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Florence and Pisa from La Spezia

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tour la spezia pisa

Viterbo and Bomarzo Tour

A trip to the Countryside! On a short trip from Rome, you'll arrive in the quaint countryside of a town called Viterbo, an Etruscan origin as many towns in the area. Even though it is said that this village was founded in the early centuries Anno Domini, it's historical relevance started with the fortification by the Northern King, Desiderius, in the vain attempt to conquer Rome. It has later become one of the Papal States, and desired by Emperors, for centuries, due to its favorable strategic position. When finally, in 1905, it became a Free Commune. It hosts incredible buildings and structures, aside from the breathtaking views. Like the Papal Palace an outstanding building adjacent to the Duomo of Viterbo, it has actually hosted Papacy for approximately 20 years. Since Rome, at the time of Pope Alexander the 4th, was becoming too violent. Viterbo was the perfect environment for the Holy See to continue its work. So of course, this Papal Palace is an incredible building, absolutely worth a visit. The Duomo of Viterbo right next door, is the town Cathedral dedicated to Saint Laurence. Built in the 12th Century where a smaller church used to be. A few interesting notes about this Cathedral are the beautiful original facade from 1570 and the fact that it is built on top of an 8th century church, which was originally built on top of a temple in devotion to Hercules. Aside from these main sites in Viterbo, there are several other attractions to visit Like the Medieval  neighborhood, hosting incredible architectures. And the National Etruscan Museum. Viterbo is not the only charming place you'll see. In fact there are a few other stops your tour driver will make, that will make your head spin! Bagnaia and Bomarzo Visit Villa Lante in Bagnaia One of the greatest structural accomplishments of the Italian 1500s. In Villa Lante, you will see the fountains of the moors, the two mansions (Gambara and Montalto), and a spectacular system of the fountains and water games and a beautiful park. The entire Villa (between the garden and park) occupies a surface of 22 hectares. The particularity of Lante Villa is shown by the magnificence of the garden, especially in the architectural work. You will have lunch in a typical “trattoria” before visiting Bomarzo. Bomarzo is a fantastic garden. It slips into the theatrical, symbol-laden traditions of the Baroque period. Unsurprisingly, after several centuries of neglect, it was rediscovered during the 1950s by surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, who found inspiration in the garden’s mixture of natural and bizarre design. After a beautiful day in the Countryside, visiting the most magical, hidden locations, you’ll return to your requested location in Rome.

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Bomarzo, Caprarola and Calcata Tour

A tour to visit the Monsters Park of Bomarzo, Caprarola another incredible village and finally Calcata. You’ll discover some of the most amazing features and hidden gems. Certainly a day to remember. First stop will be Bomarzo (about a 1 hour drive) were you can visit the “Monster Park”. This garden is an extraordinary sight, because with its strange, disturbing sculptures (taken from Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso) it was created by Vicino Orsini, Duke of Bomarzo, to rival Caprarola and the Villa Lante. You’ll continue to Caprarola where you can visit the famous Palazzo Farnese. Initially intended to be a fortress by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese,its construction started in 1525, and was later transformed by Vignola into a magnificent palace. Antonio Tempesti, Giovanni Il Vecchio, Giovanni Antonio Da Varese, Raffaellino da Reggio, Giacomo Del Duca and Jacopo Bertoia worked to realize this magnificent summer residence. Two bridges connect the palace to the immense Italian Garden and to the park on the back side of the palace. The Summer and Winter gardens encircle the Palace. Fountains, grottos, nymphaea, and numerous statues enrich the way between hedges and large staircases. *Eventually, if the Farnese Palace in Caprarola is closed on the day of your visit, we will substitute it with a visit of the magnificent Orsini-Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano, perched overlooking the shores of the beautiful Bracciano Lake Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant. On the way back to Rome, stop at Calcata. This very old village, once an outstanding center of the Faliscans, is now one of the best kept, picturesque towns in the region.

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Tivoli Tour with Villa D’Este and Adrian’s Villa

This tour is one of the most popular closer day trips to the surroundings of Rome where you can immerse yourself in historyand some of the most precious Italian renaissance jewels. A private tour of Tivoli, just a few miles away from RomeOnce arrived in Tivoli your tour begins with a visit of Hadrian’s Villa, the summer residence of one of the most popular Roman Emperors, Hadrian.Walking through this amazingly preserved villa you will admire some of its wonderful treasures, such as a reconstruction of a porch of ancient Athens, the Naval Theater,the large thermal baths, a reproduction of an Egyptian shrine, and the Hadrian’s Villa Museum, filled with precious objects found during the excavations.Hadrian’s Villa is one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Villa is a monumental living complex that even today continues to display the lavishnessand enormous power of Ancient Rome. After you will drive to Tivoli where your tour driver will be happy to suggest some typical local restaurants in the area.Then off to Villa d’Este, built by the grandson of Pope Alexander VI in the 16th century, one of the most beautiful palaces and gardens of Italy. The entire complex is structured by a geometric system of paths, ramps, and steps altered around fountains, crypts, and arched walkways.A romantic and private tour of Tivoli Villas.At the end of your tour, your driver will take you back to your requested location in Rome.

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Bracciano lake and Surrounding villages

If you want to do something different, consider a relaxing day out in the country, to explore the Bracciano Lake and Surrounding villages! You will travel to Lake Bracciano, to visit Bracciano, Trevignano Romano, and Anguillara Sabazia. Quaint villages, of Medieval wonder and rustic charm, surrounded by green hills, in a beautiful setting. First off Bracciano! Famous for its outstanding 15th century Orsini-Odescalchi Castle. Visited by important personalities such as John Kennedy and Tina Turner, and of course Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’, who used the castle as their wedding venue. *Upon request, if you’d like to visit the Castle of Bracciano, you can buy your ticket at the booth and as an alternative to the group tours which they usually arrange, a great way to visit the Castle and its museum is to create your personal, fun itinerary to visit the estate on your own. With the delightful help of a video and audio guide, that you can easily download on your phone by scanning a QR code at the entrance. With wonderful explanations, videos and more. Another charming town is Anguillara Sabazia. Hosting an impressive hillside historical city center and amazing panoramic vistas And Finally, Trevignano! This village simply reflects and beauty, the traditions and the eagerness to preserve it’s ancient history. The architecture and rustic features are simply breathtaking. We highly recommend opting for a lunch in one of the many restaurants with an exclusive position overlooking the lake! A chance to taste some local delicacies and enjoy breathtaking views. However, upon request of course, we offer a personalized option to consider: We can arrange, for a small additional cost, a full meal with beverages in a unique location. A beautiful terrace overlooking the lake, with a privileged panoramic scene. Although the menu may change depending on the seasonal specialties, the personalized lunch would typically include: A jubilation of different home-made appetizer, bruschettas, frittatas and so on Homemade “pasta” dish served with delicious sauce or other Local home-made desserts All served with sparkling water and carefully selected local wine If you'd like to take advantage of this option of "Lunch in the Veranda on the lake", you can select this during the booking process, to add directly to the cost of the tour. After lunch, we will continue to Calcata, one of the best preserved medieval rock towns (literally built in a rocky cliff) in Italy. Calcata has a certain Magic to it, the atmosphere is pure and overwhelming. This Medieval destination is mostly lived by poets, writers, artists and solitaires. At the end, your private tour driver will take you back to your requested location in Rome.


Rome in a Day Tour with Colosseum & Vatican

As if a day in Rome wasn't enough, we will take you for a private tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel! A private tour in Rome to remember Enjoy a full day tour in Rome and the Vatican City with your private luxury vehicle. Your personal tour driver will pick you up directly from any place you want, from your hotel or other. And your tour begins! Drive by Piazza Venezia,the impressive circular square, with buildings and monuments enclosing it. With the infamous Balcony from which Mussolini gave his speeches, on one side. Or L'Altare della Patria, Monument to the last king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele the Second, a giant marble white, ancient temple-shaped building that climbs on the side of one of Rome's legendary Seven Hills, Capitoline Hill. Also known as Campidoglio, it hosts incredible views of the Piazza Venezia on one side and the Roman Forum on the other, the perfect division between the ancient Roman past and the present. Speaking of Ancient Roman times, you will head for the Colosseum A stop to see the Mighty Colosseum up-close is definitely a must! Walk Ancient ways of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Drive by the Circus Maximus,a field used mostly for concerts and political events today, but it was once an arena used to entertain Romans while they watched and cheered during water spectacles, fights or reenactments. It was often used as movie sets, like in the film BenHur. To remain in the Roman theme, circle back around into the City Center, characteristic for it's narrow cobble streets that lead to so many wonders. Like the Pantheon! An ancient Roman Temple with a beautifully decorated dome and an incredible history. Created in ancient times, to worship All Gods, it is now one of the active Catholic churches in Rome. To learn more about the Pantheon, visit our blog! Then there's Piazza Navona, not to far from there. A Renaissance delight, with incredible architectures and beautiful fountains, like the Four Rivers fountain, by Bernini. The streets filled with cute little boutiques, old buildings, ivy crawling over the facades and window sills, reveal beautiful wonders, that you will not find in any other place on Earth! Like the Spanish Steps. A beautiful street with the famous sets of stairs that climb into the shape of a giant butterfly up to the square of Trinità dei Monti, which offers incredible views of the Spanish steps below and the busy Via dei Condotti, famous for the most in vogue haute couture stores. One of the adjacent streets hides possibly the most famous Fountain in the WORLD The Trevi Fountain is another mandatory stop. Embedded in a tiny little square, is the world famous fountain. With  sculptures of different water related scenes, sea shells, dancing horses and Poseidon. Waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water. What an amazing work of art. Make sure to toss a coin over your shoulder and make a wish! Legend has it, it will guarantee your return in Rome. All this touring can sure work up an appetite! Lucky for you, all of our tour drivers not only know the perfect places to see in Rome, they also love food and know the best restaurants in town! So your tour driver will be happy to recommend the perfect restaurants, trattorias or pizzerias depending on what you are in the mood for. Finally, you driver will take you at the Vatican Museums where you will continue the tour to explore the Museums and the Sistine Chapel! Prepare to sigh! We dare to find something as beautiful as the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel *Upon request, we can arrange one of our qualified guides to take you to a once in a life time experience inside the Vatican. Not to mention, you'll be able to also visit the Basilica of Saint Peter aside from the Museums and Sistine Chapel. In fact, since the entrance in Basilica is free and they've devoted its access only from outside, all the way in Saint Peter's Square, our personal guide would be able to have access of the Basilica from inside the Museums, through an exclusive entrance for guides. So this is certainly something to consider, should you want to include Saint Peter's Basilica to your tour. Other wise you will enjoy your time inside the Museums and Sistine Chapel alone, freely and at your own pace! Without having to stick to a strict itinerary a guided tour would inevitably have. Just know that depending on the number of visits in a day, some wings might be closed. But this won’t matter at all, we can assure you, there is just so much to see, you’ll hardly even notice! To fully assist you, we do offer the possibility of adding Skip the line tickets with privileged entrance directly during the booking process. At the entrance, the customer service will hand you a map of the site, for you to explore the different areas of the Museums and the Sistine Chapel! What you will experience would includes is a system of wings and halls and terraces, including the Cortile Della Pigna, Belvedere, Pio Clementino Museum, the Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Gallery of Maps, and Raphael’s Rooms. Next, you will visit the beautiful Sistine Chapel. The breathtaking, overwhelmingly beautiful creation for you to admire! From there, you'll head back to the exit, a trod on the famous cylindrical stair case. Another undisturbed masterpiece, called "Momo" designed by an Italian architect in the 1930s, inspired by Bramante's double helix staircase from the 1500s, inside the Pio Clementine Museum, a wing of the Vatican Museums. From the Momo stair case you'll exit the Museums to find your private tour driver eager to hear your opinions on the experience. And you'll return to your Hotel location in Rome in time for the afternoon tea.


