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06 august - 16 august 2024 | from £1795.

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Why Choose Us?

  Integrity and honesty are some of our most important values  

We are a reputable company that has been established for almost two decades

Most people who travel with us do so based on recommendations

We are an ATOL protected and IATA Accredited travel agency

  We are authorised agents by the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia

hajj travel agents london


“Excellent service. Jazakamullahu khairan”

—   M.Abdus-samee, London

Haj and Umra - Travel Limited

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hajj travel agents london

Haj & Umra Travel is the first specialist tour operator to offer pilgrimage tours from the UK. For those of you privileged to have visited Makkah to perform the Hajj pilgrimage , you will know the immense and meticulous planning that is required to carefully arrange your trip. Makkah as you may or may not know is the most important holy meeting site in Islam.

Discovering this website means you can have more time preparing to demonstrate your solidarity with your fellow Muslim and your subsequent submission to Allah whilst attending Hajj. Attending the annual pilgrimage to Makkah, millions of Muslims from around the world will have spent many months preparing for their journey.


Here at we have spent time and energy in creating a network of affiliations and partnerships to cover all your travel needs and requirements, giving us the ability to offer fantastic Hajj tours and tailored Hajj services to suit the needs and requirements of any pilgrim visiting Saudi Arabia for the Hajj 2025, read more »

As one of the largest pilgrimages in the world, Hajj, the demonstration of the solidarity of people and their submission to Allah is likely to be the most important trip of a Muslim’s life. At Hajj and Umrah Travel we understand the importance of this sacred occasion which is why we have spent endless time and effort to ensure all your travel needs and requirements are taken care of. We are proud to be the UK’s first tour operator to offer pilgrimage tours, and as such we cater for the nation’s entire Muslim community.

With our professional assistance and expert planning we can easily cater for individual travellers and dedicated Hajj groups, providing all the necessary bookings and itineraries. Al Hamdulillah every year we have been able to cater for the whole Muslim community in the UK; serving pilgrims from every national background and school of thought.

As one of the most proficient Hajj tour operators, the first offering this important service from the UK, here at we strive to ensure that all your travel needs are accommodated and that your satisfaction is paramount. Our ability to be the one UK travel agent offering sacred pilgrimage tours from the United Kingdom means that now many UK residents can benefit from booking one of our Hajj packages. Registration for our Hajj 2025 tours is now open. Hajj travel arrangements offered in our Hajj tours make your journey as spectacular and spiritual as possible.

Here at we aim to make Hajj as memorable and enchanting for you as possible. Giving you the ability to access the best accommodation facilities will enable you to experience more from your time participating in the Hajj pilgrimage. Providing exceptional Hajj services for our customers, here at we aim to make your journey a pleasant and highly beneficial one, offering helpful advice and information on the upcoming proceedings, as well as a dedicated Haj and Umra Travel representative stationed in Saudi Arabia who can assist in required rituals such as Qurbani.

If you require assistance and help in organising your Hajj group bookings, simply ask one our advisors here at Haj and Umra Travel. We hold a wealth of information and expertise to professionally assist and offer the best advice to ensure your journey runs smoothly. Bookings are now being taken so we invite you to discover how swiftly we can arrange your travel plans for this year’s Hajj and many more to come in the future.

Hajj Packages

With over 50 years’ experience in providing Hajj and Umrah packages, you can rest assured that your trip is in the best hands. All our staff have an unrivalled understanding of the pilgrimage and are always on hand to offer advice on the event. It will also be of great comfort to many to know that each tour will have a dedicated Hajj and Umrah travel representative from our team based in Saudi Arabia to offer help with required rituals. Our excellent organisation and attention to detail enables you to hand the entire planning aspect over to us, leaving you to concentrate on the most important holy meeting in Islam. As soon as you book, we begin taking care of everything in our Hajj packages from accommodation and flight arrangements to coach travel between prayers and rituals, all carefully timed to allow moments of rest in between.

Hajj and Umrah

Our excellent organisation and attention to detail enables you to hand the entire planning aspect over to us, leaving you to concentrate on the most important holy meeting in Islam. As soon as you book, we begin taking care of everything in our Hajj packages from accommodation and flight arrangements to coach travel between prayers and rituals, all carefully timed to allow moments of rest in between.

Umrah Packages

Including a series of ritual acts symbolic of the lives of Ibrahim and Hajar, Umrah, although not compulsory as Hajj is, it is still highly recommended within the faith and making the journey with a specialist company allows you to travel together with others in the traditional pilgrim expression of unity. We offer helpful advice on everything from flight and booking arrangements to the rituals themselves. Travelling abroad can be stressful, but we aim to take the hassle out of Hajj and Umrah packages.

Haj & Umra Travel Limited has over 50 years experience in organising Hajj & Umrah Tours. We offer a range of Umrah packages to suit a range of budgets and durations, tailored to the specific needs of many individuals. Having the resources to hand to make your experience at Umrah as memorable as possible, here at

Included with the Umrah tours that we provide are your return flights to London, accommodation within 3 to 5 star hotels located specifically within easy walking distance of the Haramain Sharifain and much more including air conditioned transport to and from locations whilst at your destination.

Now taking bookings for the 2024 Umrah Tours, we are proud to provide details on accommodation and transport facilities that will be in place to cater to your requirements. With a number of different dates available to cater for the high numbers of pilgrims, we advise to book early to avoid any disappointment.

Spanning across January through to July, the Umrah packages that we offer look to provide a superb experience. If you require professional assistance with your Umrah travel arrangements today, then contact for expert advice and guidance now.

Our aim is to be as flexible to your needs as possible. We understand that everyone has different financial circumstances, and some may wish to stay for a shorter duration than others due to family or other commitments, which is why we provide packages for different lengths and budgets. As well as arranging return flights to London, we also allow you to choose accommodation from an impressive range of air conditioned 3-5 star hotels, all situated within a short distance from the Haramain Sharifain, which is why we are number one for Umrah and Hajj packages.

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© Copyright 2017 Haj & Umra Travel Limited Licensed Tour Operator from the Civil Aviation Authority 308 Elgin Avenue, London W9 1JU | Tel: 020 7286 1111, Fax: 020 7286 6507, Email: [email protected] Company Registration No. 2862591 VAT No. 628 0380 48.

  • 0203 930 0817
  • [email protected]
  • 84 Kingsley Rd, Hounslow TW3 1QA, UK

hajj travel agents london

Hajj & Umrah

Alhadi Travel, UK’s Leading and Top Rated Hajj & Umrah Facilitator

Let's Plan Your Umrah

View our all inclusive umrah packages from uk, discover the best hajj and umrah experiences with alhadi travel.

AlHadi Travel is a leading travel agency in the UK. We take pride in being an ATOL Protected and IATA-certified travel partner, offering a wide range of all-inclusive Hajj and Umrah packages for Muslims in the UK. Our packages include luxurious hotels and flights from major UK airports, such as Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, and Birmingham.

AlHadi Travels collaborates with reputable airlines, including Saudi Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Oman Air, to ensure your journey is both convenient and comfortable. With high ratings on Google and Trustpilot, and hundreds of 5-star reviews, AlHadi Travel is considered the most trusted Hajj and Umrah travel partner in the UK. We always prioritize the comfort and convenience of our customers, never compromising on providing quality services throughout the holy pilgrimage.

hajj travel agents london

All Inclusive Umrah Packages for 2024

14 nights 5 star umrah package.

14 Nights 5 Star Umrah Packages 2024

This Package Includes

( 7 Nights )

Starting From:

10 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package

hajj travel agents london

( 5 Nights )

7 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

Umrah Packages 2023 UK

( 4 Nights )

( 3 Nights )

Our Airlines Partner

Why Alhadi travel should be your first choice?


Atol protected, established 20 years, ministry of hajj authorised, 24 hour customer support.

Our Company Objectives

hajj travel agents london

One-Stop Travel Agency

 AlHadi Travel offers the convenience of arranging round-trip flights with live tickets and hotels in close proximity to Haram.

hajj travel agents london

Fuss-Free Booking

Our travel experts can help you locate the best lodging, choose a direct flight, and plan your Umrah based on your budget for your ease.

hajj travel agents london

Last Minute Reservations

Our partnerships with hotels and airlines allow us to offer the best last-minute savings, including tickets on major airlines and quality accommodations. 

hajj travel agents london

Best Price Guaranteed

Our direct links with the leading hotels in Makkah and Madinah, as well as our real-time ticketing system, allow our experts to match your stated budget with your desired travel dates.

hajj travel agents london

Partial Payment Plans

Our Umrah professionals help clients create the payment schedule and spread out the installments across 30 days to eliminate any budgeting issues.

hajj travel agents london

On-trip support

hajj travel agents london

Customer Centric Approach

hajj travel agents london

Passionate Teamwork

What Our Customer Says about us!

AlHadi Travel ️ UK - Hajj & Umrah Packages

Navigating Visa, Passport, and Other Essential Procedures for Hajj & Umrah with Al Hadi Travel

Hajj & Umrah Visa

Umrah guide, health & safety, makkah madinah live, transportation, prayer timings, can't find inclusive hajj & umrah packages look no further than alhadi travel.

  • +442039300817

hajj travel agents london

AlHadi Travel” ATOL Protected & IATA certified Travel Partner – proudly offers a superior chance to book all inclusive Premium Exclusive Hajj & Umrah Packages Including Flights/Airfare at cheapest price; featuring 5 Star Luxurious Accommodation & Flights Tickets.

hajj travel agents london

Customer Care

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  • 84 Kingsley Rd Hounslow, London TW3 1QA

Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 17:00


hajj travel agents london

Our Umrah Ramadan Packages includes visas, transport and ziyarah, accompanied by one of our experienced group leaders.

Our Umrah Packages include group packages, and tailor made packages to accommodate to all your travel needs.

London Prestige offers Aqsa packages, including Ziyarah's, flights and transport.

London Prestige is a Ministry of Hajj approved agency, we offer Hajj packages with ATOL protection.

hajj travel agents london

Why Travel With Us?

London Prestige is dedicated to providing outstanding Hajj and Umrah packages, alongside group visits to Masjid Al Aqsa. With years of experience organising Hajj from the United Kingdom to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, incorporating flights, visas, travel, transfers and quality accommodation, we guarantee your once in a lifetime trip will be comfortable and stress free – leaving you able to enjoy your journey and create memories that will last forever.   

Hajj and Umrah hold immense significance in Islam, serving as profound spiritual journeys for Muslims worldwide. Hajj, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is a mandatory pilgrimage that every Muslim must undertake at least once in their lifetime if physically and financially able. It symbolizes unity, as millions of Muslims from diverse backgrounds gather in Mecca to perform rituals that promote humility, equality, and the remembrance of Allah. Umrah, though not obligatory, is a highly recommended pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year. It offers Muslims an opportunity for spiritual renewal and forgiveness. Both pilgrimages deepen one’s faith, foster a sense of global Muslim community, and reinforce the commitment to Islamic principles.

Enquire with us and get a quote at unbeatable prices, join us on group packages or have us make you a tailor made package, we cater for all your travel needs.

Our Travelers

“Excellent group. They were very well organised and very accommodating. The group leaders were excellent and there were regular inspirational reminders. Felt like i was part of a large family. Would highly recommend!”

hajj travel agents london

“Truly an amazing experience Alhamdulillah! Group leaders where full of inspiration and knowledge. Felt like part of a big family throughout. Plenty of motivational information. Highly recommend them.”      

hajj travel agents london

Rabia Ahmed

“Excellent Hajj package with very good facilities in Aziziyah and Madinah. Good support and guidance before each step of the Hajj journey – advice always on hand in case you’d like to do things differently.”                     

hajj travel agents london

Haris Farooq

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Trusted Hajj and Umrah Travel Agency in the UK

7 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

7 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

Al Kiswah Towers

Mirage Al Salam



10 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

10 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

Emar Al-Sultan Hotel

Diyar Taiba


12 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

12 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

Emaar Al Khalil Hotel

Bir Al Iman


14 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

14 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package

Emaar Al Dahabi

Diyar Al Huda


4 Weeks 5* Shifting 2023

4 Weeks 5* Shifting 2023

Swissotel Al Maqam

Al Eiman Royal


3 Weeks 5* Shifting 2023

3 Weeks 5* Shifting 2023



testimonial image

Kiran Matloob

I wanted a 5-star residence and a direct flight to KSA. That’s why I asked many travel agencies. But Baitullah travel was the only company that managed it for me on an urgent basis.

testimonial image

I saved from my salary for two years. Then I could manage to afford an Umrah. Baitullah Travel provided me with exceptional service right under my budget.

Trusted Umrah Travel Agency in the UK

As one of the major tour operators in the UK, Baitullah Travel has been arranging for the pilgrimage travel needs of the pilgrims for decades. Our years of successful business history combined with a network of satisfied clients speaks for itself. 

Our reputation is counted among the best Umrah Travel Planners in the UK because of the transparency of policies and qualitative yet affordable services we offer. Therefore, gaining the trust of travelers.

Baitullah Travel’s establishing vision was to make Umrah travel accessible for everyone, regardless of one's budget. That’s why our UK Umrah Tours come with a range of 3-star economy to 7-star luxury options in terms of;

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Visa Processing
  • All the other Umrah travel-related services

So, get a quote for your individual Umrah travel needs today and book your slot in advance with one of the widely trusted travel agency the UK.

Discover the Spiritual Journey of Umrah with Baitullah Travel

Specializing in Umrah travel, Baitullah Travel arranges for you the best pilgrimage travel and accommodation services to add to the spirituality of your trip. With our all-inclusive Islamic Tour Packages none of the Umrah travel bookings remain your hassle as our professional travel agents take care of it all for you.

You just have to specify your Umrah travel needs and demands to us and leave the rest to the best Umrah travel agency UK. We ensure the seamless provision of services without any delays or errors. So that you can spend most of your time in worship and performing the holy rituals without worrying about any living and travel arrangements. 

What do we offer?

Baitullah Travel’s services include;

  • Booking your flights .
  • Budget airlines as well as luxury travel facilities are supported.
  • Arranging for your accommodation in the best hotels.
  • You can choose to stay in any hotel you desire.
  • 3-star to 7-star hotel options.
  • Situated close to Haramain.
  • Handling all the visa documentation, processing, approval, and delivery phases for you.
  • Facilitating your Ziyarath Travel.
  • Offering the best health and travel insurance plans.
  • Guiding you through the vaccination phase.
  • Fulfilling any of your special requests and/or demands for the pilgrimage travel.

So, what more can you ask from an Umrah travel agency? Baitullah Travel offers it all for your convenience!

Customer Satisfaction and Quality Umrah Services as our top Priorities

One of the major reasons why Baitullah Travel holds a distinctive reputation among the Umrah operators UK is that we consider customer satisfaction and quality services as our top priorities. We work by offering the best-in-class travel and accommodation services for our clients, regardless of the type of Umrah packages booked by them. So, whether you are traveling economy or luxury – the best value for money remains a guarantee from us. 

Our top-notch services in the field combined with transparent business policies help us cater to the individual demands of the clients with complete honesty. Not only travellers are communicated the associated terms and policies with their pilgrimage travel and accommodation management but also any queries are properly entertained. So that pilgrims can make informed decisions and be in control of their travel trips.

We also specialize in personalizing Islamic tour packages for your demands. So that you are can select your type of flight, accommodation, and other pilgrimage-related arrangements which best fit your needs, budget, and desire. 

That is how Baitullah Travel holds a unique reputation in the pilgrimage travel market of the UK in terms of customer satisfaction and provision of quality services.

Health and Safety Tips for Umrah

Pilgrims traveling with Baitullah Travel are advised to follow the necessary health and safety guidelines in order make have a hassle-free and peaceful travel experience. Before your departure to the holy land, get yourself medically checked up. Receive the necessary vaccinations and know your physical health limits, If you are on treatment, carry your medicine along and carry a first aid kit. Furthermore, practice good physical and oral hygiene. Stick to healthy eating habits only i.e., consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods, Keep your body sufficiently hydrated and respect the local customs and traditions for example Dress modestly, Be respectful, and Practice a friendly attitude.

In addition to these tips, keep in view the harsh weather conditions of Makkah, Opt for a cotton blended fabric for clothing, and prefer loose-fit clothes, Choose footwear that is airy, lightweight a durable, and use umbrellas to shield yourself from sunlight. Carry your travel essentials along i.e., passport, travel documents, money, etc. Lastly, be aware of personal safety and follow all the local laws as well as rules and regulations imposed on the pilgrims.

Why We Are the #1 Travel Agency in the United Kingdom?

The reason why Baitullah Travel remains among the best Umrah tour agency UK is that we offer;

  • Affordable Umrah travel services.
  • Satisfied client network.
  • Best deals for your flights, accommodation, transportation, and other needs.
  • Authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
  • Credible work history.
  • Extensive range of options, thanks to our years-long business ties with top airlines and world-class hotel chains.
  • Preference of the Islamic travel UK.

So, get your Umrah travel booked with us today and get on board for the spiritual journey of a lifetime!

ATOL Protection

All the Umrah travel packages offered by the Baitullah Travel remain protected through ATOL (Air Travel Organizers License); a financial protection scheme of the UK government for flight/travel-related matters. Hence, if any of our pilgrims face any inefficiency in travel i.e., cancellation of flights, delays, or other matters – appropriate coverage is offered to ensure their return home. Thus, giving peace of mind for your Islamic Travels needs.

We are available 24/7 For You

Our travel agency remains available for your support 24/7. Let it be any queries, complaints, suggestions, or help needed for your Umrah travel phase; Baitullah Travel’s professionals are there to resolve your issues. Just get in touch with our customer support representative anytime and receive instant solutions for all your problems pre-departure as well as during the pilgrimage while in the Kingdom.

