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Soul plan reading. help you to blossom and shine  

Soul Plan Reading: Discover your purpose

A soul plan reading is a journey of self discovery to reconnect you with yourself and your why. 

I have been working with the Soul Plan System since 2008 (and teaching Soul Plan since 2011) and seen so many of my clients experience amazing aha moments, insights and awakenings- it the most powerful Awareness and Awakening gift you can give yourself.

If you are feeling that there is  something deeper, something more for you ... but ...   you can't quite pin it down, it keeps eluding you, then a soul plan reading will help you to understand who you were born to be (your true self). 

During your soul plan reading you will discover your life purpose, your soul gifts as well as the challenges that can hold you back from fully activating your potential so that you can live your soul purpose and most fulfilled life.

Get the answers to those big life questions...

“Why am I here? - What is my life purpose?”

"What are my strengths, and how can I use them to create a livelihood that is fulfilling, helpful to others, and actually pays the bills?"

"Why does my life seem such a struggle and I feel so stuck?"

the knowledge within your soul plan will help you answer these and much more so that you can start moving forward with purpose

75 minute reading - £125

What would your life look like if you were connected to your highest potential ?

Soul Plan Reading Star of Creation

What is Soul Plan?

Firstly just to know that your soul self had an intention to experience life through a human form in all its widest possibilities.

Soul Plan is a modernised version of an ancient system of life purpose guidance that reads the energies that your soul chose to experience and that are held within sound vibration of your birth name.

The name that you were given when you came into this world contains a collection of frequencies that form your Soul Plan – these are the blueprint for this lifetime.

Your own vibrations interact with those of the universe to bring forth people, opportunities and situations which enable you to fulfill the experience that your soul to chose to live and achieve a purpose in this lifetime.

soul journey reading

Absolutely everything was spot on. Anita is gentle and kind, she can read beyond the smallest details. Very interesting. It was an eye opener talking about my behaviors and relationships dynamics, to understand the challenges that get in my way constantly, my born talents, and so on. I gather enough clarity to lift the anxiety and have a truly acceptance and understanding of my soul calling.

Jessica Garcia

Why have a Soul Plan Reading?

A soul plan reading is an awakening to as well as an understanding of these energies and how they influence your life. A reading allows you to fully connect with the your true nature (your soul self) and activate your full potential.  

In the absence of knowing our soul plan, we are rather like a boat adrift on an ocean without someone at the helm to navigate away from the rocks and choppy water, hoping for the best. With soul knowledge, we have a map and compass to guide us in the direction of true fulfilment.

You will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your life experience to date and the opportunities that they offered for soul growth
  • Awareness of your own natural abilities that you bring to the world and how you are being called to use them
  • Insight into your soul-level goals 
  • Clarity about your soul destiny – the fullest expression of your soul in this lifetime
  • Guidance to help you to overcome limitations and clear redundant patterns preventing you from living your purpose
  • Access to yourself to soul essence

Start making better choices for your life

When you are aware of your challenges, your natural gifts, your life goals from your soul perspective as well as your soul destiny then you can start making choices that are aligned and that will allow you to create your most fulfilled life. Stop letting challenges and limiting beliefs keep you from living your potential.

This is one I can testify to personally. I would not have become a Soul Plan Teacher without knowing my Soul Destiny and my soul-level challenges. When Blue Marsden first asked by to become one the first teachers of the soul plan system my initial reaction was no...this is because those challenges made me doubt my abilities but thankfully Blue reminded me of my purpose and soul destiny.

As a result I said yes and it was the best decision I made...a beautiful unfolding, a massive life shift and growth happened that I would have missed without this knowledge. 

soul journey reading

I hadn't fully comprehended the enormity of the content I was about to receive.  I'm happy that I can now step forward with my plans now that I know it is in alignment with my soul's plan. So much of my procrastination in life has come from fear of not living in alignment which has often held me back.

Raychel Lewis  

What to expect from your Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan Reading Chart - reveal your soul purpose

A reading with myself - one of the first Soul Plan Teachers taught by Blue Marsden

Preparation of your Star of Creation chart in advance

Your session via video call (Zoom/Skype) to go through your chart which will cover how your Worldly & Spiritual talents can help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals in your lifetime.

Advice and action points to take to align your life path with your soul purpose.

A Soul Plan Clearing and Re-Alignment Healing

A voice recording of the session and PDF of your chart (Provided digitally for you to download after the session)

Discover your purpose and start living it!

(75 minute session £125)

Some client love for soul plan readings

Many of my clients experience ‘aha’ moments and say “that explains so much why my life has been the way it has”  


anyone who would like to understand where they have been and why, and where they are going.... book to see Anita. You will be amazed.

Both the Soul Plan Reading and EFT have really helped me with my focus at work and at home so much so that people around me have seen the difference it has made to me and have made bookings for themselves. For anyone who would like to understand where they have been and why, and where they are going and why, book to see Anita and let her do her stuff. You will be amazed.

The entire soul plan reading had immense impact - I felt deeply held through the entire session

Before the reading I was going through a very difficult time, deeply questioning my choice of study, full of anxiety and self doubt.

The entire soul plan reading had immense impact. The reading helped me to understand where I am coming from, to gain clarity in my life and in myself. It helped me to focus my true feelings/intuitions, which I had been avoiding, and pointed out behaviours that were getting in my way.

I felt deeply held through the entire session, moved and healed by the warmth of communication. A truly grounding, cleansing experience that had lead to major breakthrough and continued stability.

(Soul Plan Reading via Skype/Zoom)

I felt so comfortable with Anita, the reading was a very gentle yet strong, beautiful, genuine experience

I had already done some research myself but wanted a full reading with a trained person and chose Anita. After the reading I felt simply was a very gentle yet strong, beautiful, genuine experience. Having the actual reading with another, made it more complete and real for me. I felt seen and understood and was able to connect to past experiences and understand more deeply who I am and the difficulties I have faced and have begun to overcome and heal. I felt so comfortable with Anita and found her way to be very supportive which allowed me to receive and to feel empowered and so grateful to have this information made available to me.

I loved being in my own home sitting on the floor on my comfy rug and having the reading. I felt safe and cosy and astonished how intimate it felt. It felt to me as though I was being like an astronaut being given fabulous intergalactic information that was hoping to help my journey and life on earth. I loved the whole experience because it truly felt important in order to understand and embrace myself more fully. I wish I new this earlier in my life and I do so recommend it.

It explains so much about why I love the work I do now and why I was never suitable for a corporate role.

I have found that through time I have struggled with being accepted (including accepting myself), going though bouts of depression, not knowing where I am meant to be going and trying to squeeze myself a round person into a triangle hole!

The Soul Plan Reading highlighted not only things other people have said in the past, and my astrology chart has raised but also things I was not quite aware of.

I so wish I had found this work so much earlier in my life, but everything in alignment as they say. It explains so much about why I love the work I do now and why I was never suitable for a corporate role. Also, how my name change has affected elements of my Soul Path Journey too.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Soul Plan Reading

What if my birth name was changed or incorrect on my birth certificate?

If there was a very early name change that has taken place then I will carry out a soul plan clarification check by looking at both name variations but having said this from the many readings which I have done where this has occurred it has still been the certificate name that has been the soul plan and may even hold the key to this life experience.

Can I have a Soul Plan Reading for my child? 

Yes. A Soul Plan Reading for a child be beneficial as it can help parents gain a deeper understanding of any issues the child may be experiencing and why they behave in certain ways. This can bring understanding to the family dynamics and harmony to family situations that are occuring. A reading will also show parents their child’s goals and talents are so they can assist in supporting and guiding them in the direction that helps align with the soul purpose and utilise their talents.

How can I learn Soul Plan for myself?

I am one of the few Certified Teachers of Soul Plan Reading in the UK – having trained under Blue Marsden – you can become   a professional Soul Plan Practitioner and acquire skills to help heal /empower yourself & others with training 

  Click here for more information on my Certified Soul Plan Training

Other ways Soul Plan can be used...

In it's expanded form Soul Plan is not only used for life purpose guidance for an individual but can be used to understand relationships between two people (romantic, family, friends etc.).

Additionally, it can be used to optimise name changes as well as assist in choosing a business name that sends out the right vibrations for success.

These types of readings all include a mini reading on your own soul plan chart.

Soul Plan Reading for Relationships


Find out how your soul plan energies work together - £150

Choose a new name using Soul Plan Reading

If you still have questions or not sure of what is right for you then let's have a chat and help you gain some clarity with my free 30-minute Seeding Possibilities Call

or send me a message... Contact Form

Soul Reading Secrets

Unlock the Mysteries Within: Your Path to Self-Discovery and Spiritual Illumination

What Is A Soul Reading

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What Is A Soul Reading: Understanding the Spiritual Connection of Your Life

Table of Contents

what is a soul reading

What is a Soul Reading? A soul reading is a spiritual practice that involves connecting with one’s inner self and gaining insight into the purpose and meaning of life. This practice can be conducted through meditation, journaling, or a one-on-one session with a spiritual advisor . A soul reading is a way to tap into your inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your life journey, and the world around you.

The Purpose of a Reading

A soul reading is meant to provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your life journey. It is a way to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with your true self. Through a soul reading, you can gain clarity on your life purpose, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and receive guidance on how to move forward in life.

The Benefits of a Reading

There are many benefits to receiving a soul reading. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased self-awareness: A soul reading can help you become more self-aware and understand your own thoughts, feelings, and motivations. This increased self-awareness can lead to greater self-confidence and a better understanding of your own needs and desires.
  • Clarity on life purpose: A soul reading can provide clarity on your life purpose and help you understand why you are here and what you are meant to do. This can be a powerful motivator and help you feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life.
  • Improved relationships: A soul reading can help you understand your relationships with others and how to improve them. You may gain insight into the dynamics of your relationships and how to communicate more effectively with others.
  • Better decision making: A soul reading can provide guidance on important life decisions and help you make choices that are in alignment with your true self. This can lead to greater satisfaction and happiness in life.

>>> Get your personalized Soul Reading here

How to Prepare for a Soul Reading

How to Prepare for a Soul Reading

If you are interested in receiving a soul reading, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for your session:

  • Set your intention: Before your reading, take some time to reflect on what you hope to gain from the experience. Write down any questions or areas of concern that you would like to address.
  • Clear your mind: Meditation or deep breathing can help you clear your mind and prepare for your reading. This can help you be more open to receiving the insights and guidance that are meant for you.
  • Trust the process: Trust that the information you receive during your reading is meant for you and that it will be helpful and beneficial. Be open to the experience and trust that the right information will come to you at the right time.

Types of Soul Readings

There are many different types of soul readings, each with its own unique approach and method. Some of the most popular types of soul readings include:

  • Tarot readings: Tarot readings use a deck of cards to gain insight into the present, past, and future. Tarot readings can provide guidance on various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal growth.
  • Oracle readings: Oracle readings use a set of cards or other tools to connect with your inner wisdom and receive guidance and insights. Oracle readings can provide a more generalized reading, covering a wide range of topics.
  • Psychic readings: Psych readings involve connecting with a psychic or spiritual advisor to receive guidance and insights. Psych readings can provide a more personalized reading, focusing on specific areas of concern or questions.

Why Consider a Soul Reading?