Rome in a Day Tour

Welcome in Rome! There is really no better way to start a Roman vacation than with this private tour. One of our personal tour driver will welcome you at your hotel or any other place of your convenience in Rome, to whisk you away, on a 7 hour trip through history, art, archeology and the basic Rome way of living that is just a delight and so interesting to experience. This Tour of Rome will start off with a stop in the famous Piazza Venezia a famous circular square constantly beaten by hundreds of cars and vespas and motorini (what we call mopeds and bikes). While horns are blaring in the traffic, passerby's always in a hurry and the famous Italian charm for hand gestures and raised voices the main constant, all you will notice is the monumental structure overlooking the Piazza. A monument dedicated to Italy's last king Victor Emanuel the Second, and resting place of the Unknown soldier. A fallen soldier from WW1 that is laid to rest there to honor and tribute every Italian soldier who's fought and fallen in every war old or recent. You can notice An imposing horseman in a giant bronze statue, overlooking the entire city center, to magnify the importance of the Italian Kingdom in its glory days. And just above is a building, temple-like in structure, with white marble steps and columns, placed on top of one of Rome's legendary hills. Italian flags hanging on it's ends. This monument is really hard to miss. Fun fact: The monument of Victor Emmanuel, officially called Altare della Patria (the Altar of the Nation) is also known simply as the wedding cake. For it's distinctive shape, built in white, marble layers, one floor after the other. Resembling a big white wedding sheet cake. This altar shares its space with Capitoline Hill, Capitol Hill or simply known as Campidoglio. It is one of Rome's 7 hills placed in between Campus Martius and the Roman Forum, and it is head of the Roman Government, With an incredible square commissioned by Pope Paul the third and created by Michelangelo himself in the 16th century. But Capitol Hill does not only hosts Rome's City hall, the Mayor's office and the Capitolini Museums (which offers a vast amount of marble artifacts, artwork and other curiosities from Roman times) but it offers AMAZING VIEWS of the city below, on one end of the hill is Piazza Venezia, Campus Martius and modernization, on the other the Ancient citadel of the Roman Forum. A perfect balance between present and the past. Speaking of Roman Forum, you absolutely go across Via dei Fori Imperiali, an ancient way in Rome that crosses this part of town, with the Forum's archeological site on both sides. Envision Temples, Market places, Marble buildings and life conducted in these squares centuries ago. This is where Roman Senate would reunite, where citizens would gather to worship archaic divinities and conduct their business. To keep the Ancient Roman theme alive, walking straight through the ancient Roman Forum you will arrive at the Colosseum The one and only Colosseum, the Flavian Amphitheater An ancient, imposing structure built to delight and entertain the people of Rome, in the prime of its years. With gory, cruel hunts and gladiator fights but also fun scenes of Naval battles, where they would fill the Arena with water and float around in ships. A colossal building in the heart of Rome, to gather the people, to bring people together. We absolutely recommend a stop here. But Rome is full of wonderful things to see, in a fun, intuitive and entertaining way. With squares, steps and fountains and churches. Take Piazza Navona for example The most extravagant of Rome’s Square, adorned with the fountain of The Four Rivers by Bernini, and the church of his rival, Borromini. Visit Piazza Della Rotonda, where you can see the Pantheon, the best preserved and enchanting monument of ancient times. The Spanish Steps A wonderful square, world famous for the beautiful stair case that comes down from Trinità dei Monti with beautiful views of  Via dei Condotti, intersecting with via del Corso. The most "In" streets for shopping, with great boutiques and haute couture. Walking along the narrow streets you can find other curiosities such as the mighty Pantheon on Piazza della Rotonda, the once temple dedicate to All the Gods, the Ancient Roman building is now an active Catholic church. Then, of course there is the Trevi Fountain, a little further down the streets. Make sure to take tons of pictures of this magnificent fountain that attracts so many people from all over the world, in that small square. This private tour is a whirlwind of emotions! You'll be catapulted into the Middle Ages, Ancient Roman Times, then to Renaissance times, and back to Roman times. With a stop to grab a quick bite to eat, if you like. Your tour driver will know the perfect place. In fact, near the end of the tour, you will have to make another mandatory stop at the Aventine Hill, another majestic hill, hosting picture perfect views of the Eternal City. Then head to the Circus Maximus, where chariot races were performed in imperial Rome, as we can see in one of the classic American movies, Ben Hur. At the end of the tour, your tour driver will take you wherever you like to be dropped off at, hotel or other. This itinerary can be tailored and can change, so it's not a strict preview. All this is just to give you a taste of all the wonderful places you could see during your time out on the streets of Rome. *Upon request, the icing on the cake would be to reserve one of our professional guides: if you want to enrich your activity, we highly recommend selecting the service of one of our expertise guides for the day!


Half Day Tour in Rome

If you are looking for something easy going during your time in Rome, this half day tour is the perfect introduction to the city's most famous highlights. A rome in Half a day makes for the perfect tour! In four hours we can arrange a personal fun entertaining tour driver, pick up and drop off included.  If you have any specific requests, if you'd like to see anything in particular, please let your tour driver know! Drive by some of the most amazing places, like the famous Via Veneto, an exclusive street dotted with trees and a more tranquil living, next to the US Embassy with bistros and boutiques. Closed off by ancient Roman walls. Piazza Barberini, an amazing square in the historical center of Rome It hosts fascinating buildings, and a beautiful fountain resembling Triton. Drive by the Quirinal Hill, one of Rome's legendary 7 hills which hosts beautiful views of the Eternal city and the Palazzo Quirinale, residence of the President of the Italian Republic. Traveling through beautiful streets, you must make a few mandatory stops to visit sites like Piazza Venezia and Capitoline Hill, to view enormous monuments and breathtaking views From there you can stop along the famous shopping district Via del Corso, walk a beat into the quaint, narrow streets to reach the quintessential places that belong in any bucket list: The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Beautiful Medieval, Renaissance wonders and Roman curiosities, above all. Continue by visiting other sites such as the Roman Forum and the mighty Colosseum. Take your time, walk around it, take pictures! After all, the Colosseum is the main event to many, for so many reasons. Before the tour ends, make sure to stop by the Basilica of Saint Peter's and its square More sites and curiosities, less known than the places listed above, will be brought to your attention during this tour. *Upon request, the icing on the cake would be to reserve one of our professional guides: if you want to enrich your activity, we highly recommend selecting the service of one of our expertise guides for your half day tour!

price from €75.00

Private Rome Tour from Civitavecchia

This may be the best way to visit Rome while docked in Civitavecchia Port On a day trip to the Eternal city you will have a private tour driver to swiftly pick you up in leisure transportation, from your dock, to take you on a marvelous tour. While traveling on ancient roads, lined with centenary pine trees, you’ll reach the city center. You'll visit the highlights of Rome, some attractions known all over the World, other true hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The Colosseum, one of the most well known venues. A pillar of Roman Architecture A stroll around the Ancient Roman Forum, is definitely a must to truly appreciate ancient ways where in the Roman life, the Senate, the market place and temples to worship archaic Gods and conduct business. Piazza Venezia is next on the list. A famous square with a gigantic, temple-like building, a giant horseman, King Vittorio Emanuele, in striking pose, prepared for battle, hosting the tomb of tombs, the Unknown soldier, one fallen soldier to voice the loss of every Italian soldier near and far. On the other side of the Square is Mussolini’s balcony, infamous building from which the "Duce" used to gather crowds and deliver megalomaniac patriotic speeches. Continue along the busy Via del Corso, to find yourself immersed in the picturesque atmosphere. A giant street with dozens of tiny narrow streets crossing it, in which you can find Via Margutta, the street of the Artists, Piazza della Rotonda, with the famous Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, famous for beautiful fountains and Renaissance buildings, and more. You will see things like never before, with new eyes. Discovering curiosities and architectures and history to make your head spin. Like the Maps of the Empire, the Arch of Constantine; Columns, decorated in marble reliefs or hieroglyphs, like the one of Marcus Aurelio. And the House of the Italian Parliament and Council of Ministers. Other Roman Curiosities are Capitoline and Palatine Hills, Circus Maximus, where Ancient Romans used to conduct gory battles and entertaining spectacles, Trajan's Column, then The Giant Marble Foot and the Cat Street, The Temples of Apollo, Vesta and Janus. All fantastic things to see, we don't want to spoil the surprise. All these curiosities can sure work up an appetite! Luckily for you, your tour driver not only has good taste in arranging the best activity in Rome for you, but also enjoys a good meal. With the ton of Trattorias, Restaurants and such, he will select the best ones where you can enjoy a nice, traditional Italian style lunch. The exploration continues with a drive by along the Tiber River, from where you can see Castel Sant'Angelo, A marvel in architectures, curios shape and history. An Ancient Roman Building of massive proportions. Commissioned by Emperor Hadrian, it was supposed to be his and his family's Mausoleum. However after its initial purposes were dismissed, with the advent of Christianity, it was converted in a fortress in the Papal reign. Fun fact: Legend has it, Castel Sant'Angelo was connected with the Vatican, through underground tunnels, used in case the Pope had to flee from Vatican City or not to attract attention. But speaking Vatican City, you cannot leave Rome without seeing Saint Peter's Basilica first! This beautiful church, pillar of Christianity, with incredibly tall ceilings and impressive domes, is a must see when in Rome. A vast amount of statues, paintings, frescos, make this church a wonderful exposition. From Bernini's Pulpit, placed on top of Saint Peter's resting place, to the Tombs of the Popes in the undergrounds and the Marble "Pietà" by Michelangelo, you will not be disappointed. At the end of such an Experience in Rome, your tour driver will take you back to your cruise ship with wonderful stories to tell and beautiful memories of such a great time.

