam bath and whirlpool, a professional Hair and Nail Salon and a Barber Shop. A contemporary Balinese Spa designed to revitalize your body and soul with a vast choice of authentic massages and beauty treatments

MSC Yacht Club

The best location of the cabins and a reserved area accessible only to YC Members, dedicated restaurant and lounges and a large private pool area with solarium and whirlpool baths. 24-hour butler service, dedicated massage rooms and full access to Thermal Suite in the MSC Aurea Spa.

This is the MSC Yacht Club , the ultimate luxury cruise experience. 

Cabins & Suites

Whether you’re looking for a duplex suite with private whirlpool bath, a sea-view balcony cabin or a family option, you’ll find it all on MSC Euribia.

  • Surface approx. 17-58 sqm, balcony (if any) approx. 5-70 sqm, deck 9-18 .
  • Luxury suites with premium interiors
  • Some Suites have balcony with private whirlpool.
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Bathroom with bathtub and/or shower
  • Sitting area with sofa or separate living area
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Wifi connection included
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar

Choose the Suite that best suits you:

  • MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite (surface approx 58 sqm ,  balcony approx. 70 sqm , deck 15 )
  • MSC Yacht Club Duplex Suite with whirlpool (surface approx. 59 sqm ,  balcony approx. 23 sqm , deck 9-12 )
  • MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite (surface approx 29 sqm , balcony approx. 5 sqm , deck 14-18 )
  • MSC Yacht Club Interior Suite (surface approx 17 sqm , deck 14-16 )

Discover a world of privileges with MSC Yacht Club including:

  • 24-Hour Butler service and dedicated concierge
  • Premium Extra Drink and Internet packages included
  • Complimentary Access to the Thermal Suite in the MSC Aurea SPA
  • Balinese massage package and Specialty restaurants package, available up to 2 days prior to embarkation; 10% discount on all spa treatments purchased on board
  • 1 Free cruise change

Size, layout and furniture may vary (within the same cabin category)

  • Surface approx. 25-39 sqm , large balcony approx. 3-36 sqm , deck 9-14
  • Spacious Wardrobe.
  • Setting Area with double sofa bed.
  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub, vanity area with hairdryers.
  • Double bed can be converted into two single beds (on request).
  • Interactive TV, telephone and safe.
  • Wifi connection available (for a fee).
  • Mini bar. Air conditioning.
  • Grand Suite Aurea with terrace and whirlpool (surface approx. 39 sqm , large balcony approx.  36 sqm, deck 12 )
  • Premium Suite Aurea with terrace and whirlpool (surface approx. 27 sqm , balcony approx.   26-30 sqm, deck 9-13 )
  • Premium Suite Aurea (Surface approx. 25 sqm , balcony approx.   3-14 sqm , deck 9-14 )

The image is representative only.

Size, layout and furniture may vary that shown (within the same cabin category)

  • Surface approx. 12-17 sqm, balcony approx 4-8 sqm
  • Sitting area with sofa
  • Bathroom with shower or bathtub , vanity area with hairdryer
  • Interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), safe and minibar

Choose the cabin type that best suits you:

  • Balcony Aurea (best ship position, surface approx. 17 sqm, deck 11-1 3)
  • Deluxe Balcony (surface approx. 17 sqm, deck 8-14 )
  • Deluxe Balcony with Partial View (surface approx. 17 sqm, deck 8-14 )
  • Studio Balcony (single use, surface approx. 12 sqm, deck 13-14 )

The image is representative only


MSC Foundation

Restaurants & Buffet

Il campo restaurant, hola tacos & cantina.

The new fast-casual street food dining concept, offers a selection of Latin American and Mexican-inspired dishes and drinks to be shared and enjoyed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, open for lunch and dinner. Choose from a tantalising array of dishes from blue corn tacos and nachos, authentic beef empanadas and tasty tamales through to tortilla soup or vegetarian tacos, all to be savoured with our selection of Top 10 Tequilas and Mezcals!