There are many reasons why a person might consider a soul reading. For some, it may be a way to gain greater insight into their own lives, to better understand themselves and their place in the world. For others, it may be a way to connect with their spirituality and explore the deeper aspects of their being. Whatever the reason, a soul reading can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

What to Expect from a Soul Reading

What to Expect from a Soul Reading

When it comes to soul readings, it is important to have a clear understanding of what to expect. During a typical reading, the reader will ask the person questions about their life, their thoughts, and their experiences. Based on the information gathered, the reader will then use their divination tools to access information about the person’s soul.

This information may be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on the reader’s methods and the individual’s needs. Some readers may use tarot cards to access information, while others may use astrology or other forms of divination. Regardless of the method used, the goal of a soul reading is always to help the person gain a deeper understanding of their soul and find a sense of peace and purpose in their lives.

Tips for a Successful Soul Reading

To get the most out of your soul reading, it is important to prepare yourself and to have a clear idea of what you hope to gain from the experience. Some tips for a successful soul reading include:

  • Setting clear goals for the reading: Before your reading, take some time to think about what you hope to gain from the experience. This can help you stay focused during the reading and ensure that you get the most out of the experience.
  • Being open-minded: During a soul reading, it is important to be open-minded and willing to listen to what the reader has to say. This will allow you to get the most out of the experience and gain the insights you are looking for.
  • Trusting the process: Soul readings can be a powerful tool for personal growth, but they can also be a bit intimidating. It is important to trust the process and to be open to the information that the reader provides.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soul Readings

Q. What is a soul reading?

A. A soul reading is a unique and profound spiritual experience that provides insight into the true essence of a person’s being. It involves a spiritual practitioner accessing and interpreting the energy and information that is stored within a person’s soul. This information can provide a deeper understanding of a person’s life purpose, challenges, and gifts.

Q. How is a soul reading performed?

A. A soul reading can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on the practitioner’s training and approach. Some common methods include intuitive readings, tarot card readings, and energy readings. The key to a successful soul reading is the ability of the practitioner to connect with the energy of the person’s soul and to accurately interpret the information that is received.

Q. Who can benefit from a soul reading?

A. Anyone can benefit from a soul reading, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or background. Soul readings are particularly beneficial for individuals who are seeking greater self-awareness, clarity about their life purpose, or guidance in navigating challenges and obstacles. They can also be helpful for those who are looking to tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, and to gain a deeper understanding of their own soul journey.

Q. How accurate are soul readings?

A. The accuracy of a soul reading can vary depending on the practitioner’s level of skill and the individual’s level of openness and receptiveness. However, many people report experiencing a profound sense of connection and insight during a soul reading, and report that the information they receive is both meaningful and helpful. It is important to keep in mind that a soul reading is not a prediction of the future, but rather an opportunity to gain greater clarity and understanding about your soul journey.

What Is a Soul Reading Conclusion

In conclusion, soul reading is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your life and discovering the spiritual connection that exists within you. This practice can help you understand your purpose, identify areas for growth, and develop a stronger connection with your inner self. With the help of a qualified practitioner, you can explore the depths of your soul and gain a deeper understanding of your life path and journey.

Whether you are looking to find clarity, peace, or simply want to delve deeper into your spiritual self, soul reading can provide you with valuable insights and guidance. By connecting with your inner self and unlocking the power of your soul, you can gain a greater sense of purpose and direction in life. So, if you are looking to explore the spiritual connection of your life, consider giving soul reading a try today.

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Expert Soul Reading Services

Blog by InnerEssence

Understanding Divine Soul Readings: An Introduction to the Spiritual Journey

  • InnerEssence
  • Sep 20, 2023

Categories: Divine Soul Reading , Spiritual Coaching , Spiritual Healing

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth can be truly transformative. In this blog, we will delve into the captivating realm of Divine Soul Readings, a profound practice that opens doors to understanding oneself on a deeper level. Whether you're new to spiritual exploration or seeking a fresh perspective, this blog will guide you through the essence of Divine Soul Readings and their potential to illuminate your path.

Unveiling the Essence of Divine Soul Readings

Divine Soul Readings, are a gateway to understanding the intricate layers of your inner self. This practice involves tapping into the energies and insights encompassing your soul's journey, providing guidance and clarity. Through skilled intuition and connection with higher energies, Divine Soul Readings facilitate a dialogue between your conscious and subconscious realms, leading to profound self-awareness.

Exploring the Benefits of Divine Soul Readings

At the heart of Divine Soul Readings lies the potential for guidance during pivotal moments. Whether facing life changes, seeking purpose, or longing for clarity, this practice can shed light on your unique path. These readings can offer insights into unresolved emotions, past experiences, and hidden strengths, fostering a sense of empowerment as you navigate challenges.

Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

One of the most enchanting aspects of Divine Soul Readings is their ability to deepen your spiritual connection. By better understanding your soul's journey, you open doors to spiritual growth and self-acceptance. Through this practice, you can align your actions with your true purpose, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Navigating Past Trauma and Healing

Divine Soul Readings offer a unique avenue for addressing past trauma and emotional wounds. Delving into the depths of your soul's experiences, these readings can help uncover buried pain and unresolved issues. By acknowledging and understanding these aspects, you can begin the healing process, releasing emotional burdens and paving the way for personal transformation.

Cultivating Self-Discovery and Awareness

Embarking on a Divine Soul Reading journey is akin to gazing into a mirror that reflects your true essence. As you explore the insights and revelations brought forth, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and heightened awareness. This process encourages you to embrace both your light and shadow aspects, fostering a sense of wholeness and self-acceptance.

As you embark on your spiritual journey, the wisdom and insights gained from Divine Soul Readings can serve as a guiding light. The path to self-discovery and growth begins with understanding your inner essence. If you're intrigued by the prospects of Divine Soul Readings and seek to unlock your potential, InnerEssence is here to support you.

Get in touch with us today!  To learn more about the services we offer, please click here . To contact us, please click here or call us at (919)427-9366 .  


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What is a soul-reading.

soul journey reading

Diving into the realm of spiritual mysteries, the terms ‘soul-reading’ and ‘soul contract reading’ often surface, much to the curiosity and intrigue of those who yearn for a deeper understanding of themselves and their life’s purpose. Seemingly abstract in nature, these age-old concepts of spirituality delve into the understanding of our essence, our soul’s journey, and predetermined agreements, or ‘contracts’, we make before being birthed into the physical world.

Understanding Soul-Reading

Soul-reading is a spiritual practice that involves a deep understanding of a person’s spirit or soul. It seeks to reveal the essence of an individual— their past, present, and future, and how these elements intertwine to shape their spiritual journey. A soul reading aims to bridge the gap between our conscious selves and our higher selves by unveiling our soul’s true essence, its journey, and its ultimate purpose in the physical realm.

In a soul reading, a spiritual practitioner, often one with psychic abilities, connects with the individual’s soul and accesses information pertinent to their life and spiritual journey. These insights may pertain to spiritual gifts, life purpose, soul’s evolution, and even past lives. It is important to note that the information retrieved during a soul reading can be vast and profound, surfacing some deeply embedded truths about the individual that may play a fundamental role in their spiritual growth and evolution.

The Process of Soul-Reading

To conduct a soul-reading, the reader must establish a spiritual connection with the individual, often through meditation or prayer. They then tap into the individual’s auric field and tune in to their vibrational energy. The reading involves the decoding of this energy to unlock and interpret information about the individual’s soul. These interpretations often come to the reader in the form of symbols, images, feelings, or even messages from higher beings.

The reader then communicates these interpretations to the individual, highlighting aspects of their soul’s purpose, development, and respective spiritual journey. It’s important to not only consider a soul reading as prediction, but as a tool for self-realization, direction, and personal growth.

Soul Contract Reading

Now, let us step into the fascinating realm of Soul Contract Reading. The narrative of our lives is not purely a product of conscious decisions and random circumstances. Many spiritual scholars believe that before we incarnate, our soul makes certain agreements or ‘contracts’ pertaining to the experiences and challenges we will encounter in life. These contracts dictate our relationships, life circumstances, triumphs, and trials, all intended to facilitate our soul’s growth and spiritual evolution.

A soul contract reading is the process of getting insights about these predetermined agreements. The reading can unveil these contracts, helping you understand the deeper purpose of your life experiences, and how they contribute to your spiritual growth.

Often conducted by gifted spiritual practitioners, a soul contract reading can reveal contracts pertaining to your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. It can provide clarity on recurring patterns, understand pathological behaviours, and even decode the spiritual lessons hidden in numerous life challenges.

How about Starseed Souls ? Understanding Starseed Origins

A starseed origin reading refers to a specialized form of psychic reading focused on exploring and understanding a person’s spiritual connection to the cosmos, their greater mission on earth, and the lessons they have chosen to learn in this life. This concept is built on the idea that particular people, starseeds, have their primary soul essence, or spiritual origins, nestled not on earth but in distant worlds, galaxies or dimensions . As opposed to “earthseeds” who were created to be incarnate on earth.


The Concept of Starseeds

Believers in the starseed theory assert that these are souls who, having previously incarnated on distant stars and planets, now inhabit human bodies to fulfill specific missions of teaching, healing, and illumination for the planetary transition. They are perceived to hold unique traits such as strong intuition, empathy, spiritual awareness or feeling like they don’t quite belong in this world, which translates into a deep-seated longing for their true home among the stars.

Starseed Origin Readings

A starseed origin reading is designed to help these individuals uncover their cosmic origins, innate talents, and purpose in life. During the reading, one can discover which star systems their soul has been associated with, the type of interstellar beings they may have been, their past lives, and the distinctive energies and spiritual gifts they have brought to earth in this present incarnation.

Accomplished through various modalities like astrology, akashic records, psychic intuition, or channeling, the starseed origin reading can be a transformative experience, providing clarity, validation, and guidance for those feeling isolated or searching for a deeper understanding of their existence.

The Purpose of Starseed Origin Readings

The ultimate aim of a starseed origin reading is not just to identify one’s cosmic family but to assist them in living out their missions and potentials. By providing insights into their unique abilities and challenges, starseeds can better navigate their earth incarnations. They can align their present lives with their higher soul purpose, cultivating a life of greater authenticity, fulfillment, and contribution to the collective evolutionary journey.

Starseed origin readings, while a significant tool of self-exploration and awakening for many, are merely a perspective on spiritual identities and cosmic perspectives. They serve as stepping stones on the journey of self-discovery, growth, and evolution that each individual soul undergoes. Both soul readings and soul contract readings are profound spiritual practices that provide a deep insight into our spirit, and our purpose in the physical realm. By unlocking and understanding these spiritual facets of our existence, we can uplift our consciousness, make sense of our life experiences, and gain a clearer perspective of our spiritual journey. Remember, the ultimate aim of these readings is to facilitate personal growth and soul evolution, bringing us closer to our true, spiritual self .

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Patrice Krysztofiak

Patrice Krysztofiak is what you would call a medical intuitive (you may also have heard of the terms Medical Medium or Medical empath for people like him). He can access past stored negative emotions and energies and clear the blocks that they generated.

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This is a Holistic reading which examines all aspects of your existence; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Spiritual counseling is offered as part of the reading and sometimes specific practices are given to assist the balancing and integration of the higher energy system in to the physical life and to heal past karmic influences and patterns. The readings help to bring some clarity and understanding in to your life and assist the re-connection to your soul vibration to make it easier to access your life purpose.

