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world tour ne demek?

  • Dünyayı dolaşma.
  • Dünyayı dolaşma


world tourism market

  • Dünya turizm piyasası

world tourism receipts

  • Dünya turizm geliri
  • Gezi, tur, seyahat
  • Dünya seyahati, uzun yolculuk
  • Seyahat etmek, tur yapmak, gezintiye çıkmak
  • Turneye çıkmak
  • Tur yapmak, gezmek, turneye çıkmak

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world tour ne demek

tour Kelimesi [Döküman]

Tour kelimesi ile i̇lgili örnek cümleler, tour kelimesi kullanım alanları ve bilgilendirme.

Tour kelime genellikle gezme, yolculuk ya da tur anlamında kullanılır. Gezme durumunda kişilerin turistik yerleri, tarihi mekanları, manzaraları, görmek için birbirine bağlı olarak gittikleri yollara tour denir. Yolculuk durumunda ise, kişilerin gittikleri yolculuklar söz konusu olabilir. Örneğin, bir deniz turu, bir şehir turu, bir şehirler arası turlar gibi. Tur durumunda ise, kişilerin bir alana, mekana, bölgeye, ülkeye gittikleri ve orayı gezerek inceledikleri yolculuklara tour denir. Bu durumlarda tour kelimesi kullanılır.

Tour kelimesi ise, araba sürme, bisiklet sürme, at binme gibi durumlarda kullanılmaz. Aynı zamanda, okulda eğitim alma, işe gitme, gece kulübüne gitme gibi durumlarda da kullanılmaz.

Örnek: O, bu ay içerisinde bir deniz turu yapmaya karar verdi.

Tour Kelimesi ile İlgili Eş Anlamlı Kelimeler

English synonyms turkish equivalent voyage yolculuk excursion gezi journey seyahat trip turu tourism turizm.

Lütfen hata raporu göndermek için oturum açın.

world tour ne demek

world tour ne demek

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İngilizce - Türkçe

ana kullanım 1

Ana kullanım 2.

TOUR = [tuı] noun 1 tur, gezi * eşanlamlı : voyage, journey, trip, excursion, expedition, round İngilizce örnek : He made a tour through India. Türkçe çevirisi : Hindistan’da tur yaptı. (Hindistan’ı gezdi.) İngilizce örnek : I want to read about India before I go on the tour. Türkçe çevirisi : Tura çıkmadan önce Hindistan hakkında okumak istiyorum. İngilizce örnek : As the tour had been postponed, we stayed at home. Türkçe çevirisi : Tur ertelendiği için evde kaldık. 2 turne İngilizce örnek : The group went on tour to Antalya. Türkçe çevirisi : Grup Antalya’ya turneye çıktı. ¤ verb gezmek, dolaşmak * eşanlamlı : travel, visit, journey, voyage


tour ne demek?

İngilizce - türkçe, "tour" için örnek kullanımlar, yakın kelimeler.

  • tour nedir?
  • tour of duty
  • tourist class


world tour ne demek

Around the World Tours & Travel Packages 2024/2025

15 around the world trips. compare tour itineraries from 17 tour companies. 7 reviews. 5/5 avg rating., popular around the world tours.

Road Scholar World Academy Segment 1: Indian Ocean to Cape Town

Road Scholar World Academy Segment 1: Indian Ocean to Cape Town

  • Discover the incredible biodiversity of Madagascar at a protected reserve home to colorful birds, reptiles and lemurs.
  • Explore St. Lucia National Park, where a sunset boat safari gives you the chance to see hippos and Nile crocodiles up close.
  • Take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain for incredible views of Cape Town.

Dream Journey Around the World

Dream Journey Around the World

  • Visiting the Plaza de Armas with the beautiful buildings of the government Palace
  • View the Belvedere Palace, Prater Amusement Park, the UN buildings, St. Stephen's Cathedral
  • See Vajdahunyad castle, Széchenyi Spa, the Opera, the Synagogue of Dohány Street, St. Stephen’s Basilica and the decorative Parliament building.
  • Visit the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Great Pyramids*
  • Visit the Karnak Temple Complex and the Temple of Luxor on the East side of the Nile.

