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These 10 Target must-haves will make your next trip a breeze — and they start at $10

Travel essentials from Target

Whether you're planning a quick weekend staycation or are finally heading on that big beach getaway that you've been dreaming about, making sure that you have all the right items on hand is essential for ensuring that your trip goes smoothly

And to do that, you'll want to create a packing list of travel necessities. Luckily, Target has everything you need to make the journey so much easier. As part of our series Shop This List TODAY , we've a rounded up a list of must-haves for a stress-free travel day that you can score entirely at Target. All you need to do is click a button to add them all to your cart.

travel accessories at target

SHOP THIS LIST TODAY Get everything you need in one place with our weekly Target shopping guides

From a carry-on bag that's chic yet functional to stylish joggers that feel like sweatpants, with these 10 travel packing essentials, you won't have to worry about disorganization and the woes that come with the journey to your destination.

Target travel accessories

travel accessories at target

Small Travel Accessory Organizer

Heyday 4000mAh Power Bank

4000mAh Power Bank

Vera Bradley Microfiber Travel Pill Case

Microfiber Travel Pill Case

travel accessories at target

Weekender Bag

Made By Design Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Gel Memory Foam Pillow

travel accessories at target

Digital Luggage Scale

travel accessories at target

Large 2-Piece Packing Cube Set

A New Day High-Rise Pull-On Pants

High-Rise Pull-On Pants

Heyday 35MM Camera

35MM Camera

Sonia Kashuk Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag

Brightroom small travel accessory organizer.

Small Travel Accessory Organizer

Tangled necklaces and rings lost at the bottom of your bag will be a thing of the past with this jewelry organizer . The sleek case features ring slots, three necklace hooks, one pocket, a mirror and additional compartments for earrings and more.

travel accessories at target

Shop 6 organization finds you need to cut your fridge and pantry clutter — all under $20

Heyday 4000mah power bank.

Heyday 4000mAh Power Bank

You don't want to be stuck with a dead phone while you're on the go. That's why you'll want to keep this power bank in your bag, so you'll always have juice. The brand says that you can use it to power up smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

Vera Bradley Microfiber Travel Pill Case

Vera Bradley Microfiber Travel Pill Case

Pill cases aren't typically known for being very stylish, but this version is both sleek and functional. It features a clear organizer with eight compartments for each day of the week (and a bonus slot for extra pills), encased in a solid-colored microfiber case.

travel accessories at target

Shop These 7 time-saving products will get you out the door on time in the morning

Open story weekender bag.

Weekender Bag

Whether you're heading off on a weekend trip or hoping to avoid those checked bag fees at the airport, this duffel is perfect for toting around all your essentials. According to the brand, it has a large-capacity main compartment and special slots for your water bottle, keys, sunglasses and laptop.

Made By Design Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Made By Design Gel Memory Foam Pillow

No more struggling to find a comfortable head position while in the car or on the plane! This neck pillow is made with gel memory foam, which the brand says molds to your body and helps keep you cool. The best part? It's designed to roll up, so it's easy to store away in your luggage when you're not using it. Though if you don't have any extra space, it also has a clip, so you can attach it to your bag.

Travel Smart by Conair Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale

There's nothing worse than getting to the check-in counter only to be told that your bag is a few pounds overweight. Thankfully, when you have this handy luggage scale in your arsenal, you'll never be left scrambling to rearrange your bag (or paying those extra fees) again. The portable digital scale is designed to attach to your bag with a hook to measure its weight and will beep if yours exceeds the limit. Thanks to its small size, you can easily pack it in your bag for your trip so you can make sure that all those souvenirs you got don't throw you over the limit.

Made By Design Large 2-Piece Packing Cube Set

Large 2-Piece Packing Cube Set

When you pack with these organizers, you'll know exactly where to find that pair of pants or your favorite tee in your suitcase. The set comes with one large packing cube with a semi-transparent mesh top and one clear travel pouch. According to the brand, the cube is designed to fit perfectly in your suitcase, though it can also be thrown in a weekend bag or in your car on its own if you're traveling light.

A New Day High-Rise Pull-On Pants

A New Day High-Rise Pull-On Pants

When you only have so much room in your suitcase, you have to be pretty picky about the items that you bring along for a trip. Thankfully, these pull-on pants seem like they'd be a wardrobe workhouse that you could wear for multiple occasions on your trip, from nice dinners to days spent walking around town with family. According to the brand, they're made from a soft, stretchy fabric for all-day comfort.

Heyday 35MM Camera

Heyday 35MM Camera

In case you haven't heard, film is cool again! And this affordable camera makes it easy to capture all your favorite moments from the holiday season. Not only is it super chic, but it's designed with a focus-free lens and a built-in flash, so all you have to do is point and shoot — no need to mess with the shutter speed or aperture. Be sure to grab some film , too!

Sonia Kashuk Toiletry Bag

Sonia Kashuk Toiletry Bag

This stylish bag is the perfect option to throw in your tote or suitcase when you need to transport your toiletries to the gym, to work or on a trip. It has multiple compartments, so you can separate your makeup from your skin care. Plus, it's black so it'll hide those stains that are bound to show up after constant use.

travel accessories at target

Shannon Garlin is an Associate Editor for Shop TODAY.

travel accessories at target

Emma Stessman is a writer for Shop TODAY.

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Matt Jancer

The Best Travel Accessories to Make Your Trip Easier

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more . Please also consider subscribing to WIRED

Small rounded rectangular bright blue device beside a black rectangular device both with strap handles

Charge Ahead Nimble Champ (Series 2) Read more

Mophie 3in1 travel charger kit

Charge Everything at Once Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger With MagSafe Read more

Small black rectangular device with various outlets for different types of plugs

Learn to Adapt Ceptics World International Travel Plug Adapter Read more

2 paddle shaped luggage tags with monochromatic green scale design and a hole in the handle at top

Tag, You’re It Artovida Neoprene Luggage Tag Read more

Travel isn’t always as luxurious as the brochures make it seem. Sure, the destination may be intoxicatingly gorgeous, but the journey to get there is often one of cramped seats and uninterrupted noise. Traveling can be a gauntlet to be endured or, if you equip yourself properly beforehand, a mere speed bump to glide over. From travel pillows and noise-canceling headphones to luggage trackers, it turns out you actually can purchase peace of mind. These are the best travel accessories after years of traveling and testing.

Don't forget to check out our Best Travel Bags and Best Travel Adapters guides for more recommendations.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get WIRED for just $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to WIRED. com , full Gear coverage, and subscriber-only newsletters. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Charge Ahead

Don't count on always finding an outlet. You never know when the café or airport you’re in will be outlet-deficient, and it's almost a running joke at this point at how often the airliners' onboard outlets are broken. The Nimble Champ Series 2 is our top recommendation in our Best Portable Chargers guide because of the company's environmentally friendly efforts in its manufacturing and packaging . Its light at 6.2 ounces, and we recommend the medium-size 10,000-mAh option, which can recharge a smartphone several times. There's a smaller version and a larger one too.