Kaito Sushi Bar

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this stylish sushi restaurant. This charming venue offers deliciously authentic Asian cuisine prepared on the spot with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Kaito Teppanyaki

Step in, choose your spot at one of four cooking stations and watch your delicious Japanese dishes come to life, right before your eyes. Our expert chefs cook with flair on an open grill: a feast for the senses that sees flames and the finest sizzling ingredients coming together to form delicious dishes you'll remember forever.

Marketplace Buffet

The extensive buffet area includes various multifunction corners serving international dishes, ethnic cuisine, healthy options and a multitude of other tastes. It’s the ideal place for enjoying a great informal dining experience with a spectacular sea view.

L' Atelier du Voyageur

Aurora borealis, colorado river, green orchid, msc yacht club restaurant, bars and lounges.

Dance away into the early hours in our chic nightclub. Grab yourself a drink from our extensive list of cocktails, mocktails, Spritz, Mojito’s, classic cocktails, beers or ciders and feel the beat. Dance the night away as skilled DJ’s spin the best of today’s dance and club favourites through a state-of-the-art sound system in our trendy nightclub.

Helios Wine Maker

Helios Wine Maker invites the next generation of wine lovers to discover the story behind their favourite glass of wine. Seated at state-of-the-art multi-touch tables activated by digital coasters, you will have the opportunity to dive into the history, grape varieties, wine-making regions and more, learning everything there is to know about the drink in their hand.

Carousel Lounge

Located in the aft of the ship, The Carousel Lounge offering even stunning panoramic ocean views, allowing you to relax during the day or participate in a range of leisure activities as well as enjoy a variety of live music every evening.

Jean-Philippe Chocolat & Café

French master pâtissier Chocolatier Jean-Philippe Maury brings his award-winning touch to this coffee and chocolate bar boutique where enticingly sweet delights are created just for you in our unique open concept chocolate kitchen. As well as choosing from a variety of exquisite Chef created chocolate candies, guests can also create their very own chocolate bar right at the tablet stations. The boutique offers also a wide assortment of delectable French macaroons and fresh roasted coffee. No matter your preference, there is something for everyone.

Get that James Bond feeling, order a drink from our skilled bar tenders and cast an eye over the Casino as you contemplate where lady luck will go to next. We have a wide variety of selected cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine and fine spirits to refresh yourself with as you take a break from play.

Meet up with friends for an aperitif or after dinner cocktail and enjoy the stunning views while you listen to live piano music. With our handpicked carefully sourced drinks and fresh ingredients we are sure that you will be spoilt for choice.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the big game in our unique sports bar. The wide and varied choice of draft beers, bottled beers, ciders and cocktails that we carefully selected are sure to quench even the strongest thirst. To sarisfy any hunger pangs, you can snack on our freshly made hotdogs, a perfect accompaniment to any game.

Masters of the Sea

Atmospheric and charismatic, our traditional British pub is the perfect setting to drop in for a pint. Serving beer, premium spirits and a wide array of beer based cocktaisl, the pub is an ideal place to kick back and have fun. If hunger kicks in, you can also enjoy  burgers, hotdogs and the traditional beer battered fish and chips made with the freshest ingredients by our talented chefs to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

Champagne Bar

With an array of first-rate champagne, bubblies, fresh oysters, caviar and fish, the chic Champagne Bar is a place to indulge in the finer things in life.

Infinity Bar

There are infinite choices in this ideal spot to join friends for an aperitif before a meal, or for a refreshing drink at any time of day. From traditional aperitifs, our Signature Cocktails to the contemporary classics, there is something to suit your taste.

Atmosphere Bar North

Relax at the poolside with friends and family, with a refreshing drink from the Atmosphere Bar North. From Signature Cocktails, beers, coladas, soft drinks, coffee and tea there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Top Sail Lounge

Enjoy spectacular views in this elegant lounge, offering the Yacht Club bar list of spirits, craft cocktails, beers and wines, soft drinks and coffee drinks. You can also enjoy a fine selection of gourmet finger food throughout the day. 

MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar

This sundeck buffet and bar, exclusive to MSC Yacht Club Guests, offers an exceptional selection of freshly grilled specialities. Enjoy an expansive breakfast offering and carefully selected meats for lunch. Alternatively, You can grab something from our selection of fresh fish, meat and burgers and homemade pasta and a wide choice of fresh salads compliment the wide variety of food on offer.