New York To New York

New York To New York

  • Step into the Monte Carlo-inspired Empire Casino which offers a full variety of opportunities to tempt Lady Luck.
  • Travel back to the grand old days of Venice at one of our Masquerade balls. Every evening on board is a real event and attending one of our balls in the Queens Room means you're in for a truly special evening.
  • The quality and range of literature available in this beautiful room magnifies the stunning views over the bow. Take the time to linger over more than 8,000 books, in the largest library at sea.
  • Wake yourself up with a brisk walk or breezy jog around our promenade deck. Three laps make a mile!
  • Barossa Valley is famous worldwide for producing some wonderful boutique wines and internationally recognised names.

Oregon to India Rafting & Trekking

Oregon to India Rafting & Trekking

  • This is a outdoor leadership course designed for age range 18 - 25
  • Build core skills: Learn and practice wilderness, teamwork and leadership skills. Form a crew that supports and encourages one another, and in the thick of challenges, discover there is more in you than you know.
  • Practice Outward Bound values: Learn to incorporate Outward Bound values into everyday life by pushing your own limits and seeking challenge as an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Demonstrate mastery: As the course nears the end, take on more leadership and decision-making responsibilities. Work together to apply new skills and achieve team goals during this final phase of the expedition.
  • What you’ll learn: Return home a stronger, more resilient individual. Discover increased self-confidence, improved leadership, and a desire to make a difference.

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords 10-day

Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords 10-day

  • Explore Stockholm Old Town Sightseeing Tour
  • Discover Oslo - the fabulous capital of Norway.
  • Visiting Frogner Park in Oslo
  • Floibanen funicular ride in Bergen
  • Fjords boat trip from Flam to Bergen

Road Scholar World Academy Semester 2: West from Asia to Europe

Road Scholar World Academy Semester 2: West from Asia to Europe

  • Experience an unforgettable voyage from Singapore to England along the famed Suez Canal route.
  • Explore wonders including the temples of Bali, the rock-cut city of Petra and Pompeii.
  • For the first time, Road Scholar World Academy takes place aboard Holland America Line’s elegant ms Rotterdam.

San Francisco to Hong Kong

San Francisco to Hong Kong

  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art or head for the celebrated vineyards of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.
  • Experience Honolulu from a totally different angle on this thrilling helicopter ride.
  • Explore the sea whilst whale watching aboard the high-tech, twin hulled 140 foot Navatek.
  • Experience the thrill of swimming with sharks and schools of colourful tropical fish followed by a picnic on the beach.
  • Experience the underwater wonders of Bora Bora's picturesque Lagoon by underwater scooter.

Around the World

Around the World

  • New York, Washington DC and Chicago
  • America's Golden West, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Shanghai, Beijing and the Great Wall of China
  • Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

All Around the World , expedition cruises, self guided adventures and vacation packages. Find the best guided and expert planned vacation and holiday packages. Read more about Around the World

world tour ne demek

Small Group Around the World Tours

Small Group Around the World Tours

Best Around the World Tours by Duration

Tours, Cruises & Private Trips

Best Around the World Tours by Price

Top Around the World Attractions & Experiences

Top Around the World Experiences

  • Seeing whales breach from the balcony of your cruise stateroom
  • Meeting locals from several different countries, and discovering wonderful similarities and differences
  • Appreciating the slower pace of travel and spending more time in each destination
  • Enjoying incredible cuisines, and taking cooking classes to learn how to make traditional national dishes
  • Wandering around many archaeological ruins and historical sites
  • Discovering unique cultures
  • Hiking among a variety of different landscapes and snapping pictures of indigenous wildlife
  • Making lifelong friends

Around the World Tours & Travel Guide

Around the World Attractions & Landmarks Guide

A round-the-world trip is truly one of the most unforgettable travel experiences. Visiting multiple countries and continents, you gain a deep understanding of hundreds of cultures, and forge wonderful connections with people around the world. A small ship or ‘expedition’ cruise is one of the most popular modes of travel for a world trip. Also popular are Overland tours, which many young people opt for, both because of budget and the community style.