Charge Everything at Once

For the Apple devotee who travels complete with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, consider picking up this 3-in-1 charger that can top off the juice in all three of your devices at the same time. No more prioritizing which one of your devices gets the precious outlet. No wonder WIRED senior reviews editor Julian Chokkattu raved about it in our Best Apple 3-in-1 Chargers guide . It comes with a felt pouch, plus a charging adapter and cable. There are three pads, one with a grooved spot for holding AirPods, one magnetic pad for MagSafe iPhones, and another for the Apple Watch.

Learn to Adapt

When I'm traveling, there are never enough power outlets. WIRED reviewer Simon Hill gave this model top marks in his Best Travel Adapters guide because of how securely plugs stick into this outlet. It has enough built-in outlet styles to charge devices in 200 countries. It also offers three USB-A ports, which deliver a maximum charging rate of 15.5 watts, and two USB-C ports, which deliver up to 18 watts through one PD and one QC 3.0 port. That's enough to juice up iPads and smartphones, but stick to the outlet for your laptop.

Tag, You’re It

Any little thing that makes a bag stand out from the acres of look-alikes on the baggage carousel, the better. These come in a snazzy rotating collection of designs by select artists, and they attach surprisingly securely by slipping the larger end through the hole after looping it around a baggage handle. Even after tens of thousands of airline miles, mine have held up without wear or tear. Call me paranoid, but you should have two luggage tags, in case one gets torn off. Good thing these come in a two-pack.

Here’s What the ‘Matter’ Smart Home Standard Is All About

Henri Robbins

The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Keep You Wired

Keeping Track

We have mixed thoughts on AirTags, but if you have an iPhone, they are among the best ways to keep a digital eye on your bags. These trackers utilize the sheer number of iPhones and Apple devices out there to regularly report their location back to your device. Even if you don't plan on checking your bag, you might end up having to gate-check it on crowded flights. Drop an AirTag into an interior pocket to make sure you and your luggage are reunited at your destination.

AirTags don't work with Android devices, so if you use an Android phone , our recommendation is the Chipolo One ($25) . We have more details about it in our Best Trackers guide , but the setup is simple, and you can even get alerts if you leave the house without it.

Curvy dark blue pillow on top of orange surface with a green plant in the background

Catch Some Z’s

I've never been one to fall asleep on a plane. It's not that the audience bothers me—I'll never see these people again—but rather that it’s impossible to fall asleep in a near-vertical seat. The Travelrest ( 9/10, WIRED Recommends ) is the ultimate neck pillow because it remedied this problem. Thanks to its high, contoured sides and a flat back that keeps it square against the seat, I can reliably nod off on any flight. The Travelrest easily beats those rounded, doughnut-shaped neck pillows for comfort and support.

Small outlet surge protector with 2 small slots up top and 3prong space on the bottom

To Safeguard Your Electronics

Some countries have less reliable electrical infrastructure, and you never know how well-wired that discount hotel's outlets are. Protect your device from getting fried with this compact, one-outlet surge protector. It has a lifetime warranty and $5,000 of coverage if your device is damaged from a power surge while using it. I haven't had to test that aspect of it, but the two USB-A ports are convenient when I've had to charge earbuds, battery banks, and other accessories.


A Better Pillow

Hotel pillows tend to have all the firmness and support of a wet roll of toilet paper that's been stomped on for 30 minutes. That tends to mean that vacation memories are accompanied by a stiff neck. Side sleepers like me need a firm yet poofy pillow. I've caught more good nights of sleep on this Therm-a-Rest than I can count. It rolls up into an integrated pouch, and a cinch compresses it into the size of a large water bottle for storage.

A small black compass shaped device with a handle and silver hook to weight items

Tip the Scales

A scale is handy to have when you're packing a heavy bag for an upcoming trip. Avoid those enormous surcharges and make sure your bag is under the airlines’ weight limits before you arrive at the check-in counter. International airlines are sticklers for carry-on weight, and even US airlines will be unforgiving about the weight of checked bags. I've used this scale for years, and I prefer the simplicity of not needing any batteries. It's accurate, easy to read the gauge, and the strap is strong enough in the long term to handle some seriously heavy luggage without fraying or breaking.

Black laptop case with topright rounded edge and a silver laptop partially inserted

To Protect Your Laptop

Travel through enough airports without a case and it’s only a matter of time before a bare laptop or tablet picks up nasty scratches and dents. Protect your devices from banging around in the security bins against keys, phones, and belts with this slim laptop sleeve, available for laptops of several common sizes. The water-resistant zippers are smooth and slide easily, and the padded, non-scratch material protected our MacBooks from a few bouts of rough handling by over-eager TSA agents without any exterior damage. Even if you don't normally use one, consider picking one up just for travel. For tablets, check out the Zugu iPad Case for $50 . We have guides for choosing the best laptop backpacks and laptop totes , too.

Two blue sleeping bags on a padded surface with a thin black mosquito net hanging down from above and draping the bags...

Mosquito Guard

In much of the world, mosquitoes aren't just pests. They carry life-threatening diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Japanese encephalitis. Even in hotel rooms in certain places, you're not safe from them. When I traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos last year, I brought this mosquito bed net with me. It's large enough for most two-person mattresses, and an elastic rim tucks underneath the mattress so that there are no gaps for critters to sneak through. The World Health Organization says a minimum of 156 holes per square inch are needed to keep mosquitoes out. This model has 500 tiny holes per square inch, making it that much more secure.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

A Good Book, or 20

There's nothing like tackling a long ride on a train or plane with a good old book. But if you're a voracious reader or traveling on a long trip, a few books can take up a lot of room in your luggage. The Kindle Paperwhite's glare-resistant E Ink display is less harsh on your eyes than a typical tablet screen, so you can read for a long while before fatigue sets in ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ). With 8 GB of storage, there's room for thousands of books. You can find more recommendations in our Best Kindles and Best Ebook Readers guides.

Top view of 2 SUB cords crossing over each other while on a wooden surface

Top Up Your Devices

Not all USB cables are made equal. This Cable Matters cord came out on top in our testing (read more in our Best USB Cables guide ), thanks to its ability to handle 100 watts—enough to charge a power-hungry laptop. It also can transfer data at an impressive 40 Gbps. The 6.6-foot cable is an active cable too, which means it has a chip inside to push data further without degradation. It supports DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP Alt Mode), meaning you can use it to connect your laptop to a portable monitor, along with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS), so that certain devices will fast charge through the cable. Seriously, it's the one USB-C cable to rule them all.

EPOS Sennheiser headphones

Maintain Your Sanity

Anyone who's spent time on public transportation knows that the cacophony of shouting, crying, and other people's loud devices can be maddening when you're stuck in your seat for the next few hours. The Sennheiser Adapt 660 ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) are our favorite value noise-canceling headphones . WIRED associate reviews editor Parker Hall says they are comfortable and one of the lightest headphones he's tested. You can count on excellent sound quality for up to 30 hours of usage.