Each reading is unique and individual, aimed at your specific needs and vibrations at that time in your life. The Soul forces are asked to impart whatever you need to know now for your highest unfoldment. Healing energy is transmitted through the reading, sometimes soul retrieval and power retrieval occur as part of the reading. All readings are via zoom and last for approximately 50 mins.  If you would like to book a soul reading, please contact Julie on [email protected] 

Please note you usually need to wait 6-8 months for a soul reading because of the high demand.

Soul Readings Feedback

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful hour I spent with you on Wednesday. I have twice listened to the cd you gave me which is so useful as it would be impossible to remember everything you told me. What you spoke about makes so much sense and I think everyone would benefit from one of your readings!” Maureen

“Just a quick email to thank you so much for the time you spent with me and Josh this week, it has left me feeling energised, I have taken so much from it and will definitely be coming again”    Olivia UK

“ I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing reading today.  My mind and body feels much calmer and my brain has been happily connecting the dots all the way home, making sense of patterns and things I do; and the struggle I have – linking back to stuff you brought up regarding my dad,  I never thought of him having such an impact, I always looked to my mum and my relationship with her….I now feel I’ve got something tangible that feels right to start working on, to heal my inner child.  So amazing and insightful.  You’re a wonderful lady and must bring so much comfort to people and facilitate so much potential in them! Thank you, thank you”    Emma UK

“ Thank you again for my wonderful reading Julie. It truly was everything I hoped to expect and more. I’ve had countless readings over the years that have been nice but nothing like this. It was exactly what i was looking for. Thanks again “ Faye UK

“My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of our soul readings this Tuesday. We were so amazed at the accuracy and compassionate insight which you conveyed, it has been extremely comforting to know that we are seen and acknowledged as awakening souls and you have given us hope as well as strategies to manage the life journey easier. You have given me such a faith in myself because I realise you must have connected to my higher guidance, which I have always felt and always appreciated and trusted in- so I think that the guidance from the divine which you are receiving, could be reassuring you that there is sense in the appearing senseless !! I feel much more grounded since my session with you, a practical validation of a sensory knowing. I want to find my confidence back to share my gifts with the world to alleviate the suffering. Your gifts are truly extraordinary and I want to thank you for the journey you must have been on to bring these gifts to others for their healing’s sake.” Joy UK

“Thank you again for your reading yesterday. It was really helpful and inspiring.  Blessings”   Chrissy   Uk

“ Thank you so much for the soul reading. I found it extremely helpful and illuminating (as always!). It has made a lot of difference to how I understand my current situation and how I feel about things, and for that I am very grateful. ” Jenny UK

“ Needed to get in touch with you to say a huge thank you for my Soul Reading with you last Thursday. Not only was it lovely to see you again, but what you were able to share with me was totally transformative and deeply felt within my Soul. It was reassuring too, that you confirmed some messages I’d previously received myself.”  Paula UK

“I came to see you on the 15th of January I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time and for using your gift in the way that you do,  it is truly a blessing to the world”    Fae UK “ Thank you so much for the Soul Reading. I was amazed at both the amount of information and the content. This has given me plenty to reflect on and is already helping me to focus on what is important in my life. ”   Maggie UK

“Again, a heartfelt thank you for your reading. I’ve done some reflecting on what you told me and it has already made such a difference in my life! You are truly gifted and I’m so grateful. “  Joyti Canada

“My soul reading with yourself was the greatest gift that I could have received. Your energy, your gift, your insight that you shared with me both re-awoke parts of me I had buried as well as opening new growth. I am now re-invigorated into bringing more light, the spark had dimmed but now it has new energy!”   Rachel UK

“I  had a soul reading with you (think it was 2011).   During the reading I shared with you some Art from my portfolio.  I remember you asking me did I plan to illustrate cards? It has been at the back of my mind for a while. I have illustrated my own greeting cards for a while. But have just self-published an illustrated book with accompanying deck of cards. The book is called Lilith and the Labyrinth: a journey into the Unknown , From my own publication (Tiger Moth publications) I have used the pseudonym name Cecelia Wolf for this work.  My intention is to publish 2 more in a series that follows on, in addition to working on some illustrated children’s books.  Thank you for your sensitive reading.”   Shelia UK

“ Thank you so much for the soul reading.I was absolutely  blown away by the things that you said although I should not have been.  It all made perfect sense to me. It was so helpful and since our  meeting I feel so much more settled, calm, centered and confident.”   Angela UK

“ My reading with you was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much. I have a lot to think about and know what things I want to work on etc.  Even my husband, the worlds biggest skeptic raised an eyebrow when I told him the messages you had about him! Thank you once more”   Rachel UK

“What a brilliant experience meeting you !   I was really happy and enlightened  following my reading and hoping that I can be more open to all the trapped things in my mind and of course my ‘heart’.  Thanks again for giving me something to think about , something to build on and believe in ! ”  Janet UK

“I just had to thank you again for yesterday. I treasure every time I get to come and see you for a soul reading.  It was amazing what happened shortly after starting the reading and how it turned into a healing session for me. Your gifts are truly amazing and healing is what I needed and I already feel the benefit from it, even though I know I am going to go through some tough times with it also as I continue my journey. Thank you so much again for your teaching, your healing and your readings. You have opened up so much for me and am truly blessed to have you in my life.”   Debbie UK

“I came to see you on the 15th of January I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your time and for using your gift in the way that you do,  it is truly a blessing to the world.  Thank you, and I am sure I will see you again one day.”  Fae  UK

“I had a soul reading with you in July and I can’t tell you how much peace and healing has come to me through it. My life (this one x) now has a context and meaning which gives me a sense of freedom and joy I have not had before. It’s helped me to “pull focus” .I still feel all the sadness, bewilderment and hurts as before….but I understand why a bit more now…and so I can embrace those feelings for what they are and allow them to pass through me instead of being afraid of them. Everything has shifted for me because of what you were able to reveal. I will be eternally grateful.” Nicky UK

“I just want to thank you so much for today, it felt great to hear questions I have been asking myself for a very long time answered by you in a way that has made perfect sense to me! From today you have inspired me to increase my knowledge with regards to the subjects you spoke about. My session with you has helped me in so many ways, most profoundly I feel I can self-accept.” Deborah UK

“I was fortunate enough to experience a Soul Reading from you a while back. I found this experience to be very enlightening and it helped me in recognising patterns running through my life and in developing a deeper understanding as to links to past lives and potential lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Your warmth and integrity shines through and those fortunate enough to encounter your work are very blessed. In gratitude, love and light” Andrea UK

“Thank you so much for the soul reading.I was absolutely blown away by the things that you said although I should not have been. It all made perfect sense to me. It was so helpful and since our meeting I feel so much more settled, calm, centred and confident. Lots of love and best wishes to you” Katheryne UK

“Thank you so very much for the time you gave me yesterday. I found your thoughts and words of wisdom very enlightening and uplifting.” Sharon UK

“I found my last reading so valuable and I am often comforted and reassured by some of the knowledge gained as well as inspired and motivated when I am stuck as I now understand my stumbling blocks more clearly which does assist in getting around them..or not at times depending on what I choose.” Andrea UK

“ Thank you for the soul reading it was absolutely fascinating. I have listened to your recording several times so I can take it in and explore what was said……the reading has enabled me to understand a little more about my mum and why things have happened .It is like a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces coming together.”   Alison, Preston

“Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience; it was what I was hoping for and more. You have really helped me clarify and articulate a number of issues that have been in my head and although the result is more challenges, at least I know I am and will be moving forward ” Andy, Singapore

“ Thanks for the readings – they were absolutely brilliant, they helped a lot .” Jo, Ulverston

“ Thank you for all your invaluable insights, words of wisdom and encouragement” . Mark, Leeds

“ Wondrous, amazing and extremely insightful, my soul felt recognised, acknowledged and honoured .”  Meg, Brussels

“ Thank you for the reading it has caused a big shift, you opened the windows to a lot of rooms and the light is streaming in .” Karin, Denmark

“ It was inspirational and I know which way I need to go now. ” Catherine, Ulverston

“ My understanding is knowing that Spiritual seekers like myself are blessed when we come in to contact with teachers whom we can connect with and show us the light when we are in shadow. ”  Claire, Wales

“Your Soul reading was very correct and extremely accurate…a big thank you for influencing my life and I sincerely hope our paths will cross again.”   Paul, Cork

“ I just felt like I wanted to email you to say a massive thankyou for a meeting with you that has already made a change to my life. Today I feel like a new woman, and feel the weight of the world has been lifted from me, yesterday was a very emotional one and last night I could not sleep, I was still talking to my dad and husband and the angels were with me and any time I need help I know now I can call on them, I dont even feel silly writing this, I feel wonderful, I think now I can cope with “what comes next” and prepare myself, as I know I have spiritual guidance, I’v had 2 hours sleep and feel Fab! I sooooo wish I would of come to you sooner, but better late than never!!” Marie UK

“It was a most uplifting experience, I felt as well as getting a reading I also got a healing, which was brilliant. What you said to me made an awful lot of sense. You will never know how much the guidance you gave me that day means to me, how it has sorted things that were questions in my mind that I could not find answers to. You are a truly wonderful person and share with us a most brilliant gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Margaret Ireland

“Almost a year ago now I came to you – and had the most astonishing experience of my life! You said to me people come when they are ready – how right that was.” Tracey UK

“ The reading I had with you last Friday in Brussels was a great experience. ” Elizabeth Belgium

“I came to you in September, and so much of the guidance that I received from you has been of help. My job has changed, as you said it would, I have taken on those extra responsibilities, and yes it is fulfilling. I am using my gifts of verbal communication which you said were stronger than my hands on Reiki skills, and it is making a difference to those around me. You said I should “allow” things to happen, and wow, it makes a world of difference to potentially fraught or tense situations. There is more but… Thank you so much.”  Nicolas UK

” Think you understand how I tick better than myself but you helped me put some clarity to how I feel and the path forward is much clearer for me now! Has given me lots to think about and hopefully act upon! ” Angelina UK

“You have been an inspiration to me, You put into words why I found this life so difficult, now I can understand, now I know why I am sensitive and feel so much empathy for others…… I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful person you are and how I felt a true connection with you” . Clare UK

“It was so good seeing you last week – it gave me a lot of new impulses and was a trigger to start doing things I love to do. ” Berit UK

“ You confirmed things which I ‘knew’ as well as telling me more than I could ever have imagined. The results have been so beneficial. I have a far greater understanding of my path and greater confidence to do the work I believe in. Thankyou for your gift, ” Jenny UK

Transformation on the inside leads to transformation on the outside.

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Soul Journey Tarot Spread

soul journey tarot spread

The Soul Journey Tarot Reading, from Rachel Pollack, seeks to help you understand, through the Major Arcana, what journey your soul has been undertaking during your dreams, and other trance-like states. It’s a little different to regular dream interpretation as it doesn’t seek to find what your dreams are about, rather it seeks to find out where your soul travels to and what it’s doing while there. As Rachel explains:

Soul Journey Reading

“Many traditions have an idea of the soul, or an aspect of ourselves, journeying to other realms without our conscious knowledge. This spread helps us look at where our soul has gone. Following widespread custom, I refer to the soul as “she”, but you can say “he” or “it” as it makes sense to you. (This can be done with the whole deck, if desired. Alternatively, this might be a good one for several cards per question.)”

  • Where has my soul been?
  • What has she done?
  • What does she bring back?
  • How do I welcome her?