How long should you go for?

Your around the world trip should definitely not be much shorter than 1 month. With 1 month to go around the world, you’ll probably stick to one broad region. This is a great way to really learn the nuances and extensiveness of human and geological history and how pronounced they can be in a relatively small area. You’ll also gain a unique insight into fascinating cultural similarities and differences.

Most trips around the world are a bit longer than one month, typically at least between 2 and 4 months. These will usually use a few different modes of travel, including small ship, airline, and train.

The number of countries and continents you’ll visit on your tour around the world varies quite a bit. This will depend largely on how you get from place to place, and the length of excursion allotted for by the itinerary.

How much does a Trip Around the World Cost?

One of the benefits of traveling on a package tour around the world is the cost cutting aspect. At least some of your meals will be covered, as well as a good amount of transportation, and almost all accommodations (this is a very good reason to book a small ship cruise).

In addition, your tour will have many activities planned to explore the culture and history of each destination, as well as enjoy the natural beauty, with hikes and other exciting outdoor ventures. These activities are not always included in the price, which can be a good thing if you’re really not interested and would rather explore on your own for the day.

Typically airfare to and from the start city and ending city to your final destination is not included in the price of the tour, but after that, you can expect to save a lot in expenses.

Some cons to this to consider are: you’ll be around the same group of people for a very extended period, and your ability to be flexible in each destination will be limited. If you want to stay longer or shorter, this isn’t really up to you.

Planning to take a trip around the world on your own is an entirely different ball game. The biggest cost eaters are transportation and accommodation, so you’ll need to consider carefully how you budget for these. Using resources such as couchsurfing, and a willingness to stay in budget hostels will definitely help, however these can get tiresome after a while. Be sure to have a reserve fund for when you just need a break in a private hotel room.

There are certain airlines that offer special round the world tickets, and this is probably the most useful way to book an independent trip around the world - if you have miles to cash in. If not, you’re a bit stuck with the one way ticket route. Try booking smaller airlines and shorter flights to keep costs manageable.

You can also avoid paying too much by sticking to cheaper countries. Consider Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, parts of Africa and South America, and the Caribbean rather than Western and Northern Europe. Everything from accommodations to food will be vastly cheaper.

How to pack for a trip around the world

It’s ironic that for a longer journey, you actually will be better off packing less than more. As you’ll be on the move, you want a lighter suitcase and backpack to deal with. It’s both more comfortable to move, and far easier to store in lockers and under trains.

One major benefit of traveling by cruise when you go around the world is the luxury of only unpacking once, and being able to do laundry on board. You can lock your stateroom so there’s no worry about theft as you roam the boat and enjoy your shore excursions.

Key things to remember:

1. Winter vs Summer weather - it can be easy to forget that your tour may cross hemisphere lines more than once. Because of this you may experience warm highs and very cold lows during your trip. Bring a lot of clothing that can layer easily. Remember that large winter coats take up a lot of room, so try to focus on pieces that help retain heat, but aren’t super bulky.

2. Shoes - Another thing that takes up space in suitcases is footwear. Bring no more than 3 paris, and only 1 that will take up room (such as hiking boots). Women, consider a sturdy pair of sandals that have good support, and ideally closed toed. Many sandals nowadays are designed to be both functional and fashionable, so these can easily double as a “nice” pair of shoes.

3. Dress like a local - The beauty of a trip around the world is the opportunity to visit many far flung places, not always included on itineraries in the interest of time. This also means, you will encounter many different cultures, some with specific expectations of dress. In most Middle Eastern countries, women should make sure to dress conservatively - shoulders covered and have a scarf handy for head covering. This is also a good rule for touring many religious establishments.

Around the World Reviews & Ratings

Trip ruined.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! If anything goes wrong, they do not care. We took their Scandinavian Capitals tour. At one point in the tour we were told we couldn't t...

Making this such a wonderful experience.

This was my first international trip, and it will set the bar high for any other tour that might capture my attention in the future, international or domestic! There...

Second city but so far highly recommend!