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

For Compact Peace and Quiet

WIRED reviewer Simon Lucas praised these Bose earbuds as having hands-down the best noise-cancellation. It's the top pick in our Best Wireless Earbuds guide, though they are expensive. He says their “naturalistic, vivid sound” is untouched by any counter-signal or audio evidence that the noise cancellation is working to muffle unwanted background sounds. That means you can enjoy that movie or album without jet engines and passenger chatter disturbing your peace.

Sennheiser IE200 inear headphones

Whether you'd like to plug directly into the seatback entertainment system or just don't feel like juggling one more device that needs frequent charging, wired headphones are by no means obsolete. These nabbed the top spot in our Best Wired Headphones guide , thanks to the excellent sound quality of the two 7-mm, full-range dynamic drivers that deliver punchy, finely detailed audio at a reasonable price. WIRED associate reviews editor Parker Hall reports that they're comfortable and secure in his ears, and the detachable cable is braided for durability.

Wandrd Roam camera bag

A Nice Travel Sling

You don't want to tote around a heavy bag when you're seeing the sights at your destination. Pack the small version of the Wandrd Roam ( 3 liters ) and you'll have plenty of space for a compact camera, a spare lens, cables, a phone, a wallet, and more. The YKK weather-resistant zippers ensure things will stay dry in the rain. Available in 3, 6, and 9 liters , you can size up if you feel like you want to carry a little bit more on your journey. Read more about it in our Best Camera Bags guide .

Mountainsmith Tour bag

An All-Day Stash

Think past the journey to the destination and consider how you'll keep your devices, maps, snacks, and charging accessories handy when you're at your destination. The Tour is our best all-day waist pack and another great mini bag to consider aside from the Wandrd Roam. Thanks to pockets galore, WIRED editor Michael Calore says he can fit a change of clothes and a couple of ready-to-eat meals in there, with room to spare. Two water bottle pockets and a zippered phone pouch maintain the essentials, and when the pack gets too heavy, an included shoulder strap turns it into a sling.

Front view of handheld gaming device with red controller on the left screen in the middle and blue controller on the...

Entertainment is awfully limited if you rely on the seatback video system of an airplane, and its absent on trains, most buses, and some low-cost carriers. If you're feeling particularly active and want something other than a book or movie, delve into any fantasy world of your choosing with the Nintendo Switch OLED ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ). WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu found the 7-inch OLED screen fantastic and the kickstand much-improved over the old model. It’s stable, secure, easy to pull out, and adjustable to a wide range of angles, and you can get that long gaming session in by propping it on your meal tray, no matter how far back the guy in front of you reclines his seat.

Roverlund Pet Carrying Bag

Bring Your Best Friend

More of us are taking our four-legged pals with us on our journeys these days, but the trials of travel are no easier on them than they are on us. WIRED senior reviews editor Julian Chokkattu loves this pet carrier for how stable and soft its base is. He says the straps are thicker than most competing bags, and they stayed on his shoulder securely. You can clip a leash to the built-in carabiner, and there's a small stash pocket for poo bags. The best part is how well-ventilated it is, and there are multiple ways to open the bag and check on your pet. It's compliant with most major airlines’ policies.

Pocketalk device on yellow background

Make Yourself Understood

It's tough to learn a new language, especially if it's just for a vacation booked a few months in advance. But you really should know the basics of conversation to be a good guest. WIRED contributor Christopher Null reviewed the Pocketalk Plus Voice Translator ( 7/10, WIRED Review ), which translates conversations between different languages in real time. He praised how reasonably quickly it provided translations, its intuitive interface, and the number of supported languages. This kind of device makes sense only if you're traveling to multiple destinations in a year. Otherwise, you can probably get by with Google Translate.

If you want to work toward learning a new language yourself, check out our Best Language Learning Apps guide .

White rounded rectangular device with two buttons on the front and a cord coming out of the top

Connect the Unconnected

Love your wireless earbuds but hate that you can't connect them to the screen embedded in the airplane seat in front of you? The AirFly is a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a standard headphone jack and connects to your wireless buds. I used the AirFly SE model, and I found no noticeable change in audio quality, at least from a few feet away when I took it on a flight. You get volume control buttons so you don't have to tap on the screen, and a double-tap mutes the audio too. Twelve South claims 20 hours of battery life, and although battery life can differ based on usage, it felt like a pretty accurate estimate in my experience watching movies and listening to music on the plane.

Two hands holding up a large beige blanket that has 2 pockets toward the bottom. To the right is the small soft carrying...

For Chilly Flights and Nights

You can't count on your hotel being as warm as you might like, and don't get me started on how cold they keep airplane cabins. Forget the scratchy blankets they sell on board and bring this lightweight, packable travel blanket if you're prone to the chills. I like how my feet fit in the “leg pockets,” my hands in the hand warmers, and how securely it stays around my neck with the button snap. The zippered pocket was perfectly sized for my AirPod case and for at least a few of those free snacks I felt like saving for later. It's also a great blanket to bring for road trips, in case you plan on sleeping in the car.

Small clear jar with silver lid and white label. Small white tablets are scattered in the background.

Don't Forget the Toothpaste

Consider this alternative to conventional toothpaste, especially if you find yourself butting up against the TSA's 3-1-1 rule . WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano enjoyed these toothpaste tablets while she was running tests for her Best Electric Toothbrushes guide. You just bite down on them and start brushing. You also get bonus points for reducing the amount of plastic waste you'd otherwise generate via toothpaste tubes—the packaging here is all glass bottles and compostable pouches.

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug with Flex Sip Lid

Stay Hydrated

Travel, especially air travel, puts you in a bit of a bind when it comes to cutting down on your usage of single-use plastics. While you can't show up at the airport with your own drinks, you can do your part after you've passed through security. In my search for the best travel mugs , this Hydro Flask Coffee Mug came out on top. It's insulated, so it'll keep your coffee warm for longer than any flight. It's narrow enough to fit any cupholder, and no matter how much I banged it around, the tough powder-coated metal showed neither a scratch nor a dent. Unlike many water bottle manufacturers who use lead in their bottle construction , Hydro Flask has been lead-free since 2013.

White cylindrical container with an angled spout on the top left and a handle on the rightside. A small burst of steam...