[email protected]     +44 1254 66 22 22   

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Holiday package, india packages, turkey packages, umrah 2024 package.

hajj travel agents london

Umrah Deluxe Package (31st July Departure - Option 1 & 2))

hajj travel agents london

Umrah Budget Package (31st July Departure)

Umrah budget package (october), ramadan 2024 package.

hajj travel agents london

Ramadan Umrah (Option 1)

hajj travel agents london

Ramadan Umrah (Option 2)

Find & book your ideal trip..

M.Zahid offers the best Hajj, Ramadan and Umrah packages from UK. Also Provide Hotel and Flight Booking Service. With our company being IATA,ABTA and ATOL certified, we rank high on authenticity and quality.

hajj travel agents london

Alharam travel

To Make Your Hajj Travel from London Possible, Our Hajj Packages London Got You Covered; Regardless of Your Hajj Travel-Related Needs

Every UK Muslim is unique so are their pilgrimage expectations and travelling needs. Some travel alone, whilst others go with family, as a group or significant other. Some require pilgrimage for specific duration, on certain schedules and from particular airports specially London. Most demand for staying in budget yet enjoy all possible luxury amenities. Some wants to include Qurbani. Most of them want shifting and non-shifting accommodations along with Hajj draft. Majority also look for on-ground transport in holy cities and full-board or half-board meals that won’t make their pocket heavy. A lot face visa documentation issues or rejections. Almost everyone wishes to stay safe financially and health-wise by availing travel insurance. Whatever the travelling needs for Hajj are, AlHaram Travel’s Hajj Packages London has got your back. We offer specially designed Hajj packages from London with wide range of 3 star Hajj package deals available in our massive collection that includes 250+ all-inclusive Hajj Packages London, 320+ Hajj packages with low-cost hotels & economy flights from London, 450+ cheapest 3 star Hajj packages with budget friendly amenities and and cheapest flights from Heathrow airport and many more. Our Hajj packages London are designed with comfy accommodation in 5 star to 3 star hotels, direct or connecting flights from all London airports, duration ranging from 10 nights to 29 days, included with qurbani, Hajj Draft and all other specific travelling requirements in mind. Every package comes with expert customer service for guidance, itinerary planning and guidance through greater pilgrimage. Explore & select one that you deem suitable. If you have something different in mind, we can create an Special Hajj package from London on your own terms to keep things super flexible for you. We include you in whole process to get your guidelines related to hotels, airlines, airport, transportation, duration, departure airport and other travelling essentials and then devise exclusive Hajj package London how you require and based upon your budget. So just tell us what you want, how you want to travel and what things we should consider by filling our quote form or talk to our Hajj experts over call. We’ll do the rest.

Design & Personalise Umrah Package with Us

Alharam travel’s 5 star hajj package deals.

Book From Luxurious to Deluxe Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

15 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

15 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

  • 5 in Makkah ( Infinity Hotel Makkah )
  • 5 in Medina ( Majlis Grand Mercure Medina )

21 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

21 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

  • 8 in Makkah ( Mövenpick Hotel & Residence Hajar Tower Makkah )
  • 8 in Medina ( Hayatt International Madina )

27 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

27 Days Non Shifting Hajj Package

  • 15 in Makkah ( Pullman ZamZam )
  • 7 in Medina ( Pullman Zamzam Madina )

AlHaram Travel’s 4 Star Hajj Package Deals

Reserve From Premium to Affordable Shifting Hajj Package

15 Days Shifting Hajj Package

15 Days Shifting Hajj Package

  • 5 in Makkah ( Ajyad Crom Hotel )
  • 5 in Medina ( Ramada Madinah Al Hamra )

21 Days Shifting Hajj Package

21 Days Shifting Hajj Package

  • 8 in Makkah ( Mobark Plaza )
  • 8 in Medina ( Dallah Taibah )

24 Days Shifting Hajj Package

24 Days Shifting Hajj Package

  • 13 in Makkah ( Retaj Al Bayt Suites )
  • 6 in Medina ( Al Mukhtara International )

AlHaram Travel’s 3 Star Hajj Package Deals

Opt From Economical to Cheapest Hajj Packages

14 Days Economy Hajj Package

14 Days Economy Hajj Package

  • 5 in Makkah ( Nawazi Ajyad )
  • 4 in Medina ( Al Eiman Ohud )

19 Days Economy Hajj Package

19 Days Economy Hajj Package

  • 8 in Makkah ( Areej Al Falah Hotel )
  • 6 in Medina ( Al Madinah Concorde )

27 Days Economy Hajj Package

27 Days Economy Hajj Package

  • 15 in Makkah ( Abeer Al Azizia Hotel )
  • 7 in Medina ( Manazel Alaswaf )

Avail Exclusive Discount offers

Get up to 15% discounts on all Hajj packages you’ll book with AlHaram Travel. We compare prices of hotels, flights and transports to give your best rates than market.


We are the best travel agency in UK to give pilgrims a marvellous Hajj journey experience as we are not only approved by Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah but are also highly competent in this field. Take a look below and see for yourself.


Unlike some untrustworthy travel agencies, the Hajj packages you book through AlHaram Travel are personalised to different needs of customers and there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. With AlHaram Travel, you can design the best Hajj package based on the amenities you want, when you wish to travel for lesser pilgrimage and for how long you wish to travel. Certified Hajj advisers working in our specialised Hajj itinerary designing department are the most-experienced agents in the whole Hajj & Umrah industry and go above and beyond to make your Hajj trip free of worldly worries. Excellent reputation means everything to our agents that is why they go one step ahead to give you the best services you wish for. In case you are unhappy with the level of service or lack of amenity, the active customer welfare department springs into action to make everything right for you according to your desires.


Why not book your Hajj packages inclusive of flights with us so you can just sit back and look forward to performing the major holy pilgrimage! You can also avail the luxury to choose upgraded Hajj packages with business class flights from our range of deals. And best of all, it’s all financially protected by ATOL so all your money is in safe hands.


Select one of our specially designed Hajj Packages to find air-conditioned transportation facility that takes you from airport to hotel or from Makkah to Medina comfortably. Get assistance from our travel advisors to choose from a range of transport options including a shared coach that is suitable for group Hajj, private luxury sedan to get more comfort & ease while travelling between Makkah to Medina, and economy car to save more.


We have a fantastic range of luxurious and low-cost partner hotels in Makkah, Medina and Aziziyah in which you can stay during your Hajj pilgrimage by carefully designing Hajj packages with us. We have collaborated with the popular and most-luxurious hotels surrounding Haram in Makkah and Masjid e Nabawi in Medina as well as in Aziziyah to match your requirements with the comfort level and luxury. As a result, you are guaranteed a worry-free stay during Hajj days no matter if you are gearing up to go to Mina for Hajj days or have returned from Mina after an exhausting 5 day Hajj obligation in Mina.


We in-house a wide diversity of skilled professionals, from expert travel advisors to destination experts, major pilgrimage planners to helpful customer support staff — each with specialised knowledge and extensive experience. They are IATA trained professionals that are equipped with the right set of skills to assist you in designing your Hajj Packages suitable to your needs inclusive of cheap flights, near to Haram accommodation, and ground transportation.


Due to our affiliation with ICAO registered airlines, association with luxurious hotels, and partnership with licensed & experienced drivers along with 500+ pre-made Hajj packages, we are the first choice of pilgrims since 2005 as we offer them competitive prices. Choose one of our Hajj Package to get an amazing choice of reliable airline, hotels, and transfers that match with your class and budget as well.

AlHaram Travel Offers Best Pilgrimage Travel Services at Lowest Price for UK Citizens

Explore through our huge variety of top ranked shifting & non shifting hajj packages for 2024.

AlHaram Travel offers the best range of Hajj deals to make this holy journey convenient for you. Get the best hotels along with business class flights in excellent non-shifting Hajj packages from London. Choose the all-inclusive shifting Hajj deals to have a comprehensive Hajj experience with 5 star shifting hotels and top-class flights. Procure the most economically priced shifting Hajj packages to suit your budget. Get in touch with us by calling 0207-099-8899 or sending an email at [email protected] to inquire more about the packages that we are offering for 2024.

Reasons for Hajj to be the Major Pilgrimage

The sacred Hajj is a famous Islamic Pilgrimage that has to be performed by every Muslim once in their lifetime if Allah has blessed him/her with enough resources. If Allah has made an adult Muslim both physically and financially capable, then a Hajj to the House of Allah (SWT) is a mandatory obligation for him to be performed. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from every part of the world go on leading the Hajj to seek the blessings of Allah (SWT) and ask forgiveness for their sins. The main purpose of a successful Hajj is to show that we submit ourselves completely to Allah (SWT) and demonstrate solidarity with the rest of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The reward of Hajj e Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise." Everyone enclosed in two sheets of Ihram and echoing Talbiyah is the best feeling during the Hajj that you are going to get ever

Explore Through the Best Ever Selection of Hajj Packages by AlHaram Travel and Gain the Spiritual Experience of a Lifetime

Are you feeling trapped to select from the shifting or non shifting Hajj deal for your upcoming Hajj in 2024? Well worry no more because we are here to help you choose the Best by offering vast range of hajj packages. If you want your journey of the blessed Hajj to be the most convenient and comfortable, the non shifting Hajj package should be your first choice. If you have set a budget to perform the major pilgrimage of 2024 Hajj, then the economical Hajj package is the most economical, low-cost and suitable way for you. Apart from that, the very best tailored Shifting Hajj package allows you to have an added touch of luxury during the divine Hajj tour without damaging your budget criteria as well. Any package you choose for the Hajj of 2024 entirely depends upon your needs and requirements. Enlighten our agents about how you want to make your Hajj journey convenient from the London, UK and they’ll definitely let you have the perfect package for Hajj. With the special discounts that we are offering on the 2024 premier Hajj packages, you are sure to save a lot of money without compromising on the quality of our excellent services.

Book Your Hajj Package with AlHaram Travel for a Worry-free Hajj Pilgrimage with your Family Members from London

The sacred journey of Hajj is all about gathering the blessings of Allah (SWT) as much as you can and asking His forgiveness for the sins that we have done while doing tawaf of the Ka’ba. Experience millions of Muslim Brothers and Sisters doing Tawaf of the holy Kaaba followed by the sa’I between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Performing Hajj with family members will increase unity and religious bonding. AlHaram Travel lets our Muslim Brothers and Sisters from London accompany their family members to this holy pilgrimage free from hassles by devising Hajj package as per your requirements. If you wish to travel from nearest Heathrow airport or any other airport of London to minimize travelling fuss, we utilize our associations with top airlines performing Hajj operations and arrange Hajj departure from your nearest airport of London to reduce hassles and remove any worries of increased travel. We take it upon ourselves to facilitate old aged citizens with wheelchairs to make their holy duty of Hajj more convenient. We can make special arrangements for infants upon your request to remove any hassles. We strive our best to provide you with a wholesome Hajj experience by arranging every necessary in your package amenity through our massive affiliations. Apart from that, if you plan on visiting some relatives in any other country such Pakistan, Malaysia, or Bangladesh, we can include them in your Hajj Package. Our specially designed via Dubai Hajj packages from London are an excellent meansto to explore the beauty of skyscraper & golden desserts. If you have other amenities in mind, we will include it in your Hajj Package. Let our Hajj planners know what you require and we will utilize our experience and immense knowledge to arrange everything in your Hajj package from London to make it hassle-free.

Book Your Hajj Package with Desired Luxurious Accommodation at Affordable Prices with AlHaram and Get Superior Travel Arrangements

The expedition of spiritual Hajj is considered a medication for sole and can make you a little tired from all the crowds and Ibadah that you have to perform. Therefore, the comforting beds and all other such facilities are going to make sure that you stay fresh to gather the blessings of Allah (SWT) during this sacred journey. On this holy journey, we give you the freedom to customize Hajj package with your own hotel best accommodation having luxurious amenities and according to your budget. Through our mass affiliations with top hotels or Makkah and Aziziyah, we can arrange Haram facing hotels within walking distance from all the holy sites in your package. In these luxury yet economical hotels, you get the benefit of tasting all the delightful cuisines and dishes that are famous in these holy cities. Our alliance with every top notch hotel allows you to have a 24 hour room service and other such amenities to make your trip hassle free. Based on your preferences, we are able to arrange shifting accommodation between Aziziyah and Makkah or non-shifting accommodation based solely in Makkah to make your Umrah journey hassle-free and full of facilities whilst staying in your budget.

Book All-Inclusive Hajj Package with AlHaram Travel with Inclusion of Special Hajj Flights from London

Are you a Muslim who wishes to depart for Hajj from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton or Stansted airport? We at AlHaram Travel commit to facilitate you to the best possible level that’s why we make every hajj travel arrangement in Hajj packages with departure and return flights from any airport of London, whichever is nearer to you. AlHaram Travel is a reliable tour organizer providing our efficient Hajj offers at your disposal for a long time now. We not only arrange the flights to Makkah and return tickets, but also design every aspect of your Hajj journey from London with special pocket friendly Hajj flights and all other kinds of amenities. Our partnership with almost every airline allows you to book any flight that you deem suitable. Leave from your desired airports of the London by selecting the flights that fit to your timetable. Opt for a direct or indirect flight to Saudi Arabia depending upon your travelling preferences. Just tell us which London airport is nearest to you and from which airport you wish to travel, our flight specialists will arrange flight tickets from that location that as per your preferences in the package.

Book Your Hajj Package from London with AlHaram Travel for a Worry-free Journey

If you want to go for your Hajj journey from London just let us know we will make all your arrangements accordingly. We are ATOL protected agency so we always include IATA flights in your package for your safe travel. We can arrange your departure from any airport of London city according to your convenience. Choose from our range of Hajj deals with departure and return from London that are devised by our experts for a reliable and stress-free journey. But if you do not find any Hajj deal suitable for you then you can create your own Hajj package with flights from London with us. You can easily book your package with your own preferences with consisting flights from London and its all respective airports. Share all your requirements, requests and queries with our Hajj planners and let us sort everything for you. You can tell us your nearest airport like Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton or any other to book flights accordingly. By utilizing our maximum resources and professional links our experts will find best suitable flights from London for you and include in your Hajj package.

Up To 15 % Better Rates Than Market

Got stuck while devising your package get experts’ assistance, customer testimonials.

Two Words From Me; Excellent and Convenient!

When I discovered AlHaram Travel, it was a game changer. Talking to their representative over call, I was able to create a package with all arrangements I liked in couple of minutes. The ability to select my hotel accommodation after viewing its picture is very helpful. And when I discovered I can book with small deposit, and pay full amount in equal instalments, it only got better. Booking a package has never been simple than with AlHaram Travel.

Everything I Experienced was perfect!

Very prompt communication, clear guidance, perfect arrangements of hotels and transport and even got our visa processed quicker than expected. Everything was exactly how I imagined and wanted. Even got suggestions on when to leave and arrive at airport. Will definitely be booking with them again if I need to make any trips in the near future.

I am 100% Satisfied with AlHaram Travel

Their response time, friendly assistance, helpfulness, package prices and guidance during pilgrimage - everything was above and beyond our expectations. We will definitely remember them when we plan Umrah next year! Thanks for everything!”

Booking with them was a Fuss-Free Process

I was just working with Nimra, OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! She was fast, efficient, and the travelling tips she gave were very helpful! I literally called her, explained my needs, got her useful suggestions and had all the bookings and arrangements done within a half hour! Easy booking process, loved the suggestions and will be calling AlHaram Travel and talking to her for future travelling plans! Thank you!

I Got Fantastic Services despite Multiple Amendments.

This was my first experience with AlHaram Travel and with designing a package of my own. Hafiz Saad worked with me throughout the process. He was helpful in selecting essentials like flights and accommodation, knew all details, and guided me at every step. Despite on-and-off changes in date, everything booked in my package turned out great as expected and even local pickup driver was present when I reached Jeddah. I am fully satisfied!

Exceptional Experience from Start to End!

It was my first time booking a package for Umrah and everything was fabulous. Ahmad is saviour and walked me through all the essentials for entire trip. He explained in detail what I should expect. Suggested to book flights from nearest airport. The hotel I booked was few meters away from Haram. He even suggested including local transfers to avoid hassles. If you are planning your Umrah journey, making bookings and looking for superb services, do give AlHaram Travel a try.

Helpful. Always There When I Needed.

Ghulam Mustafa gave such wonderful customer service and assistance. I had issues with my visa processing and he really helped me with documentation. I got my visa issued on time, despite short window before my departure flight. He was always there on call or Facebook to answer my queries whenever I had concerns. Thank you for making my journey possible.

Can’t Thank You Enough for Arrangements!

After repeated attempts to book hotel having wheelchair facility and coming up with dead ends, it was a wonderful surprise and a glimmer of hope when I spoke with team of AlHaram Travel about my specific needs. Their representative, Saad was awesome as he went above and beyond to find me a hotel that offers a wheelchair and arranged accommodation in it. Alhamdulilah, AlHaram Travel has made my dream of performing Umrah with my elderly parents a reality.

Amazed with Their Response Time & Flexibility!

Just had a chat online with Usba Noor for making changes in my package! I could not ask for more amazing customer service and ease in adjusting the dates and adding bookings for one more person!

Everything was exactly how I expected

Got back from Umrah yesterday. Just wanted to say you a huge “thanks” for all arrangements for our trip. It was a comfortable journey and everything went smooth and trouble-free. The flight was best, hotel and transport were exactly what we were briefed and showed in pictures. Overall everything was perfect. Thumbs up!