I have shared the tarot reading I did with this spread to illustrate how profoundly deep it can permeate through your soul and into your waking life. While you don’t need to read on to successfully carry out this reading yourself, doing so will help you to see what depths, and heights, this tarot spread can take you.

I decided to use the beautiful and deeply spiritual Majors only, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess , and kept to the single card version of the spread.

While shuffling and reading through Rachel’s intro to the spread, the Death card jumped out. This was a very personal card for me and speaks volumes about where I feel I currently am with my spirituality and my life in general. I put Death to one side as to me, it’s an integral part of this reading.

The cards I drew for the reading were:

  • 12 – Hanged One
  • 5 – High Priest
  • 3 – Empress
  • 21 – World

soul journey reading

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess is a deck rich in symbolism but is also a very spiritual deck designed to help you find yourself, your divinity and your connection to the Divine. As you might imagine, the cards contain affirmations on them, relevant to the card and its deeper spiritual message. The affirmations on the cards I drew are:

Death : I surrender my ego and no longer let fear rule my life. I have love, faith and hope.

  • Hanged One : My sacrifice will strengthen my devotion to the Divine and deepen my compassion for all beings.
  • High Priest : I am transcendent of time and space.
  • Empress : I see the sacred in all beings and myself.
  • World : I am One with God.

So you can see I have themes of surrender, sacrifice, transcendence, the sacred, divinity, and the relationship between myself and others, and as of late, other beings. There is a stripping away of what is present but outdated, unnecessary & restrictive with the arrival of a new vision of myself, how I live and interact with others.

Reading Notes

See how the Hanged One and the World hold strikingly similar poses? If we transpose either one, they look remarkably like the other. Being the Alpha et Omega of this reading, it’s one of many indicators of the prohphetic nature of this reading. We can also see how the numbers of these two cards are related too. Lay these two cards side by side and you will see how.

If we take the numerology of this reading a little further and employ the techniques of reduction, we will see that the Hanged One and the World are also related through the sum of their numbers: 12/3 and 21/3. The Empress is also a 3, so we have 3 – 3 – 3, which adds to 9.

The High Priest is 5 and if we sum the numbers of the four cards in the reading, they also add up to 5. The High Priest, or Hierophant, has always been a difficult card for me but here in this reading, he, or she, appears to be the way to finding my divinity and transformation.

If we sum 13 from Death (4) and add it to the High Priest (5), we get another 9.

If we add the sum of the numbers of all five cards present in this reading, they also come to 9, a number of completion and preparation for the next stage of life, rebirth and renewal. It’s also the number of the Hermit, the archetypal soul searcher and mystical seeker, and the tarot card associated with Virgo, my sun sign.

Note: Seems the 9’s continue for me today, from

Your Number of the Day is 9 | Wednesday, June 1, 2011: Today brings with it a grand opportunity for healing your mind and body. Get rest, and treat yourself to a massage or some other rejuvenating ‘time out.’ You may have a conversation later in the day that helps you strengthen your bond with another.

Closing Thoughts

Death is the theme of this reading, my spiritual transformation. As the Hanged One, I am surrending to the process, and as the High Priest I am transcending the ordinary to find my soul’s purpose. The Empress is how I will live in everyday life with this new spirituality and the World is how I will maintain my connection with Divinity. This has indeed been my Soul’s Journey.

Addendum : In one other twist of fate, or perhaps Divine Humour, in creating the header image for this post, apart from overlapping the edges of the four cards of the reading, they fit the exact size required for the header image to fit into its pre-alloted slot at the top of the post, no clipping, no adjusting. That has never happened before on any post. To date, there are over 140 posts on Tarot Elements, with over 20 other pages. Today is a Partial Solar Eclipse and a New Moon in Gemini too – is there a portal open to the heavens that has made this reading so amazing?

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess by Pamela Wells is available to US readers .

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17 thoughts on “Soul Journey Tarot Spread”

Catherine – Excellent post! I love Rachel’s work, and this spread on soul work is exceptional! What a beautiful deck to use to illustrate it! BTW – Kudos on the header! Synchronicity at work! Blessings, Bonnie

Thanks Bonnie! The whole process has been amazing, from doing the spread with Rachel at the Readers Studio, to doing it again just now – the cards are still on my desk! I was profoundly moved and just wanted to share how wonderful the Soul Journey Spread is. Gotta love syncrhonicity eh?! Catherine

Wonderful reading, Catherine, and with a beautiful deck. I’m so glad you found this spread valuable. It’s based on an experiment I did of doing the same spreads every Friday and Saturday night for a year.

Thank you, Rachel! It’s been a very profound experience, and I’m still taking in the messages and details of the reading. There’s a fine line in deciding whether to publish your own readings, but this reading I felt I just had to share as it shows the beauty and depth of the spread. I’m so very glad you shared it with the world. Thank you for your comment, Rachel, and welcome to Tarot Elements Catherine

What a beautiful & informative spread. A real affirmation of where you’ve been, who you are & where you’re heading. The images are just lovely! I can’t wait to try it out on myself! Love, Stacy

Hi Stacy, We did this reading in Rachel’s workshop at Readers Studio – it was quite something then too! It’s a very deep and far reaching spread, though I think part of its brilliance is its simplicity. Rachel just seems to know the right questions to ask. I’d love to know how you get on with doing this spread, email me when you have. Catherine

Great post, Catherine! I wonder where my soul has been going? I am eager to try out Rachel’s spread & I’m sure it will be quite illuminating. The message you received goes very well with a message I channeled from Archangel Michael just yesterday – the day of the partial solar eclipse. Coincidence? I think not. Besides, I don’t believe in coincidences

Hi Nefer – it seems yesterday was very special for many people. A veil was certainly lifted and messages came through loud and clear! Rachel’s spread is beautifully deep, she formulates the best questions of anyone I know. I hope you do try it out – I would love to hear where your soul has been going to… Thank you for your comment, and welcome to Tarot Elements :) Catherine

Catherine: An intense soul journey! You can go back and recreate it using lucid dreaming or active meditation techniques. The cards suggest a long travel in time – dark and light – experiences, initiations, harvest and wisdom. Thanks for sharing the spread and your reading.

Hi Aurora – wasn’t it just?! I’ve been using meditation and working on some lucid dreaming techniques, no success as yet… I’m planning on journeying into these cards to see if there is any more of the message of the spread there for me. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for you comment and your suggestions. Catherine

This is a really good spread Catherine. Thanks for sharing it and thanks to Rachel for creating it. Now to try it out for myself. :)

Thanks, Helen! It’s also a great spread to repeat. As Rachel said, she used it every week for a year to see where her soul went – that’s total dedication! I haven’t done that, but I have revisited the spread since I first tried it, it’s always enlightening. Catherine

What a fabulous spread! I can’t wait to try it out today. My dreams are richly vivid — and it will be cool to see what the cards have to say. That deck is gor-geous, Catherine! Thanks for giving me the heads up — I’m going to have to add that one to my collection. The Goddess Tarot is by far the favorite deck with clients — and I love the symbolism in this one. ;)

Thanks Raven! This is a Majors only deck, just to forewarn you… though the accompanying booklet is very detailed and spiritual. It does border on religious but as you say, it’s so richly symbolic that it’s a gem regardless. Catherine

Wow! Both this spread and deck are phenomenal. I think I will do the dream interpretation spread every day and this spread every Monday. I will report back how I got on with it. I am setting up my dream alter right now with mugwort oil, mugwort tea, 78 Nautical Tarot and Winged Enchantment Oracle, and some crystals (ocean jasper, rainbow moonstone, serpentine, and merlinite) and starting my dream journey tonight with the new moon

That all sounds great – and a lot of fun too! I love preparing for rituals, sometimes more than the ritual itself.. Can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Hello again! This is AdAstra again. Just wanted to let you know that this became my most used spread of the year; it is great for shamanic work and hedge crossing. I have recommended this spread and this site to many people over the year. Thanks again

Comments are closed.

Kimberly Virdure:  Life Coach + Psychic Medium + Genetic Genealogist

Transformative guidance + earthy tools that honor your experience of being human.

What’s a soul reading.

Metaphysically focused psychic, mediumship, and spiritually channeled sessions that inspire a unique experience called Soul Reading.

This is where you can explore ways a Soul Reading can benefit you. If you’re familiar with my services , tap here to schedule an appointment now.

Purposes of a Soul Reading

  • What’s a Soul Reading like?
  • Guiding Principles : This is Your Life!
  • How to schedule a phone or video session
  • Ways to make the most of your reading

soul journey reading

Purposes, Objectives, and Reasons for a Soul Reading

The highest objective of a soul reading is mindfulness.

Whether we connect through psychic reading, mediumship, or channeling, a Soul Reading will reveal how thoughts and feelings you nourish manifest as tangible, Earthly realities, and how the emotions you feel are actively guiding you.

What do you want to clarify , resolve , expand, and evolve ?

Our session will be most fruitful and transformative if you intend to explore any of the following:

  • Alignment of your intellectual focuses with your Soul’s intentions (your talents, affinities, preferences, ambitions, and callings).
  • Consciously connect with the energies of loved ones, guides and guardians in other energetic realms with purely loving intentions (vs. asking where Grandpa buried his cash).
  • Embrace the experience of a spiritual awakening.
  • Applying wisdom attained from life’s challenges to enrich the life experiences you’re currently creating.
  • Recognition of emotional and experiential patterns active in your life so you’re empowered to evolve your human story purposefully.
  • Clarification of how the thoughts and feelings you nourish continually manifest as your experience of Life – so you can consciously resolve thought patterns that don’t support your well-being.
  • Expanding upon your ideas and ambitions by defining potential next steps and action items that support positive momentum.

Above all, a Soul Reading centers on intuited guidance that fosters energetic fortitude, clarity of thought, compassion, and grace – if you’re sincerely open to meaningful transformation  through  self-realization .

What’s a Soul Reading Like?

Free Introductory Soul Reading

If you haven’t experienced a Soul Reading with me, you can schedule a free introductory session! Let’s Connect!

What’s a Soul Reading Like?

A Soul Reading is a casual, enlightening, transformative, heart-centered conversation about your human experience.

I don’t use divination tools like tarot cards, pendulums, or runes. My entire body is the medium used to connect and communicate during a Soul Reading.

We don’t need to be in the same physical space for a Soul Reading.

I don’t read minds, bodies, or faces – I read energy.  Energy is boundless. There’s no need for me to see you or be in the same room to provide a Soul Reading.

If we meet by video or in person, you’ll notice I’ll close my eyes and look away often  because I’m communicating by heart, Soul-to-Soul.

Video and in-person sessions provide a more dynamic experience for you.

Soul reading is a full-body experience for me. You may prefer a video or in- person reading so you can see gestures that spontaneously arise as I interpret and translate psychic information and Spirit communications.

Otherwise, a phone session is just as connected and potent as an in-person or video Soul Reading.

How a Soul Reading unfolds.

  • Before you share any information about yourself, I’ll first convey what I intuit about your present experience. This is my way of connecting with you.
  • I’ll then invite you to ask any question or present a specific circumstance or mindset that you want to clarify, resolve, expand upon or evolve.
  • As we proceed, your Soul Reading will integrate a broader consideration of other perceptions and realities that are commingling to create your current experience of being.

I’m a psychic, medium, and a channeler.