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Christian Rome and Churches Tour

This private tour is for all of you looking for a unique, in depth experience, to visit some of the Eternal City's most famous, beautiful and historical churches and hall marks. One of our private tour drivers will welcome you at your requested location in Rome, for this private 4 hour tour. You will learn all there is to know about these locations, thanks to the driver's knowledge and insightful explanations. Rome has many churches and on this half day tour we have selected some of the important ones: Basilica di San Clemente – the only church in Rome, built on three different levels, from the 1st to the 12th century. Basilica of San John Lateran With your guide, you will visit the interiors of this most ancient church. The “Scala Santa” (Holy Stairs) – located adjacent to the Basilica of St. John Lateran which are said to have been climbed by Jesus of Jerusalem himself. Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem – one of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome. With our guide you will visit this 4th century church with its relic of the Cross. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore – dedicated to the Virgin Mary is the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome. It's beautiful 5th Century Mosaics are something you absolutely cannot miss! We will provide transportation, with pick up and drop off, from one site to the next. Your personal tour driver will remain at your complete service, assisting you to enter each location, providing wonderful anecdotes and explanations, remaining by the vehicle at all time, while you enjoy your time, visit the churches at your own pace. At the end of the tour we will drive you back to your hotel or any other place of your convenience.


Private Rome Highlights Tour

Private Rome Highlights. The title says it all! If you are not big on long day tours, this just might be the perfect solution for you. A nice, 7 hour private Rome Highlights tour from pick up to drop off, to visit the absolute best sights in Rome. Highlights of Rome is the perfect combination of convenience, time and comfort. Your personal tour driver will welcome you with open arms (with a sign with your name, between them) directly at the dock of your cruise ship! All of our tour drivers in Rome have special permission to access the restricted docking areas of Civitavecchia Port After a quick introduction, a nice chat to learn more about your day, you will arrive in Rome. The Eternal City. Of course, we are famous for being flexible and for offering tailored options, to satisfy every possible need. But just, for a review on what a Highlights of Rome tour would entail, here is all the details. Driving on cobblestone streets, surrounded by centenary pine trees, you'll be transported in different period in times, just by looking out the window from your passenger's seat. Bypassing some Archeological sites as the Piramide of Caio Cestio, embedded in the surrounding atmosphere of the Aurelian walls and the entrance of the neighborhood of Aventino, one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Rome. A Pyramid from the Roman Ages, standing on the exact spot where the primary ancient Roman roads intersect. Driving along Viale Aventino you'll find the famous Circus Maximus to your right The famous Ancient Roman stadium hosted so many competitions that it's purpose, perfectly suits the name. A circus, of ancient times, traditions and glorious stories. Just behind the Circus Maximus, still visible are the ruins of the Palatine Hill. Another historical Landmark in Rome. Behind Palatine Hill stands tall the Colossus, the one and only Colosseum,. While you enjoy your tour drivers anecdotes and details, as you approach the Colosseum you can step out to take pictures! If you'd like to visit it on the inside, your tour driver will be happy to wait for you by the vehicle. And you can find options to book skip the line tickets during the booking process, just in case. The drive around continues Next off the list is Capitoline Hill, where the Town Hall and Mayors office is. Capitoline Hill may just be the symbol of Rome, aside from the Colosseum, since it's where the politics and well-being of the city are discussed. Passing by Piazza Venezia, you will find Italy's last King's Memorial. As many Italian landmarks, it is quite hard to miss, not just because of it's enormous sizes. Driving toward the city center, take a detour, to the Amazing Pantheòn, hidden in the Piazza della Rotonda, surrounded by tall buildings in tiny cobble streets. Then off to the Trevi Fountain. You can't say you've seen Rome, if you haven't made a quick stop to see this gigantic fountain. More importantly, if you haven't tossed the coin into it. Since you are already in one of the most gorgeous areas of the City, we highly recommend stopping in Campo de Fiori, or Trastevere, two ancient neighborhoods, filled with so much beauty and history. But more importantly, filled with amazing places to eat! Enjoy a traditional Roman meal in one of the squares of the neighborhoods. Sip on a glass of red wine and take it all in. Your highlights of Rome will continue with one, very special, final stop. Saint Peter’s Basilica! One of the Holiest places on Earth! Admire its High Renaissance and baroque architecture. With its greatness of art and golden details, marble and mosaics, the atmosphere is overwhelming. Be sure not to miss Michelangelo’s Pieta, completed when the master was only in his 20s. Just when you think you've seen it all, heading back to your cruise ship, you will drive through some of the most enchanted, picturesque scenery in Italy.


Private Vip tour of Rome and Vatican

Everybody should feel like royalty when visiting Rome and Vatican City: This special all-inclusive shore excursion is a true private VIP Tour of Rome and Vatican Rome is a remarkable city. There is so much to do and see here and adding the Vatican to the itinerary, makes this private tour all the more special. And you want to make sure to cover every possible site during your cruise stop in Civitavecchia. For a true, private VIP tour of Rome and Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. That's why not only we will offer you one of our highly entertaining tour driver, but one of our professional guides, for a private guided tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine and Also Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica and more Let's see what this private tour includes: Deluxe private transportation with personal driver, a professional highly qualified guide and All skip-the-line tickets Your private tour driver will welcome you at the dock of your cruise ship. And after a quick introduction to learn more about what you'll do on the tour, your quick trip to discover Rome will begin. Approaching the city you will stop on top of the Gianicolo Hill. A beautiful green hill that hosts incredible panoramic views of the city. Meet your private guide for the day We offer the finest selection of expert guides, specialized in History, archeology, art and traditions of Rome. Your personal guide is not only very knowledgeable but will make this guided tour fun, catchy and engaging. So, what will you see when in Rome? First off, you'll cover the Historical Roman aspect of the City, a drive to the Circus Maximus, the legendary stadium, with a stop at the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The glorious Colosseum, an amphitheater built in ancient Roman times to host all sorts of gory spectacles, like the infamous Gladiator fights. The Roman Forum, the Commercial and Political Hub of the Romans and the Palatine Hill, one of Rome's Seven Legendary Hills. Renaissance Times unveiled you get closer to the City center Busy shopping districts and runways intertwined with fountains temples and churches Piazza Venezia, a memorial built in honor of Italy's last king, Victor Emanuel II, an architectural digest. A white, temple-like building, built in layers on the side of Capitoline Hill, often times referred to as the wedding cake. Capitoline Hill is another of Rome's 7 Hills, and it's, to this day, the Political life of Rome (location of the Mayor's office), the square on top of the hill is a beautiful artful creation of Michelangelo himself, surrounded by Medieval and Renaissance buildings, such as the Town hall and the Capitoline Museums. The peculiar aspect of Capitoline Hill is that it is placed between two different Eras in Time: Past and present co-exist. The Roman Forum behind it and the present with the busy square of Piazza Venezia, surrounded by Renaissance buildings, that encompass Via Del Corso, one of the most famous shopping districts in the Capital. Driving across Via del Corso, several narrow streets intersect. Many of which will bring you to discover hidden gems like the Pantheon. Don't be fooled by the Temple shaped building, with Latin inscriptions. It was built in Roman times, to worship "All Gods" but it is, to this day, one of the most beautiful and still active Catholic churches in Italy. Hosting incredible artworks and mausoleums of several important people in history. Before you'll know it, you will reach the monumental Trevi Fountain, for a toss of the coin. Speaking of Fountains, a stop by the adjacent Piazza Navona is highly recommended. A renaissance beauty, dotted with three outstanding artistic fountains, such as the famous Fountain of the 4 Rivers, by Bernini, topped with an Egyptian obelisque, so fascinating. Then, of course, there is the Spanish Steps the iconic stair case, shaped like the wings of a butterfly. Before your private tour of Rome and Vatican continues your tour driver and your guide will be happy to recommend one of the nearby restaurants or Trattorias to enjoy a delicious, traditional lunch. You’ll then continue on the Vatican tour of the Museums and Sistine Chapel! The Vatican Museums contain an incredible collection of art and treasures. Your guide will walk you through a portion of this fascinating museum. Then you will reach the one and only Sistine Chapel. The ultimate masterpiece by Michelangelo, including wonderful frescoes of the CREATION and the LAST JUDGEMENT. But the walls and ceiling on the whole Chapel are one major work of art, to which other artists contributed, such as Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Pinturicchio. And finally, a visit at the Magnificent Saint Peter’s Basilica. You’ll see one of a kind masterpieces like Michelangelo’s PIETA and the bronze canopy over the high ALTAR by BERNINI. Saint Peter’s Square is another of Bernini’s creations. It is one of the loveliest squares in the World. Book this private shore excursion of Rome and Vatican "ALL-INCLUDED" and what you will be offered is a VIP once in a lifetime experience of the Eternal City After such an exciting and interesting day, you’ll enjoy the relaxing ride back to the cruise ship.

price from €225.00


Ancient Rome Tour

An all-inclusive Ancient experience in the Heart of Rome Are you interested in the core Ancient Roman Empire History? Do you want an up-close experience of the mighty Colosseum and other archeological wonders of the Eternal city? This private tour is just what you need. Discover the Roman Empire! Your personal tour driver will welcome you in Civitavecchia Port, holding a sign with your name, directly at the dock of your cruise ship! Traveling the ancient roads to the City center, you will arrive in the Heart of Rome to meet your guide, at "Parco Archeologico del Colosseo" the Colosseum's Archeological Park: Il Colosseo, the pillar of Rome, learn all there is to know about the Colosseum Palatino, one of the legendary 7 hills of Rome Foro Romano, the square where the community would gather to conduct their affairs Get ready for an interactive experience in this Archeological wonder! *Upon request, we can arrange one of our expert guides inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Select your option for a private guided tour of the Colosseum, directly during the booking process! For the best experience EVER, This tour of the Roman Empire, can be conducted by one of our passionate guides, for a private guided tour of the Colosseum's archeological park. The unimaginable wonders you will learn will leave you speechless. A perfect mix of history, fun facts and down to earth explanations, to share with you some interesting details on what makes this place so unique. Many youngsters have often asked, is it really that old? Is the Colosseum a reproduction of what once was? No my friends, the Colosseum that we all know and love is the real deal, in the flesh. Well, in stone. This Giant was created nearly 2000 years ago It was used for entertainment primarily. Although the sources of entertainment was quite different back then. In fact the Colosseum was built to host all sorts of games, from hunting scenes to Naval battles and the infamous Gladiator fights. Next on the Ancient Rome Tour, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, where Roman Civilization truly began You will walk through the ancient ruins of temples, markets and churches of the Roman Forum. Here is where the Ancient Romans conducted their affairs, business, religious, and political. It hosted several Governmental buildings and a great Market Place. A place to gather the people, to shop, to discuss politics, to worship pagan Gods and sometimes protest. Anything relevant that happened in the City Center, would happen here. There are several other places in Rome from the Imperialistic period and more recent, you don't want to miss Such as the Arch of Constantine and Capitoline Hill, the head of Rome's Politics today. Hosting the mayor's office and one of the most fascinating Museums on Roman History, i Musei Capitolini. The square of Capitoline Hill was designed by Michelangelo himself! Next on the list would be Pantheon. But why not grab a bite to eat first? After your morning tour, your driver will be happy to recommend one of the best, typical Roman restaurants or “Trattorias” in the area. Then off to the Pantheon. One of the most beautiful buildings of Ancient Rome. Built to worship "All the Gods", it was converted to church in the Catholic era, becoming one of the most beautiful active Basilicas in the World! And resting place to some of the most famous and important figures through time, like Italy's King and Queen consort and the famous artist Raphael. Last but not least, you will drive to the ancient Appian Way where you will have the chance to stop and visit one of the famous Catacombs located in the area. You will have the opportunity of visiting Rome literally on every level. These catacombs are so fascinating, you will really find their story are intriguing, In some areas of Underground Rome, you will find miles-long tunnels in Catacombs that are even 4 stories-deep. After such an exciting experience in the depths of Rome, you will return to Civitavecchia Port, feeling grateful for booking this private tour with us!