Best Services

No matter the requirements of UK Muslims regrading Pilgrimage. We aim to solve every problem to the full extent of our expertise.

Do You Have Any Question?

Check out below to Find the Answers of your Questions that remove your doubts regarding our services as well as your holy journey!

Can You Offer Such Hajj Package Which Includes Single Room Facility?

Experience of more than 15 years in the travel industry, AlHaram Travel allows you to book pre and post accommodation on a single basis; however, throughout your Hajj trip, rooming is organised on a twin-share basis. Besides that, contact our Hotel Booking Department and demand a list of hotels we offer to see whether a single room facility is available in your desired hotel or not. If so, then please request to book such Hajj Package that provides this facility at the time of booking with us.

Can I Find a Hotel in my Hajj Package that Offers Triple Sharing Rooms?

Depending on the Hajj Package you choose with AlHaram Travel, our Hotel Reservation Department is well experienced and has a direct link with the outrageously extravagant hotels that enable us to arrange rooms for clients on a twin, triple or multi-share basis.

Can I Find a Hotel Near to Mosque Haram or Mosque Nabawi in the Hajj Package You Offer?

Yes! As associated with the top-notch and luxurious hotels of Makkah and Medina, AlHaram Travel has established a Hotel Booking Department where our tour advisors work carefully to compare different aspects of hotels and offer only those options to pilgrims that will provide everything which they desire during this virtuous journey of Hajj. Book one of our Hajj Package to find the best hotels in close vicinity to Mosque Haram, Mosque Nabawi or in Aziziyah or other best service providing hotels ranging from 5 star deluxe to 3 star economy hotels – subject to availability – that best match your budget and class.

How much baggage is allowed to be carried in flights when going for Hajj?

Surely the baggage allowance to which you are entitled to will vary from airline to airline. Some permit two bags of 23kg individual to be carried by a single person with 7kg of hand carriage that can be taken inside the aircraft cabin. If by chance you are not sure what the criteria of any specific airline for the baggage is then you can freely contact our knowledgeable advisors to provide you with authentic information to let you avoid any sort of hassle at the airport.

Do you offer Hajj packages with cheap flights?

Yes, we do. At AlHaram Travel we work hard and do our best to play all the tricks we have to find and pre-book a comfortable yet economical flight ticket for your major pilgrimage. Our affiliation with numerous airline companies and experienced ticket consolidators enable us to compare, shortlist and select the best flight that are comparatively cheaper than the rest in our Hajj packages that you can freely select from. All you have to do is book your Hajj package with us and rest is completely our concern as we are dedicated to help our customers save more whilst getting the best pilgrimage experience.

Do you offer Ziyarat of holy sites in Makkah and Medina?

Yes, we do offer this facility to our valued customers, and that at minimum prices. You can freely ask us to add ground transportation in your Hajj packages that picks you up from right outside your accommodation in both the holy cities and take you for Ziyarat to numerous holy sites before or after hajj days depending on your choice. For your better convenience, the driver appointed to take you for Ziyarat is knowledgeable enough to act as a guide.

Are airport transfers included in the Hajj package? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport?

Generally, we do not include ground transfers to keep the prices of our Hajj deals low and in budget range. But you can add it in your personalised Hajj packages if you reach before hajj days for a hassle free pilgrimage experience. You don’t have to go through the trouble of talking yourself with bus and taxi drivers at the airport, our links with the best taxi service providers in KSA allows you to enjoy freedom to add arrival and/or departure transfer in advance for pickup or you can contact our expert travel planners to get everything arranged on your behalf.

Can I visit other cities of KSA on Hajj Visa?

No! you are only permitted to visit three cities – Jeddah, Makkah, and Medina – on a Hajj Visa, not a tourist visa. The Saudi Government is working on relaxing these rules but has not declared any announcement yet. Visits to other cities of KSA will not be a part of the Hajj package you choose or design at AlHaram Travel. We will update this space once the rules reflect in the visa system.

Can I get an Hajj visa without having a British Passport?

Yes, you may have an Hajj visa without having a British Passport, if:

  • You have a passport endorsed with “indefinite stay”
  • You are living with your British National spouse
  • You have a work permit visa
  • You have a student visa

Which documents are required to get a Hajj visa?

Hajj Visa can only be obtained through an authorised Hajj Agency’ that is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To get your visa without any hassles, you just need to send us the following documents:

  • One recent passport size photograph with white background
  • A newly converted Muslim required a certificate from a mosque or an Islamic center stating that the applicant is a Muslim
  • A valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the application form
  • A marriage certificate for wife or birth certificate for kids accompanied by their husband or Father

Where can I get guidance on how to perform Hajj and its various rites?

When you book Hajj packages with us, we share various useful material and send you various resources for performing rites of Hajj throughout the main pilgrimage days. You can ask for them to be sent via email. We can also give you a free printed guide and instructions manual about Hajj. We believe it is important to have enough information regarding rituals of Hajj before you leave. So you should prepare as much as you can.

Can I make alterations in my Hajj package according to my preferences?

Yes, you can! We have pre-designed the Hajj packages with all necessary things and matching all popular traveling dates. Therefore, we encourage you to book the best Hajj package that matches your preferences. However, if you and a group of friends, colleagues or even your school or business fellows are not sure what suits you best, get in contact with our very talented Hajj advisors working in the itinerary designing department; they can assist you to select an itinerary that’s best for you.

Are there any age restrictions while traveling on Hajj trip?

No! For the Hajj trips there is no age restriction but an adult must accompany all children under the age of 18 throughout their blessed Hajj journey. Younger children can go for Hajj through our family Hajj packages, but check the flight booking policies for the minimum age and ticketing policies regarding children of various ages. Most of the airlines provide free traveling to children below 2 years of age whereas, children older than 2 years and below the age of 12 have to pay partial amount of flight tickets. Hajj can be tiring process and children can get tired and exhausted therefore, planning Hajj with small-age children must be thoroughly sought after. Talk to our Hajj advisors working in the dedicated Hajj booking department to book your family Hajj package for traveling with children.

Can I select how many people will be accompanying me on my blessed Hajj trip?

Performing rites of Hajj with people you know doubles the pleasure and excitement of gaining blessings. That is why we give you the option to select your pilgrim group size. This means if your group is small with 2 or more people or a large group of more than 10 pilgrims, most of our Hajj packages you can book are designed to facilitate any group size. Specially, these packages include flights of same airlines together and hotel rooms in Makkah and Medina on sharing basis. Our booked vehicles through partnered transport service providers are purposefully booked to carry up to 24 pilgrims at a time while going to Ziyarat.

Are payments of my Hajj package accepted on instalment basis?

Yes, you most certainly can. Book your major pilgrimage in advance with us and pay only the minimal required instalment every month that not only puts a burden on you but our ATOL certification also ensures your payment is in safe hands. Note that the complete payment of the Hajj packages should be cleared before departure.

Can I reserve my Hajj package in the last minute?

Although there is a minimum chance but it is recommended that you book your packages for Hajj in advance as seats are limited and booking beforehand will confirm your seat for performing Hajj in Makkah without the inconvenience of getting delayed or unable to perform Hajj.

Can I go for Hajj with Disabled Person?

The Hajj is physically demanding and should be undertaken only by those who are fit enough to perform the rites. However, if adequate preparations are made, the disabled Muslims can fulfil their wish of performing Hajj. For this, AlHaram Travel is committed to make the Hajj journey widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. Due to our association with the leading airlines, affiliation with the best service providing hotels, and partnership with the ground transportation agencies, we make reasonable adjustments to facilitate the requirements of disabled travellers – such as arrange facilities for the disabled at Jeddah airport, booking ground floor accommodation in hotels that are equipped for the disabled and arrange special vehicle that will also carry wheelchair. Please contact our Package Designing Department to get further information on any of our Hajj packages that include facilities for disabled persons.

What happens to my money when I book my Hajj package?

AlHaram Travel is bonded by ATOL protection financially so every Hajj package and your every journey is financially protected. Hence, when we receive money from either you or from your travel agent, the funds are deposited into a Dedicated Customers’ Account. The money remains in this account until the day of departure of your Hajj journey so in an unlikely event of AlHaram Travel ever going broke, your money is still safe and you would get it back in full. ATOL bonding ensures your money is fully protected ensures you do not get stranded anywhere.

I still need help and assistance in personalising my Hajj package? Is it possible?

Yes! Talk to our friendly live chat advisers or have a voice call with our expert support staff functioning under friendly customer support department to get assistance at every step. Just click the chat now button at the bottom left corner to connect to one and get assistance regarding your every query. Alternatively, simply use the call now button to have a quick call with our experts!

I cannot afford to pay the cost of my Hajj package in full? Is there any way to defer the cost?

Yes! You can pay for the Hajj package on monthly basis or easy instalments. We want to make your Hajj package booking as stress-free as possible which is why we have developed our flexible payment options. When you book Hajj package with AlHaram Travel, we can offer you 3 payment plans on request including pay monthly option, low + 3 instalment plan and 2 equal payments option.

Under our monthly option, pay a small initial amount and then follow up with equal monthly payments.

With this plan, pay a low deposit at initial booking and then pay the remaining amount in three equal instalments.

In this plan, you split the total cost in two equal payments and pay the first half at the time of booking and pay the second half 30 days before your departure dates.

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Emaar Al Khalil Featured

7 Nights Basic Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – Emaar Al Khalil Madinah Hotel – Emaar Taibah Flights – Included Visa – Included

Al Salihiya Hotel Featured

9 Nights Budget Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – Emaar Andalusia Madinah Hotel – Emaar Taibah Flights – Included Visa – Included

Zowar International Hotel Featured

10 Nights Exclusive Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – M Hotel Makkah by Millennium Madinah Hotel – Zaha Al Madinah Flights – Included Visa – Included

Elaf Ajyad Featured

9 Nights Premium Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – Elaf Ajyad Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Al Qibla Flights – Included Visa – Included

Shaza Al Madinah Featured

14 Nights Supreme Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – Pullman Zamzam Madinah Hotel – Shaza Al Madina Flights – Included Visa – Included

Al Marwa Rayhaan Featured

9 Nights Express Umrah Package

Makkah Hotel – Al Marwa Rayhaan Madinah Hotel – Crowne Plaza Flights – Included Visa – Included

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Province Al-Sham - Featured Image

3 Star Shifting Hajj Package

Makkah Hotel – Luluat Al-Sharq Madinah Hotel – Province Al-Sham Visa & Flights – Included Transport – Included

Dar Al Eiman Royal Featured

5 Star Shifting 21 Days Hajj Package

Makkah Hotel – Swissotel Al Maqam Madinah Hotel – Al Eiman Royal Visa & Flights – Included Transport – Included

Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah Featured

5 Star Shifting 24 Days Hajj Package

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3 Star Non Shifting 14 Days Hajj Package

Makkah Hotel – Violet Al Shisha Madinah Hotel – Al Madinah Golden Visa & Flights – Included Transport – Included

3 Star Non Shifting 22 Days Hajj Package

Makkah Hotel – Luluat Al Sharq Madinah Hotel – Province Al-Sham Visa & Flights – Included Transport – Included

Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Featured

5 Star Non Shifting 14 Days Hajj Package

Makkah Hotel – Hilton Convention Madinah Hotel – Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Visa & Flights – Included Transport – Included

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Do you want to have a look at Haram or Kaaba after getting up in the morning? You can book the best accommodation with premium Haram or Kaaba view rooms with us.

Name the Hotel you are looking for and we will book that for you at affordable rates. We have over 500 Hotels in The Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah on our panel. You can have the best deals from Dua Travels with an economical budget for your Umrah. If you are searching for the luxurious accommodation in your sacred journey, Dua Travels have got you cover.

Do you want to have a look of Haram or Kaaba after getting up in the morning? You can book the best accommodation with premium Haram or Kaaba view rooms with us.

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Alhumdolilha I have performed my Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan with my wife. thank you Rumman and dua travels uk to making it possible for me. Tohidul Islam

hajj travel agents london

I booked my family Umrah Package with Dua travels. I got my tickets, hotel vouchers and visas on time. apart from waiting at Madinah airport for transport everything went time. Special thanks to Rumman for organizing out trip.

Muhammad Shahid

Alhamdulillah it was really good. The hotels were great, especially the Madinah hotel which had a very spacious quad room for me and my family Other than that alhamdulillah we enjoyed our time and are grateful for Dua Travels for helping organise our stay.

hajj travel agents london

Thank you for making my family trip that amazing we all are so happy. Dua travels will be my permanent choice. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

Alhumdolilha I have performed my first Umrah. Thank you dua travels and specially Brother Rumman for his assistance and guidance and upgrading our transport

hajj travel agents london

This trip was very important for me. I had prayed that i can come here. thank you Rumman and dua travel uk for booking my umrah package and upgrading hotel in Madinah to Crown Plaza.

It was my first Umrah trip and thank you for all your help and support throughout the trip. May Allah Bless you all.

This trip was very important to my. I had prayed I was able to come here. Alhumdullilah thank you dua travel & Rumman for the amazing service.

Alhamdulillah it was really good. The hotels were great, especially the Madinah hotel which had a very spacious quad room for me and my family. The transport company were responsive but there were some misunderstandings. Other than that alhamdulillah we enjoyed our time and are grateful for Dua Travels for helping organise our stay.

Allhumdulillah I have performed my Umrah and very happy with the services provided by Dua Travels. Thanks

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Hajj and Umrah are pious religious obligations and are performed by all Muslims from all over the world. About Hajj, it is said in Islam that if a Muslim has money, he must perform Hajj once in a lifetime. Allah has promised Jannah for all those pilgrims who perform Hajj in the proper instructed way. Hajj purifies all the sins, and we start our new life again with new pledges.

Hajj can be traced back to the famous story of sacrifices by Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS). The sacrifices start from leaving his wife and son alone in the mountains to the building of Kaaba and animal sacrifice. Allah has incorporated all these memories into Hajj. During Hajj, at many places, the sacrifices of Ibrahim AS and his family are recalled. Hence, Hajj is very close to a Muslim’s heart.

Hajj is performed once a year, but you can perform Umrah many times a year. If the pilgrim doesn’t have enough money to perform Hajj, he must visit Allah’s home for Umrah and rejuvenate his belief and devotion. At Dua Travels , we offer umrah packages for every month at the best rates in the market to all those pilgrims who love performing Umrah this year.

Umrah is the beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet PBUH, and it is commanded to perform Umrah to refresh the Muslim’s faith in Allah, Prophet PBUH, and judgment day. In Umrah, the pilgrim will visit Kaaba, places in Makkah, and Ziarat in Madina at very reasonable rates.

The potential pilgrim must have the following basic things before contacting our company to apply for Hajj and Umrah 2024. Without these, no travel agent accepts the Hajj and Umrah applications.

  • Renewed and valid passport.
  • Renewed documents.
  • A recent Medical checkup is done, and a Renewed medical certificate.
  • Renewed UK emergency travel document as Saudi Arabia needs these ETDs for exit from their country.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Visa applications are processed by Hajj and Umrah visa service agents.
  • Female applicants should come with Mahram, otherwise, the application will not be accepted.
  • Non- UK passport holders must show their permanent residency in the UK.
  • The children traveling with their parents must have a passport and Visa. If the kid is traveling on his parents’ passport, the photograph is necessary to be affixed and attested by some authority officer.

Our Hajj and Umrah services are the best in the world. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah helps the British people find reliable, reputed, and certified Hajj and Umrah agents. This information can be obtained online from the website of the UK Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Hence, the British Hajj and Umrah services are quite effective and efficient.

The Muslims have a religious attachment to Allah’s home, so they want their holy trip to be comfortable and complemented with reliable arrangements. Hence, they choose the Hajj and Umrah packages by the operators, which suit them well. Even they customize the packages according to their requirements.

People of the UK utilize holidays like Easter holidays, Ramadan holidays, and new year holidays to perform their Umrah. The potential candidates should thus select the suitable Umrah packages 2024 for these holidays and book well before time as it is the peak season for Umrah applications.

The potential pilgrim in the UK and especially in London, either internal or external, should consult the details from the ministry of Hajj and Umrah to get all the legal formalities done. The British Hajj and Umrah services also include delivering the potential pilgrim the knowledge of the duties and rights of both types of pilgrims before proceeding for Hajj and Umrah.

The potential pilgrim should get all the information about reliable and approved travel agents with ATOL of protection in the UK. The pilgrim should compare the same services of all the selected travel agents and after doing the detailed homework, should select the appropriate Hajj and Umrah operator.

The best British Hajj and Umrah services 2024 include the rule on all the travel agents to clearly explain their terms and conditions. The potential pilgrim should go through all the terms and conditions of the particular agent to avoid any future confusion and mis-coordination.

Dua Travels is one of the best Hajj and Umrah operators in the UK . We have been serving applicants residing in the UK, especially London, for years. Being a reliable operator in the UK, we offer reasonable Hajj and Umrah packages. Our occasional deals are quite cheap, and quality control is good. Our team is quite efficient and experienced. We are operating 24/7, and potential pilgrims can contact us and even apply online.

We offer diverse Hajj and Umrah packages for 2024 and 2025, which are all-inclusive. The Hajj packages consist of shifting Hajj Packages and Non-Shifting Hajj Packages and include the Visa, accommodation, flights, breakfast in hotels, and a guide to help the pilgrim. We have planned a reasonable stay time in Makkah and Madina and also offer Ziarat in Madina and Makkah.

In 2024, our company has been offering shifting and non-shifting hajj packages for 24 days maximum. They include luxury Hajj packages to cheap Hajj packages depending on the hotel accommodation and type of flight. The shifting Hajj packages are cheaper than non-shifting Hajj packages.