The labels we’ve created to define intuitive senses don’t truly capture the experience. The limits of human reasoning bind and obscure them. I’ll do my best to describe the indescribable experiences of aligning with and communicating the wordless nature of our energetic, universal realities:

As a psychic

I naturally sense the people, places, and things influencing your life and tap into your Soul’s story, your human journey, desires, resistances, and wishes. The totality of all I observe psychically captures  your current feeling experience of being human. This all happens instantaneously and without process of thought.

As a medium

I simultaneously receive, transmit, and translate energetic information from beings in human form (your Soul-self and earthly soulmates) and non-physical beings (like your spiritual guides, ancestors, and guardians). This energetic information comes through as images, words, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings, and physical sensations that I translate into words.

As a channel

When appropriate and relevant to the reading, Spirit to speaks through me. Channeled readings have a higher, deeper, and broader purpose that transcends our human dramas. Channelling will naturally occur if you’re sincerely want to align with your Soul purposes in the context of our collective experience (versus exploring the details of human-centric focuses and memories).

As an experienced life coach and metaphysical medium

With 30+ years of project management, entrepreneurship, and life coaching experience, I naturally channel project plans!

Many people use Soul Readings to support strategic planning of various endeavors – with the edge of gaining awareness of the broader circumstances and connections at play.

How others describe their experience of a Soul Reading

Soul readings have been described as….

A few adjectives  people who’ve had a Soul Reading  use to describe the experience include self-realization, a sense of peace, creative spark, joyous revelation, inventive, synchronous, multi-dimensional, grounded ascension, liberation, and continual discovery.

Each session is unique and everyone has their own experience of a Soul Reading. The testimonials from Souls I’ve worked with capture the experience better than I can.

Everything you told me was perfectly correct

Everything you told me was perfectly correct. You also showed me a pathway that makes sense and that I can go. I am impressed! Thank Read more “Everything you told me was perfectly correct”

Thank you for shining some light

Thank you for shining some light and giving me an answer to al the questions I had about myself. I am a work in progress. I’m ready for what life has to offer, I need to set my foundation before I move forward. Currently trying to work on that then begin to build. I thank you again.

Read more “Thank you for shining some light”


Absolutely wonderful

Absolutely Read more “Absolutely wonderful”

Always an awesome experience!

Always an awesome experience!!! The reading was confirmation on some things that I had prayed about. Her calm and loving spirit always have tears roll down my face because she is very connected with the Spirit. This reading reminded me of what I need to do. Thank you Kim 🙂

Read more “Always an awesome experience!”

I am so very grateful

I am so very grateful to Kimberly for the lovely session we had today. I love how it went. Kimberly is genuine and brings so much ease to the encounter. I walked away with a clear sense of real guidance and knowing my way clearer as the result of her gift and service. Thanks again, Kimberly.

Read more “I am so very grateful”

Hello! I actually just sent you an email not having seen this email from you. I think it says it all 🙂 Read more “Hello!”

As a Life Purpose Consultant

As a Life Purpose Consultant, it does my soul great good to connect with and be greatly assisted with the kind of clarity that demonstrates that Kimberly is grounded at the center of her purpose. Her capacity for connecting with the soul and honing in on its most pressing concerns is indicative of the deep level of integrity that she brings to bear in service to humanity.

Read more “As a Life Purpose Consultant”

Hi Kim I had an awesome experience

Hi Kim I had an awesome experience. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism I look forward in talking to you again Thank Read more “Hi Kim I had an awesome experience”

kimberly has such a pure energy

kimberly has such a pure energy and vibrancy about her. from the first few moments and on, i experienced many confirmations and synchronizations i knew spirit made no mistakes in leading me to speak with her. if you feel drawn to her, please don’t ever doubt your internal guidance.

Read more “kimberly has such a pure energy”

Details. Details. Details.

Details. Details. Details. Her magic is in the details. She’s always on point ( all up in my business as i tell her) with her readings and always sets me straight with her very direct approach. Her method helps me unpack all of the stories in my head, the frustrations that I carry and even the fears that are holding me back. She’s beyond gifted and I always pleased with the results of our session

Read more “Details. Details. Details.”

Kimberley our time together was phenomenal

Kimberley our time together was phenomenal I cannot stop thinking of the possibilities we can uncover. I was thoroughly impressed with all of you knowledge of DNA research, the fact that we are a DNA match is icing on the cake. I look forward to using some of your other services in the near future. In my heart I believe people guided to one another for specific reasons to learn and grow from each other I am so glad I as guided to you. God Bless Dana Allen

Read more “Kimberley our time together was phenomenal”

Kimberly is amazing

Kimberly is amazing. The messages that she delivers from Spirit, combined with her professional background as a life coach allows for a beautiful space of clarity, love and support. Every reading is filled with the messages Spirit needs the receiver to hear wrapped in empowerment. I will always recommend Kimberly, as she is a divine messenger who has always provided clear insight from Spirit and will lovingly coach you through as necessary. xoxo

Read more “Kimberly is amazing”

My experience was truly amazing.

My experience was truly Read more “My experience was truly amazing.”

You are very easy to work with

You are very easy to work with. You listened to my way of thinking. I appreciate that. I look forward to our session. Thank you, Read more “You are very easy to work with”

I always find such peace and comfort

I always find such peace and comfort in every session I’ve had with you. I plan on continuing these sessions throughout my life to check-in, gain clarity, and confirm my path in my life. Thank you for providing such an incredible service

Read more “I always find such peace and comfort”

Kimberly’s life is a blessing to anyone

Kimberly’s life is a blessing to anyone who has chosen to gift themself with a reading. I’ve had other readings with her as have my family members. Organically from her heartled goodness she intuitivein delivers pertinent details, gentle guidance and insightful understanding of where you maybe on your life path. Our time never feels inauthentic, rushed or generic. ALL OF the GIVING of her divine gift resonates from a space of KNOWING, she just KNOWS and confirms often what may have been ruminating in your own soul. There is a such beautiful synergy and frankly I am grateful for her and her MULTIDIMENSIONAL work.

Read more “Kimberly’s life is a blessing to anyone”

We are all already infinite beings

We are all already infinite beings with access to our higher selves and other realms. At times we may fall weak and weary and during these times, the universe and our guides will send us Spirit guides to help us on our way. Kimberly has been just that! We first met at a Tasha B (Beyonce’s back-up dancer) event where she had a vending table back in 2018. Everything this woman spoke to me was dead on and I hadn’t told her a thing about me. Of course I booked my first session with her which was very powerful. I was given tools and insight and reminded of the right things in that moment to help me go on. Her readings are true and always resonates with me well. It’s been two years since I’ve booked a session and today was just another confirmation that she was placed here as a guide to help us through any situation we may need to get through! Much gratitude for your work Kimberly.

Read more “We are all already infinite beings”

Kimberly is amazing and I highly recommend

Kimberly is amazing and I highly recommend anyone to her readings. Thank you for the wonderful Read more “Kimberly is amazing and I highly recommend”

The session was calm and pleasant

The session was calm and pleasant. I enjoyed every moment and was taking everything Read more “The session was calm and pleasant”

Wow thank you so much Kim!

Wow thank you so much Kim! What clarity and absolute confirmation of my inner soul knowing. I appreciate you so so much and love that you are sharing your gifts and abilities in such a way it shines a light for us. I am in deep appreciation and awe and thank you!! Lots of love, hugs n kisses xoxoxoxoxxo -Melody

Read more “Wow thank you so much Kim!”

I’ve only had two other spiritual readings

I’ve only had two other spiritual readings ever before, but this one I intuitively found & connected to with Kimberly Virdure was very insightful, on point & ultimately uplifting! She has a great way of cutting through the fluff and getting right to the messages that need most communicating in a great practical sense and approach. I feel heard and seen, and most importantly ready to leap forward with the lightness I feel. Looking forward to another future session.

Read more “I’ve only had two other spiritual readings”

Thank you so much for my reading

Thank you so much for my reading. This is my second reading and eye always receive soul much insight. After my reading eye cried but, crying is good. Ms Kimberly is soul powerful!!! Eye am grateful for her.

Read more “Thank you so much for my reading”

The introductory reading was everything

The introductory reading was everything I needed, but I definitely need more. I will be Read more “The introductory reading was everything”

Days later and I’m still reflecting

Days later and I’m still reflecting on what you said during the reading and analyzing my situation. I appreciate you sharing your gift and I will be booking another session and referring my friends!

Read more “Days later and I’m still reflecting”

Kimberly provides information that is so timely

Kimberly provides information that is so timely and intuitive! She has great energy and an awesome reading! I am grateful I found her. Please take some time to use her services as they can truly reveal what you’ve been looking for.

Read more “Kimberly provides information that is so timely”

Hello Kim! I just wanted to say

Hello Kim! I just wanted to say that your Soul reading ga e me so much insight. I really appreciate the way you connected with me and helped me see what I was basically hiding from myself. I feel so much lighter and will take what we talked about and use it to move forward and let go. You just don’t know how much I needed someone to tell me the real deal. Thank you and I will be booking with you again. Oh and you have such a beautiful and welcoming soul! Blessings Dana

Read more “Hello Kim! I just wanted to say”

Thank you. Your reading resonated with Read more “Thank you.”

The way she connects with you

The way she connects with you is something that I have never experienced and I am so grateful for her Read more “The way she connects with you”

I’m never ever not left in a state of shock

I’m never ever not left in a state of shock, ( due to accuracy and validation). She speaks to exactly what my soul needs to know and what my ears need to hear precisely. We’ve never met in life but I love her like cooked food. She’s my best Frej in my head! Thank you Kim

Read more “I’m never ever not left in a state of shock”

Ms. Kimberly is thorough tactful and gentle

Ms. Kimberly is thorough tactful and gentle with every word spoken. She handled me heart’s deepest secret with care as if were her own. Even evoked a part of me I didn’t know exists. Hats off to a Master of her Craft. Thank you BRI for a wonderful gift and Introducing me to Ms Kimberly.

Read more “Ms. Kimberly is thorough tactful and gentle”

I think you are a gem

I think you are a gem and I can’t wait to work with you Read more “I think you are a gem”

Just saying hello!

Just saying Read more “Just saying hello!”

First word, Truth. Second word, Clarity

First word, Truth. Second word, Clarity Third word, Connectivity Kimberly is genuine. Kimberly is divine. I’ve lost count of the number of sessions I’ve had, not to mention my daughters as well but every time, I have left — affirmed, alivened by the experience and deeply encouraged. Today was no different. Kimberly is a pure enlightened vessel PERIOD — called to action with no other vested interest but to deliver to you what is yours. She carries you to the past, present and future by unearthing the connective tissue and then stitching the chapters of life — with honesty, compassion and wisdom delivering the clarity and in most cases blessing you with spaciousness and oxygen that leaves you levitated for the next step on your journey She announced matters of my life and dream world that only those closest to me knew of, and these revelations just come thru — pop,pop,pop. (tears) Don’t hesitate in scheduling a session with this omnikind, omniwonderful human being. You won’t be disappointed

Read more “First word, Truth. Second word, Clarity”

Spot on. Will be booking Read more “Spot on.”