Get Steamed

Hotels often have an iron and ironing board available, but I find it quicker and easier to steam my clothes. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano and I both have been using Urpowers for years. For a tiny thing, it's powerful and effective at steaming practically anything in a minute or two. You just need to refill it often; one reservior is enough for one or two garments, at most. If you're going to another state or country for an important event, like a wedding, this is a must-have.

travel accessories at target

Louryn Strampe

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Martin Cizmar

These Are Our Favorite Smart Displays

Nena Farrell

The Best Festival Accessories and Gear

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The 9 Best Coolers for Every Kind of Outdoor Adventure

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The Best Hair Dryers

Medea Giordano



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  • United Kingdom

Target Has The Best Luggage & Travel Accessories

on site shopping

Psst , The Best Luggage & Travel Accessories Are At Target

Swissgear ridge hardside large checked suitcase , $179.99, american tourister nxt checkered hardside carry on spinner suitcase , $94.99 $75.99, delsey paris chatelet hardside medium checked spinner suitcase , $254.99, dukap stratos 24'' lightweight hardside spinner suitcase , $129.99, inusa deep lightweight hardside large checked spinner suitcase , $135.99, vacay hardside carry on suitcase , $99.99 $69.99, goodfellow & co. carry on duffel weekender bag , $29.99, made by design antitheft rfid mini 13" backpack , $40 $36, wild fable fanny pack , $15, more from home, r29 original series.

10 travel essentials you can buy in one Target run

From universal adapters to travel-size hair dryers..

Nor'Adila Hepburn

All products featured are independently selected by our writers and editors. If you buy something through our links, Tripadvisor may earn an affiliate commission.

Whatever you’re looking for in advance of your next trip—a new sun hat , compression socks , leggings , a beach bag , even snacks—you will undoubtedly be able to find it at on your Target run. The retailer always stocks the essentials, but it also has its own travel line, Open Story , which carries everything from luggage and pet carriers to eye masks and neck pillows , all available in clean, minimalist designs.

Whether you’re going on a quick getaway, a week-long cruise, or your annual family vacation, here are 10 items from Target that you won’t want to leave behind.

Travel Smart by Conair All-in-One Adapter with USB Port

Travel Smart by Conair All-in-One Adapter with USB Port

Pro tip: Always leave a travel adapter in your suitcase—even between trips—so you’ll never be foiled by unfamiliar plugs, no matter where you go on your next trip. With three outlets, plus a USB port to charge smartphones, tablets, and more, this Conair travel adapter can be used in over 150 countries. It also has a built-in surge protector to keep your electronics safe. Note that it’s meant to be used with dual voltage appliances or with voltage converters.

Conair Infiniti Pro Mini AC Motor Travel Hair Dryer

Conair Infiniti Pro Mini AC Motor Travel Hair Dryer

Sure, most hotels and Airbnbs will provide a hair dryer, but what about that glampground you’re visiting this summer? Or your uncle’s house where you spend Thanksgiving? Or that road-side motel you’re eyeing for your cross-country road trip? Best to keep a travel-friendly hair dryer on hand just in case. This compact 1600-watt Conair Infiniti Pro Mini has two speeds and three heat levels, and features ionic technology to help prevent frizz.

Open Story 45L Travel Backpack

Open Story 45L Travel Backpack

A soft waterproof exterior and easy-to-access pockets make this 45L backpack a solid choice for travelers. Unlike a traditional backpack that only opens at the top, this one opens clamshell-style, like a suitcase, with one side deep enough to hold clothes while the other has multiple zippered compartments to organize toiletries and smaller items. Additionally, two outer zip pockets offer myriad spots for essentials like your glasses, passport, pens, and more. If you don’t feel like carrying it on your back, just slip its back sleeve over your carry-on's handle and roll.

Open Story Travel Neck Pillow

Open Story Travel Neck Pillow

Get some quality Zs on long flights, bus journeys, or car rides with this U-shaped neck pillow from Open Story. Made from jersey material with a polystyrene bead filling, this pillow has a handy snap clasp at the tip so you can quickly secure it around your neck or around your luggage handle when you’re on the go. It’s available in two colors: lilac and gray. (Not quite right for you? See more of our top travel pillows here .)

Open Story Travel 8-pc Toiletry Set

Open Story Travel 8-pc Toiletry Set

This TSA-approved toiletry set from Open Story is a must-have for organizing cosmetics and beauty products. With eight containers—including one lotion pump bottle, one spray bottle, two silicone bottles, two rolling bottles, and two jars—it has enough options to make your entire skincare routine carry-on friendly. The clear zipper pouch keeps everything organized, and it comes in a lovely ivy-green shade.

Lysol To-Go Disinfectant Spray

travel lysol spray

It’s always a good idea to travel with disinfectant wipes or spray to sanitize surfaces like airplane tray tables, seatback TVs, and hotel room remotes. We like this 1.5-ounce Lysol spray because it also works well to neutralize bathroom odors. It can kill 99.9 percent of bacteria (when used correctly), plus cold and flu viruses on various surfaces including light switches, bags, and furniture.

Sonia Kashuk Travel Make-up Bag

Sonia Kashuk Travel Make-up Bag

Suitable for much more than just make-up, this sturdy zippered bag by Sonia Kashuk is both chic and functional. The 6-by-9.25-inch main compartment can hold cosmetics, pill bottles, a shaving kit, even markers for an on-the-go art bag. There's also an exterior zip pocket to store bits and bobs like tweezers, scissors, or nail clippers. A sturdy side handle makes it a cinch to tote and store, plus the polyester material can be easily wiped down when it needs to be cleaned.

Okuna Outpost 4-Pack Soap Holder

Okuna Outpost 4-Pack Soap Holder

The benefit to traveling with soap, shampoo, or conditioner bars is that they're solids, and you don’t need to worry about TSA compliance. The downside is that once you use the bars, it can be a goopy mess and tricky to transport. The solution? The Okuna Outpost Soap Holder . At 4.5 x 1.8 x 3.3 inches long, the holder is big enough to hold a larger than standard-size bar, and it has an airtight cover to keep your soap dry and clean. This pack of four comes in muted shades of pink, purple, green, and taupe.

Open Story 7pc Packing Cube Set

Open Story 7pc Packing Cube Set

Once you use packing cubes, you’ll never go back. These little bags make it possible to recreate your at-home clothing organization on the go, or allow you to group your clothes by outfit or leg of the trip. This 7-piece set from Open Story consists of six cubes in three sizes, as well as a shoe bag. Each cube features a mesh window so you can see exactly what’s inside, plus allows air to circulate. The pouches also have handles, making it easy to move them from your suitcase to hotel dresser drawer. The set comes in two colors: classic black or, our preference, aqua.