Guides are local and have a wealth of information. Fiorella in Como was an amazing historian who knew everything about the city. The hotels are top notch and conveni...

I planned a last minute trip to Scandinavia

I planned a last minute trip to Scandinavia, the date chosen was already sold out, but they offered us the one from Sept 3rd to Sept 12th, and we went. Best experien...

Just returned from an extraordinary

Just returned from an extraordinary trip through Scandinavia and into St. Petersburg, Russia, that was so awesome due in no small part to Firebird Tours. Their guide...

See all Around the World reviews

Traveling to Around the World, an FAQ

1. Does Travelstride have all the tour operators?

2. How does the Member Savings program save me money?

3. Can I trust the tour operator and trip reviews on Travelstride?

4. What does ‘Stride Preferred’ mean?

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Definition of 'tour' tour.

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world tour ne demek

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The World Tour - Travel Adventure Club

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  • African Safari - Sep. '24
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  • Dolomites - March '24
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The World Tour - Travel Adventure Club

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world tour ne demek

  • 01.24 2024 World Tour New York Event Tickets On Sale January 27!
  • 12.10 2023 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Promotion Reel 2024 Released!
  • 06.12 2023 [Swordsmith Village Arc] Episode 10 and 11 updated.
  • 06.11 2023 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Takes Over New York's Times Square!
  • 06.06 2023 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Special Event Announced at Anime Expo 2023!


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world tour ne demek


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  3. Tureng

    tour jeté i. balede bacağı diğer bacağa vurarak yapılan figür ile başlayıp arabesk figür ile biten sıçrama. Music. 216. Müzik. first leg of world tour i. dünya turnesinin ilk ayağı. İngilizce Türkçe online sözlük Tureng. Kelime ve terimleri çevir ve farklı aksanlarda sesli dinleme. tour gezi scientific tour bilimsel gezi ...

  4. world tour

    world tour - Nedir Ne Demek Devrialem devrialem Dünyayı dolaşma. Dünyayı dolaşma World tour. world tourism market Dünya turizm piyasası world tourism receipts Dünya turizm geliri tour Devir Gezi, tur, seyahat Dünya seyahati, uzun yolculuk Turne Nöbet Seyahat etmek, tur yapmak, gezintiye çıkmak Turneye çıkmak Tur yapmak, gezmek, turneye çıkmak

  5. ATP 250 tournaments

    The ATP 250 tournaments (previously known as the ATP World Tour 250 tournaments, ATP International Series, and ATP World Series) are the lowest tier of annual men's tennis tournaments on the main ATP Tour, after the four Grand Slam tournaments, ATP Finals, ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, and ATP 500 tournaments. As of 2023, the series includes 38 tournaments, with 250 ranking points awarded to ...

  6. FOR A WORLD TOUR ne Demek Turkce

    "FOR A WORLD TOUR" ifadesini ingilizce dilinden çevirmeniz ve bir cümlede doğru kullanmanız mı gerekiyor? Burada "FOR A WORLD TOUR" - ingilizce-turkce çevirileri ve ingilizce çevirileri için arama motoru içeren birçok çevrilmiş örnek cümle var.

  7. Tour Ne Demek? Tour (tü-ır) Türkçe Anlamı

    Tour ne demek? İngilizce Tour kelimesinin türkçe anlamını ve tü-ır olarak telafuz edilişini inceleyin. Langomi size Tour kelimesini kalıcı olarak öğretebilir!

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    İngilizce - Türkçe. sıklık sırası: 4089. ana kullanım 1. 01. tour

  9. World Tour

    ITTF World Tour, Table tennis. Tennis. ATP World Tour, men. WTA Tour, women. FINA Swimming World Cup, Swimming. UCI World Tour, the premier annual male elite road cycling tour. World Tour (bodyboarding), the men's international bodyboarding tour, which started at 1994 and has undergone a few changes in names and regulations since.

  10. TOUR FINALS ne Demek Turkce

    ingilizce-turkce dilinde "TOUR FINALS" bağlamında çeviriler. The Tennis Masters Cup became the ATP World Tour Finals and moved to the O2 arena in London, - ATP World Tour Finalleri, Londrada bulunan The O2 Arenada oynanmaktadır.