Our company offers to stay in 3 stars, 4-star, and 5-star hotels in Makkah and Madina. The client can choose the hotels according to their budget and requirements. Usually, four people share the room in the shifting Hajj package, but we can reduce the number of people in a single room to three according to the requirement of the potential pilgrim. Even we accommodate the couples and ladies separately.

The airline we offer is reliable UK airlines and Saudi Airlines with direct and indirect flights . The airline will depart from London and take to Madina and Makkah according to the packages opted for by the potential pilgrim. The company’s guide will be with pilgrims to guide them to all places and help them in settlement arrangements. We can customize the packages according to the requirement of the pilgrims as we are a client-friendly travel agent.

The Umrah packages include the 3-nights, 5-nights, 7-nights, and 14-night offers in 3-stars, 4-stars, and 5-star hotels in Makkah and Madina. The prices of the packages are also reasonable and cheap. The cheapest Umrah offer that we propose starts from £600.

We offer the group Umrah packages for Ramadan, Easter, and the new year holidays. So, go through our Easter Umrah Packages , Ramadan Umrah Packages, and New year Umrah Packages. Umrah can be performed at any time. And the new year and Easter holidays are the perfect occasions to avail the opportunity. Ramadan is the best time to go for Umrah. The reason is that Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj, so it holds great importance. The potential pilgrim needs to book these group packages well before time as these are the peak time packages when all the people residing in the UK will be applying for Umrah. Hence for a reasonable offer and group package, the pilgrim needs to plan on time.

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"It was an amazing tour thanks to Allah SWT first and foremost. Thanks Ali and Ibadah tours for being patient and making it journey to be remembered. In-shah-Allah we will be going with Ibadah Tours Ltd on other journeys."

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Umrah Guided Tours – Makkah First – October Half-Term 2024 – Flights From London (Qatar Air)

Umrah Guided Tours – Makkah First – October Half-Term 2024 – Flights From London (Qatar Air)

This package has been tailored for those wishing to perform Umrah in October 2024 for a guided, spiritual, and Educational Tour with Hasan Travel & Tours UK (awarded “Best UK Umrah Tour Operator 2019”- by the Hajj Awards 2019 of CBHUK). 9 Nights Package Includes:...

Umrah Guided Tours – Makkah First – 12 Nights Summer Holiday 2024 – Flights From London, Birmingham & Manchester (Turkish Air)

Umrah Guided Tours – Makkah First – 12 Nights Summer Holiday 2024 – Flights From London, Birmingham & Manchester (Turkish Air)

This package has been tailored for those wishing to perform Umrah in the Summer Holiday 2024 for a guided, spiritual, and educational tour with Hasan Travel & Tours UK (awarded “Best UK Umrah Tour Operator 2019”- by the Hajj Awards 2019 of CBHUK). Package...

Umrah Ramadan 2024 – Spend your Last 10 nights in Makkah and Madinah

Umrah Ramadan 2024 – Spend your Last 10 nights in Makkah and Madinah

This package has been tailored for those wishing to perform Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan 2024. An experience like none other during the blessed month spent on the grounds of the sacred masjids.Package Includes: Return flight on Saudi Airlines to Jeddah and...

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hajj travel agents london

Professionalism and reliability is what we look for when arranging our Umrah tours, and after three consecutive trips with groups booked with Hasan Travel, that’s exactly what we found. MashaAllah, a pleasure to work with their team both in the UK and on the ground in Saudi.

I recently experienced the service provided by Hasan Travel & Tours, and it was outstanding. The team demonstrated exceptional knowledge about all the destinations we visited, making the journey not only smooth but also enriching. From logistics to insightful information, Hasan Team ensured a seamless and informative experience. Overall, a top-notch service that I highly recommend.

We have just returned from an amazing Umrah with Hasan Travel & Tours and MashAllah they exceeded all expectations.

We took a group of 32 people for a work trip, most of whom were Deaf. The brothers from Hasan Travels (both Brother Muhtadi and Sh. Mishkat) were extremely diligent in the planning and execution. They went out of their way during every part of the process. Their communication was prompt, they made expectations clear and their advice was spot on.

Being seasoned Umrah and Tour providers, they knew exactly what would be suitable for our group and were very professional in their dealings with us. During the trip, Sheikh Mishkat was our tour guide. He made himself available pretty much 24/7 and there was never a sense of getting annoyed from all the questions, requests or anything we asked of him. We learned so much from him as a group. As someone who has resided in Saudi for a number of years, he knew he ins and outs. Their services are very well matched for working professionals or anyone that may wish to travel there.

I would highly recommend them. Being a family run establishment for decades now, they have a really good reputation and I understand now why!

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Non Shifting Hajj Pacakges 2023 A+

Shifting hajj packages 2023 a-13, economy hajj package (non shifting) 2023.

  • Cheapest Umrah Packages

Turkey Ottoman Empire Tour

Al-aqsa tour (5 nights).

Makkah Live

Welcome to Qibla Travels

Qibla Travels Ltd. provides the best Hajj and Umrah packages in the UK, as well as the most cost-effective worldwide flight services. Whether it is a leisure tour or a holy visit that you're going for, Qibla Travels offer you world-class services to make your journey memorable.

Your complete satisfaction defines our objectives - we want to enrich your travel experience and make it one memorable event for you. With an excellent track record, hundreds of thousands of customers get benefitted from our services, every year. We believe that the best promoter for our business is our happy and fulfilled clients. Our long-established experience as Hajj and Umrah travel agents and our practical approach will give you significant serenity... Read More

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Hajj Packages 2024

Economy Hajj Package (Non Shifting) 2023

Economy Hajj Package (Non Shifting) 2024

Economy hotel.

Shifting Hajj Packages 2023

5 Star Hajj 14 Days (Non Shifting) 2024

From £10700, 5 star hotel.

Non Shifting Hajj Pacakges 2023 A+

5 Star Hajj 21 Days (No Azizia) 2024

Hajj packages 2023, from £10500, umrah packages.

Ladies Umrah Packages for September

Umrah For Ladies & Families 2023

From £1,695, 5* swissotel makkah hotel, emaar royal hotel, ladies umrah for ramadan 2023, from £1,595, 5* makarem ajyad, b&b, maden hotel, b&b.

Sheraton Hotel Makkah

Silver Umrah Packages

Sheraton makkah, crown plaza madina.

Movenpick Hotel Makkah

Gold Umrah Packages

Movenpick hotel makkah, crown plaza madinah.

Anwar al madinah movenpick hotel

Platinum Umrah Packages

Swisstol hotel, anwar al-madina movenpick.

al eiman qebla

Deluxe Umrah Packages

Dar al eiman grand, al-eiman qibla.

marriott hotel

Super Deluxe Umrah Packages

Marriot hotel, al-eiman royal, ramdan umrah packages, dar al eiman sud hotel, rawabi al zahra hotel, ladies umrah package 2023, from £1,440, movenpick/swissotel, b&b, dallah taiba, b&b, holiday packages.


Luxury Hashimi Hotel

Turkey Tour package

4 Star Hotel , B&B

Hajj packages, 3 weeks economy hajj package (non shifting), from £5,995, al rayah grand hotel - full board, mawaddah al-safwa hotel, deluxe hajj package (5 star) 2020, from £6,795, swissotel makkah, hilton madinah, 2 weeks economy hajj package (non shifting), from £5,795, al rayah grand hotel, mawaddah al safwa, 2 weeks 5 stars hajj packages, from £7,595, swissotel makkah - half board-2/3/4 sharing, hilton madinah - half board.

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We went for umrah and arranged the package with qibla travels. Alhamdulillah it was a very good experience and especially when traveling with children and not knowing what to expect!! Qibla travels put our minds at ease and it allowed us to perform our umrah with peace of mind. The transport manager in Saudi ensured he was always in contact with us from the time of landing there to the time of our return. The transfers from Jeddah airport to Makkah and from Makkah to Madina and the transport for ziyarat was all coordinated very well and on time. We would like to thank Qibla travels for making our umrah a stress free and a wonderful experience. Jazakallah Khair!

Booked turkey with these guys and nothing went wrong every question I asked them was replied to on the spot.

My elderly mum and I have had a brilliant experience with qibla travels and Mrs khan went out Of her way to make sure that we had everything we needed all the time. I am very grateful at the time of umrah because my mum needed wheelchair assistance for doing the Sai. Wanted to walk we separated from the group. She however still kept in contact with me by phone and I never felt I was alone. I’m also very grateful for her booking the permits for my mum to visit Jannat rawadah and offering advice on booking the permits for doing the tawaf in the mum continuously made dues for Mrs khan and Qibla’s travels barakat and success with each prayer on her trip. I would recommend without hesitation if any lady wanted to go umrah with Mrs khan .she will be looked after and have a brilliant experience and be safe and secure.

Alhamdulillah. We just returned after performing umrah. Qibla Travels provided an excellent package for us. Their representative in Saudi Arabia provided reliable and on-time transportation services. The drivers were very polite and professional. Especially the tour manager contacted us on regular basis to find out how we were and offered his support and help. I would highly recommend Qibla Travels for your umrah or hajj. Please make sure you get Saudi SIM cards at the airport. Once again, I thank Qibla Travels for arranging excellent accommodations at Makkah and Medina (within walking distance of al-haram), transportation, and air tickets. InshaAllah, we will use their services in the future without any hesitation.

Going on umrah with Qibla travels was an excellent choice. From start to the end of our journey we were supported by them and we had an amazing experience with good hotels and services. Will definitely go again with them.

Efficient and reliable

The umrah trip was absolutely amazing They had 5-star service. I had a brilliant package and accommodation. I had a very pleasant and blessed journey. I have recommended you to everyone and if anyone is looking for a great package then they should definitely get in contact with Qibla Travels!

Qibla Travels gave me a fantastic experience that I really enjoyed. Everything was well organized and the group leader was very efficient.

Excellent service ..they made sure all our paperwork was correct and forms completed before leaving .and when we were there they made sure we had everything we needed ..the Staff were very polite and hardworking was a beautiful experience…Thank you so much Qibla travels

My mother Rehana Just came back with Qibla Travels Ladies only Umrah Group Package Feb 2022. Mum’s feedback is as follows: The 5* Package is exactly as described by Mrs. Khan (the organizer). The hotels are of a high standard in Mecca and she stayed in the Tower.

The hotel in Madina is opposite Masjid Nabwi and is very convenient. Mrs. Khan is very accommodating and always attends to her phone ensuring the group has everything they require.

She is extremely friendly and kind and makes the entire experience unforgettable and easy. My mother has been going with Mrs. Khan and her groups for 8/9yrs now which should tell you everything about how much she enjoys the trips.

I went with my family during the Pandemic for Umrah. The hotel was very good and the staff in Saudi Arabia were very helpful. I really happy with Qibla travels services . Recommend friends and family.

Alhamdulillah, I had the pleasure of going to Umrah with Qibla Travels who helped me and my wife every step of the way even though it was a tailor-made package just for me and my other half. It’s been a while since we traveled to Umrah (or anywhere to be honest!) as the pandemic has made it very hard to travel in the last two years. Being on this trip just amazes me how important it is to travel especially to the house of Allah.

Qibla Travels really made my trip really comfortable by always keeping in touch with me and making sure that every stop (airports, Makkah, medina and even entering haram in Makkah) was smooth and without any hiccups. The hotels were chosen to my liking as I needed hotels that weren’t too expensive but close enough so my old legs could manage the distance! Qibla Travels were able to make this happen all the while keeping me and my wallet (fairly) happy! Their rep in Makkah is such a nice and welcoming person even the drivers are nice and courteous.

The one thing that really can ruin the trip is the attitude of those on your trip even if the facilities are up to par. However, all the staff was so so welcoming. I felt like everything that I had to worry about was all taken care of. The only thing I would say is (although not entirely Qibla Travels fault) please create a map/guide where all the good restaurants are. It can take forever to find a good spot to eat but that’s just a little advice! Anyway, keep up the good work and we will definitely be back.

I and my family always book with Qibla travel recently me and my wife went for Umrah’s excellent service even during the Covid-19 difficult time I recommend them highly I thank them for the excellent job they do.

I dealt with Aatif who was super professional from the beginning. He gave us a great price for a personalized package and as we were traveling with family including an infant, it was reassuring that I could leave any issues in the hands of Qibla Travel.

They provided me with a local contact in Makkah/Madinah who could deal with any issues we have while we were there. The transportation and ziyarah were with Qasswa who have clean and well AC’d cars (some drivers were better than others though I must say).

The hotels we chose were clean and relatively close by. The only issue we had was that there was a discrepancy at the hotel when we arrived in Makkah, as we booked two twin rooms initially but the hotel had a quad room booked on their system which caused a bit of frustration after a long tiring journey.

It took a few hours to sort out but once it was, everything else went smoothly. So perhaps before traveling just double check that everything is as stated in your itinerary. All in all, a good experience with Qibla Travels and we would definitely use them again.

Salaam Mrs. Khan, first of all, Ramadan Mubarak to you, I pray this month brings you an abundance of blessings and I hope you are safe Ameen. Apologies I have not had a chance to speak with you since our return from Umrah. Alhumdulilah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah was such a beautiful experience and I cannot thank you enough for making it so smooth and stress-free.

You planned and arranged every aspect meticulously from start to finish. The flights, hotels, excursions, the umrah experience were all beyond 5 stars. Tariq Saab was always on hand whenever we had even the slightest question and constantly checked on us to make sure we were okay, update us on our itinerary, and generally looked after us. The umrah guide we were given, Ramzan Bhai, practically became family.

Our nervousness was around my father being able to do umrah and tawaf due to limited mobility; Ramzan Bhai went above and beyond looking after my father as if he was his own holding his hand throughout the experience, may Allah SWT bless him with goodness Ameen. The Qassawa drivers were very respectful, professional, and friendly, and their cars were all very luxurious.

My parents were very nervous about traveling to Saudi without a group, going for our first time, and naturally nervous to only be traveling with a daughter. I cannot express to you how much dua they continue to give you for making the whole experience so incredible for them, they’ve been recommending you to everyone. Everything you said, you delivered on. Every part of the journey was exactly as you had said it would be alhamdulillah.

We cannot wait to travel with you again in sha Allah, our plan was to do another umrah in October but Allah SWT is the best of planners. May Allah SWT put more barakah into your lives, thank you so much again. We highly recommend Qibla Travels for Umrah packages, in sha Allah will be traveling with you again soon.

Qibla Travels are very good

I went to Umrah on Feb 20 arranged by Qibla Travels. The service provided by the staff at Qibla Travels was friendly, quick and professional. The Umrah experience was excellent especially as Qibla Travel provided an efficient transportation and excursion service. I would definitely travel and recommend Qibla travel in the future.

The owners seem very knowledgeable, went to enquire about a hajj package. The prices also seemed very reasonable. In comparison, there is another travel agent one door away who was charging more and didn’t seem very interested in explaining the package on offer. Definitely worth enquiring with them if you are planning on undertaking a pilgrimage. Oh and by the way I traveled from Birmingham to find the best deal and package for this once in a lifetime trip.

I remember doing Hajj with Qibla Travels when they newly opened. Even at their first attempt at hajj was much better than the Hajjs I did with other companies. Their efforts are sincere and their intentions are clean.

I sent my daughter with qibla Travels last year for her 1st Hajj. When she returned from her trip, she had nothing but good things to say. The one thing I was really impressed with was the female guide Qibla travels provide for the women hajjis. I don’t think there is any other company that provides such a facility.

I went for my 1st umrah trip with my family in November 2019. Before I booked with Qibla travels, I searched all over the UK for the best deal. Naturally, I am a very particular woman so I have to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect. After much research, I ended up booking with Qibla Travels as their professionalism is second to none.

The guy over the phone was very attentive and patient. I know I can be annoying as I need everything clear but the man over the phone answered all my questions without a sign of irritation. Nonetheless, the package he put together met all my requirements and the price fell within my budget.

Now the scary part before leaving for Makkah Shareef was whether what Qibla travels have sold me is what I will actually be getting when I arrive. However, when I arrived all my anxiety and nerves were settled as upon arrival I was greeted so warmly and the hotel I was given was exactly the same one Qibla promised to provide. The transport and ziarats were excellent. Moreover, the Umrah guide was very efficient and accommodating. All in all, I am very very happy as everything went smoothly.

Qibla Travels have been a great umrah service provider. My family and I always book through them for all our travel packages. I deff recommend them.

Excellent experience Alhamdulillah. The team at Qibla travels are very professional, reliable. We travelled for Umrah with a 9-year-old and a 3-year-old and the service provided by the company hired by these guys. I would highly recommend this team and say JazakAllah for such a wonderful experience Alhamdulillah.

Qibla Travels Hajj and Umrah were very responsive throughout our communication before and after our Umrah trip. This is our second time with this lovely company so definitely worth it.

Khan Saab thank you so much for the wonderful service. The hotels were very close to the haram and they were of a good standard. A cheap package with great service. I hope your business grows!

Assalaamoualaikum, JazakAllah Qibla Travels for an amazing experience on our life-changing journey, Hajj 2019. Special thanks to Mrs. Khan who has always been with us, always patient and happy to help. May Allah SWT reward you all. We met a few wonderful people, we will never forget you all. May Allah accept all our duahs. Ameen.

I and my family traveled via Qibla Travels. They had exceptional service at there branch and were really informative with the great deals out there to travel with. We absolutely enjoyed our stay in Dubai for 10 days.

Thanks to Qibla travels our hotel was an absolute delight to live in and very extravagant. I and my family greatly enjoyed our trip to Dubai. We are always now gonna use Qibla Travels to travel as they have very friendly staff who are exceptionally good from the very beginning. Just booked another flight with them today!!! Thanks for all the help!! From Khan Family.