Open Story 2pk Jelly Luggage Tag

Open Story 2pk Jelly Luggage Tag

This two-pack of luggage tags comes in four shades, but the skip the neutrals and opt for lime green or teal; the bright shades will make it a breeze to spot your bags at baggage claim. The rubber-like material also helps keep the ID card inside protected from the elements.

travel accessories at target

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A Roomy New Weekender Bag Just Dropped at Target — and It Comes in the Prettiest Fall Color

It’s part of a luxurious but affordable travel line that just hit shelves.

travel accessories at target

Travel + Leisure / Daisy Rodriguez

As practical as your old faithful Samsonite carry-on might be, sometimes you just want to travel in a bit more style. You want to be someone’s “airport crush.” You want to look expensive , like you just left a glass of Champagne unfinished in the lounge. The new Target collection by esteemed entrepreneur Tina Wells will give you that feeling precisely, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

WNDR LN — pronounced “wander lane” — launched in early October as a collection of travel accessories all under $150. Fashionable yet accessible, the line from the Black-owned travel brand includes everything from a sleek-yet-sturdy hardside carry-on to magnetic silicone toiletry bottles in cute, curated colors; however, The Overnighter Weekender Bag is a standout for its voguish design and prime functionality — and it comes in the prettiest, fall-ready emerald color for just $60.

WNDR LN The Overnighter Weekender Bag

The tote comes in two colors: solid forest green and a yellow and forest-green pattern . Its 18.8- by 16- by 8-inch dimensions include a genius zipper compartment at the bottom perfect for holding shoes, dirty clothes, or bulky items. The zipper pouch is made of deep green vegan leather embossed with a luxe crocodile pattern, a fancy feature that gives the nylon carry-all structure and a designer feel. 

On the front of the bag is a small zipper pocket to hold cards, your passport, your phone, and anything else you want easy access to while traveling. On the backside, there’s a sleeve to slip the handle of your hardside carry-on suitcase into for easy luggage stacking — no cumbersome bag juggling as you make your way from TSA to your gate.

Inside the Overnighter Weekender Bag , you’ll find small pockets and a laptop sleeve built into its interior walls. It’s the perfect tote for a weekend trip, and you can almost get away with carrying it as a personal item on a flight. The brand says it slips under an airplane seat with ease.

“This is now my everything bag that's on the go with me daily,” wrote one reviewer. “It feels like a two in one with the second compartment on the bottom.” They continued to praise its organizational features, saying, “I'm a reader, so with this design, my books don’t interfere with the space my laptop and electronics need up top. Obsessed with this — have it in both color schemes.” Every Target shopper who has rated the bag so far has given it five stars for both quality and value. 

The WNDR LN website says Wells founded the brand “for everyone and anyone who’s looking to break away from the boring and embrace vibrance, elevated products, and the unexpected.” Wells is known for being an author, entrepreneur, and the founder of RLVNT Media, a multimedia content venture.

“I fly over 100,000 miles yearly, and traveling that much means relying on my luggage and travel accessories to do the work,” she wrote in an Instagram announcement in August. “Over the years I’ve fallen in and out of love with numerous travel brands. I never, ever ever thought I’d create my own.”

After two years of designing the inaugural collection, Wells rolled out 10 travel staples. In addition to the weekender bag , there’s also a spinner carry-on suitcase, magnetic cosmetics bottle sets, packing cubes, a travel scarf with pockets, a bag strap, a self-care kit including an eye mask and hair wrap, multipurpose bags in the colorful yellow and green pattern, and a clever comfort kit that comes with a travel pillow and pillowcase. Flying coach never felt so luxurious.

WNDR LN travel accessories are available at target.com and wndrln.com, and they will be available at almost 2,000 Target stores across the U.S. later this fall. Shop more of the collection, ahead.

More WNDR LN Travel Essentials at Target:

Hardside carry-on expandable spinner suitcase, printed packing cube set, printed everything bag set, self care kit, magnetic silicone travel beauty bottle set, printed travel scarf with built-in zipper pocket.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $60.

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travel accessories at target

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Target Deal Days are back. One of the best Prime Day competitor deals in terms of the breadth of options, thousands of items are on sale through July 13 when you shop the retailer online, no membership required. There are deals to be found across every category, including food and beverage, electronics, beauty, home, and apparel, but naturally, we flocked to the travel gear section. Below, you'll find our top Target Deal Days sales for travelers, from passport holders (to gift your favorite wanderlust-filled newlyweds ) to kids' luggage and lightweight backpacks.

Travel accessories

Shop Target's travel accessories section to find deals on comfort items like neck pillows and eye masks, organizational tools like packing cubes and toiletry bags, and practical buys like luggage tags and locks, adaptors and converters, and TSA-friendly toiletries.

travel accessories at target

A good travel backpack is a staple in any traveler's uniform, and Target's sale section is teeming with options for adults and kids. Whether you're looking for something sleek to bring on a business trip or a lightweight option to stuff into your suitcase and use on a hike, or to bring souvenirs home, there's an option for you.

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travel accessories at target

Kids' luggage

Disney princesses, Paw Patrol —Target knows what the kids want, and plenty of styles are discounted right now, whether your kiddo is in need of a suitcase, backpack, lunchbox, or luggage tags. 

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More deals to consider

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  • Apple AirPods Pro , $170, normally $250
  • Apple AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphones (2nd Generation) , $100, normally $130
  • Apple Watch Series 7 , $330, normally $400
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet , $735, normally $850
  • JBL Charge 5 portable Bluetooth waterproof speaker , $150, normally $180
  • Sony LinkBuds True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds , $150, normally $180
  • Google Pixel 6 5G , $499, normally $599
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro 5G , $699, normally $899
  • Fitbit Versa 2 , $120, normally $150
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travel accessories at target

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25 Target Travel Products For People Who Are Dead-Set On Only Bringing A Carry-On

Vacation truly begins when you breeze past the other people from your flight waiting at baggage claim.

Gabrielle Moss

BuzzFeed Contributor

1. A five-piece set of compression packing bags because the secret to living the Carry-On Lifestyle isn't trying to shove all your toiletries into that weird cup holder on top of your roller bag — it's using these. They don't require a vacuum; just use your hands to squeeze out excess air and ~voilà~ — suddenly you can fit way more into your bag.

five compression bags used to store shirts

Plus! You can use the bags to separate dirty clothes from clean as your trip goes on.

Promising reviews: "Did you know you can pack more clothes when you use these! 😂 Not only that, if you carefully press the air out, they'll be practically wrinkle-free ! My first time using the largest bag, I had trouble getting it to release the air, but I pressed on, and eventually it worked." — GrannyM

"This set is very good, as it provides different sizes of compression bags, and they do not require the use of a pump or vacuum to compress them. The bags are easy to use once you start the compression and are very durable.  The large size provides a good capacity for clothes for a five-day trip. " — Traveler GB

Price : $19.99

2. A packable floppy straw hat that looks so cute, no one will ever guess it was recently crushed under some granola bars at the bottom of your bag.

Mannequin head displaying a wide-brimmed black straw hat

Promising review : "I love this floppy hat. Perfect size and can easily fold into your suitcase. I have a medium to large head with thick hair, and it fits nicely. The brim is not too wide, but it’s good enough. Also, for $10 you can’t beat that!" — Lady B

Price : $10 (available in three colors)

3. A tech accessory organizer because you know how all your plugs and cords get tangled at the bottom of your bag, and Packing You sticks your iPad in a place where Plane You can't seem to find it? Yeah, it doesn't have to be that way. This organizer has zip compartments, slip compartments, and spots to hold your headphones and various wires.