price from €112.50


Pre/Post Rome Cruise Tour

Do you have a layover in the Airport and don't know what to do with yourself? Are you embarking on a cruise and have a few hours on your hands? This might be something fun to consider, instead of waiting patiently for your travel plans to fall into place. A private 4-hour pre or post Rome cruise tour and transfer, for a quick review of the major sites. What Pre or Post Rome cruise Tour entails is a combination of convenience, time and excitement Pick up can take place in either Fiumicino (airport or Hotel), Civitavecchia Cruise Port or Rome Hotel. A tour of the city to visit the best famous places and then reach your drop off location, may it be the dock of your cruise ship, the Airport or any other location. It doesn't matter if you are starting a cruise or you're ending it. Why spend a day, hanging around in boredom, when you can enjoy some time in Rome, to take in as much as possible before your departure? A nice introduction to the Eternal city or finish off your time in Rome by seeing places you haven't seen previously. There is always something to see or do in Rome. A typical itinerary in three hours in Rome would normally include the most famous sites Pantheon Trevi Fountain Spanish Steps Colosseum But you have three hours! Do what you want to do, see what you want to see. Your tour driver is there to assist you, give you hints and ideas. Tell him your interests and places you'd like to visit and he will give you the best recommendations and take you there. Make every moment of your time count! A private transfer and small tour of Rome, there is always something new to do! Consider this private Rome tour and transfer to Rome-Civitavecchia Port or Fiumicino Airport (or vice-versa), the cost for the transfer is included in the service! You don’t need to worry about your luggage for this private pre or post cruise Rome tour: your tour driver will stay at the vehicle at all times, while you visit Rome’s sites and will guard all your luggage and personal effects. Finally, at the end of the tour, your driver will take you directly to your request location in Civitavecchia, Rome or Airport.


Rome by Night Tour

We will pick you up at your hotel or restaurant, for this Private Rome By Night Tour. You can feel the charming atmosphere of this romantic city among the monuments, over the Capitol Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, the unmissable Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City for the breathtaking view of St. Peter’s Basilica illuminated. Then, you will continue onto the Gianicolo Hill for an unforgettable view over the monumental, ancient Rome on the other bank of the Tiber River. From here, you can admire Piazza Navona, a fashionable and crowded meeting point for Romans, or decide to stroll around and explore Testaccio District, the best place in the city to eat a very good pizza and have a traditional glass of Italian wine. Get inspired, by the magic of the Eternal City. In the cobble stone streets, you can only hear the water simmering from the fountains in every hidden corner of every alley.

price from €56.50


Private Transfer from Florence to SMN train station

Our private driver will pick you up in any requested location in Florence. He will escort you at the Train Station of Santa Maria Novella, in one of our luxury vehicles. Enjoy the ride and the full assistance of one of our private drivers. For full comfort, we highly recommend to let us know the amount and size of luggage, to offer the best possible vehicle according to your specific needs. This private transfer can be absolutely be arranged either way.

price from €30.00


Civitavecchia Shore Excursion to Rome and Vatican

When Docking into Civitavecchia Port, you want to make sure to experience your time in Rome and Vatican the best way! That's why we are here. To offer you the best possible experience of Rome and The Vatican in a day. Start off with one of our private tour drivers to greet you, directly at the dock of your cruise ship in Civitavecchia Port. After a brief introduction, you'll tour will start. Arrive in Rome to find hundreds of different sceneried in one setting, a mix of Ancient architectures, Nature and Modern infrastructure. All perfectly coexisting. Welcome to Rome on a private tour of Rome and Vatican! First off, Piazza Venezia to admire The Monument of the first Italian king. Furthermore, there’s Mussolini’s balcony, the Capitoline Hill (one of Rome’s seven legendary hills) and the Roman Forum. Make sure not to miss the Colosseum! After that, you’ll head to the Pantheòn, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and enjoy the outstanding view of Rome from the Pincio Terrace, and Piazza Navona. After so many fantastic things you've already seen this morning, you'll have to "carb up" for the best part of your tour! The Vatican Museums Your private tour driver will take you at the entrance, that unmissable doorway, surmounted by high walls and a distinctive plaque that says " Musei Vaticani" he will give you all the instructions on how to enjoy your time in the Museums completely along with the Sistine Chapel. *Upon request, we can arrange one of our expert guides inside the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel: Having one of our qualified guides would offer you an immersive opportunity, to learn absolutely everything there is to know about this incredible place: From peculiar traditions to art, history and literature, along with granting you direct access to Saint Peter's Basilica. Since the only known public entrance to Saint Peter's would be from all the way outside in the Square (for which the lines are usually very long) our guides have permission to enter the Basilica directly from inside the Vatican, after you've visited the Sistine Chapel! Visiting the Basilica other than with the guide would not be possible. Since it's entrance is free, it is usually very crowded, lines are very long not leaving enough time for you to visit it, if without a guide Since we have top level experts, the costs are appropriate to the quality of service. In case you are considering one of our private guides to take an exclusive tour of the Vatican, you can select its service during the booking process to add it to the cost for the tour. However, if you are more incline to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, without the Basilica as a priority, we definitely recommend visiting the Vatican on your own. At your own pace, to fully appreciate everything you'll see, without having to stick to a prearranged itinerary. You could also consider Audio-guides, with amazing explanations and virtual itineraries to choose from.  For a personalized tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. At a lighter rate, given the extra costs. We will be happy to arrange skip the line tickets, with privileged entrance of course, (bookable as extras) for you to explore the Vatican's freely on your own. This way you can enjoy visiting each chamber, admiring beautiful artifacts, statues, paintings and frescoes in any of the Museums inside the Vatican you'd like to see, entirely at your own pace! Audio-guide tickets, to download directly on your phone, for an interactive tour of the Museums and Sistine Chapel, still at your own pace. Spending your time in awe and your nose in the air! The most incredible beauty awaits! Visiting the Vatican Museums on your own, will allow you to visit the different wings , like Raphael's Rooms, Cortile Della Pigna, Belvedere, Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries or the Gallery of Maps. And the Sistine Chapel. Since the Basilica of Sain't Peter's has free access, they've devoted it's entrance directly from Saint Peter's Square, so there isn't a way to enter the Basilica from inside the Museums. Just know that depending on the number of visits in a day, some wings might be closed. But this won't matter at all, we can assure you, there is just so much to see, you'll hardly even notice! Last but not least, on this Rome and Vatican tour, the magnificent Sistine Chapel! This incredible masterpiece, Michelangelo's heritage. We don't want to say too much about it, because we don't want to spoil the surprise. Just know that you will have some time, inside this chapel, to take a moment. To reflect on the overwhelming beauty. Take a seat in one of the chairs placed at it's sides, or stand in the middle and look up, to study the different details of the scenes and stories that have inspired the artist. Then you'll head to the exit, walking along the famous spiral stairwell. Still in awe, after the incredible experience. You'll reunite with your tour driver at the exit and then head back to Civitavecchia Port, to board your ship in perfect time.


Private Boat Tour in Tuscany

As if our private tours weren’t exclusive enough, we present you our newest addition. A private boat tour on the most beautiful shores in Italy: The definition of Wanderlust! This tour generally starts from one of the Argentario area towns' port, or Civitavecchia Port (contact our staff, for pickup and drop off in your requested location or a meeting point directly in Port), where you will board your personal cabin cruiser, Cranchi Z34 speedboat. Your skipper will welcome you on board and following a quick breefing on the day, you'll enjoy a nice greeting breakfast. Warm breakfast pastries, Espresso, American coffee, tea and juice. What a sweet delight! A memorable exclusive tour of the coastal line of the Thyrrenian Sea. You will head to the breath-taking Monte Argentario area, one of the most exclusive territories in the World, possibly. Famous for it’s lagoons, crystal clear water and cliffs. Your skipper, will transform in a fantastic chef and arrange a delicious light-lunch for you. Typical Italian delicacies and beverages (no alcohol). Tour the incomparable beauty with the exclusiveness of a private boat and skipper, on a itinerary including plaves like Porto Ercole, Isola del Giglio and Isola di Giannutri, to gaze into the blue sea, surrounding islands and lagoons of the Monte Argentario area. At the end of the day, at around 6pm you will return to the dock. As if this experience didn't already have everything, you can choose to add the following customizations, for an extra cost: To add to the above experience, instead of a nice light lunch, your skipper will cook a delicious fish-based lunch for you, to enjoy with wine from the best wineries (Falanghina del Sannio, Passerina Marchigiana, Sella e Mosa, etc) In addition to the fish based lunch experience, enjoy an Italian Style aperitivo on board, at sunset, with a chilled bottle of Prosecco *The above additionals, can be purchased and reserved during the booking process. For any other requests, please contact our office. We can arrange private transportation from/to your requested location before and after the boat tour. (Contact our staff) Itinerary Your skipper will welcome you on the dock. While a quick breefing on the day, he will serve you a delicious breakfast. During the tour along the coast, depending on your request and booked extras, he will serve you either a light lunch or a full delicious lunch. A memorable tour of the coastal line of the lower Tuscan Region, to the Mount Argentario. Gorgeous views, beautiful landscapes from the sea an entertaining skipper who will give you wonderful explanations on the itinerary for your day. At the end of this private boat tour, your skipper will take you back to Port. This private tour can be arranged for 1 to 6 people tops.

price from €1320.00


Vip Ferrari tour in Rome – Luxury Driving Experience

We are delighted to present you an exclusive luxury activity in Rome A private drive on one of the latest-models of Ferrari, through the streets of the Eternal city. A journey so unique, tailored to your needs. Escorted by one of our personal drivers or if you'd like to experience the thrill of driving it yourself. Select your favourite model: Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Ferrari SF90 Spider, Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Ferrari F8 Spider, Ferrari Roma, Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari 488 Pista, Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari 812 GTS Let us take care of the rest. And before you know it, you will be immersed in some of the most beautiful sceneries in the World, in Rome, behind the wheel of a Supercar. Send us your enquiry, to learn more on the several options we can arrange. Just know, that if you are looking for a once in a life time activity during your time in Rome, Italy, you've come to the right place. Whether you are having a Rome vacation, or docked in Civitavecchia Port for a day. A luxurious tour on a Ferrari, is an exhilarating memory of La Dolce Vita. Because what better way to spend your time in Rome, if not doing something original? Like driving your personal Ferrari through the city.