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First photos: Inside Queen Anne, the stunning new cruise ship from Cunard

Gene Sloan

Editor's Note

Call it a new era for Cunard , the storied cruise brand that operates the famed Queen Mary 2 .

As I saw last week during a brief visit, the 184-year-old shipping company's first new vessel in 14 years, the 2,996-passenger Queen Anne , is more contemporary in its look and feel than the line's three older ships.

It also offers venues that embrace the latest trends of travel and cruising in a way that Cunard ships haven't done before.

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Now on its maiden voyage, a seven-night trip from Southampton, England, to Spain and Portugal, the $600 million vessel offers more choice in dining and entertainment, more wellness options and more of a focus on onboard celebrations than earlier Cunard ships.

That said, it's also a vessel that holds true to Cunard's longtime point of view — a nod to tradition and elegance that harks back to the grand old days of ocean liner travel.

Here's a first look at the new Queen Anne and its most notable features, mostly in photos. I only had a few hours to explore the vessel before its maiden voyage with passengers. But I'll be aboard a full sailing of the ship later this year for a more in-depth review.

A top deck for all seasons

cruise ship art work

There's no doubt about it: Queen Anne is the new reigning monarch of the Cunard fleet when it comes to operating in inclement weather — something Cunard ships do often as they circle the world.

At the center of Queen Anne's top decks is The Pavilion, an enormous central pool area that — unlike any other Cunard ship — is topped with a retractable glass roof designed to keep poolgoers warm and dry on cold and rainy days.

It's a retractable glass roof that is not only functional but beautiful — a showpiece for the ship.

Soaring higher and feeling airier than the typical magrodome (as such retractable glass roofs on ships are called), the giant structure above the pool was created by Martin Francis, the United Kingdom-based design wizard who figured out how to make the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum stay up.

Francis' design uses less steel and more glass than has been the norm for such magrodomes in the past. As I saw during my visit, that allows in a lot of light, even on the dourest of days. It was pouring rain, but the space still felt cheery.

cruise ship art work

At night, the entire space transforms into a theater under the stars, with dimmed lighting and seating reoriented toward a giant screen.

In addition, one deck up overlooking the pool (and still under the dome), a combination juice bar and cafe (The Pavilion Wellness Cafe) serving healthy dishes awaits health-minded passengers — part of a bigger wellness focus at Cunard.

The Pavilion, meanwhile, is much more than just a covered pool area. Underneath the dome — in addition to a pool, three whirlpools and lounge chairs — there is a bar, a grill for poolside food, a gelateria and a stage for entertainment. The stage will be the home of live and prerecorded "Performances at The Pavilion" musical events.

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It's a something-for-everyone approach that is part of Cunard's wanting to offer more options and more "activations" on its top decks.

I loved the versatility of the space as well as its design, particularly the mesmerizing blue-and-white checkered tiling of the pool area and the scalloped edge of the deck above — both nods to the art deco design that has been a hallmark of Cunard ships.

Queen Anne's top decks are also home to a forward observation deck with lounge chairs, a paddle tennis court, a putting green and table tennis, and the Sky Bar, an open-air bar with soaring views (an area that was difficult to tour and photograph during my visit due to pouring rain).

cruise ship art work

The observation deck will be more of a destination for passengers than the much smaller games decks that have occupied the top fronts of Cunard's last two ships — in part because of the inclusion of the outdoor bar, which is something Cunard traditionally hasn't built into forward deck-top areas.

The paddle tennis court in the area doubles as a pickleball court, something no Cunard ship has ever had.

Both The Pavilion pool area and observation deck are open to all passengers, as is a second pool area at the back of the ship. There also is an open-air deck area toward the middle back of the ship that is exclusive to passengers staying in the top cabins, known as Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites (more on that in a moment).

A bigger observation lounge

cruise ship art work

If you're already a Cunard fan, you know that the forward-facing observation lounge — the Commodore Club — is a hot spot on its ships. So you'll surely be excited to know that Cunard has really gone all out with the Commodore Club on Queen Anne.