Open tech accessory organizer with pockets holding cables and earphones

Promising review : "I love this tech organizer! I can fit so many power cords and portable chargers, and I also use it for jewelry, a sleep mask, and other items I need on the plane. It fits flat in my handbag side pocket or outside suitcase bag. I highly recommend!" — MB

Price : $14.99

4. A foldable Conair hair dryer , so you don't have to just trust that the hotel will have a decent hair dryer (or any hair dryer at all). Plus, it has dual voltage, so you can have great hair even when you travel overseas.

the dryer folded out

Promising review : "Lots of power and great for travel!" — Jannie

5. A clip-on bag strap because using a duffel or weekender bag as your carry-on is cute, but after a few hours, those straps can really cut into your hands. Hook this on and sling it over your shoulder whenever your mitts need a break.

Tribal-patterned yellow and teal bag strap attached to a green bag

Promising review : "Pretty, chic, and a good addition to my bag. Perfect accessories." — CHW

6. A clip-on wallet so you can know exactly where your ID, credit cards, and gum are at all times. This is especially useful if you're wearing a skirt, yoga pants or other clothes with no pockets — it'll keep you from digging through your entire bag to find your ID while you're in the TSA line.

the pink zip-up mini wallet shown open and unzipped

Promising review : "Super convenient when I don’t feel like carrying my bag around, just clip this to my keys and carry the minimal I need and super light and convenient." — Ihearttarget

Price : $10 (available in four colors)

7. A mini E.l.f. multi-stick because you don't have room to pack a blush, eyeshadow, and lip tint — and now, you don't have to. These multi-sticks are so tiny that you could even pack two shades and still only take up the same amount of space as one traditional cheek stick.

an elf mini multi stick in a dark berry shade

Promising review : "I absolutely love these little mono sticks. A little pop of color on the cheeks, on the lids and lips and you're ready to go. So convenient and easy!" — kellyk

Price : $6  (available in seven colors)

8. Or a three-piece set of mini Fenty products for folks who never take a vacation from looking glam (but do definitely take actual vacations).

Fenty Beauty makeup products including compact, lip gloss, and mascara

The set includes mini Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer, mini Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, and a full-size Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara.

Promising review : "LOVE the lip gloss; the highlighter has a cute shimmer." — Dahlia

Price : $38

9. A power bank that's very small (3.75 x 1.78 inches — literally teensy ) but will still keep all your gadgets powered up through all three of your connecting flights.

Purple portable power bank with a USB cable on a white background

Promising review : "My favorite battery bank! Charges so fast and perfect for traveling. Had to buy this one because of the color." — Rcecily

Price : $9.99

10. A fold-up tote because no matter how dedicated you are to luggage minimalism, you do probably want a separate bag to take around with you during the day on your trip. This tote is made with water-repellent fabric, has a zip closure, and folds down into a small zippered pouch whenever you're not, you know...toting it around.

a model holding a large light blue tote bag on their shoulder

Promising review : "Awesome water-resistant bag! It’s hard to find a tote with a zipper, let alone a water-resistant one! Helped me get through a tropical rainstorm without my items getting wet." — Kelly

"Super convenient and sturdy. I also love that it has a zipper. Perfect for travel." — Pixie

Price : $13.99 (originally $19.99)

11. A small zip-up jewelry organizer with room for rings, earrings, and necklaces so they don't end up tangled in the bottom of your toiletries bag.

A portable jewelry case with compartments for accessories, displayed on a vanity

Promising review : "This is the perfect way to travel with jewelry. It fits perfectly in a purse or carry-on . (Note: This isn't an overly huge case, so this won't fit the Crown Jewels or jewelry for a lengthy vacation/cruise, but it worked well for us.) This worked well for jewelry for Disney-bound outfits. (This is not large enough to fit Mickey ears, tiaras, or belts, of course.) We were very happy with this product, and it seems sturdy enough to keep everything safe. We recommend it." — CS

Price : $15

12. A three-piece mini shampoo and conditioner kit from Tracee Ellis Ross's Pattern line, because taking care of your curls doesn't have to take up a ton of room in your bag.

Hands holding a Pattern Beauty hair product and a clear cosmetic bag with the brand's logo

The kit contains mini bottles of Hydration Shampoo, Heavy Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner.

Promising review : "I love this product! I love the smell and how it makes my curls pop! Even my twists are bouncy and full." — Target customer

Price : $30

13. A hanging toiletry organizer that folds down flat with two zip compartments and magnetic snaps. It will take up less precious space than some of the wider, bulkier models.

Gray fabric hanging toiletry holder, folded down

Promising review : "I got this as a gift for my husband and he loves it! It was a great gift and it fits a lot of stuff. It hangs up, so it was easy to grab everything while on vacation." — Cmor1952

Price : $15.19

14. A set of two Stasher reusable silicone travel bags to hold your eye drops, small snacks, lip balm, or anything else that would otherwise end up floating around your bag, getting all linty. Plus, when sealed, the bags are leakproof, so they will prevent that most dreaded of travel scenarios: Everything In My Bag Is Covered In Goo.

the mini Stasher bag in white, holding some makeup

Promising review : "I recently used these to store small hair accessories and toiletries on a vacation, and they worked out great. I plan to also use them for small snacks, but the possibilities of what you can use them for are really endless. They are very durable, and I believe they will be long-lasting. Great alternative to plastic bags. I highly recommend these and all of the other sizes they offer!" — Morgan

Price : $17.69  for two

15. A collapsible silicone water bottle so you can still have your 3 liters a day, even if there isn't room to pack your usual stainless-steel Thermos.

Collapsible silicone water bottle shown expanded and folded next to its lid

Price : $10.99 (originally $14.29)

16. A Byoma clarifying skincare starter kit because you don't have to settle for generic brands or simplified routines when it comes to travel-sized skincare. This three-piece kit will help your skin stay hydrated and bright, while targeting redness and blemishes, all without weighing down your bag.

the BYOMA moisturizer, serum and cleaners, which come in a yellow molded plastic kit

The kit includes mini versions of Byoma's   Creamy Jelly Cleanser, Clarifying Serum, and Moisturizing Gel Cream.

Promising review : "I saw this kit in the store and was on the fence about buying it. I went back and picked it up just to see if it was really worth my money. It was! It was worth every penny, and I cannot complain. It makes my skin glow and clears it up. I’m super happy with this purchase and it really did work on my skin. Target, please restock this!" — NYX

17. A silicone AirPods case that clips onto your key chain, so you don't end up in a situation where you're in Seattle, but your AirPods are on the bench in front of the airport Burger King in Chicago.