price from €1850.00


Truffle hunting experience near Rome

When you are visiting Rome and wanting to try something new and exciting, this private tour takes the "off the beaten path" activity to a whole other level! A private tour in the woods of the inland Roman Countryside, to discover ancient traditions: Truffle Hunting! Your private tour driver will welcome you in your Hotel or any other requested location in Rome, to take you for the beautiful countryside. As you enjoy a nice ride on a luxury Mercedes vehicle, you will travel to the beautiful area of the Bracciano Lake. A famous, vulcanic lake dotted with quaint villages and castles. All around the lake is woods. A green, dense woods with a peculiar selection of fauna and flora, home to a rich variety of delicious mushrooms and, you guessed it, Truffles! You'll be headed for the Woods of Manziana, just a few miles away from the town of Bracciano on the lake (world famous for the Odescalchi castle, where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married, among of other vip events) You will meet your hunter for the day. A high truffle expert and with his dogs, the two hour hunt in the woods begins. As you follow the trails of the focused hounds, your hunter guide will tell you all about this precious product of the Earth. And then the excitement begins, when the dogs traces the truffles buried in the soil, next to tree trunks and rocks, learn how to extract them and the different truffle hunting techniques. After collecting the prize, the hunter will take you to his house, where a different selections of dishes will be prepared with the truffles you've found. Enjoy a nice, rich lunch to go with home made deserts, wines and liquors, all prepared for the occasion. And after lunch, why not take a stroll to explore the surrounding Lake view villages of Anguillara and Trevignano? For the perfect ending of a perfect day, in the Roman Countryside. At the end of this day tour your private tour driver will take you back to your Rome hotel, with wonderful memories of a delightful day, in the heart of Italy!

price from €200.00


Private Luxury Transfer from Rome to Milan

Enjoy a relaxing, smooth ride in a comfortable, air-conditioned Luxury Vehicle for your private transfer from Rome Hotel or Airport to Milan. The best solution to reach your destination: Private deluxe transportation, personal driver to suite your every need and customization, to make your road trip more enjoyable. This transfer service can be scheduled also vice-versa. To make sure we offer you our best possible solution, we always recommend to let us know the size and quantity of luggage, so that we can fully satisfy your every need for a comfortable, relaxing private transfer. With our transfer service just relax, and enjoy the ride, let us take care of the rest.

price from €187.50

tour la spezia pisa

  • SELECT CITY - Select - florence naples rome venice milan cinque terre verona lake como lake garda sorrento positano bari bergamo bologna cagliari genoa la spezia lecce livorno lucca matera palermo pisa siena siracusa turin trapani amalfi montecatini capri pompeii parma taormina polignano a mare wheelchair friendly chianti

tour la spezia pisa

Private Tour From Port Of La Spezia To Discover Pisa And The Leaning Tower

tour la spezia pisa

Discover in total relaxation and comfort one of the symbols of Italy, the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa!

A half-day tour that will allow you to admire the marvelous Leaning Tower and the other architectural wonders found in Pisa .

Your expert driver will await you punctually at the cruise Terminal at the scheduled time. The journey towards your destination, lasting around 1 hour, will be extremely enjoyable, admiring from the window of your comfortable and modern private minivan the landscape that slowly changes shape and color as you leave Liguria and enter Tuscany . 

You will reach Pisa in total comfort , saving time and energy as your driver will leave you directly in Miracle Square , the heart of the city. This square, the most famous in Pisa, is an unforgettable sight: the green of the grass strikes a contrast with the white marble of the buildings that decorate the square, including the Cathedral , the Baptistery , the Monumental Cemetery and, of course, the Leaning Tower . 

The square is very intimate and collected and the monuments are very close to one another, so the visit is absolutely enjoyable and relaxing: you will have all the necessary free time to admire the beauty of the monuments and to take the inevitable photos of yourself “holding” or “pushing” the Tower!

At the end of the day, your private driver will bring you back in total safety to the port, right on time for you to take the ship. 

tour la spezia pisa

5 months ago

tour la spezia pisa

Amy Pthomme

tour la spezia pisa

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tour la spezia pisa

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tour la spezia pisa

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tour la spezia pisa

Pick up and drop off at the port of La Spezia

Roundtrip transportation by luxury minivan from the Port of La Spezia to Pisa

Professional driver

Driver and minivan disposal for 4 hours

Free time in Pisa

Departure time

Meeting point.


When you arrive at the port of La Spezia, and as soon as you descend from your cruise, you will have to take the shuttle bus that will take you to the cruise terminal where our escort will be waiting for you - Once you're outside the Cruise Terminal you will have to look for your tour leader who will be wearing a blue t-shirt from the "Shore Emotion Crew

Discover Florence and Pisa with a professional, experienced driver!

Coordinate directly with your private driver which locations you would like to visit

Visit more places of interest in less time, and without any stress!

Notes and advice

Comfortable shoes suggested

Kindly note that your private driver is not a professional guide, hence, he can give commentary while on board the minivan but he is not authorized to explain outside the minivan

Please send us an email at info@s to inform us about your ship’s name and its docking time

What should I expect in Central Italy?

Central Italy is made up of five regions , and it is where you can find Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena and more. It is home to the Tuscany region and all its small towns, along with Umbria , its beautiful, lesser known neighbor. Central Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean and Adriatic sea, green land in the center, and enchanting cities filled with history and deep culture. 

Tour may interest you

la spezia and its culinary tradition: itinerant tour to taste the best products of the city

  • Length 3 h 30 m
  • Price From € 79

tour la spezia pisa

private hiking tour exploring cinque terre national park from la spezia

  • Length 6 h 30 m
  • Price From € 124.80

tour la spezia pisa

snorkelling and sea wathcing: discover the secrets of the sea in the protected marine area of portovenere

  • Length 2 h 30 m
  • Price From € 134

private tour from port of la spezia to discover cinque terre: the pearls of the gulf of poets!

  • Price From € 110.50

tour la spezia pisa

Ciao Florence Tours & Travel srl

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[email protected] [email protected]

Tel. +39 055 354044

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Where are you going?

tour la spezia pisa

Pisa and Florence from La Spezia

Private Shore Excursion from La Spezia to Pisa and Florence

Price from € 880

tour la spezia pisa

  • Tour details


tour la spezia pisa

duration: Full day

tour la spezia pisa

Payment method: Cash, Paypal, Credit card

tour la spezia pisa

starting time: 8:00 AM

  • Tour comfortably in your private vehicle and personal Driver
  • See the most impressive monuments in Pisa in the Square of the Miracles
  • Gaze at the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa and take a lot of photos!
  • Experience the best of the Renaissance city of Florence
  • Explore the "open air museum" that Florence is regarded as
  • Admire the grand cathedral and Giotto's famous bell tower
  • Marvel at Michelangelo's David at the Accademia Gallery
  • Visit the basilica regarded as "the Temple of the Italian Glories"
  • Stroll along the world-famous Ponte Vecchio lined with luxurious jewelry shops
  • Pick Up & Drop at La Spezia Cruise Port (see Meeting Place below)
  • On Mondays when Museums are CLOSED, you may enjoy other areas of Florence
  • Enjoy a higher level of personal attention and flexibility on our private tours by car
  • This tour does NOT include a Tour Guide, you will Self Tour when away from the Vehicle
  • * Please read ALL the information on the tour page before booking to ensure this tour meets your expectations. If you have any unanswered questions let us know.
  • ** Availability is extremely limited at this port, please inquire via Email for availability
  • Pisa Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa
  • See Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Florence Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Basilica of Santa Croce
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Accademia Gallery (* Closed Mondays, no tickets on 1st Free Sunday of each month)
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • * On Mondays when Museums are closed, and on 1st Sunday of Each Month when not possible to obtain NO LINE TICKETS to avoid long lines, you can enjoy more of Florence

Shore Excursions to Pisa and Florence from La Spezia

  • Private deluxe vehicle
  • Personal English speaking Driver
  • Italy VAT Tax
  • highway tolls, parking fees and road expenses

not included

  • Admission Tickets
  • Tour Guide / Walking Tour
  • Gratuities (if pleased with service received from your driver)

Enjoy an unforgettable day in the heart of Tuscany with RomeCabs on your shore excursion to Pisa and Florence Shore Excursion from La Spezia Cruise Port. From Pisa’s famous Leaning Tower , to Florence’s iconic David statue, we combined two of Tuscany’s top destinations into one exquisite private shore excursion.  

Please  CONTACT US via Email for availability and booking information

Pisa and florence from la spezia tour price list.

  • For  up to 4 Persons  from  LA SPEZIA  Cruise Port:  880 EUROS
  • For  up to 6 Persons  from  LA SPEZIA  Cruise Port:  980 EUROS
  • For  up to 8 Persons  from  LA SPEZIA  Cruise Port:  1,100 EUROS  

  Preview many of the remarkable locations on our Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Tour VIDEO:


From La Spezia Cruise Port you will enjoy a drive through Tuscany’s legendary countryside to your first destination, Pisa.

Pisa is more than just one of Italy’s most iconic cities well recognized for its “ Leaning Tower of Pisa ”, it’s also a proud city rich in history, architecture and culture. Pisa’s history is so extensive that ancient Romans referred to Pisa as “ancient”.  According to one popular legend, Pisa was founded by the mythical king of Pylos after the fall of Troy.

Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Shore Excursion Tuscany RomeCabs

In Pisa you will visit Piazza dei Miracoli ( Square of Miracles ). This awe inspiring square possesses the city’s most significant architectural monuments, witness to its past wealth and power:  Pisa’s imposing Cathedral , its iconic “ Leaning Tower ”, the Baptistery and Camposanto (Holy Field monumental cemetery).  Recognized as one of the leading centers for medieval art Piazza dei Miracoli is also a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Your shore excursion from La Spezia journey continues to Florence , the capital of Tuscany.

Shore Excursion to Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Cruise Port Tours Tuscany RomeCabs

Also known as the cradle of Renaissance , Florence is a treasure trove of the most priceless works of art ever created. The historical, cultural, artistic, and scientific impact of Florence upon the world is unparalleled. During your visit in Florence you will have the opportunity to see and visit some of the the city’s finest monuments, squares, churches, and museums.


A short drive through the historic center will take you to the Basilica of Santa Croce - also regarded as the Temple of the Italian Glories as it houses the impressive funerary tombs of some of Florence’s most illustrious figures including Michelangelo , Galileo Galilei , Lorenzo Ghiberti and Niccolo Machiavelli .  Significant frescoes inside the basilica were created by many of the great masters such as Giotto, Cimabue, Donatello, and Giorgio Vasari among many others.

Tours to Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Shore Excursions in Tuscany


Piazza del Duomo is the most famous square in Florence boasting three religious monuments with  exteriors beautifully decorated with polychrome horizontal strips of stunning green, white and pink marble:  Florence’s Duomo ( Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral ), Giotto’s Bell Tower , and the Baptistery of Saint John .

