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Where was Mission: Impossible Fallout filmed? Filming Locations Guide

Mission Impossible Fallout Film Location

Mission: Impossible Fallout Locations

Fallout Marriage Scene

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This was great, thanks!

tom cruise brize norton

So many thanks!!

I'm desperatly trying to find out the street name where Ilsa is standing on the bridge with the sharpshooting rifle and then drives down the stairs on her motorcycle to follow Ethan on the street below. The same bridge and stairs are seen in a scene of "The Dreamers". Anyone knows that filming location? Based the scene just before that one it should be in the vicinity of the Trocadero. (I know films usually don't take geography very seriously, but in The Dreamers, the scene before the one at the bridge with the stairs was also at the Trocadero, making me think it might actually be nearby.

tom cruise brize norton

Hey Brandis, I hope you are happy, we found it for you following the lead of an 'église en restauration à Paris' (you can see it at the end of the scene). This way we came across the Saint-Augustin church and your bridge.

May I ask why it was so desperate?

Do you know where the underground scenes were filmed? The part where Alec Baldwin was killed.

A less obvious filming location is the underground spot where the team meets, the vaults of the Pennington Street Warehouse (St Katharine's & Wapping area). Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Paul the Archivist - Map

what about the place ... a tree line where ethan and ilsa meet???? ... Movie time 1:15:00

Ethan meets Ilsa later nearby in the Jardin du Palais Royal

Just watched Fallout for the first time last night, and wondered where the fantastic cliffs were (if real at all!) - thanks so much for the info, and the pics. Great site, very useful, so thanks a lot from the UK.

I love every place

The cliffs are real for sure: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Lysefjorden, Norway. It's a well-known tourist attraction that you can visit (for free, of course, this is Scandinavia). But, please don't try to do Cruise's stunt if you go there, even though the place in itself is worth the journey. Climbing this cliff most certainly is a "don't attempt to do this at home" situation. The fall, in reality, is much deeper than it seems in the movie and the bottom is as hard as the rest of the rock. Still, you should go there and you will never forget - and I'm neither a local nor a Norwegian.

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RAF base across Rutland border used for Tom Cruise Mission Impossible stunt has rich history

Reminders of its history in conflicts through the decades are everywhere on the vast base

  • 15:00, 19 OCT 2017
  • Updated 17:02, 19 OCT 2017

tom cruise brize norton

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The closure of RAF Cottesmore in Rutland six years ago brought to an end 70 years of a proud history of the service’s connections with England’s smallest county.

Just across the Rutland border, one of the oldest established military flying stations in the country is at the forefront of training the new generation of RAF pilots.

The base, which has many connections with Leicestershire, was also the setting for one of the most famous film stunts of all time by actor Tom Cruise.

Founded in 1916 for the Royal Flying Corps, RAF Wittering has a rich and diverse history - many of the RAF’s most iconic aircraft have flown from the base.

tom cruise brize norton

From V-bombers, which needed the nigh-on two-mile runway to take off , and the vertical take-off and landing Harrier - which didn’t - its aircraft have been a familiar sight over the skies of Leicestershire and Rutland throughout its 101-year history.

A Harrier ready for a practice run on the ramp

Reminders of its history in conflicts through the decades are everywhere on the vast base between the A1 and the A47.

From a training ramp for Harrier pilots to practice taking off from the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes in the Falklands Conflict 35 years ago to the hardened concrete bunkers once used to store its Harriers during the Cold War years.

The base is now home to units of the RAF A4 Force which provides vital engineering and logistics support for UK military air operations across the world - and two flying training school squadrons providing the next generation of RAF pilots.

tom cruise brize norton

Earlier this year, Wittering’s A4 Force units took part in a joint RAF/Army exercise on Cottesmore’s redundant airfield to construct a military air base from scratch.

RAF Wittering’s Station Commander, Group Captain Tony Keeling, 47, said: “Being station commander is an amazingly huge privilege.

“We have 1,300 stationed here and a further 1,400 overseas or elsewhere in the UK. The everyday brilliance of those stationed here, with as many abroad, makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step.”

2 Mechanical Transport Squadron, based at RAF Wittering taking part in Exercise Una Triangle at the former RAF Cottesmore in Rutland as a test of their ability to set up a deployed operating base

Personnel from A4 Force work in air mobility at RAF Brize Norton - the service’s transport hub - and the Joint Aircraft Recovery Transport Squadron, which provides recovery in military and civilian aircraft accidents.