  11. Sözce › tour sözlük anlamı nedir › tour ne demek

    tour ne demek? - 1 sözlük, 1 sonuç. ... In April, she'll join Fleetwood Mac for a world tour. Nisan ayında, o bir dünya turu için Fleetwood Mac katılacaksınız. Kaynak: npr.org. 2011, the highest grossing concert tour of all time is U2 360 Tour, with gross revenues of $736,137,344 The second highest grossing

  12. 2024 BWF World Tour

    The 2024 BWF World Tour (officially known as 2024 HSBC BWF World Tour for sponsorship reasons), is the seventh season of the BWF World Tour of badminton, a circuit of 31 tournaments that lead up to the World Tour Finals tournament. The 31 tournaments are divided into five levels: Level 1 is the said World Tour Finals, Level 2 called Super 1000 (4 tournaments), Level 3 called Super 750 (6 ...


    Tickets Shop Tours 0 Results No results for disturb ne demek [3393bet.com]. R4 Suspended AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am View Leaderboard The official web site of the PGA TOUR. Providing the only...

  14. Around the World Tours & Travel Packages 2024/2025

    15 Around the World trips. Compare tour itineraries from 17 tour companies. 7 reviews. 5/5 avg rating. Popular Around the World Tours See all 15 Around the World trips. Save this trip to your favorites or other list. Compare. Quick View Trip Details. Road Scholar World Academy Segment 1: Indian Ocean to Cape Town. By Road Scholar.

  15. TOUR ne Demek Ingilizce

    Bir cümlede tour kullanım örnekleri ve çevirileri. Ve 2008 Tour de Franceı 2. sırada bitirdi. - He finished second in the 2007 and 2008 Tours de France.

  16. WORLD TOUR definition and meaning

    Definition of 'tour' tour (tʊəʳ ) countable noun A tour is an organized trip that people such as musicians, politicians, or theatre companies go on to several different places, stopping to meet people or perform. [...] See on tour See full entry for 'tour' Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

  17. World Tour synonyms

    expedition around the globe ferris wheel fly around the world go around the world Another way to say World Tour? Synonyms for World Tour (other words and phrases for World Tour).

  18. Travel the World with 3D VR Videos, Livestreams, and Virtual

    By Thrillist Travel. Updated on 1/30/2024 at 1:40 PM. Milo Zanecchia/Ascent Xmedia/Photodisc/Getty Images. Winter is in full swing, and the idea of leaving the comfort of our well-heated homes ...

  19. WORLD TOUR collocation

    noun uk / tʊə r/ us / tʊr / a visit to a place or area, especially one during which you look around the place or area and learn ... See more at tour (Definition of world and tour from the Cambridge English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of world tour These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

  20. The World Tour

    The World Tour - Travel Adventure Club Awesome International Club Trips Since 2000! Ireland Summer: July 2024. Ireland : 20-July to 02-Aug, 2024 12 summer nights in Ireland including two at Lough Eske Castle, Donegal and more! 27+ events, 25 meals and as always all-inclusive with the best of Irish local entertainment, music, dancing, pubs ...

  21. World Tour 2024

    World Tour New York Event Tickets On Sale January 27! 12.10. 2023. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Promotion Reel 2024 Released! 06.12. 2023. [Swordsmith Village Arc] Episode 10 and 11 updated. 06.11. 2023.

  22. World tour in Spanish

    world tour (. wuhrld. toor. ) phrase. 1. (general) a. la gira mundial. (F) The band's world tour will last a whole year and will include places as far apart as New Zealand and Finland.La gira mundial de la banda durará un año entero e incluirá lugares tan apartados entre sí como Nueva Zelandia y Finlandia.

  23. TOUR LIVE ne Demek Ingilizce

    Bir cümlede tour live kullanım örnekleri ve çevirileri. Loud Tour Live at the O2, Barbadoslu şarkıcı Rihannanın ikinci canlı video albümü. - Loud Tour Live at the O2 is the second live long-form video by Barbadian singer Rihanna. turkce. ingilizce. Cevir. Turkce.