Such a thoughtful and emotional moment

Such a thoughtful and emotional moment. Kimberly’s readings are always a refreshing and much needed Read more “Such a thoughtful and emotional moment”

My reading with Kimberly was so clarifying

My reading with Kimberly was so clarifying and I’m truly grateful for her gifts and ability to get to the core with such profound insights. Thank you so Read more “My reading with Kimberly was so clarifying”

One word for this soul reading session. “Emotion”!

One word for this soul reading session. “Emotion”! As Kimberly says, Energy in Motion. I was moved throughout the zoom call. And shed some tears with big smile on my face. It was as if my heart and my soul nodded fervently to what was being said. Wonderful, wonderful experience. Staying open to receive the reading was effortless. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Sidra

Read more “One word for this soul reading session. “Emotion”!”

Kim is wonderful and so insightful!

I love Kimberly’s energy, she’s nice but also very direct which I appreciate. Keep going sweet one. Thank Read more “Kim is wonderful and so insightful!”

Kim is wonderful and so insightful! The wisdom and encouragement is delivered through her with such compassion, love and humor. It had truly been a pleasure to be graced by her Read more “Kim is wonderful and so insightful!”

This is my second reading with Kim

This is my second reading with Kim…and it won’t be my last! Thank you for everything that you are and for your service to Read more “This is my second reading with Kim”

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience during my session. Everything flowed so well and the messages I received were right on time for Read more “I had an amazing experience”

Kimberly was amazing! She truly

Kimberly was amazing! She truly helped me begin to identify some of the areas I haven’t yet discovered in myself. Or the areas I chose to leave behind that still needed some undivided attention. The session clarified some vulnerability issues and areas of growth. I feel like this opened the door to explore some of my deepest darkest fears and be comfortable knowing that I’ll be ok in throughout the process.

Read more “Kimberly was amazing! She truly”

Peace and Blessings,I’m still replaying

Peace and Blessings, I’m still replaying my time with Kimberly. First of all, I keep coming back because her Direct knowledge and intuitiveness are consistently synchronized. This is the first time, in all of our sessions together that I have done Facetime, and it made it all the MORE sweeter. I knew we were tapped in when she recalled organically what my soul desired answers to — and without any prompting, she was in tune with my heart. It is seamlessly comforting to be wide open in such a trusted and caring environment. Kimberly spoke to exactly what I not only desired confirmation on but even to moments that had come full circle in my consciousness and on my life terrain. It’s nothing but a fully embodied and inherited divinity that can, no matter how much time you have, sojourn with you and so clearly impart a keen Motherwit. Kimberly provides you access. At times it felt like sitting on a porch in a rocking chair allowing a warm breeze to soothe you — Kimberly is a blessed portal, not here to tell you what to do —- but to provide you a thread, a whisper, a tap— that IF you are open and aware, YOU will re/cognize YOURSELF the signposts you may have ignored or even allowed to become dim in consciousness. In these sessions, her ‘reading’ made me laugh, smile, and affirm with a heart/mind resonance that just fits, squarely. The journey with Kimberly, for me, is about trusting and ‘faithing”, if you will —- you will NOT have to be convinced because your sensorium will provide a holy confirmation that is undeniable. I appreciate you, Kimberly.

Read more “Peace and Blessings,I’m still replaying”

My sessions are always clarifying

My sessions are always clarifying and insightful!! I fully trust her. If you are looking for guidance, you’ve landed in the right spot! Thank you Read more “My sessions are always clarifying”

So so much appreciation for

So so much appreciation for your gifts and wisdom in providing clarity and guidance for my very own blind spots, it’s always so clarifying and empowering speaking with you and I am in so much gratitude for your existence and what you offer to us. Thank you again and much love to you Kimberly! <3 <3 <3

Read more “So so much appreciation for”

Wow in these trying times

Wow in these trying times when I am in my own subjective experience with blinders on, it’s so refreshing to hear you say to me exactly what my soul already knows but as we talked about I was just muddled by my own biology! I have been asking for clarity and the courage to accept reality as how it is, versus how I ‘fantasize’ it to be, which does no one any favors, and this has been truly empowering and I feel so very supported as I navigate these intense chapters of my life. Thank you thank you, so super grateful to have you as a guiding light in my life <3 <3 <3

Read more “Wow in these trying times”

I feel deeply seen and

I feel deeply seen and understood by Kimberly, not only does she have a tremendous amount of human experience, the way she taps into the wisdom of the soul is just incredible and the different times we connect it’s always always what I need to hear – did I say always? lol. Sometimes it’s one direction for a certain situation of guidance and other times according to the change in situation – it’s another direction – which might seem contradictory BUT it’s exactly what my soul needed me to know and hear as I am on my own evolution, evolving beyond ‘boxes’ and ‘societal conditioning/ideals’ and I’m just beyond grateful. I feel completely comfortable and safe each time I connect with Kimberly and thank you so much as always for your deep insightful wisdom and love. <3 <3

Read more “I feel deeply seen and”

Once again what a phenomenal

Once again what a phenomenal experience that was a breath of fresh air for my tendency for overthinking and Kimberly has the extraodinary abilities to not only converse with my soul and bring forth the wisest advice but also provide such big picture view, wisdom from spirit, along with her own valuable life experience that just comes together as the utmost most valuable wisdom that I so very much appreciate. Thank you so much Kimberly you are such a gift and I am forever grateful.

Read more “Once again what a phenomenal”

It’s given me some motivation

It’s given me some motivation to make some changes. I’m still processing the Read more “It’s given me some motivation”

10 out of 10 recommend.

10 out of 10 recommend. Whenever I think I’m calling for one thing, the guides lead Kim to tell me about the thing my soul NEEDS. It was a hard truth but necessary for my evolution. Thank you so much Kim always.

Read more “10 out of 10 recommend.”

Kimberly is such a kind

Kimberly is such a kind soul you can feel her energy radiating through the phone. I had a consultation for a genealogy service and I was excited but she made me feel more excited that I will finally know my family. She made me feel so comfortable. I can’t wait to work with her in the near future.

Read more “Kimberly is such a kind”

Thank you for letting me

Thank you for letting me be in your presence and guiding me. I always feel centered after our sessions and of course so much gratitude. Thank Read more “Thank you for letting me”

Kimberly’s genealogical work and research,

Kimberly’s genealogical work and research, her attentiveness, and the time she spends dedicated to her research and findings is indescribable. She has provided me with so much information that has led to some eye opening and meaningful conversations with my family. Her research has also allowed myself and my family members to have answers to so many questions. She truly is the best!

Read more “Kimberly’s genealogical work and research,”

Peace,I’ve allowed marination to take

Peace, I’ve allowed marination to take place before I came to here to reflect on my experience. The most important ingredients of what occurred, start to finish is the Presence of Spirit & being obedient to what was being “told”. I was led directly by Spirit by way of three nudges. I “heard” & felt 3 inklings to connect with Kimberly specifically. Revealed to me before I even booked was that she had the “answers”. In being obedient, I TRUSTED SOURCE believing that there was no other vessel that was meant to be the messenger of what was to be called forth. Second, I never make a “same day” appointment but again, being obedient, I did and shared in a video appointment with Kimberly. Without hesitation, every channel became available to Kimberly——again, her not “knowing” what had been occurring in my life, but her intuitively coming into alignment with events, persons and revelations that have happened. My heart was in full surrender and Grace revealed itself by way of both of my earthly parental energies coming forth; acknowledging, affirming, comforting and informing me of what I’d “felt”, but wanted to “know” if you will. There was deep resonance and warmth, laughter and guidance for myself and my siblings. I departed from this experience, yet again, light of heart, being heard, seen and assured. All was in Divine alignment—- when you make yourself available to the truth of what matters MOST, beyond what parameters of your egoic desires, you unlock portals of receptivity, and your soul will be astounded in a grounded sense with what you are blessed with. Kimberly is a trusted, genuine and generous beneficial presence on this earthy plane who exemplifies what remembering who we are as Infinite energetic beings is all about. Give Thanks 🙏🏾

Read more “Peace,I’ve allowed marination to take”

soul journey reading

Kimberly is focused driven and

Kimberly is focused driven and knowledgeable in her field of genealogy. She takes pride in her work and embraces your ancestry with passion and Read more “Kimberly is focused driven and”

Absolutely loved it!!! Kimberly

Absolutely loved it!!! Kimberly was very much on point with my reading. I can’t wait to schedule future sessions with Read more “Absolutely loved it!!! Kimberly”

More testimonials >>

You Are the Answer to Every Question

We’re all psychics, mediums, and channelers.

There's no magic to what I do; I’m just one of infinite sources here to remind you:

We are energetic beings living an Earthly human experience.

The Universal Laws that maintain the rhythm of our breaths and keep our hearts beating also unify our Souls through wordless and invisible communications we call psychic energy .

A Soul Reading will help you recognize and remember the energetic realities that support the life you're living.

You feel me?

Guiding Principles for Soul Readings

You don’t need answers, you are the answer..

I know and respect this about you.

With this in mind, please note the principles that guide my service to you :

  • I have no programs or steps to teach - I’ll remind you that you know your way .
  • Ideas about what you should or could be doing have no place in our exchange -  our time will validate how your human story is aligned with your Soul's earthly mission.
  • Your spiritual or religious beliefs aren’t relevant to me - all paths lead to universal truth .
  • I hold no judgments about who you choose to connect with or attach to. I clarify how your relationships are sacred reflections of your human lineage and experiences.
  • Perceptions of what or who is right and wrong hold no power. I illuminate your wisdom (what you know is True to you).
  • I hold no opinions, judgments, or beliefs about how you live your life - it’s yours to live as you wish.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Soul Reading

soul journey reading

Ways to Make The Most Of Your Soul Reading

As our time together is for you,  preparing for our session will ensure you get the most out of your Soul Reading.

Before Your Reading

Honor your purest intentions by creating a quiet, distraction-free space to align with them.  Focus on your breath. Breathe deeply as you decide how you want to focus your Soul Reading .

What would you like to clarify, expand upon, explore, or release?

  • Realize clarity and insight about current circumstances.
  • Open to a broader perspective of family, friends, and associates.
  • Refine a strategy or explore potential next steps in your Life.
  • Explore patterns, purposes, and meanings of your relationships .
  • Embrace the experience of a spiritual awakening .
  • Recognize what you're ready to release, restore, and revive to support your well-being.

Set clear intentions but allow the intellectual space for unexpected gifts and new perspectives connecting Soulfully will inspire.

During Your Soul Reading

Ideas, imagery, and words flow rapidly, fluidly, and often poetically. Though the experience may feel surreal, your reading will be like a conversation among true friends - honest, compassionate, and transparent, yet informal.

I don't read minds; I read energy.

Being highly sensitive to emotion (energy in motion), I naturally bypass the haze of judgments, opinions, recycled data, and fears you’ve collected in this lifetime and articulate your inherent truths (what feels true to you).

As I open, you open.

Our time together will open energetic channels   that enlighten your natural psychic abilities .

You may notice physical sensations, emotional shifts, and mental imagery as we flow. I recommend taking notes to capture your unfiltered, immediate impressions of whatever moves you during your session - they matter!

After Your Reading

Insights about people, places, and things have been brought to light. You may be processing new perspectives and ideas about your situation. You might have also connected with the energy of loved ones who’ve transitioned from this Earthly plane.

All of this can trigger a rush of emotion.

Please take a few moments to grant yourself mental and emotional space to process what's come through in your Soul Reading. Dedicate some time to quiet stillness . If you’re relaxed and open, revelations will continue to arise from within (intuition).