Recently, they have been involved in transporting helicopters to the Caribbean to help the with the post-Hurricane Imra aftermath.

They also provide a mountain rescue squadron based in Lossiemouth and at Valley in Wales - a blue light service which exists for the recovery of missing aircrew, with the collateral benefit of helping civilians.

Chefs from 504 Squadron RAF Wittering competing in the RAF Culinary Competition at Worthy Down barracks in June

He added: “Each day there is upwards of 250 people from Wittering on operations around the world. I like to think we’re the glue that sticks everything else together. Wherever in the world you find RAF aircraft there are people from Wittering in the background making it all happen.

A member of 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron at RAF Wittering

“The base is also home to 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron, a blue light service which deals with everything from World War Two bombs on a building site to a hand grenade in granddad’s shed - a great team doing great stuff.

“All my experts work for me. I tend to let it run and keep a watching brief with a little nudge on the tiller if required. I view myself as the conductor of a large band where people play their instruments and come together to play a fine tune and not come to harm while delivering their duties.

RAF Wittering Station Commander, Group Captain Tony Keeling

“There is a good welfare structure in place and they are able to go about their day to day business wherever they are without worrying about their families.”

In the last 12 months 26 students have graduated from the elementary flying training school and a further 65 qualified as flying instructors.

He added: “The pilots you see here will be flying F35 Lightnings off the decks of the Queen Elizabeth in a few years time.I am very proud to have such dedicated students in training to become the next generation of pilots for the RAF.”

Hardened concrete bunkers built in the Cold War years to store nuclear weapons

A former apprentice engineer who joined the RAF in 1987, Group Capt Keeling served at RAF Cottesmore in the early 1990s.

“I had a happy five years on Tornadoes, learning my craft as an engineer, living at South Luffenham which I really enjoyed. Rutland life was fabulous.”

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation stunt

The RAF base was home, temporarily to Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise who spent a week secretly filming a daring airborne stunt for the latest in the Mission Impossible movie series.

Scenes for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation were shot at the base last November.

Tom Cruise runs across the wing of the giant A400M four-engine turboprop tactical air transport aircraft on the runway

Cruise performed the daredevil stunt himself.

tom cruise brize norton

It involved running across the wing of a giant A400M four-engine turboprop tactical air transport aircraft on the runway and then hanging on to the outside of the fuselage when it took off.

The daredevil stunt involved Cruise clinging to the door of the aircraft as it flew to 5,000 feet. Pictures courtesy Paramount Pictures

Known for performing all his own stunts, the daredevil was then filmed clinging to the plane while 5,000ft in the air.

Cruise said at the time: "I couldn't sleep the night before."

The giant aircraft flew to 5,000 feet with daredevil actor Cruise clinging onto a door. Pictures courtesy Paramount Pictures

At the time the film’s director Christopher McQuarrie tweeted a picture of the Airbus and the filming crew, adding: “Sincerest thanks to everyone at RAF Wittering, Pilot Ed Strongman and team #Airbus. #A400M #MI5 Diary.”

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tom cruise brize norton


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‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ and the Bliss of the Hyper-Human Tom Cruise

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Anatomy of a Scene | ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’

The director christopher mcquarrie narrates a scene where tom cruise leaps from an airplane at 25,000 feet..

“My name is Christopher McQuarrie. I am the writer, director, and co-producer of ‘Mission: Impossible - Fallout.’ The biggest challenge of this sequence is constantly maintaining a connection with Tom Cruise, knowing that Tom Cruise is going to jump out of a plane at 25,000 feet, and that the camera is going to stay with him. When Tom and I discussed this idea, right away the challenge became making it the most subjective sequence we possibly could, putting the audience with the character of Ethan Hunt. And that means that everything that Tom does, as he’s jumping out of his plane, the camera operator has to do with him in reverse. So of course, this shot right here, once this starts, we were determined to have no cuts from this moment until Tom reaches the ground. Just prior to this clip starting, he’d had a conflict with Henry Cavill, and Henry Cavill has disconnected his air hose as a way of getting Ethan Hunt out of his way, so he can jump out of the plane. So Craig O’Brien, our camera operator, is jumping backwards out of the plane, and Tom has to come towards him and come within three feet of the camera to remain in focus. Which means Tom has to stop himself, and he has a three inch margin of error because of the light at that time of day. It’s very difficult to maintain focus, and we had exactly three minutes of light everyday to gather these shots, and if you didn’t get the shot, it meant you came back the next day.” “What’s the matter, Hunt, afraid of a little lightning?” “The decision here to have all of the sound drop out was a practical decision to maintain that subjective reality, put you in Tom’s experience, and Tom is now coordinating all of his movements with Craig O’Brien. They’re actually doing a dance, so that we can maintain all of the storytelling without ever cutting, and so you’ll notice that the other actor is falling in the background there. His movements had to be coordinated with Tom, and then of course, the real danger in the sequence was a mid-air impact in which everyone could have collided — Tom, the camera operator, and the actor.” “Walker!”