What an awesome experience and a pleasure to travel with Mr & Mrs. Khan of Qibla Travels. We were a family of six who all thoroughly enjoyed our Hajj experience from start to finish. May Allah accept our Hajj and reward the Khan Family.

Hajj 2019 – Booked Qibla travels based on a recommendation from family members and so very happy we did. Fantastic service provided by a well put together team. Catered for all our needs, big or small. Mr. and Mrs. Khan were with us every step of the way during our Hajj journey with plenty of laughs and jokes along the way.

Gave us plenty of support and encouragement ensuring our trip as a whole went as smooth as possible. Always 100% greeted us with a smile, always professional and well mannered. Always answered all our questions, and the ones they weren’t sure about, found the answers from reliable sources, always getting back to us. Never did we have to go back to remind them and never did they make promises they couldn’t keep.

There was always help at hand when we needed it, for example, a team member personally took us to nearby medical facilities promptly when needed. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to make a journey of a lifetime. Thank you Qibla travels, may Allah reward you and give you so much more. Aameen.

Went to Hajj 2019 with Qibla Travels and Alhamdulillah they were a very reliable and an established tour operator you could trust. It’s run by the Khan family who was all very helpful throughout the whole process and always on hand when things sometimes went wrong (usually it’s out of their control).

The food and accommodation provided were good, scholars were always available during the hajj (Shaykh Sohaib was very knowledgable and nice to be around), and special thanks to the qibla staff who were always working tirelessly in the background.

My only issue was that some of the communications were exclusively in Urdu (for example during ziyarats and some khutbas) which not everyone understands, like me, but I know Mr. Khan tried his hardest to get English speaking communications. Overall positive experience and I would recommend. May Allah continue to bless them and make it easy for them and anyone who chooses to travel with them. Ameen.

Went for Hajj 2019 with Qibla travels. The service provided by the staff was very good from start to finish. Qibla worked very hard to ensure our hajj journey was made as easy as possible. Hotels were close in Makkah and Medinah. I would recommend Qibla to others thinking of going to hajj or umrah. Thanks to Qibla for all the support.

Having conducted many searches we agreed to book our Hajj through Qibla Travels. We had no previous knowledge or familiarity with this company and based our ultimate decision through telephone conversations with Mr & Mrs. Khan.

Alhamdullilah we booked on the Deluxe 3 Week package and it was a decision we never looked back on or regretted. Mr & Mrs. Khan along with their professional ground crew provided a professional and personalized service. They were on hand to provide guidance, assistance throughout. Their commitment to each and every Hajji in their group is at the heart of their operation.

Information regarding events, seminars, and schedules were communicated through WhatsApp groups and their ground crew who ensured everyone understood every stage of the Hajj journey. Due to unexpected circumstances at home we were unable to travel on the 5th of August 2019 with the rest of our group and Qibla Travels rearranged our flights for the 1st August. They arranged for an extended stay at the hotel free of charge. Despite traveling alone, Qibla travels (Mr. and Mrs. Khan) remained in touch with us throughout the journey to Jeddah airport and Makkah to ensure we didn’t feel alone or overwhelmed with traveling alone during Hajj season.

Mr. Khan was waiting to receive us and offered to provide a personal guide to assist us to complete the Umrah on arrival in Makkah. The qibla team went over and above what I expected and made our Hajj journey a beautiful and spiritually fulfilling one. I would have no hesitation in recommending Qibla Travels to family and friends and anyone looking for personalized service. Thank you Qibla Travels.

Traveled with Qibla travels for Hajj this year. Had an amazing experience, the staff were always available and tried to make the experience as smooth as possible. The food was great and the hotels were close by and clean. So glad we chose Qibla for our Hajj experience and would not hesitate to book with them again.

HAJJ 1440 / 2019 Deluxe 3 week package. Qibla travels were definitely the right choice for our Hajj journey. We had fantastic service from the booking stage all the way through to returning home. Qibla travels are a family run business. They provide a professional yet personalized service and take a genuine interest in each Haji. Mr. and Mrs. Khan of Qibla Travels were present throughout the trip. All our questions and queries were handled promptly and efficiently.

We were kept well informed of schedules via WhatsApp group messages and sometimes through members of their professional ground crew. They really went above and beyond. They handled everything, enabling us to concentrate on our Ibadah. May Allah reward Mr. and Mrs. Khan and accept our Hajj. Ameen. I will be recommending Qibla Travels to anyone who is looking for unrivaled service and peace of mind during this journey of a lifetime.

Allhumdulliah we have performed Hajj with Qibla Travels in 2019. They have provided a 1st Class service from Seminar Day in the UK till the last day of your flight. We always felt that we are part of a bigger family instead of an individual group. Khan Saheb (owner of Qibla Travels) always ensure to make you feel secure and comfortable.

He takes very good care of the elderly and women. All the hotels, transport, food and Ziyaret arrangements were extremely good. I would highly recommend choosing Qibla travels for your Hajj and Umrah travels. I would love to go again to Hajj with them. May Allah bless them. Ameen.

Highly recommend Qibla, me my wife and my 2 aunties loved the hajj experience. Mr. Khan, Mrs. Khan & Atif were all available as and when you needed them. Also, Sheikh Shoaib was a very knowledgeable and approachable person. I am already thinking of going to Umrah with Qibla in the near future Insha Allah. Keep up the good work Mr. Khan and Co, and may Allah bring Barakah in your amazing business!!!!

Thank you for everything, the staff were kind and polite. See you next time Inshaallah.

Me and my son have just returned back from hajj with qibla travels, we are really satisfied with the service we received, the whole experience was very well organized as well as the hotels food all was very good, they made our hajj journey comfortable for us and they tried there level best to accommodate everyone as best as they could, Mr. and Mrs. khan are amazing people, understanding and kind ! I have used them before for umrah as well and will recommend them to all family and friends in the future too.

Hajj 2019 Recently returned from hajj with Qibla travels Our journey started on 5 August which was a planned strike day at Heathrow. We were kept informed about the latest situation by Atif Khan. On the morning of 5 August, he rang us about three times to make sure we were on our way and find out if we were ok. THANK YOU, Atif Khan. It was very reassuring that we were in safe hands. Atif was proved he was more than just a Travel agent. On Arrival, at Jeddah, it was in the hands of Mr. Khan (the boss). I found him very humble down to earth kind of person and was keen to do whatever possible. During whole stay( 3 weeks) most things were out of his hands and down to hajj ministry. But whatever he could he did and did it very well was present throughout and willingly answered any question asked. Thanks, Mr. Khan I am sure most questions were being asked again and again but he never got annoyed or frustrated and answered every single question with a smile on his face. As mentioned before most things are out of control of any travel operator. But it will be unfair not to mention good work by Mr. Khan our room cards were ready before we walked in never had to wait for rooms the whole process was well managed and smooth. 2ndly ever so thankful to Mr. Khan for getting us rooms with Haram view at Swiss hotel Makkah ( which are more expensive )Thanks to Mr. Khan May Allah reward you and give you many more chances to serve hujjaj for many more years. Quality of food was good at Makkah std hotel And I will say it way better than the Swiss and Hilton Buffet. One thing which I should mention is and Khan sahb please take note. On arrival at Jeddah our luggage was very late ( nothing to do with qibla travels)and we were may be last to come out of the terminal and did not know which way to turn to find the bus to Makkah Qibla team member was not present to point out which way to go. Someone with qibla team should have been standing outside with Qibla travels signboard to guide. Lectures from sheik were not timed well at times the food was being distributed and he was delivering lectures. Lectures were good but very general. Please ask sheikH sahb to be precise about hajj rituals and Give great mention to why is it important to do what we are doing. In depth importance of Mina and Arafat with history. CONCLUSION It was a journey well planned and executed by Qibla team. Would like to thank all of the qibla team from the bottom of my heart. Never dealt with Mrs. Khan but my wife (Maria Waqar)tells me she was very patient and helpful in dealing with women s and an important part of making this journey a success. So Thank you Mrs. Khan ( especially from my wife. Khan sahb if u want any more information about my 2 suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me JAZZAK ALLAH.

Had an amazing hajj experience 2019 with Qibla travels. The whole process alhamdulillah went well and made some lifetime friends. Throughout the whole journey, we had a sheik who answered all of our questions and guided us to complete our hajj. Mrs. Khan has been amazing by supporting the women throughout. Will definitely recommend Qibla travels to others.

Highly Recommend Qibla Travels based on the following reasons and overall Hajj Tour Experience.

1. Family run business looked after very well by Mr and Mrs khan. (Trust Factor and peace of mind).

2. Throughout the whole trip accompanied by Sheikh Shoaib graduate from Madina University highly experienced, prominent well-known Scholar solid grip on (English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi) language. Peace of mind that all Hajj Manaasiks, Arkaans are overlooked by Sheikh.

3. Luxury hotels both in Makkah and Madina including breakfast lunch and dinner buffet style. Lovely food and lot to choose. Hotel in Makkah was 7 minutes to Haram While Madina was less than 2 minutes.

4.keeping all the group up to date with all information and day to day activities, lectures delivered by Sheikh during the Hajj days 5. Great management in Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifa in terms of making sure all people are provided with necessary facilities such as a sleeping mattress, air condition tents, food, tea coffee, and drinks. Cannot ask for more than that. May Allah reward all the members of Qibla Travels. Sulman Wales Cardiff.

Qibla travel team were spectacular. They were all really hardworking, dedicated and communication wasn’t an issue. Hajj is not a holiday its very tough but Qibla travels made the journey smooth as they could. Without any doubt would rebook with them again.

Absolutely loved our experience with Qibla travels. They did the best they could, anything that didn’t go to plan was down to the busy nature of hajj season and the fact that hajj was administered for 2-3 million people. I loved how everything was on time and they were very considerate towards the hujjaj.

I would highly recommend them if your traveling for hajj. I have heard some horror stories about other travel agencies and the waiting times and ten services provided. We were provided 3 meals a day during Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifa and Alhamdulillah I can’t complain. Qibla travels made the journey so easy for us and extremely helpful. If we do decide to go Hajj again or any relatives or friends travel I would highly recommend Qibla travels.

Ms. Khan and Mr. Khan were especially very considerate towards us all. Compared to some of the hotel’s other travel agencies provided ours wasn’t so bad, especially Medinah one which had a full bathtub and shower and directly near the Masjid Al Nabawi.

Just returned from our hajj a few days ago. I think we made the right choice for using qibla travels. Alhumdulillah!! The accommodation was literally less than 10 mins walk from masjid Al Haram, and less than 5 mins walk from masjid e nabi. Both hotels were clean. The guides that were there in Saudi were amazing and always there if needed. I would definitely recommend Qibla travels to anyone. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Khan, for being amazing and always being with us and for putting up with our continuous questions on literally everything!

Amazing journey with Qibla travels and wonderful service provided. Would definitely recommend Qibla Travel to all my family and friends and thanks to Qibla Travel team for looking after us.

The service was amazing which made the entire experience even more lovely. I highly recommend for all people to use qibla travels when planning on making a visit to Saudi. A special thank you to the entire qibla travels team for being extremely helpful.

Thank you, Allah, for helping my family and I find such a wonderful, sincere travel agent for hajj and umrah packages. Qibla Travels you have provided 1st class services for my parents who completed hajj in August 2019. I do not feel that they would have successfully completed such an intense journey that hajj requires without you by their side! Your communication and responding to queries were second to none.

My parents felt safe and informed at all times. You also provided clean hotel facilities as well as abundant amounts of food for them. In addition to this, you continuously kept us all (family and hajjis) involved informed and updated on the WhatsApp group created, this reduced any anxiety and questions straightaway.

They met some life long friends in your group too. The 3-week package deal that you provided my parents was excellent and cost-effective for them. May Allah reward you, your family and the group leaders for all your hard work and efforts. Ameen. We will be sure to use your services in the future Inshaa’Allah and continue to recommend you to our family and friends. Thank you ever so much.

Excellent people travel with them Aqsa Mesjid and umrah and turkey 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommend (Samina).

Recently used them for an Islamic trip to Turkey, excellent service, very informative tour guide stayed with us throughout our journey. Got to see and learn things I wouldn’t have been able to see if I went independently. Highly recommended.

Trustworthy, reliable, good value for money, very accurate description. Thank you for the tailor-made package and the free Guide at Makkah. In Sha Allah, we will use you again in the near future.

Alhamdulillah that we found this travel agent here in London. We have used these guys on several occasions and every time they have exceeded expectations. Thanks to Brother Aatif, we always go on custom made packages that work well specifically for us and we get a guide for free at Makkah to help ensure we complete the Umrah Correctly in Sha Allah.

There is also staff there is Makkah the help represent Qibla and take care of any needs you may have in Saudi (from picking up to settling into to your hotel, all the way until you get back to the airport). They give you the opportunity to shop around and do not hesitate in giving you a no-obligation quote. They have all the information regarding where to go to get vaccinations, Umrah compliant toiletries, and Ihram.

Fact is, that there are a lot of travel agents out there, but only a few that have experience in dealing with all the hotels. And only a few that will deliver on their promise and honor the quote. Every time we booked, we made specific requests from the car, all the way to the view from the room and everything else in between. It’s hard to find a company that actually cares about you like a pose to just making money.

As a result, they are extremely busy mashallah but give them a chance to get back to you and don’t hesitate to chase them up on your personalized quotes. It will be worth it. And more importantly, you will get exactly what you were promised in Sha allah.

Alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity to do Umrah this year with Qibla travels. It was a simply awesome and spiritual experience. The information and guidance that was given out to me were outstanding and skillful. I would love to give a special thanks to Mrs.Khan, Mr. Tariq and Mr. Ramzan. I would highly recommend Qibla Travels.

Alhamdulillah, we had an amazing Umrah experience thanks to the Qibla travel team, especially Atif. Seven of us were traveling and they organized everything down to the fine detail. We had a great contact in Mecca who helped at each stage during our stay in Mecca and Medina. Traveling around was done with ease and the five-star hotels were very good: Swissotel Mecca and Dala Taybah, with excellent breakfasts. The itinerary was detailed and covered all details, leaving no hiccups. Would travel with them again and definitely recommend them. Thanks again, guys. Nayeer Afzal

I’ve been using Qibla travels to book my parents Hajj and Umrah trips for a number of years now. I have nothing but the utmost praise for them. They really went above and beyond for my parents on numerous occasions.

Alhamdullilah they made everything really easy for us and facilitated for everything from start to finish. A lovely experience, exemplary service and well organized by a sincere and devoted team, highly recommended.

Great customer service will recommend to friends and family.

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Very very good! Would definitely recommend. Hotels were great. Service from Qibla travels was very quick from booking services to transfers over in Saudi. Overall great service

Dec 2018 – just returned from the most amazing Umrah trip with a friend. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were amazing and the transportation arrangement were simply brilliant. Trust me when I say that you must book with Qibla Travels for your Hajj or Umrah trip because no one has the contacts in Saudia like they do and no one can rival their meticulous attention to detail nor their reliability. Well done to Aatif and the team and really can’t wait to book again soon.

Alhamdulillah I performed my Hajj this year (2018) with Qibla Travel. My spiritual journey with Qibla Travel was an amazing experience. The group provided excellent service, all the Group Leaders were excellent, very friendly and helpful throughout the journey which made our Hajj easy. The Team was very organised and kept us updated throughout the process which made the whole journey as easy and enjoyable as possible and a trip to be remembered. Our Hotel in Makkah was very close just 10 minute walk from Haram. Hotel in Madinah was also just 5 minute walk from Masjid e Nabvi.

I am very satisfied with the services I received from Qibla Travel. My overall rating for this group is excellent, and would definitely recommend to everyone. My special thanks to Gultasib Khan Sahib and his team for excellent services.

Mohammad Hanif

3weeks visit to makkah n Madina as hajj is ended.It was marvellous,arranged n guided by Qibla n his team.people were guided step by step on daily basis people been educated by Qibla expert team reg hajj. I really recommend Qibla Travel especially for hajj n Humrah.I m really so happy that i got the right agent. Thanks

I went for Hajj this year with my family and we had an amazing experience with Qibla Travels. It was a well organised trip with lovely, helpful and friendly staff. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were very comfortable and only a couple of minutes walk away from the Masjids. The organisers did a spectacular job, doing exactly what was specified in the Itinerary the way it was briefed to us in the Seminar and stayed with us step to step throughout the whole journey. Qibla Travels are doing an amazing job, we are extremely impressed with their service. Highly Recommend everyone to travel with Qibla!!

On behalf of my sister Asgari and Myself, We would like to wish everyone from Al Qibla Group Happy New Islamic Year. Alhamdulillah I am sure all of us feel Blessed Having completed the rites of the Holly Hajj. Now it is time to reflect on the journey of a lifetime,experiences both physical and spiritual amidst the huge mass of pilgrims all eager with anticipation and passion to be one with The Almighty and to follow the footsteps of His beloved Prophet Abraham Khalilullah and Rasul Allah PBUH.

It all began at Heathrow Airport under the umbrella of Al Qibla Group.All strangers a bit apprehensive maybe deterred by the enormity of the journey ahead and at the same time looking forward to achieving the spiritual awakenings once landed in the mystic and Holly sites of Mecca and Medina. First stop was Istanbul Airport where all of us changed into our Ihrams. This was a first solemn step which transformed a group of strangers into a unified togetherness of the Ummah one for all and all for one. As we landed at the Jeddah Airport there was a surge of excitement and anticipation and eagerness to reach Mecca. The Holly Al Harmain and The Heavenly Kaaba were beckoning. Normally once landed it can take anything upto 6/8 hours to clear customs and another couple of hours to reach Mecca but full marks to Al Qibla for their immaculate planning we managed to circumvent the system and reached our hotel earlier than expected.