The cathedral is one of Italy’s largest churches crowned with the largest brick dome ever constructed. The square with its three religious monuments is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Port Tour to Florence and Pisa from La Spezia Cruise Tours RomeCabs


Piazza della Signoria is a lively square brimming with impressive sculptures making it an ideal place to enjoy a lovely lunch at any of the restaurants. In the warm months outdoor seating offers a delightful experience.

Overlooking the square is the imposing Palazzo Vecchio with a replica of Michelangelo’s David statue standing at the entrance.  

The arched Loggia dei Lanzi is a open sculpture gallery featuring remarkable classical and Renaissance sculptures. Considering all the magnificent sculptures that can be admired in this square, it’s no wonder it’s considered an open air museum !

Florence and Pisa Shore Excursions from La Spezia Cruise Tours Ponte vecchio Firenze


Nearby is the famous Ponte Vecchio ( Old Bridge ). With its unique jewelbox gold shops built right on the bridge itself and breathtaking views of the Arno River flanked by aged ochre colored buildings, Ponte Vecchio is one of the most picturesque settings in Florence.


Michelangelo David Florence and Pisa from La Spezia Shore Excursions to Tuscany RomeCabs

Accademia Gallery of Florence i s most famous for housing the original David sculpture by Michelangelo since 1873, and it’s one of the principal art museums of Florence featuring other masterpieces by Michelangelo, and Renaissance era paintings by the great artists of the era such as Sandro Botticelli , Domenico Ghiarlando , and more.

Thank you for booking our Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Shore Excursion and for choosing Stefano's RomeCabs for your Italy Private Excursions. We look forward to welcoming you to Italy!

Important Information

  PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW AND ACCEPT THE    TERMS OF SERVICE   AND  PRIVACY POLICY BEFORE BOOKING. La Spezia Port is farther away from Pisa and Florence than Livorno.  As a result of the greater distance that takes up more time from your overall available tour time, in order to be able to achieve this shore excursion from La Spezia Port, the time you have available to visit Pisa and Florence would be LESS than from Livorno.

* If your cruise ship docks in Livorno , please book the  Pisa and Florence from Livorno Shore Escursion .


Payment for this Pisa and Florence from la Spezia Shore Excursion can be made in  EUROS  directly to your driver on the Date of Tour, or prepaid in advance via  PayPal  or  Credit Card  online when you confirm your Tour.

If you wish to  PREPAY  you may do so  online when CONFIRMING your BOOKING  by  SELECTING your preferred option of payment.


We kindly ask for any cancellations at least  7 days prior to Date of Service . 

Cancellations must be made  by email  and confirmed by us in order for your cancellation to be on record.  We do NOT accept cancellations by phone, text message or 3rd party.

** Cancelations for PREPAID SERVICES will be refunded the Net Rate we receive from your prepayment.  Net Rate: actual service price minus PayPal/Credit Card fees retained by PayPal/Credit Card as they do not reimburse us the fees they retain from your payment.


* Please be aware that Academia Gallery (and all museums) are  closed on Mondays , and on national holidays:  January 1  ,  May 1  and  December 25 .  

Also It is  NOT possible to visit Museums on 1st Sunday of Every Month  as this is " free museum day" in Italy with NO advance tickets available and long wait lines to enter the museums.

On these dates your museum visit will be substituted with other sites in Florence that best suit your interests and desires.

* Please book  Academia Gallery   for the  11:30 AM time slot . Not reserving your museum in advance or waiting in line. Please book your tickets here and bring your vouchers with you on the day of the tour:


ADMISSION TICKETS  to visit the  Santa Croce  is approximately  5 euros per person  to be paid upon arrival.

 Tours from la Spezia to Florence and Pisa Shore Excursions in Tuscany


Tour Drivers are  NOT  licensed tour guides.

According to Italian laws, Tour Drivers can not act as tour guides and accompanying guests inside churches, museums, monuments or sights to sightsee.  Your driver will be obliged to remain with the vehicle at all times while  you SELF TOUR  away from the vehicle. We can make arrangements for a  LICENSED TOUR GUIDE  you as a courtesy service to our clients. Pleads contact us for tour guides fees and how to reserve a guide. Licensed Tour Guides are paid at the end of their tour services in Euro funds.


Due to limited space and security measures,  vehicles are NOT permitted to enter the port of La Spezia . Cruisers are required to take a  shuttle bus from their ship to exit the port . Your driver will meet you at the  Bus Stop  holding a sign with the name in your reservation.

Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Shore Excursion TOUR SHARING

Save a lot on this Pisa and Florence from la Spezia Shore Excursion by sharing your tour with fellow cruiser for up to 8 guests for mini van! It's easy: just place an ad on Cruise Critic's roll call and invite others to join you. Share the fun and the expense.



  • Please wear comfortable shoes and mind your personal belongings while in public places and busy squares.
  • Some religious venues may enforce modesty dress code. Find out more:  How to Dress when visiting churches in Italy

Shore Excursions to Florence and Pisa from La Spezia Cruise Tours in Tuscany RomeCabs

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Pisa, Lucca, and Leaning Tower with Transfer from La Spezia

tour la spezia pisa

  • Explore Pisa's stunning Piazza dei Miracoli, marvel at the Leaning Tower, and visit the majestic Cathedral and Baptistry with our exclusive shore excursion.
  • Choose our "Transfer Only" option for flexible exploration of Florence and Pisa, or opt for the immersive "Classic Tour" in enchanting Lucca.
  • In Lucca, enjoy a guided tour featuring the Guinigi Tower, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, and San Frediano Church, after a leisurely lunch in the city center.


Embark on an enchanting journey to the heart of Italy with our exclusive shore excursion - a delightful blend of culture, history, and architecture in Pisa and Lucca. This excursion, starting from the picturesque port of La Spezia, is your gateway to exploring two of Italy's most iconic cities, each with its own unique charm.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Pisa, a city renowned worldwide for its stunning Piazza dei Miracoli. Here, you'll have the opportunity to marvel at the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, visit the majestic Cathedral, and explore the Baptistry. These architectural masterpieces offer a perfect backdrop for memorable photos and moments of relaxation under the Tuscan sun.

For those seeking flexibility, our "Transfer Only" option provides comfortable transport from La Spezia to both Florence and Pisa. This choice allows you the freedom to explore these captivating cities at your own pace, creating a personalized experience that caters to your interests.

Alternatively, our "Classic Tour" offers an immersive experience in the enchanting city of Lucca. After some free time for a leisurely lunch - with the option to indulge in a typical meal in the city center - you'll be treated to a guided exploration of Lucca's historic treasures. Discover the Guinigi Tower, the amphitheater-like Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, and the serene beauty of San Frediano Church, all guided by our knowledgeable escort.

Your journey begins with a departure from La Spezia, a gem in its own right. This bustling port offers a glimpse into Italy's maritime heritage and serves as the perfect starting point for your adventure. Arrive in Pisa in just an hour, where you'll have 2.5 hours to explore, including an optional 1-hour guided walk. The journey then continues to Lucca, a short 30-minute ride away, offering another 2.5 hours to discover its hidden treasures before returning to La Spezia.

This tour is not just a trip but a tale of two cities, each telling a story steeped in history, art, and culture. Whether you're a history buff, a lover of architecture, or simply in search of a unique Italian experience, this shore excursion from La Spezia to Pisa and Lucca is an unmissable opportunity. Book now to secure your spot on this unforgettable journey through the heart of Italy.




Florence & Pisa

tour la spezia pisa

Shore Excursions from La Spezia

  • Pisa & Lucca

tour la spezia pisa

Prices Ask Avalaibility

Your driver will meet you on the dock of la spezia port, he’ll drive you to pisa..

Pisa is at once the best known and the most mysterious of TUSCAN CITIES. Its most celebrated monument (THE LEANING TOWER) has become, along with the COLOSSEUM, gondolas and spaghetti a symbol for the entire ITALIAN REPUBBLIC. Pisa's origins are unknown. The city lies at the junction of two rivers, Arno and Auser (now disappeared) in the Ligurian Sea forming a laguna area. The Pelasgi, the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Ligurians have variously been proposed as founders of the city. Archeological remains from the 5th century BC confirm the existence of a city at the sea, trading with Greeks and Gauls. The presence of an Etruscan necropolis was discovered during excavations in the Arena Garibaldi in 1991. From the 11th to the 13th century, PISA's powerful navy ensured the city's dominance in the western Mediterranean. Trading links with SPAIN and NORTH AFRICA led to a scientific and cultural revolution reflected in the splendid buildings at the era:


Pisa's decline was assured when the ARNO began to silt up. Salt marsh, partly a nature reserve now divides the city from the sea.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: Torre pendente di Pisa) or simply The Tower of Pisa (La Torre di Pisa) is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. It is situated behind the Cathedral and it is the third structure by time in Pisa's Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square). Although intended to stand vertically, the tower began leaning to the southeast soon after the onset of construction in 1173 due to a poorly laid foundation and loose substrate that has allowed the foundation to shift direction. building: the 13th century square tower at Suurhusen and the nearby 14th century bell tower in the town of Bad Frankenhausen (Sunday Telegraph no 2,406- 22nd July The height of the tower is 55.86 m (183.27 ft) from the ground on the lowest side and 56.70 m (186.02 ft) on the highest side. The width of the walls at the base is 4.09 m (13.42 ft) and at the top 2.48 m (8.14 ft). Its weight is estimated at 14,500 tonnes. The tower has 296 or 294 steps ;the seventh floor has two less steps on the north-facing staircase. The tower leans at an angle of 3.97 degrees. This means that the top of the tower is 3.9 meters from where it would stand if the tower were perfectly vertical.

In PISA our drivers can drive you in the FIELD OF MIRACLES where you can visit THE DUOMO, THE BAPTISTRY, THE LEANING TOWER, CAMPOSANTO). You can visit also PIAZZA DEI CAVALIERI with its beautiful buildings.

After PISA you’ll proceed to FLORENCE, your driver will drive you up to the marvellous terrace called Piazzale Michelangelo (named for the artist who sculpted the original David statue). To get there you'll drive the most scenic road of the city of Florence, called VIALE DEI COLLI. Nearby you can also see the gorgeous white and green marble façade of the S. Miniato al Monte church - one of the purest examples of the Florentine Romanesque style. After leaving the church, in this Florence tour, we follow an uphill road, bordered by the ancient city walls, until we reach Forte Belvedere, built around 1590 by the Grand-duke Ferdinand to protect the Medici villas. Driving down from the Fort, passing the old gate to the city, the Porta Romana, we come to the imposing Pitti Palace, which hosts many galleries and museums (Gallery of Modern Art, Costume Gallery, Palatine Gallery,Royal Apartments, Coach Museum, Silver and Porcelain museums, etc) and a magnificent park called the Boboli Gardens. Next we head for the dead center of the downtown, to the Piazza della Repubblica, surrounded by the historical literary cafés, where long ago important intellectuals gathered together. Following the Via De'Calzaiuoli, which connects Piazza del Duomo ( S. Maria del Fiore, the Baptistery, Giotto's Bell tower) to Piazza Signoria (Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi, etc.) you will be able to admire the best masterpieces of Renaissance art, breathing in the magical atmosphere that only Florence can offer, a marvellous tour of Florence.