As I saw during my visit, the Commodore Club on Queen Anne is by far the biggest Commodore Club on any Cunard ship, including Queen Mary 2 (which is a bigger ship than Queen Anne).

Notable features of the Commodore Club on Queen Anne include a "bar in the round" at its back that is designed to be a place to meet new friends; a stage for live entertainment that will include band music, string instrument performers and pianists; and a seemingly endless, 270-degree wall of glass offering views of the sea.

In addition, Queen Anne's Commodore Club is part of a larger complex of adult venues at the top of the ship that also includes the ship's cigar lounge, known as Churchill's; its library; and an expanded area for onboard weddings and other shipboard celebrations.

New wellness spaces

cruise ship art work

Cunard is leaning into the wellness trend with a new-for-the-line, glass-enclosed Wellness Studio that is just past The Pavilion Pool (it sits under the same glorious glass dome that covers that venue).

While it still wasn't quite done during my visit, the allure of the space was already clear. Even on a rainy day, it was bathed in light and afforded stunning views.

The space will be used for yoga, Pilates, Zumba and line dancing during the day, and there are plans for ballroom dancing classes at sunset.

The Wellness Studio is part of an expansion of wellness areas that also includes the healthy-eats cafe and juice bar in The Pavilion area mentioned above.

The idea, in part, was to get all of the fitness classes that the line normally offers in its fitness area on the inside of the ship up to the top deck, where participants can enjoy natural light and views of the sea all around.

That said, Queen Anne still has a good-sized fitness center and a spa with a thermal pool complex in a lower part of the vessel.

While I didn't see it during my visit, the spa is designed to impress with heated loungers, experiential showers, a reflexology footpath with textured stones, a cold room (a first for Cunard), a large steam room, a Himalayan salt sauna and a traditional sauna. There's also a relaxation room and a wellness suite.

The ultimate Grills zones

cruise ship art work

If you're a Cunard regular, you know about the Grills. They're the two exclusive restaurants on every Cunard ship for passengers staying in suites.

On Queen Anne, these upscale spaces — the Queens Grill and Princess Grill — come with access to what is the ultimate exclusive retreat area ever conceived for a Cunard ship.

Known as the Grills Terrace, it's a sprawling private outdoor lounge area spans the width of the ship and has plush lounge chairs, two stunning infinity whirlpools overlooking the ocean and waiter service for your every need.

The Grills Terrace sits just above the Queens Grill and Princess Grill restaurants, which are loaded with tables for two (in response to customer demand). That's a big change from the designs of earlier Grills on Cunard ships that often had lots of bigger tables where passengers sometimes were assigned seating with strangers.

cruise ship art work

In between the two Grills is what just may be my favorite spot on the ship: the Grills Lounge. It's a stunningly designed hideaway bathed in natural light from a skylight that is for the exclusive use of Grills passengers. I love the curvy chairs upholstered in luscious peacock blue fabric surrounding a circular chartreuse seating area. Just behind is a bar that is exclusive to Grills passengers.

The space also has a concierge to help with your every need.

cruise ship art work

The Queens Grill and Princess Grill dining rooms are open to passengers staying in Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites, respectively. Queens Grill suites are the biggest suites on the ship, starting at 507 square feet. Princess Grill suites (one of which is shown above) measure 302 square feet.

More dining venues

cruise ship art work

Cunard has never been known for ships that offered oodles of dining options. But that's changing with Queen Anne — and in a big way.

Queen Anne boasts 15 different places where you can grab a bite, more than double the number on the line's other ships.

The options include Aji Wa, a new restaurant concept for Cunard that serves what's billed as a contemporary take on Japanese cuisine and is home to the Sushi and Sake bar. Also new for Cunard is Aranya, an Indian eatery.

cruise ship art work

Both are extra-charge specialty restaurants, as is Queen Anne's high-end steakhouse, Sir Samuel's — another new concept. A fourth specialty eatery that is new for Cunard, Tramonto, serves Mediterranean dishes meant to be shared.