After quickly freshening up we were all restless and keen to reach Masjid Al-Haram and Kaaba. We all regrouped and under the banner of Al Qibla started our journey with resounding chanting of “Labbayk, Allahumma Labbayk,La shareeka laka Labbayk,Innal-hamda wan-n”imata laka wal-mulk La shareeka laka.” As we reached Al-Haram The sight of Kaaba had us all spellbound and I was overcome with mixed emotions and felt both spiritually uplifted and a calmness descended upon me and I became oblivious to everything else around me as if I had descended into another sphere. We managed to complete Tawaaf and Sayee as if in a spiritual trance yet felt energised and fulfilled. One looses all sense and awareness of physical and material needs and this where one needs to be in the company of caring and experienced agent to supervise and guide through the holly rituals of Hajj according to the Sunnah and this is where Al Qibla personnel Mr&Mrs Khan ,Atif and Imams and their staff came into their own. Mr & Mrs Khan and Atif were at always at hand to see to our needs and made sure all the arrangements were in place and to top it we had a round the clock canteen which served excellent food and beverages. We had lectures from learned Imams about the Hajj Minasik as per Sunnah and thus we completed Minah,Muzdalifa and finally Arafat to our hearts contend and finally on 10th Zul Hijjah which was the most trying and full of “Aazmaish”we completed the marathon walk from Minah to Jamurat to Mecca for Tawaaf and Syee and back to Mina in a day. Unfortunately I had an accident and Mr.Khan made special arrangements for us to return to Mina by bus. All the way Mr & Mrs Khan and Atif led the procession tirelessly rallying the troops and urging us onwards. I must admit at the end of this we felt elated and happy that we had managed to complete our Hajj .May Allah Accept it. We were very lucky to be in the company of such a wonderful and caring group of Hajjis and subsequently in the true spirit of Hajj we all became an extended family and InshAllah may this bond last amongst us forever. I am indebted to Mr Khan and family to create such a wonderful atmosphere and care and provide service beyond the call of duty which enabled us to fulfill our Hajj Rites to our hearts satisfaction. I would highly recommend Al Qibla.

The Qibla Travels team gave me and my mum an incredible Hajj experience. We were looked after all the way through Hajj. And accommodation after Hajj was very good too. Inshallah if I go for Hajj again I will definitely use them. May Allah SWT reward them for their hard work.

Salam, Jazakumullah for everything Qibla Travels and their devoted team did for us. I personally thank you all For the time and effort you all put in. I have been telling everyone that Mashallah. Qibla Travels looked after us very very well. Specially sister Annie, can’t thank her enough for her constant help and support. I was amazed by the politeness, patience, and humbleness of the entire family. All I can say is may Allah make your Duniya and aakhirah more comfortable and raise your grades Because you all looked after us during hajj. I was told to pack patience in my suitcase. Trust me traveling with you guys I did not need to observe patients as you guys provided things there and then The food was amazing, however brother chef has to go easy on Oil/ ghee/ butter Etc. And a humble suggestion, if more care is taken towards preparing menus and the more staple food is introduced As Channa dhal etc. Does not help in retaining wudu etc.

Compliments to the chef on Nahari, pye, and Halwa of course. My husband is definitely traveling with you guys in future Provide he gets pye for breakfast. Lastly, many many many thanks to you all And please forgive us if we came across rude, arrogant or ungrateful towards your service. Jazakumullahu khayran katheeran. Looking forward to traveling with Qibla Travels soon Inshaa Allah.

Samina salimee

**Highly Recommended** ‘’Qibla Travels turning dreams into reality’’

As-Salaam-Alaikum to you all, Alhamdulillah, three weeks I spent with my brother, wife & my 3-year-old daughter performing Hajj has been the most spiritually fulfilling and most enjoyable experience of our entire lives.

Qibla Travel is an excellent team of organisers and religious guides, that provide all the knowledge and expertise required for performing the rites of Hajj in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah.

The team is experienced with running Hajj & Ummrah packages and as a result I felt I just had to concentrate on worshipping Allah (SWT) and I left everything else to the organisers at Qibla Travels.

Qibla Travels are well connected and very familiar with the areas of Makkah and Madinah. Alhamdulillah for the ease of our travel, accommodation and Hajj. I am grateful to Allah (SWT), for blessing me & my family with the opportunity to perform Hajj with Qibla Travels and I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts it from all of us. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless Qibla Travels abundantly, allow them to lead many more Hajj’s in future, that are accepted and that are run as smoothly and efficiently as our 2018 package. Ameen.

Jazakumullah for everything Qibla Travels and their devoted team did for us

I personally thank you all For the time and effort you all put in

I have been telling everyone that Mashallah Qibla Travels looked after us very very well

Specially sister Annie, can’t thank her enough for her constant help and support

I was amazed by the politeness, patience and humbleness of the entire family

All I can say is may Allah make your Duniya and aakhirah more comfortable and raise your grades Because you all looked after us during hajj

I was told to pack patience in my suitcase. Trust me traveling with you guys I did not need to observe patients as you guys provided things there and then

The food was amazing, however, brother chef has to go easy on Oil/ ghee/ butter Etc. 😃

And a humble suggestion, if more care is taken towards preparing menus and more staple food is introduced As Channa dhal etc. Does not help in retaining wudu etc. 🙃 Compliments to the chef on Nahari, pye and Halwa of course

My husband is definitely traveling with you guys in future Provide he gets pye for breakfast 😃

Lastly many many many thanks to you all And please forgive us if we came across rude, arrogant or un grateful towards your service

Jazakumullahu khayran katheeran

Looking forward to traveling with Qibla Travels soon In shaa Allah

It was an excellent lifetime experience. Initial Hajj Seminar was quite valuable as it prepared us for the journey very well. All the hotels were near the Haram which was helpful to offer all prayers in Haram or near to it. Experience of Kabba Facing room was invaluable and it was hard to take eyes off Kabba. There was a huge variety in the selection of food in all the hotels.

Arrangements were excellent at all the places during Hajj days. Group leaders were available at all times to discuss and guide us and a lot of times went out of the way to help us. Islamic Scholars gave lectures during Hajj days after each prayer which were helpful to carry out all Hajj Minasiks without confusion. Our special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Khan and Atif for looking after us so well.

**Highly Recommended** “Qibla Travels turning dreams into reality”

As-Salaam-Alaikum to you all . Alhamdulillah, three weeks I spent with my brother, wife & my 3-year-old daughter performing Hajj has been the most spiritually fulfilling and most enjoyable experience of our entire lives.

Qibla Travel is an excellent team of organizers and religious guides, that provide all the knowledge and expertise required for performing the rites of Hajj in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah.

The team is experienced with running Hajj & Umrah packages and as a result I felt I just had to concentrate on worshipping Allah (SWT) and I left everything else to the organisers at Qibla Travels.

Qibla Travels are well connected and very familiar with the areas of Makkah and Madinah. Alhamdulillah for the ease of our travel, accommodation and Hajj. I am grateful to Allah (SWT), for blessing me & my family with the opportunity to perform Hajj with Qibla Travels and I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts it from all of us. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless Qibla Travels abundantly, allow them to lead many more Hajj’s in future, that is accepted and that are run as smoothly and efficiently as our 2018 package. Ameen.

Just returned from hajj 2018. It was an amazing experience from start to end. Alhamdulillah the organizers made everything easier and tried to help the group in every way possible. We highly recommend qibla travels.

We feel that at times they went out of their way to help the hujjaj in the group. May Allah reward them, Ameen. We will be using them again Inshallah.

It was MashaALLAH fantastic journey from start till end. All been said and advised during Hajj journey was according To Sunnah. Excellent food, great communication, nothing I can think which did or might have went wrong. highly recommended. JazakALLAH Kher Qibla Travel team.

The Qibla Travels Team gave my son and I an incredible experience. This was our first Hajj and everything was very new to us. The team were very dedicated in making sure that we were well informed and taken care of.

I could see that the family based firm had a wonderful ethos of caring and putting everyone before themselves. I would definitely recommend Qibla travels to everyone. I felt that they were not just a company but they were our friends.

Thank you Qibla Travels in particular Aatif for allowing my husband and I and my family to have amazing experiences and memories that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime as well as all the amazing photos we took of some truly incredible places!

My first trip was the Andalusia Tour in 2017! The hotel was clean, with friendly staff in a great location. The tours were incredible! Filled with Islamic history (exactly what we wanted), beautiful places and an excellent English speaking tour guide who enriched our entire experience even more as he went above and beyond!

As my first experience with Qibla travels was truly something to remember I did not hesitate to then contact Aatif again a second time in my most recent holiday to Istanbul.

I couldn’t have chosen a better hotel in Istanbul It was in the best location, had great staff and we felt totally relaxed! The beds in this particular hotel (Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel) were the comfiest we have slept on! Again, Aatif organised an amazing tour of the history in Istanbul with excellent English speaking tour guides!

This family holiday was one that couldn’t have gone better especially as it was an extremely important one and I cannot thank Aatif and Qibla travels enough for making sure everything went perfectly!

Aatif always makes sure all my holiday requirements are met and I always have the most amazing experiences! Aatif is extremely efficient and organised. When booking a holiday with Qibla travels I always know I’m in safe hands and more often than not Aatif always goes over and beyond in terms of the service he offers – always friendly yet professional regardless of how many questions I ask or how much I will hassle him!

Really looking forward to planning my next holiday and will definitely be consulting Aatif and booking with Qibla travels again inshaAllah 😀 I highly recommend booking your holiday with Qibla travels!

Thank you again! 😀

We traveled for Hajj with my elderly mum and Mashallah Qibla travel exceeded our expectations and fulfilled whatever our packages included and beyond. Very professional staff and friendly. While in London the staff gave us all the info and Hajj essentials and advised us on do and don’ts of Hajj plus advised almost on daily basis by Shaikh as what is allowed and not allowed in Hajj period. What was incredible is that the bosses of Qibla and the ground staff in Makka stay with you all times wether sleeping in Mina or in mozhdalefa they go through every step as you do. Allah give them strength to keep up the great job they do. Highly recommended. Khalid Kabiri

Professional service, tailored to your needs, someone at hand at all times to assist you. A friendly company that makes your travels a truly personal and memorable experience.

Amazing experience. Everything were perfect as planned. Very professional and trustworthy. May Allah reward them all specialy brothee Aatif who organised my Umrah and brother Tareq the correspondant in Saudi Arabia. I went with my wife and one toddler and one baby. We spent 7 nights in 5star hotel in mecca and then 7 nights 5stars hotel in medina plus an other 4 nights in 5stars hotel in mecca. Brother tareq were very flexible and organised very well the transportation between hotel,airport,plus Ziarah. We are highly recommended this agency. We hope In Sha Allah to go again and we will contact them. Like

Thank you for a wonderful Umrah. I was very happy and satisfied with everything from the planning stage up until my return back home. Everything was well planned. The accommodations were very comfortable. I will happily travel with Mrs. Khan again IA. Jzk.

My very first Umrah with a ladies group of 25+ with Qibla Travels, a great thank you to Mrs Z Khan for her support throughout the journey from start to end. The organisation for the whole journey was great. Hotels both in Makkah and Medina were amazing, only a ‘stones throw’ away, which made life very easy for a newcomer, didn’t have to travel far at all. The hotel in Makkah was within the boundaries and the one in Medina was a couple minutes walking distance from the hotel itself. The Ziyarat trips both in Makkah and Medina were an eye opener and very enjoyable with the added commentary to get a better understanding of these Holy sites, transport was brilliant. Met a great bunch of people, made new friends. Just a couple of points: It would have been good if everyone was introduced to each other and a group photo taken as a momentum not just for us but for Qibla Travels portfolio. :All costing should be included in the package deal beforehand and finalised with no surprises later on, or noted in the travel contract so everyone is aware. Otherwise thumbs up!! Hopefully Insha’Allah I will be planning my Hajj and maybe another Umrah trip very soon with Qibla Travels. Highly recommended. Thank you Jazak Allah Khair.

Thanks to Mr Khan and Mr Tariq for a great service for our Umrah trip.

Everything was smooth and perfect from beginning to end. Hotels and transfers and the helpful staff. And our main contact Tariq Masood was the most helpful. thank you so much. Will be travelling with you again. In sha Allah.

Keep up the good work guys and thank you again.

Lovely experience, everything was well organised.

Please keep up the great service love it jazakallah khyr

I recently went for Umrah mashahallah,first of all Atif khan un London helped me a lot,everything was on time.from start till last day,in makkah and madina tariq helped out on every was a great experience with Qibla Travel.Planning again in Ramadhan inshahaallah Helpful?

Kaaba beautiful sceen with kid

A very big thank you to Qibla Travels, esp Mr Khan, for making this a wonderful family trip. First time with a young family so was a bit nervous as it was a last minute decision to go, but Qibla Travel team ensured everything went smoothly. Mr Khan was very approachable and accommodating. His team in Saudi were very welcoming and in regular touch. Hotels in both Harams were within a few minutes walk and private travel in GMCs was a big hit with the kids. Overall highly recommended.

Mr Khan was very helpful in providing information and arranging the whole Umrah package. Including arranging for someone to meet us at our hotel when we arrived to help us check in and to accompany us for our first Umrah to show us what to do and where to go. Mr Tariq our contact in Makkah and Madina was very helpful and was in contact at all times to ensure that everything was o.k, and would arrange all the transport for the zearat and travel to Madina and to and from the airport. My whole family was very pleased with the service and the experienced. Thank You

The services provided including the choice of hotels were great. Queries were dealt with promptly and response was instant. Special thanks to Mr tariq.

There was superb organisation from Qibla Travels for our Hajj this year. They made the entire Hajj group feel like one big family. Mr Khan and his son, Aatif, were extremely helpful and very patient with all of us. They definitely made our Hajj pilgrimage quite comfortable. We would definitely recommend our family and friends to use Qibla Travels.

The services of Qibla Travels during Hajj were extremely good. The food provided was very good too. The 5* accommodation (Hilton and Swissotel) were extremely close to the Harram. The standard hotel that we stayed in for a few nights before moving to the 5* weren’t as close as the 5* hotels but we were happy with it. All in all, it was a superb experience!

Just wanted to say a massive Jazakallah to this amazing company for everything. Alhumdulliah we had the best times of our lives and its changed us as people for ever.. Everything you said about going on our own as husband and wife and it being the best place to visit you were 100% right. We definitely had a 5* + service. May Allah swt reward you for your hardwork and may he give you and your family a long and healthy life and may your business succeed in everyway. Ameen. Jazakallah khair once again

The overall experience was good however it was unfortunate that the 5* hotel in Makkah and Medina did not provide a bigger room. Also, our return flight was far too long. The flight had been rescheduled and had us travelling for 19 hours. All in all, the hotels we stayed in were very good and the distance from the Harram were very close. The food I could not complain about. The service provided by Qibla has me satisfied.

My family and i use them this year to go on umrah first time I can say Hand on my heart The best experience I’ve had of my life with this Tour operator (qibla travels) mr Khan Met us in Medina and makkah they helped us all through the umrah At one time we lost my brother for two days Mr Khan and his team helped us to find him i’m sure there are very few people who would go out of the way and help us this way I highly recommend qibla travels The hotel was excellent what they say in what you get.And a price value it’s very good for the package that they give you.

A big thanks to qibla travels it was my first umrah and what a Pleasant experience I had thanks to these people at qibla travels The package they gave me was perfect for me and my family we stayed at the clocktower and in Medina hotel was next to Prophet mosque I and my family highly recommend qibla travels

Jazak Allah Khair to Haji Khan Sahib & Haji Tariq Sahib for making our Hajj trip very successful and very memorable. The hotels in both Makkah and Medina were within walking distance and the whole Qibla team made each one of us feel special.

The guidance and leadership was excellent and all the logistics carefully planned.

I did Umrah with Qibla travels previously and it was a pleasant experience with chauffer driven cars for all connections and Ziyarats and the Hajj trip just topped it all.

I look forward to my next Umrah trip with Qibla travels again

A big thank you to the whole Qibla Travel team who have provided an excellent and efficient service from start to finish. Everything was made easy from booking with excellent advice by Mr Khan to service provided in both holy cities from Mr Tariq and Qassawa.

Hotels provided in both holy cities were mashallah close to the holy mosques and were very nice.

This is the second time I have used Qibla Travels for my Umrah trips and both times mashallah the service has been excellent.

I have also performed Hajj in 2014 with Qibla Travels and again the service was second to none.

A big thank you for everything done by Mr Khan and his team.

A five star service from start to finish.

Going for Umrah for the 1st time meant there were alot of questions popping in our heads. Mrs khans help and guidance made this trip so easy and memorable. The manager, Mr Tariq on the other side went out of his way to keep in touch and solve all our concerns. This travel agency is not like your average agency who are only concerned with your money, infact they made my husband and I feel so comfortable and like a truly valued customer. Insha Allah i will be booking my haaj package with them too.

Brilliant service highly recommended no problems with anything Thank you qibla travels

Jazakallah to everyone at Qibla for arranging a brilliant trip. Everything ran smoothly alhamdolillah. Mrs Khan was always available to speak to, and a special shout out to brother Numaan who was always there to help too! The direct flights were convenient, all the transfers were in comfortable coaches, and the ziyarats visited all the places we wanted to see. Both hotels were exemplary, and just outside the masjid entrances. The price was very reasonable and I would happily book onto the same package again. It was my first umrah and the arrangements allowed me to focus and get the most out of the experience, so thank you all again.