The Basilica is the largest Franciscan church in the world. Its most notable features are its sixteen chapels, many of them decorated with frescoes by Giotto and his pupils, and its tombs and cenotaphs. Legend says that Santa Croce was founded by St Francis himself. The construction of the current church, to replace an older building, was begun on 12th May 1294[1], possibly by Arnolfo di Cambio, and paid for by some of the city's wealthiest families. It was consecrated in 1442 by Pope Eugene IV. The building's design reflects the austere approach of the Franciscans. The floorplan is an Egyptian or Tau cross (a symbol of St Francis), 115 metres in length with a nave and two aisles separated by lines of octagonal columns. To the south of the church was a convent, some of whose buildings remain. The Basilica became popular with Florentines as a place of worship and patronage and it became customary for greatly honoured Florentines to be buried or commemorated there. Some were in chapels "owned" by wealthy families such as the Bardi and Peruzzi. As time progressed, space was also granted to notable Italians from elsewhere. For 500 years monuments were erected in the church including those to:


Florence was the cradle of Renaissance culture. Through the patronage of the Medici court, the city became the home of artists and people of letters. It was certainly the cultural reference point of the 15th and 16th centuries. During the 13th and 14th centuries, a number of illustrious people were recognized in every endeavor. Giotto, Cimabue, Arnolfo di Cambio and Orcagna left behind their masterpieces in the city of Lily. These provided a model for the entire world of Tuscan and Italian art. For the shop or the hungry soul, there are also many shops and "trattoria" to dive into, so everyone in the group can satisfy their desires whether it be a sharp leather jacket, or a scrumptious plate of pasta! So, having Florence tours means to do a marvellous experience in Italy: Tuscany tours are the most beaufitul and interesting thing that you can do in our beautiful Italia, according to Italy tours. Dont't forget that it's also possible to have an outlet shopping tour visiting factory outlets of Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Ferragamo and other famous italian brands. We can also take you to visit the ACCADEMIA MUSEUM ( where the original DAVID is), reservation is required MONDAYS is closed or the UFFIZI GALLERY, MONDAYS closed, reservation required.

Back to the ship in LA SPEZIA.

Prices ask avalaibility --> ask avalaibility,   rent a car with driver  .

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Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) – Private Tour from La Spezia

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One Day Private Tour From the Port of La Spezia to Pisa and Florence

With our Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) – Private Tour from La Spezia, you will visit two of the most important Tuscan cities and discover their great artistic and architectural beauty.

Please, do not choose us if you like crowded tours.

Private Tour from La Spezia to Pisa and Florence

Our driver will pick up you and your group directly from the cruise port of La Spezia   with our comfortable minivan. We’ll wait for you just outside the Terminal Cruise. We start our Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) – Private Tour from La Spezia in direction of Pisa.

Main attractions in Pisa

We will stop at Piazza dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles), where you will have time for pictures. This is the one of the most photographed squares in Italy because of the oustanding Leaning Tower (Torre di Pisa). Visitors usually have fun when taking pictures here and they pretend to support the tower from falling down. Today the tower leans at almost 4 degrees. Restoration works were done to stabilise it. But the Leaning Tower is part of a more important architectural complex in this square. Indeed, you will find here the Duomo and the Baptistry as well. The name Field of Miracles comes from the words of the famous poet Gabriele D’Annuzio after flying over the city. After this visit, we will drive to another beautiful square, Piazza Dei Cavalieri , with its stunning facade designed by Vasari. On our way, you will also see the picturesque Lungarno , the main street along the river Arno with its historic buildings and many shops.

Read more about Pisa in our article .

Exclusive Experience in Florence on our Private Tour with Uffizi/Academy

After Pisa, we will drive in direction of Florence . It will take approximatly 1 hour and 20 minutes and during the trip you can admire the typcal Tuscan countryside. Once close to the city, we will drive up to the hills and pass in front of the old gate to the city, Porta Romana . You will also appreciate the view over Palazzo Pitti ( Pitti Palace ,). This was the former residence of the rich Medici family, but today it hosts several galleries and museums. Behind the palace, you find the magnificient Boboli Gardens .

We will continue to learn about Florence’s rich cultural history during your sightseeing tour. Will see Piazza della Signoria with its impressive sculptures and imposing palaces. Among these, the Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) with its colorful marble facade and the Giotto’s Bell Tower. Close to them you also find the Baptistry . This last building is famous for its bronze doors, that Michelangelo used to call “the Gates of Paradise” .

Discover Florence with National Geographic .

The Uffizi Gallery and the Academy (David): the heart of Florence

The Uffizi Galleries (skip the line option) are not far from Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge) . In these museums, you can admire unique paintings of Michelangelo , Botticelli , Raffaello , Leonardo Da Vinci . In addition, you have the opportunity to visit  the Accademia Gallery . This other important museum is very famous for housing the original David statue of Michelangelo.

If you want to have a nice view over the Old Bridge instead, we suggest you to walk along the river Arno. On Ponte Vecchio you find today many beautiful jewelry shops .

Another place you can not miss is Piazzale Michelangelo , a big terrace square from where you can enjoy a complete view of the city of Florence with all its main attractions.

Free Time for Lunch and Shopping in Florence on our Private Tour

Free time is important to make your visit really exclusive. If you like shopping, there are many shops where to buy souvernirs, hand made jewelry and local products. If you like eating, you can chose among the many trattorias and have a delicious pasta. Our driver will be at your disposal and will be happy to advise you where to eat and where to go shopping.

It is possible to pre-book tickets to the Leaning Tower, Uffizi Gallery or Accademia. If your are interested, please inform us when booking the tour. Tickets are subject to availability).

Please, specify your cruise ship name and the date of arrival in port in the Request form.

Itinerary of our Private Tour from La Spezia to Pisa and Florence:

Departure from cruise port of la spezia, visit in pisa, visit in florence, return at the la spezia cruise port, worry free shore excursion guarantee, ensured return on ship.

We are expert in the Cruise Shore Excursion market and we know how much important is for you to be sure to return timely on your ship . We works everyday with cruise passengers, so we know exactly at what time you need to be back at the cruise ship's pier. We guarantee your timely return to your ship. In the rare event your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of-call.

Ship cancelled? Money Back Guarantee

If your ship don't docks at port for bad weather conditions and you are unable to run this activity, your money will be refunded 100%

Florence and Pisa Tour

Request More Info About Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) - Private Tour from La Spezia

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Your Requests

Terms And Conditions

  • Deposit 30% is required at reservation time, by credit card or paypal (in both case 4% more) in order to guarantee your reservation.
  • Due payment may be made 15 days in advance by the same way or the day of tour in cash in Euro
  • There will be a full charge to your deposit for bookings canceled less than 7 days prior or for no-shows.
  • No charge for cancellations made with at least 7 days prior notice. If you are interested in proceeding we will send you the complete terms of service upon request.
  • They can also be viewed on the website by clicking the TERMS AND CONDITIONS link at the bottom of any page.

Tour Reviews


We are 5 children and 7 adults of a family. Want to do customise tour from la spezia on 27/06/2018. Please tell us reasonable cost of full tour. Thanks

Is there a tour that gives you a stop at a Tuscan winery and then a visit to Florence? We arrive on May 15th on the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas. We are in La Spezia port from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Grazie! -Josephine

Hello Josephine. We can accommodate a private tour which cover Florence and Tuscan Chianti Winery. Rates depending how many people you are. Thank you


I’ll arrive to La Spezia on3 july,so i’would like to go FLORENCIA for a it possible? i don’t estay in cruise.?I’ll stay at de hotel,..could you send me the information ,please .my best regards Mirna

Hi We are 4 adults and 3 childeren for the Pisa and Fluorence tour , can you please share full package price for the Aug end 2019 our cruise will drop at 8:30Am at La Spezia.

Thanks, Sandy

We are a party of four and would like to join this tour. Is it possible to combine with four other people so that the cost per person can be lowered . Our ship, the Celebrity Edge will dock at La Spezia on 18 August.

Yes, is available a group tour to Florence and Pisa on 18th August from La Spezia. You can see all itinerary and rates and also you can book directly to Thank you

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Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) - Tour from Livorno

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Cinque Terre and Pisa Private Shore Excursion from Livorno

Private Tour from La Spezia Port to Florence & Pisa

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What to expect

LivTours Private Tour from La Spezia Port to Florence & Pisa is the perfect shore excursion if you are docking in La Spezia for the day. Your private guide will meet you at your cruise ship terminal to start your private journey across Tuscany. You will travel in comfort in an air conditioned luxury chauffeured van to visit Pisa and Florence while admiring the Tuscan countryside.

Revel in luxury as your driver whisks you to Florence where you will have a chance to get some lunch before enjoying a private tour of the highlights of this Renaissance city. Your expert private guide will help you discover the oldest bridge in the city, Ponte Vecchio, the marble facade of the Duomo with its unique dome and includes priority access into the Galleria dell’Accademia, which houses Michelangelo’s statue of David. Them, you will have time to explore Pisa and admire the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, while hearing the history and anecdotes behind their construction and restorations. All of this in one day and returning you to your ship in time to set sail!

Why book this tour

  • Discover the highlights of Tuscany in one day on this private shore excursion
  • Travel by private luxury chauffeured van with port pick up and drop off
  • Explore the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987
  • Experience the highlights of Florence including Michelangelo’s statue of David
  • Soak up the history and anecdotes of Tuscany’s two gems with your private tour guide

Exclusive private Tours and Experiences. Also offered in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Russian

Our prices always include tickets and reservations fees (no waiting in lines!)

Our tour guides and staff are selected experts and speak perfect English

Easy to book and prepay your tours with our secure payment system

Eco-sustainable tourism, designed to respect and support local culture, art and traditions

Read more about your private tour from La Spezia port

Your LivTours Private Tour from La Spezia Port to Florence & Pisa is a great way to make the most of your visit to Tuscany! Discovering Tuscany’s gems with your own private tour guide and the private driver offers you the most comfort between your cruise ship in La Spezia, Florence, and Pisa. Waiting for you as you exit your cruise ship terminal, your private driver will take you to Florence to explore the wonders of this Renaissance city in the company of your expert private guide.

On this private walk, you will have the opportunity to learn about the city’s interesting history and amusing anecdotes about the powerful Medici family. Most famous for its Renaissance roots, Florence dates back even further in history to ancient times. You will have a chance to see the key attractions such as the stunning square, Piazza della Signoria, filled with so many statues it is referred to as an outdoor museum; the oldest bridge in Florence, the unique Ponte Vecchio; and admire Michelangelo’s statue of David.

You will enjoy priority access to the Galleria dell’Accademia, The Fine Arts Academy of Florence, which houses one of the most significant art pieces from the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s statue of David.  Carved from one piece of discarded marble, the 17-foot statue is awe-inspiring.  Your guide will happily share with you entertaining stories about the life of the artists and point out symbols in their artwork as you admire other pieces in the Gallery.