Video player loading

By Manohla Dargis

  • July 25, 2018

There’s a whole lot of everything in the “Mission: Impossible — Fallout,” an entertainment machine par excellence that skitters around the world and has something to do with nuclear bombs, mysterious threats and dangerous beauties. Mostly, it has to do with that hyper-human Tom Cruise, who runs, drives, dives, shoots, flies, falls and repeatedly teeters on the edge of disaster, clinging to one after another cliffhanger. As usual, he works hard for our dollars and eyeballs in a movie that spins the oldies (a blonde with a knife in her garter) while pushing to greater spectacle-cinema extremes.

tom cruise brize norton

Once again, Mr. Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, who leads a crypto government unit called Impossible Missions Force that is as preposterous, politically dubious and near-magical as it was in the mid-1960s when the TV show first hit, latex masks and all. More than a half-century later, this impossible team’s leader is still receiving operational details via a self-destructing recording (should he choose to accept) and leaping unto the breach with his second bananas. Their numbers have shrunk over time, so now it’s a lonely guys’ club that includes the gruff Luther (Ving Rhames), who’s some kind of tech guy, and the rabbity Benji (Simon Pegg), another tech guy with more, faster patter.

This is the sixth installment in this long-running series, and while I’ve seen all the movies at least once, the only entry that left a lasting visual imprint on me is the 1996 kickoff directed by Brian De Palma. That one of course features the series-defining image of Mr. Cruise suspended just inches above the floor. Since then, directors have come and gone, but only the latest, Christopher McQuarrie, has returned for repeat duty. Mr. Cruise’s affable, relaxed performance here suggests why. Mr. McQuarrie understands that the looser his star, often the looser (and better) the performance. “Fallout” has plenty of serious interludes, but its overall tone is borderline breezy, with bullets.

Video player loading

The movie is propelled by action scenes that transmit a little something about the characters while nudging the story forward, much like the song-and-dance numbers in a musical. Fairly early, Ethan meets a slinky entrepreneur-operative called the White Widow (the charismatic Vanessa Kirby , who played Princess Margaret in the Netflix series “The Crown”). She’s the one with the shiv in her garter. Before she slides it out, Ethan and an unwelcome new partner, Walker (a fine Henry Cavill), ambush a villain (Liang Yang) in a men’s bathroom. The setting and Mr. Cavill’s pornstache and strapping masculinity invest the scene with titillating possibility: Is this an operation or a hookup?

It’s both, in a way, but like an Astaire and Rogers number it’s simply flirty. Much of the fight involves the display of beautiful male bodies, which is punctuated by Ethan’s obvious exasperation having to partner with the younger, taller, bigger Walker. But Mr. McQuarrie also plays with the location using some winking staging in a men’s stall that introduces levity amid the blows. He’s teasing us with the location — we’re the ones being flirted with — and by extension rumors about Mr. Cruise’s sexuality. The setup doesn’t fully work and could be read as an example of gay panic rather than a swat at it. But it shrewdly frames Mr. Cruise as being as self-aware as he is famously controlling.

Amid rapidly shifting tones — from slapstick light to grimly dire — the bathroom is soon demolished and its white surfaces predictably redecorated with a bold red accent. The fighting throughout the scene is meaty, intimate and increasingly, intensely visceral as the men grapple and grunt while they slam to the ground and against, and through, walls. (The stunt coordinator is Wade Eastwood.) The struggling can be unnerving; you wince at some of the more intense wallops and the fatal stakes they portend. Of course it’s also satisfying because each smackdown is followed by a resurrection, a shaky rise from the floor and a counterattack that telegraphs resolve, superiority and victory.

The action sequences become more intricate, large-scale and spectacular as Ethan chases down the enemy across assorted striking locales by foot, car, motorcycle and helicopter. One of Mr. Cruise’s signatures as a star is that he does his own stunts , whether he’s underwater or airborne. These intense physical displays have long served as his most persuasive markers of authenticity; his toothy smile and persona may be contrived, but the motorcycle he races on helmetless and the wind that pummels him during a free-fall are anxiously real. His physicality is crucial to the success of the “Mission: Impossible” series, critical to the movies’ kick.