I would recommend everyone to go with qibla travels group. We recieved excellent services throughout our trip hotels were very Close to both masjids. V satisfied Special thanks to mrs khan

Your service was excellent and I was really satisfied!!!

Qibla travels service was excellent and we were really satisfied !!!

Thank you very much to the Qibla team and especially to Mrs. Khan who accompanied us on the trip. Everything ran so smoothly Alhamdulilah. The hotels were in close proximity to the mosque, especially in Medinah where we were very close to the main gate for ladies. Ziyarat trips also ran smoothly and I would be very happy to use Qibla Travels again in the future inshallah. Thank you again!

Jazak Allah to Qibla travel team. They lived up to their commitment and plan to use them again next year In Sha Allah . For readers benefit : if the hotel in Medina Sharif is stated as five star and you have not visited it before please expect one star less and also if you are told it is 5 minutes walk then please walk brisk or add another 5 min to it if you would like to walk in comfort.

Excellent service by Mr. Khan. I would use Qibla Travels again and highly recommend it to friends and family. Jazak Allah khair.


As we approach Hajj 2016 and to all those looking to make the blessed journey this year or in the future with Qibla be assured they wont let you down! Alhamdulilah Mr Khan and his support staff ensured me and my parents had the most amazing hajj experience. They were very kind and helpful throughout may Allah reward them for their efforts. The whole trip was organsied very well by Mr Khan and his team who is a man of his words. Acomodation was exactly as promised within close proximity of the masjids especially Swissotel in Makkah which had the benefit of spectacular views of the qabah from our room. Transport was very good with air conditioned coaches providing a relaxed atmosphere throughout the journey.

Again we cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done for us!

A big thanks to all the qibla travel team including Mr Tariq for making my umrah journey a easy and memorable one. Excellent service provided by qibla travels. A beautiful experience without any problems Alhamdulillah was happy with hotels and transport provided by qibla. Would definitely reccomend anybody going first time to use qibla travels.

Alhamdu lillah just returned from umrah trip which was organised to perfection from qibla travels. The service was perfect from start to finish with a personal contact in saudi which was convenient as a person with a know how is required from time to time. The hotels were excellent and the overall experience was made more enjoyable. I would definately recommend qibla travels for their profesionalism and honesty. Thanks qibla travels.

Just returned from our Umrah, Alhumdulilah. From Jeddah to Makkah ,Madina Munawwara & Ziyarat , we just had absolutely wonderful services by Qibla travels, May Allah reward them, amen. And brother Tariq In Makkah been very helpful. Simply the best.

Alhamdulillah our trip was very smooth. All went well w our trip especially qaswa transport n ziyarth . Jazakallah khairankasiran for ur wonderful services . I recommend anyone w out any hesitation ur services . Wassalam

Alhamdulillah we have safely returned after completing our Umrah. Everything went smoothly except a small incident on the first day on our way from Jeddah to Makkah where Qaswa used a standard taxi from the airport instead of their own transport and the taxi driver tried to charge us money and took our passports away (I foolishly handed over the passport thinking he needed to show these to a check-post). But Alhamdulillah, I immediately phoned brother Tariq and he sent someone to resolve the issue within 10-15 minutes. Br. Tariq’s service was really outstanding; he is a real credit and an asset to your team. From the moment we landed he contacted me and kept me informed all the way through till the end of our journey of all the arrangements etc. May Allah SWA reward him for his sincerity. Based on my experience I shall be recommending your services to all my family & friends who will be looking to take the blessed journey in the future In-sha-Allah.

I have travel with them and found me really nice in terms of their arrangements.I have not found any specific issues and even their customer support is assertive. Highly recommend them!

Great trip. The hotels were great, especially Swissotel in Makkah. Travel was arranged for us, including the zeyarah, which made the whole trip run smoothly. Worth every penny. JazakAllahu Khayran.

Thanks to the team at Qibla travel both here and in Saudi Arabia, me and my family had the best time; we all loved the service and our Umrah went well.

The hotel service was excellent thanks to the recommandation of Mr Khan as well as the pick up and drop off service of the airport.

Everything went smoothly and the service given by Qibla travel is 5 Stars

I cannot thank Qibla travel and Mr Khan enough for making mine and my family’s experience a memorable one. Inshallah plan to book Hajj and Umrah in future with them.

Thank you Mr Khan and Qibla travel, keep up the hard work!!

The service in Saudi Arabia was brilliant. Hotels were located nearby, they were clean and staff was very understanding. They pick you up from the airport in big cars, perfect for travel. The drivers are always friendly and will stop if needed to purchase something. There were no problems at all. Will definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going umrah or HAJJ!

Jazak Allah Khair for your efforts, which were genuine i believe. I was generally very satisfied with the accommodation and food during the whole trip. I appreciated the extra efforts you made such as providing sleeping bags in Muzdalifa and ensuring we received a bed in Hilton Madinah. If i was to provide constructive criticism I would suggest that means of communication be improved within the group as there was some confusion at critical points which proved very frustrating at the most testing of times. I hope you do not take this offensively in any way. Perhaps it was because there was no guidance in the women’s camp this year.

Qibla Travels has made my journey to hajj very easy and relaxed. The group it self was excellent and the leader was brilliant (Mr khan). Everything that was mentioned to me by Qibla Travels was offered as well as much more. I cannot thank you as much for the experience it has provided for me and my wife, within the package. I will definitely recommend it to others! It was value for Money. Help and advice was also offered when needed by Qibla Travels. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

The Hajj experience has been very amazing. It had been clearly planned out by the group leader Mr Khan.He has been extremely helpful throughout the journey, with regular texts of reminders, asking us about ourselves when ever he saw us. Thank you once again for every thing

Aoa.. Subhan Allah we had a lovly experience with Qibla travel .. Our whole trip was very well organized by Mrs khan.. Everything was high standard from hotel to transport .. Being our first trip we were very nervous but the assistance and reliable service we got frm Qibla travels in london and in Saudi made it all really easy for us .. MashAllal keep up the blessed job u lot are doing .. And May Allah give you a lot of reward for the awsum job u r doing .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED COMPANY!


We booked our Umrah tour with Qibla Travels for 11 nights. The service was brilliant from the Jeddah airport throughout the whole time we were there. The hotels were great and we had assisstance in Saudi who called and greeted us for our visit. Help was to hand 24hrs a day. Transportation was brilliant with new modelled AC vehicles. Truely VIP service. Will definetely use again Insha’Allah.

We booked umrah package for ten days. MashaAllah it was overall very good experence. We went first time and we are bit nerves but they have planned very well. Help was available everywhere. We did not feel that we are in a different country due to the help available from saudia. We have been reminded one day before every trip in advance. The only negative experence we have is one Saudi driver who took us from Madina to Jada was too fast. I would highly recommend Qibla Travels. May Allah accept our Umrah and give reward to Qibla travels staff for thier great work.

We believe that the best promoter for our business is our happy and fulfilled clients

hajj travel agents london

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Best hajj and umrah packages in the uk.

Qibla Travels is a specialist trip operator offering pilgrimage tours from the United Kingdom. Those who have traveled to Saudi Arabia before know how immensely you need to plan everything. From booking your ride to hotel reservations, one has to carefully arrange the complete holy tour. Our exceptional team members have worked hard making connections to cover all your travel necessities. Travel with us and leave your worries behind.  Moreover, our services go far beyond simple Hajj and Umrah packages. Do not break a sweat in finding out as we have explained them in detail for you. 

  • Hajj packages
  • Deluxe hajj packages
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  • Deluxe umrah packages
  • Ramadan umrah packages
  • Women umrah packages
  • Halal holiday packages

Our state-of-the-art travel agency provides realistic Hajj, Umrah, and Holiday services to our clients. As a customer, you have a lot of questions in your mind when you want to perform Umrah or pilgrimage.   Our packages are easy on the pocket and do not burden your wallet. We offer from marvelous economy packages to world-class deluxe packages. All packages include transportation, Visa, and bookings in 5-star hotels and buildings.  If you are looking to travel independently or with a group, you have complete freedom. In our affordable Hajj and Umrah packages, we provide you with the hotels that are nearest to the mosques. In addition, our packages include air-conditioned transport services. Our customer service staff accompanies you throughout the tour. In case you face any difficulty, they guide you and resolve your issues immediately.

Hajj Packages:

Hajj is considered to be one of the most important acts of worship. It is an obligation for every able Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Qibla Travels will make this obligation a smooth experience so you can focus on your Hajj rituals. The best thing about choosing Qibla Travels Ltd. is you get everything arranged for you at affordable rates. Customer satisfaction and easement is our objective. Thus, we provide our clients with the cheapest Hajj Packages irrespective of the distance and duration of the tour.  In addition, our dedicated Hajj team representatives have complete knowledge about all the sacraments of Hajj. They offer help with the required ceremonials if you have any difficulties understanding them.

Umrah Packages Including Flights: 

Umrah includes a series of rituals that depicts the life incidents of Ibrahim and Hajrah. Although Umrah is not as compulsory as Hajj, it is recommended to perform as it strengthens your faith. We offer a variety of extraordinarily affordable Umrah Packages .  Moreover, our Umrah packages include a separate trip for women. We understand that a lot of women are not comfortable traveling with men. Our separate women Umrah packages solve this problem for you.  One of our other services includes Ramadan Umrah Packages. Traveling is stressful, and in Ramadan, it is more tiring. We assist you in taking that hassle out by providing you with the most economical Umrah packages.  In addition, we deliver helpful advice on everything from your flight to your hotel. Our apt representatives stay by your side throughout your trip to help you with rituals and any problems.

Halal Holidays:

Apart from Hajj and Umrah packages, we offer budget-friendly holiday packages. We provide group tours to places such as Masjid Al Aqsa, Turkey, and Jordan where our tour guides show you the Islamic history and sacred places that connect us to our Islamic identity. However, if you feel like you want a personalized relaxing holiday, we will provide you with a halal-friendly package in places such as Antalya, Maldives, Malaysia, and many other tropical places around the world. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible to your needs. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Some people may prefer to stay for a shorter period of time than others due to family or other obligations, which is why we offer packages of varying lengths and prices.

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Cheapest Umrah Packages 2023

Budget Umrah Package

Budget Umrah Package

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Economay Umrah Package

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LowCost Umrah Package

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Family Umrah Package

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Umrah Group Packages

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3* Silver Packages

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Select your Umrah Package 2023 & Fulfill Your dream

We provide hajj and umrah packages service, cheap hajj and umrah packages 2023, the reliable team of 7 continents travel company.

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Find Your Best Umrah Package

Find the world's largest collection of Hajj & Umrah Packages

hajj travel agents london

( 3 Star Umrah Packages 2024 )

7 night umrah packages.


fr. £ 995 pp

Includes 4 People Sharing Room

Areej Al Falah

Al Eiman Ohud

4 Nights in Makkah

3 Nights in Madinah

Return Flights

10 Night Umrah Packages


fr. £ 1090 pp

Dar Al Eiman Al Sud

Mubarak Al Masi

5 Nights in Makkah

5 Nights in Madinah

14 Night Umrah Packages


fr. £ 1035 pp

Fajr Al Badea

Al Eiman Al Nour

7 Nights in Makkah

7 Nights in Madinah


fr. £ 915 pp

Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil

Mawaddah Al Safwah


fr. £ 1110 pp

Al Waha Rawdah


fr. £ 1160 pp

Packages & Prices are subject to availability The price may vary depending on exact dates of travel


fr. £ 935 pp

Al Kiswah Towers

Durrat Al Eiman

Tourism Visa Acquisition


fr. £ 1057 pp


fr. £ 1155 pp


fr. £ 750 pp

Emaar Khalil

Taibah Front


fr. £ 799 pp

Al Kiswah Tower


fr. £ 990 pp

Hilton Convention Mak

Leader Al Muna Kareem

( 4 Star Umrah Packages 2024 )


fr. £ 1490 pp

Elaf Kindah

Sofra Al Huda


Elaf Al Salam


fr. £ 1175 pp

Makarim Ajyad

Ramada Al Hamra


fr. £ 1005 pp

Dar Al Eiman Ajyad

Loaloat Mubarak


fr. £ 1225 pp


fr. £ 885 pp

Ramada Dar Al Fayzeen

Saja Al Madinah


fr. £ 945 pp

Emaar Grand

Nusk Al Madinah

fr. £ 965 pp

( 5 star umrah packages 2024 ).


fr. £ 1133 pp

Hyatt Regency Makkah

Madina Movenpick Hotel


fr. £ 1350 pp

Pullman ZamZam Makkah

Millennium Al Taibah


fr. £ 1440 pp

Includes Grand Makkah Hotel

Al Marwa Rotana

Millennium Al Aqeeq


fr. £ 1135 pp

Madinah Movenpick


fr. £ 1190 pp

Hilton Suites Makkah

Anwarul Madinah Movenpick


fr. £ 1265 pp

Swissotel Makkah

Hotel Millennium Al Aqeeq

fr. £ 895 pp

Anjum Hotel


fr. £ 950 pp

Hilton Makkah Convention

Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick

fr. £ 980 pp

Pullman Zamzam Madinah

Find Hajj & Umrah Packages

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We offer stress free cheap Hajj and Umrah packages

Cheap Hajj Packages


2 Week 5* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:


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5 Week 5* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:


2 Week 4* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:


3 Week 4* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:


4 Week 4* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:

Cheap umrah packages, 10 night january umrah packages, 7 night february umrah packages, 14 night february umrah packages, 7 night easter umrah packages, 14 night easter umrah packages, welcome to alharamain travel - your trusted travel agency for umrah and hajj packages, unforgettable journeys to the holy land.

At Alharamain Travel, we understand the significance and importance of performing Umrah and Hajj. We are proud to offer exceptional Umrah and Hajj packages that provide an unparalleled experience of the Holy Land. As a leading travel agency specializing in spiritual journeys, we strive to make your pilgrimage comfortable, meaningful, and hassle-free.

Why Choose Our Umrah and Hajj Packages?

1. tailored to your needs, 2. expert guidance and support.

With years of experience in the travel industry, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing you with expert guidance and support throughout your journey. From visa assistance to accommodation arrangements, transportation, and religious guidance, we handle every detail, allowing you to focus on your spiritual devotion.

3. Exceptional Accommodation and Transportation

We understand the importance of comfort and convenience during your pilgrimage. Our packages include top-notch accommodation options that are conveniently located near the holy sites, ensuring easy access for your prayers and rituals. Additionally, we provide reliable and comfortable transportation services to ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience.

We believe that embarking on a spiritual journey should be accessible to everyone. Our Umrah and Hajj packages are competitively priced, without compromising on the quality of service. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden costs, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

6. Exclusive Access to Sacred Sites

Our Umrah and Hajj packages provide you with exclusive access to sacred sites, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere. Experience the serenity of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, the holiness of Masjid an-Nabawi in Madinah, and other significant landmarks. Our itineraries are carefully planned to ensure you have ample time for reflection, prayer, and connecting with the rich history of Islam.

7. Group Travel and Companionship

Traveling with fellow pilgrims can enhance your journey and create lifelong connections. Our packages offer the option to join group travel, where you can share your experiences, exchange stories, and strengthen your bonds of faith. The sense of unity and camaraderie within the group adds a profound dimension to your pilgrimage, making it even more memorable and fulfilling.

8. Additional Spiritual Activities

In addition to the rituals of Umrah and Hajj, we provide opportunities for additional spiritual activities to enrich your experience. These activities may include attending religious lectures, participating in Islamic workshops, and engaging in community service projects. By engaging in these activities, you can deepen your understanding of Islam, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the local community.

9. Family-Friendly Packages

We understand the importance of family unity and the desire to perform Umrah and Hajj together. Our family-friendly packages cater to the needs of families, ensuring a comfortable and safe pilgrimage for all members, from young children to elderly relatives. We provide dedicated services such as accommodation options that accommodate families, transportation arrangements, and guidance specifically tailored to the unique requirements of families.

10. Flexible Booking and Payment Options

We strive to make the booking process as convenient as possible. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to browse and select your preferred Umrah and Hajj packages with ease. We also offer flexible payment options, including installment plans, to make your pilgrimage financially manageable. With Alharamain Travel, your dream of visiting the Holy Land is within reach.

Your Journey Awaits

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with us. As a reputable travel agency specializing in Umrah and Hajj packages, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Join countless satisfied pilgrims who have entrusted us with their journey to the Holy Land. Contact us today to book your personalized Umrah and Hajj package. Let us guide you on a path of devotion, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. Experience the true essence of the Holy Land with Alharamain Travel.


We are offering Hajj and Umrah services of international standards, meeting the satisfaction of Muslims families from the Europe who like to go with no less than best. Our educated staff can direct you at each progression begins from applying for the visa, your takeoff, your agreeable stay, the total Umrah rules, Ziarats, and a protected excursion back to your country Europe. Further to that, Al Haramain Travel staff gives day in and day out help and rules to help the people who trust us. During Islamic occasions, you can get best rates. Our agents are always ready to provide quality care with responsibility.

Low-cost Flights and Luxury Accommodations at 3, 4 and 5 star Hotels FOR EUROPEAN CITIZENS

Al Haramain Travel, specialists assurance to arrange the best and least expensive trips for pioneers coming from London, Europe and the people who are searching for Umrah Packages . We are responsible for getting sorted out wanted flight ticket at specific dates according to the decision of the Europe residents. We provide a complete range of options to book 3,4 and 5-star convenience in Makkah and Medina. The arrangements are painstakingly created for the Europe residents to perform Hajj and Umrah in the most ideal way and with productivity. We are related with various 5-Star inns and can give the best rates even on a speedy request. We organize extravagance facilities in first class lodgings in the sacred urban areas closest to the Haram which assists the pioneers with often visiting the mosques. Al Haramain Travel have set its name in air travel coordinators through their dependable difficult work and assurance to offer remarkable types of assistance, particularly in Umrah offers. Contact Al Haramain Travel specialist presently to get this one window office prior to settling on a choice particularly in European Islamic occasions.