Upon leaving the Gallery, your private car will be waiting to take you to Pisa. Renowned for its leaning tower, but also for its stunning Medieval Baptistery and Cathedral and Pisa’s most famous scientist, Galileo Galilei.

After you have finished admiring the beautiful highlights of Pisa, your driver will chauffeur you back to La Spezia and your cruise ship.

This Tour Includes

  • Full day chauffer service
  • Port pick up and drop off
  • Free time in Pisa
  • Leaning tower of Pisa (from outside)
  • Guided tour of Florence
  • Piazza della Signora
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Skip the line Accademia tickets
  • Michelangelos David

Know before you go

  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed into the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Individuals under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Please note, the Pisa Baptistery will be closed for renovations from October 2nd-December 1st, 2023. The Tower and cathedral will still be open and visitable.
  • Please remember to add your cruise ship details – cruise line name, ship name, and dock  – under “Additional information” in the booking form.
  • Lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

Our Sustainable Tourism Promise

LivTours’ group size of max 6 participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel, and we are proud to be at the forefront of change and innovation in the industry.   LivTours is committed to providing travelers with truly sustainable tours with the lowest possible environmental impact, all while supporting the local industries and people of each unique destination. To learn more about how you can actively support sustainable tourism  and how LivTours is contributing, click here .

About our Private tours

When you book a LivTours Private Tour or Experience , you are guaranteed a dedicated, expert guide that allows you the flexibility to start your tour at a time which is convenient for you, making planning easy. Our private tours ensure that you will get a tailored experience to meet all your needs so we go at your pace, perfect for families with younger children, elderly, or individuals with accessibility needs. Please be advised that all private tours begin at a base price starting at two people* . Prices are inclusive of entry tickets where applicable.  *Some Ferrari private experiences are inclusive of one person only.

Choose dates later / Buy as a gift

By selecting Choose Dates Later / Buy as Gift at booking, any tour can be purchased without fixed dates. This is the perfect option if you want to purchase your tour as a gift for a loved one, or if you are in the pre-planning phase of your vacation. After booking, you will receive a Travel Voucher Code and full instructions on how to schedule your tours when ready. Once your travel plans are confirmed, you can easily use the Travel Voucher Code on the LivTours website to formally schedule your tours. You can find out more here .

Book your tour

Privacy overview.


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  6. Spezia-Pisa 3-0 (25.09.2000)


  1. From La Spezia: Round-Trip to Pisa Cruise Shore Excursion

    Explore Pisa with this shore excursion from La Spezia. Upon disembarking, you'll take one of the free shuttle buses from the pier to the terminal to meet your easily recognizable tour leader outside the terminal. After admiring the Unesco Piazza Dei Miracoli, choose the city walking option to have the opportunity to see the hidden treasures of ...

  2. Florence and Pisa from La Spezia

    Discovery Guided Tours; La Spezia Port; Florence and Pisa from La Spezia; La Spezia Port Florence and Pisa from La Spezia. price from €100.00. 13 reviews . see all. tailor made experience. Marco was a great tour guide! We learned a lot and were very comfortable with him in the car. start time: 8:00 am. pick up/drop off: La Spezia Port.

  3. Pisa Shore Excursion by Bus from La Spezia 2024

    Day Tour Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Cruise Port (Price Per Car) 2. from $1,108.57. Per group. Likely to Sell Out. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Full-Day Private Tour to Pisa and Lucca from La Spezia cruise port. 1. from $741.64.

  4. La Spezia: Full-Day Pisa And Lucca Excursion

    Experience Highlights. Discover the exciting highlights awaiting you on the full-day Pisa and Lucca excursion, including iconic monuments, expert-led tours, and the opportunity to explore medieval walls and iconic landmarks. Enjoy the rich local cuisine, savoring traditional dishes at hidden gems off the beaten path.

  5. La Spezia Port: Cinque Terre and Pisa full day tour by Minivan ...

    Boat Tour Cinque Terre and Portovenere. from $148.61. $165.12 $16.51 savings. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Pisa&Florence Shared Shore Excursion from La Spezia Port. 1. from $220.17. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Cinque Terre boat tour PRIVATE, Wonderful Experience.

  6. Private Tour: La Spezia Port to Pisa & the Leaning Tower

    Private Tour From Port Of La Spezia To Discover Pisa And The Leaning Tower. Departure time. Length 4 h. Type Private. From € 85. today Day Trips. BOOK THIS ACTIVITY STARTING FROM € 85. Discover in total relaxation and comfort one of the symbols of Italy, the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa! A half-day tour that will allow you to admire the ...

  7. From La Spezia: Shore Excursion to Pisa and Cinque Terre

    Take a day trip from La Spezia to visit the famous Piazza dei Miracoli with its iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, take a dip in the sea, and explore Manarola, the smallest of the Cinque Terre villages. ... 6 Pisa Tours. 7 Pisa Day trips. 8 Pisa Day trips. 9 Pisa Viewing points. 10 Pisa Landmarks & monuments. 11 Pisa Religious & spiritual activities.

  8. Pisa and Florence from La Spezia

    Private Excursion to Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Cruise Port in private deluxe vehicle and English speaking Driver. us & canada:011 39 - 339 3525 028; europe: ... Pisa and Florence from La Spezia Tour Price List. For up to 4 Persons from LA SPEZIA Cruise Port: 880 EUROS;

  9. Pisa Group Shore Excursion from La Spezia 2024

    Check off one of Italy's "must-see" attractions during your time at port in La Spezia with this group shore excursion to Pisa and its famed Leaning Tower. Set off directly from the cruise terminal by air-conditioned coach to Pisa, where a group leader will lead you from the coach parking area to Piazza Dei Miracoli. Enjoy free time to explore the cathedral complex and Pisa's old town.

  10. Cinque Terre and Pisa Shore Excursion from La Spezia Cruise Port

    There, you will board our comfortable minivan and start the Cinque Terre and Pisa Shore Excursion from La Spezia Cruise Port. Our first stop will be in Pisa, one of the most famous cities in Italy thanks to the Leaning Tower. The trip from La Spezia Cruise Terminal to Pisa will take approximately 1 hour. Today this city is a big is an important ...

  11. Pisa, Lucca, and Leaning Tower with Transfer from La Spezia

    Choose our "Transfer Only" option for flexible exploration of Florence and Pisa, or opt for the immersive "Classic Tour" in enchanting Lucca. In Lucca, enjoy a guided tour featuring the Guinigi Tower, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, and San Frediano Church, after a leisurely lunch in the city center. Price: $125.00. Choose Options My Cruise Itinerary.

  12. Cinque Terre and Pisa Small Group Tour from La Spezia Cruise Port

    A complete experience and the only One Day Cinque Terre and Pisa Shore Excursion Tour from La Spezia that will allow you to discover the beauty of the villages while breathing the true life, the stop in one of the most famous Monuments in Italy, the beautiful Pisa Leaning Tower. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION.

  13. La Spezia Shore Excursion: Florence and Pisa Your Way

    Lucca City Tour and Pisa Tower + Wine Tasting From La Spezia Port; Portovenere and Golfo Dei Poeti: Boat Tour With Lunch and Wine; In Barca Alla Porte Delle Cinque Terre HD; Private Transfer From La Spezia Hotels to La Spezia Port; 3-Hour Porto Venere and Islands Boat Tour With Aperitif; 8 Hours Cinque Terre With Lunch on Boat in Spezia; Boat ...

  14. Florence and Pisa shore excursions from La Spezia

    Pisa's decline was assured when the ARNO began to silt up. Salt marsh, partly a nature reserve now divides the city from the sea. The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: Torre pendente di Pisa) or simply The Tower of Pisa (La Torre di Pisa) is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa.

  15. La Spezia Shore Excursion To Lucca & Pisa With Optional Visit To The

    Explore Lucca and Pisa's rich history and architecture on a scenic shore excursion. Marvel at iconic landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Immerse in cultural discovery with photo opportunities, local cuisine, and historical insights. Opt for a unique experience by visiting the Leaning Tower for ...

  16. Pisa and Florence FULLY GUIDED Tour from La Spezia

    Sunset Boat Tour in the Cinque Terre. 5. from $148.61. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. La Spezia Shore Excursion: Florence and Pisa Your Way. 10. from $105.26. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Day Boat Tour Cinque Terre & Porto Venere.

  17. From La Spezia: Florence & Pisa Cruise Shore Excursion

    Full description. Discover Florence and Pisa with a roundtrip transfer from La Spezia. Explore Florence, known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, at your own pace or see the city on an optional walking tour. Head on to Pisa and admire the famous monuments before you return to La Spezia. After arriving easily at the meeting point following the ...

  18. Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David)

    One Day Private Tour From the Port of La Spezia to Pisa and Florence. With our Pisa, Florence and Uffizi or Academy (David) - Private Tour from La Spezia, you will visit two of the most important Tuscan cities and discover their great artistic and architectural beauty. Private tours ensure Exclusive Experience. Guaranteed Return to Ship in Time.

  19. Florence and Pisa Shore Excursion from La Spezia 2024

    Florence and Pisa are two of Tuscany's top destinations, but it's almost impossible to visit both in one day with public transportation. Save hours with this shore excursion that includes pickup directly at the cruise port terminal in La Spezia and hassle-free transport on board an air-conditioned private coach. Opt for add-ons like a Florence walking tour or Leonardo da Vinci museum ...

  20. Private Tour from La Spezia Port to Florence & Pisa

    LivTours Private Tour from La Spezia Port to Florence & Pisa is the perfect shore excursion if you are docking in La Spezia for the day. Your private guide will meet you at your cruise ship terminal to start your private journey across Tuscany. You will travel in comfort in an air conditioned luxury chauffeured van to visit Pisa and Florence while admiring the Tuscan countryside.

  21. La Spezia to Pisa

    Trenitalia Intercity operates a train from La Spezia Centrale to Pisa Centrale every 3 hours. Tickets cost $7-10 and the journey takes 58 min. Two other operators also service this route. Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from La Spezia to Pisa 3 times a day. Tickets cost $9-13 and the journey takes 1h 10m.

  22. La Spezia Private Shore Excursion of Pisa and Florence

    Visit the historic cities of Florence and Pisa on a full-day, private shore excursion from the La Spezia cruise port, and experience some of Italy's most iconic sites. Enjoy the flexibility of a private driver as you explore art and architecture in both cities, with a stop to see the famously leaning Leaning Tower of Pisa. This tour is priced per group for up to eight people, and includes ...

  23. La Spezia Shore Excursion to Lucca & Pisa optional Leaning Tower

    La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Pisa, Florence and Uffizi Museum or Accademia Private Shore Excursion from La Spezia. 9. from $514.14. Price varies by group size. La Spezia, Piedmont & Liguria. Day Boat Tour Cinque Terre & Porto Venere. 64. from $215.40.