There’s real pleasure in the images of Mr. Cruise, tense yet nimble, zigzagging through Paris on a motorcycle or sliding a car across pavement. In the past there’s also been something discomforting about the apparent risks he’s taken, which are inevitably folded into the publicity campaigns and the entertainment coverage. There’s a strange, quasi-religious aspect to these exhibitions of near-sacrifice, one that turns Mr. Cruise — he almost died (again) for us — into a would-be martyr, though one who is obviously safe (alive!) and comfortably cosseted. Even the trajectory of this movie’s fights, from cavernous dark to Valhalla-like bright heights, suggests an emergent divinity.

This makes Mr. Cruise’s sagging eyes and visible creases an interesting, complicating factor for this decades-long series. Mr. Cruise is now 56, and while obviously fitter than most mortals, he looks closer to his age than ever. Age is the one thing that he can’t control, which works for the character, making Ethan a touch more vulnerable. The movie draws attention to Ethan’s age, sometimes for laughs, though never truly at Mr. Cruise’s expense.

The harder laughs are reserved for Mr. Cavill, who’s best known for playing Superman and is close to the age that Mr. Cruise was when the first “Mission: Impossible” opened. But Mr. Cavill will never be the star of this show, which Mr. Cruise reminds you as he plays God while gradually making acquaintance with his human self.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout Rated PG-13 for violence, including gun play and dangerous driving, diving, running, leaping, flying. Running time: 2 hours 27 minutes.

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Simple Flying

Brize norton: a brief guide to the uk's largest raf station.

Brize Norton has become the largest RAF base - home to all transport and refueling aircraft.

RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire is the largest RAF station in the UK. It is the main base today for the RAFs Air Mobility Force – including transport, logistics, parachuting, and air refueling operations. Today it is the home to the Airbus A400M, C-17 Globemaster, and Voyager (A330 MRTT) aircraft, but historically has seen many more types.

Opening in 1937, with extensive wartime operations

The Royal Air Force airfield at Brize Norton opened in August 1937 as a base for flying training. Notably, this was before the Second World War, when many of the other bases were developed.

Use expanded during the war, with both logistical and operational roles. Flight training operations remained at Brize Norton, and were joined by several other squadrons. This initially included the Bristol Blenheim bomber aircraft and the Hawker Hurricane fighter.

Love aviation history ? Discover more of our stories here.

Later on, aircraft at the base included the Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle (used mostly for transport, glider operations, and parachuting) and the Handley Page Halifax bomber. These aircraft supported many wartime missions, including Operation Market Garden, D-Day operations, and the airborne landings at Arnhem. The Albemarle is pictured below at Brize Norton with an Airspeed Horsa glider.

Use by the United States Air Force

Military operations from Brize Norton obviously declined after the war, but other use for training and transport expanded, with several squadrons moving in. Brize Norton’s role changed dramatically in the early 1950s, with the United States basing aircraft there. It became a cold war base for US bombers , with the US Air Force taking operational control of the base in December 1952. This role saw significant infrastructure upgrades to the airport, including lengthening the runway to 9,000 feet (1,740 meters) and improvement of taxiways.

Aircraft based at Brize Norton (usually on rotations) during this time included Convair B-36 Peacemaker bombers, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, Boeing B-47 Stratojet, KC-97 Stratofreighter, KC-135 Stratotankers, and the B-52 Stratofortress (pictured below).

Expansion from the 1960s

Control of the base returned to the UK RAF in April 1965. The base was developed as a strategic transport airfield to support the operation of some of the large aircraft entering service at that time. The first UK squadrons to return to Brize Norton operated the Short Belfast turboprop freighter, the Vickers VC-10 jet transport aircraft (pictured below), and the Bristol Britannia .

The 1980s saw other squadrons formed (or re-formed) and other aircraft types at the base. This included the Boeing C-135 Stratotanker, C-130 Hercules, further Vickers VC-10 aircraft converted for air refueling operations (some ex-British Airways ), and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (taken on largely to support operations and expansion in the Falklands Islands).

Brize Norton’s miltary roles today

Brize Norton is firmly established today as the main strategic and air transport base in the UK. This tole was particularly expanded after the closure of RAF Lyneham in 2012. Lyneham had also been a major transport base, home to the entire C-130 Hercules fleet, amongst other aircraft.