There are systems which should be perceived before you finish the arrangement for your movement. It is fundamental to have your identifications prepared prior to applying for Hajj and Umrah. Before Visa application can be documented, the Europe residents need to give verification of concluded flight, Saudi convenience, and identification subtleties. The cycle is as per the following:

  • 1. Flight booking confirmation, convenience in Makkah and Medina is needed for Visa.
  • 2. On acknowledgment and check of submitted reports, the Visa will be given inside 5 working days.
  • 3. Urgent Visa issuing service is also available on special request.
  • 4. If a female travelling alone without Mehram then the age must be above 45 years.

Al Haramain Travel master staff will do every one of the systems with no issue of your inclusion in each progression. At the point when you arrive at your ideal objective, our staff will keep in touch with your total fulfillment and solace.

Eatmarna – App for Umrah 2024

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched a new mobile app “Eatmarna which enables domestic pilgrims to book an appointment to perform Umrah. Eatmarna is a valid mobile app that could be used in public and is important to trace the location of pilgrims. The Eatmarne application is linked with the ‘Tawakkalna’ app to verify the health condition of the permit applicant. We at Al Haramain Travel will guide the pilgrims that which app is valuable for them to maintain all measures of Umrah.We during this pandemic..

Customers Say About Us!

hajj travel agents london

We have used Al Harmain Travels on multiple occasions and it has been very smooth and pain free experience. Mr Irfan Ameen from the agency looked after us throughout the process and kept us informed at each step. If you’re looking for a hassle free Umrah/Hajj experience, give Irfan a call.

Thanks a lot Brother Irfan for making this Truly amazing lifetime experience possible. He made this trip seamless and more relaxed than I would've expected. Airport transfers were provided, 5 Star hotels near the Mosques were booked and visas were dealt with as well. He provided us with quick answers to Any questions/issues we had. We stayed in Mecca and Medina and as mentioned before both hotels were walking distance to the Mosques. All in all I would recommend this 100%, prices were competitive too (not overpriced)

hajj travel agents london

I chose Al Harmain Travels for my Umrah package in October. I was served by Bilal Ahmad, who was absolutely amazing at the service he provided us. He was very polite, friendly, helpful and made sure that the experience was hassle-free. I had a great time there and it was all thanks to Bilal for ensuring that all my flights, hotels and transport suited and were tailored to my holiday. I would recommend anyone considering to go to Umrah/abroad to choose this company, as they have great customer service. Thank you once again :)

Aliyah Saddique

Big thank you to IRFAN AMEEN from Al haramain travel. It was our first time and he sorted out everything including flights, VISA, hotel, transportation. The whole umrah experience and time in Makkah and Madinah was very smooth and worry free because of this package. JazakAllahu khayran for all your help we will definitely use again and recommend to our friends and family

I am very appreciate to leave a review for Al Haramain travel tours Ltd.I got umrah package at loeest rate Big thanks to brother Irfan Ameen from Al haramain travel. It was our first time and he sorted out everything including flight, visa , hotel. we will go for it again in future In Sha Allah. we recommend to our friends and family. Brother Irfan Ameen was my agent for my umrah may Allah bless you for your kindness. Jazak Allah date was 30april 2024 very good service K Anisuzzaman

Nadeem Fazlani

Thank you Irfan. I was apprehensive initially. After reading the reviews, I took the leap of faith and booked the Umrah Package with him for the Easter Holidays in 2024. Seamless, all planned. I ran into nothing at my first hotel. It was nothing, it was the hotel personnel that missed the information. The point is, Irfan, was always available on whatsapp. He quickly responded and sent me relevant information. Irfan organised flight tickets, ground transport at destination within major cities, hotels, etc. He gave me suggestions of flights and timings, transit times etc. Put your traveller hat on and help him do the best for you.

Hina Kanjoo

Irfan ameen from Al Haramain Travels has helped me to book the best, Umrah package for me and my family I will definitely book through Irfan again.

Khadiza Ali

The umrah package was perfectly catered to our needs. Having a toddler our hotel was a floor down the the Haram which made it so convenient. The transport service and from and to the destination it was all on time and no waiting around.

Hanzala Ukaye

Very good service provided from Irfan, hassel free modified service provided by Irfan as per our requirements. I will definitely recommend Al Harmain Travel and look for Irfan there.

Sofian Gashi

I am pleased also am very happy for the great service provided and great communication normally response within seconds and that is what I am happy with I give lots of credit to bilal ahmad and also would like to say to the manager pleas egive this man a rasie or something for the great service bye bye have a great day to who is reading and seeing this

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This was the third time that a group of us from my family travelled to the Haramayn Sharifayn with you in as many years.

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Travel Arrangements

Our dynamic web portal (website) for Umrah & Hajj, renders easy to use and comprehensive flights booking procedures with visa services to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj purposes. We make sure that our online customers get best bottom low air fares on major airline bookings.

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We let you feel privileged with dedicated and private travel and Umrah Guides to handle your odds and hesitations in this sacred tour and holy intention to fulfill with English and Urdu speaking Umrah and Hajj guides. W make it sure that you perform real Umrah and Hajj with us filled with aspirations of faith and divine forgiveness from Almighty Allah, no doubt Allah loves those who seek his forgiveness.

Location Manager

Once you have been landed in Saudi Arabia, We take rest all on our shoulders to manage your stay with promised hotel and rooms, food and transportation which is subject to the Umrah & Hajj packages you choose for yourself. We provide quality and comfortable transports to manage your inter-city travel requirements for Zayarat visiting after you have done at Makkah in Haram shreef.

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Trusted Islamic Travel Agency in UK

For umrah services.

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03 STAR Umrah Packages

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Hajj Umrah Hub Brings Affordable Packages with Nearby Hotels

3 Star 10 Nights Umrah Package

3 Star 10 Nights Umrah Package

Perform Umrah with Best Price

£ 479

3 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package

3 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package

£ 499

3 Star 12 Nights Umrah Package

3 Star 12 Nights Umrah Package

£ 520

3 Star 14 Nights Umrah Package

3 Star 14 Nights Umrah Package

£ 560

04 STAR Umrah Packages

4 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package

4 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package

£ 800

4 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package

4 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package

£ 900

4 Star 7 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

4 Star 7 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1015

4 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

4 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1050

4 Star 12 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

4 Star 12 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1065

4 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

4 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1130

05 STAR Umrah Packages

Hajj Umrah Hub Brings Affordable Packages with Nearby hotels from Holy Haram and Masjid Al Nabwi

7, 10, 14 Days Flash Deals

5 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 10 nights Umrah Package

5 Star 10 nights Umrah Package

£ 540

5 Star 12 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 12 Nights Umrah Package

£ 575

5 Star 14 Nights Easter Umrah Package

5 Star 14 Nights Easter Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights Economy Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights Economy Umrah Package

£ 700

5 Star 7 Nights Umrah Package

£ 740

7 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

7 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

Perform Umrah in March

£ 785

10 Nights 5 Star March Umrah package

10 Nights 5 Star March Umrah package

£ 815

12 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

12 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

£ 845

5 Star 7 Nights Family Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights Family Umrah Package

£ 849

5 Star 10 nights Umrah Package

£ 850

5 Star 12 Nights Economy Umrah Package

5 Star 12 Nights Economy Umrah Package

£ 860

14 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

14 Nights 5 Star March Umrah Package

£ 865

5 Star 14 Nights Economy Umrah Package

5 Star 14 Nights Economy Umrah Package

£ 920

5 Star 12 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 10 Nights Family Umrah Package

£ 935

5 Star 10 Nights Easter Umrah Package

5 Star 10 Nights Easter Umrah Package

£ 945

5 Star 14 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 14 Nights Umrah Package

£ 980

5 Star 12 Nights Family Umrah Package

5 Star 12 Nights Family Umrah Package

£ 990

5 Star 14 Nights Family Umrah Package

5 Star 14 Nights Family Umrah Package

£ 1049

5 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package

5 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 7 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

Perform Umrah in December

£ 1059

5 Star 14 Nights Umrah Package

5 Star 10 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

£ 1146

5 Star 7 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 7 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1170

5 Star 12 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 12 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

£ 1204

12 Nights 5 star Easter Umrah Package

12 Nights 5 star Easter Umrah Package

£ 1210

5 Star 7 Nights Easter Umrah Package

5 Star 7 Nights Easter Umrah Package

£ 1245

5 Star 14 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 14 Nights December Holidays Umrah Package 2024

£ 1264

5 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 10 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1350

5 Star 12 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 12 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1450

5 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

5 Star 14 Nights December Umrah Package 2024

£ 1565

5 Star 29 Nights Super Deluxe Umrah Package

5 Star 29 Nights Super Deluxe Umrah Package

£ 2345

5 Star 29 Nights Golden Umrah Package

5 Star 29 Nights Golden Umrah Package

£ 2725

Available Hajj Packages

Stay in Nearby Luxury Hotels and Apartments From Holy Haram and Masjid Al Nabwi

2, 3, 4 Weeks Hajj Deals

4 Weeks Hajj Package (Non Shifting)

4 Weeks Hajj Package (Non Shifting)

£ 4695

2-3 Weeks Hajj Package (Non Shifting)

2-3 Weeks Hajj Package (Non Shifting)

£ 5695

2-3 Weeks Non Shifting Hajj Package

2-3 Weeks Non Shifting Hajj Package

£ 5795

5 Star Hajj Package (non-shifting)

5 Star Hajj Package (non-shifting)

£ 6395

Customize Your Umrah Packages

We are specialist in Customized packages according to your needs.

Allow us to offer Umrah according to your Budget, Travel Dates, Hotel Choice.

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What our Customers Says We appreciate your Valued Feedback

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Sultana Sameer

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Ismael Peerally

Go for an Umrah through Best Travel Agency in the UK

Umrah is of great significance for Muslims worldwide. The spiritual journey is always calling the believer's hearts from within, and it is about time you get to stand in front of Kaaba. So, if you have decided to go to the holy places in Saudi Arabia and ask Allah for his forgiveness and blessings, it is never too late. We at Hajj Umrah Hub are known as the best Umrah travel agency in the UK because of our reliable Umrah services.

Contact Us Now!

What can Hajj Umrah Hub do for you?

Our goal is to provide all Muslims in the UK with an affordable opportunity to visit Makkah and Madinah. The yearning to visit these places is always in the hearts of Muslims. Umrah is the religious act of salvation and blessings of the Almighty. And everyone wants to get a chance to visit the holy sites and pour out their hearts to their Lord.

Therefore, we offer Muslims holy travel at a cost-effective cost so that you don't have to wait to get to Kaaba anymore. By facilitating the pilgrims with our services, we have become one of the most reliable travel agents in the UK. From your Umrah visa and flights to the most daunting hotel bookings, Hajj Umrah Hub can do it all for you.

In addition, you only have to inform us about your stay plans and budget, and we will come up with the most ideal and affordable deal for you. Being one of the best travel agencies in London, we aim to provide you with the highest quality services no matter what. So, contact us now and prepare to ask for Almighty's blessings in front of His house.

Rewards and Benefits of Umrah for the Muslims

Umrah is a spiritual worship act performed by our beloved Prophet (PBUH) four times in his lifetime. It holds a great position in Islam because of its high rewards. Millions of Muslims worldwide travel spiritually to Saudi Arabia every year.

Furthermore, if you perform Umrah with pious intentions, the mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty will not disappoint you. On an Umrah, Muslims pray for the serenity of their souls and ask for forgiveness of their mortal sins.

One of Umrah's primary rewards and benefits is that you have Allah as your host. Muslims who have performed Umrah always talk about the serenity and peacefulness surrounding them once they enter Makkah. Moreover, we might have also heard about the stories of people's feelings when they first stood in front of the Kaaba. And Allah promises to cleanse the soul of his pilgrims if they repent of their sins with an honest heart.

In addition, Umrah is seen as a way of eliminating poverty from one's life. Muslims believe that if we spend our wealth in Allah's way, we are blessed with much more. Allah is the most benevolent and will repay any wealth spent in His way. Moreover, Umrah is a sacrificial religious act which is why it has the reward of performing Jihad. Also, it strengthens the faith of the believers.

Why do Muslims Prefer going for an Umrah in Ramadan?

When going for Umrah travel during Ramadan, it is vital to know that there are two different types of Umrah: Umrah-ul-Tamattu and Umrah-ul-Mufradah. Muslims going for an Umrah in Ramadan perform Umrah-ul-Tamattu.

Even though it is to be done before the 8th of Dhul Hijjah, there is no lesser reward for the whole religious act. In addition, the rewards of Umrah in Ramadan are multiple times greater than the Umrah performed in any other month. But the whole religious practice is performed the same way.

According to Prophet (PBUH) 's Hadith, the reward of doing an Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to a Hajj. But you must know that it doesn't replace the obligatory Hajj. This holy month adds to the inner satisfaction of your heart while doing this religious practice. The added blessings and opened doors of forgiveness increase the rewards of Umrah as a whole. Therefore, many Muslims set on this spiritual journey during Ramadan.

Even though Umrah is considered a minor Hajj and in Ramadan, its reward is equal to a Hajj, it cannot replace the obligation. Unlike Umrah, Hajj is an obligatory religious practice that is mandatory for everyone financially and physically capable. Its time is also specified and has great rewards.

Because of the massive numbers of people going for an Umrah in Ramadan, the Umrah might get costly. Therefore, if you want to keep your Hajj and Umrah travel budget-friendly, you should trust the best travel agents in the UK. You can contact a reliable Umrah travel agency and discuss your budget to plan your Umrah accordingly.

Most Affordable Time to Go for an Umrah

Being one of the best travel agents in London, we provide our customers with the most affordable Umrah deals, including visa, flight, and hotel. So, if you want to perform an Umrah on a budget, we can help you. As the summers are hot in Saudi Arabia, most people don't usually go for an Umrah in June, July, and August, the peak summer months.

The temperature can get high during these three months, resulting in unpleasant weather conditions for religious practice. But if you are on a budget and need more money to afford an Umrah in the peak months, these three months will be perfect. Hajj Umrah Hub is one of the best travel agency the UK, and we can help you plan your spiritual journey on a budget in the cheapest months.

Flying to Saudi Arabia from the UK

Airlines offering flights to Saudi Arabia from the UK include;

  • British Airways
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

Process of Umrah Visa from the UK

To get an Umrah visa from the UK, you must find a reliable travel agency with quality services to handle the process. Your travel agent will prepare your Umrah application and make your journey arrangements. After you have found a reliable travel agency in London, UK, you will have to ensure that you have all your documents ready and up-to-date. You will send these documents to Umrah travel agents, and they will take care of your visa application process.

Moreover, you will also have to download mandatory apps once you land in Saudi Arabia. These two apps are the Tawakkalna app and the Etmarna app. The Tawakkalna app works only in Saudi Arabia and records all your documents. While with the Etmarna app, you can get your prayer permits. We are a reliable Umrah travel agency that can help you with your visa process and the whole Umrah journey.

Avail of our Customizable Umrah Deals

Being Ministry of Hajj-approved agents in the UK, we are dedicated to providing our fellow Muslims in the UK with the highest quality services. We offer three types of Umrah packages, including 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star packages. These are ranked according to the hotel included in the Umrah deal. Hotels hold an excellent position for those looking to go for an Umrah. Thus the cost depends on the hotel you stay in during your Umrah days.

Even though we mainly have 7, 10, 12, and 14 nights deals, we can make flexible packages for our customers. Whether you want to stay for less than 7 days or more than 14 days, you can trust us to provide you with the best affordable package. Most of the hotels present in our Umrah packages come with complimentary breakfasts. This means you will not have to worry about your morning meal before performing Umrah or visiting other holy sites.

If you want us to arrange other meals for the day, we can include them in the package. But this differs from the offer that most people avail of when going for an Umrah on a budget. We are reliable Umrah travel agents who can also provide you with transportation to and from the airport to your hotel if you want us to. There is always room for changes and customisation in the Umrah package 2024 we prepare for you. You can tell us your requirements, and we will do it accordingly.

How long does an Umrah visa take from the UK?

After you have submitted your eVisa application, it usually takes approximately four business days to process your visa. You also have an option of Rush Processing that will help you get your application approved in two business days. The third and fastest option is the Super Rush option, which will get your visa in almost sixteen hours.

How many days are enough for Umrah?

People usually go for an Umrah for a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 30 days. If you have a tight budget and are concerned about your comfort, 7 days are adequate to perform Umrah and visit the holy sites.

What are the Umrah visa application requirements?

For your Umrah application, you must have the following documents ready;

  • Application form for the visa
  • A recent passport-size photograph
  • A valid passport consisting of minimum six-month validity
  • Non-refundable Umrah flight tickets
  • Relationship between the female and male pilgrim going together
  • Meningitis vaccination proof

What is the significance of performing Umrah?

Umrah enables Muslims to pray for forgiveness for their mortal sins and refresh their faith.

What are the pillars of Umrah?

The main pillars of Umrah include Ihram, Tawaf (circling the Kaaba seven times), Saee between the mountains of Safa and Marwa (walking between the mountains seven times), and Tahallul.

How can I catch a direct flight to Saudi Arabia from the UK?

Airlines that provide flights from the UK to Saudi Arabia include British Airways, Iberia, Saudia, etc. You can take help from reliable travel agents to guide you about direct flights from different airlines.

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