Continue adding to your notes as flashes of clarity and direction arise in the days to come.

How To Schedule a Soul Reading

How to Schedule a Soul Reading

Scheduling a phone or video session is quick, easy, and automated.

Hours of Operation

(Eastern Time Zone)

10:00 am - 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Most days of the week.

You can tap here to see available appointments.

Same-Day Appointments

 Priority Soul Readings are available before and after regular business hours. Normal hours are occasionally extended as I'm inspired.

How would you like to connect?

You’ll choose whether we’ll meet by FaceTime , Zoom, or Skype during the booking process.

Tap here to request an in-person session .

Book a Soul Reading

soul journey reading

Carolyn Clairvoyant

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Soul’s Journey Reading

Unlock the mysteries of your soul's journey with Carolyn Clairvoyant's Soul's Journey Reading.

Discover what your purpose is in this lifetime, what you need to do to move forward, and where your life path is taking you.

Understand the deeper reasons behind your actions and behaviors, and break out of any negative patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Discover the gifts and talents that you possess, and unlock the key to true internal happiness.

Carolyn Clairvoyant's Soul's Journey Reading will provide you with an insight into your soul's journey, and help you understand the agreements your soul made before entering this life. With this reading, you'll gain a better understanding of the influences that have and will shape your soul's journey on this earth plane.

Discover the amazing possibilities that await you on your soul's journey, and gain the insight and guidance that will help you reach your full potential. Begin your journey today with Carolyn Clairvoyant's Soul's Journey Reading..

Carolyn Clairvoyant's Soul Journey Reading provides insight into your soul's purpose, past life experiences, and the effects they have on your life today.

With this reading, Carolyn uses her clairvoyant gifts to identify specific areas of your life - such as love, money, career, health, home, and lifestyle choices - that are impacted by your soul's journey.

With this understanding, you can gain greater awareness, lessons, and growth to help you make the most of your life in this lifetime.

Include your birthdate (this helps to correlate the milestones, timing and often age to what is being shown)

This reading is set to voice recording (MP3) for easy listening and downloading. The reading length is approximately 20 - 30 minutes.


This reading in no part replaces commonsense, free will choices, or legal or professional advice. This reading does not imply or suggest diagnosis or replace medical direction, treatments or medications.

Soul’s Journey Reading

Please ensure you have the correct email address. You may include a photograph however, it is important to include your date of birth. You can send your correspondence to [email protected]

Tricia McCannon Speaks

Soul Readings


“It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again…” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Soul Matrix readings are an in-depth, comprehensive exploration into the true history of who each one of us truly is at the Soul level. An initial reading is a profound  journey into some of these long unanswered questions:

soul journey reading


These profound readings are not like anything you have ever experienced before. They are truly life changing.  Initial Soul Matrix readings are always 2 or 3 hours long, however many people choose to even have 4 hour sessions because Tricia is able to answer questions that no one else ever has. Once this session is complete,  people often return for other sessions, so we have also include 90 minute sessions below. We charge $300 for the first Two Hour Session, and then $100 for each additional hour .


soul journey reading

These Readings are also excellent for discovering if you have any karmic or emotional blocks or traumas that are holding you back – things like vows, limiting belief systems, fears, traumas, cords, bindings, or even the occasional curse. Tricia is trained in over 7 different healing modalities, and  has been a Hypnotherapist who has worked with clients for over 25 years. So she specializes in helping people dissolve these  obstacles within the subconscious mind. While Readings can be done over the phone, clearing work must be done in person. To find out more about this, just call us. You can start with a Reading and go from there.


Tricia McCannon headshot

The home office number is 678-309-0888. If we are out of town speaking at a Conference, then the message will tell you when we will return. So please call back. Tricia does Readings in person and also over the phone, once you have scheduled an appointment. If you are local to Atlanta, then just call us and we will just arrange an appointment in person.

If  your Reading will be over the phone, we request that you send us a small package with three clear photographs of yourself, plus your full name at birth, as well as current name, address, phone number, email address, as well as your birth date, birth place, and birth time. Atter the Reading is complete, we will mail everything back to you along with the tape recordings and pages of the Reading. We record all readings on tape and you get the tape.

Clients can also include  up the three other people’s photographs that are near and dear to you. That means that if you want us to track you through time with a dear friend, husband or wife, children or grandparents, prospective lover or business partner, we can do it, as long as the photographic image you send us is strong enough. We strongly prefer film photographs (as opposed to simply digital) because they have silver in the film emulsion, and silver records their Etheric field far more strongly than digital. This helps us track them more easily.

“Every new born being indeed comes fresh and blithe into the new existence, and enjoys it as a free gift… It’s fresh existence is paid for by the old age and death of a worn out existence which has perished, but which contained the indestructible seed out of which the new existence has arisen: they are one being.” – Arthur Schopenhauer





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Tricia McCannon headshot

Author, Keynote Speaker, Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Mysteries Expert, Tricia Mccannon can be reached for Consultations and Readings at 678-309-0888

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Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

Akashic Record Readings

soul journey reading

Most of us are

so busy navigating the human condition that we forget we were a soul first. Your soul—the essence of who you are—has often traveled through many lifetimes to make you who you are today. Both our trials and tribulations result from the karmic trail we’ve blazed and by finding out more about your soul’s journey, you can better understand, heal and thrive in this life now.

soul journey reading

The Akashic Record

is the energetic “log” of your soul’s journey from the time your soul originated from source until the time when you will eventually return home. Your “stops” along the journey—your lifetimes—provide endless opportunities to learn and “perfect” your soul as you evolve beyond your daily challenges. Whether you are a young or ancient soul, the Akashic Record holds the energetic imprint of your thoughts, feelings, memories, actions and deeds experienced in each lifetime. This accumulation of energy creates the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime that assist in our evolution.

soul journey reading

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly

is a Certified Soul-Realignment Practitioner, which allows her to complete Akashic Record Reading sessions. Her advanced training allows her to “read” the imprint of your soul to help you identify both your gifts to be utilized and enhanced in this lifetime and any blocks to your soul’s truth that prevent you from reaching your highest potential. Readings are generally one to two hours in length, depending on the type of session you choose. You may wish to receive readings pertaining to several areas of your life, in which case you can choose a “package” listed below. Dr. Kelly’s sessions often include a combination of information accessed through the Akashic Records, intuitive counseling and “soul” coaching depending on the nature of the information sought. All information is shared in light of what is in the best interest of a client’s evolutionary path.

can assist you in your soul healing journey in several ways. It will help you to:

  • Identify your soul’s core traits that contribute to your human personality
  • Better understand your pattern of interactions with others
  • Explain troublesome or challenging circumstances
  • Recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential
  • Express your divine nature to create more life satisfaction and fulfilment, and
  • Find your soul purpose and life path


Instructions for scheduling an akashic record reading.

Akashic Record Readings can be scheduled for phone or Zoom appointments. Dr. Kelly’s office is located on the east coast of the United States (Eastern Standard Time). If you live in another time zone or country, please specify this when you make an appointment to assure proper scheduling. Also, please specify if you are seeking a one- or two- hour session, or are planning to schedule multiple sessions.

If you have questions regarding an Akashic Record session, you may call 336-659-3923 or email [email protected].

***PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM folder if you do not receive a response.

(Gift Certificates are also available if you would like to share this experience with a loved one.)

soul journey reading


soul journey reading

Complete the contact form below noting that you have purchased a session

Please provide full name at birth, current name, and date of birth along with your phone number so Dr. Kelly can contact you to regarding the questions you would like to have answered during your reading. (*** Please note, if you live outside of the United States, Dr. Kelly will respond via email.)

soul journey reading

Make payment for your desired session

Payments can be made using either your ZellePay phone app using [email protected] or through the PayPal button below.

Proof of payment will be automatically delivered to Dr. Kelly.

(**Please note: Payment is required before scheduling a session. Once purchased, refunds are not provided for cancelled or “no-showed” appointments. Sessions must be scheduled and completed within six months of purchase.) 

soul journey reading

Dr. Kelly generally answers calls/email messages within 24 hours of receipt

If you do not receive an email response, please check your SPAM file again as some email messages are delayed due to security programs you may have installed on your computer.

soul journey reading

Please check the SPAM file in your email system to make sure a response is not waiting there instead of your INBOX.

*Appointments are usually available within 3-6 weeks of payment

Please note: once purchased, all fees are non-refundable. also, if you miss you miss an appointment without a 24 hour cancelation notice, the appointment will not be rescheduled. sessions will be considered as "no shows" 15 min after the time of your session. please note: i do not send appointment reminders, so please mark your calendars., schedule a session.

Once I receive this information, I will contact you to schedule your session. If you are a resident of the United States or Canada I will contact you by phone. Otherwise, we will communicate by email.

PLEASE check your SPAM file if you have not heard back within 1-2 business days.

*** Due to a high volume of inquiries, I am not able to respond to requests without payment first.

Appointments are usually completed within 8 weeks following your payment/request for a session.

PLEASE CHOOSE FROM THE OPTIONS BELOW, After Submitting the Contact Form Above.

Your one-hour general reading will provide you with the much of the information listed above. Just as each individual is unique, each General Akashic Record session varies as well. Because each of us are on different life paths, our energy is often directed toward receiving certain types of information when we need it most. General sessions often provide detailed information that will help you to “connect the dots” between confusing life events, your relationships and other previously unexplained situations in your life. These sessions often set the stage for further inquiry, which can deepen your understanding of your soul’s journey.

Please Note: It is required that you schedule a general session before requesting a specialized session to build a firm understanding of the information you receive. If you would like to schedule a General Akashic Record Reading AND a specialized reading at the same time (2, 1-hour sessions), please choose that option. Once purchased, sessions are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person. A 24-hour cancelation notice is required (by Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST for a Monday appointment). Missed appointments will not be rescheduled, so please make sure you make adjustments for time zones. All appointments are scheduled according to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

$245.00 Using Zelle  

(Zelle address: [email protected])

$254.00 PayPal

$950.00 Using Zelle

(Zelle Address: [email protected])

$984.00 PayPal

Your one-hour general reading will provide you with the much of the information listed above. Just as each individual is unique, each General Akashic Record session varies as well. Because each of us are on different life paths, our energy is often directed toward receiving certain types of information when we need it most. General sessions often provide detailed information that will help you to “connect the dots” between confusing life events, your relationships, and other previously unexplained situations in your life. These sessions often set the stage for further inquiry, which can deepen your understanding of your soul’s journey.

Please Note: It is required that you schedule a general session before requesting a specialized session to build a firm understanding of the information you receive. If you would like to schedule a General Akashic Record Reading AND a specialized reading at the same time (2 hour session), please choose that option. If scheduling a two-hour session, please specify which specialized reading you would like when you make your appointment. Once purchased, sessions cannot be transferred to another person.

$465.00 Zelle

$475.00 PayPal

You may have a specific situation that you would like to explore from the soul level to better understand your experience as well as what you are supposed to learn from it. In this type of session, it is important to state your concern or intention at the time that you schedule the appointment so that this is the main focus when I access the Akashic Record. Because we all create our own realities, it is important to remain open to the information you receive. We only receive the information that we can absorb at any given time. Although you may want to know how something is going to end, you may only receive information about how to handle the situation without attaching to a particular outcome. Some situations need to unfold as you evolve, and you cannot “fast forward” through your growth. This is typically a one-hour session.