Today, Brize Norton houses all the RAFs fixed-wing transport fleet, across several operational squadrons. This includes the Airbus A400M Atlas , the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, and the Voyager KC2/KC3 transport and tanker aircraft. The long-serving Hercules C-130 was retired in 2023.

These aircraft perform all of the passenger and equipment transport, refueling, and parachuting of the RAF. There are also several specialized units, including the parachute training school and the Falcons parachute display team.

Partial civilian use

Brize Norton stands apart from any other UK RAF base with a joint civilian role. It is the only military base that allows civilian flights and transportation, with regular flights to the Falklands Islands . These are operated by a private UK company ( AirTanker ) using the A330 Voyager aircraft.

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These flights usually operate two times per week, and each flight has a quota of tickets available for civilians wanting to visit the islands.

Other companies have operated this air link in the past – including UK airline Flyglobespan (in 2008 and 2009), and after it collapsed Air Tahiti Nui and Titan Airways for a short time.

Would you like to discuss more about RAF Brize Norton, its history, operational roles, or aircraft based there? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below.

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RAF Brize Norton

RAF Brize Norton is the Royal Air Force's (RAF) largest and busiest air station. It is located in Oxfordshire, about 6

Controlled by

Cold War, Falklands War

Royal Air Force

3,900 service personnel and 600 civilians including Flying Squadrons, support wings and lodger units

tom cruise brize norton

RAF Brize Norton is the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) largest and busiest air station. It is located in Oxfordshire, about 65 miles from London. The base is home to air-to-air refuelling and strategic air transport forces. It can handle large passenger and cargo aircraft and is the main operating base of the RAF. The station also has the leading parachute training school RAF unit.

RAF Brize Norton serves as the main airport for deployment of UK troops in exercises and operations across the globe. The base operates the C-17 Globemaster, Tristar and VC10 aircraft.

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Aerospace technology for the defence sector.

The Royal Air Force Board of the Defence Council decided to close the air transport operations and air-to-air refuelling assets at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. They will be consolidated with Brize Norton by 2012.

RAF Lyneham has been in active service since March 1943. The decision to close the base was taken after a study in 2003. The consolidation is expected to increase the efficiency of Brize Norton. The base is undergoing a major infrastructure development project called Future Brize to accommodate the consolidation.

Brize Norton base history

Brize Norton was opened as a training base in 1937. Under an agreement between the UK and US Governments, the US Air Force (USAF) Strategic Air Command (SAC) was set-up in the UK in the 1950s. SAC bombers were housed at RAF Sculthorpe, RAF Marham and RAF Lakenheath. The bases were, however, considered vulnerable which led to the shifting of the bombers to RAF Fairford, RAF Upper Heyford, RAF Greenham Common and Brize Norton.

In June 1950, Brize Norton came under the control of RAF Bomber Command. The USAF SAC arrived at the base in 1951. The USAF made huge investments in the base to construct taxiways, dispersals, weapon handling, accommodation facilities and runway expansions from 6,000ft to 9,000ft. Brize Norton was formally handed over to the bombers in April 1951. Several aircraft including B-47E Stratojet bombers, KC-97G boom-equipped tankers, KC-97, KC-135, B-58 and B-52B bombers were deployed at the base from 1953 to 1957.

In April 1965 the base came under the control of the RAF and became a transport command base. The Vickers VC10 became operational at the base in 1966 and its variants were used for refuelling. In 1969, a cantilever-roofed, purpose-built hangar measuring a quarter of a mile was built. Known as Base Hangar, it was used for servicing the VC10 aircraft fleet. The other aircraft that operated at the base include the Short Belfast C1 and the Avro Vulcan.

In 2005, new equipment and lighting were installed and the runway of the base was resurfaced to meet the standards of category II operations. Brize Norton became the military emergency diversion airfield for the southern UK with the installation of rotary hydraulic arrestor gear.

Design and construction

The £340m Future Brize project will accommodate the Hercules aircraft fleet and other assets from RAF Lyneham. The programme will also help increase passenger and freight handling capacities at the base. AMTEC and Hitachi Consulting were involved in the revised programme to save £23m a year.

The aircraft’s stationing capacity will also increase from 30 to about 70. Major infrastructure renovations include engineering, housing and IT and support facilities. The base will also enable aerial refuelling with the Airbus A400M and Airbus A330 MRTT. Other works at the base include air terminal roof recovering, base hangar refurbishment works and the construction of an aircraft servicing platform surface water attenuation facility.