AirPods in a green charging case with keyring attached, plugged into a charging cable

Promising review : "Love this case, have had it for over a year, and it hasn’t broken down on me. I keep my AirPods on my keys, and I’m hard on them!" — malahw

Price : $9.99  (available in six colors)

18. A mini Native aluminum-free deodorant in coconut and vanilla because it can be hard to find natural personal care items in travel sizes.

Two Native deodorants, one full size and one mini

Promising review : "I love these tiny deodorants. I keep one in my purse in case of a stinky emergency. It’s come in handy more than I thought it would!" — Shelby

Price : $3.79

19. A compact umbrella that folds down to just 7 inches — perfect if you're traveling to someplace romantically rainy (but find actually getting rained on 24/7 to be pretty unromantic).

Compact umbrella with yellow and white pattern, black handle, and yellow wrist strap

Promising review : "Recently I purchased this 'Compact Umbrella' for a friend of mine as we were traveling in wet weather conditions. She was so impressed! Small and compact, it fits into small pocketbooks and looks great with any outfit. I also loved the way it looked, so I ordered one for myself. It is sturdy and withstood high winds and torrential rains. Stylish and sturdy. Go get this umbrella. — The Best Printer Paper

Price : $15.99 (available in four colors/ patterns)

20. An open-front cardigan because if you're serious about packing light, the name of the game has to be "layering." A light cardigan keeps you from having to pack thicker, warmer tops and can also typically be worn on the plane, freeing up luggage space.

a model in the beige oversized open front cardigan

Psst! Reviewers recommend sizing down if you want a more fitted look.

Promising review : "This sweater is so cozy and stretchy. It is the perfect color and can be worn in all seasons." — OnTrend

Price : $18 (originally $30; available in sizes XS–4X and six colors/patterns)

21. A set of three silicone travel bottles that have a streamlined design so they're more efficient to pack than bulkier rigid plastic travel bottles.

Three silicone travel bottles in white, neon green, and light blue

Promising review : "Took these on an international trip. My luggage clearly got jostled around but these didn’t open or leak. All three stayed airtight, and none of my soaps got out." — Nikki

Price : $19.75

22. A pack of 16 macaron-shaped mini pill cases because who said packing light means you don't get to pack anything cute? These mini containers hold small amounts of pills, jewelry, or anything else you want to store separately (and adorably).

Colorful macaron-shaped pill organizers on a table, two closed and two open with pills inside

Promising review : "You can fit about 4–5 different pills per container or a small pair of earrings/necklace. I kept a few for myself and gifted a couple to friends as stocking stuffers. Very adorable and easy to open/close." — Kennicki

Price : $12.99 (originally $22.99)

23. An all-in-one travel adapter that's essential for anyone doing multi-country travel. I have a travel adapter that I just keep in my carry-on at all times, so I never forget it — because sometimes you can get so frazzled planning an international trip, you forget the essentials. This adapter combines four adapter plugs, which are used in more than 150 countries.

An adapter plugged into a wall outlet with a cord connected to it

Promising review: "I realized just before we were about to leave for the UK and Europe that our son, who no longer lives with us, has the one multi-country adapter we had, and we did not have an adapter for the UK. Our local Target had one in stock, so I was able to pick it up that evening. We were able to use it in both London and Budapest. The adapter worked fine." — Judy

Price : $12.99

24. A fanny pack because you may be committed to just using One Bag To Rule Them All, but did you know that you also get to bring a personal item on board your flight? So why not make it this two-compartment fanny pack with its waterproof, RFID-blocking, and slash-proof design?

Green fanny pack with items sticking out including a camera, book, sunglasses, and keys

Promising review : "I use this when we travel with our kids. It has been really great for secure and quick access to my credit card and driver's license. It holds a surprising amount of items inside. I walked all over Harry Potter World and Legoland with this fanny pack. It even fits easily under a coat. I would highly recommend this and use it now for every airline trip we take. The color is a really pretty medium green. The fabric is thick and would be hard to cut through for a thief." — Adventure Mama

"I got this fanny pack for traveling with my toddlers. The pocket has more room than what you’d expect, love the locking feature on the buckle for security purposes, and you can also link the zipper to a little loop so it can’t be unzipped unless unhooked . Perfect for when you need to access your phone or wallet with your arms full of luggage or other things." — Ameliabedelia

Price : $24.99

25. A mini bottle of paraben-free hand sanitizer spray that should be a travel essential for anyone, no matter how they've packed. But it's especially useful for those traveling light, who might find themselves having to unpack some items from their bag in places that are...a bit icky. Had to put your phone on the ground? Rest your wallet on a bathroom counter? Drop your sunglasses in a weird puddle? No worries — hit them with the ol' sanitizer spray.

Honest hand sanitizer bottle

Promising review : "The smell is AWESOME! I love the scent; it's not overwhelming, my kiddo loves it, and the spray makes it easy to take on the go and keep in our bags. We will be bringing these everywhere to keep hands clean when we can't wash them!" — Sam

Price : $4.89

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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16 must-have items for a comfortable flight and vacation

KTRK logo

As a participant in multiple affiliate marketing programs, Localish will earn a commission for certain purchases. See full disclaimer below*

Deciding what you need when traveling can be tough, especially when you don't know where to start. Whether you're preparing for a road trip or a flight abroad, we've gathered 16 travel accessories that you can add to your list this season.

The best travel essentials and accessories

travel accessories at target

Apple Twelve South AirFly Pro Deluxe Bluetooth Transmitter

If you're tired of buying wired headphones before or during your flight, this Apple Airfly is a must-have for your travel bag. This device will allow you to connect your Apple AirPods or Beats wireless headphones with the entertainment devices on your flight. The AirFly comes with a vegan suede travel pouch, charging cable and international adapter.

travel accessories at target

Jukatin Travel Gifts Carry On Luggage Accessories Coffee Cup Holder for Suitcase

Go hands-free in the airport with this coffee cup holder for your suitcase. Easily attachable, this holder is a convenient way to keep your coffee and boarding information all in one place.

travel accessories at target

Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray

Convenient for on-the-go sanitizing, these award winning Touchland sanitizers will leave your hands feeling hydrated and clean. This 3 pack comes with an unscented sanitizer and two additional sanitizers in 'Rainwater' and 'Beach Coco' scents.

travel accessories at target

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Cosmetic & Makeup Bag Organizer

Apply your makeup with ease with this Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Cosmetic Makeup Bag Organizer. It's machine washable with a drawstring so you can hang it up when you don't need it. This is available in 30 additional colors and designs

travel accessories at target

Lululemon City Adventurer Duffle Bag

Whether you're packing for a long flight or a quick road trip, this bag has you covered. This duffel comes equipped with a crossbody strap, water repellent fabric, a trolley-compatible sleeve and an exterior pocket to fit a 16-inch laptop. This duffel could be a great carry-on to add to your travel essentials.