$245.00 Zelle

Imagine being “assigned” a tapestry at the time of birth. Ideally as you travel through your lifetime, you will weave and reweave the tapestry from start to finish according to life events and what you are here to learn. Many people have “life lessons”, or chords per se, that seem to challenge us throughout our life. In order for us to evolve, we must consciously acknowledge the patterns of our challenges and make attempts to grow beyond them. This requires us to do something different to create a new outcome. The Life Lesson session helps you to more clearly identify core life lessons that need to be mastered in order for you to move on and reach your highest potential—not to mention find more peace in life.

We learn and grow the most from our experiences with others. For that reason, many people want to understand their relationship from a soul level so that we can better navigate the human condition. Perhaps you struggle with a romantic relationship, parent/child interactions, sibling rivalries, interchanges with business partners or even connections with close friends. The goal of a Relationship Session is to illuminate the challenges from a soul perspective so that the dynamic can be exposed, managed, and even resolved. This session will help you to identify and remove any blocks and restrictions between you and another soul so that you can create a more effective relationship.

Past-Life events can play a major part in how we cope in this one. Whether it be residual issues from relationships, health concerns, trauma or other things that complicate our lives, a past-life reading can help you understand and release any unwanted blockages from the past. In your Past-Life Reading, you will learn how to both unlock and unblock any obstacles that keep you from moving forward.

$254.00 Zelle

All of us have a “team” of energetic beings who guide and assist us throughout each lifetime. These energies are called “Spirit Guides”. The number of guides we can draw upon is limited only by the amount of assistance we seek. By identifying and learning to work with our guides, we can more effectively navigate life’s challenges and create a more radiant and fulfilling life. The Spirit Guide Session focuses on identifying and connecting you with your guides and teaches you how to access and use the information from this time forward.

Let’s Evolve Together

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Soul Purpose Reading

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

The Soul Purpose Reading

Many of us on the spiritual journey want to know why we are here. The Soul Purpose Reading helps us to answer those questions. Once we are on the path of spiritual awakening, our self-awareness increases and we want to know more. The Soul Purpose Reading works very well after you have had your Soul Star Reading.  You can have this reading first if you prefer. 

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3 aspects of the Soul Purpose Reading

1. your higher self connection.

what are your strengths as an empath

Our Higher Self is our Intuition During this Reading, Sarah will measure your Higher Self Connection and suggest actions and practices that will increase your connection. Does intuition feel hapazard? Do you get information, but lack the confidence to trust it? Then this reading can be enormously helpful. You’ll get a free exercise to help you expand your intuition, too. I also have a Coaching Series on expanding your Intuition>>


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Our Soul Specialization – an unusual soul gift or ability There are 11 Soul Specializations that all Souls potentially have access to. Discover this extra Soul gift that you have.  On some level, you may know it already. Learning about it from a reader can be very validating. These Soul specializations are based on a 40 year research project related to NDEs (near death experiences). People reported learning about their Soul Specialization when they were out of the body.


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Your Primary Life Lesson – the main theme of your life. Life Lessons are not designed to ‘teach us a lesson’ in the human sense. The Soul’s main purpose is to experience itself as a Soul and take that information back to Creator Source. Life Lessons show us the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in-depth this time around. Some examples of Life Lessons are Approval , Possibility , Self-Love and Recognition .

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Blog post about soul purpose.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just read our Soul Purpose from a list? Incarnation is a little more complex than just looking something up on the internet, so establishing our Soul’s purpose takes more focus. When asking the question “What is my Soul’s Purpose?”, the answer is going to take longer to download than a simple search on the internet! It can be done though, with personal work, a Soul Purpose reading, and some contemplation…

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Don’t Worry, Your Soul Has a Plan

your soul plan

Nestled within your physical body is your soul, and this energy that animates your body and puts a twinkle in your eye didn’t come here without a plan.

Your soul mapped out a journey and programmed it into the vessel that is your human body.

You are not alone. You didn’t come here empty-handed, and this is your reminder that buried within, you always know the way.

Why Souls Come to Earth

Earth is our school. We come here to learn. We come here to teach . We come here to help others. We come here to grow.

I have spent many days and nights pondering why our soul would want to grow and learn things, but the answer I get back is always the same:

Growth is what expands our consciousness and keeps the Universe alive. As we grow, as our consciousness grows, so too does the Universe.

We have all heard that the Universe is constantly expanding, and this I believe, is only because we keep expanding too. Without this growth, without the pursuit of raising our consciousness, the Universe would die.

It is likely that this is only part of the story, but it’s the simplest way to put into words the feelings and emotions that are stirred when I ask this question.

While it is often hard enough for our human body to get out of bed to start the day, our soul is supercharged with energy and is motivated to do the work and make this journey to Earth school.

There are many dimensions in the spirit world, but I have also heard from communication with my guides that coming to Earth is one of the rare experiences that our soul gets to experience individuality.

On a soul level, we are connected to everything and everyone, but in human form, we are able to experience our own unique footprint a little more. We get to feel our separateness from the Universe.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “ we are the Universe expressing itself as human for a little while ” and that is exactly what our soul essence, the Universe within, gets a kick out of when it comes to Earth.

Our soul also knows that whatever tragedies and struggles that are waiting for us on Earth are simply temporary, as when we return to our pure form, and merge back into the Universe, everything will be ok and we will be whole again.

All of these factors combined, make Earth School and exciting prospect for many soul !

Lessons Our Soul Came to Learn

To expand our consciousness, to grow, and to realize our individuality and who we truly are, we have to experience duality.

We have to experience the opposite of what we know in order to reach a state of balance and wholeness.

We are pure love, and experiencing the opposite of this is the only way for us to strengthen, grow, and expand this love. Finding love in the hardest of situations is part of what we are here to do.

While love is the ultimate lesson, there are other lessons that our soul longs to learn too.

Our soul comes to Earth knowing exactly what it wants to achieve and what lessons it wishes to master. It makes plans with other souls and even chooses the country it wishes to live. Our soul also chooses the family it wishes to be born into. All of these decisions set the stage for the soul’s life on Earth.

We also have to keep in mind that our soul is full of energy and so, it often makes ambitious plans!

Our soul knows we can handle it, but sometimes I wonder if our soul forgets just how draining life on Earth can be at times!

While your soul has a plan before coming to Earth, there is also free will and choices to be made along the way. While nothing is set in stone, there are certain destinies that will need to be played out in some way or another.

The details of these destinies are not yet formed, but the energy imprint is there, and within that imprint holds the possibilities of what your life can bring.

While the possibilities are many, we each have our own mountain to climb and our own special view that we are climbing towards. While there are millions of pathways and opportunities on this mountain, the destination is the same.

For our soul, it is not so much the events of life that are important but what these events stir and bring up for us. It is what we make of the events that happen that matters the most.

We are continually learning how to return to a state of love, but this journey is different depending on what our soul wants to learn.

Perhaps our journey to love is one that requires patience, or boldness, or teaching, or truth, or strength, or poverty, or trauma, or loss, or anxiety, and the list goes on.

These pathways however , are not ones that we can judge from a human level. From a human point of view, it feels almost cruel to say that our soul chose to be abused in order to grow, or chose to experience tradgey and loss to help keep expanding the consciousness of the Universe.

But, if we look at these events from the level of the soul, we see that there is no judgment. There is no “bad” or “good” there just Is. What we perceive as being terrible and awful, may actually be part of something that is bigger than just ourselves.

This terrible thing that happens to us may feel excruciatingly painful and be a hard burden to bear, but if we zoom out, we will always see that the ripples the event creates always leads back to love.

What may be a terrible, painful experience for our soul may be a blessing that we are actually giving to others and to the rest of the world.

This line of thinking started becoming more clear to me when I heard the near-death experience story of Dr. Mary C. Neal .

When she crossed over, she was told by her messenger on the other side that her son was going to die. Of course, no parent ever wants to hear this, but she was shown that his death, the pain it would cause and all the rest of it, would create a ripple effect that led back to love.

During her experience, she realized that love comes from all things , even things that we would label with our human mind as being bad or terrible.

Of course, while we are in these human bodies with our ego, and society and everything else, it can sometimes be very hard to see the ripple of love that come from tragedy, abuse, and pain, but it is always there when we are ready to look for it.

Remembering Your Soul Plan

If we trust that our soul plan is always about returning to love, it becomes unnecessary to really know the ins and outs of the plan, but of course, our curious minds are always looking for more information!

Our soul plan is one that cannot always be revealed to us in full, but we can definitely catch glimmers of it through signs , our intuition, and through getting aligned with both the inner and outer Universe.

Here are a few tips to help you gain insights into your soul plan:

  • Look at the family you chose to be born to. What feelings and emotions do you have about your childhood? What was your birth order ? All of these will give you clues as to the set up of your soul plan, as remember, your soul chose your family as it knew it was the right start for your journey in this life.
  • What is something you have always felt called to do? Is there a place you feel you want to visit or a culture you feel drawn to? This may also give you clues as to what path your soul is looking to take in this life.
  • What natural talents were you born with? Your natural talents and passions also provide insights into your soul path and what strengthens the energy of your soul.
  • Look over the major turning points or events of your life. These often give you a clue as to when your soul path was pivoting and you were leveling up. If you look at what themes were stirred around these times, you may start to see more of the pattern unfold.
  • What themes keep repeating in your life? This is a huge indicator of what your soul has come to master in this life.
  • What diseases or illnesses have you battled with? What have they shown or taught you? Chronic diseases and disabilities are often part of our soul plan.
  • What type of people are you drawn to? The people you choose to surround yourself with and the people you resonate with the most may also give you clues as to what your soul is here to achieve.
  • What type of people do you struggle to get along with? Often the most challenging people in our lives are our greatest teachers!
  • Do you feel drawn to learning a particular instrument, language, skill or trade? This may also give you clues as to what your soul wants to learn in this life.

Often when we look for patterns or themes in our life, we start to see the pieces unfold and the journey unravel a little bit more for us.

We can also gain further insights into our soul plan through psychic readings, astrology, channeling , tarot, and accessing our Akashic records .

While knowing aspects of our soul path can be helpful, trying to figure out every detail is not really what we are here to do. We are here to live it out and experience it moment to moment, as that is the only way we can truly learn and share our soul gifts with others.

We also have to remember that part of us already knows our soul plan; we just have to trust and surrender to that part of ourselves.

Surrender to Your Soul

We are always on the right path, as every path will eventually lead us to the top of our mountain.

As we move through life, we just need to remember that our soul knows the way! And the more we surrender, let go, trust, and allow our soul to take the lead, the more we can align with whatever it is that our soul wants to achieve in this life.

If you want to bring more of this surrender into your life, start by saying a prayer or mantra such as:

“Dear Soul/Universe/God/Goddess, please show me the way! Please allow me to surrender to the path of my soul and to trust the wisdom I hold. Please allow me to access this essence within so I may feel guided every step of the way. Allow me to surrender to you, allow me to serve you. Allow me to be guided to the right actions at the right time.”

You may also find my book The Power of Positive Energy, helpful on this journey too.

When we allow our soul to guide us, when we allow our soul essence to shine through, there is a natural rhythm and flow that emerges.

This flow puts us in the groove of our soul path, it helps us to feel less attached to the life events that happen, and allows us to see with greater ease that everything is here to teach us how to strengthen the energy of love.

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