In March 2007, PriDE, a joint venture company of Southern Electric Contracting and Interserve Defence, was awarded a £40m contract to design and build the aircraft parking stands to accommodate the future aircraft fleets. Babcock, under a subcontract, supplies equipment for construction of infrastructure such as support building, two-bay hangar and associated workshops, training building with simulator and four-floor office accommodation.

Garrison facilities

RAF Brize Norton employs about 3,900 service personnel and 600 civilians. The flying squadrons include: 99 Squadron for Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, 101 Squadron for Vickers VC10, 216 Squadron for Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The 501 Squadron at the base is a Royal Auxiliary Air Force and part of the RAF Reserves.

The lodger units at the base include joint air delivery test and evaluation unit, No.1 Parachute Training School RAF and RAF Police. RAF Brize Norton Flying Club provides training with two Piper Warriors. It is also home to the Department of Community Mental Health. The base also administers the Defence Movements School and 90 Signals Unit.

The base offers flexible AAR and AT tasks. Under the AT missions, the base provides airlift to the UK operational bases in Afghanistan, Cyprus and Gulf. The AAR missions include support to the UK Air Defence forces and AAR training to the UK and Nato air forces and aircraft deployment for exercises throughout Europe.

Air facilities

The base has a 10,007ft asphalt surface runway 08/26 and the air traffic is controlled by two radars. In March 2010, one of the radars, the secondary surveillance radar, was moved from the northern side to the southern side of the field to accommodate the houses being constructed at the base.

Other facilities

A new officers’ mess SLAM accommodation was opened at the base in June 2010. A new PE’D flight fitness centre was opened in July 2010. In the same month, the Serco Group was awarded a £36m, six-year contract for providing support services at the base.

Future developments

The base will have 744 junior ranks rooms, 64 officers and 50 senior non-commissioned officer rooms under the single living accommodation modernisation of the Future Brize programme. The 600 service families accommodation homes at the base are planned to be replaced with 800 new houses. Future plans also include refurbishment of the other SFA houses.

Construction of a £9.1m C-130J training mission rehearsal facility at RAF Brize Norton began in March 2010 and is expected to be complete by April 2011.

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tom cruise brize norton

tom cruise brize norton

Listen Live

Inside the control tower keeping the skies clear at the RAF's largest and busiest base

RAF Brize Norton is the largest and busiest RAF station, with approximately 5,800 service personnel, 300 civilian staff and 1,200 contractors.

With its mixed fleet of aircraft, RAF Brize Norton provides rapid global mobility in support of the UK's overseas operations and exercises.

And at the centre of all that goes on is the Control Tower, which keeps the skies clear.

Forces News has been able to take a look behind the scenes.

  • Starmer pays tribute to military as he visits RAF Brize Norton
  • 22nd and final Atlas aircraft delivered to complete fleet at RAF Brize Norton
  • Exercise Global Dexterity brings heavy lifters Down Under

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'Before Dawn' Trailer

RAF Brize Norton terror alert sparked by filming for new James Bond movie

Van left behind at site just over the Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire border

  • 12:24, 10 OCT 2019

tom cruise brize norton

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A terror alert was sparked at the UK’s biggest RAF base, due to a van left behind after filming for the new James Bond movie.

According to The Sun , up to 400 personnel were evacuated on Tuesday night at RAF Brize Norton just over the Gloucestershire border into Oxfordshire.

The news website said the base was put on lock down while sniffer dogs investigated the suspect vehicle.

tom cruise brize norton

An RAF spokesman confirmed that there had been an incident at the site that related to filming.

But he was not aware of whether or not it was to do with the new film about 007, No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

He said: “The RAF can confirm that a vehicle with a lapsed pass was identified at RAF Brize Norton.

tom cruise brize norton

“To ensure the safety of our people, a cordon was set up and a number of personnel were moved. Subsequently, the vehicle was checked and identified and as it posed no threat, all personnel were returned to their accommodation.”

The Sun reported that when security staff realised the van’s security passes had lapsed, they ordered a lock down at around 7pm.

tom cruise brize norton

A source quoted in the story said: “They were filming parts of the Bond film here last week and some of the crew used the sergeant’s mess for lunch.

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tom cruise brize norton

“Everything was packed up on Friday but amazingly one of the vans was left behind outside the mess. I don’t know if it was the film company or the hire company, but someone reported the van.”

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tom cruise brize norton


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