travel accessories at target

" Glutaryl, is a multi-patented topical solution to deliver Glutathione in the most efficient method," says Dr. Nayan Patel, the founder of Auro Wellness. "Glutathione is the most essential molecule in your body as it works to manage oxidative stress, fight off free radicals and eliminate toxins." In short, it's an anti-aging antioxidant that promotes longevity and can help combat jetlag and travel fatigue, according to Dr. Patel. Apply this spray to your skin twice a day to get the most use out of this product.

travel accessories at target

Away The Bigger Carry-On

Never worry about your carry-on space again with this Away The Bigger Carry-On luggage. It's high-quality, built to last, and great for long trips. For $30 more, you can add a luggage tag and charm duo to the bag, making it easy to distinguish

travel accessories at target

Cariuma Grey Knit IBI SLIP-ON

What do Robert Downey Jr., Pete Davidson, and Helen Mirren have in common? They all played superheroes, and they all wear sustainable Cariuma shoes. This eco-friendly slip-on will be your best friend in any travel setting with its comfort and stylish minimalist design

travel accessories at target

Passport Holder Cover Wallet

Don't let your most important documents suffer from wear and tear or be left behind during travel rushes. Keep them all in one place with this stylish passport holder.

travel accessories at target

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask + Moisturizer

Say goodbye to dehydrated skin, grease, and pimple outbursts with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. This mask will nourishe, hydrate, and calm your skin, perfect for recovering from long flights.

travel accessories at target

Cadence Magnetic Travel Capsules

Take what you need and leave the clunky bottles behind. These travel capsules are leakproof containers designed to maintain your routines wherever you are.

travel accessories at target

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Are the long flights taking a toll on your sleep routines? Have the shut-eye you deserve with this sturdy yet comfortable neck pillow on all your travels, and even when you're at home reading, working, or playing video games. Comfort has never been easier.

travel accessories at target

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Anker is best known for their amazing soundbars, but their chargers are no slouch either. Avoid your phone telling you you're at 5% battery with this portable charger: compact, durable, and a travel must-have.

travel accessories at target

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote

Keep all of your travel essentials and then some all in one place. There's a reason you see this tote everywhere: It's durable, water resistant, and can hold everything you need (and everything you don't need but want anyway).

travel accessories at target

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Keep your mind occupied with Taylor Jenkins Reid's wildly popular book, "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo," about an aging Hollywood star who's ready to open up about her glamorous and scandalous life: your flight will fly by with this gripping page-turner.

travel accessories at target

Lululemon Loungeful High-Rise Jogger Full Length

Keep yourself comfy-cozy in a pair of Lululemon joggers. Great for long flights or road trips, these joggers will keep you relaxed as you travel.

By clicking on the featured links, visitors will leave Localish.com and be directed to third-party e-commerce sites that operate under different terms and privacy policies. Although we are sharing our personal opinions of these products with you, Localish is not endorsing these products. It has not performed product safety testing on any of these products, did not manufacture them, and is not selling, or distributing them and is not making any representations about the safety or caliber of these products. Prices and availability are subject to change from the date of publication.

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    Gonex Compression Packing Cubes at Amazon ($30) Jump to Review. Best Toiletry Bottles: Liquisnugs Premium Leak-proof Silicone Travel Bottles at Amazon ($17) Jump to Review. Best Toiletry Bag: Away ...

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    Target. Buy on Target $18. Keep all of your most valuable cards, travel documents, passports, and more in one safe spot with this RFID-blocking travel wallet. It has a zip closure, three card ...

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    Target just discounted 900+ luggage and travel accessories up to 40 percent off. Shoppers can browse deals on packing cubes, carry-on suitcases, weekender bags, and more while they're on sale.

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    These are the best travel accessories after years of traveling and testing. Don't forget to check out our Best Travel Bags and Best Travel Adapters guides for more recommendations. ... $350 at Target.

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    Target is a treasure trove for luggage and travel accessories. Get jet-set ready for all your future edeavors with these nine top-rated picks. ... Psst, The Best Luggage & Travel Accessories Are ...

  9. 10 Target travel essentials to buy for your next trip

    Lysol To-Go Disinfectant Spray. $3. Image: Courtesy of Target. It's always a good idea to travel with disinfectant wipes or spray to sanitize surfaces like airplane tray tables, seatback TVs, and hotel room remotes. We like this 1.5-ounce Lysol spray because it also works well to neutralize bathroom odors.

  10. This $35 Target Travel Tote Fits Everything You Need for a Flight

    Target. Buy on Target $35. But the holy grail travel accessory it became. The soft, spacious bag, which comes in green, black, and even a brown faux leather style, is like the clown car of totes ...

  11. Travelers Love Target's New Carry-on Weekender Bag

    WNDR LN The Overnighter Weekender Bag. Target. Buy on Target $60. The tote comes in two colors: solid forest green and a yellow and forest-green pattern. Its 18.8- by 16- by 8-inch dimensions ...

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    Travel accessories. Shop Target's travel accessories section to find deals on comfort items like neck pillows and eye masks, organizational tools like packing cubes and toiletry bags, and ...

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    Price: $24.99. 25. A mini bottle of paraben-free hand sanitizer spray that should be a travel essential for anyone, no matter how they've packed. But it's especially useful for those traveling ...

  14. Travel Accessories

    Target may provide my personal information to service providers (some of whom may be located outside Australia) to assist with services like data processing, data analysis, printing, contact centre services, business consulting, auditing, archival, delivery and mailing services. Enjoy a selection of sleep masks, neck pillows & other travel ...

  15. Milk Frothers : Coffee & Tea Accessories : Target

    Highlights. 3 styles of milk froth: hot milk foam, cold milk foam and hot milk. Maximum capacity if preparing milk foam: 7.6 fl oz, maximum capacity if preparing hot milk: 13.5 fl oz. Dishwasher resistant (max 158° F / 70° C) Size (with base): height: 8 inches, diameter: 4.65 inches.

  16. Target Moscow West Pullman Road Store, Moscow, ID

    Moscow West Pullman Road. 2132 W Pullman Rd. Moscow, ID 83843-4011. Phone: (208) 997-3293. Get directions. Call store. Store map.

  17. Packing Cubes in Travel Accessories

    Options from $26.99 - $30.99. Gonex 6 Set Compression Packing Cubes Mesh Luggage Organizers for Travel Accessories Suitcase Storage Bags Set. Save with. Shipping, arrives in 2 days. Sponsored. $ 1499. Koovon Packing Cubes for Travel, 8Pcs Travel Cubes Set Foldable Suitcase Organizer Lightweight Luggage Storage Bag, Gray.

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    The best travel essentials and accessories. Apple. Apple Twelve South AirFly Pro Deluxe Bluetooth Transmitter. $64.95. Shop Now at Amazon.

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    Find a Target store near you quickly with the Target Store Locator. Store hours, directions, addresses and phone numbers available for more than 1800 Target store locations across the US. ... Father's Day Gifts Grocery Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Home Outdoor Living & Garden Furniture Kitchen & Dining Electronics Video Games Toys Sports ...

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