These four specialty restaurants complement the traditional Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Britannia and Britannia Club restaurants, which are the main eateries for passengers (assigned based on cabin category).

cruise ship art work

Other places to dine include the Golden Lion pub, a mainstay of Cunard ships. On Queen Anne, it features a new pub menu designed by renowned chef Michel Roux (who also created an exclusive gala menu for the Queens Grill restaurant). The menu will eventually be rolled out to Golden Lion pubs across the Cunard fleet.

Designed to capture the essence of a traditional British pub with lots of red leather, green leather and wood tone finishes, window mosaic work, banquet seating and a grand bar, the Golden Lion pub on Queen Anne is also notably bigger than sister venues on other Cunard ships.

cruise ship art work

It's also home to a wall of eclectic art that its designers say offers a nod to the quirkiness of Britain today.

In addition to classic British pub dishes reimagined by Roux and a new Cunard beef burger, the pub offerings will include Cunard brand craft beers and a Bloody Mary menu.

In addition, Queen Anne passengers are able to eat in casual comfort at the Artisans' Foodhall, a new take on the traditional buffet eatery on Cunard ships. It features active food stations instead of traditional self-serve buffet lines.

cruise ship art work

At each of the stations, a chef is standing by to make a dish just for you, and there are also pre-plated dishes available to grab and go.

The Artisans' Foodhall is also the first casual buffet eatery on a Cunard ship with its own bar, located right in the middle of the room.

Classic Cunard spaces with a twist

cruise ship art work

As is typical for Cunard ships, Queen Anne features a Grand Lobby with a cascading staircase that makes you feel like royalty as you descend into the ship's interior areas for the evening. But it's a Grand Lobby with a more contemporary design.

Instead of the traditional ocean liner-of-old look of the Grand Lobbies found on Cunard's three other vessels, the space has a fresh modernity with Art Deco-inspired white-and-black marble floors, glass railings and a modern take on the showpiece murals that are a staple of Grand Lobbies on Cunard ships.

cruise ship art work

Another classic Cunard venue getting a tweak on Queen Anne is the Queens Room, the grand ballroom where Cunard fans traditionally have danced the night away to big band music.

With clusters of modern ball lamps hanging from its ceiling, evoking planets floating in the sky, and a stunning, multicolored marquetry wood floor as a counterpoint, it has a dreamy, make-believe quality that is unlike anything seen before on a Cunard ship.

cruise ship art work

A large digital screen behind its semicircular stage and high-tech lighting add to its much more modern feel.

The Queens Room is also rounder in its design and more open to its surroundings. Its top level, in particular, is open to an area of boutique stores and the passing traffic of passengers moving between the front and back of the ship.

The Queens Room and surrounding shopping area are curvy in their layouts, with fewer straight-lined walls than you'll find on earlier Cunard ships. It's something of a signature for the design of Queen Anne's public spaces.

cruise ship art work

Bars, in particular, often are built in a circular motif, a deliberate change from earlier Cunard ships that is aimed at encouraging drinking passengers to interact with each other.

Among the most striking spaces on Queen Anne is the Chart Room, a lounge area with semicircular seating arranged across colorful carpeting with bold circular patterns.

cruise ship art work

With dark paneled walls and crystal chandeliers, it has an Art Deco sensibility while also feeling contemporary in its design.

Forward of the Grand Lobby and Queens Room, passengers also will find the ship's casino (called Room 1840) and main theater (dubbed the Royal Court Theatre).

cruise ship art work

The latter venue spreads across two decks.

Bottom line

Queen Anne is ushering in a new era for Cunard with a more contemporary look and feel than the three other vessels in the line's fleet and a broader array of venues that tap into recent trends in cruising. It's the first Cunard ship to have a wide range of alternative dining options with new-for-the-line restaurants focused on Indian, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. It's also the first Cunard ship with a top-of-the-ship wellness studio for yoga, Pilates, Zumba and other class-based wellness activities, and it offers several other new wellness offerings. These are all things that Cunard plans to carry through to the older ships in its fleet over the coming years as it revamps the vessels during dry docks.

Still, Queen Anne continues to hold true to what Cunard has long been about — that respect for tradition and elegance that evoke the grand old days of ocean liner travel. Whether you're a longtime Cunard fan or someone eyeing your first cruise with the brand, this is a vessel you'll want to try.

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cruise ship art work

Meet the Boston architects who designed the largest cruise ship in the world

Looking back, it seems like a small innovation and not a particularly exciting one: an ice rink on a cruise ship.

But when Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas debuted 25 years ago, an ice rink on a cruise ship had never been attempted. At the time of its 1999 launch, Voyager was the world’s largest cruise ship, with 3,600 passengers, and the company needed fresh entertainment options to set it apart.

The ice rink idea was pioneering but not without its issues. Chief among them was creating and preserving ice for the rink while at sea and then keeping it level when nothing on a ship stays level. A cruise ship is essentially rattled by a constant series of small earthquakes as waves batter it. The answer to the ice rink problem came from an unlikely source: a small architectural firm in Boston called Wilson Butler Architects , which had never worked on cruise ship design before.

Since that first ice rink, Wilson Butler can lay claim to a long list of innovative cruise ship firsts and superlatives. (One trick to the rink at sea , the firm determined, is making sure the ice temperature hovers at 32 degrees so it stays malleable.) From their office in Post Office Square, the architects went on to design the largest slide on a ship (10 stories high, to be exact), the largest glass dome on a ship (covering 32,000 square feet and weighing 360 tons), the first glass-blowing studio at sea, the first concert hall at sea, the first skydiving simulator at sea, and the largest, and only, urban park on a ship with more than 30,000 real plants.

Their most recent work can be seen on Royal Caribbean’s jaw-dropping Icon of the Seas , the largest ship in the world. The $2 billion ship holds 7,500 passengers and 2,000 crew members. For Icon, the firm created a 53-foot-diameter kinetic art installation called the Pearl that also serves as a structural support, a 700-seat aquatic theater where divers and acrobats entertain in the largest and deepest freshwater pool at sea, a 1,200-seat Broadway-caliber theater, and, staying true to its roots, the largest ice arena at sea. At first glance, the Icon, with its gallimaufry of multicolor slides, tubes, arches, decks, and domes, looks like a phantasmagoric city sprung from the mind of Dr. Seuss.

It’s an impressive achievement for an architectural firm that never set out to design cruise ships and had no background in the industry. When Wilson Butler Architects was formed in 1997, its specialty was theaters, not creating massive slides on megaships.

“Up until that point, the nature of our work had been designing and restoring theaters, like the Bushnell Theater in Hartford,” said Scott Butler, one of the firm’s founders. “So when Royal Caribbean asked if we’d be interested in designing a true theater on a ship, that seemed like a natural fit. It was probably a combination of naivete and overconfidence that led us to say yes. ”

The result of that request was a 1,350-seat theater inspired by grand 19th-century European opera halls. It looked different from anything else on a ship at the time and was revolutionary because the architects moved supports that had previously obstructed audience sightlines.

“They are by far the single most influential architectural partner we have,” said Kelly Gonzalez, senior vice president of architectural design for Royal Caribbean. “They have really gone far beyond to learn about our industry and understand its complexities. They are real partners to our company and real partners with the shipyards that we have them work with.”

Since its first project on Voyager of the Seas, the firm has designed an additional 50 ships for Royal Caribbean, plus Silversea Cruises and Celebrity Cruises , which are owned by Royal Caribbean. The architects and interior designers at Wilson Butler may have accumulated decades of experience designing cruise ships, but ironically, none of them refer to themselves as “cruise people.”

“It helps us that none of us are particularly in love with cruising,” said Rebecca Durante, an interior designer and principal at the firm. “It helps us see a lot of the negatives. We get where these people are coming from, so we’re always looking at how we can make it better for everyone, even the people who feel like they’re getting dragged along.”

Butler said the desire to offer more options for the cruise-hesitant and make the ship feel unique resulted in the Icon’s larger, monumental scale.

“We’re trying to take what people might see as getting on a tin can at sea, being rocked around, dumped on an island, and then herded like cattle back on board, and change the stereotype,” he said. “We’re looking to take that perception of a cruise ship and turn it into something that doesn’t feel the same, where there’s a richness of experiences, where foot traffic flows, where there are places to find solitude, even on a ship the size of the Icon.”

There are detractors — plenty of detractors — when it comes to the Icon of the Seas. The larger the ship, the bigger the hype, the easier the target. Its unique look led one writer from the Guardian to call it “what a human lasagna might look like.” In a piece for the Atlantic, author Gary Shteyngart wrote , “It looks like a hodgepodge of domes and minarets, tubes and canopies, like Istanbul had it been designed by idiots.”

Those opinions have not stopped brisk cabin sales (the first sailing of Icon was sold out months before it launched) and positive reviews , nor has it halted next summer’s launch of Royal Caribbean’s Star of the Seas , which will be larger than Icon. The Wilson Butler team designed Star of the Seas, and is working on a third sister ship, but details are hush-hush.

Wilson Butler does more than design megaships. Last year, the firm finished work on Silversea’s latest ship, the Silver Nova . The 728-passenger luxury ship prioritizes uninterrupted vistas and expansive windows so passengers can easily see the ocean and ports to connect with their surroundings. The firm has also been involved in the innovative Celebrity Edge series of ships, particularly with the futuristic, design-forward performance space called Eden.

Writer, maritime historian, and YouTuber Peter Knego confessed that he isn’t a fan of megaships but has become enamored of Wilson Butler’s designs over the years. He said he first became aware of the firm in 2016 when he sailed on the Celebrity Solstice and discovered the ship’s Lawn Club . It’s half an acre of live grass where guests can picnic, play lawn games, watch concerts, or relax.

“Solstice is probably my favorite of their work because, aesthetically speaking, it’s just magnificent,” Knego said. “You don’t even have to be on a ship to appreciate the atriums, the interiors, and the artwork. But Wilson Butler was also responsible for the Lawn Club, which sounded kind of ridiculous in concept. But when you experience it, and you’re actually sitting on a lawn 15 decks above the sea, it’s incredible.”

The architects at Wilson Butler continue to design and restore theaters and performance spaces, but they’ve seen their business come full circle. Where once Royal Caribbean was looking for a true theater at sea, theater companies are now looking to the firm to design their performance spaces with the efficiency of those on cruise ships.

“We’ve heard a few iterations of it,” Butler said. “When we did the Calderwood Pavilion at the Cyclorama, they said they hired us because they needed us to fit a theater in a very tight space, like a cruise ship. One of our recent clients, the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, eventually revealed that they hired us because we do cruise ships and know how to move people in and out of a theater, which was one of their problems.”

“But we’ll truly know if it’s come full circle if the theater companies start asking for ice skating rinks,” Butler said with a laugh.

A view of the stern of Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas. The ship, which is the largest in the world, was designed by Wilson Butler Architects in Boston.

Cruise Industry News Logo

New Cruise Port Serving as a Catalyst for Nassau’s Redevelopment

  • May 13, 2024

Maya Nottage

The Nassau Cruise Port is seeing positive numbers and results after undergoing a major reconstruction project between 2021 and 2023.

Managed by Global Ports Holding, the facility saw a large investment, which included more berths, better services for passengers, the creation of a retail and entertainment space and general development work.

The project aimed to transform the cruise port into a waterfront destination, said Maya Nottage, regional marketing director at Nassau Cruise Port.

“We had the official handover of the port from the Government of the Bahamas to Global Ports Holding in October 2019,” she told Cruise Industry News .

The $350 million transformation project was scheduled to start in early 2020 but was put on hold due to the pandemic. Despite the health emergency, Global Ports Holding received approval to start construction in about June 2021, Nottage added.

Record-Breaking Numbers

The new Nassau Cruise Port debuted after two years of construction, with a grand opening ceremony taking place in May 2023.

“Since then, things have been buzzing. We had 4.4 million passengers by the end of the year, which was actually more than we projected,” Nottage said, noting that initial estimates pointed to 4 million guests.

The record-breaking number also surpasses the previous all-time high, which was in 2019 with 3.8 million passengers.

In December 2023, the cruise port set a new one-day visitor record, with 29,316 passengers arriving on six different ships.

“It’s a lot, and it’s fantastic for us, for our economy, and our local community. We do our best to make sure everyone is happy and accommodated well,” Nottage said.

“And the passengers love it. We hear a lot that when they think of six ships, they feel a little daunted. But when they actually get here and see how much space we have, and how lovely the redevelopment is, they feel quite comfortable and not overwhelmed.

“We are on track for a new record in 2024. By December, we expect 5.6 million cruise passengers for the calendar year,” she said.

Full Redevelopment

Most of the port area has redone, Nottage said. The redevelopment project included significant work on all of the piers, which have received new surfaces and shaded areas, as well as accessibility features and customer service booths.

Pier 1 saw significant improvements, with steel replacement and a length extension to allow for larger ships to dock.

“Originally, it could not take an Oasis-Class vessel and now it can. We extended it by 200 feet and replaced a lot of the steel on the inside of the pier to make it stronger,” Nottage explained.

A new 700-feet pier was built to accommodate mega yachts and attract more high-end clients, she added.

“They like to come here because we have Bahamas immigration and customs on site and very exclusive access,” Nottage said.

“Pre-pandemic we could maybe take two Oasis-Class vessels, now we actually have the capacity to handle four Oasis-Class ships at a time. It depends on the size of the ships that are going to be next to them,” Nottage said.

New Marinas

After the redevelopment, Nassau Cruise Port now has two marinas for cruise guests taking part in water excursions.

With the new infrastructure, passengers can board boats and water transfers at the East Marina, which is located near Pier 6, directly after leaving their cruise ships.

When returning from their excursions, guests disembark at a new marina built by Nassau Cruise Port on the West Marina, which is located in the commercial space on the other side of the cruise terminal.

Arrivals Terminal

Also new is the port’s Arrivals Terminal, which is quickly becoming a landmark.

“The idea was to create a really iconic ode to the future of what our terminal will be. This is why it looks different from everything else,” Nottage said, mentioning the Sydney Opera House as an inspiration for the unique structure.

The new building houses the Nassau Cruise Port managing office, in addition to customs, immigration, port agencies and a pharmacy.

Two giant LED screens were also installed outside the terminal, sharing information about the community and events happening at the port.

After passing the Arrivals Terminal, passengers get to the new Welcome Plaza, which includes retail areas and more, such as a new ground transportation hub.

Instead of just one exit like in the past, the cruise port now has four exits, leading to different streets in downtown Nassau.

“We really opened the area up to the community and the passengers,” Nottage said, noting that the new arrangement offers “many more opportunities to connect with the region.”

Junkanoo Museum and Commercial Space

The new Nassau Cruise Port also includes a new Junkanoo Museum, in addition to a revamped and expanded commercial retail area, with both food and beverage outlets and retail opportunities featuring local goods.

“We split the retail area into two. The first area is called the Port Marketplace and features about 50 merchants,” Nottage explained.

“By authentic, we mean it either includes 70 percent Bahamian resources or was designed by a Bahamian.”

Passengers are looking for products that they can’t find anywhere else, she noted, which made the approach successful for the sellers.

The new retail area includes a DJ booth, as well as a hair braiding pavilion, providing a “clean, sanitary, and inviting” experience.

Offering a “little more elevated experience,” the second retail area is named Market Plaza, Nottage explained.

“The products cost a little more, but they are also authentic Bahamian, made, and designed as well,” she added.

While some of the current tenants were grandfathered in, others were selected via an RFP process.

“We came up with a mandate for authentic products and gave them communication and marketing classes, help with software, business management classes and whatever else they needed.”

An annex to the plaza is a new entertainment space that features an open-air Amphitheater, an Art Gallery, a wine bar and a selection of eateries and restaurants.

Global Ports Holding is now preparing to launch phase two of the Nassau Cruise Port, which could include the creation of a day-club experience, a kids play area, additional entertainment space, and more retail and food and beverage options.

“We put the RFP out in March. Right now we are negotiating with the interested parties to see whether or not they can move with the project,” Nottage explained in late April.

“We are excited about our progress and the future of our port. For us, this is really just the beginning of what we think is possible for Nassau as a destination,” Nottage said, underlining that the port is acting as a catalyst for the development of the whole area.

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